Transformers: Part 1: First Contact (please read and comment)

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    I'm typing out a new storyline for the Transformers; and it's written much better than my previous attempts. This is Part 1/3, for those who are wondering.
    It starts out with Hot Rod and Bumblebee being the first Autobots to land on Earth, and Knockout and Breakdown being the first Decepticons. Millions of years previous, before the start of the book, the Allspark was jettisoned to space. Bumblebee and Hot Rod followed it directly to Earth undetected. At the same time, the Ark followed the Nemesis through a Space Bridge and the two ships crashed on the moon four million years ago. The robots stayed in stasis until the others got to Earth. I've got a big cast and the main villian is the Liege Maximo, replacing The Fallen in this "continuity" as Megatron's master.
    So no one steals any of my ideas, I won't tell anymore of the story and let you all guess. Please comment and give suggestions as to what I could/should put in the book at some point.
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    I say...THIS SOUNDS AWESOME DUDE! Could you do a bit of the first chapter?

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