Transformers: Peace at a Price

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    Transformers-Peace at a Price


    For nearly 16 million years the great war has ravaged Cybertron and the surrounding galaxies.
    Now peace has come with the dismantling of the Decepticons forces. Galvatron growing tired of the war himself has asked for peace.
    Rodimus Prime has taken this chance,knowing Galvatron perhaps could not be trusted.

    "As the great Autobot city Iacon's lights begin to illuminate the ceremony"

    Rodimus Prime: It has taken millions of years to achieve these peace talks, but as I stand here at the footsteps of Iacon I am proud to consider this an achievement.

    Galvatron: Now that the formalities are over, As part of the bargain both Autobot and Decepticon forces shall relinquish their weapon consoles.

    Rodimus Prime: As I take this first step, May peace last millions of years.

    Galvatron: All Decepticons remove your consoles.

    "Meanwhile in another galaxy, a race so evil watches from afar"

    Ares: These Cybertronians are as ignorant as I thought.

    Saturn: My lord,Ares why do we wait, they are vunerable.

    Ares: My plan is in action as we speak Saturn.

    Creeper: Ares, my master, It has been done.

    Ares: Our former leader The Fallen would be proud to see their end when it comes.

    Mars: What of the Terran system, my lord.

    Ares: The terran system doesn't have that long either, Mars.

    Saturn: The Terran Sun has begun to reach critical mass, In less than 3 terran months it will destroy itself.

    Ares: And with it the Terran system. Vector Prime are you ready

    Vector Prime: Yes my master, I will allow both Autobots and Decepticons to learn of what is being done.

    Ares: Once on Earth we were their Gods, And as we begin to take our Revenge for our old master The Fallen, we thirteen shall inherit
    what was once his.

    "Meanwhile Rodimus Prime and Galvatron sign the peace treaty"

    Galvatron: As Optimus Prime would say "freedom is the right of all sentient beings" Rodimus.

    Rodimus Prime: Well said Galvatron.

    Perceptor: We have an incoming object Rodimus and approaching fast.

    Rodimus Prime: What do you make of it?

    Perceptor: Its Vector Prime.

    Galvatron: Theirs a blast from the past if I must say.

    Rodimus Prime: I agree.

    Vector Prime: Vector Prime requesting permission to enter Cybertronian space.

    Perceptor: Permission granted old friend

    Ultra Magnus: After these millions of years, Why all of a sudden is he here.

    Cyclonus: And with these peace talks as well.

    Vector Prime: I have come with some urgency, Rodimus Prime. As you know I travel the galaxy to ensure its safety, but I fear The Terran system
    may not survive for long.

    Galvatron: What makes you think that?

    Vector Prime: The Terran Sun is reaching critical mass, and according to my readins it only has 3 terran months left.

    Rodimus Prime: Are you sure about this Vector?

    Vector Prime: I am Rodimus.

    Galvatron: May I suggest, we make every effort to evacute Earth.

    Ultra Magnus: We dont have enough ships for that.

    Galvatron: But I have the Constructicons, and with their help we may be able to achieve that goal.

    Rodimus Prime: Do you what you can Galvatron.

    Galvatron: Soundwave contact Scrapper, and have the Costructicons begin.

    Soundwave: As you command Galvatron.

    To be continued....
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    Very cool, and interesting! I'm eager to read more!
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    Part 2

    "On the planet Oblivion, The Thirteen prepare"

    Ares: Where is Hera, she should be here to bear witness.

    Hera: I am here my lord, I was attending to the zoo.

    Ares: Vector has informed the Cybertronians of the pending destruction of The Terran System.

    Saturn: Ares, Earth is being vacated now.

    Ares. How long before it is completed.

    Mars: Zeus wants a word, Lord Ares

    Ares: Very well inform my father I will arrive their shortly.

    Mars: Yes Master

    Hera: Zeus should be resting, why has he awakened.

    Ares: Don't worry about it my dear, this was his plan to begin with.

    "Meanwhile as Earth begins to evacuate"

    Galvatron: Scapper you and the constructicons have donew well.

    Scapper: With 17 billion earthlings to evacuate we got lucky.

    Cyclonus: Luck has nothing to do with it, Scapper.

    Long Haul: What makes you think that Cyclonus.

    Skockwave: Take a look at the Sun, its thermal readings have diminished to a crawl.

    Ultra Magnus: Are you sure of that Shockwave.

    Perceptor: I have double checked the readings, Shockwave is correct.

    Rodimus Prime: So we just evacuated earth for nothing.

    Vector Prime: Not for nothing Rodimus, I am sure of the readings I orginally had.

    Galvatron: Then what is going on.

    Vector Prime: I will return once I get new readings from the sun.

    Rodimus Prime: Ok Vector, we will be waiting for your report.

    "Back on Oblivion"

    Ares: Zeus my father, soon the beast will awaken.

    Zeus: Have the humans been evacuated.

    Ares: Yes father.

    Zeus: Excellent, The humans have had nothing to do with this travesty.

    Ares: I know that father.

    to be continued...
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    The basis of this story is that its going to be a stop motion feature in the next coming months.

    Here is the the characters,

    The Thirteen:

    Zeus-A repainted/modded Crossover Ghost Rider
    Ares-A modified Crossover Anakin Skywalker(not sure which one yet)
    Hera-Modified Animated Arcee
    Mars-Modified Obi-wan starfighter
    Saturn-Modified crossover clone trooper At-At walker
    Apollo-Modified crossover Hulk
    Hades-Modified Crossover Darth Vader tie fighter
    Poseidon-Modified Voyager Sea spray
    The Beast- Modified Crossover Death Star
    Hades-Modified Crossover Clone turbo tank
    Chronos-Modified Energon Omega Supreme
    Helios-Modified G1 Galvatron
    Prometheus-Modified CROSSOVERS Grievous Starfighter
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    Stopmotion eh? Do you actually have modified versions of those figures? Could be very interesting. There are some minor grammatical errors but in a stopmotion it shouldn't really be an issue.
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    I noticed the errors a liitle late, I am working on the modifactions in between the menasor,superion,bruticus customs. If the program thats being written goes as hoped then it should make for a very good stop-motion.

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