Transformers: New Beginnings

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    Hello all, this is my first post. I was doodling Transformers the other day and the direction my designs went prompted to create my own little transformers universe which may end up as a fanfic or comic. Let me know what you think.

    Basic Idea: My basic idea was that, since organic bodies are made up of cells which compose tissues and so on up to organ systems and organisms, that Transformers might also have basic "cell-like" units. I chose nanomachines.

    History: A some seminal point in Cybertron's far distant path the first nanomachine colonies formed. From those first machines grew an entire planet of technological creatures, one of which was the Humanoid race called the Transformers. Over the course of their evolution, the Transformers gained the ability to mimic the forms of beings naive to their world. Their basic form would reconfigure slightly after something was scanned, allowing for a simple transition from one form to another. Over the years this ability (along with serious personal upgrading) allowed the Transformers to become the dominate species on Cybertron.

    Current Situation: Due to immense overcrowding, Civil War has engulfed Cybertron. The big issue is the colonization of other worlds. The Decepticons, led by Lord Megatron, believe that Transformers are the perfect beings. They hold little stake in the lives of other races they come across in their effort to secure the galaxy for all Transformers.
    Ultra Magnus and his Autobots, however, believe that all life is important and wish for a peaceful coexistance with other races.
    The story would follow Ultra Magnus and his elite soilders, a group of autobots who don't mind doing the dirty work to stop Megatron, as their battle takes them to earth. I wouldn't expect things to go very well for the humans.

    I only have a few character ideas right now, mostly just the ones I've sketched, but here they are anyway.

    Megatron: This isn't your typical, bumbling Megatron who gets thwarted at the last second. This guy has his act together, and his plans usually come together. He's also not "evil" in the traditional sense. His desire to destroy other species comes from a belief that all non-Transformers pose a threat to their continued survival. Essentially, he does what he does to save his people (in his own mind)

    Starscream: Starscream is Megatron's trusted right hand, and has been for millenia, all the while waiting until Megatron has done the dirty work so he can step in as ruler of the Cybertronians. He's a brilliant, but vain, tactician who thrives on carnage and deception. As the war progresses Starscream begins to see things that Megatron doesn't. Such as the uses that a subjugated people offer that exterminated ones don't. This desire to lord over everything eventually causes a Decepticon Civil War.

    Ultra Magnus: I haven't really thought about him much except that he's the real leader of the Autobots because I didn't want Optimus to have the role this time.

    Optimus Prime: This is probably the most radical character change of all. This Optimus doesn't really play by the rules. In the regular military forces he was constantly repremanded for his disregard for orders and unorthodox methods. He's more ruthlessly effecient that previous incarnations. Ultra Magnus brought him in to lead the special forces because a hammer was necessary. He needed a leader that could play the same game as the Decepticons. He still values life, but sometimes being a soldier means sacrifice, and the decisions he's made weigh heavy on his shoulders.

    Iron Hide: Iron Hide is a brawler who prefers fighting with his maces as opposed to his guns. He is the brawn behind the special forces.

    Rachet: Because everyone needs a medic.

    I'll try to get some sort of images up soon... though I only have a digital camera.

    Let me know what you think.
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    It's an...interesting idea.

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