2D Artwork: Transformers: Nemesis Fan Fic Characters

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Rodimus Rage, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Hey there. I recently started on my1st transformers epic fan fic. I just thought i'd stop by and see if anybody wanted to take a crack at 5 of my new characters as i have yet to see them envisioned on paper myself. I'd actually like to use some splash page art from my fellow transfans here in the fan fic novel.
    So if your interested in illustrating the fan fic with me, let me know, and i'll credit each splash page that's chosen accordingly. ( If by some chance someone wishes to be a full time artist for the splash pages through out the novel, id consider it. )

    So check out the fan fic at the fan fic site. I'd love to work with some of you on here.
    the 5 new characters go as follows.

    Nemesis, and his horsemen


    it's a generation 1 version story, with a few continuity twist. other characters should be easy to remember and draw.

    the fan fic is still underway, but the prelude, as well as chapter 4 gives a bit of insights to a few of the characters. I'm thinking of the horsemen as a cross between " the fallen", and the decepticon army that unicron reformatted in the animated movie... black versions of galvatron, cyclonus, scourge and company.

    as for nemesis, i have ideas, but because hes so badass, i thought i'd be cool to let one of you come up with his look and take full credit.

    i'm a writer by nature, and not very good at drawing mech art. so once again, if anyone is willing to work with me on this project, let me know. thanks...
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