Transformers: Post Bellum

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    Greetings Fan Fictioners!

    Remember me from a while ago? I had a story going called 'Transformers: Weapons of our Warfare' that got to a pretty exciting point that just disappeared. I am very sorry that happened, after that massive virus ransacked my computer I came back and didn't feel it anymore writing the story and took a break. This time will be different.

    Anyway, the main point I want to get to is this is a new story I dreamed up while spacing out in class one day. Lets say that the Autobots finally brough their war with the Decepticons to a close and packed up and returned to Cybtertron. What would happen then? With inspiration from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, this story is about an Autobot civil war that breaks out for reasons you will soon learn :)  and it gets more complicated than you might think. It'll be full of twists and turns and 100x better than WOOW. I will post the first chapter tonight then continue the story after I get far enough into writing the story where I can steadily post updates without overwhelming myself.

    Hope you guys will enjoy it. I though I'd get this boring intro/premise synopsis stuff over with before the story so it wouldn't hinder the reading.

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