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    About the Concept:

    I've started working on a Transformers podcast, that will be story-driven. It is not a talk-show like WTF@TFW, this is like the audio dramas of old.

    There is some discussion about the topic here:

    The series will be a brand new continuity. Throughout the course of the series, characters will be taken from every existing continuity.

    This will be starting out small, and if it is well received, will be expanded. I'm not looking for perfection of voice acting. I just want voices that are distinctive, and in such a way, that people'll think, "Hey, that's -insert character name-."

    This entire project will be non-profit, and completely free. This is for fun, you will not be salaried in anyway as a voice actor, and you will not have to pay absolutely anything as a listener.

    Seasons and Season Info:

    Pre-Season/Opening Mini-Series:

    Important Information:
    Season Length: 1 Episode (5 episodes if project is continued)
    Episode Length: 10 Minutes per Episode

    Episode Info:

    Episode 0-01: "Heavy Metal"
    Status: Pre-Production
    Characters Introduced: 'G1' Cliffjumper, 'G1' Beachcomber, 'G1' Overdrive, 'G1' Swerve, 'Beast Wars' Ravage
    Episode Summary: Being Created


    Director and Editor: Galvanitro
    Sound Effects Manager and Editor: Galvanitro
    Voice of Narrator: TBD (To Be Determined)
    Voice of Cliffjumper: TBD
    Voice of Beachcomber: TBD
    Voice of Overdrive: TBD
    Voice of Swerve: TBD
    Voice of Ravage: TBD
    Generic Voices: Galvanitro
    Writer: Galvanitro

    Currently seeking Voice Actors for the following:

    Role: TBD, one of the Main Characters
    Sample Lines:
    "Look at Megatron. I'm gonna blast that smile off his faceplate."
    "Let me at 'em!"
    Voice Type: Something like Casey Kasem would be great, but not necessary. A voice that fits the character is fine. Something rough, but not too much so.

    Role: TBD, one of the Main Characters early-on, unsure of his position after the Pre-Season
    Sample Lines:
    "Hey, dudes, like calm down."
    "I think...those are like...really old Cybertronian letters."
    Voice Type: A laid-back voice, but can get a little active at time.

    Role: TBD, leader of the team
    Sample Lines:
    "You will not disobey my order, Cliffjumper. That is final."
    Voice Type: Commanding, but at the same time a little off-putting. The kind of leader you don't really care for, but you know is good.

    Role: TBD, one of the Main Characters early-on, unsure of his position after the Pre-Season
    Sample Lines:
    "Oh..I don't know, I mea-..woops!"
    "I'm not a bad driver, it's just that my axle is sticking."
    Voice Type: Makes mistakes, has good intentions, but gets distracted easily, and often messes things up, or does something correctly by accident.

    Role: TBD, the only named villain of the Pre-Season, will probably be a major character in Season 1
    Sample Lines:
    "-deep growl- Die!"
    "What?! Destroy them!"
    Voice Type: Deep and evil. I have never seen him in Beast Wars, but I am aware that he has a Russian accent. You can attempt this, but please do multiple takes of one with trying, and one without, because it may sound better without.

    Voice Type: Clear and well-spoken. Read some pages from a book or something to that effect.

    Voice Actor Obligations, Preferences and Instructions:

    Obligations: If you audition, you promise to voice the character you auditioned for, in the very first episode. If the episode is deemed a success, you will be the first person contacted to voice the character in the rest of the pre-season, but you are under no obligation to do so. If the series is still considered a success, production of Season 1 will begin, and you will be contacted to reprise your role.

    I understand if you cannot make a session for various reasons, including family problems and health issues. Please contact me with the issue as soon as you can, and I'll make adjustments accordingly, depending on the time of production.

    Preferences: It is preferred for you to send in auditions for all of the characters that you wish to try out for, as I am trying to keep the number of people that are involved in the project early on, down to a minimum. That being said, I will only choose you for roles you sound good for. You may also tell me how many roles you want to do, even if you send in a higher number of auditions, and I'll pick your best roles up to your max.

    Instructions: Please send all auditions in one email, in the highest quality possible. Make sure the area is as quiet as it can be when you are recording, and speak as clearly as possible, unless the character requires you to not do so.

    Send the email to:
    Title of the email should be "Transformers Auditions" or something to that effect.

    Inside the email, please include the following details, even if you include it in the audio file(s):

    Your first name or a nickname you wish to be called.
    Your TFW-2005 username. (If you don't have one, just let me know.)
    Any IM services you have. (This includes Skype.)
    The maximum number of characters you want to be chosen for, regardless of how many different character auditions you send in.

    Final Words:
    Please post any comments and questions, about the series, the auditions, the ideas, the characters, whatever you want.

    (Note: To Mods, if it wasn't okay to post this, I apologize. But I want this to be a Trans-Fan project, and it's the only way I could put this message out there. If you wish to move this to another section, or delete it, that is fine.)
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    Update: The script has been written! A summary will be up soon.

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