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    So uhhmmm here is my take at a fanfic for Transformers

    Chapter 1
    It is a time in the near future, on the robotic planet of Cybertron home of the transformers Mechanical beings created by The Quintessans: harvesters of energy whom search the galaxy from planets with supreme energy luckily from them they found the rock in which they deemed "Cybertron" were they harvested an energy substance named "Primus" it was pure energy in pureist form that the Quintessans could live off of for the rest of time. But the Quintessans wanted more, and more they stripped the planet raw of Primus and even created robots to gather even more of this energy. But to save some energy the Quintessans would give the robots a small ounce of Primus and they would call this weak state as "Energon" and gave the robots a forewarning "If you ingest more energon than you need, you will shut down and perish" and the robots obeyed there gods orders it was until the Quintessans discovered the last mines on Cybertron and harvested it dry... cybertron was nothing and now it was a boring life. So the Quintessans forced the robots to build cities to remind the Quintessans of there home of Quintessa and soon Cybertron became the trade internatial of the universe. Robots and Aleins alike used this tradeing port but there was a dark force comeing for Cybertron only known as Unicron a monster eatting planet of destruction but I will get into that later now is the story of Megatron.
    "The Robots are starting to bore me" said Wrath "I agree" said Death the heads rotated in a 360 waiting to come onto a dicission on what they should do "Should we have them do battle" screeched Judgement and the heads spun again and it was unanimous... "The robots shall do battle." for years afterwords the robots did battle then they gave them scanners and personalitys to the point were they became lifelike, like the Quintessans they could feel, touch, speak, and live even though they were robots then when none of the quintessans were looking the Battler known as Protoform X whom was formerly a slave snuck past the Quintessans and Obtained a scanner and then went back to work. Then Protoform thought to himself "I wonder what I could do with this technology" then he improved the technology for himself then he gave it to his friends Orion Pax, Elita One, and some of the other Protoforms soon they had scanned vehicles and weopons to disguise themselves from the Quintessans and Orion Pax had an idea "What if we took over cybetron" he told Protoform and Protoform snickered "Its a foolish Idea Orion for starters they have billions of sharkticon gaurds" "Then we will disguise ourselves as Sharkticons" "Its silly Orion" "No its not... all we need is armor like the Sharkticons and weopons like the Sharkticons." "And if we did do this idea what would we do with this planet we are factory workers not leaders" "No proto we are not factory workers... were more than that we are Cybertronians not Quintessans we are warriors" with that Orion Pax ran off after the Sharkticon gaurds and fought them until there was none left piece by piece part by part the hunter becomeing the hunted and Orion Proclaimed Loudly "I am no Quintessan I am Cybertronian... Brothers Fellow Cybertronian we are autobots and I am Optimus Prime your leader." he put one foot on destroyed sharkticon body. Protoform laughed at him " Your a fool Prime just get away from us so we dont pay the price for your foolish acts" "No Proto im not a Quintessan and you dont have to be just come with us and scan some parts.. this is a war Proto im going to ask some of the Gladiators if they will help us in the fight they know what they are doing more than I so what do you say Protoform X are you with me" He Said Triumphantly "Does a Starscream" asked Protoform "Well no it doesnt" "Then I will not im a factory worker prime not a soldier for your silly war you will loose count me out."
    Protoform walked away and Prime and the other Warriors of Cybertron headed for the Arena.

    I have some more stuff that actully get pretty... cool but what do you guys think so far?

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