Transformers: Operation Firestorm (Part 3/3 in trilogy)

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    Megatron fell to the ground. He had half a face remaining, and not much of his limbs left. Optimus Prime stood tall and returned his blaster and axe to the forms of his right and left hands. The Ground Bridge opened behind them.
    "Let's go! Get to the Ground Bridge!"
    Bumblebee hesitated and went back for Cliffjumper's body. Optimus grabbed his arm and pulled him along.
    "No, Bumblebee. There's no time!"
    "But, he's my brother!"
    "There's no time! Do you want to suffer the same fate?!"
    Bumblebee paused then ran into the Ground Bridge. Optimus came in close behind. Behind him, as the Ground Bridge closed, Unicron imploded. Now, the Chaos Bringer was no more and the Autobots had saved the universe yet again.

    Aboard the
    Nemesis, Soundwave monitored the Decepticon's life signals. The Ground Bridge opened behind him. Starscream, Knockout, and Dreadwing came through. Soundwave turned to them.
    "Where is Lord Megatron?" He asked.
    Knockout sagged his shoulders.
    "The Big M...didn't make it out. Not a chance to, either."
    "What do you mean?"
    "After Optimus used the Matrix on Unicron's spark, Megatron immediately turned on him. It was not a winning fight for our Lord."
    Starscream suddenll broadcast to the entire ship. Soundwave, Knockout, and Dreadwing returned to the bridge where Starscream was speaking into the mike.
    "I am sorry to inform you all loyal Decepticons, but our beloved leader, dead. At the hands aof Optimus Prime, he had no chance of victory. And in Unicron's final moments, the great Chaos Bringer imploded, leaving no trace of Megatron, not even a faint spark signature. But, do not fret, for now, under my rule, we will conquer this world and the Autobots who defend it."

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