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    Well, I've had this idea for awhile now and have only really just started to write it. It is basically a complete re-imagining of the Transformer story. It will be a bit like the Idw format, in the way that it will contain Spotlights and on-going story arcs. It will also include character bios eventually. So anyway. I hope you enjoy and post any comments which you have about it, whether they are good or bad.

    Spotlight: Optimus Prime

    Cybertron, my planet, as ruler of Cybertron, I Optimus Prime have guided the Transformer race into a new golden age.
    My people used to be a war faring species, I saw the horrors which we inflicted upon countless civilisations and races first hand, that was back in the dark days, before I became leader and when Cryotek was ruler.
    I used to enjoy the pain and suffering which I caused to these people, I used to think that they deserved it.
    Until one day, on the planet Quintessa, as I was attacking a place of worship for the planet’s inhabitants that I came across a relic of theirs known as The Matrix.
    Still to this very day, I don’t know why, but I reached out for it and placed it in my chest.
    As it slotted into place, I grew larger, stronger and wiser, The Matrix showed me the error of my ways and made me realise that Cryotek must be stopped.
    So I got on the first shuttle I could and I headed back to Cybertron to confront Cryotek. As was our tradition back then, a leader could only be replaced if he was beaten in a battle to the death, so I challenged Cryotek, who was surprised that I, one of his closest allies would challenge him, but nevertheless he accepted.
    Nobody expected me to win, in fact nobody thought I’d last longer than a minute, they thought I’d be ripped to shreds almost immediately.
    The day of the battle arrived and as I entered the arena I looked at my fellow Cybertronians in horror as they called for my oil to cover the arena.
    Cryotek offered me the chance to have my life spared and for all of this to be forgotten but I knew I couldn’t.
    Cryotek had to be stopped, no matter the cost.
    The battle began and Cryotek came straight for me, with surprising savagery.
    But I had The Matrix and despite starting off well, Cryotek was no match for me.
    With Cryotek destroyed I became the leader of the Transformers and the first thing I did was to recall all of our soldiers from whatever planet they were attacking and I put an end to the fighting.
    This was not a popular move however and I was forced to employ my own bodyguard, a Transformer called Ironhide.
    Millennia passed, but thanks to The Matrix I was able to keep Ironhide and myself at our peak conditions.
    Although at first, everyone hated me, over time they realised that my way was the right way and over even more time, I managed to make relationships between the Transformers and other races work well.
    Over the years The Matrix has helped me through some hard times, like when my second in command, Alpha Trion, mysteriously disappeared, The Matrix chose a new Transformer, one who at the time was still quite young, a Transformer called Ultra Magnus.
    Over the years Magnus became very good at his job and became one of my closest friends. During the more recent years of my leadership, Cybertron has been the perfect planet, not a single crime or act of violence.
    So it shocked my circuits to the core when one day, a small child was murdered and his oil was used to
    paint the building next to him in the word Megatron.
    That name kept running through my head.
    Megatron had been a Transformer who I had fought alongside and had become one of my closest friends before I found The Matrix.
    When I destroyed Cryotek though and halted the slaughters I had offered Megatron the job of being my bodyguard.
    A job which he had turned down. I’ll never forget that moment.
    “You’re a fool Prime, I wouldn’t consider protecting your useless body to save my own life!” He had said with contempt before he spat on me and walked off. “We’ll meet again Prime, but this time not as allies, oh no, this time it will be as enemies and I promise you now, when that day arrives, I will tear you apart with my own two hands.”
    And I hadn’t seen or heard of Megatron ever since. I just assumed that over the millennia he had simply rusted away, but it would seem that now he was back.
    The thought that also kept running through my head was that it was an impostor, for without the Matrix it was impossible to survive that long.
    But then I remembered the child, ripped in two, Megatron’s name on the wall, spelt with his oil. And I remembered just how Megatron would do the same thing to the people he killed during the battles and I realised that there couldn’t be anyone else.
    A few weeks passed and nothing happened, somehow I managed to convince myself that it was a hoax and that Megatron was dead after all.
    Then Magnus rushed into my room one day and destroyed my life.
    “Sir, I have some bad news,” he’d said to me.
    “Well, spit it out then,” I’d replied.
    “Um, Optimus, I don’t know how to tell you this, but as of two nano-clicks ago, we are at war,”
    “What! At war! Who with?” I was panicked, I’d worked so hard to achieve piece only to have it shattered.
    “With a group of Transformers calling themselves The Decepticons sir,” Magnus had told me.
    I couldn’t believe it, The Decepticons, the group name of the faction Megatron and I had been a part of all those years ago. That name just about confirmed it for me, Megatron was back. I was silent, I couldn’t think of anything to say.
    “Are you alright sir, I mean, considering the circumstances?”
    “Um… What, sorry. Um, yes I’m fine… considering the circumstances… Um, tell me Magnus, do these ‘Decepticons’ have a leader?”
    “Yes sir, he goes by the name of Megatron and he is believed to be the same person who killed the child,”
    I went silent again. Megatron was back and he was ready for his revenge.
    “Tell me old friend, how many Decepticons are there?” I’d asked.
    “At the moment, we aren’t sure, but the estimate is about 500,000, maybe more or maybe less.”
    “Well, that’s just Prime.” I’d said.
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    Well, here's the second part of the Prime spotlight.

    Spotlight:Optimus Prime

    The news that Megatron had managed to gather about 500,000 Transformers was hard to accept, what was even harder to accept was that I’d almost been asking for this to happen and now that it had happened, there was no way that I could stop it. I’d disbanded the military many, many years ago and Megatron must have known this, he must have been waiting all of this time for me to be at my weakest, so that he could strike.
    “What am I going to do old friend?”
    “I don’t know sir,” Magnus had replied.
    “There’s only one thing that I can do, if Megatron wants a war, then I’m going to have to give him one,”
    “But Optimus, you have no soldiers, there isn’t a single Transformer on Cybertron except you and Megatron’s forces that knows how to fight,” Magnus had said to me, his tone of his voice showing how disappointed he was with my decision.
    “What other options are there Magnus, Megatron has left me with none!” I’d shouted at him.
    “You could try to reason with him Optimus, the skills of your peace-making have been shown countless times as you’ve repaired relationships between our race and others, despite the fact that they have seemed irreparable,”
    “I wish it were that easy Magnus, I really do. But you don’t know Megatron as well as I do.”
    “What are you talking about, you can’t have met him before, could you?”
    “Rather than telling you what I know, I’ll allow The Matrix to show you,” I’d said to him as my chest began to fold into itself and The Matrix appeared from it. Magnus stared into The Matrix and within seconds, the entire history between Megatron and myself was revealed to him.
    “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” he’d asked me.
    But before I’d had the chance to answer him, Ironhide came flying through the wall and crashed into Ultra Magnus.
    Standing in the hole that Ironhide had just created was another Transformer, one I didn’t recognise, but one that I assumed must have been working for Megatron.
    “What do you want?” I asked calmly.
    The Transformer raised his arm and as he did so, his hand reconfigured itself into the barrel of a plasma cannon. He pointed the gun at my head and smiled.
    “Me want you!” he’d cried as a beam of plasma energy surged out of his weapon and struck me in the chest.
    The last thing I remember is a searing, crippling pain as I collapsed to the floor and his face, staring at me with an evil glare and then everything went black.
    “Megatron! Him Prime wake up!” came the familiar voice of my captor.
    I opened my optics and realised that I must have been playing my memory banks, not that it mattered. I did a quick survey of my surroundings.
    I was a small rectangular room, with weapons hanging from the walls and on the left wall there was a small door. I was strapped onto a metal, held in place by five metal bars, one large one across my chest and four smaller ones holding my arms and legs in place.
    The door opened and in came Megatron.
    “You don’t look a day over 5 million,” I croaked at Megatron. And as much as I hated to admit it, Megatron looked as if he was more alive then he’d ever been when I’d known him.
    “Spare me the pleasantries Prime,” said Megatron as he stared at me, the hate evident in his burning red eyes. He turned to look at the Transformer that he’d sent to capture me. “You may leave us now Grimlock, Prime and I have a lot of catching up to do,”
    Megatron turned back to me as Grimlock walked towards the door and left.
    “What do you want Megatron,” I managed to get out of my mouth, but with every word I uttered I could feel my strength slipping away.
    “Yes, so sorry about the weak feeling that you’re experiencing, Grimlock gave you too much sedatives, a shame really as it means you won’t feel the pain as much!” Megatron cried as he grabbed a sword off of the wall and thrust it into my chest. “Scream Prime, scream! Beg for your mercy!”
    Every single one of my gears and servos felt as if they were on fire, I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t let Megatron have that satisfaction.
    “Never!” I muttered defiantly.
    “Fine then,” Megatron said as he withdrew the blade from my chest. “I was going to let you die quickly Prime, but it looks like you’re going to prolong your death in a most painful kind of way.” An evil grin appeared across Megatron’s face and he let out a laugh. “Shockwave!” Megatron cried.
    The door opened again and this time another Transformer appeared.
    “You’ve met my first son, Grimlock, haven’t you Prime, well now I’d like you to meet my second son Shockwave, he really is a wonderful torturer,” Megatron smiled again then turned and began to walk towards the door. “I’ll leave you two to get better acquainted,” And with that the door closed.
    “I’m going to make you beg for mercy Prime,” Shockwave said.
    “Bite me,” I replied.
    “Well, seeing as you asked so nicely,” said Shockwave as he looked around the room, as if looking for something. “Ah, perfect!” He cried gleefully as he grabbed a trap that was once used to capture organic life forms.
    Shockwave walked back over to me and rested the weapon on my chest with the teeth pointing into my chest. Shockwave gave the trap the slightest of touches and its teeth began to dig into my chest, tearing bolts and screws out of place.
    “Scream Prime, I promise I won’t think any less of you!”
    The pain was becoming worse and worse as my chest plate continued to be ripped off, until with an almighty crunch of metal, my chest plate came off and collapsed onto the floor, along with the trap.
    “AAAAHHHHH!” I screamed.
    “That’s more like it Prime!” Shockwave cried gleefully.
    And then he stared down at The Matrix.
    “Ohhh! What’s this then?” he asked mockingly.
    “Touch it and when I get out of this, I will tear you apart with my own two hands Shockwave!” I cried as he came closer and closer.
    “Don’t worry Prime, I won’t damage it, I’ll just steal it,”
    I strained my servos to their maximum ability in an effort to break free, but to no avail. Shockwave reached into my chest and pulled out The Matrix. Shockwave opened his chest compartment and lifted The Matrix towards it.
    “No Shockwave! The Matrix is too powerful, you won’t be able to control it!” I cried out to him.
    I don’t know whether he heard me or not, or whether he just ignored me. Either way Shockwave put The Matrix into his chest.
    To begin with everything seemed okay, but then a blinding light burst out of Shockwave’s chest as he let out an almighty scream.
    Megatron came thundering in through the door and stared at Shockwave lying on the floor, enveloped by the light, screaming in pain and clutching his chest.
    “Prime! What have you done to him!” Megatron cried.
    I remained silent.
    “Answer me Prime!”
    But still I remained silent.
    “Grimlock!” Megatron shouted as Grimlock cane running in through the door. “Take Shockwave to Soundwave, see if he can find out what’s wrong with him,”
    “What you do Megatron?” asked Grimlock.
    “I am going to stay here and make Prime wish he’d never been born!” cried Megatron as he changed his hand into a saw and walked towards me. “You’re going to be suffering for a long, long time Prime!” Megatron cried as he shoved the saw the blade into the side of my face.
    I watched as Grimlock carried Shockwave out of the room and as the Matrix got further and further away from me, I grew weaker and weaker. And smaller and smaller.
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    Has anyone got an opinion on this story?

    Spotlight:Optimus Prime

    Megatron thrust the saw blade into my face again and slowly slid it back and forth, each time it grew more and more painful.
    “That will be enough for today Prime,” said Megatron as he stood up and walked away. “After all, I don’t want to kill you, yet.”
    Megatron was gone. I didn’t know for how long he’d be gone for, so I had to act quickly. In the same way that while The Matrix was inside me, it made me stronger, taller and more powerful, the longer I was away from it, the weaker, smaller and less powerful I became.
    Which in any other situation than the one I was in, would have been a hindrance rather than a help. But, as it turned out, the metal strips which held me in place were now too large to keep me there. I slid my hands out of them and used them to slip myself out of the others.
    I landed silently on the floor and headed for the door, as I went, I picked up an energon axe and stored it in my arm.
    I got to the door, crouched down and looked through the tiny slit in the ground between the door and the floor. Out side the door were two guardsmen, Megatron obviously didn’t think I would be able to escape as the guardsmen were small and weak, they carried no weapons and were just talking to each other, leaning against the door.
    My hand slid into my arm at the wrist and in its place the energon axe appeared. I steadied myself in front of the door before chopping downward through the door, straight into the head of one Decepticon and then I swung the axe sideways, taking out the other Decepticon.
    I slid the door open and walked slowly into the hallway outside.
    The hallway was about 20 metres long and with white walls and a white roof with lights stationed in it about 2 metres from each other. At the end of the hall was another door.
    I scanned the room for any signs of life but found none, so I started to walk for the door.
    Big mistake.
    After about five steps I triggered an alarm system, all I could hear was the alarms and then Grimlock appeared in the doorframe.
    “Me rip you into pieces Prime!” Cried Grimlock as a panel flipped up on his arm and a sword flipped out of it, which Grimlock caught expertly as he continued to charge at me.
    “Show off…” I muttered before he crashed into me, sending flying into the wall.
    Grimlock had seemed large and extremely powerful when I first encountered him, but know that I was without The Matrix he seemed unbeatable.
    I came out of the daze Grimlock had put me in just in time to see him start charging at me, I dived out of the way and Grimlock charged into the wall. The unexpected collision had obviously left him dazed, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and dealt him a powerful blow into his thigh.
    Grimlock roared in pain and lashed out at me with his fists, catching me in the jaw and sending me flying to the opposite end of the corridor.
    “Me no fool around anymore Prime, now me Grimlock turn you into slag!” he cried as he charged at me, with surprising speed. Grimlock had run the length of the hall in minutes and was upon me, hacking away at me with his sword.
    However, Grimlock had become enraged and was not planning his attacks, just slashing away at me. Which was an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. It was an advantage because it made Grimlock clumsy, occasionally slipping. But at the same time it made it harder to guess where he would try to strike next.
    I had a feeling that without The Matrix within me, I was fighting a losing battle and that it was only a matter of time before I could no longer block Grimlock’s attacks, due to a lack of Energon or that another Decepticon would simply walk through the door behind me and blast me in the back.
    I had to buy myself some time. So I ducked under Grimlock’s attack slid under his legs and embedded my axe in his back.
    Grimlock reacted exactly how I thought he would. He began to thrash around violently, trying to tear the axe out of his back. I disconnected the axe from my hand and transformed it into a laser blaster.
    “It’s been a long time since I had to use this,” I muttered to myself.
    Grimlock tore the axe out of his back, roared in pain and looked at my weapon.
    “Finish it,” he said.
    So I took aim and fired into the ceiling above Grimlock, causing it to collapse and fall onto him. I stayed still for a few seconds, just to make sure Grimlock wasn’t going to erupt from the rubble and continue his attack and then I turned and left through the door.
    It would seem that my plan had worked.
    I walked through the door and stepped into another room, similar to the one I had been held in earlier.
    I picked up another Energon axe and stored it in my arm again.
    I looked around the room and scanned it for any structural weaknesses that I could exploit and perhaps use to aid my escape.
    I soon located one and thrust my fist through it. Although I immediately wished I hadn’t.
    As soon as my hand had crashed through the wall, it was grabbed and I was hurled through it. I was now in a room with Megatron standing over me, an inanimate Shockwave lying on a table behind me and another Decepticon who I assumed must have been Soundwave was fiddling with Shockwave’s wires. But, most importantly, just behind Megatron, hanging on the wall, was The Matrix.
    I tried to dive for it, but I was too slow, Megatron grabbed me and hurled me through yet another wall.
    “I will make you suffer for what you’ve done to my son!” yelled Megatron as a cannon slowly began to form on his arm. “Die!” Megatron cried as he took aim and fired at me.
    I managed to dive out of the way and sit up on my knees and taking aim with my laser shot Megatron’s cannon. The cannon began to spark before it went back into Megatron’s arm again.
    “No matter,” he said as his hand slid into his wrist and an Energon Morning Star appeared in its place. “I prefer it this way anyway, much more personal.”
    Megatron lunged at me, but it was clumsy and I was able to dodge around it and shoot Megatron in the back.
    “AAAHHH!” he screamed as he span around and embedded his morning star into my weapon. Unfortunately, the laser was too damaged to fire and I was forced to revert to the Energon axe again.
    Megatron had recovered quickly and was soon hacking away at me again, forcing me to back towards the room where The Matrix was, just like I’d hoped. Megatron lunged at me again, but again I dodged and as he flew past me I kneed him in the chest.
    Megatron gasped and landed in a daze.
    Only for a few seconds, but that was all I needed to get far enough ahead of him to reach The Matrix.
    I was within touching distance of The Matrix and then, I felt a deep pain as something broke into my back.
    I turned around and saw the morning star embedded in my back and Megatron walking up beside me.
    “You fool Prime, you squandered your opportunity to escape for a mere trinket. I was expecting far better from you.”
    I tried desperately to move but for some reason, my servos weren’t responding.
    Soundwave started to walk towards me but Megatron raised a hand and turned towards him.
    “Stay where you are Soundwave, you have more important duties here,” said Megatron as he motioned towards the immobile Shockwave. Then he turned back to me. “I’ll take care of Prime!”
    Megatron kneeled down, lifted me up and began to walk towards the exit. “Oh, by the way Prime, there is no point in attempting to move, my morning star has jammed your servos, until such time as I remove it, you are as helpless as a mere infant!”
    As much as I hated to admit it, Megatron was right, I had no hope of being able to defeat him.
    Megatron walked back towards where I had been held before. Although he didn’t show it much, Megatron was extremely pleased with himself. Until he arrived at the site of the battle between Grimlock and myself.
    He looked at the damage and smirked.
    “HA! What did you possibly hope to accomplish by doing this?” he asked, smirking.
    Then his eyes came to rest on a piece of plating. A piece of Grimlock’s plating to be more precise. The smirk that Megatron had worn only moments ago disappeared, to be replaced with Megatron’s usual anger.
    Megatron held on to one of my legs and flung me into a nearby wall. The force of my impact caused the wall to crumble and collapse, almost completely covering me in debris.
    Megatron walked over to me and lifted me up by the leg again.
    “Not content with almost killing Shockwave were you Prime?” he asked. “No you weren’t! So you decided to kill my other son as well!” he roared as he flung me into another wall. “ Well, now Prime, I’m do done with letting you live, this time I’m going to literally tear you into shreds with my own hands!” Megatron lifted me up once more and smashed me into yet another wall. Megatron raised me over his head and flung me into the ground, but as I landed, the force of the impact caused the morning star to dislodge itself from my back.
    However, before I could react Megatron grabbed me again. Luckily, I could use that to my advantage. Before he could throw me, I swung my axe at his hand, rendering it immobile.
    Megatron roared in pain and let go of me, allowing me to fall to the floor and try to recover.
    I landed on my feet and stared up at Megatron, he’d recovered from my blow quicker than I had hoped and was soon attacking me once more.
    I dodged a couple of Megatron’s punches and a few of his kicks before I dived behind him and thrust my axe into Megatron’s leg.
    Megatron span round quicker than I had anticipated and caused my axe to be torn from my arm.
    “Well, this is much more fun,” Megatron said. “Just you and I, no weapons, no power-ups, just you and I with our bear fists!” He roared as once more he lunged at me, but this time he smashed into me and caused me to fly across the corridor and into the room with Shockwave and Soundwave once more.
    I stood up, feeling far too groggy to put up even as good a fight as I’d managed to put up previously. When my eyes came to lie on The Matrix once more.
    I lunged at it, just in time to avoid Megatron’s fists and grabbed it.
    I landed on the floor and rolled to the side as Megatron’s fists came thundering down to where I’d been only mere moments ago and inserted The Matrix back into my chest.
    Immediately I felt revitalised, re-energised and so many other things all at once, but most importantly, I felt complete again.
    Megatron stared on astonished as I grew back to how I had been before and as I grew, I was repaired and by the time I was back to my old self, I was more than a match for Megatron.
    “ ‘Mere trinket’ is it Megatron?” I asked mockingly.
    “Whether you have your trinket or not Prime, I am more than a match for you!” he cried as he charged at me with his hands cupped together.
    I side-stepped out of his way and as he flew past me I transformed my hand into a blaster and shot him in the back as he flew past me.
    Megatron crashed headfirst into the wall ad fell to the floor with a massive thud.
    “Is he dead?” asked Soundwave.
    I scanned Megatron’s body for life signs. Unfortunately, there were life signs, meaning that he was simply in stasis-lock.
    “Yes,” I said as I raised my blaster to Megatron’s head. “But not for long.”
    My blaster started to charge as I wanted to make sure he was dead this time round, but just as I was about to fire I had my legs kicked out from under me causing me to fall to the floor.
    I fell to the floor and looked up at my attacker.
    “Grimlock!” I said, shocked.
    I got back up as fast as I could, but as soon as I got up, Grimlock put a gun to my head.
    “You come with me now Prime,” he said as he put me in a headlock, his gun still pointed at my head and started to walk away from Soundwave.
    “What are you doing?” asked Soundwave. “Optimus Prime is too much of a threat to keep alive, you must kill him immediately, or I will.”
    In an instant, Grimlock moved the gun away from my head and shot Soundwave before returning it to rest on my head. Before he carried on walking.
    Once Grimlock had turned round the corner, Soundwave stood back up holding his chest where Grimlock had shot him.
    “Should I raise the alarms?” he said to nobody in particular except himself.
    “No,” said Shockwave as he sat up on the table, turned and got off of it. “That would be illogical.”
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    whoa! Slow down there buddy!

    It's WAY too much monologue. I almost fell asleep before i got even 10 lines into it. Try shortening it down a lot. THen people won't do what i do and jsut rush through it, and catch little bits of it.

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