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    * This piece follows directly after the events of The Return of Optimus Prime at the conclusion of season three of the American series. Consider this the second animated motion picture afterwards. The main new induction into continuity is Primus, as he was not originally in the G1 animated series...

    Generation 1
    Transformers: Nemesis


    In the beginning, there was Primus and Unicron...
    The Light and the Dark...
    Good and Evil...

    The two brothers Battled through the ages...
    Until primus finally sacrificed himself to subdue his evil brother.
    Primus became Cybertron...
    And the Transformers, were born.

    Peace reigned for a time, until war began amongst the cybertronians.
    Eventually, Unicron would once more be awakened...
    Only to be subdued once again by the power of Primus... the matrix.

    With Unicron seemingly destroyed for good...
    And the power of primus diminished...
    Spread out upon his Cybertronians and held within his chosen creation;
    “ The Prime "...

    The war of the brothers had come to an end... or did it?

    In the beginning, there was Primus and Unicron...
    But there was another...

    He awakens from his slumber, alerted by the final destruction of one of his siblings. The energy signature that dissipates throughout the cosmos has finally reached him; here at the end of the universe. He reaches out further into the cosmos to sense his other brother, but finds a faint trace of his essence, scattered across the center of the universe. What has happened to his brothers? What could have destroyed one, and weakened the other so? He meditates in deep thought, for what seems like an eternity. Maybe it is? He is as ageless as he is timeless, for he has mastered space and time himself. What has happened to his younger brothers? He ponders once more, fearing his worst fears have come to pass. Their sibling squabble has finally become the end of them. They've finally destroyed themselves in their never ending battle, and they've left their brother alone. Alone. He remembers alone, the time before Unicron and Primus came to be. He remembers alone... and does not like it. Something must be done he thinks to himself.

    " I must not be left alone !!!!!!!! "

    The thunderous voice roars throughout the cosmos, shattering nearby planets as the timeless one awakens the power within him; using his voice for the 1st time in millennia. Reaching out once more, he "feels" the universe, and the creatures that inhabit it. He reaches out to all the technology and data he can find. He "reads" the universe with a seemingly powerful form of telepathy. He reaches for the information he needs, and pieces together the history and events that have befallen his younger brothers. He discovers the fate of Primus, and his creations, the transformers. He knows of Cybertron and the Cybertronians. He knows of the war amongst them. He knows of the matrix, and the Primes that have held it. He also learns of Unicron, and the fate that befell him at the hand of the creations of Primus. He sees all of this, and speaks once more.

    " Primus. Unicron. What have you done to yourselves? How can beings as powerful and mighty as yourselves lose sight of your destiny so easily. There must be a way to save you both from yourselves. If there is a way, I will find it. For I am the timeless one. I control space and time itself. I I WILL bring you both back. Together, we will achieve our destinies as we should have so long ago..."

    Alone. He feels it once more. Something must be done... and it starts with the loneliness.

    " Primus. It was a useless sacrifice to diminish yourself so much so much for your creation... but it was a unique idea, used sparingly. I to, will bear horsemen in my new era; though not so many as you had birthed. There shall be... four. Four horsemen, to herald my return to existence, and act as harbingers of my will. I will retain my power for myself, and just enough to return you and your brother to your rightful places. And most of all... for now... I will not be alone..."
    The fabric of time and space bends around him. The power emanating from him is glorious. He pause for a moment... then it begins.


    " Legion. Come forth my first horseman. To you I bestow a small portion of me; the power of time itself..."
    " Endgame. Come forth my second horseman. To you I bestow a small portion of me; the ability to siphon another's power..."
    " Warfare. Come forth my third horseman. To you I bestow a small portion of me; the strength and power of your creator..."
    " Bastion. Come forth my fourth and final horseman. You shall have my finest attribute. A small portion of myself; the control of the cosmos..."

    They stand there, the four of them. A new and mighty creation. Their creator looks upon them, and he is pleased. The Black metallic gloss gleams from their armor. The glare of golden energy dissipates from their eyes. Like shadows enveloped in the light of gold, they stand before their master, and the one called Legion speaks.

    " Our Father... your will be done. Tell us; by what name shall we call you? "

    He hovers above them, enveloping them in his mighty shadow.

    " My children... Call me by name. Call me by the name not spoken since my brothers Primus and Unicron shared my presence. Call me...

    End Prelude...

    Chapter One: " Identity Crisis "


    Cybertron - Autobot city

    He sits there, alone in his quarters. The ceremony is about to begin. He should be there by now... what is keeping him from going? Is it his emotions? How can he even explain, it he thinks to himself. He should be happy he thinks, and he is.. But he is also filled with sadness. Why? It has been only days since the return of Optimus Prime. He is happy he is alive and well. He knows that giving Optimus back the matrix and mantle of leadership was the right thing to do... right? So why does he feel this way? So... empty.

    He was Hot Rod once upon a time, immature and rash. Then he was reformatted into Rodimus Prime as the wise Autobot Leader. Now... now he wonders who he is. What place do I have amongst the Autobots? He is neither Hot Rod nor Rodimus Prime no longer. He speaks quietly to himself...

    " Who am I..."

    " What a silly question Rodimus. What are you still doing here all by your lonesome? "

    She stands at the doorway to his quarters. He must have been so deep into thought, he didn't notice the door slide open. Arcee. His friend and close Autobot companion. She has always been there for him he thinks. He is not surprised to see her now at this time. He had been so busy recently with the mantle of leadership, that their friendship had seemingly drifted further apart. He had a job to do... and so did she. What now? he thinks to himself. Is this the beginning of something new? What new events will life throw at him now...

    " Arcee. What are you doing here? "

    " Rodimus, I... The ceremony is about to start. I didn’t see you there. I just came by to look for you... what are you still doing here? "

    " It's just Hot Rod now Arcee... There’s only one Prime now, and that Optimus."

    " ...No. Hot Rod is gone. You've changed since then. No... you're Rodimus. And if it's any consolation, you'll always be Prime in my book."

    They stare at one another for a brief second. What is this feeling that envelops his being? He is uncomfortable at the moment.. He’s got to say something, anything...

    " Arcee...I..I was just gonna get going, I just had some errands to do that’s all..."

    " Why do you always do that Rodimus? I mean, I let it slide when you had your leadership duties, but you don't have that burden any longer... You can't just ignore your feelings. Why do you always push me away? "

    " What?!!.. I don't know what your talking about..."

    " Fine Rodimus. Be that way... I'll see you at the ceremony. Dont trip and break a fender on your way there..."

    As she turns to leave, he feels a tug at the center of his being. Don't let her walk out that door just yet he thinks to himself. You've always run away from your emotions. Don't do it now... say something to her. She has always been there for you.. if you’d just let her in...

    "Arcee, wait...o.k., you're right. I don't handle my feelings very well, I know that. In fact, lately.. I've just been kinda in a "funk" or something, I don't know how to explain it. I'm happy for Optimus, you know? But as for myself, there’s a sense of emptiness. A lack of purpose i guess... I don't know. I guess I'm just afraid of what the future will bring..."

    She walks back in, and stands before him, taking him by the hand.

    " Oh Rodimus... I can't imagine how it feels, to have walked in your shoes. But if its one thing I’ve noticed about you, it's that somehow, someway.. you'll persevere. You always have. I just want you to know... whatever happens, I’m still here. There’s never a reason to feel emptiness..."

    " Arcee.. I .."

    More words may have been said.... had they not been interrupted. Neither of them had noticed their comrade walking into the doorway.

    " Hey Rodimus, get yer no good fender outta bed and... oh... hey Arcee. What’s..what’s goin on here? "

    Rodimus shakes his hands loose from Arcee's and responds to his best friend.

    " Springer !!! What are you doing here? What is this, walk into my room day or something? "

    " Heh, don't flatter yerself buddy. I just took it upon myself to drag yer lazy butt into the ceremony.. Ultra Magnus sent me. Everybody's just waiting on you..."

    " They are? I mean...yeah, I was just headed out... Arcee and i were just talking..."

    " Talking? About what? I mean, Rodimus, you and i are best friends... there’s nothing you couldn't tell me, right? "

    " Of course bro !! It was nothing important, just small talk is all. Arcee came to get my lazy fender out as well, heh. C'mon, lets get outta here, we’re late... Arcee, you coming? "

    " Yeah Rodimus. Ill catch up with you and Springer shortly, I promised i'd pick up Daniel before the ceremony... I’ll be right behind you guys..."

    " Alright.. lets get going Springer. "

    "Sure, lets get. Oh, and Arcee? If there's ever anything you got on your shoulders, I'm also available to chat with... I'll see ya around. "

    As they leave, Arcee stands there briefly before leaving herself, thinking about what has just transpired. She heads towards the doorway, muttering below her breath...

    " Yeah Rodimus... Nothing important..."

    Springer and Rodimus head down the corridors towards the great hall, where the Cybertronian ceremony for the return of Optimus Prime is about to commence. Springer is the first to speak.

    " So buddy. Wanna tell me what was going on back there? "

    " I told ya Springer.. it was nothing really. Arcee was just wondering where I was, and then you walked in. That’s it."

    " Really? Hmmph. Well, whatever man. I just got one question for ya..."

    " yeah? what’s that? "

    " ... Just what the heck do I call you nowadays ? Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime ? "

    He looks up, and ponders a bit before responding. He thinks of Arcee, and her words echo in his mind. He understands.

    " ... It's just Rodimus now. "

    Chapter 2: " Reunion "


    Cybertron - Autobot City Grand Hall

    He can hear them beyond the curtain. They call his name. It feels good he thinks to himself, good to be back. To be amongst his friends and comrades once more. But then his thoughts turn elsewhere.


    He has heard of what had happened to him. How he became Galvatron, a more powerful, yet more maddening version of his former self - Thanks in part to his predecessor, Rodimus Prime. This is his day he thinks to himself, but he just cant shake the feeling that something bad will happen. If ever the Decepticons were to strike, it would surely be this day. It is his nature... he cannot stop thinking about the welfare of his people. Thankfully, he has companions to shake him out of his thoughts from time to time...

    " Earth to Prime, Earth to Prime.. anyone there? "

    " Bumble Bee... we are on Cybertron, not Earth."

    " Geez Optimus, I now that. Get a sense of humor. What’s buggin ya big guy? "

    " The Decepticons... I think they may attack today. It's what Megatron would do. "

    " Megatron? That guy is gone now Prime. The only guy you gotta worry about now is that loony, Galvatron."

    " Bumble Bee... We must still be as ever vigilant as possible with the Decepticons. I want a perimeter set up around the hall. Where’s Magnus? I want him leading the duty..."

    " Relax old timer, I'm right here. "

    Ultra Magnus walks in to room. He walks over, and puts his hand on his long time friends shoulder. He speaks.

    " Optimus. Don't worry. Its already been taken care of. Kup is leading the duty, along with Jazz, Blaster, Jetfire, Grimlock, and the other Dinobots. Today is your day. Enjoy it. Quit being the great leader we know you are, and just be,,, Optimus for a day, hmm? "

    "... You left the Dinobots in charge of perimeter duty? "

    " Prime !!! "

    " O.k, O.k., Ha!! Alright Magnus, you win for today. Lets just get this over with. You know how I am with ceremonies. I'd have been fine without one, but you kept insisting..."

    " I know. It seemed right. We always have one when a new Prime takes leadership. And now we'll have one for the return of a Prime. Besides, it wasn't all y idea. Bumble Bee here took on most of the planning..."

    Bumble Bee looks up at Magnus, and then Prime. He speaks.

    " Aw shucks guys, what, you trying to turn my paint red? I just got this yellow coating finished !!! "

    Prime looks at two of his greatest friends, and can't help but remember those that couldn't be here to share his moment with him. He lifts his fist up into the air, and speaks once more.

    " To old friends who couldn't be here with us... Prowl...Ironhide...Ratchet. If only they could've been here. So many lost in this ever raging war. When will it end Magnus? How many of our comrades will die before this is over? "

    " Ah Optimus. Were soldiers. We all new the risk. Today.. today, we just want to celebrate having you back. Hold on, I have a surprise for ya. I called in a favor, and had a special invitation sent out for ya. Bumble Bee took care of the transportation here as well. Come Bumble Bee, i need you to run over to Jazz and give him a message for me...I've also gotta get going, gotta find Rodimus if we're ever going to get this thing started."

    " You do? But I’m gonna miss the ceremony..."

    " Bumble Bee !! Get out of here now..."

    " But why? I just wanna...ooooooh, yeah, right. Gotcha Magnus. Leaving Now..."

    Optimus Prime watches as his two friends leave him. He speaks...

    " Where are you going? Where's Rodimus? Isn't the ceremony starting now?..."

    Then he hears the voice. It has been a long time since he has heard it. He is surprised as he is happy to hear it once more...

    " Optimus. I would think that Rodimus would be the last thing on your mind, or at least hope that I was at the top of your mind..."

    " Elita One !!! what are you doing here? I mean, * ahem * What a surprise. I'm... I'm Glad you came. "

    " Oh Optimus... I wouldn’t have missed this for the universe. I'm just so happy you're back. I was able to get away from my leadership duties. I left Chromia in charge and when I got the invitation from Magnus, I just..I had to..."

    No other words need be spoken, as Optimus takes her into his arms. The embrace speaks for itself.

    " It's good to see you to Ariel..."

    Chapter 3: " Darkness Falls "


    Ultra Magnus Hurries down the corridors with Bumble Bee in search of Rodimus. Rodimus is supposed to lead off the ceremonies with Optimus Induction speech, but he is nowhere to be found. Magnus is worried. He can only imagine how this whole experience has been for Rodimus. It has only been days Since the return of Optimus, and since then, he has not had much chance to talk with Rodimus Since the " Hate Plague" incident. Worry turns to ease, as he sees Springer down the hallway coming towards him; with Rodimus in tow. Magnus calls out to him.

    " Rodimus !! Where have you been? You're late... is everything o.k.? "

    " Everything’s fine Magnus. I'm sorry i was late... guess I lost track of the time. So, where is the big guy at? "

    " Optimus is waiting up ahead. Come, lets get this ceremony started. The cybertronians are getting antsy..."

    The four of them head back to the chambers where Optimus and Elita One await. Rodimus heads in first, and watches as Optimus and Elita embrace.

    "... * Ahem*... Sorry to interrupt Optimus... I can wait outside if you..."

    " No Rodimus, it's o.k. Come on in friend. I wanted to talk to you briefly before we head out. A moment Elita? "

    " Sure Optimus. I'll be right outside with Magnus and the others..."

    Elita walks out and leaves the two Autobot leaders to speak. At first, the initial silence is uncomfortable. Then Optimus breaks the silence...

    " Rodimus. We haven't had much time to talk much since the "hate plague" incident. I just wanted to tell you..."

    " Hey Optimus, it's o.k. I'm Fine. I'm just happy to see you back. We all are. Giving you back the matrix of leadership and the mantle it bears was something i was happy to do. I'm still here, and it's a privilege to serve by your side once again."

    Optimus puts his hand on Rodimus shoulder and speaks again.

    " Rodimus... I was going to tell you... I don't blame you for my "death". I know your heart, and I know you were trying to help. I also wanted to tell you... that I am proud of who you have become. Your tenure as Autobot commander left you with a high regard amongst your comrades. You need to know that. I'm proud to have you by my side soldier. "

    " Optimus, I... thank you sir. I don’t know what to say."

    " Don't say anything. Lets just get this over with. You look almost as uncomfortable with going out those curtains as I am...I take it you never got used to the ceremonious speeches either?"

    " Ha !! I never would've thought, you, Optimus... Ha. Magnus was right...I guess I did take a little bit after you... Yeah. Lets get this show Going. "

    The cheers outside continue, until the curtain opens, and Rodimus and Optimus Prime step through it. Behind them ,their companions Ultra Magnus, Bumble Bee, Springer, and Elita One. Below, Daniel Witwickey watches on the shoulders of his Autobot friend, Arcee.

    " Arcee, I see em !! Optimus, it's Daniel, down here !!! "

    His speech is drowned out by the deafening roar of cheering cybertronians. Finally, the roar settles, as Rodimus takes the podium, and speaks.

    " Fellow cybertronians, welcome. Today marks the beginning of a new era once more, as we welcome back into our midst, a great Autobot leader... and a great Cybertronian symbol. You know who this is. His very image inspires us all. People.. I give you, Autobot Commander - Optimus Prime !!! "

    The cheers grow once more. Optimus Prime takes the podium, and speaks.

    " Cybertronians...thank you. It is an honor and a privilege to stand before you. I am not a robot of many words, so ill just say them. I promise to continue to fight against the tyranny of the Decepticons, until the threat is finished. But most importantly, I promise to find a better way to help Cybertron flourish, and bring peacetime back to it. I owe a lot of thanks to my comrade here... and I want to take this time to applaud his tenure as Autobot commander in my stead. Thank you Rodimus Prime..."

    The crowd cheers once more as Rodimus looks on. He looks up towards Optimus, and Optimus Prime speaks to him...

    " Well done Rodimus, you've earned it. "

    Optimus looks on, and continues.

    " The war has come a long way since its incarnation here on Cybertron. It has affected many planets. Now... it affects a special planet that means a lot more than many of you think it may. Earth. The Energon that earth wields is enormous, and the planet remains crucial to Cybertron’s future. I didn't want to make this decision at this time, but here i feel the time is now. I..."

    Optimus looks over to his comrades below, and to his side. He finishes his sentence...

    "... There is a need for an Autobot presence on earth full time. The Decepticons have made there stand there, and I intend to stop them. I plan to take a part of the Autobot forces... and make a stand on earth. I.. I am leaving Cybertron indefinitely..."

    The crowd talks amongst themselves. What does this mean for Cybertron? Who will fight for their behalf? Lead them? Optimus Prime continues...

    " So I have made a decision. As leader of the Autobots, I have sought council with the ancestors within the matrix. I have decided that there will no longer be a Prime..."

    The crowd suddenly gets louder, voicing many concerns and worry. What is going on here... Optimus continues...

    " ...There will no longer be a Prime... but TWO of them. Yes. That’s right. The war has gotten larger, and while I may be away for awhile, never again will Cybertron be left without a Prime of its own to fight for them. We saw what happened the last time I left.. and I apologize for leaving the Autobots here for so long. Never again. The ancestors within the matrix helped me to make this decision, and they have also helped me to do something else... the impossible..."

    Optimus Prime opens his chest, and removes the Matrix of Leadership. It shines brightly, before being pulled apart... into two pieces !!!

    " The Matrix has been reformatted.. into two pieces. One shall remain with me. The other, shall remain with the other Prime... the Prime chosen by the ancestors themselves. He will remain here on Cybertron and fight on your behalf for peace."

    Rodimus Finally interrupts.

    " Optimus, what have you done? The matrix.. the power split into two? How? Who will house the other piece? "

    " Isn't it obvious friend? The ancestors... they chose you..."

    Optimus hands the Matrix piece over to Rodimus.

    " Please friend... take it. You Must."

    Rodimus stands there briefly, before doing what he knows is right. He takes the Matrix, and puts in back within the camber within his chest. He speaks.

    " I'm Honored. I will do my best..."

    " I know you will Rodimus... Rodimus Prime."

    Optimus and Rodimus Prime stand there as the crowd looks on, cheering the two primes. They Cheer until the skies above begin to darken. The starlight’s above dim, as a shadow commences down upon them. Daniel Witwickey looks up, and speaks.

    " Arcee... what is that? "

    " I don't know Daniel... I don't know..."

    The darkness comes down upon the grand hall, and stops before the podium... hovering before the two Primes. Suddenly, the dark cloud forms. The darkness around comes back into center, and the form of a black armored transformer is revealed... Golden energy beaming from his eyes. Finally, he speaks.

    " I am Legion. I am the harbinger of Nemesis. You and your kind have been deemed an abomination and must be eradicated, if my master is to be reunited with his brothers. But first...I must take from you the source. The Matrix. Give it to me. Give it to me, so that I may finally erase you all from existence..."

    His name is Legion... and he is the beginning of the end...

    Chapter Four: " A Time To Kill "


    Legion hovers there before all of Cybertron. He stands defiant before the two Autobot leaders, and speaks with a voice that utters the sound of death itself...

    " I've come for the Prime. Tell me where he is..."

    Optimus notices that Legion is unmarked.. There is no insignia. Is he Decepticon? where is he from? They stand there quiet before Bumble Bee speaks.

    " I'm the Prime. you want some of me? Come get some..."

    " Bumble Bee, what are you doing !!?? "

    Ultra Magnus's words are lost on Bumble Bees ears, as Legion looks down upon Bumble Bee and raises his fist. A golden glow of energy forms around it, as Bumble Bee is suddenly swallowed by the energy. Rodimus jumps into the fray to stop the assault.

    " Bumble Bee !!! Get off of him, I'm the Prime. you want a Prime? Take me.. take all of me !!! "

    Rodimus pushes Bumble Bee out of the assault, and tears into Legion guns blazing. Bumble falls into the arms of Ultra Magnus, as Magnus looks over the badly destroyed chest cavity of Bumble Bee. He speaks to him...

    " Hang in there little fella.. your going to be o.k. That .. that was brave Bee.. stupid, but brave... Springer !! Help me, I need you to get Bumble Bee to the nearest medic. I need to get Prime outta here...Go !!! "

    " Prime, which one? Your gonna need more help here if your gonna take that guy down..."

    " Just go Springer. I'm gonna get both Primes outta here. Besides, the cavalry’s just arrived..."

    Grimlock and the Dinobots enter the fray. Grimlock tackles Legion, and brings him down into the ground below, as the crowd scatters away form the fight. Optimus shouts his orders.

    " Magnus, we need everyone we've got, here at the grand hall now !! We don't know what we are dealing with here... this being is no Decepticon that I’ve ever heard of... Magnus, what are you doing? "

    " Optimus... you're too important.. you and Rodimus. We need to get you outta here to strategize our forces..."

    " No Magnus. My place is here, amongst my soldiers. Get Elita One out of here to safety. Grimlock needs me..."

    Rodimus Stares at the battle below, and back at Magnus. Jetfire, Blaster, and Jazz arrive Then He speaks.

    " You know Magnus, you should listen to Optimus. Take Elita to safety. And while your at it... take Optimus to..."

    Rodimus shoves Optimus into the arms of the four transformers, and shouts his orders.

    " Protect Optimus, go now !!!"

    Rodimus Jumps over the balcony and into the fight below, as Optimus struggles in the arms of his comrades and shouts at him...

    " Rodimus, nooooo !!!!!!! "

    Grimlock tears into Legion with a ferocity unseen before. Grimlock knows this battle is unlike any other he’s been in before. Legion... he is strong, powerful. For the first time, in a long time... Grimlock feels fear. His companions, the Dinobots share in the fight until Legion takes their leader Grimlock by the head, and hurls him into the air. Legion stands up and speaks.

    " Enough !!! "

    The rest of the Dinobots charge Legion, and suddenly he is no more. They look around frantically, until Legion finally appears behind the Dinobots swoop and snarl. But it is too late. The searing blades of golden energy appear out from their stomachs, and the blades pierce them from there back sides. Legion rips the blades upwards with a mighty thrust, until the two Dinobots fall apart, dead. Rodimus and the other two Dinobots stare in disbelief. Dinobot Slag responds.

    " brothers... you MURDERER !!! "

    " No Slag, Sludge, we take him together..."

    Rodimus words go unheard, as the two Dinobots charge legion one last time. Legion simply smirks as he disappears again. Only his words can be heard...

    " Fools. I am a master of time itself. I cannot be defeated. I cannot be undone by mere creations such as yourselves... if only your father loved you more... as mine has me. For he has bestowed upon me great power, while you were created weak. For this reason, you shall perish..."

    He appears once more, arrogantly standing in front of Slag. With lightning fast speed that goes unseen, Slag is torn to pieces, limb from limb. Sludge Is the final victim, as his head is severed by a seemingly gust of wind. Rodimus looks in horror and disbelief. Is he this fast? He thinks to himself... It was so fast it was unseen... how powerful is Legion? Rodimus looks around, and knows he is alone. The others will get away to safety he thinks to himself. It would be a noble sacrifice. He's got to give them more time. Then he thinks of his friends. Springer. Daniel.. Arcee? He finds it odd that she is the last thing on his mind as he prepares for the possibility of death... but no. He cannot think of that now. He is the Prime once more. He has a duty to the safety of those around him... and he will see this battle through. Rodimus opens his chest, and removes the Matrix of leadership... he speaks.

    " Legion this ends now. I am the true Prime you're looking for. If this is what you want.. then you can have it..."

    Rodimus Prime begins to open the matrix, and unleash its power. He knows what the matrix is capable of, and Attempts to use its power to undo the monstrosity that is Legion...

    " Now... Light our darkest hour !!!! "

    Legion is soon enveloped in the primal energies that spew from the Matrix. Legion feels pain... for the 1st time in his short life.

    " No..Nooo !! what is happening to me??? "

    Legion may well have been destroyed, had it not been for his brothers.


    They arrive at once, as Bastion shoots Rodimus in the back, dropping the matrix of leadership. Legion is badly injured. His brother Bastion picks him up, and speaks.

    " You are weak my brother. Our father wishes us home now. However.. we will arrive victorious ... with this..."

    Bastion picks up the matrix. Rodimus, injured on the ground; looks on and reaches out to it...

    " No.. the matrix... argh.. can't have it..."

    “ No? Who’s going to stop us? Certainly not you. You were supposed to be Primus's chosen one? Pathetic. Your Father doesn't love you... otherwise he wouldn't have made you so weak..."

    Bastion finishes his words as he raises his large cannon at Rodimus head.

    " We are leaving now. We've got what we need. But before we go, as tedious as killing you all might be at this moment in time... I’ll kill you now for the pleasure of it..."

    "Rodimus, get down !!!!!!!!! "

    The words come up from behind, as Kup runs in with the rest of the cavalry, guns blazing at the black shadowed warriors. Bastion looks on and smiles before speaking.

    " Hmmph. Pathetic. Foolish and pathetic. Are all cybertronians eager to die? Very well Prime. We will do this another time. I have no time for this now. But before I leave, I’ll give you something to remember me by..."

    Suddenly, the space around Kup begins to crush him. Kup screams in agony, as he is crushed inwards. Rodimus screams for his long time mentor...

    " Kup, nooooo!!!! "

    Bastion ceases his assault, and laughs before speaking.

    " Ha !! Come my brothers. Let us leave these weaklings to recover there dead. Let them fear us, as we give message of the coming doom.. NEMESIS comes for you now. Know this, know fear. Now...let us go to the Father..."

    With nothing more than the blink of an eye, they are gone. Rodimus gathers himself, and crawls to the fallen Kup, who is barely there.

    " Kup... you can't die... you can't..."

    " Erghh.. eh.. ah Hot Rod.. * cough * ... Rodimus.. it's my turn now. I'm an old time is done..."

    " No kup, its not.. we still need ya old timer... I still need you..."

    " Rodimus... we..we've been through a lot together you and I... and I’m glad i had the privilege of watching you mature... you're gonna make it... "

    " Why... you should've let him kill me..."

    " Rod..Rodimus... you look at me boy !!! I would have taken your place in death any other time. Don't you start second guessing yourself again. Enough of that. You are the Prime now. Act..act like it soldier...commander... Do me pro..proud son.. do me pr....* "

    Kup dies in Rodimus arms. Grimlock returns to the scene and lets out a loud shriek over the fallen bodies of his fellow Dinobots. Arcee arrives and falls beside Rodimus as she mourns over Kup. Finally, Optimus Prime and his comrades Springer, Ultra Magnus, and the others reach the aftermath of the scene. Rodimus looks up to Optimus while holding Kup, and speaks...

    " They... they killed them.. killed them all. He took the Matrix Prime.. it's gone. They were like animal shadows...they had no mercy..."

    Optimus surveys his surroundings once more, and responds.

    "... Then we will find them. And when we do... neither will we... show them mercy..."

    Chapter Five: " The War Within "


    Somewhere in space...

    He has been searching alone, for days.. weeks, aboard his starship. It was not long ago, that Optimus Prime released the Matrix's energy, as it washed over his "Hate Plague" infected body... body and soul. The madness that had consumed him has since been destroyed... only to be replaced by a new madness. The voice in his head. It speaks to him. He feels the constant struggle for control of his body, as he wars within his very own mind. It is the very reason he has sought out the one who may be able to restore his sanity. His name is Galvatron... but it wasn't always his name. Megatron. He was destroyed.. a shell of his former self, reformatted by the mighty Unicron. It is Unicron he seeks out now, his only hope to be whole once more. In his thoughts, the voice haunts him once more...

    " Galvatron... why do you keep fighting me? You will not escape me... I will not be denied !!! "

    " You again... get out of my head !!! I am Galvatron, no one threatens me and lives. I will find you, whoever you are, and I will make you pay for this invasion !!! "

    " Whoever I am? Come now Galvatron... you already know who I am..."

    Galvatron decides to ignore the voice for now, as his ship comes upon his destination. The head of Unicron, has finally been located. He docks and boards the sleeping giant, and continues to think to himself. What has happened to himself since the " Hate Plague" incident? What has Prime done to him? The matrix was supposed to " cure" him, but instead, he has been driven even more insane by the voice that haunts his soul. He ponders even deeper... Had the Matrix cured Galvatron on a deeper level? What does it mean to be cured of Unicron's reformatting? He focuses once more upon reaching the core of Unicron's head. He can see the neural processors, and notices that someone has been working on them. Galvatron draws his cannon, as he realizes that he is not alone...

    " Come out of the shadows... I know you are there.. show yourself. "

    " Come now old friend. Is that any way to treat an old comrade?..."

    The Familiar face steps out of the shadows, and reveals himself to his former comrade. Galvatron looks him over and points his cannon at him and speaks..."

    " Starscream. I've killed you before, and I'll do it again... Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blast you into oblivion right here and now..."

    Starscream doesn't budge as Galvatron makes his threats. Instead, he steps closer and smiles with confidence before responding.

    " You won't kill me dear old Galvatron. You see, I know why you're here. We want the same thing, and only I can help you achieve your goal..."

    " Oh? Tell me Starscream, what are you doing here, out here in the vastness of space... what have you been doing here !? "

    " Galvatron, isn't it obvious? I noticed you looking over Unicron’s neural connectors earlier. You know that It was me, who's been trying to get Unicron back online. Ever since you and the wretched Autobots sent Unicron and myself screaming into space, I have been trying to awaken the sleeping giant, so that together, we might avenge ourselves. When Unicron made my new body, i was content. But now I realize that he made you stronger, and if he could do that for you... he could do it for me..."

    Galvatron looks at Starscream once more, before lowering his cannon, laughing...

    " Ha...Hahahaha !!! Starscream you fool !! Last time Unicron saw you, you had betrayed him. What makes you think he would help the likes of you? "

    Starscream steps even closer before rashly responding.

    " Shut up Galvatron !! If memory serves me, I believe it was not long ago that you had betrayed him as well. I didn’t see you trying to help him as the Autobots successfully destroyed his neural connectors..."

    Galvatron Knocks Starscream to the ground, and hovers over his head with his cannon. Galvatron speaks.

    " Careful Starscream. The next words that come out of your mouth may be your last... Tell me, why would the mighty Galvatron even need help from someone as pitiful as you? "

    Starscream raises himself up from the ground, with Galvatron still raising his Cannon to his head. Starscream responds.

    " Because oh high and mighty Galvatron... it is I who has repaired Unicron’s neural connectors. All that is needed is a new Power Source... something that will help to kick start his resuscitation if you will. And when I find that power source... because of the work I’ve done, only I can make it work..."

    Galvatron lowers his weapon and Looks over Starscream once more before speaking.

    " Then today Starscream, you are in luck. Not only do you get to live... but you also get to attempt to keep your word. You see... I've brought with me the power source you may speak of. I carry Energon onboard my starship. A great amount. Perhaps this power source is sufficient to do what you say you can do...."

    Galvatron gets up close to Starscream’s face and raises his voice to him.

    " Come, get on my ship and bring the Energon here. Restore Unicron. If you fail me and waste my precious Energon, I will surely destroy you for good. You will NOT be coming back..."

    Starscream follows Galvatron to the ship hastily, and with no response. Together they begin their work. Time passes as they feed the Mainframe of Unicron with Energon. Soon, the neural connectors begin to spark. Life Begins to flow once more through the sleeping Giant.

    Unicron is once more.

    Galvatron and Starscream stand there in awe... and fear. Fear, because they both know that Unicron may desire vengeance upon their heads, for each of their betrayals. They know that only their intelligence and cunning can keep them alive. It is the gambit they have played. Unicron Finally utters his first words...

    " Who has awakened me ? Who has delivered Unicron from the grasp of oblivion? Step forward, and be rewarded..."

    Starscream is the first to speak, and hastily does so.

    " It was me Unicron, it was me !!! I repaired your neural connectors, I brought you back, not this betrayer here next to me. Reward me !! I demand a new and powerful body; so as to enact vengeance upon my enemies. A new body, just like you once made Megatron here into Galvatron. I demand a new body !!! "

    Unicron Roars in anger before responding to Starscream’s demands.

    " You dare !!?? You dare make this demand of Unicron !!?? Unicron shows mercy as he sees fit. No one makes demands of Unicron. !!

    Starscream cowers in fear, awaiting destruction at the hands of Unicron... but it does not come. Instead, Unicron speaks once more, this time more calmly.

    " Starscream. Unicron is not above pride, but I am also not below wrath. You will not be given a new body. You will live Starscream. you will live and keep your current body. That is your reward. Be content that I've chosen to to kill you yet. "

    Galvatron has heard enough, He speaks to his former master, using far more cunning than Starscream has. His cunning. It is why he has ruled the Decepticons this long. Galvatron speaks.

    " Oh high and mighty Unicron. It is I, Galvatron.. your former herald and servant. Yes, it is true. I have betrayed my master. But that was a long time ago. I have learned from my transgressions, and humbly come back to you now, asking for a second opportunity to show thee favor. You see, It was I that brought you back online. Without the Energon that i brought to you, we would not be having this conversation today. Oh high and mighty your servant mercy this day..."

    Unicron pauses for what seems like an eternity before finally responding to Galvatron’s words...

    " Galvatron. Do not mistake me for a fool. Do not waste my time with your false words of humbleness. Speak boldly now and claim your reward. What is it that you request of Unicron ? "

    " Mighty Unicron.. I wish to be cured of the madness that has befallen me. Your enemies, the Autobots.. the wretched Matrix of power that destroyed your body.. it has now destroyed my mind. Make me whole again, I beg of you..."

    Galvatron may have spoken more words, had he not been interrupted by the very madness he has spoken of...

    " No Unicron. It was my subliminal message to come here, that brought Galvatron to you. I am responsible for you're awakening. Restore me, and free me from the wretches of this mad mind. Free me from Galvatron !!! "

    Starscream stands there, listening to all that is going on, and shakes in fear once more. The voice that comes out from Galvatron’s mouth.. it is familiar to him, and he is afraid. Galvatron covers his mouth, shocked and helpless, as he is no longer able to control the maddening voice in his head. Galvatron screams...

    " You see Unicron? The madness... make it stop, take it away from me !!! "

    " Yes Unicron.. Free me, for I never betrayed you. I remain you faithful servant..."

    The two voices continue to bicker amongst themselves until Unicron finally understands. He ends it here and now with his voice.

    " SILENCE !!!" I will hear no more. Galvatron... you still reek of the stink of the Matrix. It has washed over you, and with that, something very unique has occurred. Apparently, whatever had been done to you; the matrix sought to " cure" you of the damages you had received to your body. The matrix saw my reformatting as one of the damages. But it could only do so much. Now.. now I understand what has happened. I have also made my decision. Neither one of you three will go unpunished this day. You will all receive your reward..."

    Starscream thinks to himself, confused... "All three" of them? But there is only two of them, isn't there? Soon, Unicron begins to envelop Galvatron in his energy. The reformatting has begun.. or has it? Galvatron screams.. no.. there are TWO screams? Then it happens. the " Madness is pulled from the very being of Galvatron. They, they fall to the floor, and all is quiet. Unicron speaks.

    " It is done. Now, you will.. all three of you...continue in my service; Do not give me reason to change my mind and seek to destroy you instead. you will never betray me again. So swears Unicron. Arise my three servants, and swear your allegiance to me !!! "

    Starscream Is in shock. Who does he fear more? Unicron, or the " Madness? " Starscream kneels and speaks.

    " Starscream pledges his loyalty to you oh mighty Unicron..."

    Galvatron is next. Looking over the "Madness" himself, he would just as likely blow it into oblivion with his cannon. His hatred of the " Madness" is great. But for now, he will bide his time. Galvatron speaks.

    " Mighty Unicron. Your servant Galvatron...pledges his loyalty to you..."

    Finally, the "Madness" rises up, and glances over to Galvatron and then Starscream. The "Madness" smirks, before responding to Unicron.

    " Unicron. You have my gratitude once more. You have freed me of my prison, and I am in the oblivion no more...."

    The "madness" stands before Galvatron defiant, peering into his eyes with anger, before speaking to Unicron once more.

    " MEGATRON pledges his loyalty to you..."


    Chapter 6: " Game of Deception "

    Earth - Decepticon Hideout...

    Death Valley, California. It is a barren wasteland of heat and dirt. It is not a place that attracts many residents. Perhaps, that is why the location was chosen as the new Decepticon headquarters on Earth. Underground, the Decepticons gather as they ready themselves for the crowning of a new leader. Galvatron has gone missing and the Decepticons have held their traditional gladiator tournament to declare their new leader. It was a hard fought battle, but the victor was foreseen by all.

    Menasor and Devastator would have likely won the tournament, had they not defeated each other with their vast power.
    Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet held their own, but in the end fell to the champion.
    Soundwave and the "Sweeps" had elected not to take place in the tournament, believing Galvatron would soon return.
    Cyclonus, and Scourge were surprisingly missing from the tournament...

    The victor used his superior intellect in the contest as always, as he watched the two Decepticon "combiners" defeat the 3 "seekers". He then watched as they turned on each other. After enough damage to themselves, he entered the fray, and finished them off, taking the crown for himself. It is not a new position for him, as he has lead the Decepticons for quite some time already... millions of years to be exact. He is Shockwave, and he is the new Decepticon commander.

    They all gather at the newly constructed throne. The crown is presented, as Shockwave enters the room , and takes his place amongst his fellow Decepticons. Upon being seated upon the throne, and being crowned, he waits just briefly before addressing the warriors before him...

    " Fellow Decepticons, it is my honor to once again lead you. Rest assured, our victory over the Autobots will come swiftly, and our conquest of Cybertron will come rapidly after. Once again, we will reign supreme, and no one will stand against us. This is our rightful place, and soon... I will take you there.. all of you. So says Shockwave !!! "

    The warriors cheer and celebrate the words of their new leader. The celebration would have continued, if not for the sudden opening of the blast doors behind them. As it rises up, Cyclonus and Scourge can be seen emerging from the doorway. Shockwave stands and addresses them...

    " How dare you interrupt my ceremony? Have you accepted that the mad Galvatron has finally lost his mind, and he is not returning? Have you come to pledge your allegiance to me?"

    Scourge and Cyclonus say nothing. Instead, a shadowy figure emerges from behind them, and his familiar voice can be heard.

    " Shockwave. You disappoint me... all of you have disappointed me. Have I been gone for so long that you have forgotten your place? Let me make an example here and now. Here Shockwave... let me remind you of your place !!! "

    A series of blast fire comes from the shadowy figure, and strikes Shockwave off of his pedal stool. The throne is destroyed, as his crown falls to the floor. Finally, the shadowy figure reveals himself, as he steps forward, stepping on the crown and smashing it beneath his foot. Raising his cannon over Shockwaves head, Galvatron Speaks...

    " Hmmm... now where have I done this before? Shockwave, I should kill you now, but as it is, I actually need your intellect intact. Get up you pitiful fool. I've come to gather my new army."

    Galvatron lowers his cannon, as Scourge and Cyclonus appear at his side. Quickly, the Decepticon "Sweeps" walk over to their brethren, as Galvatron is reunited with his original army. Galvatron continues to explain his plans...

    "Unicron has been awakened, and we have formed a new alliance with him. There is a new mission to be accomplished. My army is to return to earth, and ready the planet for Unicron. The Energon there will be the source of his power, and the planet itself will become his new organic body ,should his new plan succeed. The key is Vector Sigma, at the core of Cybertron. The Key to Vector Sigma is known to hold the power to turn organic matter into metal. Once the key is taken, Unicron will be whole once more, and have his own sustaining power source in the Energon that earth so richly produces. Other than that, the Autobot matrix of leadership is also to be destroyed..."

    Galvatron looks over to Menasor and finally down at Shockwave before speaking.

    " Menasor, are with me. together, with Scourge, Cyclonus, and the Sweeps, we should be more than able to accomplish our tasks on earth. "

    Thrust steps forward and speaks up first.

    " But Galvatron... what about the rest of us? Who will carry out the plans on Cybertron? "

    " ... Stay here Dirge. Someone else will come for you. My task remains on earth. My..."Brother" will carry out the plans on Cybertron..."

    Galvatron's Decepticon band readies themselves for departure. Soon, they are gone. As the Blast door shuts behind them, the remaining Decepticons are left to wonder about who is coming for them. They need not wait any longer, as the blast door opens once more. Starscream stands before them, before giving way to another familiar figure. Galvatron’s " brother " emerges to the surprise of the remaining Decepticons. Their leader is among them once more. He speaks.

    " I take it my other half has already come and taken his band to earth? Very well. Soundwave, my loyal comrade. Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet, my loyal warriors. Devastator, my mighty weapon. Come with me to Cybertron. Together, along with a few Insecticons and the traitorous wretch Starscream here... we crush Prime and his Autobots before ripping the matrix from his chest. The key to Vector Sigma will be ours, and Unicron will reward us greatly for this task..."

    The Decepticons gather around their leader returned, and proclaim in one mighty voice...

    " Our leader has returned to us... ALL HAIL MEGATRON !!! "


    Chapter 7: " Return of the King "


    It has been days since the Four Horsemen of " Nemesis " came to Cybertron and laid waste to the Autobots. Bumble Bee was severely injured, and the Dinobots were slaughtered, leaving Grimlock behind to enter into a severe depression as he mourns his fallen brothers. Rodimus Prime was nearly defeated as well, had it not been for the intervention of his long time mentor Kup, who was also killed in action. Taking the Matrix of leadership from Rodimus Prime, the horsemen left the Autobots to recover and plan their next move; unknowing that there are now actually two Matrixes...

    Optimus Prime walks into the infirmary where First Aid has been with the injured Bumble Bee since the horsemen incident. To his surprise, he finds First Aid alone, by an empty hospital bed. Optimus Prime speaks...

    " First Aid? Where's Bumble Bee? "

    " Ah, hello Optimus. Bumble Bee has recovered nicely. Against my orders, he apparently up and left to go and show off his new digs. We had to do massive surgery to save him, but his spark is a stubborn one. The little guy stuck it through, and even requested a few ideas for his new body and formatting. I guess he’s showing it off now with the other Autobots..."

    " First Aid.. I cannot thank you enough for saving Bumble Bee. Your finished work has not come at better time. Get the other Protectobots ready as well as yourself and meet me in the command center. Were going ahead with our initial plans, and were gonna need Defensor to be ready. "

    " Were ready whenever you need us Optimus. The Protectobots have also taken the deaths of the Dinobots hard, and were ready to avenge them at a moments notice. Speaking of which... Grimlock. No one has heard from him in days. Were all worried about him. How’s the big lug holding up?

    " Don't worry First Aid. I dispatched Ultra Magnus to find him as we speak. Well need Grimlock just as much if we are to succeed with the plans..."

    First Aid walks off to ready his comrades as Optimus Walks off to find another friend. Kup was an integral part of the Autobots. Mentor to many, nobody has taken his loss harder than Rodimus. Walking into his quarters, Optimus finds Rodimus and speaks to him...

    " Rodimus...the meetings about to begin. Are you sure your up to this? I know how hard its been for you since Kup..."

    Rodimus cuts him off mid sentence...

    " I'm fine Prime. Lets get this meeting started. I'm ready to move along with the plans we've laid out. About Kup... I know he'd want me to be strong.. continue what we started.. I'm ready Optimus. Kup is gone... but the cybertronians still need us..."

    " Rodimus. It's good to know we can still count on you. Well need you especially. Matrix or not, you are still the Prime we all depend on, and we'll get it back eventually. It's not over... The Horsemen will be found..."


    Ultra Magnus has been searching for Grimlock throughout Cybertron. Of all the places he would be, he never thought of the science lab. It's there that he finds Grimlock; holding and empty vile. Magnus notices the inscription on the open locker, and speaks to Grimlock...

    " Grimlock... is .. is that what i think it is? How, where did you get that? "

    ' ahem.... " I " had it stashed away in this locker.. just a little bit. I had to keep some of it. When Galvatron infused me with function-inverting anti-electrons, the super intelligence I inherited was an accident. When I lost it helping the Technobots, I always wondered if I'd ever need the intelligence again.. so I kept a bit for myself before the rest was destroyed. Knowing that soon we'll begin searching for the murderers, I needed to make sure I was at my best... I drank the rest of it... all of it. "

    Magnus stands there stunned at the words of Grimlock. His speech is different.. intelligent. The vile has already begun working in Grimlock. Magnus speaks...

    " Grimlock... as interesting as it is to see you way... I came to get you for the command center briefing. Were proceeding with our plans. I also came to see how you were holding up... everybody is taking the recent deaths rough, but you... how are you old friend? "

    Grimlock puts the vile down, and closes the locker. He turns and speaks to Magnus.

    " Grimlock is ready to destroy whoever is responsible for my friends deaths. Lead the way Magnus... no other words need be spoken..."

    " O.k. friend . I'll respect your wishes if you don't want to talk about it. There’s just one thing... How do you know if the effects are permanent? What if you lose the intellect? "

    " ... Just pray I find those murderers while it's still intact. There’s no telling what i'd do if I reverted back to my mindless ways... pray for them..."

    Autobot Command Center...

    They gather around, waiting to hear from Optimus and Rodimus Prime. Finally, they enter, and begin to lay out the plans. Optimus speaks first.

    " Autobots... the time for mourning has come and gone. The second Matrix of leadership has been taken from us. We must prepare to take it back, but we cannot ignore the responsibilities we have here on Cybertron as well on Earth and the humans who inhabit it. Therefore, as stated at the ceremony, we will be splitting up our forces among the two planets. Doing so will help us not only accomplish our goals for the two planets, but also cover more ground as the threat of the Decepticons still looms over both planets. The search for these horsemen is not over. We hope that clues to their whereabouts reveal themselves either here, or perhaps on Earth, as it has become the main source of our Energon. These beings will surely seek out Earth soon enough, and if they do, we need to be ready for them..."

    Rodimus speaks as Optimus finishes his sentence...

    " Optimus and I have come up with the two teams. Initially Optimus was to go to Earth with his team, but things have changed. I will be leading the team there now. Arcee, Springer, Blur, you're with me. Ultra Magnus, ill need you too. Aerialbots... I'll be needing the power of Superion as well. You're with me also. "

    Optimus finishes up with his command team.

    " While Rodimus and his team are on Earth, we will continue our work here, and begin our search for the horsemen. Hopefully, they will come back to us, and when they do, well be ready. Grimlock old friend, ill need you at my side. Jetfire, Jazz, and Blaster, you're also with me. Protectobots? I could use Defensor at my side should things get thick. Bumble Bee... you are of course, coming along for the ride. That will be it. Rodimus? Good luck on Earth..."

    Rodimus and his team board the transformer shuttle that is Sky-Lynx. After brief goodbyes, they are gone. Optimus begins to lay out further plans amongst his command officers when the alert sounds. Jetfire is the first to speak.

    " Optimus !! The alert is coming from Cybertron’s core... it's Vector Sigma !!! We have intruders !!! "

    Optimus shouts his orders with intensity...

    " Grimlock, take a team and head straight to Vector Sigma, hurry !! Jetfire, get outside. We need to get a visual of our adversaries... we don't know if its the horsemen or the Decepticons..."

    As Grimlock leaves with Bumble Bee and Jazz, the outer wall to the command tower is blasted open. Optimus and his fellow Autobots are hurled against the wall from the blast force. The dust settles, and the intruders reveal themselves to Optimus and his comrades. The familiar foe comes out of the opening in the outer wall with his companions in tow. The Decepticons are here, and they've brought a surprise. Optimus looks up and mutters below his voice in shock...

    " No... It cant be... MEGATRON..."

    Megatron glances over Optimus Prime, and speaks...

    " Hello Prime.. I've waited a long time for this...and I could only think of one phrase to say to you... One shall shall fall..."

    Megatron locks eyes with Optimus Prime, and the battle begins...


    Chapter 8: " Enemies Among Us "

    Optimus Prime stands before his long time foe, and pulls out his rifle, charging Megatron while shouting...

    " I don’t know how you did it ... but I know one thing is for sure... It's you and me Megatron !!! "

    Optimus takes a few shots from Megatron’s gun before being tackled out the shattered wall, and falling down to the next level below. The rest of the Decepticons begin their assault on the rest of the Autobots. Soundwave has had his foe picked since leaving the moon base. Blaster ducks from Soundwave's blast fire and opens his chest to unleash his miniature warriors;

    Grandslam, Raindance, Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Rewind and Eject.

    They lunge at Soundwave as he ejects his own set of miniature warriors;

    Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Rumble, and Frenzy

    The cassette tape warriors lock into battle, as Soundwave and Blaster continue theirs. Starscream opens fire on his one time friend, Jetfire. Jetfire transforms, and takes to the skies above. Starscream transforms, and hurls himself through the skies after him, blasting away at his target. Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust transform and follow suit; making the chances of Jetfire’s survival drastically minimal...

    This leaves behind two adversaries eager to finish off a long time feud. First Aid readies his fellow Protectobots, and speaks first...

    " Constructicons...we've handled you before, and well gladly do it again... Protectobots, transform !!! "

    The Protectobots begin to transform, merging together to form the powerful Defensor. The Constructicons follow suit, transforming and joining together to become the mighty Devastator. The two behemoths lock into battle, crashing and destroying the rest of the command tower, and taking their fight to the ground below. They clash with blows that send tremors throughout the surrounding area. Denfensor and Devastator continue to battle as their leaders; Megatron and Optimus Prime continue their age old battle not to far from them...

    Cybertron's Core...

    Meanwhile; oblivious to the battle raging above, Grimlock and his team arrive at the doors to Vector Sigma. The intruder was courageous enough to leave the door open. As Grimlock comes through, he raises his gun at the intruder; revealed to be the Decepticon Shockwave. Grimlock speaks.

    " Shockwave.. step away from Vector Sigma. I don't know what you're doing here, but you won't be leaving here with anything..."

    Shockwave turns and speaks.

    " Grimlock? Is that you? My, time does bring about change... Actually i believe i will be leaving... with this !! "

    Bumble Bee notices it first and speaks.

    " Grimlock, he's got the Key to Vector Sigma !!! "

    Bumble Bee readies himself to charge Shockwave, but instead prepares to turn around and fire, as he can hear the enemies coming from behind him. Jazz Shouts...

    " Bumble Bee, look out !! Insecticons behind you !!! "

    Jazz transforms into his vehicle, and charges the incoming Insecticons, running over 2 of them. He turns around for another pass before being overwhelmed by more Insecticons. Jazz shouts...

    " Damn these Insecticons and their cloning abilities, there everywhere. We're being overrun !!! "

    Grimlock intervenes, grabbing a few Insecticons off from Jazz, and smashing them to the ground. Grimlock draws his Energon sword, and shouts his orders...

    " Jazz, you and Bumble Bee, follow Shockwave and get that key !!! I'll handle these guys.. all of them..."

    Jazz and Bumble Bee don't argue, as they see the intensity in Grimlock’s eyes. They transform and follow pursuit of Shockwave. Jazz cannot help but notice Bumble Bee's new look, as he is no longer the bug he once was... but a new model Camaro instead. Jazz speaks to him.

    " Damn Bee !!! Nice ride. Maybe I should get myself beat up, maybe turn into a Ferrari or something... heh "

    Bumble Bee and Jazz drive through the passageway until coming up to Shockwave. Surprisingly, Shockwave will not be a threat. Jazz and Bumble Bee transform back into robot mode, and come to stand over the fallen Shockwave, who lays on the ground before them. The Key is not there. Jazz speaks first...

    " Shockwave !!?? What the hell happened here? Where the Key? "

    Suddenly, a chill runs up Jazz and Bumble Bee as they realize they are not alone. As a dark ghost appears behind them, they turn to the presence of the dark armored Horseman; " Endgame ".

    Jazz pulls out his gun as Bumble Bee readies his. Jazz radios Optimus Prime, but gets no response.

    " Prime, they're here, the horsemen are here !!! "

    Endgame grabs jazz by the neck, and smashes him into the nearby wall. Bumble Bee opens fire and shouts.

    " Get away from my friend !!! I still got a bone to pick with you and you're friends for what you did to me !!! "

    Bumble Bee charges valiantly, but to no avail. Endgame simply ducks his fire with accuracy, catching Bumble Bee by the neck as well. Endgame speaks with his deep low voice...

    " You are as pitiful as the last time my brother defeated you. You should be dead, and yet you still live. I'll have to rectify this situation myself now..."

    Bumble Bee closes his eyes as he waits for a destruction... that does not come. Endgame is suddenly thrown off of Bumble Bee. One of the greatest Autobot warriors has come to his aid. Grimlock is here, and he is ready for battle. Grimlock raises his Energon sword, as he speaks to Endgame...

    " You and your brothers have killed my Friends. You've killed my brothers. No more. Not another Autobot will be slain today... not by you. I am Grimlock... and I WILL make you pay...!!! "

    Grimlock charges Endgame with his Energon sword, as Endgame draws his own battle ax out. Their weapons clash, as Endgame begins to use the gift his creator bestowed upon him. Grimlock suddenly begins to feel the draining of his energy, as His sword begins to dim. The Energon is being sucked right out of him. Grimlock mutters...

    " What.. what are you doing to me... "

    Grimlock falls, weakened by Endgame. Grimlock attempts to reach for his gun, but Endgame steps on his hand before speaking to him.

    " You are a mighty warrior.. perhaps mightier than the rest. But you never stood a chance against a Horseman..."

    Endgame Raises his weapon, before being blindsided once again, this time by an unlikely ally. Shockwave reaches for the key as Endgame drops it. Finally, after grabbing the key to Vector Sigma, Shockwave speaks.

    " You should have finished me off when you had the chance stranger. Shockwave does not fall so easily. "

    More Insecticons arrive, and attack Endgame, as Shockwave makes his escape up to the planet above. Endgame makes easy work of the annoying Insecticons, and pursues Shockwave, Jazz and Bumble Bee gather themselves, and help Grimlock to his feet. Jazz speaks.

    " What the hell just happened? Why didn't Prime respond to the distress call? "

    Grimlock gathers himself together before responding.

    " Isn't it obvious? Shockwave most likely didn't show up alone. The Decepticons are here, and they're probably locked in combat with the Autobots as we speak. What they might not know is that we have a Horseman on the loose as well. C'mon... help me up there, I just need a little Energon refill..ugh... we gotta get up there and help them..."


    Jetfire takes enough damage from the four seeker Decepticon team of Starscream, Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet - before plummeting to the ground below. It takes all of his remaining efforts to make the best landing he can muster, barely clinging to life...

    Blaster and Soundwave continue their fight. Blaster has the upper edge, until Blaster is overcome by Soundwave’s Minions, as they have defeated Blasters cassette warriors...

    Devastator receives just enough damage to no longer stay in combined form. The Constructicons separate from each other, and continue to fight separately against the lingering Defensor. Soon, Defensor is forced to separate due to the lack of energy within, and the Protectobots separate, continuing to battle the Constructicons in their separated state...

    Optimus Prime and Megatron stay locked in deadly combat. Finally, Megatron catches Optimus with an accurate shot to the chest. Prime falls, and Megatron jumps on top of him, grabbing at his chest. Megatron shouts...

    " Fall damn you, fall !!! Give me the matrix, or i'll rip it out of your chest with my bare hands !!! "

    " N...Never..."

    Optimus reaches inwards with all the remaining Energon he can muster, and delivers a mighty blow similar to the one that destroyed Megatron not long ago. Megatron stumbles backwards in pain. He gropes his chest and arm. The two mighty leaders lock eyes once more before being covered by the great big shadow above them. They look up to the skies, as the darkness approaches. Soon, all the combatants come to a standstill as they peer into the coming blackness.

    Unicron has arrived...


    Chapter 9: " The Awakening "

    Unicron hovers over the planet of Cybertron with authority, even though he is no longer whole, but a shell of the power he once wielded. Since his defeat at the hands of the Cybertronian Autobots, he has been forced to exist without a body. For some time now, he has relished in his vengeance. He will have a new body. He will have his revenge on Cybertron. Once the planet was to be his new body. Now, seeing the value of his new power source that is Energon, he has set his eyes on the planet Earth. Now that his plans for a new body have changed, there will be no reason to salvage the planet Cybertron. It will be destroyed, and its inhabitants with it.

    As the cybertronians look upwards, they do not notice Shockwave emerging from the catacombs beneath the planet; nor do they notice what he has in his possession. The key to Vector Sigma. Shockwave stands in the open, and calls to Unicron above...

    " Mighty Unicron !! I have what you seek. The key is in my possession. "

    Shockwave holds the key up as Optimus Prime looks on. Optimus shouts,

    " Shockwave, no !! You must not give the key to vector sigma over to that monster. He'll destroy us all, we must band together and fight Unicron, there’s no other way to stop him !!! "

    Optimus heads towards Shockwave, and is blasted down from behind. Megatron shouts from behind him...

    " Fool !! You are a fool prime. No one turns their back on Megatron. Unicron will not be stopped. He will have his vengeance, and when he is done... so will I !!!

    Megatron leans in to finish off Prime. Optimus sweeps his leg, and Megatron is quickly on his back. Optimus gets to his feet and charges on top of Megatron, hands grasped firmly around his neck. Optimus speaks to Megatron...

    " Megatron, for once listen to reason !!! We can't fight the Decepticons and that monster in the sky... You cant believe that he won't kill you when he has had his vengeance. We must stand together !!! "

    " NEVER !!! "

    Megatron's scream is followed by a huge bodily blow that sends Optimus Prime flying off him, crashing to the grounds yards away. Megatron looks to Shockwave and shouts...

    " Do it now Shockwave, give him the key !!! "

    Shockwave throws the key upwards, as Starscream jumps up and grabs it, transforming into jet mode, and flying upwards towards Unicron. Jetfire; lying injured on the ground, can only look up helplessly, as he watches his one time friend betray the inhabitants of Cybertron, as Starscream hands over the key to Unicron. The key leaves Starscream’s hand, as it hovers into Unicron’s Mouth. Then, it is gone. Unicron's eyes glow green with energy. Then, The giant speaks in a thunderous voice...

    " Megatron, you're army has served me well. The key to vector sigma is mine, and with it, so will the planet Earth be my new body. There is one final task to be completed before I destroy this planet for good... where is the matrix of leadership? It must be destroyed..."

    Megatron looks upwards to Unicron, and speaks,

    " The matrix lies within the Autobot Optimus Prime, here beside me. I will gladly kill him now, and crush the matrix with my bare hands. But the planet Cybertron... it must not be destroyed. I am to be it's rightful emperor... You promised me a reward, give me this !!! "

    Unicron growls with a loud voice before responding...

    " You dare defy my will? The will of Unicron must come to pass. The destruction of Cybertron must occur for reasons unknown to you. Rest assured, you will be rewarded.. perhaps with another planet. But Cybertron... it must not be allowed to live..."

    Optimus Prime stands up as Megatron and Unicron speak. Jetfire lies closely besides him, also injured. Optimus Prime speaks to Jetfire...

    " Jetfire. Now, while they are distracted. Get the rest of the Autobots together.. I'll keep things handled here.. I need you to prepare as many cybertronians for evacuation... "

    Jetfire struggles to understand what Optimus is saying, and responds;

    " Evacuate Cybertron? Optimus, that’s nearly impossible.. we can't do that, and I’ll not leave you here do handle the Decepticons alone, as well as Unicron, that's insane !!!

    " That’s an order Jetfire !! As many cybertronians as we can save. Get to the shuttles, give the orders. Now, while the Decepticons are distracted.. there may not be another moment... we have to try an save as many as possible...

    " Optimus, I... o.k., I’ll try. But what about you? What are you going to do? "

    Optimus Prime opens up his chest cavity, revealing the Matrix of leadership within him. Optimus responds...

    " I'll think of something..."

    Jetfire struggles to get up, fighting past his injuries, and hurries off to begin the evacuations. Optimus Prime knows what happened last time Rodimus Prime used the matrix against Unicron. He holds it up to use it once more, and speaks.

    " Now... Light our dar..."

    He does not finish the sentence as the matrix is shot out of his hands. Optimus Prime looks up and is blindsided by yet another enemy. Falling to the ground yet again, Optimus Prime looks up at his new adversary. Megatron quickly turns around to come face to face with Optimus Prime's attacker. Endgame has arrived from beneath the catacombs. He bends over, and picks up the Matrix of leadership that Optimus Prime once wielded. Then, Endgame looks over to Megatron and speaks.

    " The matrix... there are two of them? My father will be most interested. You there, tell me where the Key to Vector Sigma is, and I may have pity upon you..."

    Megatron raises his rifle and begins to blast away at Endgame, as Megatron shouts...

    " No one threatens Megatron and lives to tell the tale !!! Megatron needs no pity... The Matrix... give it to me, or I will rip it out of your dead fingers !!! "

    Endgame dodges enough blast fire to get within range of Megatron, knocking the rifle from his hands. Soon, Megatron is enveloped in a strange energy as he begins to buckle and feel the draining of the Energon in his body. Endgame stands over him, and speaks.

    " Do you see now? Can you feel the energy flowing out of you, and into me? This is the gift that a true Father gives. I will not ask again. The key... where is it..."

    Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust swoop in to defend their leader, and are suddenly shot down from the skies. The rest of the Horsemen are here. The Autobot and Decepticon combatants all come to a standstill as they gaze upwards. Legion, Warfare, and Endgame hover above the battle field. They glance over the cybertronians, and then glance upwards before looking back at their brother Endgame. Bastion speaks.

    " Endgame, do you have what Father asked of you? The key.. get it now, so we may leave this place. Unicron is here... it is not the appointed time, we must hurry..."

    Endgame looks up and responds;

    " I do not have the key. Instead, I have found yet another matrix. Father will be pleased nonetheless. "

    Suddenly an alarm rings throughout all of Cybertron. The sound of an Evacuation alarm. It was used only once before.. the last time Unicron attacked Cybertron. Megatron takes the opportunity to kick the side of Endgame's leg during the distraction. Endgame falls, as Megatron grabs his wrist, and rips the matrix from his hand. Megatron shouts upwards to Unicron...

    " Unicron !!! We have given you the key to Vector Sigma. Now, I have the matrix you seek. Destroy these black clad warriors, and you shall finally have your vengeance... "

    Endgame looks up to his brothers and speaks...

    " Brothers !!! Unicron has the key. This is most unfortunate. We must take it from him, but we cannot destroy him. Quickly..."

    The Horsemen fly upwards as Unicron opens his mouth and roars...

    " Pitiful insects !!! You will not take anything from me, let alone destroy me... now, feel my wrath !!! "

    Unicron's eyes glow green once more as he shoots laser beams out at the incoming horsemen. They dodge them and continue rushing towards him. Megatron shouts his orders below..

    " Decepticons !!! Defend Unicron !!! "

    Starscream swoops down, and picks up Megatron. The rest of the Decepticons follow suit, and rise into the air towards the battle above. The Autobots remain on the ground below. Grimlock emerges from the catacombs with Bumble Bee and Jazz. Blaster helps Optimus Prime to his feet, and speaks,

    " Optimus, what do we do !? "

    Optimus Prime looks back at the entrance to the catacombs below, and speaks to Blaster.

    " Get with Jetfire. I want all of the Autobots to help with this planets evacuation. I've got something I need to do..."

    " But Optimus, the Key to Vector sigma.. the matrix.. they have it all, we have to do something..."

    " Blaster do what I say. They have the matrix.. but they don’t have the true key to vector sigma.. go now !!"

    Optimus disappears into the catacombs below. The Rest of the Autobots scramble to help with evacuations. Meanwhile, the battle above continues. The seekers get there first, blasting away at the Horsemen as well. Warfare turns and unleashes a great big energy sword. With a simple slash across the space in front of him, a mighty shockwave is sent towards the incoming seeker jets, hitting them ad sending them hurling away from the horsemen.

    Megatron transforms into his gun mode, as Starscream blast away with it. Bastion turns and meets Starscream head on. Bastion makes a motion with his hands, and suddenly, the space around Starscream begins to crush his hand. He lets out a loud scream...

    " AAArrrghhh !! My hand !!!"

    Megatron falls out of his hand, and transforms back into robot mode. He comes face to face with Bastion and holds out the matrix in his hand. As Bastion moves in closer, Megatron points his gun at the matrix. Megatron speaks...

    " Back away !!! You want the matrix? Come closer and I will destroy it now. Take your troops and leave this place. Tell whoever sent you that Unicron and his Decepticons are not to be confronted again. You will not take the key nor the matrix, but you may leave with your lives yet..."

    Bastion smiles and speaks...

    " Bold. Stupid, yet Bold. It is a wonder why your father would create such weak creatures, and create them without reason or logic. You saw what my power did to your comrade, yet you still defy me? No, we are leaving. We are leaving with the key, as well as the matrix..."

    Megatron blast the matrix, but to no avail. The matrix will not be destroyed so easily. Instead, Bastion crushes Megatron’s arm with the very space around it, and sends him hurling off into space, screaming...

    " Noooo !!! ... "

    Bastion opens up his chest and reveals the second matrix. He looks at the two of them before speaking to himself...

    " Interesting....."

    Bastion quickly places the second matrix within himself, and joins his brothers. Legion uses his gift, as he slows time and bypasses Unicron’s laser beams. Soon, he is inside Unicron...

    Meanwhile, Megatron hurls through space until being pick up by Soundwave. Astrotrain is here, along with the injured Starscream, and the rest of the seekers. Megatron makes the order to pick up the rest of the Decepticons, and retreat. Unicron is on his own...

    Below, the remaining shuttles can be seen leaving Cybertron as it continues the evacuations. Jetfire stands at one of the remaining shuttles, along with his fellow Autobots. He is amazed at how fast the evacuations have gone, let alone the sheer amount of cybertronians that were able to escape. He orders as much Energon to be stored on the shuttle before ordering the remaining Autobots aboard the "Ark 3" shuttle. Grimlock is the last to board. He looks at Jetfire, and speaks...

    " Where's Optimus? We can't leave without him..."

    Jetfire looks at his comrade, and speaks.

    " Optimus gave his orders. He wants us gone. If he can make it off planet, he'll do it. But as for us.. we do as he says. Don't worry Grimlock... well come back for him... he'll make it, I know he will. He's got a plan, and he'll find a way... he always has..."

    With that, the Ark 3 shuttle closes its doors, and leaves the planet. Inside Unicron, Legion drastically searches for the key, as he evades Unicron’s internal defenses. Soon, he comes upon the mainframe of Unicron. Wedged between the circuitry, is the key to vector sigma. Legion attempts to grab it until finally; Unicron has had enough. Soon, Legion is overwhelmed with a telepathic attack. Legion clenches his head, as he is sent spewing out of Unicron’s mouth. Unicron speaks.

    " Your power.. I have felt your mind... I have felt that energy signature before.. it can't be..."

    Unicron doesn't get to finish his thought. Unicron comes to a standstill with his battle against the four horsemen, as they stop to look at the planet below them. They can hear the rumbling. The loud sounds, the lights emanating from within...

    Then it begins...

    Cybertron twist and turns like a loud engine. soon, it comes apart, only to come back together again... this time taking a new form. The planet Cybertron now stands before Unicron and the Horsemen... in full armored Robot Mode. Unicron is the first to utter the name he hasn't spoken in a long time...

    " PRIMUS..."


    Chapter 10: " The Prophecy "

    Cybertron, Moments Earlier...

    Optimus Prime wanders the catacombs beneath Cybertron in haste. His friends are in danger above. He wonders how many cybertronians were able to get off planet. Unicron and the Horsemen are locked in battle, as well as the Decepticons. How could things have gone straight to hell, in so little time? With so much to worry about, he cannot think of any of these events. He knows there is only one person who will help him decide his next move. Someone who has guided him for a very long time. Right now... he needs his guidance more so than ever before. Upon reaching the chambers to vector sigma; the very heart of Cybertron, Optimus prime calls out the name of his long time mentor...

    " Alpha Trion !!! Where are you..."

    Optimus Prime draws his weapon at the sudden movement behind him. From out of the shadows, Alpha Trion emerges. The eldest living transformer stumbles out from behind the ancient computer that is vector sigma. Charged with guarding the key to vector sigma, it appears that Alpha Trion has failed. Alpha Trion takes two more steps, before falling down at Optimus Primes feet. Optimus puts his weapon down, and reaches over to his friend. Upon turning Alpha Trion over, he can see the damage that has been done to his chest. He is badly injured. Alpha Trion uses what strength he has left, and speaks...

    " Optimus... the key is gone. I..I have failed. The enemy that took the key took me by surprise. Cybertron has now been compromised..."

    Optimus Prime opens his chest and reveals his failure to Alpha Trion as well. Optimus speaks...

    " My friend, I have also failed as bearer of the matrix. Now both of the matrix of leaderships have been taken by the enemy. It is, however, an enemy I know nothing about. They are powerful... and they have the most powerful artifacts that Cybertron has ever birthed. As we speak, Unicron and these mysterious Horsemen engage in battle above Cybertron’s very orbit. Tell me Alpha Trion... is all hope truly lost? Is there truly no other way to combat this great threat? "

    " Optimus... I fear now is the time. There may be no other time left to tell you this. The prophecy I fear.. is coming to fruition..."

    " Prophecy? Tell me what this prophecy entails Alpha Trion.. will it help me bring victory to Cybertron? "

    " ...No my friend.. It is too late. No, It pains me to be the bearer of this sad news.. but if I am to end my existence this day, you must continue to bear the prophecy in you... for as it foretells the story of a great hope.. it also foretells the possible destruction of Cybertron as we know it... "

    " ..As we know it? Alpha Trion.. I don't understand..."

    " Bear with me Optimus.. listen well...

    In the beginning, There was Unicron and Primus. The two Brothers waged a war that lasted for an eternity. Finally, Primus created 13 sons to help him combat the threat of his brother Unicron. Primus also made a huge gambit, as he relinquished a portion of his power in his new creation, making him a little weaker in power. Where Unicron thought this would be Primus undoing, the 13 sons of Primus proved they're worth, as they finally, alongside primus, defeated the mighty Unicron, sending him into a black hole, where he would await his vengeance.

    The victory came with tragedy, as many of the 13 sons of primus were killed in battle. One ultimately betrayed Primus as well, siding with Unicron. It is unknown what happened to him, only that he was named " The Fallen" as a result. Of the surviving 13 sons, many were forgotten throughout the ages of time. Only one remains functional and remembered to this day. It is he who can help now. Only he can help you restore Primus to power. If you fail Optimus... Cybertron will be lost...If the spark of Primus extinguishes... so do we... "

    Optimus prime listens well to the story, but is still troubled. Optimus speaks...

    " What? Who is this Primus? Why would I have to help him? "

    " Because Optimus... Primus is Cybertron..."

    Optimus Prime staggers back with the revelation brought upon him. It is mush to take in. Alpha Trion continues to speak...

    " After Unicron’s defeat, Primus decided to mask himself from his brothers presence. He relinquished his power even further, and created many more sons.. the cybertronians. Primus eventually went into a deep slumber, fully masking his presence from Unicron. He became Cybertron. Even here now, where you stand, he is asleep. Vector Sigma is more than the mainframe of the planet Cybertron... it is the very heart of Primus himself. The key to vector sigma has many abilities. Most important was its ability to awaken Primus should the need arise. I believe that time has come. ..."

    " Alpha Trion... you mentioned a prophecy foretelling our doom. What has happened to make you believe that time is now? "

    " The prophecy entails Primus being attacked while he slumbers. He will lose a great deal of power, and become as vulnerable as he has ever been. With the matrix and the key gone, this much is true. He will arise only to be subdued by an unknown adversary. Powerless as he is, all hope will come down to one of his creations. They will come into the necessary power to overcome the great evil, and restore Primus to power. The great adversary, as well as our great hope, are both unknown... I pray that the last original son of Primus can help you. Go now Optimus, to the planet Nebulos. It is there.. that you will find him..."

    " Alpha Trion.. I won't leave you here to die.. you're badly injured..."

    " Go now Optimus. My time is done. I have but one task left. The key to Vector Sigma is gone, but there is another way to awaken Primus from his slumber. He must be given a fighting chance if we are to succeed. I will become one with vector Sigma, acting as a key. Primus will be awakened and you will go in search of the only being able to help us in our search for the " great hope ". You must go quickly... before it's to late !!! "

    Optimus struggles at the thought of leaving a dying comrade behind, but he knows that Alpha Trion is right. Optimus turns to leave. He looks back at Alpha Trion one last time, and then heads out to the planet above, in hopes of finding one last shuttle to evacuate the planet. Alpha Trion struggles to get near the mighty Vector Sigma computer mainframe. He stands and prepares to leap into the oblivion, becoming one with he network. He Looks up once more, and smiles as he speaks one last time...

    " Heh Heh... Don't worry Primus... they will both succeed. They have to. It's part of the prophecy... The Great Adversary will fall, and those two warriors will find the necessary power.. I believe in them..."

    And with that, Alpha Trion falls into Vector Prime, becoming one. The sudden release of primal energy sparks the entire room alive. Above, Optimus Prime makes it to a shuttle, and makes it off world, jettisoning into space among the rest of the evacuees. Finally, Cybertron begins to shudder. The battle above comes to a halt as Cybertron is suddenly transformed into it's true form. The form Of Primus...

    Which brings us back to now...

    The horsemen converse at the sight of the mighty Primus. They cannot continue this battle. Bastion speaks...

    " We cannot continue here.. Primus and Unicron's presence here is to soon. The father must know, we must return to him at once..."

    With that, they are gone, vanishing into the very fabric of space and time. With the cybertronians evacuated, this leaves only Unicron and Primus alone in each others presence. It has been to long since they have seen each other. The last time Unicron was here, Primus was attacked while he slumbered. His power was still enough to nearly destroy Unicron as the matrix was the living embodiment of Primus power. The matrix is no longer in his possession, nor is it in the possession of his chosen creation. For the first time, Primus is vulnerable. Unicron is the first to speak...

    " Primus. It appears your precious creations have left your side. While i am merely a head, you are merely a shell of your former self, giving away your power so foolishly. I still have all my power, body or not. Without your precious matrix, you cannot destroy me. I also have the key to your very heart. I would destroy it now, if I hadn't the need for its interesting abilities..."

    Primus doesn't respond. Instead, he reaches out with his hands and grabs Unicron by the sides of his head, bringing him closer, face to face. Unicron speaks again.

    " So.. you still think you have the better of me? Fool. I did not come here to face you unprepared. While your awakening is a surprise to me, I still planned ahead for your destruction..."

    Unicron unleashes a telepathic attack that forces Primus to let go of him. Then Unicron finishes his sentence...

    " I actually took a page from your book Brother.. I learned from you. You created a son empowered with the power of your matrix... and he nearly destroyed me. Guess what I did..."

    Unicron opens his mouth, and a black clad figure emerges. He opens his chest and reveals what looks like a replica of the matrix.. only slightly different. The Figure speaks...

    " Now... Envelop the light with your dark power !!! "

    Suddenly Primus is engulfed in a surge of painful energy. The energy is slowly working to destroy Primus once and for all. His scream is great, heard throughout the cosmos. Unicron gives the order to stop. Then he speaks...

    " Ah.. I would savor this moment. I will take my time, slowly destroying you. Primus, meet my new son.. my very first creation. I have endowed upon him a great portion of my power. The only thing he doesn't have is a will of his own.. only mine. Did that power look familiar? It should have. You used your matrix of light to nearly destroy me, I only saw it fit to create a Dark Matrix to destroy you. My son wields the Dark Matrix of power now. It will be your end..."

    The figure steps out closer towards Primus before Unicron speaks further...

    " Primus.. meet my new creation... Nemesis Prime !!! "


    Chapter 11: " Earthfall "

    Primus staggers back from the recent pain that was unleashed upon him by Unicron’s new herald, Nemesis Prime. The Dark Matrix is as powerful as his own Matrix of Light. Unicron gives his final orders as a weakened Primus looks on...

    " Nemesis Prime... Finish him !!! "

    Nemesis Prime begins to open the Dark Matrix again, but not before Primus uses the rest of his remaining energy to execute his escape plan. Primus engages one of his many abilities as he suddenly enters into hyperspace warp speed. It is a speedy escape, as Unicron is caught in surprise. Unicron shouts,

    " Nemesis, after him !! Do not come back until you have destroyed Primus, go !!!

    Unicron shares many of Primus abilities, as he has given a great portion of his mighty power to his one and only creation. Nemesis uses this power to follow Primus into hyperspace warp speed. Then, Unicron is left alone. He looks around before leaving for his next destination. Unicron speaks.

    " Now.. Earth. I will have my new body, and the Earth will be mine..."

    With that, Unicron begins to open up a black hole in space. It crackles with energy, as he enters the hole. It begins to dissipate after he vanishes within it, and soon it is gone, leaving behind no trace of all that has occurred here. Unicron, the Horsemen, The Autobots, The Decepticons, and all of Cybertron... are simply no longer here. Only the vast emptiness of space remains here now...

    Earth Orbit

    Rodimus Prime and crew arrive above Earth aboard the transformer shuttle Sky-Lynx. Neither Autobot aboard is aware of all that has transpired on Cybertron since they have left. They only know that the protection of Earth is their new mission. Rodimus Prime looks over the blue and green planet. It has been awhile since he has returned here. Rodimus looks over to Springer, and gives the order.

    " Alright Springer, input the coordinates into Sky-lynx's computer so that he can get us down to where we need to go..."

    Springer is halfway done with the coordinates when Sky-Lynx is suddenly hit with heavy blast fire. Inside, the shaken Autobots scramble to their feet. Rodimus shouts...

    " What was that, who's firing at us !!?? "

    Arcee looks out the side window and notices the enemy ship first. Arcee responds,

    " Rodimus, it's Galvatron, it's gotta be. The Decepticons are attacking us !! "

    Rodimus gets to the computer frame of Sky-Lynx and speaks,

    " Sky-Lynx old buddy, we need to get down and get down to Earth fast. Ultra Magnus? ..."

    Before Rodimus can finish his sentence, Magnus responds.

    " Already on it Rodimus !! "

    Magnus gets to the firing cannon pit inside Sky-Lynx and begins returning fire. Sky-Lynx opens his side doors, and the rest or the Autobot crew begin to open fire on the Decepticon ship. Soon, the Decepticon ship opens its slide doors, and The Sweeps begin to pour out, blasting away at Sky-Lynx. Blur speaks.

    " Rodimus, The Sweeps are headed right for us !! "

    One more perfect aimed shot hits Sky-Lynx and he begins to lose control. Sky-Lynx speaks through the control deck...

    " Rodimus ol' Chum, I'm going down !! Hold on tight lads, we're in for a bloody good landing !!! "

    Sky-Lynx closes his doors with the little bit of energy he has left. He has sustained much damage. As he enters into Earths orbit, he begins his free fall. Rodimus attempts his best to manually help steer Sky-Lynx with the control panel. It is just enough, as Sky-Lynx finally hits hard on the ground. He remains in one piece, but heavily damaged. Rodimus speaks first...

    " Everybody still alive? Sky-Lynx, how bad are you? "

    " It's not good ol' chum. I'm Bloody wasted as it is. I'll not be joinin' Ya any time soon. I need repairs as soon as I can..."

    Then they all hear the thunderous roar of the approaching Decepticon ship. Rodimus looks up and responds.

    " O.k. buddy, looks like we'll have to give you the time you're looking for. Autobots, take cover and defend Sky-Lynx !! "

    The Aerialbots transform and take to the skies. The incoming Sweeps meet them in aerial combat. Ultra Magnus stays aboard Sky-Lynx and uses the last of his available fire power. It is enough, as two well timed shots bring the Decepticon ship crashing down near them. The crash destroys the ship. Out of the smoke above, the Decepticons come flying down, with Galvatron at the helm being carried by Scourge. The Insecticons hit the ground and quickly transform into Menasor. Rodimus calls out to the Aerialbots...

    " Aerialbots, we need Superion !!! "

    With that, the Aerialbots abandon their encounters with the Sweeps, and begin to transform into the mighty Superion. He is met almost immediately by the rampaging Menasor as they begin to battle in the mountainous terrain around them. Galvatron swoops in on top of Rodimus Prime and tackles him to the ground ending up on top of him, hands around Rodimus Prime's neck. Galvatron speaks.

    " Rodimus... what are you doing here? "

    Rodimus pries a few fingers off of his neck and responds...

    " Uff..I...I was about to a..ask you the same thing Galvatron...arrgh !! "

    Rodimus quickly kicks him backwards over his head and stands up. Galvatron lands on his feet and turns to face Rodimus. Galvatron speaks first...

    " I don't know what you're doing so far away from home, but frankly I don't care !! The Earth is belongs to Unicron now, and I'm going to make sure you Autobots don't interfere with these plans !!! "

    " Wha??.. Unicron... coming here?? "

    Rodimus words fall on deaf ears as Galvatron opens fire upon him. Rodimus dodges the blast and returns fire. Meanwhile Ultra Magnus is met by Cyclonus in combat. He holds his own well until Scourge enters the fray. Blur heads over quickly to help out his Autobot comrade, but is intercepted by one of the sweeps. Blur tries his best to lure as many sweeps as he can away from the battle field with his amazing speed, shooting as many as he can and grabbing their attention.

    Springer also notices Magnus's troubles and rushes to his aid, tackling Scourge from behind. Springer speaks.

    " Two on One eh Scourgey? I thought the Decepticons had more gall than that..."

    Scourge doesn’t respond with words. Instead, he reaches for his blaster with his one free hand, and blast Springer off of him. Springer holds his side, and responds...

    " Ughn.. o.k... so that’s how it's gonna be eh Scourgey ? ...."

    Springer transforms into vehicle mode and drives right through Scourge knocking him into the air. Scourge comes down hard, as Springer is already upon him, transforming back into robot mode. They continue to tussle as Ultra Magnus continue his battle with Cyclonus.

    Meanwhile, Arcee attempts to help Rodimus with his battle against Galvatron. It is a valiant effort, but she only gets in the way. Galvatron punches Rodimus into the air and away from him as Arcee jumps in to give Rodimus time to recover. She blast away at Galvatron, but he is already aware of her presence before she evens comes into the fray. He quickly turns and dodges her fire, eventually getting close enough to knock her down to the ground. He picks her up and holds her from behind, his arm around her neck, and the other hand with a blaster pointed at her side. Rodimus gets up to see Galvatron using Arcee as a shield. Rodimus speaks.

    " Let her go Galvatron, this is between you and me !!! "

    Galvatron lets an evil smile come across his face. Galvatron speaks.

    " Haha..HAHAHA !!! Rodimus why would I do that when I could just blast her and then you into oblivion !!!??? "

    " Just don't... I swear, if you hurt her..."

    Galvatron looks at Rodimus and then to the squirming Arcee. Then he gets it. He can finally hurt Rodimus Prime more than he ever thought possible. He lets out a loud laugh before speaking...

    " ..HA !!! I get it... This one is special to you is she not Rodimus? Pity... you'll never know how it would have ended up...

    With that, Galvatron blast Arcee in the side. She falls to the ground as Rodimus runs to her and falls beside her, holding her in his arms. Galvatron stands over him, blaster to his head, and gloats over Rodimus...

    " Ha !! Love.. pathetic love. It is nothing but a mere weakness amongst you Autobots. Love for her.. love for all of these puny humans that inhabit this planet. It will be your downfall Rodimus..."

    Galvatron readies his killing shot, but does not get it off. Ultra Magnus; fresh off of defeating Cyclonus yards away, blast Galvatron from behind, and sends him to the ground away. Galvatron looks back and notices that Scourge is nearly defeated as well by Springer. He stands and gives the orders...

    " Curse you Magnus... Decepticons, retreat !!! "

    Menasor shoves Superion off of him, and runs to Galvatron’s aid, scooping him up with his hand. The sweeps disengage from tracking Blur, and fly back to pick up the injured Cyclonus. Scourge manages to get a little assistance from the remaining sweeps, and the Decepticons begin to take off into the distance. Springer runs after them before Ultra Magnus stops him, Springer speaks...

    " What are you doing Magnus !? They're getting away !! "

    Blur arrives next to Springer, and Ultra Magnus points them to the sight of a badly injured Arcee, in the arms of Rodimus Prime. Superion arrives beside Magnus, as Magnus speaks...

    " Let the Decepticons go for now.. well find them soon enough. Sly-Lynx and Arcee are badly injured... we need to get them to an Autobot base. There should be a few left functioning here on Earth. "

    Rodimus looks over the un-moving Arcee and speaks to her...

    " Arcee, don't die on me now, you've got to hold on... we're gonna get you to base and get you repaired. You can't die on me now.. we need you ..I need you..."

    Rodimus closes his eyes as clenches her tighter as he speaks once more...

    " Dammit... There's... There's so much I never told you..."

    Arcee opens her eyes briefly, and whispers...

    " I Never thought you cared... so much Hot Rod..."

    She drifts back off as her spark begins to leave her. Rodimus shouts...

    " Ultra Magnus !!! Help me.. We have to get her to repair... "

    Ultra Magnus puts his hand on Rodimus shoulder and speaks...

    " It's o.k. Rodimus.. she’s going to make it.. we all are. "

    Rodimus stands and makes the order.

    " Autobots...Transform and roll out. "

    Springer and Blur pick Arcee up, and head back to Sky-Lynx. The living ship transforms into his dinosaur mode with the last of his remaining Energon. The Autobots board him, and he begins his long trek across the mountainous plains to the nearest Autobot base...

    Nebulos, Orbit...

    Optimus Prime arrives in the orbit of the Planet Nebulos. He thinks to himself, how can he find the last surviving original Son of Primus? Alpha Trion told him to arrive at the planet Nebulos. Optimus has no specific coordinates. After a brief silence, his shuttle receives an incoming transmission. It is a set of coordinates. Optimus knows this is too much of a coincidence, and inputs the codes into the shuttle control board. The shuttle lands in a remote jungle spot on the planet. Optimus leaves the cockpit, and opens the door. Upon walking down the ramp way, he surveys his surroundings. Suddenly, the leaves rustle behind him as he draws his blaster and turns quickly to speak...

    " Who's there... show yourself..."

    The visitor steps forward and reveals himself to Optimus Prime, speaking.

    " Relax younger brother. I am no threat to you. I know why you've come... I could feel our father awakening.. he is in a lot of pain and distress... we must help him..."

    Optimus Prime lowers his blaster and speaks to the stranger...

    " Who are you? I've come looking for the last surviving original son of Primus...Alpha Trion sent me here to find him..."

    The stranger steps closer and responds to Optimus Prime...

    " Then you're search ends here. You have found me. I am the first and the last true son of Primus. I am... Vector Prime ... "


    Chapter 12: " The Ties That Bind "

    Space... Formerly Cybertron Orbit ...

    One lone Cybertronian shuttle returns to the empty place in space that once housed the planet Cybertron. Onboard, the mighty Autobot warriors double check the coordinates to make sure they've returned to the right place. The coordinates show true, and they are left to wonder what occurred here. The answer is obvious to them, or so they believe. Jetfire is the first to speak.

    " Unicron... he finally did it. He destroyed Cybertron. I.. I cant believe it. It cant be true..."

    Grimlock looks out the space shuttle window as well and responds...

    " Believe it Jetfire. Cybertron is gone. What we don't know is what happened to Unicron or the Horsemen... Last I saw, they were engaged in battle themselves. My hope is the Horsemen got the better of that fight... I still owe those bastards..."

    Bumble Bee listens to Grimlock and can take no more. Bumble Bee interjects...

    " Dammit Grimlock !!! I'm sick of hearing about your quest for vengeance. The Horsemen killed a lot of our friends. We all want justice... But all you ever talk about...since you got smarter somehow, all that’s on your mind is your own personal vengeance... what about using that new big brain of yours to help US out now? For all we know, Optimus Prime is dead, in case anyone hasn't thought about him yet. We have no direction... tell me mister intellectual, what are we gonna do now huh !!?? "

    Grimlock turns and slams Bumble Bee up against the wall of the shuttle before responding...

    " Well well, look who's gotten a new sense of courage ever since he got his butt handed to him by one of those Horsemen. You think cause you got yourself a new look that you can speak to me like that? I'll tear out your spark if I ever here you talk about the Dinobots like they meant nothing..."

    Jetfire and Jazz intervene, breaking apart Grimlock and Bumble Bee. Jetfire speaks.

    " Guys, this isn’t the time for that. Were all just a little bit on nerve at the moment.. We need to pull together like never before. We have Cybertronians spread out all over the galaxy. Who knows where everyone has gone. Bumble Bee is right. Optimus Prime is no where to be found. And Grimlock... Not a single one of us doesn't want another piece of those Horsemen... But right now, we need to strategize.. The Horsemen, Unicron.. even the damn Decepticons... so much has happened..."

    Jazz looks up at his two comrades. He looks at Bumble Bee and Grimlock, and speaks to them...

    " Guys... I can't see you two fight.. I can't. For all we know, we are all we have left... It's like Jetfire said... we have to pull together if we are gonna make it here.. With or without Optimus Prime..."

    Grimlock looks at Bumble Bee and simply grumbles to himself, before walking back to the cockpit of the ship. Bumble Bee looks the other way, and walks to the back of the ship. Jazz continues...

    " Guys... I don't know about you, but along with everything that has occurred, I can't help but think about the return of Megatron... I thought he was turned into Galvatron? How can that be? "

    Cliff Jumper emerges from the cock pit and responds.

    " I don't know, but I still remember what Megatron did to Prowl, Ironhide, and Ratchet. Grimlock isn't the only one with revenge on his mind..."

    Grimlock looks back from the cockpit and speaks.

    " Maybe Cliff Jumper is on to something.. this is war people.. and the war just got bigger.. and deadlier. Our enemies keep growing. We have so many to deal with now.. it's time to fight more vigilantly... we have to finish off the Decepticons.. once and for all. Then, we finish off those Horsemen, if they still live. Optimus Prime is dead. Both Matrix of leaderships are gone. Follow Grimlock and I'll lead the Autobots to victory.. final victory...

    Jetfire listens to Grimlock with shock. Cliff Jumper agrees to follow Grimlock's lead, followed by Jazz shortly. Jetfire speaks.

    " I can't believe I’m hearing this... this isn't the Autobot way.. Optimus would never have gone with this..."

    Grimlock walks back and stands face to face with Jetfire, before responding...

    " Optimus Prime isn't here is he Jetfire..."

    There is a brief uneasy silence. Then, Blaster emerges from the back with an incoming transmission. Blaster speaks...

    " Guys.. Optimus may be gone... But I’m getting an incoming transmission from Rodimus Prime right now, so we better all listen up..."

    Blaster transforms into his boom box radio form, and begins the playback...

    " ....This is Rodimus Prime. Blaster, I hope you're getting this transmission. I need you to get word to Optimus Prime that things haven’t gone so great since our arrival. We've sustained heavy injuries on our side... Galvatron and his Decepticons are here, and we're gonna need more reinforcements. Send as many as you can spare Optimus... Galvatron stated he was here on behalf of Unicron. We were not prepared to take on the likes of Unicron here on Earth. I'll be needing those reinforcements soon. I hope everything is going well on Cybertron. Rodimus out..."

    They all take a moment to take in all that Rodimus spoke of in the transmission. They think to themselves.. How can Megatron and his Decepticons have attacked Cybertron mere moments ago... yet Galvatron and his Decepticons be on Earth at the same time? And Unicron... he was just here.. he destroyed Cybertron... is Earth next? Jetfire speaks...

    " I don't know what you are thinking about right now guys.. but our brothers are in need of our help right now. I vote we head back to Earth right now. We can't let Unicron do to Earth what he just did to Cybertron. I know you want to hunt down those killers Grimlock.. but you have to let that go for now.. Rodimus and the others.. they need us.. they need you big guy..."

    Grimlock looks down before finally responding...

    "...Alright. I'll go. I just want to see what the hell is up with this whole Megatron and Galvatron business. But rest assured one thing... when Grimlock finds them... Grimlock will be sure to end their threat finally.. once and for all..."

    Jazz speaks.

    " ...O.k. then, it's decided. We go to Earth..."

    After punching in the coordinates, the Autobot shuttle leaves Cybertron orbit... perhaps for the last time...

    Meanwhile... Back on Earth; Somewhere in California, underground...

    Rodimus Prime sits beside the stasis tube that houses Arcee. He can only continue to think about how things could have been. If only he had gotten up sooner... if only he had taken out Galvatron sooner, Arcee would be o.k. He hopes she makes it through. There’s so much he wants to tell her. Just as he thinks these thoughts, Springer walks into the room. Springer looks at Rodimus and speaks...

    " Oh.. I didn't know you were here.. I can go Rodimus, come back later..."

    " No no, it's o.k, I just wanted to see how she was doing.. I was just leaving anyways..."

    " Yeah.. maybe you could check up on Sky-Lynx or something, you know... he was also injured..."

    Rodimus looks up at Springer’s words shocked. He responds...

    " What? Where the hell did that come from Springer? "

    " What? I was just thinking since your the leader and all, you should be checking in with all of us, not just Arcee here..."

    " O.k., that’s it. What’s your problem Springer... spill it out right here, right now... "

    " What’s my problem? O.k, alright, I’ll tell you what my problem is.. you are Rodimus. You have it all. Always have to have the spot light. The matrix chose you, hey o.k. No problem. You're The Prime now, and I’ll follow you till the day I die. But it wasn't enough was it? You had to go and have more.. "

    " Springer, where’s all this coming from? You my friend.. my best friend.. I don't understand..."

    " Dammit Rodimus, I thought it was obvious by now. I see the way Arcee looks at you, the way you look at her. I would have thought by now you would have known the way I feel about her.. but no. Now you had to go and take her to. Poor old Springer gets nothing, and good ol' Rodimus Prime gets it all..."

    " Springer, you're being childish, This isn't you..."

    " No Rodimus, this is me.. I'm tired of holding it all in. Arcee is something special to me, and I can't stand it that my supposed best friend is trying to take her from me. I...I..”

    Springer looks down before finishing his sentence…

    “ …I'm gonna go check in with Sky-Lynx.. see how he's doing.. I'll see you around Rodimus..."

    Springer turns and leaves. Rodimus is left to take in all that his friend has just said. Suddenly, the stasis tube sensor begins to go off, and the tube doors open. Arcee comes tumbling out, and into the arms of Rodimus. She looks up at him, and speaks.

    " Hey handsome, looks like I’m all better now. Did I miss anything? "

    Rodimus smiles. Something he hasn't done in a long while. He attempts to respond, but once again, he is interrupted by his duties. Blur walks in, and speaks.

    " Rodimus, oh there you are. I've been looking all over for you. Ultra Magnus says Galvatron has been spotted over Alcatraz Island. Should we move into intercept them?"

    " ...Yes.. we should Blur. I'll be right there. Get the others to the control room. We mobilize in 5 minutes..."

    Blur turns to leave as Arcee stands up and speaks...

    " There’s always something that gets in the way between us isn't there Rodimus..."

    " I swear Arcee.. when this is all over.. me and you are going to have a long talk. I.. I just can't do this now... But I’m glad your o.k. Maybe you should stay here and rest..

    " And let you take all the glory? No way hot shot, I’m good to go..."

    " Good.. I’ll see you in the control room then I guess... take your time getting ready, we'll wait for you."

    Rodimus turns and exits the room, leaving Arcee behind to speak to herself...

    " Later huh? Oh Rodimus.. what if there is no later..."

    Meanwhile, somewhere on the planet Nebulos...

    Optimus Prime tells Vector Prime of the recent events that have transpired. He tell him that he was sent here by Alpha Trion to find help, and that Vector Prime would show him what to do next. Optimus tells of how both Matrixes are now gone. Vector Prime reassures Optimus Prime...

    " Optimus... I have heard the telepathic cry for help of Primus. Indeed, this is his darkest hour. However, not all hope is lost. It is true, the other 12 original heralds of Primus are now gone, dead or lost to the ravages of time. When each of us was created, we each had our own matrix of power. When a herald died, their spark would flow throughout the rest of us. Soon, I became the last survivor, and I received the last remnants of my brothers sparks. When Unicron finally fell, Primus and I decided to go into hiding, so that should Unicron awaken, he would not find us. Primus went into a deep slumber, and created all of you in the process. I on the other hand had developed so much power, I feared what I would become... a herald without a purpose. A dangerous being if there ever was one. I remained in contact with the elders of Cybertron throughout the years, and now the time has finally come. I am a herald with a purpose again... we must protect Primus. "

    Vector Prime opens his chest and reveals his Matrix. Vector Prime speaks.

    " You see Optimus, the power of Primus still flows through me. Not all hope is lost. "

    Vector Prime closes his chest and continues to speak.

    " I will go to Primus, and help him. You on the other hand must return to your warriors. I’m also sense they are in great danger. Unicron is not far from them... Earth. Unicron is headed there now. Go, and ready your warriors. Take this.. "

    Vector Prime gives Optimus an orb of blue energy. Vector Prime continues...

    " I once had a need for it, but no longer. It is a unique spark of power. A gift, bestowed upon me and my brothers from Primus. When the time comes... you will know what to do with it..."

    Optimus takes the orb and speaks.

    " That’s it? This orb will help me defeat Unicron? What about the Horsemen, and the master they serve? "

    " ...Leave that to me Optimus... You must destroy Unicron. I will save Primus and defeat the new heralds you speak of. We all have our part in this battle. this is mine. You have yours. Go with the orb little brother. We will meet again..."

    Before Optimus has another chance to speak, Vector Prime opens a portal through the space behind him and vanishes through it. Optimus is left to ponder what just transpired here. Eventually, he enters his shuttle, and heads for Earth...

    Somewhere in deep space...

    Primus floats in the vast emptiness of space. He needs to rest, and heal. He is badly injured from the energies of Unicron's Dark Matrix. He floats for a time before a portal opens up in front of him... a large portal. Primus barely has the energy to look up at the stranger steeping through the portal. The stranger speaks...

    " Ah... there you are little brother. Look at you, so weak. This fight between you and Unicron must end. I will see that this happens. For now, let me help you..."

    The Dark Giant grabs hold of the weakened Primus, and puts him through the portal. Then, before stepping back through himself, he speaks...

    " I will see to it that you're true power is returned to you Primus. There is only one way to do this, and I will do what you cannot. You must take back the many sparks you have spread out over all your creations. I will destroy them all for you, and you will revert back to your true form. Then, I will help Unicron find a new body. Then, and only then, will we finally take our true place in this universe as united brothers. This will all soon come to pass.. so swears NEMESIS..."


    Chapter 13: " Battlefield Earth "


    Alcatraz - San Francisco, California. It was home to some of the most notorious criminals of our past. Now, it is nothing but an empty tourist attraction, filled with empty jail cells... or so we've thought...

    Beneath the giant rock of an island is a massive source of Energon, the energy source the transformers have come to depend on. Unfortunately for us, the Decepticons have found it first. While their goal remains ultimately unknown to the Autobots, they know the Decepticons must be stopped at all cost. It has been awhile, but now; Alcatraz is once again filled with the most dangerous criminals of our time... Earths most dangerous enemies...

    Galvatron and his Decepticon crew continue loading the newly discovered Energon into their ship when suddenly, a thunderous roar is heard overhead. Astrotrain comes in fast, as he finally hovers and lands in the nearby prison yard. Emerging from Astrotrain’s hull are the rest of the Decepticons; along with their leader returned... Megatron. Galvatron turns his full attention to Megatron as they lock eyes. Standing inches from each other’s faces, Galvatron speaks first...

    " What are you doing here Megatron? You're a little far away from Cybertron. I take it you failed ? "

    Megatron grimaces slightly before responding...

    " Galvatron, I only came here to make sure you didn't fail on your end. Unicron has Cybertron taken care of. I took care of Optimus Prime and his Matrix..."

    " Something tells me your lying Megatron... you forget I know you all to well. Sharing the same mind has that effect..."

    " Quiet Galvatron. I came here to finish the Autobot threat here on earth, but if I must, I will happily finish you off as well pretender !! "

    " Well then Megatron, why don't I make it easy for the both of us..."

    Galvatron raises his arm cannon to Megatron's face as Megatron draws his blaster to Galvatron's at the same time. They stand there in a stalemate until Soundwave intervenes...

    " Lord Megatron, Mighty Galvatron... the Autobots are approaching, led by Rodimus Prime. Laserbeak has spotted them coming in from across the bridge... what are your orders? "

    Megatron takes the initiative to respond first...

    " Starscream, Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust; intercept them at the bridge..."

    Galvatron finishes the orders...

    " Cyclonus, Scourge; go with them..."

    The six flying transformers take off and head to the bridge. Starscream finds it interesting that the six Decepticons are together again... he wonders if somewhere inside Scourge and Cyclonus, if his old friends Thundercracker and Skywarp are still in there somewhere. If they are, he hatches a plan inside his mind on a way to bring them back. If Unicron did it for Megatron... he can do it with his friends as well... that is if Unicron survived the attack of the Horsemen back at Cybertron...

    The Autobots are halfway across when Ultra Magnus spots them. This is bad. There are still many cars on the bridge with many innocent civilians. Rodimus has no choice but to give the order to engage the enemy here and now...

    " Autobots, attack !!! "

    The Autobots transform into robot mode and begin blasting away at the incoming deceptions. Springer transforms into helicopter mode and shouts to Rodimus...

    " Rodimus !! I'm going up, I can take a one or two of them with me, and away from the civilians !!! "

    " Don't try to be a hero Springer, there's to many of ‘em, they're faster than you !!! "

    " To late, my mind is made up..."

    Springer takes to the skies as Cyclonus and Scourge follow suit. Starscream leads the rest of the seekers to the bridge as fly overhead blasting at Autobot and civilian alike. Cars erupt in flames as Rodimus finally jumps up and grabs Dirge by the wing and slams him down to the ground below. Dirge transforms into robot mode and begins throwing punches at the incoming Rodimus Prime. Thrust scoops down for the assist, but is met by Arcee and Blur, who immediately begin blasting away at the Decepticon.

    Finally, Ramjet and Starscream fly over and land a few well timed shots at Ultra Magnus, causing him to jump out of the way and over the side of the bridge, hanging onto the cables that hold it up. Starscream knows this is it for Magnus as he swoops in for the kill. Starscream can't help but to gloat...

    " Ha !! Who would have thought that I, the mighty Starscream would have had the privilege of destroying the legendary Ultra Magnus... hahaha !!!"

    Starscream never makes the shot, as the newly repaired Sky-Lynx swoops down and lays down cover fire for Magnus, allowing him the time to pull himself back onto the bridge. Sky-Lynx lays down more cover fire, until Astrotrain swoops in to do the same for the Decepticons. Megatron, Galvatron, and the rest of the Decepticons drop down from Astrotrain’s hull and onto the bridge. Finally, Astrotrain locks up with Sky-Lynx in the skies above.

    Rodimus and the rest of the Autobots pull back and regroup at the center. Finally, Springer comes crashing down at Rodimus Prime's feet. Springer looks up as Cyclonus and Scourge regroup themselves with the rest of the Decepticons, who have now managed to encircle the small remnant of Autobots. Springer speaks to Rodimus...

    " Damn... well, so much for playing the hero..."

    " It's o.k. Springer... we've been in bigger scraps than this... well get out of this one.... "

    Blur looks around at the encroaching Decepticons that surround them and speaks..

    " Whatarewegonnado !!?? Whatare wegonna do !! ?? "

    " Hold it together Blur !! " Ultra Magnus shouts.

    The ten Decepticons continue to move in closer around the five Autobots. Megatron speaks...

    " Rodimus Prime is it? I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting yet. Pity I'll never know how well you measure up to Optimus Prime in battle... seeing as this is it for you. If it's any consolation... You won't be the first Prime I’ve ever killed..."

    Galvatron raises his cannon at Rodimus and speaks...

    " What was it you said to me back inside Unicron years ago? Oh yes... Now I remember..." This is the end of the road Rodimus Prime..."

    Somewhere in deep space...

    Vector Prime has been following the trail of his creator Primus for some time now. As he crosses this sector of space, the trail goes cold.
    He thinks to himself... " Where have you gone Primus? Have you disappeared into thin air? I still feel your presence faintly.. you cannot have been destroyed...

    Vector Prime does not have enough time to finish his thought as he suddenly realizes he is not alone. Someone else has been on the trail of Primus. Vector Prime dodges the first blast of fire, turning around to return a volley of his own. Then, he comes face to face with his enemy. Vector Prime shouts...

    " Who are you, and why do you attack me ?! "

    " I am Nemesis Prime, and I am the herald of Unicron. I have come for the head of Primus, but you have his stink all over you... I will destroy you as well ... "

    " You will try..."

    Vector Prime and Nemesis Prime charge each other. Vector Prime draws a great big battle sword as Nemesis does the same. The two mammoth swords clash as a huge wave of energy is disbursed around them. They continue to parry until Nemesis Prime catches Vector Prime on the arm. Vector Prime does not let up as he continues his assault, finishing a slicing attack of his own; catching Nemesis Prime on his leg.

    The two mighty heralds step back and prepare their next maneuvers. They appear to think alike, as Vector Prime teleports behind Nemesis Prime. Nemesis Prime simply teleports and appears to the side of Vector Prime, as he quickly dodges a brushing swipe of the sword. Vector Prime speaks...

    " So.. You have great power as well... perhaps you are the true herald of Unicron. You posses similar powers to me.. but do you posses them all?! "

    Vector Prime lashes out with a great beam of energy. Nemesis Prime simply blocks it with his Sword and absorbs it. Then, Nemesis Prime lashes out with a telepathic attack that strikes Vector Prime backwards. Vector Prime recovers quickly, as he transforms into a golden spacecraft and flies through space, attempting to maneuver behind Nemesis Prime while blasting away at him. Nemesis follows suit, as he transforms into a dark spaceship and counter maneuvers. They return each others fire as they race through the space ways. They seem to be evenly matched. It continues until suddenly, there is a blast of energy that knocks them both backwards. They transform back into robot mode and look up.

    The Four Horsemen are here.

    They stare at each other for a lengthy period of time. It has been awhile since such a gathering of power has happened. The six Heralds continue to stare until Bastion breaks the silence...

    " At last my cousins, we meet. This is what we were created for, and know that we were created more powerful than the both of you. Your demise cannot be stopped. Our father has deemed that you both be destroyed, so that your creators will have their power restored unto them. You both wield the last remaining matrixes. The dark matrix, and the light matrix... both of them will stripped from your dead corpses this day.., the will of NEMESIS will not be denied, so swears the Horsemen !!! "

    Vector Prime looks to Nemesis Prime. They need not speak it. It is the only Logical choice. Their feud is put on hold, as Vector Prime and Nemesis Prime draw their weapons and come back to back. Looking down the Four Horsemen, they begin to charge them as the Horsemen do the same.

    The battle begins...


    Chapter 14: " Armageddon Now "

    Bastion leads the charge of the Horsemen as they engage the incoming Primes. Warfare unleashes his great battle ax and clashes with Nemesis Prime, who meets him with his great sword. Nemesis Prime quickly turns around and counters Endgame with his left arm, following up with a punch to his chest. Vector Prime meets Bastion and Legion head on as he swiftly parries their attacks with his own great sword. All six combatants engulf themselves with powerful energies as they clash with each other. The battle continues until the horsemen back off and regroup. Bastion speaks first,

    " Hmmm... it appears we will have to settle this another way..."

    Bastion attempts to use the space around Vector Prime and crush him inwards. Vector Prime feeling the pressure teleports behind Bastion and blast him in the back with his arm cannon. Bastion flies forward, turning around and giving the order...

    " Endgame !! Finish him !! "

    Endgame begins to siphon Vector Primes power until Nemesis grabs him from behind and sends him hurling upwards through space. Legion uses his power to slow time and attempt to destroy Nemesis Prime. As Legion runs by the unmoving Nemesis Prime, Legion is shocked to see Nemesis Prime turn his head and smile. Legion is blasted back by Nemesis Prime's gun. It appears he is not the only Herald to receive this power. Bastion grows more impatient and speaks once more...

    " You two are beginning to annoy me... and I will have no more of it !! "

    Bastion opens his chest and removes the two matrixes within it. He holds them both up and attempts to open them, using the power inside to destroy the two primes...

    " Open damn you !! ... '

    They do not open. Vector Prime speaks...

    " The power of Primus cannot be wielded by one such as you. Clearly, you were not created by him... But that just begs a new question... Who created you? "

    Vector Prime blast the two matrixes free from Bastion's hands in his moment of frustration. He quickly teleports in to grab them before Bastion can do anything. Vector Prime speaks.

    " I'll be taking these..."

    Bastion grows more frustrated than he ever has. Legion, Endgame, And Warfare stand behind him as he gives the order...

    " Horsemen, enough. We don't need the matrix power... we will use our own power. A final gift if you will, bestowed upon us by Father. Horsemen... bring forth the power of Armageddon !!! "

    The Horsemen begin to emanate with golden energy. Suddenly, they rise up into the air as they begin to transform and link together. After the transformation is complete, the Horsemen are no more. Instead, a new mammoth dark giant stands in their place. He opens his eyes as Golden energy flows out from them. The dark giant speaks...

    " Now... Armageddon comes for the both of you !!! "

    Armageddon shoots forward like a bullet train. Vector Prime grabs Nemesis Prime and teleports out of the way. They both reappear just yards away, but it is not enough as Armageddon turns around swiftly and swipes them both in the back with his giant arm. As the two Primes go flying, Armageddon unloads a barrage of powerful energy beams from his eyes. Vector Prime and Nemesis Prime try to dodge most of the blasts, but cannot escape some of them, taking damage to themselves. Vector Prime looks up to Nemesis Prime and speaks...

    " Nemesis Prime !! Listen to me if you value your life... We are powerful, but that monstrosity is even more so. We can't beat Armageddon. There is only one way to stand against him. Follow me... we need to get to Earth. Trust me... it is the only choice we have..."

    Nemesis Prime looks back at the charging Armageddon and knows he has no choice. Nemesis Prime speaks.

    " For now, we continue our alliance. Rest assured... after this is over, I will destroy you and your maker... "

    Vector Prime and Nemesis Prime begin their retreat. Armageddon is not to far behind them giving chase. He is almost upon them when the black hole opens up in front of the two Primes. Vector Prime unleashes a final attack on his pursuer as he blast away at Armageddon's eyes with a powerful blast of energy. It does nothing more than irritate him as stumbles back briefly before charging again. It is enough time for the two Primes as they disappear into the black hole. Armageddon flies frantically to reach them, but he is too late as the black hole seals up.

    Armageddon screams aloud in anger. Then, he pauses and releases even more golden energy. Armageddon begins to come apart as the horsemen transform back into their individual selves. Bastion speaks...

    " Conserve your energy brothers. We must not go back to our father without the matrixes... we must get them back or father will surely punish us for our failure..."

    Legion responds...

    " No Bastion.. it is you who have failed. Was it not long ago you considered me a failure? It was you who let the son of Primus take them back so easily. If you had not hoarded both matrixes for yourself, perhaps one of us would have still had one to return with. Your greed has done this to us. Your lust for more power will be your downfall. I only pray that it does not do the rest of in as well... "

    " Do not patronize me Legion. We both know father made me more powerful than you... perhaps you would test me in battle? Perhaps then I will finally shut your talk..."

    Warfare intervenes...

    " They are getting away as we argue. Stop this now and let us be on our way..."

    Bastion steps back and speaks.

    " Very well. Legion, we will have words another time. For now, we know where they've gone. Their little escape only delays the inevitable. They have gained only mere moments, but it will not be enough. Horsemen... we go to Earth..."

    Another large black hole opens up as The Four Horsemen step through it and disappear...


    Rodimus Prime looks down the barrel of Galvatron's cannon. They are outnumbered and encircled by the Decepticons. Rodimus looks around him and speaks...

    " Autobots... this is not the end. Take them with everything we've got... If we go out, we go out fighting !!! "

    Springer looks to Arcee and speaks...

    " Arcee, if this is it, I just need to tell you before this goes down..."

    Arcee listens to the rumbling above them and interrupts Springer.

    " Hold that thought Springer, we have incoming !!! "

    Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons look up as the incoming shuttle charges forth, firing upon the Decepticons. Megatron jumps back and sounds the orders...

    " Starscream, get up there and intercept !!! "

    Starscream transforms and lifts off into the sky towards the shuttle. He gets close until the shuttle doors open up. Jetfire emerges and begins blasting away at Starscream. Jetfire speaks...

    " Starscream !!! We have unfinished business..."

    Rodimus Prime uses the moment of opportunity to charge Galvatron and knock him over. As they engage in yet another battle, the shuttle lands on the bridge. Grimlock and the other Autobots emerge as Megatron sounds another order...

    " Decepticons, get to the city. We fight them and use their weakness at the same time. Destroy all buildings and civilians as you go !!! "

    The Decepticon seeker jets transform and head towards the city, picking up their non-flying comrades. Bumble Bee speaks...

    " Oh no they don't, not on my watch..."

    Bumble Bee and Jazz transform. Ultra Magnus and Springer do the same as they take off after the Decepticons. The Aerialbots follow suit with the Protectobots. Arcee looks back at Rodimus Prime as he engages Galvatron. Then she transforms and heads off into the city...

    Rodimus gets on top of Galvatron and unleashes a barrage of punches with a rage he hasn't felt in quite some time. Galvatron barely manages to shove him off of him, as he shouts...

    " Rodimus Prime.. such primal rage. This doesn't have anything to do with that lovely pink Autobot would it?! "

    " Galvatron, this has everything to do with it !!! "

    Rodimus Prime transforms and charges Galvatron in his vehicle mode. Galvatron runs back and shouts...

    " This isn't over Rodimus... don't forget that !!! "

    Rodimus is almost upon him as Galvatron jumps up and grabs onto the hands of Cyclonus. They fly off into the city ahead. Rodimus quickly turns and looks on, as he speaks...

    " Not by a long shot..."

    Rodimus revs his engine and proceeds full throttle into the city of San Francisco...

    Above, Starscream and Jetfire continue their aerial combat through the skies. Starscream takes Jetfire through the bridge cables. He cannot shake him. They fly over the city as Starscream finally makes his move. Maneuvering around the side of a building, he catches a ledge and transforms at the same time, jumping up onto the roof. Jetfire flies right by, before noticing Starscream’s scheme. Starscream blast away at Jetfire as he turns back and flies towards Starscream. As Jetfire rams into Starscream, they go crashing off the side of the building, and into the building next to them.

    The debris of the building comes crashing down upon the civilians below. The streets are filled with the screaming and running, as people seek to avoid the rampaging giant robots. Megatron looks around him smiles. Megatron shouts...

    " Menasor, Devastator... destroy these buildings !!! "

    The Stunticons and Constructicons transform and merge into their giant counterparts. After pounding and smashing their way into the side of a nearby building, they are met by the giant Autobots. Defensor and Superion are here. The four giants continue to battle as massive damage continues to occur around them. Superion is thrown by Menasor into a nearby gas station. The station erupts in flames as the gas lines explode. Bumble Bee domes in driving as fast as he can. He is on time, as he transforms in mid drive, jumping forward and picking up two nearby civilians close to the gas station... avoiding the eruption.

    Grimlock arrives and engages Shockwave, who is shooting all of the nearby vehicles. Grimlock shouts...

    " Coward !!! Take on someone your own size... take on Grimlock !!! "

    Jazz drives right by Grimlock. He cannot help but wonder... Grimlock is starting to speak in the third person again. Is his intelligence draining? He does not get much more time to think as he is blasted from the sky by Dirge. Jazz lifts off of the ground and starts tumbling, finally crashing at the feet of Megatron. Jazz transforms into robot mode as Megatron looks over him...

    " Well, Well... what do we have here? Jazz.. another of Optimus Primes favorites. Pity he isn't here to see me kill you, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now..."

    Megatron picks Jazz up into the air and holds a blaster to the side of his head. The injured Jazz tries to struggle free, but to no avail. Megatron gloats...

    " Yes.. that's it. Struggle, it only makes it more fun..."

    Megatron may have had his wish, if not for the last incoming shuttle, blasting away at Megatron. Megatron drops Jazz and seeks cover, diving to the ground. The shuttle lands hard on the street below, but not before the pilot jumps out of the shuttle door and onto the ground nearby Megatron.

    Optimus Prime is here.

    Optimus surveys the massive destruction around him. The innocent humans; victims of the Decepticon threat once more. As the Autobots and Decepticons wage their everlasting war here in the streets of San Francisco, one thing is clear to Optimus. This ends here, and now. Optimus Prime picks up Megatron and hurls him into the side of a nearby vehicle. Without giving Megatron the time to catch his guard, Optimus picks up Megatron and slams him into the ground; as he remains grabbing him, and peers into his eyes - face to face. Optimus speaks...

    " Megatron... I have seen enough destruction for a lifetime. No longer will the humans or any other Autobot suffer your brutality. The war between us ends today. "

    Optimus comes close to ending Megatron for good, until one last final interruption occurs. Every combatant ceases their fight and looks up. People attempting to escape the robots in their vehicles come to a stop and exit their cars. Everyone looks up as the giant shadow envelops the sky and the city.

    The Earth is not any safer... Unicron has arrived...


    Chapter 15: " End of the Road "

    Unicron hovers silently for only a brief moment. Then, no words need be spoken. He knows what he wants, and he will have it. Unicron's eyes glow red, and then explode in burst of energy. Red lasers shoot forth through the skies and begin to hit the streets and buildings of San Francisco. Optimus surveys even more chaos around him.

    People run, screaming everywhere. People get hit with the destructive beams. Building debris fall on their fragile bodies. Chaos is in the streets. The Cybertronian war has reached it's ultimate point, here on Earth. The Autobots enemies have come to Earth, and now prepare to lay waste to it. The Decepticons. Unicron. The bodies lay in the streets.. smoke and ash fill the air. The screams.. Optimus Prime cannot get the screams out of his head. For the first time ... Optimus Prime lets a stray thought slip past his mind..." This is the end of the road... we cannot win this fight.. Earth is doomed..."

    The thought does not last long.

    Optimus picks Megatron up into the air as Soundwave comes running in from behind. Optimus Hurls Megatron directly into Soundwave, sending them backwards through the garbage truck behind them. Optimus does not hesitate to get back into the right frame of mind and give the orders...

    " Aerialbots !! Take who you can, get inside Unicron and destroy him !!! "

    Superion emerges from the fires of the gas station he was thrown into. He is damaged, and engulfed in flames - but he will not let that get in the way of the mission. Superion leaves his battle with Menasor and jumps into the air, transforming back into the individual Aerialbots. Sky-Lynx swoops down and speaks...

    " Autobots, I’ll take anyone that can get to me !!! "

    Jazz drags himself over to Sky-Lynx and speaks...

    " I may be injured..uhn..but I still got some fight left in me dammit !!! "

    Ultra Magnus, Blur, Blaster, and Bumble Bee drive up and enter Sky-Lynx as well. Sky-Lynx lifts off and heads for the giant above.

    Meanwhile Soundwave emerges from behind the distracted Optimus Prime and bear hugs him from behind, leaving him vulnerable to Megatron's charging attack. Megatron punches Optimus in the chest repeatedly. Soundwave finally lets him go at Megatron’s request, as Megatron proceeds to kick Optimus into the air and against a burning vehicle.

    Megatron rips street sign from the ground and rams in forward... right through the right chest of Optimus Prime.

    " AAARRGGHHHHH !!!!"

    Optimus Lets out a great and painful scream that is heard from everyone nearby. Megatron walks over to Optimus and rips out the pole, revealing sparks of Energon spewing from Optimus Chest. Megatron speaks.

    " So Optimus Prime... this is how it ends. Look around you.. The chaos. The Death. You have failed to protect Cybertron as you have failed to protect Earth and it's inhabitants. You were never fit to lead as I was Optimus... If only you'd surrendered Cybertron to my leadership, perhaps it would still exist to this day. No doubt by now, Unicron has already destroyed it, as I will now destroy you !!! "

    Optimus raises his hand, but to no avail as Megatron simply kicks it away. Megatron raises his blaster. A blaster fires.. but it is not Megatron's. Megatron stumbles forward; smoke emanating from his back. He turns and faces his shooter, speaking...

    " Who dares !? ...Ah... The mighty Grimlock..."

    Grimlock drops the defeated Shockwave from his fist. With his blaster in his other hand, he take his newly freed hand and draws his mighty Energon sword. Grimlock speaks...

    " Get away Megatron. You want to fight? Fight Grimlock !!! "

    Soundwave unleashes two of his cassette minions; Buzzsaw, and Ratbat. Grimlock charges forward and unleashes a mighty attack with his Energon sword, cutting the cassette warriors in half, and killing them. Soundwave yells out to them as Grimlock blast Soundwave aside to the ground. Megatron braces as Grimlock tackles him into the side of the nearby building.

    Nearby, Galvatron arrives on the scene with Cyclonus and Scourge, as Arcee is seen assisting nearby injured civilians. Galvatron allows a smirk to come across his face as he transforms into a rocket cannon and unleashes a blast straight at her. Arcee turns as she comes face to face with impending doom. Arcee dodges the shot at the last moment, tumbling away and returning fire. Scourge and Cyclonus join in as they triple team Arcee, forcing her to take cover behind a burning vehicle. Galvatron speaks...

    " Didn't I kill you Arcee? No matter, I'll make sure i finish the job today !!"

    Galvatron blast away the car that Arcee had been using for cover. Left out in the open, Galvatron takes the opportunity to take one last precise shot. Unable to get out of the way in time... Arcee is fortunate that help arrives in time.

    " Arcee, look out !!! "

    Springer rushes in and takes the shot point blank for Arcee. Springer tumbles to the ground, smoke emanating from his chest area. Arcee runs to him as Springer struggles to look up at her. Arcee speaks.

    " Springer, no !! Why ?! "

    " Aw Arcee.. isn't it obvious? The way feel about you.. I thought you knew..."

    Springer reaches out for his blaster and takes a few well aimed shots at the three incoming Decepticons. Scourge takes two hits, falling back. Cyclonus blast away at the two Autobots as Springer once again takes a few more shots as he covers Arcee. Arcee shouts...

    " No !! Dammit Springer, let me go !! Don't do this..."

    " I'm sorry Arcee,,, but I’d rather die than let Galvatron get his hands on you again.. run.. go now !!! find...find Rodimus !!"

    " No Springer.. I'm not leaving you here.."

    Arcee gets up from behind Springer and unleashes a barrage of blast fire. Cyclonus takes a great deal of hits as he stumbles back. Galvatron grabs Cyclonus and uses him as a shield. Galvatron speaks...

    " Well done Cyclonus... you have always served me well..."

    Galvatron pushes forward until he is upon Arcee. Galvatron blast her gun out of her hand and strikes her down to the ground beside Springer, who shouts up at Galvatron...

    " Leave her..a..alone..."

    " Oh no Autobot.. I'm going to do a lot more than leave her alone... To bad you won't be around to see it..."

    Galvatron raises his gun and blast Springer one last time in the chest.

    " Noooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    The cry comes from behind Galvatron as Rodimus rushes in, driving right into Galvatron. Transforming back into robot mode, Rodimus uses his hands and unleashes his fury upon Galvatron. Galvatron doesn't has a moment to recover as he is beaten severely. Rodimus finally lifts a car up and smashes it into the ground on top of Galvatron, smashing in the side of his face. Rodimus raises the car up one last time... ready to deliver the killing blow. Rodimus looks down at the barley alive Galvatron. This is it. Rodimus Prime thinks of all the damage that Galvatron has done to him.. to his friends.

    Then, the stray thought comes across his mind. He remembers Optimus Prime in this same situation with Megatron, not long ago. Optimus gave Megatron the option of surrender before he would murder Megatron. Rodimus screams in rage one last time before dropping the car to the ground... yards away from Galvatron. Rodimus speaks...

    " No Galvatron.. I'm not like you.. I'm not a murderer. Surrender Galvatron... it's over. Stay down..."

    " I...I...dammit Rodimus Prime...G..Galvatron su..rrenders..."

    Galvatron's head falls to the ground. Rodimus turns his attention to Arcee, who holds Springer in her arms. He is badly injured. Rodimus runs to them as he looks up at Arcee. Arcee pulls her blaster and shouts...

    " Rodimus down !!! "

    Rodimus jumps down as Arcee blast away with everything she’s got. Rodimus looks back and sees Galvatron take every hit, as he staggers back and falls to the ground ... for the last time. Galvatron's eyes dim as he utters his last words...

    " N...No... The mighty Galvatron...done in.. a fem..."

    Galvatron dies as Rodimus looks up to Arcee. He gets up and rushes to Springer’s side. Rodimus speaks...

    " Hang in there buddy... stay with us..."

    " .....No Rodimus..N..Not this time..."

    " Don't talk like that buddy... Springer please..."

    " It's o.k. Rodimus... I'd have done the same for you any day.. your my best friend.. both of ya. Heh, ill say hey to Kup for all of us eh? "

    Arcee speaks.

    " Springer... thank you... please don't die..we..I need you..."

    Springer looks up and grabs her hand before responding... one last time.

    " It's o.k. Arcee... no matter what happens this day... it's going to be o.k... as long as we have each other..."

    Springer moves Arcee's hand over to Rodimus hand and covers them together. Springer’s eyes dim as the rest of the Energon leaves his body. Springer's hand falls to the ground and he dies.

    Arcee falls into Rodimus embrace as they mourn the death of their best friend. Rodimus looks up and into the sky as his friends head into a collision course with the mad God above...

    The Aerialbots fly straight towards Unicron as he continues his onslaught of destruction. They dodge and evade his laser beams until he catches a glimpse of their incoming. Unicron turns all of his attention towards them and begins blasting them. Sky-Lynx enters the fray, as he is almost upon Unicron. Unicron turns and blast him with his laser beam. Sky-Lynx shudders as he takes a direct hit and clips the wing off his shuttle mode. He speaks...

    " Autobots !!! This is it, get ready..."

    The Aerialbots see what is happening and First Aid speaks.

    " Sky-Lynx !! We'll give you as much cover as possible !! Get to Unicron's mouth, hurry !! "

    The Aerialbots move in and blast away at Unicron, giving Sky-Lynx enough time to get into position above Unicron. The Aerialbots transform into Superion and attempt to land inside Unicron's mouth. Superion gets halfway inside before Unicron closes his mouth shut, clamping Superion in two with his teeth. Sky-Lynx hovers overhead as his shuttle doors open. Ultra Magnus and the Autobots emerge and drop down towards Unicron's mouth. Superion notices their incoming and uses the last of his reserves to pry apart Unicron’s teeth. It is just enough for Magnus and the others to get inside. Unicron bites down and crushes Superion once and for all. Sky-Lynx turns and attempts to fly away, but he is too close. Sky-Lynx is blasted to pieces as Unicron's wrath envelops him. Unicron shouts...

    " I will kill you all, children of Primus... I cannot be stopped !!! "

    Ultra Magnus and crew charge inside, headed towards the mainframe network inside Unicron. Just up ahead, the doorway to their destination. Upon reaching it, they are met by surprise. The Sweeps come from the room, guns blazing. There are many of them. Ultra Magnus and crew take cover and return blaster fire. Magnus knows that they are almost to their goal... if only they can get past the Sweeps that guard the room...

    Finally, Optimus struggles to stand. Looking around, Defensor is barely holding his own against Menasor and Devastator. Through the skies above, Jetfire and Starscream continue their battle. Inside the building in front of him, Grimlock and Megatron engage in deadly combat. Optimus attempts to enter the hole in the wall to assist his friend, but falls once more. A hand reaches down and takes his, as the voice speaks...

    " Easy there Optimus... I have you. "

    Optimus takes the hand of Rodimus Prime, and stands with his help. Rodimus takes his arm around his back and speaks...

    " Galvatron is dead... but so is Springer. Optimus.. this battle doesn't look good. Arcee and I can help, but we need a way to get up there to Unicron.. he is the immediate threat..."

    They are interrupted by the sudden opening of a portal behind them. Stepping out come the two opposing heralds; Vector Prime and Nemesis Prime. Vector Prime looks to Optimus and speaks...

    " Optimus... your hurt badly. Let me help you..."

    Vector Prime places his hands over Optimus Primes chest as his own life's energy flows through his hands... healing Optimus Prime. Vector Prime speaks.

    " Every time I do that, I lose a portion of my own life’s energy... but you must survive if we are to weather the coming storm - You and Rodimus Prime both..."

    Rodimus steps forward and speaks.

    " What are you talking about? Who are you? "

    " I am Vector Prime, and together, along with Nemesis Prime here, we just might be able to stop them. Quickly, we don't have much time. Optimus, Rodimus.. take these..."

    Vector Prime opens up his chest and pulls out the two previously stolen matrixes. After returning them to both Primes, Vector Prime speaks again.

    " Primus chose you two for a reason. Should the time come, you would be his chosen protectors. Only you two were given certain gifts of power. It is within your very spark to do what must be done... trust me when the time comes... "

    Vector Prime does not have time to finish his sentence. A second portal opens up and The Horsemen are among them once more. Bastion steps forward and speaks.

    " You cannot escape us for long Herald of Primus. What did you hope to accomplish? "

    Vector Prime raises up his great sword and speaks.

    " Everything !!! "

    The Four Primes stand in unison.

    The Four Horsemen do the same.

    The fate of the Earth.. and perhaps the entire Universe is in their hands. After a brief stare down, the battle to decide those very fates... begins...


    Chapter 16: " Legacy Fulfilled "

    It is dark now in the city. Only the flames that burn the debris light the cityscape. As the war ensues in the atmosphere above, many different battles still wage on the ground below. Only one wages privately, inside a battle ridden building.

    Megatron struggles before kicking Grimlock off of him. Megatron reaches for his blaster but Grimlock slashes away at it with his Energon sword. Grimlock speaks...

    " I don't think so... Grimlock not let you do that..."

    " Grimlock. Since when do you speak in the first and third person? You must finally be loosing all your wires !!! "

    Megatron reaches for a piece of concrete and hurls it at Grimlock. Grimlock dodges it and continues to stalk Megatron forward.

    " Grimlock don't care what Megatron think.. I..I..."

    Grimlock struggles to maintain his thoughts. His worst fears come to haunt him now. The serum... it's effects have begun to wear off. The intelligence that he once knew is leaving him. Megatron uses this momentary lapse and tackles Grimlock down. Megatron quickly gets up and grabs Grimlock's Energon sword. Megatron speaks...

    " Poor Grimlock... whatever it is that's bothering you... it couldn’t have come at a better time. You were once considered the greatest of the Autobot warriors. Pity your stupidity had to come along and ruin it all for you, or you might have become Prime yourself !!! "

    Megatron begins hacking away at Grimlock. Grimlock dodges most of the attacks before finally getting caught in the stomach. Grimlock falls, as he clutches his stomach, sparks flying outwards. Megatron stands over Grimlock, wielding his own Energon sword over his head. Megatron speaks...

    " Grimlock... I count you as my oldest adversary. Our battles began way before Optimus Prime and I began our feud. I will take great pleasure in finally killing you..."

    Megatron brings the sword down upon Grimlock’s head but not before Grimlock sacrifices his arm to block the incoming blow. With the Energon sword stuck into Grimlock's arm, he uses his free arm and jams his fist into Megatron’s side...

    " Uck !!! "

    Grimlock pulls Megatron closer to his face and speaks...

    " Grimlock may not know much... but Grimlock know this... Megatron talk to much !!! "

    Grimlock pulls out his fist and reveals the gaping hole in Megatron's side. They both fall to the ground. Megatron struggles, but finds the strength to attack Grimlock with his last ounce of strength. Megatron speaks...

    " Nooo !!! I will not be undone by the likes of you !!!

    Megatron takes the Energon sword in Grimlock's arm and shoves it down into the side of his back, impaling him. Grimlock lets out a primal scream of agony. Then he lowers his head, and remains motionless. Megatron speaks...

    " Heh.. heheh.. You were a fool to think you could defeat me in battle Grimlock... what did you think would happen? "

    Grimlock suddenly looks up and grabs Megatron by the head, digging his right thumb into Megatron's eye socket and destroying it. Grimlock speaks...

    " Grimlock may die tonight, but Grimlock not die without a not the Autobot way... it's the Dinobot way..."

    Megatron screams in rage as he rips out the Energon sword Grimlock was impaled on and swipes away at Grimlock, severing his legs. Finally, Megatron picks up his blaster and looks back at Grimlock. Grimlock uses his one good arm and drags himself to Megatron’s feet. Megatron points his blaster down at his head, and speaks.

    " Look at you.. pathetic. Dragging yourself across the floor without your limbs to help you. I may be missing an eye Grimlock, but I can still function. Can you ? "

    " ...Heh. Grimlock function perfectly......"

    Grimlock opens a compartment inside his chest and removes a sticky grenade. Megatron looks and speaks under his voice...

    " No..."

    "... Yes..."

    Megatron blast away as Grimlock plants the explosive on the side of Megatron's leg. Then the room fills with fire as the explosion rocks the entire first floor of the battle ravaged building. Then, through the smoke and ash, all is quiet...

    Atop the city...

    Jetfire treads carefully atop the buildings roof tops, blaster in hand. He listens and watches for Starscream to pop out of his hiding place. Until then, he listens to Starscream's taunts...

    " Jetfire old friend, come now. Surely, you don't have it in you to kill a former comrade? "

    " The key word there is * Former * Starscream..."

    Starscream pops out and fires at Jetfire from afar before returning to his hiding place. Jetfire easily dodges before continuing to track him.

    " Jetfire, after all of these years... I'd have expected you to join the Decepticon cause by now..."

    " That's funny Starscream. By now, I'd have expected you to be dead. How did you manage to make it back from death's grip again? "

    " Ah Ah... Now that would be telling..."

    Starscream pops out again, and takes two more shots at Jetfire. Before Starscream goes back into hiding, Jetfire catches a glimpse of him. Jetfire speaks...

    " I have you now Starscream..."

    Jetfire blast away the roof top fire hatch that Starscream was hiding behind. Starscream jumps to the side, still firing away at Jetfire. Jetfire quickly transforms into Jet mode and rams Starscream through, continuing upwards into the night time sky. Starscream hangs onto the tip of Jetfire’s jet as he shouts over the engines roar...

    " Damn you Jetfire, why won't you just die !!! "

    " I can't... not till I know for sure you'll stay dead... "

    Jetfire heads into the upper atmosphere and looks into the sun. His engines begin to throttle as he gains his speed. Starscream looks back and knows what Jetfire is thinking. Starscream shouts...

    " Throwing me into the sun eh? Not going to happen today Jetfire. I've been dead, and I don't plan on dying again anytime soon. That's the difference between us old friend. I'm not afraid of death... I've already beaten it !!! "

    They hurtle just past the moon as Starscream looks back once more and smiles. Jetfire speaks,

    " What's so funny Starscream? "

    " Try turning around and looking for yourself Jetfire... you'll have a blast !!! "

    Jetfire is suddenly shot up from behind. Releasing Starscream, he begins his descent towards the moon. Jetfire lands hard before transforming back into robot mode. As he looks up, four figures hover over him. Starscream hovers past Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet, before speaking,

    " Poor Jetfire.. Where are your Autobot friends now? That's the other difference between us... My friends have my back. Tell me Jetfire... who has yours ?..."

    A voice interrupts them before Jetfire responds...

    " That's funny Starscream... Coming from you that is. The part about friends having each other’s backs? That part almost killed me - again..."

    Starscream and the others look behind them and come face to face with a ghost from their past. Starscream speaks...

    " You?!? It can't be... you're... you're... dead? "

    " Yes... no thanks to you my... friends. Come now Starscream, don't look so surprised... I heard you beat death not to long ago yourself..."

    Jetfire reaches for his blaster before having his left hand shot to pieces by the new arrival.

    " Ah Ah Jetfire... Is that anyway to treat your new host? I am not the same as you once remembered me. Soon, you will all find out just how much I've changed... starting with you Starscream..."

    Starscream charges but is punched in the gut. The familiar face removes his fist as Starscream suddenly drops to the floor. The three seekers look on as the familiar face releases the internal mechanics of Starscream from his fist. Starscream speaks...

    " Ack... ugh, no.. this is not happening... Dirge.. Thrust..Ramjet.. help me..."

    The seekers look down at Starscream and then to the familiar face once more.

    " They will not help you Starscream. Perhaps it is because they are riddled with guilt over the fact that you all once left me for dead. Whatever the case, they will not come against me again. Now you know how it feels Starscream when your friends let you down..."

    Jetfire struggles to stand, holding his wounded lower arm. He speaks.

    " What do you want? Don't play games with us... "

    " Games? Oh no Jetfire... this is no game. All of you will soon realize just how serious this is. Now come, all of you.. there are others who would die - again; just to see you four. "

    Starscream holds his right side as sparks fly out from him. He yells...

    " You just ripped my mechanics out from me... I need repairs..."

    " Don't we all? I once followed your every command Starscream. Now you will follow mine. You will follow SUNSTORM !!! "

    Meanwhile, the ground below...

    Scourge and Cyclonus awaken to the sight of their fallen leader, Galvatron. Cyclonus and Scourge pick up the body of Galvatron, and take to the skies, leaving the battle behind them and disappearing into space.

    Two blocks away, another battle is about to commence. Bastion shouts his orders as the four Primes look on...

    " Horsemen !!! We finish this now... form Armageddon !!! "

    Vector Prime shouts to Optimus Prime...

    " Optimus !!! Use the orb, use it now !!! "

    Optimus opens his chest and removes the orb. Optimus shouts back...

    " What do I do with it ?! "

    " It's an old gift from Primus himself, given to his first sons. My brothers and I once benefited from it. That was until they were destroyed by Unicron. Now it's up to you and Rodimus..."

    " Rodimus and I? But we are not one of the first sons..."

    " You don't know who you two are by now do you?... "

    Nemesis Prime looks up and shouts...

    " Too late !!! Whatever you got planned Vector Prime, do it now.. Armageddon is upon us !!! "

    Armageddon swoops down and grabs Nemesis Prime as he blast away at the dark giant. Vector Prime shouts....

    " More will be explained later if we survive.. do it now, Nemesis Prime and I will cover you !!! "

    Vector Prime launches himself upwards and goes to the aid of Nemesis Prime, as he blast away at Armageddon's giant hand, forcing him to relinquish his grip on Nemesis Prime. The two Heralds continue to buy time for the two Primes below. Rodimus stands beside Optimus and speaks...

    " Optimus.. who is that, and what is he talking about? What is it that we are supposed to do?..."

    " I..I don't know Rodimus. This orb, it..."

    Suddenly, the orb begins to glow brightly. Soon, both Primes are engulfed by the blue energy that emanates from the orb. Their chest open as the Matrix within each begins to pull apart, unleashing even more energy. Optimus feels the sudden rush of power and speaks...

    " Rodimus... I think I understand... do you hear their call? "

    " Yes... I can hear them.. the Ancients within the Matrix...The first sons of Primus... Optimus, who is Primus and how do I know this ?"

    " The first sons were destroyed.. but their sparks returned to Primus... our creator. I think... I think Primus placed the returning sparks into his new chosen's.. the Primes. That’s us Rodimus. Now... they're calling out to us, telling us what to do next... are you ready? "

    " I..I hear them. I understand.. lets do this..."

    Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime take into the air as energy fully engulfs them. A blinding light blast across the sky as Armageddon and the two Heralds stop and look back. Then, the light is gone, as only smoke fills the air. Emerging from the smoke in the skies is a blast of energy that comes shooting into the chest of Armageddon, sending him flying back. Armageddon looks up and speaks...

    " Who dares !!?? "

    " I do..."

    The voice comes from the smoke as two bright blue glowing eyes can be seen. Then, it clears, revealing a new giant in it's place. The new giant draws a great huge energy blade, and speaks.

    " Armageddon, pick on somebody your own size... MAXIMUS PRIME comes for you !!! ..."


    Chapter 17: " The Last Stand "

    Ultra Magnus continues to blast away at the Sweeps as they continue to swarm out of the room that holds the mainframe of Unicron. The Autobots need to get into that room, in order to destroy Unicron once and for all. Ultra Magnus ducks and finds cover once more amongst his Autobot companions. Bumble Bee speaks…

    “ Magnus, there’s to many of them. We can’t hold off much longer !! “

    Jazz peeks up and unleashes a barrage of fire before ducking back down behind cover. Jazz speaks,

    “ The Sweeps ain’t gonna stop coming at us anytime soon. Magnus, if you got a plan, I’d like to hear it now. These guys are comin’ at us like there’s no tomorrow. Just how many of em’ are there anyways !!?? “

    Blaster steps up and takes one shot as he glances into the corridor. As he ducks back down, he speaks.

    “ That’s it… it has to be. Magnus, the Sweeps seem to be replicating themselves much like the Insecticons used to do. If Megatron became Galvatron, it would not be too much of a guess to say that the Sweeps were at one point in time, Insecticons. Jazz is right. No matter how many we take out, they’re not going to stop coming anytime soon. We need a plan B. “

    Ultra Magnus thinks hard for a second before responding. The Sweeps are almost upon them. There has to be a way to get into that room. Ultra Magnus comes to his conclusion, as he pulls out a Missile from his shoulder. Magnus speaks.
    “ Autobots, we need to unleash this missile directly into the mainframe. It should be powerful enough to take Unicron offline for good. Firing it from here, there stands a chance that it may not hit the mainframe inside. The Sweeps may even take the brunt of the blast. There’s no other way to do this… I’m going to drive it inside myself, right through these replicating monstrosities, and into Unicron’s black heart…”

    Bumble Bee responds first…

    “ Magnus, no !! No way… we won’t let you do this. We’re in this together, to the end. There has to be another way…”

    Magnus looks to Jazz, Blur, and Blaster. They all look down. They know this is the only way. Magnus speaks…

    “ Jazz, Blaster… you know what to do…”

    Magnus transforms as Jazz and Blaster hold Bumble Bee back. Jazz Speaks,

    “ Come on Bee… Magnus is right. This is the only way. The rest of ya’s? Transform and roll out…”

    They all transform and turn to head out the way they came in. Bumble Bee reluctantly transforms, looking back at Magnus before looking over to Blur. Bumble Bee speaks…

    “ … There was another way.. There had to be, I know it…”

    “ ..You’re-right Bumble Bee.. there-is-another-way… “

    Before Blur finishes his sentence, he spins around and drives forward towards Ultra Magnus. Passing by him, he takes the missile off of Magnus shoulders with super speed and continues into the onslaught of the Sweeps. Magnus shouts…

    “ Blur, what are you… Blur Nooooo !!! “

    Blur pays Ultra Magnus no heed as he continues into the room entrance way before meeting the Sweeps head on. Blur takes a massive amount of damage before coming to a stop right at the entrance. The Sweeps, there’s too many of them. They all fall on top of him, blocking the entrance. Blaster shouts to Ultra Magnus.

    “ Magnus, we’ve got to go now !! Leave him… Blur can do it, I know he can…”

    “ No..I… I can’t leave a Bot behind… he’s my responsibility.. I can’t…”

    “ Magnus, now !!! “

    Ultra Magnus hears Blaster’s words, and turns around. He knows this is how it has to be. Blur must have thought he was expendable. Maybe he knew he was faster? In any scenario, Blur has made the ultimate sacrifice. Magnus transforms and follows the Autobots to the mouth to Unicron.

    Blur can feel his spark as it tries to leave him. He is badly injured, damaged most likely beyond repair. The Sweeps continue to tear into Blur. With his last ounce of energy, Blur looks up and sees the goal ahead of him. The mainframe. Blur revs his engines and shouts, one last time.

    “ ..I…Will…Not…Fail !!! “

    Blur kicks his engine into overdrive as his wheels begin to grind and spin on the floor. Blur pushes into the room little by little. More Sweeps begin to pile on top of him, but he is not deterred. Slowly he pushes in until he is upon the mainframe. With one last ounce of effort, he reaches for the detonator switch on the missile, and smiles…

    Outside, Unicron ceases his onslaught upon the planet below him. His eyes grow wide as he utters his last words,

    “ No…”

    Unicron roars aloud with a thunderous noise as the explosives go off within him. His eyes shatter as fire can be seen emanating out through them. Finally, Unicron explodes completely. Through the raging explosive fires comes Ultra Magnus and the Autobots, who made it out of Unicron’s mouth in time. The floating Autobots look out into space and notice they are not alone. Bumble Bee speaks,

    “ Aw what now? Who are those giants?...”

    The battle…

    Maximus Prime charges Armageddon and takes a swipe at him with his great sword. Armageddon meets the sword with his own, and attempts to strike at Maximus Prime with the lasers that shoot from his eyes. Maximus Prime ducks and punches Armageddon in the chest, sending him flying back.

    Vector Prime looks on and shouts to Nemesis Prime…

    “ Nemesis Prime !! We have to help them, what are you waiting for !? “

    Nemesis Prime looks on at the place where Unicron once existed. Now, only pieces of Unicron float in that space. Nemesis Prime looks down and responds,

    “ I.. I am a herald without a cause… my master has been destroyed…”

    “ Nemesis Prime… you are now free to make your own decisions. Right now, there is a greater threat, and you need to make a decision. Override Unicron’s original programming and help us defeat these Horsemen, or leave us and risk battling them yourself in the future; should we fail here today. Regardless, the choice is yours, and it needs to be made now…”

    Nemesis Prime hears these words and draws his sword. He speaks.

    “ Vector Prime, you are my sworn enemy… however, in my darkest hour, your words of wisdom ring true. You have given me cause, if temporary. I will help you and your companions. When this is all over, I will make my final decision on where I stand…”

    Meanwhile, Maximus Prime and Armageddon continue their epic battle. Maximus Prime opens his shoulders up and reveals two large cannons. They fire at Armageddon and hit him square in the chest with explosive force. Armageddon falls back, before responding with energy bolts from his fist as he unleashes them upon Maximus Prime. Maximus ceases his attack as he gets hit in the face. Armageddon takes advantage and charges Maximus, slamming him backwards. Armageddon continues to restrain Maximus, as he speaks…

    “ So… Maximus Prime is it? You are powerful, we will give you that, but know that you are not powerful enough to defeat us this day !! “

    “ Armageddon… you will fall this day, I promise. “

    Maximus Prime opens is arms back wide as he pushes Armageddon off of him. Wielding his Sword once more, Maximus charges Armageddon and attacks him. Armageddon meets him sword for sword. After an intense clash, Armageddon is caught with a slice to the chest. Armageddon covers his chest and raises his sword once more. Maximus Prime comes down upon Armageddon’s arm and slices it off at the elbow.

    “ Arrrrgh !!! “

    Maximus Prime grabs Armageddon’s sword, and holds it to his throat. Maximus speaks.

    “ It’s over Armageddon. You’ve lost…”

    Suddenly, Armageddon’s arm begins to regenerate. In its place, a new cannon appears. Armageddon speaks,

    “ Yes… it is over… for you !!! “

    Maximus Prime attempts to get out of the way, but he is too late. Armageddon blasts away at Maximus Prime’s chest. As Maximus staggers back, Armageddon wastes no time. Grabbing the neck of the injured Maximus Prime, Armageddon points his new cannon at his face as he gloats…

    “ Hmm.. what a pity. You were a mighty opponent. It appears we will never have the chance to know more about you. As it is, this ends now…”

    As he readies his finishing shot, Armageddon is blasted in the back. He drops Maximus and turns to see his new opponents. Vector and Nemesis Prime stand ready, blaster and sword in hand. Armageddon responds.

    “ So, more lambs to the slaughter. Come at us with everything you’ve got, we will not be defeated by any children of Primus !!! “

    “ I am not a child of Primus !!! “

    Nemesis Prime’s words are loud as he rushes Armageddon. As Armageddon clashes swords with Nemesis Prime, he turns and parries with Vector Prime. The two Primes take small cuts out of Armageddon’s hard shell, avoiding damage to themselves with their quick evasive maneuvers. Finally, Armageddon has had enough. He shoots the weapons of both adversaries from their hands with the energy beams from his eyes. Picking them up with each of his hands, he holds them before his eyes and begins to squeeze. They both let out screams as they are crushed. Armageddon laughs…

    “ Ha Hahahaha !!! Scream all you want. Crushing the life out of you will be all that more enjoyable. What did you two hope to accomplish? Did you actually think you would be able to defeat us? Did you !!?? “

    Vector Prime struggles, until he is finally able to respond…

    “ N..No.. Not.. Defeat… Ugh.. Dis.. Distract !!! “

    Armageddon’s eyes grow wide. Suddenly, with no warning; Armageddon drops the two Primes as he looks down at his chest…

    “ Ack !! Urgk… “

    A blue light is seen emanating from his chest before it pushes itself outwards, right through Armageddon’s chest. The blue Energon sword pierces all the way though, as Armageddon clenches the sword from his chest. Behind the stunned dark giant, Maximus Prime speaks.

    “ You shouldn’t have turned your back on me. Now… it’s over. “

    Maximus Prime removes his sword from Armageddon, as the dark giant clutches the gaping hole in his chest. Armageddon’s eyes begin to glow as he lets out a loud shout. Soon, golden energies engulf him and there is a loud explosive flash of blinding light.

    “ Boooommm !!! “

    When the light diminishes, the Four Horsemen can be seen, floating in Armageddon’s space. They are badly damaged. Bastion speaks…

    “ My brothers.. we.. we have failed. Our Father comes for us now…”

    Maximus Prime stands over the defeated Horsemen. Vector and Nemesis Prime recover themselves, and stand beside Maximus. Then, before another word can be said, the space in front of them begins to warp. Flashes of energy seem to come from out of nowhere. Then, there is an explosion. The blast knocks everybody backwards. When they come to, they look up and realize that the threat is far from over…

    NEMESIS has arrived !!!


    Chapter 18: " Finale "

    Primus remains chained by his older brother’s confinements. He has had time to heal enough of his functions since he was assaulted by Unicron’s Dark Matrix. He looks around and does not know where he is. It is a vast and dark empty part of space. As he searches his surroundings, he senses he is not alone. Primus speaks.

    “ Show yourself. “

    The visitor removes his cloaking device and reveals himself. Primus knows who he is, and he is not happy to see him. Primus speaks.

    “ I destroyed you. What do you want here and now? “

    “ Yes.. you sent me to a dark place, leaving me to be destroyed.. but I was not. I survived, hell-bent on vengeance with you. Now that I have the opportunity… I find I cannot proceed. I felt him leave this plane of existence. Unicron, your own brother… he has been destroyed, most likely by your children. Without his life essence, I fear I am once again tied to your own fate. “

    Primus struggles to free himself before responding.

    “ You speak in riddles !! Tell me what your purpose is… “

    “ It is simple. I have been watching you, tracking you since you’ve been awakened. I followed your energy trace to this place. I remained concealed, but perhaps I was not noticed because I share the same energy signature as you. Nemesis, your older brother… I heard what he plans to do with your children. I heard how he plans to destroy them all, in hopes of returning all of their sparks to you; bringing you back to full power. I cannot have that. I am, after all; still one of your children. “

    Primus looks down and speaks.

    “ There is nothing I can do. His restraints are too powerful; I cannot remove myself from this place in time to help my children. “

    “ Oh? Well perhaps I may be of some assistance. I wonder how well the restraints will work when I destroy the device that controls them…”

    The visitor blasts away at the control deck nearby. Suddenly, there is an explosion. Primus is released and the space around him lowers its holographic imaging, revealing their true whereabouts. Primus knows where he is, and he is stunned. It has been a great deal of time since he was last here. After taking it all in, Primus turns to his would be savior, and speaks.

    “ So… it appears we have work to do; together. Should I call you by your first name, or do you still prefer you’re second? “

    “ Primus, though I was one of you’re original thirteen sons; I still refuse to call you Father. For now, I remain… The Fallen… “

    Above Earth orbit…

    Nemesis stands there in his might and glory. The behemoth surveys his surroundings and is not pleased. He looks on to his Four Horsemen, and picks them up into his hand. Lifting his hand in front of his face, he looks on to his heralds, and speaks.

    “ You have failed me my Horsemen. You have failed me… for the last time. “

    Bastion pleads with his creator.

    “ Father, please. We were overwhelmed by Primus’s finest warriors. They were too strong; united together. We are only four of us Father… “

    “ No… you are too weak. I should have created heralds with more of my power. As it is now, I will not be making that mistake twice. You are finished. You’re Sparks will be returned to me so that I can remake another set of warriors. These new Horsemen will be more powerful than you ever were. Then, I will renew my campaign with my brothers in this universe, and we will succeed. Now come my children, and receive your fate. “

    Nemesis holds the Four Horsemen in his hand and closes it over them. As they scream in terror, Nemesis clenches his fist tight until they scream no more. He opens his fist and reveals… nothing.

    Nemesis then turns his attention over to the floating debris that was once Unicron. Picking up traces of the debris in his fingers, he closes his eyes before letting out a loud scream.

    “ Yeeaaaaaarrrrrrgghhhhhh !!!! “

    Nemesis gathers himself and lets the debris slip through his fingers. Nemesis speaks.

    “ I was too late Unicron. Your age old battle with your twin has finally reached it’s peak. Your death will be avenged little brother. I will wipe these creatures from existence, and save Primus in the process. “

    Finally, Nemesis eyes glow red and he turns his attention to Maximus Prime. Vector and Nemesis Prime stand ready beside him. Nemesis clenches his fist as they begin to emanate with golden energy. Nemesis speaks.

    “ So. You are the champions of Primus? I sense great power within you. It is true… you bested my own champions. Truly, you have a great deal of Primus’s power flowing through you. Killing you first will kick-off my plan to restore Primus to his true self. Do not fight me. It will only delay the inevitable. “

    Maximus Prime clenches his own fist as he readies himself for battle. Maximus speaks.

    “ Nemesis. If you truly are the brother of Primus, then you are right. We really don’t have a chance of defeating you in combat. But you should know, we won’t go down that easily. We are Cybertronian. We fight, until the end.. ‘till all are one !!! “

    “ Such bravery Cybertronian… such foolish bravery. Before you die, wouldn’t you at least like to know why it is that you must perish? “

    “ I already know why you do what you do… Like Unicron, you are evil, right down to the spark…”

    “ Evil? No Cybertronian. Primus and his twin, Unicron are the opposites of one another; the light and the dark – good and evil. Myself on the other hand, I was there from the beginning. I am above such emotion. I am neither, and yet I am both. What I do now, I do for the sake of my brother Primus, you must believe this. “

    “ Regardless of your motive Nemesis, genocide is evil period. I won’t stand by idle while you destroy my fellow Cybertronians. We will find a way…”

    Maximus Prime opens his chest and reveals a unified Matrix within himself. He takes it out and looks up to Nemesis, before speaking…

    “ Now… light our darkest hour !!! “

    Maximus Prime attempts to open the matrix, but it does not respond. Nemesis speaks,

    “ Attempting to use the Matrix against me like you did against Unicron? I’m sorry for your efforts… but that will not work against me. You see, Primus and Unicron are twins. Because of their opposing nature, the light could destroy the darkness, and the darkness could destroy the light. As I stated earlier, I am above good and evil…”

    Ultra Magnus arrives with Bumble Bee, Blaster, and Jazz, as they use their rocket pro-pulsars to stand beside Maximus, Vector, and Nemesis Prime. Bumble Bee speaks.

    “ I don’t know who the three of you are, but clearly you’re on our side against the big guy here. We’re ready when you are…”

    Maximus Prime overlooks his comrades and then looks up to Nemesis, before speaking.

    “ Nemesis… maybe the matrix won’t work for us.. but united together, we always stand a chance !! “

    “ Primus alone could not defeat me. With Unicron, together, they may have stood a chance. As it is, that could never happen. If not for their own hate for each other, you have already destroyed Unicron, thus sealing your own fate. This small remnant of warriors is hardly enough to stand against me…”

    Nemesis words ring loud and true. Maximus Prime does not waver. Then, there is a light. One ship comes out of hyperspace. Then another. Soon, there is an entire armada of ships that come out of hyperspace. A message can be heard from blaster’s radio…

    “ Blaster !! It’s Cliffjumper. Mirage and I, We got your message earlier. I’ve brought the rest of the Autobots, and as many displaced Cybertronians as possible. We’ve come to help battle Unicron and the Decepticons… O.k, who’s that guy there? He screams bad guy all over him… “

    Blaster responds.

    “ Cliffjumper, Mirage !! I was wondering if that message was gonna get through. Unicron is defeated, but you didn’t miss all the fun. This guy here wants to wipe us all out. It doesn’t look like it’s gonna go down all to well either… brace yourselves. This guy just crushed the Four Horsemen…”

    Maximus Prime speaks.

    “ Perhaps, Nemesis… you will not fare as well against an entire Cybertron united !!! “

    “ Very well. It is a battle you desire… It is a battle you shall have. “

    As Nemesis finishes his words, he turns and disappears. As soon as he vanishes, he reappears behind one of the many ships and smashes it with explosive power. The dying Cybertronians never had a chance. Nemesis turns and unleashes laser beams from his eyes as he continues his onslaught of destruction against the armada of ships.

    “ Nooooo !!! “

    Maximus Prime shouts, as he charges, energy sword in hand. He blast away at the giant that is Nemesis, but seemingly to no affect. Cliffjumper and Mirage take command of their ships as they take evasive maneuvers. Many Ships blast away at Nemesis, but his armor seems impenetrable. Vector Prime looks on at the battle that unfolds and utters words that only he himself can hear…

    “ We… We cannot win….”


    On the streets of San Francisco; Arcee looks up at the battle that spreads out in the night time skies above. Nearby, Menasor and Devastator continue to pummel Defensor, as he finally falls to the two Deception giants. Arcee runs to them and shouts,

    “ Stop !! Stop it !! Look up to the skies, don’t you see what’s happening !!?? This Autobot and Decepticon war is meaningless at the moment. All of your fellow Cybertronians are fighting for their lives up there… for ALL of our lives. Stop fighting each other for once and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Get up there and fight the true enemy while we still have a chance !! “

    Devastator and Menasor look at each other, as they drop Defensor. Menasor speaks.

    “ Autobot.. give us one good reason why we shouldn’t crush you right here and now… “

    “ Because she’s right of course…”

    Shockwave gathers himself after awakening from his battle with Grimlock. He walks over to Arcee, and continues…

    “ The beast above will most likely not stop until he has destroyed us all. We need to gather our forces.. together. “

    Defensor struggles, but finally stands. After waking up from his battle with Grimlock, Soundwave drags himself over to them as well. Shockwave looks at all of them and speaks.

    “ It is decided then. Menasor, Devastator… take us up there, now…”

    The three Combiners pick up the three Cybertronians, and take to the skies to join in the battle above.

    Finally, Maximus Prime continues to search out a weak spot in Nemesis armor, as the dark Giant continues to pummel the Cybertronian Armada. Nemesis seems to not even notice Prime’s attacks. Cliffjumper shouts his orders aboard his ship.

    “ Full power to the front cannons, I want everything we got coming outta’ those barrels. Focus at the head of the Giant !! “

    Vector Prime slashes away at Nemesis, but to no avail. Nemesis Prime also attempts melee attacks, but it is also for naught. Finally, as Nemesis Prime continues his attacks, Vector Prime gets an idea. He shouts to his comrade in the midst of battle.

    “ Nemesis Prime !! We won’t defeat him that way.. but I think I know how we can…”

    “ You do? You heard what he said, and whatever we’re doing now isn’t even leaving a dent. Whatever you got up your sleeve, use it now. How do we defeat him ? “

    “ … It’s you Nemesis Prime…”

    Nemesis Prime looks up stunned and confused.

    “ What ?! “

    “ We need the combined power of Primus and Unicron. Within Maximus Prime and myself, Primus’s power is available. Though Unicron was destroyed, you still house the last essence of his dark power. Using this power together with Maximus Prime’s Matrix, we may just stand a chance. “

    “ … Vector Prime, what you propose sounds logical.. but can it be done? We have opposing power… power that wasn’t designed to be used together. If I merge my power with Maximus Prime, there’s no telling what the outcome might be. We may very well destroy each other !! “

    “ If we don’t act, we may destroy ourselves regardless. It is a gambit we must attempt Nemesis Prime…”

    Nemesis Prime looks down, and then at Nemesis. Clenching his fist, he speaks.

    “ Very well Vector Prime. I have nothing to lose either way. Call out to Maximus and let us see if this plan of yours works. “

    Vector Prime makes his way to Maximus Prime and shouts to him.

    “ Maximus !! The Matrix… use it again !! “

    Maximus looks back at Vector Prime and responds.

    “ I can’t ! It won’t open !! “

    “ Just do it, it will work this time.. It must. I have a plan… “

    Maximus Prime looks at Nemesis who continues his onslaught. Nothing they have done has hurt Nemesis thus far. Maximus opens his chest, and removes the Matrix again. Nemesis Prime stands beside Maximus Prime, and does the same. Together, they speak.

    “ Now, light our darkest hour !!! “

    " Now... Envelop the light with your dark power !!! "

    Both of the Matrix’s begin to open. Powerful energy begins to emerge from with each matrix. Finally, both Primes are engulfed in a backlash of destructive energies as Vector Prime is knocked back from the backlash. Vector Prime looks back up at them and realizes his worst fears. The opposing energies are beginning to destroy the both of them. They couldn’t focus their attack on Nemesis. Vector Prime’s plan has failed… or has it?

    The two Primes let out a primal scream before the Matrix energies
    overtake them completely. Then, they open their eyes and look to Nemesis. Suddenly, the energies of the Matrix’s begin to flow back into their respective cores until both Matrixes become one. Pulling at each end, both Primes unleash this new power directly at Nemesis, who notices this sudden appearance of new power.. too late…

    “ Aaaarrrrrrrrgh !!!! “

    The blast hits Nemesis in the back. Nemesis feels something he has never felt before. Nemesis… feels pain. The new Matrix continues it’s assault against Nemesis as he is soon engulfed in the power of this new Matrix. Vector Prime Shouts.

    “ It’s working, he’s hurt !! Keep pouring it on him !! Cybertronians, full frontal assault, pour it on !!

    The surviving united Cybertronians unleash a full frontal assault on the wavering Nemesis. Autobot stands side by side with Decepticon. Maximus Prime and Nemesis Prime give it all they’ve got. So does everybody else. Finally, Nemesis armor begins to crack as his energies begin to leave him. As he shouts aloud, he cowers in pain, as he struggles to deal with this new sensation for the first time. Finally, the Matrix releases the last of its destructive energies, and closes.

    Maximus and Nemesis Prime hover above Nemesis as their respective Matrixes form back into two. The firepower of the Armada has used up the last of its reserves. Everybody waits and watches as the searing smoke gives way to a badly damaged Nemesis; sparks flying off of his entire body. Finally, Nemesis looks up and his eyes begin to glow red. Nemesis speaks…

    “ Unh.. that.. is that what pain feels like? You hurt me. I underestimated you. United against me, you almost defeated me, but… that was not enough… I still function !!! “

    Nemesis struggles, but finally stands before the united warriors. To the dismay of the stunned Cybertronians, Nemesis fist begin to cackle with energy, his eyes do the same. Nemesis speaks…

    “ A valiant effort, I applaud you’re efforts. But it was not enough to avert your destiny at my hands. I will succeed, and Primus will be restored. So swears Nemesis !!! “

    Maximus Prime looks to his comrades. This is it he thinks. They’ve tried everything. They gave everything they had… and they failed. Maximus Prime speaks.

    “ Autobots… Decepticons and all of Cybertron. It… It was an honor to fight side by side with you this day. Together now, Till’ all are one !!! “

    Maximus Prime shouts as he leads one last charge towards Nemesis. Every available warrior and ship follows suit. The inevitable clash would surely have been the end of them, if not for a divine intervention.

    Suddenly, and without warning, the Cybertronian charge is halted. They seem to pause in their motion, as if time itself has stopped. Just before Nemesis, a portal opens up. Stepping through it comes The Fallen, one of Primus’s first creations. Nemesis looks down to him and speaks.

    “ You? You have done this ? “

    “ What, stop this exciting moment in time? No. Not me. Him… “

    Nemesis is struck from behind. As he turns around, he comes face to face with the one he thought imprisoned. Primus has arrived. Nemesis looks up and speaks.

    “ Primus ? Wha… How? “

    “ It matters not how I am here, but that I am. You have threatened to destroy all that I have created, and I will not stand by and watch you succeed. “

    Primus attacks the weakened Nemesis and begins to pummel him with his fist. Nemesis is caught off guard, and cannot defend himself in his weakened state. Finally, Primus pauses as he raises his energy filled fist, and readies the final fatal blow.

    “ My children have done all that they could, and it is enough. Without their assault on you, I would not have been able to stop you. Do you see their value now Nemesis? You sought to destroy that which you did not understand. You underestimated their spark, and now you have fallen. My brother… it does not have to end this way today… “

    “ Ack..cough… Pr..Primus. What do you seek from me? You realize I did all of this just for you, to restore you to your former glory. I would have united us, all three of us. Now, Unicron has been destroyed…”

    “ Unicron has brought his fate upon himself. “

    “ … Very well then Primus. You have won your battle… I cannot defeat you in my current state. Know that I had no malicious intent for your children… only concern for the welfare of my brothers. I say it again.. What do you seek from me now? “
    Primus looks at all of the suspended Cybertronians, frozen in a moment in time. Primus looks back to Nemesis and responds.

    “ My children… leave them alone. Never come against them again. They have earned their existence, have they not ? “

    Nemesis peers over the suspended warriors himself before responding.

    “ Yes… yes they have. Primus, you will have your wish. I give you my word. “

    “ Very well Nemesis. I know, in your twisted head, that you sought to destroy them on my behalf. Go… and I hope that somehow, down the line, you have been changed, taken something from this whole affair. You think me weak because I have spread my power out over my creation. Instead, think to yourself. Did I lose my power, or did I gain a greater power altogether?

    Nemesis ponders his brother’s thoughts before responding.

    “ Primus.. your words of wisdom ring true. In the beginning, it was the thought of being alone that fueled me. Now, I realize how far from alone you truly are. I envy you Primus. I envy you, and I shame myself…”

    Nemesis opens a portal. He gets up and looks back at Primus. Nemesis speaks.

    “ Primus… when next we meet, may it be under different circumstances…”

    Primus watches as his brother leaves and vanishes behind the closing portal. The Fallen watches and speaks.

    “ Primus… why did you let him live? “

    “ Because… I am not Unicron. Perhaps, instead of unleashing a greater threat upon the universe, we have unleashed a greater good. Only time will tell. “

    The Fallen looks over the suspended Cybertronians. He speaks.

    “ And them? Will you reveal yourself to them now ? “

    “ … No. The time is not right, nor is it necessary. For now, I return to my orbit, and transform into Cybertron once more. Fallen. You released me in time to come and save my children, and for that, I am grateful. However, I know you only did it for your own sake…”

    Primus grabs The Fallen by the neck and speaks to him.

    “ Do not cause me to awaken again and deal with you understood? My mercy only goes so far…”

    Primus releases The Fallen and opens a portal. The Fallen speaks.

    “ … Do not worry about me Primus. I serve Unicron no longer. My road to redemption begins anew. When you next see me… things will be different. “

    Primus leaves and the portal closes behind him. The Fallen finishes his sentence.

    “ Things will be different… for BOTH of us… “

    And with that, the Fallen grabs the suspended Nemesis Prime and takes his leave. Slowly, the space-time continuum falls back into normal pace. When Maximus Prime and the rest of the Cybertronians come to, Nemesis… is gone. Vector Prime also notices that Nemesis Prime is missing. As they pause to take in all that has happened, they are only left to ponder what has become of Nemesis. Maximus Prime looks to Vector Prime. He speaks.

    “ Something.. Happened here didn’t it. I can still feel a presence. He was here wasn’t he? He fought on our behalf…”

    Vector Prime looks outwards and then back at Maximus Prime. He allows a smile to come across his face before he responds.

    “ Yes… He was here. I felt his traces as well. For whatever reasons, he has chosen not to reveal himself. Maximus Prime… respect his wishes and keep this wisdom for yourself. I suspect, that when next you return to your home orbit… Cybertron will be there waiting for you. “

    Maximus places his hand over Vector Primes shoulder and speaks.

    “ Thank you, for everything. The orb… will you be needing it back? “

    “ No Maximus. I no longer have a use for it. But you two.. I’m sure you’ll find a use for it time and again. Farewell…”

    “ Your leaving? Where will you go? “

    “ Nemesis Prime. I must find him. Things between me and him are.. unsettled. I must know what has become of him. Till we meet again…”

    Vector Prime opens his portal up and vanishes behind it. Maximus Prime turns his attention back towards the rest of the confused Cybertronians. As they look at him, there is only one thing that comes to his mind to say.

    “ ‘Till all are one… “


    Chapter 19: " Picking Up The Pieces "

    Maximus Prime touches down in the streets of San Francisco. He surveys all of the massive destruction that has come to this place. It was their war he thinks to himself. How many times will it cost the people of this world their lives? Soon, the rest of the Autobots touch down beside him. Maximus Prime can see it in their eyes. They have many questions. Maximus Prime takes care of the first question immediately. He opens up his chest compartment and reaches in, pulling out the Matrix. As Maximus Prime pulls it apart, he is engulfed in a bright light. When the smoke clears, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime stand before them; each wielding his own Matrix. They put both Matrix’s away as Ultra Magnus speaks…

    “ Optimus? Rodimus? What is going on here… What just happened up there? “

    Optimus responds.

    “ Magnus… I realize much has happened, and there are many questions. The time for answers will come soon. For now, there are many others who need our help. Look around you… we brought this war to them, and they have suffered greatly for it. As many of you as possible, get into this city and find the survivors. Cybertron must atone for the sins we have brought this planet, and that starts now… “

    Magnus looks up and stares at the damage around him. He turns to the Autobots behind him and speaks.

    “ Well? What are we waiting for? Autobots, transform and roll out !! “

    As the Autobots enter the city, Cliffjumper and Mirage approach Optimus Prime. Mirage speaks.

    “ Optimus… there are many Cybertronian ships in Earths atmosphere. They have nowhere to go. What do we tell them? “

    “ Tell them… Tell them to return to Cybertron. “

    “ Cybertron? But.. it’s not there, we saw it with our own eyes… “

    “ Trust me Mirage… it’s still there, and it’s safe. Go there. After we do as much as possible here, we will meet you there. I’ll send Ultra Magnus with you. He will take charge until Rodimus and I are done here. “

    Mirage and Cliffjumper look at each other, and simply shrug their shoulders, before taking off. Rodimus looks to Optimus and speaks.

    “ Optimus… there’s something you should know. It’s Springer. He.. He’s dead. Galvatron killed him. We’ve lost so many…”

    “ I know Rodimus. In all my years I’ve never seen devastation on this level. Losing your comrades never gets any easier. I know you and Springer were close. I’m sorry for your loss. However, if there was anything that got me through the difficult times, it was the people still alive, and those closest to me. Their counsel and friendship is what kept me going. It is what will keep you going as well. “

    Optimus looks over Rodimus shoulder and speaks.

    “ In fact, you won’t have to look to hard to find it . It’s right in front of you. It always has been. “

    Rodimus Prime turns around and comes to the attention of Arcee, who stands from afar, quietly waiting. Optimus speaks.

    “ Go to her Rodimus. If you heed any advice from me this day, this is it. Go to her, and remember that no matter what conflicts we come into in our lifetime, it’s the anchor that always keeps us moving forward. She can be your anchor Rodimus.. If you let her…”

    Rodimus stares at her and speaks.

    “ I… I know Optimus. I think I’ve always known. Thank you… “

    Rodimus walks to Arcee. As he stands before her, she speaks.

    “ Rodimus… I thought this was it.. I thought it was the end. I thought I’d never see you again. “

    “ Do you know what went through my mind Arcee ? It was you. The fact that you would never really know how I felt about you. My thoughts were about you, and making sure I got the opportunity to let you know just how I felt. “

    Rodimus doesn’t waste another moment. He takes Arcee into his arms, and in the midst of the devastation around them, they embrace – A signal of hope that not all is lost. Their will always be a hope to live for, no matter who comes to destroy that hope.

    Optimus turns and looks at the collapsed building that Megatron and Grimlock went into. It appears their battle was immense, but if there was anybody else who could stand up to Megatron himself, it was Grimlock. Optimus Prime sifts to the rubble desperate to find his friend. He finally turns a piece of debris over and finds him… but he is no longer functioning. Optimus pulls Grimlock’s upper torso from the rubble, and falls to the floor. He closes his eyes and speaks to himself.

    “ Grimlock, my comrade…my friend. It was an honor to serve by your side. As the bravest warrior I knew, your death will not go un-avenged… “

    “ It appears Grimlock avenged himself Prime…”

    Optimus hears the voice behind him and turns around. He comes to the attention of Shockwave, who stands with the Decepticons behind him. Shockwave pulls out more remains. It is Megatron, and he is also dead. Shockwave continues.

    “ It appears there was a devastating close range blast. They killed each other… “

    Optimus is surrounded by Decepticons. He stands and speaks.

    “ Shockwave. Now is not the time for this. Nevertheless, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight I’ll gladly give you… “

    “ Relax Prime. I didn’t come to you for that. Megatron is dead. Galvatron, most likely the same. The Decepticons have also suffered great losses. In fighting together up there against that dark giant, I found new direction. I came to tell you that the Decepticons are calling for a temporary truce. As the new leader of the Decepticons, I plan to bring us back to our original focus… uniting Cybertronians together. Megatron brought us into battle several times, but it was always about domination and conquest. Now that he’s gone, I plan to take up the original plan, with or without you…”

    “ Shockwave… I don’t trust you, and I never will. But if it’s a ceasefire you’re calling now, I’m going to accept it under the given circumstances. If you plan to unite Cybertron, I won’t trust you to do it alone. Ultra Magnus will be taking a crew there shortly. If you’re serious, then you will allow Magnus and his Autobot crew to accompany you to Cybertron until I get there…”

    “ But of course Prime. As I said.. the Decepticons are going in a new direction…”

    Shockwave turns and leaves. The Decepticons follow. Optimus Prime knows Shockwave better than he thinks. He’ll have to keep closer tabs on him, until he finds out what the Decepticons are really up to.

    Optimus heads into the city himself. Ultra Magnus is informed of his mission to Cybertron, as well as Shockwave’s claims of peace. Bumble Bee tells him of Blurs sacrifice inside Unicron, as well as Superion’s sacrifice. All this, as well as Jetfire; who is still unaccounted for. It is not the first time he has gone missing. It remains a mystery for another time.

    Ultra Magnus and Shockwave each take their respective crews, and head to Cybertron. Mirage and Cliffjumper lead the rest of the Cybertronian armada towards their home world as well. Optimus and Rodimus remain with a small crew as they attempt to salvage the city and look for more survivors, helping in any way they can. They see the look on the faces of those they attempt to help. They fear the giant robots, and they should. Optimus begins to wonder if there is anything they can do to salvage their relationship with the humans of Earth.

    Suddenly, the ash in the sky gives way. A fiery mass comes hurtling down towards them. It finally lands in the nearby waters of the bay. Rodimus Prime is the first one on the scene. Out of the waters comes a familiar face, and he is visibly weak and shaken. Rodimus runs to his side as he helps him up. Rodimus speaks…

    “ Wreck-Gar !!?? What is it friend? What’s happened on Junkion to bring you all the way out here ??? “

    Wreck-Gar lifts his head up and responds.

    “ Rodimus Prime? I.. I made it, finally. I’ve been searching for you.. searching for a long time…”

    “ Wreck-Gar? What happened to your television speech patterns? “

    “ I programmed myself to pick up regular Cybertronian speech patterns while my ship went in search of you. I had to pick up any radio transmissions that might lead me to you, so I had to learn quickly. I intercepted Blaster’s communication signal, and I made it here. You have to help us.. they came without warning and took my fellow Junkions. They enslaved them, made them do terrible things. I couldn’t help them.. I was not strong enough…”

    “ Easy there friend. Wreck-Gar, tell me.. who did this? “

    “ They call themselves.. The Quintessons… “

    Rodimus looks up at Optimus. The Quintessons, he thinks to himself. How do they fit into all of this, and what would they want with the Junkions? Rodimus speaks.

    “ Optimus… Wreck-Gar is a good friend of the Autobots. We need to help him, especially if the Quintessons are involved…”

    “ Agreed. As much as I’d like to stay here and help the Humans of Earth, something tells me we aren’t welcome here anymore. “

    Bumble Bee speaks.

    “ No rest for the weary eh Optimus? What’s the plan? “

    “ The Plan? It’s the same plan we’ve always had. Someone needs protection, and the Autobots are going to protect. “

    Optimus looks at Rodimus as he nods his head. Together, they shout as one…

    “ Autobots !!! Transform and roll out… “


    Epilogue 1: " Purpose "

    Space. It is vast and it is empty. In one lonely sector, where the sun has long since gone supernova, and nothing lives… visitors arrive. It starts with a crease through the very fabric of space and time. Then, as the hole gets larger, four beings stumble forth, as the portal closes behind them. They are known as the Four Horsemen of Nemesis, and they are alive and well. Legion is the first to speak.

    “ Bastion… we owe you our lives. If not for your last minute teleport, surely Father would have crushed us with his mighty fist…”

    Bastion looks down at his own fist and speaks.

    “ Father? What kind of Father would so quickly seek to destroy his own children? No, we no longer have a father. Not anymore…”

    Endgame speaks.

    “ Blasphemy !!! Surely we can go back and plead our case to him, maybe seek his mercy and forgiveness for our failure…”

    Warfare interrupts.

    “ No brother… Bastion is right. We will not be receiving any kind of mercies from Fath… I mean Nemesis. It is better that he think us destroyed. He must not know that we still live. “

    Bastion speaks,

    “ Then it is agreed. We venture forth into this universe and create our own destiny… a destiny shaped by our own ambitions and desires. “

    Legion responds.

    “ Oh? You speak of new purpose brother. Tell us, what does our ambition hold for us? What is it that we desire? “

    Bastion finishes…

    “ Our desire? Is it not obvious? Vengeance. It is rightfully ours and we will take it. Nemesis will pay for his betrayal. But first? First we start at the bottom of the ladder. Maximus Prime? He will be the first to feel our wrath…”


    Epilogue 2: " Existence "

    Nemesis drifts alone in the cosmos. His body has fully healed from his last encounter with Primus and his children, the Cybertronians. His body is healed, but his mind is far from it. He thinks to himself. He used to think Primus was a fool for distributing so much of his power over so many of his creations. In the end, It was the children of Primus who defeated him, along with the sole child of Unicron. The power of both matrix’s combined was enough to stop even himself. He thought he was invincible. He thought Primus was too weak

    He thought wrong.

    Nemesis allows a quick and chaotic thought to come across his mind. He allows even a chuckle of laughter to leave his mouth. He thinks to himself,

    “ Hmph… O.k. then. Lets see how this plays out…”

    Nemesis looks up, and then closes his eyes. He makes a fist as an incredible blinding light emanated from within himself. Then, his chest opens, and it begins to transform. His arms fold in first, followed by his legs, as they seem to expand outwards, wrapping around his body. A series of more transformations, and Nemesis head disappears into his torso. Finally, as his body expands, it makes a few more transformations until Nemesis becomes more spherical. Then, all is quiet. Nemesis is no more. In his place, a great black Planet finds itself in new orbit.

    Inside the planets core, a voice can be heard; as it makes it’s final request…

    “ Let there be life !!! “

    From a distance, the black planet seems empty. Then, there is a flash of golden light. Then another. Soon, the entire new planet is filled with hundreds of golden lights. On the surface, hundreds of new robotic life forms begin to find their way across the planet. They are new to existence. They have so many questions. Who will answer them? Who will lead the way for them? Finally, there one last flash of light.

    Above the new robots in one part of the planet, a different creation hovers above them. He looks down upon them all and opens his chest. He reaches in and reveals his own black Matrix. He speaks.

    “ Hear me my brethren. We all have questions, and there are not many answers. There is one thing I do know. We are a mighty race of powerful warriors, and our purpose is simple. Dominance. The universe does not know us, but it will. Let this mark the beginning of a new era. The beginning of The planet Dominus, and the Dominion that inhabits it !!! Follow my lead, and I will take us all towards our destiny…”

    One of the new members of the Dominion shouts out.

    “ What do we call you !? “

    “ Call me… Lord Empirus… “


    Epilogue 3: " Allspark "

    Sunstorm leads his fellow seekers across the surface of the moon. They finally come to a hidden bunker. Upon opening the hatch, Sunstorm speaks.

    “ Inside. They’re all inside, waiting for you…”

    Jetfire walks in first as the injured Starscream is carried inside by Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet. Once inside, Sunstorm closes the hatch. Jetfire speaks.

    “ It’s dark in here. Where are we? “

    “ You are among… friends…”

    As Sunstorm finishes his sentence, he turns on the power and the lights come on. Jetfire and company find themselves in the midst of a dozen stasis tubes. Inside are many familiar faces. Jetfire notices one of the faces inside and speaks.

    “ It can’t be… Prowl !!?? “

    “ And here I thought you would be glad to see us too big guy…”

    Jetfire turns around and comes face to face with the impossible. Starscream looks up and speaks first.

    “ Skywarp… Thundercracker ??!! Wha..How? You became Cyclonus and Scourge. I don’t understand… “

    Sunstorm speaks.

    “ Ha !!! You mean to tell me you don’t know what Galvatron and his minions are by now? This gets better and better by the moment…”

    Suddenly, there is a chill in the air. From the corner of the room comes an eerie voice…

    “ Sunstorm. Stop confusing them further. I’m sure our guests have many questions and you are not making this any easier on them. “

    The figure comes forth, wrapped in a large green cloak and hood. Only the red of his eyes can be seen. He speaks further.

    “ Welcome guests. Welcome to the end of your prior existence, and the beginning of a new one. You are here prematurely, I’m sure no doubt to Sunstorm’s interference. Apparently you four are very popular around here, and some of your friends couldn’t wait to have you over for company. Nevertheless, I don’t discriminate. Normally death gains you entrance, but I’m sure arrangements can be made available…”

    Jetfire draws his blaster but is held back by Skywarp and Thundercracker. Sunstorm takes the blaster out of his hands. Sunstorm speaks.

    “ Don’t fight it Jetfire… It is inevitable…”

    Jetfire looks up at the cloaked figure and speaks.

    “ You have my friends in these stasis tubes. Tell me.. who are you !? “

    The cloaked figure walks forward, closer to the face of Jetfire, and answers him.

    “ I am the weaver of souls, the spinner of Sparks. Call me, Soulreaper…”

    Not The End...

    - Where do Sparks go when they die?
    - Familiar faces return as the next chapter unfolds...

    - Lord Empirius and The Dominion !!!
    - The mystery of Soulreaper !!!

    Stay tuned for Part two of this epic saga...

    Transformers : Dominion !!!

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