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    This is one of my fanfics from I hope you enjoy it.
    Arcee, Elita 1 and Chromia logged onto Facebook

    Chromia: You can't be serious Elita

    Elita 1: I am. I turned into a monstrosity. Decepticons is where a freak like me belongs.

    Arcee: Sweetie you aren't a freak. I had a spider mode remember.

    Chromia: You were pretty in that mode. Rodimus so had a crush on you

    Elita: Your both nuts

    Arcee: Just think about this. I'm sure you're still able to do a transfer to another body

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    Arcee: So now you're calling yourself Blackarachnia, Lita?

    Elita 1: Yes. It don't trust your friends anymore

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    Sentinel posts himself gagging.

    Elita 1: stfu Sentinel. You and Optimus are the cause of all this

    Chromia: Sweetie you sure this is about what happened. Ratchet said he can transfer your spark to another body or is there more to this?

    Elita 1: No there is it.

    Arcee: Ah stop being a crying about this and just comeback. We all know you have the hot's for my nephew's friend Blackarachnia

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    Elita 1 posts herself on Facebook revealing her techno organic frame.

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    Elita 1: I don't think anyone will like this look

    Blackarachnia: I think you look pretty.

    Grimlock: Me Grimlock okay with look for spider lady.

    Arcee: See. Your friends still like you. Comeback please!

    Blackarachnia: I don't get why you hate the look. Beast modes have been around for millennia's

    Silverbolt: None of them are as lovelly as you my black flower

    Elita 1: Oh primus I'm going to puke.

    Chromia: Awwwww

    Arcee: Your husband is so cute

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    Wasp posts a picture of himself on Arcee's facebook page

    Arcee: You turned Wasp into a wasp!

    Elita 1: It was an experiment

    Arcee: That spider mode is driving you insane. I don't even recognize you anymore.

    Blackarachnia: Maybe her spider venom is affecting her brain. It sure made tarantulas even more insane.

    Arcee: Don't talk to me until my sister comes back Lita

    Blackarachnia: I don't like that your sullying my name. Yes I may be an excon and an ex maximal but I would never pull this crap. I should come down there and kick your ass bitch.

    Elita 1: Bring it on bitch

    Cheetor: 80 cyberton dollars on Blackarachnia

    Blackarachnia: Are you betting on me Cheetor?

    Silverbolt: Cheetor I see your 80 and put in 1000

    Waspinator not wasp: Ooh can I bet too? I hate that Lita for making a copy of me.

    Cheetor: Sure buddy.

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    Blackarachnia: Sorry I beat up your sis Lita. I had too.

    Arcee: Its fine. I hope you knocked some sense into her. I hope so. Thanks for finding her after the explosion.

    Blackarachnia: Anything for a friend

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    Elita 1: Optimus. Blackarachnia beat me up. I think I'm ready to come home

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    Optimus: Good. You finally came to your senses. Ratchet has an appointment for you scheduled

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