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    Hello everyone. Please don't hate the new guy. I figured I would post one of my older fanfictions and see what you guys thought about it before I posted anymore. Thanks for reading.




    It is the year 3985, and the Decepticons are about to be defeated, forever. The Autobot/Decepticon wars have been going on for 1500 years after the cease fire treaty of Omicron ended the last great war. Optimus Prime still leads the Autobots and most of his friends and allies from that war still fight with him. Even the descendant of Spike Witwicky, Max leads the Earth Tactical Forces. The last 2000 years have been a time of peace and turmoil for all Transformers. In the year 2059 Galvatron tried to destory the Earth and Cybertron by causing them to crash into one another. Fortunately the Autobots succeeded in stopping Cybertron before it was too late. Galvatron however was killed at the hands of his own troops. Furious over their leader's attempt to destroy them all, they quickly brought his reign to an end.

    Over the centuries the transformers evolved into more humanoid forms, no longer needing the advantage of disguise. Cybertron was now in Earth orbit permanently so humans and Autobots quickly learned to live harmoniusly. By the year 3500 all Transformers were humanoid in appearance standing only a foot taller than humans. Although much smaller than before their bodies were now much stronger. With the ability to regenerate themselves, in battle it would take more than just a powerful laser blast to defeat an enemy. New weapons had to be developed using dangerous and experimental technology. In the year 3650 the Decepticons were conducting a test of a new weapon based on time travel when something went horribly wrong and their lab exploded. As well as a third of Cybertron. The destruction cost the lives of over 1000 Decepticons, 200 Autobots and ruined the atmosphere of Earth for two hundred years. Half of Earth's population died from radiation or froze to death from the resulting "nuclear" winter. Only with the help of the Autobots were they able to make Earth liveable again.

    By 3985 only five Decepticons were left in the entire Universe. But those five proved to be the worst to ever live. And they were led by the most ruthless and evil commander to ever come online- Gion. Although he would never admit it, Gion was the reason the time experiment went wrong and so many Transformers were killed. He was simply trying to "thin the herd". He had orchestrated four assasination attempts on Optimus Prime, all of which failed. He destroyed Autobot targets with self destruct viruses he implanted within them during their recharge cycles. He blew up Autobot buildings and transport vehicles with smart weapons he designed and built himself and launched them from 300 hundred miles away. In addition to being clever, intelligent, and resourceful, he was also incredibly treacherous and a coward. And he absolutely hated Optimus Prime.

    Chapter 1

    Drayga walked into the hallway and stood before the visual scanner. The red light flashed and illuminated his face, scanning his optic sensors. He blinked all three of his "eyes" as the device allowed him entrance. The massive door slid upwards and he walked inside. He always hated giving these reports but Gion demanded all news from the battle field be delivered in person. He approached a raised platform with a huge chair on it. The chair had its back to him and he knelt before it.
    "My lord Gion, I bring you news from the war."
    "Speak Drayga." a deep gravely voice said coldly.
    "My lord....Traya is dead... He fell before Prime's gun."
    Silence in the room.
    " lord?"
    "And what of the device?"
    "Th.....the device was captured."
    As soon as he had finished speaking the chair spun around. In a blurr a powerful blast of energy fired from Gion's hand and destroyed Drayga's left arm. He fell backward screaming in pain.
    " lord....why?"
    "Because you failed to address me as "lord". Now finish your report before I take one of your other three arms."
    " lord." he said as he barely got to his knees again.
    "My lord.....Prime said to give you a message. He is coming for you will soon be over."
    "Really?.. Hmmmmm. Hmph. Very well. Tell Nax to prepare for the End Game. He will understand."
    "Yes, my lord." Drayga said and got to his feet. He walked out of the room and as the door closed behind him he wished to himself that Optimus Prime would hurry.

    Gion stood up and looked towards the ceiling at the brilliant light that shone down upon his throne. A pair of cables were lowering down to him and they inserted themselves into his arms just below the shoulder. He lifted into the air and soon found himself inside a large circular chamber.The floor slid closed beneath him and he stood once again as the cable retracted into the ceiling. A viewscreen appeared in the air in front of him.
    "Destination?" a female voice said out loud.
    "Earth. 2000 years ago exactly. Mark 352.9 by Mark 148.4, Utah desert. Receive unit parts from Decepticon Nax and transport immediatly. Equip all with cloaking markers. I will follow in fifteen minutes. Activate."
    On the viewscreen an image of another Decepticon entering a similar room appeared and this room was twice as large. Drayga followed in behind him but Nax turned him around and made him leave at gunpoint. Once the door had closed a viewscreen appeared in front of Nax and he read what Gion had just said. He nodded his head and touched a pad on his forearm. The floor beneath him opened and six large metal boxes rose into the chamber. A bright red light filled the chamber and seconds later the boxes dissappeared. Gion smiled and rubbed his hands together.
    "Soon Prime, very soon." He said with an evil grin.

    Twenty minutes later, Drayga entered the throne room again and knelt before Gion. His arm had already began to repair itself and had finished down to the elbow.
    "Drayga, I appreciate your loyalty and I want to give you one last assignment."
    "My lord, what do you mean?"
    "With the death of Traya there are now only four of us left. Four Decepticons. I want you to sneak into Autobot Headquarters and destroy that Unity device. This must be done. That device will allow the Autobots to see through our cloaking technology. Therefore it must be destroyed. Take Nax and Brodox with you, with cloaking markers. Destroy it by any means necessary. Then return here and seal yourselves inside the Citadel. Once this building is sealed, nothing can enter it. I want you to await my return. That is all."
    "But, my lord, where are you going? We need your leadership. We.."
    "DO AS I SAY!" Gion roared suddenly. Drayga grabbed for his newly formed arm and cowered in fear. When he realized he was not going to be shot again he got up and ran out of the room. Gion smiled and once again rose up into the room. Just as the doors closed Nax contacted him with an urgent message.
    "My lord, the Autobots are attacking! It appears as if they followed Drayga."
    "Slag it! That worthless piece of.......seal the Citadel, Nax. NOW!"
    "Yes my lord!" Gion closed the screen on his internal display and activated the chamber's screen again.
    "Show me outside view. Citadel south gateway." Instantly an image of Cybertron's exterior came into view. It looked as if 100 Autobots were running for the Citadel's gates and Optimus Prime was leading them in the charge.
    "Blast you Prime! With my knowledge of your past, I will soon be rid of you forever!"
    The same red light illuminated the chamber. Gion walked forward and it bathed him in its glow. Seconds later he dissappeared.

    Chapter 2

    Gion opened his optic sensors when he felt something under his feet. He was standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a clearing below. The desert was everywhere and a large crevice filled with glowing light stood open in the valley below him. He could make out several large figures approaching the crevice. He tuned in his audio recepters as he heard them speaking and adjusted his eyes. He was quickly able to tell that they were Autobots. According to the history files he had read he had reached his destination, 1984, on Earth. The Autobots below him were Ironhide, Ratchet, Jazz, Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, Bumblebee, Huffer, Gears, Powerglide, and the clone of Optimus Prime that had been created by Megatron. Some distance behind them, the real Prime stood by. Gion ached to fire his weapons at his enemy but he knew that it would not do any good. The other Autobots would destroy him before he could escape. As the Autobots walked towards the crevice, Windcharger drove out of it and transformed before them. Gion listened closely as they began talking again.

    "Windcharger!" Ratchet said in amazement.
    "You were in the crevice?" Huffer asked.
    "Then this is Optimus Prime, and he is telling us the truth. The crevice is safe." Ironhide said confidently.
    "No way! The only reason I survived is because I transformed before I landed on a heap of Kor-lo-nium crystals." Windcharger replied. He then held up a piece of charred circuit board.
    "Those crystals destroy all electronic parts on contact."
    "But when you transformed your rubber tires insulated you." Wheeljack said.
    "Exactly. You're being led into a trap set by Megatron. Who's also got Spike."
    "Pure drivel Megatron has obviously reprogrammed Windcharger's logic circuits to mislead you all. There is nothing that will harm us in the crevice. Now follow me and we'll give Megatron a taste of his own medicine." the Prime clone said.
    "But what about Spike?" Bumblebee asked.
    "He's unimportant. Follow me."
    "Forget the crystals Autobots!" The real Optimus Prime said loudly.
    All of the Autobots turned and glared hatefully at the clone.
    "Now we know which Prime is Prime. The real one would save Spike." Ironhide said.
    "Yeah, even if we never got those weird crystals." said Jazz.
    "So you're the phony." Ratchet said. The Optimus clone slowly began to back away, towards the crevice.
    "That's what I been tryin' to tell ya'! He's an evil clone. An empty shell." Windcharger said as they raised their weapons.
    "Autobots, destroy the imposter." Ironhide commanded. All at once, they fired and the blast knocked the clone out of sight as it tumbled into the hole.

    Gion reduced his sensors to normal and watched as the Autobots turned and met up with their true leader. Seconds later they ran towards the ship that had been disguised as a rock pillar to attack Megatron and save their human friend. But Gion didn't notice. He just kept staring at the crevice. And smiling.

    He waited until the sun had went down before moving. He ignited his thrusters and flew down to the edge of the crevice. Even at night the crystal's brilliance made it hard to see. He adjusted the solar filter on his optics and was finally able to make out the scenery beneath him. The giant body of the Prime clone lay on a ledge some fifty feet down, safely away from the crystals. Gion removed a device from his back which resembled a gun and pointed it at the body. A beam of energy lifted the huge form out of the crevice and set it gently on the ground in front of him. He replaced the gun and walked over to the body of Optimus Prime. He tried to remember that this was only a clone as he fought back his hatred. With his anger in check, he climbed up onto the hand and then up the arm to jump across to the waist. He noticed that it had very little damage to it at all. It was indeed as strong as the real Prime. Only the communication relay had been destroyed. Obviously why Megatron had abandoned it. Gion raised his right arm and a beam of light flashed into the windshield on the chest. This then split in half and both sides opened up. A large silver panel then rose revealing the empty Matrix chamber. Gion smiled to himself again.
    "Excellent." he said softly.

    After transporting the body to a nearby cave, it had taken two years and three time jumps to finish his work. Now it was time to activate his creation. Gion closed the chest panels and stepped down from the lift. The cave he had more than enough room for his needs and it echoed with his foot steps as he walked down the metal stairs. He pointed to the wall to his right and the staircase rolled away and parked itself there. He smiled as he looked up at his handywork.
    "Omega." he said. At the sound, a pair of eyes flashed red in the darkness and the quiet murmurs of servos and gears could be heard starting up.
    "Omega, stand before me."
    "Yes, my lord." A familiar deep voice said, and the giant machine stood up in the cavern.
    "What are your orders, my lord?" It asked.
    "We are going on a trip my big friend. First we are traveling to my time where I will install a time jump device. This will enable you to travel through time as well. Then, you are going to destroy an Autobot named Prime. Optimus Prime."

    Chapter 3

    Optimus pulled up to the stop light and waited patiently for it to change. Spike's message had been urgent but he knew he had to obey the law. It turned green and he sped off, heading for the on ramp. He merged onto the highway and increased his speed to the maximum allowed. If only the humans could drive as fast as Autobots safely, maybe the speed limits could be increased, he thought. After twenty miles his exit came up and he found himself outside of the Witwicky house in a matter of minutes. He transformed and headed up the driveway towards the back of the huge house. He stepped onto the regulation size basketball court behind the house and waited. He smiled remembering the many games he had shared with Spike as his friend tried to teach him about Earth culture so many years ago. Seconds later the entire area began to lower down into the ground as the massive platform descended. After traveling for several hundred feet it came to rest at the opening of a huge hallway and he walked forward as it lit up before him. A pair of doors opened as he waved his hand in front of a sensor and he stepped through into the room beyond which lay Spike's workshop. Jazz and Goldbug walked up to him and took his hands.
    "Hi Prime. Glad you could make it."
    "Thank you Goldbug. What is this about?"
    "Don't know Prime. Spike called us here too but didn't tell us anything." Jazz answered.
    "I needed it to be a surprise guys." Spike said, stepping off of an elevator to their left.
    "It's Daniel's 18 birthday and you 3 were the only ones not busy enough to attend. He is undergoing the procedure to finally remove his mechanical implants he has had since Nebulon and Carly will be bringing him in any minute now. I'd like you guys to help me surprise him. Optimus, can you help me over here?"
    "Sure, Spike." The Autobot leader followed his human friend over to another door.
    "You know, Spike, when we helped you build this shop we never expected it to be a party lounge." Goldbug said with a grin.
    "Me neither buddy. Prime, can you get the car from the shelf in there and hide it behind your back until I give the word? I've had it hidden here for a month now."
    "Yes, Spike, gladly." Optimus opened the large doors which revealed an enormous storage rack filled with various kinds of machines, and inventions. The top shelf above Optimus' head held a brand new sports car. He gently picked it up and manuevered it behind his back. He closed the doors back and turned towards the elevator. Minutes later Carly and Daniel arrived and the party began.

    Optimus was headed down the long road to Autobot city thinking about the briefing he would soon give when the Headmasters returned from Nebulon next week. It had been a year since they had last been to Earth and Optimus really missed his friends. He politely moved over to the right lane when another tractor trailer moved up behind him. As the truck went to pass him he realized that it was the same model as himself. It seemed quite a coincedence to see one of those old 1984 Freightliners to still be around. The tractor passed him on his left and continued on ahead. It amazed him to see that it looked exactly like him except that it was white with a black trailer. He began thinking about his upcoming reunion again and barely had time to realize that the white rig had gotten in front of him. And it had slammed on its brakes! He quickly reduced his speed and darted to the left to avoid hitting the vehicle. No cars were around this time of day so he had room to move safely. He decided to pull up beside the other truck and inform the driver to drive more carefully. As he pulled up to Prime's astonishment no one was driving! Then the truck jerked to the left and slammed into him.

    The guardrail was quickly approaching as he slammed on his brakes and dropped back. The other truck barely avoided hitting it itself before straightening out and continuing. Optimus had finally gotten a little upset about the situation and accellerated again.
    "Alright, whoever you are, pull over before I have to stop you by force."
    Again the truck jerked and slammed into him. Optimus sped ahead and transformed. He did a flip in the air and landed in front of the truck just as it was about to hit him. He grabbed the truck and he rammed his feet into the asphault to stop it.
    "Stop now!" Optimus commanded.
    "I stop for no one! ESPECIALLY YOU!" a voice roared from within the truck. And the voice sounded exactly like his own.
    The truck stopped suddenly as if it had never been moving at all and Optimus flew backwards. His feet slid for several yards before he stopped.
    "Who are you?" Optimus asked.
    "You should remember me." the voice said. The truck sat there with the engine idling wildly.
    "I do not. Why have you attacked me?"
    "Because it's what I do. It's what I will always do until you die."
    As Optimus watched, the trailer detached from the cab and the truck began to transform. It was completly white but for a black stripe around its waist, black hands and wheels. And its head was black with red glowing eyes. It looked exactly like Optimus.
    "I am your enemy Optimus Prime. I am your destroyer. I am the end of all you know. Omega Prime." he proclaimed and quickly withdrew the blaster rifle from his back. He opened fire on Optimus who had been standing there in awe and the first couple of shots hit him. The gun matched his own and was just as powerful. Optimus ducked out of the way and grabbed his rifle to return fire. Fortunatley there were still no cars on the road so he was free to fire at will. Omega lept backwards into the air and landed behind his trailer which had parked itself sideways. He used it for cover as he blasted away. Optimus ran behind his own trailer and they exchanged shots for several minutes.
    "I can do this all day and night, Prime. It doesn't matter!" Omega yelled out over the gunfire.
    "Who are YOU?!" Optimus roared.
    "Oh, you remember. The last time we met I was about to destroy your Autobots in the crevice of light. Too bad they saw through my deception."
    " But that's impossible." Optimus said and dodged a blast that almost hit his face.
    "The Autobots destroyed you. I saw you fall into the crevice!"
    "No. I am as strong as you and my new master rebuilt me and sent me to destroy you."
    " 'Your master?'.. Megatron?"
    "Ha! NO! That fool could never accomplish such a task. No, you will meet my master one day. For now, worry!" Omega fired a powerful blast completly through Optimus' trailer hitting him in the chest and knocked him off his feet. He tumbled down an embankment and landed against a large tree. He looked up to see his enemy walking over to the roads edge. He lowered his rifle and prepared to fire. Suddenly a missle slammed into him from behind and he staggered against it. He turned to see the Autobot jet Skyfire launching another missle at him. He jumped sideways and barely avoided it as Skyfire flew by overhead.
    "You'll see me again, Prime. I promise!" Omega declared. He turned and with a sidekick, knocked over Prime's trailer and then transformed. He sped away into the distance just as Skyfire landed on the road. He transformed and ran down to Optimus.
    "Are you alright?" he asked, helping him to his feet.
    "Yes, Skyfire. Thank you for arriving so quickly."
    "Fastest bot in the galaxy! Who was that? He looked just like you." he said as they reached the road.
    "Remember that clone Megatron made once?"
    "What? It can't be." Skyfire said as he turned the trailer upright.
    "I don't know how but it is. Let's get back to Autobot city and we will discuss it further. Mind if I catch a ride?"
    "Sure Prime." he said and transformed again. He lowered his ramp as Optimus transformed as well.
    "Welcome aboard."

    Chapter 4

    "What I can not understand is where did he go so fast? I mean, I had him in my sights. Then as I passed overhead he ran away. No sooner had I transformed and landed, he was gone. The road was completly empty in each direction."
    "Yes, that's very interesting Skyfire. And why would he want to destroy me? The Decepticons do not have enough resources now to pull off something like this. With Galvatron and the others blown into deep space after the battle of Nebulon, the Decepticons do not have a decent leader among them for this. Therefore it must be a new foe. He mentioned 'his master'. I will need to confer with Teletran-5 on this. Maybe he can search my data tracks for some hint as to the identity of this enemy."
    "Sure, Prime. I'll inform the others now that Hot Rod and Kup have landed." Skyfire said. They each left through a different door and Skyfire headed to the landing pad. Optimus walked into a hallway and entered a nearby elevator.
    "Where to, Optimus?" a deep voice asked.
    "Level 5, Metroplex. Thank you." The doors slid closed and seconds later he stepped out into the command room of the city. He walked over to a large computer and began speaking to it.
    "Teletran-5, I need your help."

    Outside, Skyfire was just reaching the large shuttle as his friends walked down the exit ramp.
    "Hey Skyfire! Man it's great to see you! Uh..where's Optimus?"
    "Hello Hot Rod. Optimus is speaking with Teletran. How was your trip? How was Nebulon?"
    "Oh you know, Skyfire. Hive robots and more hive robots. You'd think we would have cleaned 'em all out by now. Reminds me of the time...."
    "Why does everything remind you of something, Kup?" Hot Rod said with a grin.
    "Where's Daniel? I hear it's his birthday."
    "Yes, Hot Rod, it is. He should still be at his house having his party. If you hurry you can....." Skyfire let his words trail off as he watched Hot Rod transform and speed away. He turned to share a smile with Kup just as a massive explosion blew a hole in the front of Metroplex' main tower. Skyfire and Kup turned to see something flying straight at them. They turned and ran for cover just as something large and heavy crashed into the shuttle. The landing gear buckled under the weight and the ship crashed to the ground, bent in half. Smoke sizzled from both the shuttle and the hole in the city as alarms began to go off around the complex. Skyfire lifted his arm and activated his radio.
    "Skyfire to Prime. Come in. We have a situation. Prime? Prime, come in. Skyfire to Prime? Prime....".. He was cut off by Kup tapping his arm. He turned to see Kup pointing to the shuttle. Optimus Prime was attempting to stand up from within the shuttle wreakage, but pitched forward and fell hard to the ground below.
    "Prime!" they both yelled out and ran over to him. As they reached their friend a powerful laser blast hit Skyfire in the shoulder and knocked him sideways into Kup . They both collapsed in a heap as Skyfire tried to reach for his gun but was kicked in the face by a large whitefoot. Just before he blacked out, he looked up to see Omega Prime standing over him.

    Optimus shook his head to clear it and managed to stand up in time to see Omega Prime's fist coming at him. He ducked and the blow missed his face. He returned the favor with a shot to his opponent's mid section. Omega stumbled back a step and then lunged at Optimus again. He connected with Optimus' face this time as well as a punch to the chest. He landed a knee to his midsection and followed it up with a laser blast to the face. Optimus roared in pain and fell backwards. He slammed into the shuttle again and slid to the ground. Omega raised his gun again but was hit with several blasts to the back as the other Autobots came to their leaders rescue. He turned to see that he was about to be surrounded by them. Punch led the charge as the Protectobots and Aerialbots followed behind. The Throttlebots and Dinobots brought up the rear.
    "Autobots, kill the intruder!" Punch yelled as his anger consumed him. Lacking the programming for anger management, Punch became total rage at the sight of his leader being attacked. Omega realized that he was no match for all of them and opened a panel on his forearm. He pressed several buttons and a portal opened beneath his feet. He fell into the hole and it closed just as quickly.

    Optimus Prime woke up hours later in the repair bay just as First Aid finished his work. He looked around to see Punch, Kup, and Skyfire standing near him.
    " How are you Prime?"
    "I'm fine Punch. Where is he?"
    "The coward fled before we could capture him. What happened Optimus? Teletran-5 never registered an intruder before you were attacked."
    "Let's go see why, my friends." They helped him to his feet and the four of them went to the command room. The Protectobots were still in the process of repairing the room but the large computer was still working.
    "Teletran-5. How did the unit known as Omega Prime enter Metroplex without warning you?"
    "Scanner anomaly detected at 16:45 hours. Anomaly recognized as Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime's location at 16:45 hours was level 5, command room, Teletran-5 interface. Anomaly tracked into sub-level 10 through level 5. Subject entered command room and attacked Optimus Prime using quantum grenade. 2 identical Optimus Prime Autobots located within Autobot city at same time. Scanner anomaly has yet to be resolved."
    "Well that explains it. Not only is he your clone but he can also pass for you under even the best of scanning devices. This is a big problem. It means he could be anywhere. Especially considering that portal Punch described." said Punch.
    "Yeah. Just before Punch got to him, he opened a portal disappeared into it." Kup said.
    "Hmm. I've got an idea, my friends. Let's go find Hound and Mirage."
    "I think Hound is in England and Mirage is in Japan." Punch said.
    "Well let's get them back here yesterday."

    Chapter 5

    Two days later Optimus Prime left Autobot city and headed out of town at top speed. Within several hours he was in the desert heading for Las Vegas. Instead of taking an exit and getting on to the major highway, he turned onto the backroads. He was soon heading for a cave in the side of a nearby mountain. There he stopped and waited. The hours passed and . just as the sun was about to go down a cloud of dust could be seen coming up the road. It wasn't long before the form of a white tractor trailer could be seen and it was traveling at a tremendous rate of speed. Optimus never moved and Omega slammed right into the side of him, knocking him into the mountain. Omega backed up and prepared to ram him again when something stopped him in his tracks. Something large and powerful was holding his trailer. He transformed and turned to see a gigantic clawed hand and the body of Omega Supreme. Mirage stepped out from behind the huge Autobot and Omega Prime raised his gun to fire. Omega Supreme started to crush the trailer in his powerful grip and then tossed it at him. Omega Prime lept into the air as the trailer barely missed him. He landed in time to see the form of Optimus Prime change into Ultra Magnus and Hound was in his trailer. He rolled off the back and both of them transformed. Omega looked at each of the Autobots in growing anger and confusion. Suddenly a powerful blast of energy shot out of the cave and knocked him to the ground. He roared in rage as he watched Optimus Prime exit his hiding spot.
    "The one thing I never get tired of is the fact of how stupid Decepticons can be. Did you really think you could catch me unaware again?"
    "Yes I did. My master said you were very stupid yourself."
    "Well, tell your master that he underestimated me. Now Ultra Magnus."
    "Sure Prime." he said and removed a device from his back. It resembled a human cell phone and he pointed it at Omega Prime.
    "What are you doing?"
    "We are sending you back to where you came from. And if you ever come back, I will let Omega Supreme play with you for a while." Optimus said. Omega Supreme reached down and picked him up in his large claw.
    "Termination- confirmed. Prime clone's fate- sealed." The large Autobot said as he turned Omega Prime around to stare into his optic sensors. He felt a small wave of fear pass over him. Omega Supreme dropped him hard to the ground a second before a portal opened beneath him. He fell into it yelling in anger and it closed behind him.
    "Autobots, thank you for your assistance. Ultra Magnus, are you injured?"
    "No Prime. Hound's new image inducer also provided us with a force field."
    "Good. Again, thank you all."
    "You think we'll see him again, Prime?" Mirage asked.
    "I doubt it, Mirage. Ultra Magnus also programmed the Scrambler to short circuit Omega Prime's device upon return to his original destination. Ultra Magnus, you will need to thank Duros for the use of that. It worked well. Now, Autobots, transform and roll out!"

    ...The End....
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    EXCELLENT!! I'm going to re-read it again on my lunch hour! Wonderful story....


    Keep on writing more on this story line..

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    Thanks. I really appreciate it. Actually, I just repainted the bot so I think I need to make another part to the story. It was white with black trim, but now it is black with a little bit of gold trim. You can see the pics of him on my myspace page. Thanks again. If I get a few more comments like yours I'll post some more stories. Take care.

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