Transformers New World RPG: (Season 1) Character Discussion and Information

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    Character DAI is for people to talk aobut their characters with the other people participating, as well as for finding out aobut what they look like, and any other information about them. You can also trade/offer to trade characters here. You cannot go over your limit of four by trading still. You also cannot switch out characters until the Season 2 sign-ups.

    (Updated G1) Sideswipe (I'm No Hero)
    (Updated G1) Sunstreaker (I'm No Hero)
    (Updated G1) Punch/Counterpunch (I'm No Hero)
    Wheeljack (Magmatron22)
    Warpath (Magmatron22)
    (Univers/Classics 2.0) Ratchet (Galvanitro)
    (WFC) Larensa (WFC: Autobot Arcee, Blue) (Galvanitro)
    Ultra Magnus (RIDUltraMagnus)
    (Updated G1) Hound (Thunderchild)
    (Updated G1) Cliffjumper (Thunderchild)
    (OC) Primo Prime (Thunderchild)
    Ironhide (Ironarm)
    Springer (Ironarm)
    Blurr (Crazymadman)
    Prowl (Crazymadman)
    Rodimus Prime (The Veteran)
    Grimlock (The Veteran)
    Wheelie (The Veteran)
    Bumblebee (Challenger)
    Air Raid (Tf rocks)
    Jetfire (Tf rocks)
    (OC) Mach Dart (OC) (Tf rocks)
    Mirage (Tyrant)
    Towline (Mr. Soundmeister)
    W.A.R.S (Mr. Soundmeister)
    (OC) Drivedraft (OC) (Mr. Soundmeister)
    (ROTF) Whirl (Mr. Soundmeister)
    Total: 27 Characters Played By 12 Members

    (Updated G1) Shockwave (I'm No Hero)
    (WFC) Mattotron (WFC: Decepticon Scout, Black And White) (MattoMogwai)
    Starscream (cybertron2006)
    Rumble (Magmatron22)
    Megatron (Galvanitro)
    (G2) Breakdown (Galvanitro)
    (Movie) Wasp (Thunderchild)
    (Movie) Barricade (Trans+Crazy)
    Wildrider (Ironarm)
    Blitzwing (Ironarm)
    Octus (Sage o' G-fruit)
    Soundwave (Prime_Directive)
    Thundercracker (Prime_Directive)
    (Updated G1) Skywarp (Crazymadman)
    (WFC) Slipstream (Autobot-Girl)
    Bludgeon (Takeout)
    Dirge (Takeout)
    (Updated (Slightly) G1) Devastator (UnicronFTW)
    (ROTF) Lockdown (UnicronFTW)
    Total: 22 Characters (Devestator counts as three) played by 14 Members

    Characters without a series for looks in parantheses to the left of their name still require one form their owners.

    @RIDUltraMagnus: You can use Classics+City Commander Armor if you want.
    @Ironarm: You can use Warbot Defender for Springer if you wish.

    Don't forget I can digibash new paintjobs onto other models as well, so keep that in mind too.

    This will be updated weekly/bi-weekly with to add new pictures, and information.
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    You forgot Dragstrip. I control him.

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