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    Transformers Movieverse
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    This is just a teaser to see what feedback I get, hopefully you guys will like it and if so I'll be writing a lot more. Enjoy.
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    Voice Over
    Space, for millennia had been an unknown frontier for mankind. The unknown details of this vast frontier has sparked religions, wonderment, and much speculation as to whether or not man was alone in the Universe. Attempts to contact intelligent life taking refuge among the stars historically had proved futile, that is until intelligent life, found us.

    Chp 1: First Encounter

    Katmai, Alaska 1949 a group of scientists and explorers, headed by a sharp young Doctor, Archibald Witwicky were commissioned by an unknown arm of the United States government to conduct a study on the mountains of Katmai, where the devastating eruption of 1912 took place. The team of 12 was flown to and dropped off at the mountains by military helicopter and had been given a two week supply of necessities and instructed to interact with no one. They were also ordered to make sure they made it to the rendezvous point by 1300 hours on day fourteen, lest they face abandonment.

    0800 hrs, day 14

    “Dr. Witwicky,” a gentleman began as he read over the group’s findings. “Do you suppose our discovery will prove satisfactory to those that sent us?”

    “That is something I am not sure about friend.” The Dr. replied. “I find it hard to believe that all they were concerned about was an eruption that took place over 35 years ago.”

    “But Dr, our findings are somewhat significant.” The man replied.

    “I do not see how us righting a wrong pertaining to exactly which mountain erupted could be of much value to our military considering the current state of world affairs.” The Dr replied.

    “The war is all but over Dr, so perhaps that fact that Mt. Novarupta was the mountain that actually caused so much devastation will be of value.” The man finished.

    “Maybe,” Dr. Archibald answered. “But I feel that there is more than meets the eye to this whole mission.”

    “We’ve all heard the rumors about Alaska possibly becoming the 49th state, and if that is more than mere fiction, maybe our journey here is but a precursor to that becoming a reality.” The man speculated.

    “I don’t know, and for whatever reason I’m not comfortable with our findings.” Witwicky replied. “I’m going back to the summit to look one last time.”

    “But the summit is a mile away and the conditions are not the best. What if you miss the rendezvous hour?” the man questioned.

    “We won’t.” Witwicky answered.

    “What do you mean, we?” the man asked.

    “I need a spotter to help me stay balanced while I descend into the crater.” The Dr. said. “I just want to make sure we’ve covered all our bases. Will you help me?”

    “O alright, but let’s hurry.” The man the Dr. referred to as Harry replied as the two gentlemen put on their coats and collected the necessary gear.

    The trek took and hour and a half due to the lack of light and because of the heavy snow that had accumulated on the mountaintop. “Okay Harry, you said we’d better hurry so let’s get everything in place so I can get down there.” Dr. Witwicky said as the two men peered down into the crater.

    Another 45 minutes went by. The men put the braces and safety equipment in place and the Dr. began inspecting the crater. “See anything Dr?” Harry yelled from above.

    “Yes actually I do, there’s something protruding through the rock about 15 meters down. Give me some slack please.” Witwicky declared.

    “Okay Dr.” Harry yelled as he loosened the rope. “What do you see?”

    “I don’t know Harry, but whatever it is is massive!” an excited Dr. Witwicky yelled back. “Dynamite, we’re gonna need some dynamite!”

    “Are you mad Dr, that could cause an avalanche!” Harry replied.

    “The avalanche will only affect the crater. Quick, toss a rope down here, tie some sticks of dynamite together, place them in that wooden box, and lower them to me.” The Dr demanded.

    “I hope you know what you’re doing Dr. Witwicky.” Harry declared as he did as the Dr ordered.

    “Everything’s in place.” Witwicky said as he laced the rope through the wooden box, fastened the box in place next to the protrusion, proceeded to pour alcohol onto both the box and the rope. “Pull me up Harry.”

    Once both men’s feet were firmly planted on the ground above the crater, the Dr set a large piece of cloth ablaze and forced it to slide down the rope they had put in place as the two men waited anxiously for what the explosion would unveil. It was a matter of seconds before an eruption of snow and ice within the crater began and the men covered themselves until they deemed it safe to once again peer down into the crater.

    “This would be a good time for us to run and get the others, wouldn’t you agree.” Harry said as he turned to the Dr who had just approached the edge of the crater with him witnessing a sight beyond both of their wildest imaginations.

    “I would definitely agree!” the awestruck Dr replied.

    The threat of missing their ride home did not seem to bother the twelve scientists as they anxiously and excitedly probed and prodded the frame the icy volcano had unveiled which to them seemed alien. The frame was made of a metal none of them was familiar with, and it looked as if it was a cross between some type of aircraft and some type of humanoid creature with limbs. It was apparent that the thing had crashed into the crater some time ago because there was obvious damage to the frame. It was missing a large part of what appeared to be a wing and it had what looked to be a metal arm just dangling beneath its chassis.

    “Where could this thing have come from?” one of the scientists thought aloud.

    “A better question would be: why is it here?” another man answered.

    “Isn’t it obvious,” the 1st scientist replied. “It was shot down.”

    “But by whom, or by what?” Dr. Witwicky inquired.

    “My guess would be by our troops.” Harry began. “After all we were sent here on what we all assume was a government mission.”

    “I don’t know Harry,” the Dr replied. “If that were the case, why wouldn’t they have come here without us? There’s someone out there that knows something we’ve not been privy to. But no matter, we’ve apparently succeeded on our mission so let’s try and make it back to the rendezvous point so we can reveal our findings.”

    The men reached the rendezvous point in just enough time to see their transportation making its landing. They considered themselves lucky to make it back, but at the same time found it slightly peculiar that their ‘rescue’ helicopter was accompanied and another identical chopper that was whatever reason was a lot more heavily armed than the single chopper that dropped them off.

    “I don’t like the looks of this.” One of the scientists with Dr. Witwicky said was they watched a gentleman in an all black military outfit disembarked from one of the choppers.

    “Gentlemen,” the man began. “What findings have your efforts uncovered?”

    “Sir,” Dr. Witwicky began as he approached the man.

    “The name is Simmons, agent James Simmons the 1st. please address me as Agent Simmons?” the man insisted.

    “Well agent Simmons,” Witwicky began as he glanced back at his crew with a look of distrust for the agent in his eyes. “We have made a new discovery.”

    Simmons: “Please elaborate.”

    Witwicky: It appears that we have for decades been led to believe that Mt. Katmai was the volcano that caused much devastation in 1912, however, what we have discovered was that the eruption was in fact an eruption of Mt. Novarupta.”

    “Is that all?” the agent inquired as he glanced across the team of scientists.

    “You heard the Dr, Sir.” Harry spoke up. “That’s it.”

    “Please forgive me for being rude, but I find your news uninspiring and lacking in some manner.” The agent declared. “Please give me the whole story.”

    “Well agent Simmons,” Witwicky began. “It seems as if you know something or have held something back from us.”

    Simmons: you sound bothered Dr.

    “Considering the fact that these men and I have risked our lives in the mountains for two weeks we feel like we deserve the respect of full disclosure.” Dr. Witwicky replied angrily.

    “How dare you address me as if you feel you are entitled to any type of explanation from me Witwicky!” Simmons said as he slapped the Dr. in the face knocking him to the icy ground. “I’ll have you all thrown into prison for treason if the rest of you insist upon following Witwicky’s pathetic example. Now tell me, what have you found?”

    One of the scientists began speaking up. “Agent Simmons, sir, about a mile to our northwest, within the crater of Novarupta we unearthed something, otherworldly.”

    “O really.” Agent Simmons stated with a slight grin as a handful of soldiers with guns cocked and ready exited the choppers. “Cuff these terrorists and let’s find that thing.”

    “This isn’t right, you cannot do this!” Harry screamed as half of his fellow scientists were grabbed by soldiers.

    “Who cares, there’s nothing you can do about it now anyway.” One of the soldiers said as he attempted to grab Harry.

    “Wanna bet.” Dr. Witwicky said just before grabbing his pistol and shooting at the soldiers. “Run Harry!”

    Harry grabbed the gun of the downed soldier and one of the other scientists did the same as the trio of newly armed scientists trotted away from their antagonists backwards with their weapons still aimed.

    “Kill those three!” Simmons ordered as more armed troops exited the choppers and began pursuing the three armed scientists who were making a break for it.

    “Where are we gonna go Dr?” Harry asked as they tried to evade gun fire.

    “I don’t know, just keep running!” Witwicky answered. “Maybe we can take refuge within the frame of the alien.”

    “Anything’s better than dying.” Harry replied as one of the soldier’s bullets ended the life of the other scientist.

    “Stop your pursuit!” Simmons ordered his soldiers. “We’ll leave them here to die. Let’s get back to the choppers so we can find this otherworldly discovery.”

    By the time the soldiers made it back to the choppers, Dr. Witwicky and Harry had successfully been able to reach their discovery. “What do we do now Dr?” Harry asked.

    “Try and pry open this bottom hatch.” The Dr answered. “And we’d better hurry; I hear the choppers closing in.”

    “Witwicky,” the agent yelled from the chopper above as his team reached the crater. “You are a pathetic fool. A man of your scholastic aptitude should realize that there is no escape.”

    “What on Earth is that?” One of the soldiers inquired as the frame of the metal being came into view.

    “NBE 2 soldier, that’s NBE 2.” Simmons declared before taking a brief pause.
    “You two gentleman are trespassing on classified property of Sector 7. Please step away from the frame and I promise you that you may live to see another day.”

    “Maybe he’s right Dr,” Harry said to the Dr. “We’ve run out of options. I think it’s best we do what he says.”

    Dr.: “Damnit Harry!”

    Harry: It’s the only chance we have Dr.

    “Fine,” Dr. Witwicky stated as the two men stepped from beneath the frame with both hands up. “We surrender.”

    “Shoot em’ boys.” Simmons ordered.

    “You bastard!” Dr. Witwicky yelled as a bullet caused him to again take refuge beneath the alien behemoth. Unfortunately for Harry, he was not so lucky. A shot to the back of the head took him out just before he reached safety. “No!” Witwicky screamed in a panic while clamoring beneath the alien trying to figure out exactly what he could do to survive as gunfire continuously rained down against the frame he was using as a refuge. Then it happened. One of the shots apparently activated the long dormant alien thing sheltering Dr, Witwicky. Lights began flashing, gears began shifting, and all of a sudden Dr. Witwicky found himself uncovered as he looked up at a towering though obviously wounded robotic organism.

    “I…HAVE…AWAKENED!” the voice of the robot boomed as the shots to its frame continued. “COME HERE FLESHLING.” It said as it reached down with its good hand to grad the doctor that stood beneath it.

    The choppers instantly took to the sky and positioned themselves for some sort of offensive maneuver before the apparently disoriented robot could focus, then prepared to move in. “Destroy that thing now!” Simmons yelled as the choppers readied to fire.

    “NOT THIS TIME DEATH’S HEAD!” the robot declared as it shot a destructive blast from what looked like an arm-mounted cannon. The blast instantly destroyed the chopper Simmons was on as well as the entire crew. The other chopper managed to escape destruction and proceeded to retreat and radio for back up.

    “HOLD STILL FLESHLING.” The robot said before somehow reorganizing its frame and transforming into some sort of jet. “YOU ARE COMING WITH ME.” It concluded as it fastened the doctor into its cockpit and took to the Alaskan sky. The Alien and the doctor managed to evade the fire of their pursuers, but shortly after losing their antagonists the fuel supply of the jet became crucially low, and the pair crash landed somewhere in the Nevada desert.
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    Chp 2: Last Will and Testament

    Present Day, Mission City, CA

    “Sam,” a female voiced yelled from the foot of the stairs. “Hurry up son; we need to be ready when your dad gets home.

    “I don’t understand why I have to go anyway mom.” Sam Witwicky, a 16 year old boy replied. “Great Grandpa Witwicky’s will will sound just as crazy without me as it will with me.”

    “That’s no way to talk about family Sam, you were raised better than that.” His mother declared. “Now put a move on. I think I hear your father outside.”

    HONK, HONK. “Judy, you and Sam need to get out here. You know how much I can’t stand being late.” Ron Witwicky yelled from the driveway.


    “Are you having hot flashes again mom?” Sam asked as he made his way downstairs.

    “Look at my little man.” She stated as she grabbed Sam’s arm, twisted him around, and then proceeded to hug him tightly. “You look so nice and I just can’t believe how big my little Sammie has gotten.”

    “Mom, I’m 17, and I don’t think little Sammie is age appropriate for me unless you want me to never enjoy the pleasures of a woman.” Sam rebutted as the two of them walked outside to the SUV.

    “Well it’s about time.” Ron declared.

    “Do not start with me today, Ron.” Judy began, “I am so not in the mood for hostilities.”

    “Well what are you in the mood for sweet cheeks?” Ron asked before squeezing Judy’s rear as it approached the passenger’s seat.

    “O Ron, I sure hope that thing doesn’t take too long. I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home.” Judy replied flirtatiously.

    “You guys, remember me, Sam. I’m sitting right behind you.”

    “What’s your problem Sam, you’re 17. I’m sure you’ve taken a lady or two for a ride on the ole Witwicky Express.” Ron stated.

    “Ron.” Judy said as she slapped her husband’s arm. “My baby is a gentleman, and he’d better not be letting any of these young tramps ride on his little Sammie-go-round.”

    “Dad, can we please change the subject. You guys are starting to make me strongly consider running away, or worse.” Sam stated.

    “O Relax for crying out loud.” Ron replied. “What would you prefer us discuss?”

    “A car would be nice.” Sam answered.

    “What is it with you two?” Ron began as he looked at Sam, then at his wife. “Do both of you think I eat paper and crap out dead presidents? I’m not made out of money you know.”

    “Put a sock in it Ron, Sam’s right.” Judy responded. “I think it’s about time our baby got his first car.”

    “Yeah dad, and who knows. Maybe great grandpa Witwicky is leaving us a pile of cash.”

    “If he did that, then my name is Sparkplug, and I’ll build you a damn car myself.” Ron answered jokingly as they arrived at the law firm of Simon & Furman.

    On the inside, the Witwicky family took a seat as the attorney’s prepared the paperwork. “Are you and your family ready to begin, Mr. Witwicky?” one of the lawyers asked.

    “Yes sir, we’re ready.” Ron answered.

    “Great, then let us begin by expressing our condolences for the loss of your grandfather. We know this must be a difficult time for all of you.” The lawyer stated.

    “Yes, grandpa and the boys were very close.” Judy Witwicky stated as she forced a tear out of her eye.

    “Will you cut that out Judy!” Ron insisted. “The truth is we barely knew my grandpa. All we ever did for him was use the money my dad left me to make sure he was properly cared for. Grandpa Witwicky’s mind has been gone so long, I barely actually know him.”

    “I see.” The Lawyer replied. “Then let us continue. Your grandfather did not have very much as far as material possessions were concerned. But he did have a box of valuables that he wanted to leave to whoever the youngest Witwicky is.”

    “O Sam,” Judy began excitely. “This might be your lucky day. Just remember who spent 18 hours in labor pushing out that big head of yours okay.”

    “JUUDY!” an agitated Ron sighed. “Just let the man finish.”

    “As I was saying, this box,” the lawyer stated as he placed an old metal cigar box looking container with a funny looking red logo on it in front of the family. “contains everything that meant anything to your grandfather.”

    “What’s in it?” Sam inquired.

    “Open it and see for yourself Mr. Witwicky.” The lawyer postured.

    “I wonder what this red logo means.” Sam declared as he flipped up the latches that held the box closed.

    “What’s in there Sam?” Ron asked as Sam opened the box.

    “Some old glasses, an astronomy map or something, and this thing,” Sam concluded as he emptied the box and showed the strange looking metal device to his parents.

    “What on Earth is that?” Ron let out in the direction of the lawyers.

    “Your guess would be as good as ours.” The lawyers responded. “But if I were you, I’d hold on to it and get it appraised. It may be valuable.”

    “Is that it guys?” Ron asked the lawyers.

    “That’s pretty much it Mr. Witwicky.” The lawyer began. “There’s only a couple other small things.”

    “Well can you tell us so we can leave!” Judy blurted out.

    “Certainly,” the lawyer replied. “Your Grandfather wanted you all to know that he was not the crazy man you remember, but that he was actually once a brilliant scientist. He said that something happened to him that changed him and our world forever, and he insisted that someone discover what it was that changed him before, and I quote,” the lawyer continued. “DEATH rears his ugly HEAD. Death and head were written in all caps it that means anything to you.”

    “What a nut job.” Judy stated.

    “He concluded by stating that it all went he went down in JETFIRE, (again in all caps) in 49’ in Area 51.” The lawyer finished. “Does that mean anything to you guys?”

    “It means I married into one crazy family.” Judy stated as she stood up. “Come on Ron, Sam you grab your toy box, and let’s get outta here.”

    “Hold on wait Judy, he said there was one other thing.” Ron said as he encouraged his wife to display some patience.

    “I’m glad you mentioned that Mr. Witwicky.” The lawyer began. “There is the manner of your grandfather’s legal fees. Now how will you be paying, by check or by credit card?”
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    Chp 3: Beware the Bounty Hunter

    Air Force Flight Test Center (Detachment 3) at Groom Lake, NV

    A group consisting of a military jeep and 2 hummers approaches a security check point. “You boys been having as much fun in the dessert today as I have?” the security officer declared as the vehicles made it to his post.

    “About as much fun as could be expected.” Captain Lennox, a rugged yet handsome fighter pilot replied from inside the jeep as he and his crew displayed their credentials for inspection.

    “Ey Lennox.” A dark skinned, bald, smooth voice having soldier called out from the driver’s seat of hummer in back began. “Morales wants to know if he can join us on maneuvers in the next prototype testing.”

    “O does he now Epps.” Lennox replied.

    “Yes sir,” another soldier riding with Epps interjected as the crew broke out in laughter. “He says that he’ll even be sure to bring along a pair of his momma’s diapers in case he wets himself again.”

    “Both of you know I never pissed my pants, it was just hot a hell in that damned cockpit, so you can kiss my ass Parker.” Morales angrily responded, “and you too Epps.”

    “Why don’t you wash your stankin’ ass first Morales.” Epps replied. “You smell like you been holding two shit-monkeys in a headlock.

    “I ain’t been holding anything Epps.” Morales replied, “you must have me confused with Parker’s momma cuz she’s the one that’s been holding……”

    “Why did you have to bring my mother into this you bladder blunderer!” Parker replied in frustration. “My mom hasn’t been holding anything.”

    “I don’t know.” Epps declared. “Morales tells us she’s been holding on to something pretty tight.”

    “And just what might that be?” Parker reluctantly inquired as the unit proceeded from the checkpoint towards the military compound.

    “These um…” Epps began.

    “These what!?” Parker yelled.

    “These nuts!” the whole crew laughed out in unison as they parked and exited the vehicles.

    “We have been out here way to long.” Lennox said as he looked back at his team while they all entered a building full of other military personnel. “We could all use a break.”

    “You ain’t lying.” Epps declared. “I been standing downwind from Morales for 8 damn months now.”

    “Enough badgering each other guys.” Lennox began. “I’ve got an announcement. Tonight will be our last night in this desert for a while. As of 0800 hours tomorrow our team is relieved of duty.”

    “So that’s why you’ve been in such a great mood today.” Epps stated.

    “You bet buddy, by this time tomorrow hopefully all of us will all be hugging loved ones and enjoying a home cooked meal.” Lennox declared to his smiling troops.

    “But what about tonight?” Morales said with excitement. “I don’t know about you guys, but if you ask me, I’d say it’s Miller time!”

    “MILLER TIME!” the guys yelled as Epps pulled a pack of Cuban cigars from his locker and began tossing them to his compadres.

    That night was a night of celebration at Groom Lake. All the soldiers at the Air Force base that would be discharged on the following day were either drunk or getting there. All except Lennox, who was in front of his computer screen on the webcam with his wife.

    “How’s my boy doing baby?” Lennox asked.

    “He’s fine, other than the fact that both he and his mother miss his father desperately.” The lady with the beautiful smile on the other end of the webcam stated.

    Lennox: “Well he won’t and his mother won’t be missing daddy too much longer baby cause tomorrow, I’m coming home!”

    “There IS a God!” the wife declared with joy before calling out to her son. “Spike, daddy’s coming home tomorrow!”

    Lennox: “You sound almost as excited as I am honey.”

    Wife: “I’ll show you exactly how excited I am tomorrow night. So if I were you, tonight I’d get lots of rest because you will definitely be needing your strength.”

    Lennox: “Have mercy! Those words are music to my ears. I can’t wait! Now let me talk to my son you vixen you.

    Wife: Spike, come here. Daddy wants to talk with you.

    The sound of a panting wide eyed little boy was the next thing Lennox saw on his screen. “How’s it going partner?”

    “Dad, dad!” the boy began. “Is it true, are you really coming home?”

    “You bet son. Your dad misses you and can’t wait to take you fishing.” Lennox stated.

    “Yay! O and dad, can we….” The boy began as the screen flickered.

    Outside, the base perimeter guards were being alerted by central command that a CH-53E Super Stallion gun-copter reported a mayday about 900 miles southeast of the base’s location. This news was especially troubling on two fronts. The first reason was because there appeared to be some military hostilities not too far from Lake Groom, a facility that was top secret, and secondly and perhaps most alarming, the CH-53E Super Stallion gun-copter was the exact type of vehicle that was scheduled to arrive at the base at 0530 with new troops and supplies. “We need to send out a scout team to make sure everything’s alright. Get Lennox on the line.” One of the guards ordered.

    “Sir, yes sir.” An officer answered while sending a transmission to the interior of the base. “Captain Lennox come in, Captain Lennox, come in.”

    “What is it now? Hold on son.” Lennox said aloud as the transmission that interrupted his son’s excited words prompted him to turn and grab his transmitter. “This is Lennox. What’s going on?”

    “Central Command has reported that the supply chopper sent out a mayday about 12 minutes ago. They didn’t give any details other than saying that they pilot began yelling for help just as his transmission was being cut off.” The officer explained.

    “Son,” Lennox said as he turned back to his screen. “Tell your mother I love her okay, and you be a good boy, daddy’s gonna see you tomorrow.”

    Son: But daddy….

    “Sorry son, daddy’s got to go now. I love you.” Lennox concluded before shutting down his connection. “So tell me, do we have the exact location of the chopper now.”

    “No, not at the moment.” The officer began, “wait, what the? That was strange, but it looks like we’ve got radar now Captain.”

    “What was strange?” Lennox inquired as he put his uniform on and prepared to exit the barracks.

    “We’ve been trying to get a radar signal for the last ten minutes and nothing. We’d all but assumed the chopper had been shot down or simply crashed. Now it looks like the chopper is in the air and headed on its original course.” The officer explained.

    Lennox: You mean it’s coming here.

    Officer: It looks that way sir. Regardless, Central Command wants us to send out the welcome wagon.

    Lennox: If they want a welcome wagon, we’ll just have to give them one. You guys keep an eye on that chopper, and I’m gonna send some of my men to escort the bird to the nest.

    Officer: You’ve got it Captain.

    “Okay boys,” Lennox said as he entered the mess hall. “The party’s over, we’ve got a project.”

    Parker: It’s after midnight boss, based on what you told us earlier, we’ve been relieved of our duties.

    Lennox: Well you’ve just got unrelieved, and thanks for volunteering.

    Parker: Volunteering for what Sir?

    Lennox: I need you and another pilot sober enough to fly to accompany me on a simple mission.

    Epps: A simple mission? You gotta be kidding me. There’s no such thing as a simple mission at 3 in the damn morning.

    “So does that mean you volunteer as well?” Lennox suggested.

    “Why the hell not” Epps replied as he clumsily stood to his feet. “I’m too drunk to be mad right now anyway.”

    “Okay, never mind that Epps.” Lennox replied. “Morales, are you, coherent?”

    “Never been better sir.” Morales answered.

    Lennox: “Well then suit up, you and your buddy Parker are coming with me.”

    As the three men made their way towards the hanger, Lennox’ transmitter began buzzing yet again. “My guys and I are in the hanger now and we’ll be in the air in less than 3 minutes. What is it now?”

    “Send the guys, we need you and Epps at Central Command pronto.” The voice on the other end of the transmitter demanded.

    “I don’t understand, what is this about?” Lennox asked as he stopped short of boarding the f-15.

    “Captain Lennox this is a direct order from the Command Center, get Epps and get here stat!” the voice declared as the transmission ended.

    “This just keeps getting weirder.” Lennox thought aloud. “Guys, you’re gonna have to stare the chopper here without me. Central Command has some other plans for my services at the moment.”

    “No problem sir.” Parker replied from his cockpit. “We’ll handle things, and if Morales pisses his pants again I’ll be sure to let you know about it.”

    “Just be careful guys, I have a weird feeling about all of this.” Lennox stated softly before pausing as the two men ignited their engines and exited the hanger.

    As Lennox and Epps left the base to speak with central command, Parker and Morales caught up to the CH-53E Super Stallion. “Super Stallion crew, this is Air Force pilot John Parker. My partner, AF Pilot Morales and I have been instructed to see to it that you make it safely to the base. Is everything okay aboard?” He got no response.
    “Let me repeat myself in case I wasn’t clear.” Parker declared. “We have been ordered to fly you to base due to your mayday request. We need a status report, and we need it now!”

    “They’re not responding, what do we do?” Morales asked through a private frequency only he and Parker shared.

    “Just be patient Morales, they’ll have to answer sooner or later.” Parker replied.

    “What was that shit!” Morales yelled.

    “What are you talking about Morales?” Parker questioned.

    “That damned pilot in the cockpit, he…… flickered.” Morales replied. “Tell me you saw that!”

    “I knew it letting you come on this mission was a bad choice.” Parker began. “You’re always a step away from panic mode. Just try not to piss on the upholstery this time.”

    “To hell with you Parker, I know what I saw! Something’s not right on that chopper.” Morales responded.

    “We’re nearing the base, let’s just guide it in, we’ll let the guys on the ground do the investigating.” Parker replied.

    As the Super Stallion landed within the confines of the base the perimeter guard attempted to radio the chopper. “CH-53E Super Stallion, you have reached the drop off point. What is your status?”

    “They didn’t answer us either.” Parker chimed in from above as the guards waited for a response.

    “CH-53E Super Stallion,” the guard began. “Power down your engine at once and disembark or we will use force to ensure your compliance.”

    Silence, and once again, no response

    “This is the final warning, power down NOW!” the guard demanded.

    As the chopper’s engines began to quiet down, all of a sudden the CH-53E Super Stallion shifted its form, transformed, and stood up in robot form, towering above the soldiers below as it let out a fearsome roar causing instant panic.

    “Aw shit, that ain’t good!” Morales yelled,

    “You’re damn right Morales; that isn’t good.” Parker declared. “Blast that thing now!”

    Before a round of artillery could touch the red eyed, fifty foot monster, the creature released what sounded like a sonic boom and sent soldiers, weapons, and buildings alike flying like feathers in a tornado.

    “I KNOW YOU’RE HERE, JETFIRE. I CAN SMELL YOU.” The behemoth stated much to the amazement and confusion of the two survivors, Morales and Parker.

    “It’s now or never Morales, let’s get it!” Parker declared hoping that they could somehow take down the giant. The two proceeded to fire on the robot, but it seems that their weapons did nothing but enrage the monster who then unleashed a volley of laser fire in their direction quickly ending both of the flier’s lives.

    “PUNY FLESH CREATURES!” the robot declared as it surveyed the area to see it any more resistance was there. Upon confirmation that the futile attempts of resistance had ended the robot opened up a transmission and began speaking. “STARSCREAM COME IN, I’VE FOUND THE TRAITOR’S LOCATION.”
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    Enter the Nemesis

    At over three miles (5 km) long, the alien starship made its way into the Milky Way’s Sol System. The ship was equipped with an energon reactor, cutting and tractor beams, along with a staggering array of offensive and defensive weapons. It was powered by the energy maximizer named the Heart of Cybertron. Other amenities included a battle preparation room large enough for a combiner to completely form inside, and mounted atop the ship near its front was an intimidating weapon known simply as, The Harvester.
    This marvelous ship was a Decepticon reconstruction of an ancient Cybertronian ship known as the Ark. The original Ark was originally a vessel launched by Cybertronians to try and find uninhabited solar systems in order to use the ship’s main weapon, the Harvester to harvest the energy of the system’s sun in order to create energon, the fuel that powered Cybertron. After a team of five Cybertronians known as Autobots refused to use the Harvester after discovering that the solar system they were in was filled with life, the Decepticon High Commander ordered an attack on the ship so his Decepticons could control The Harvestor. The ship’s Autobot crew was executed mercilessly, which led to the Great Cybertronian War between Autobots and Decepticons. After that, the Decepticon High Commander ordered the ship reengineered into a massive purple war machine which he renamed, The Nemesis.

    Within the bowels of the imposing Decepticon starship, the cadence of determined footsteps could be heard marching rapidly through its halls. Normally the only beings who hurried through the halls in such a manner were worker droids, the likes of which the Decepticons used either as maintenance bots or gun fodder. This time, however, the being that made its way towards the control room of the star cruiser was much higher in the pecking order than a mere worker droid. This mech stood nearly 40 feet tall. Above its waist, where powerful legs met its torso, metal protrusions that resembled wings extended from the being’s back. Its silver and slightly red frame glistened as the lights of the hallway reflected off of the glass between what on a man would be his pectoral muscles as the being made its way to the command room’s door. The 40 foot masterpiece paused at the door as a looked like a retinal scanner descended from the ceiling just above the door and began an inspection of what appeared to be the being’s optical area or eyes. After a quick inspection, the door slid open and a monotone voice from the scanner stated: “You may proceed.”
    The robot then entered the room, took a knee, bowed its head, and then spoke. “Death’s Head sends word, my Lord.”

    In front of the kneeling robot was the back of a black throne which looked to be made of onyx adorned in the middle with a purple crest. Extending above the throne was the back of a platinum silver helmet which was the top of the head of the one seated on the throne. After being addressed by the newcomer, the one seated on the throne began rotating his seat around in order to face the mech that had just spoken and revealed itself. The imposing silver framed powerhouse with a broad chest adorned with the same crest as the throne then rose up, approached the silver and red mech, and then responded. “Good news I trust, right Starscream.”

    “Really good news, Mighty Megatron,” Starscream declared. “The traitor, Jetfire had been found.”

    “That is most excellent.” Megatron replied while motioning for Starscream to stand upright. “My Decepticons will get to avenge his treason and we will harvest the energon from the sun of this pathetic solar system. How convenient.”

    “That is not all though, my Lord.” Starscream began. “Death’s Head has also sent word that Jetfire entered this solar system in the company of two Autobots. If they have sent word to Iacon, our task of harvesting this sun may prove more difficult than anticipated.”

    “I have grown weary of the Autobot’s constant meddling.” Megatron declared as his eyes shinned a deep crimson color. “If they interfere this time, I will make slag of them all.” He concluded as he grabbed a black fusion cannon and attached it to his right arm.
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    Give e some feedback (good or bad). I wanna know what you guys think!
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    no love huh? what a bummer, i was hoping to get some feedback.
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    A review, some comment (good or bad), and any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Here's a summary for my vision of where this fic will develop from and reveal as it progresses.


    The Fallen betrayed his home world and sided with a mythical enemy that wanted to rule Cybertron. The enemy was held off and forced to retreat leaving all of its followers behind dead or to be hunted down and tried by the victors. The fallen managed to evade his pursuers and was presumed either dead or lost to the stars until he decided to avenge his master(s). He stole a sacred Cybertronian artifact known as the Cube (which was the key to the Allspark a.k.a Vector Sigma) from deep beneath the surface of Cybertron’s capital city of Iacon. His plan was to use the Cube to create an army that would assassinate the leadership group known as the high council and help him take control of Cybertron for his master(s). He only managed to create a handful of soldiers before he was discovered and again hunted down. His forces were defeated after killing every member of the council save one and he was forced to flee his home world or face certain death. He vanished to the far reaches of the galaxy, and with him went the Cube.
    Fearing that Cybertron was again vulnerable to an invasion, the last surviving council member enacted the council’s contingency plan know as project PRIME. His plan was create a new leader for his home world that was powerful, charismatic, and endowed with the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients. After careful consideration he thought that creating one frame was not wise, nor was endowing any one individual with the knowledge of the ancients; so he decided to make two frames, one with a design based on the design of the powerful ‘Tron’ units the Fallen had created to destroy the council, yet vastly more powerful, and another which was the first of its kind that he marveled over as it was by far his best creation. He did not give either the wisdom of the ancients, but instead constructed a device he called the Matrix of Leadership to hold this knowledge. Its possessor would be endowed with the wisdom and power of the ancients. He had this artifact hidden and protected by an old mech he trusted known as Jetfire and he then sacrificed his spark to the Allspark in order to bring the two mechs he designed online. He named the first mech Megatron, and the second he named Optimus.
    Centuries went by peacefully until an energon famine broke out threatening all Cybertronian life. The two leaders came up with a plan to harvest energy from distant stars of uninhabited solar systems. This worked well until one of the leader’s best friends and loyal followers ordered the destruction of a star in an inhabited solar system. This soldier was brought back to Cybertron and tried and convicted for the crime of genocide. Megatron was incensed and could not understand why Cybertronians (a.k.a. Autobots) would require the life of his friend in order to avenge the death of a solar system full of flesh creatures. Megatron made his mind up that he would not stand such an injustice, so he began to stir up unrest among the citizens. He claimed that they were superior creations, gods even, when compared with flesh creatures and that no Cybertronian life should be sacrificed for such pathetic creatures. Megs was able to rally enough support to mount an attack on the prison facility and free his friend as well as any other prisoner sympathetic to his cause. Optimus opposed Meg’s stance and pled with him declaring that freedom was the right of all sentient beings. Megs, however, could not be reasoned with so he decided to take his followers away from Iacon and start a government of there own in a region known as Polyhex.
    Over the years tensions grew between the regions, but as long as there was energon on Cybertron there was peace. When energon began to run short once again, another Star Harvester crew was sent from Iacon in search of energy. The crew sent a message back to Iacon that was intercepted by Megatron’s team. The message stated that the nearest star system was inhabited and therefore no energon could be harvested. This news angered Megatron, so he ordered a task force to attack the Iaconian crew and force them to use of The Harvester. He further stated that if the crew would not comply, that they must be terminated for the good of Cybertron. The orders were followed and the crew was attacked. After refusing to do as Megatron wished, the crew was shot dead by Megatron’s followers which by this time were being called Decepticons. The dying crew managed to get a message of the attack to Iacon and Optimus sent out a squadron to pursue the betrayers. They followed the hijackers of The Harvester back to Polyhex were they were greeted by weapons fire. This was the beginning of the Great War.
    With Cybertron dying, Optimus decided to seek out advice, and his search led him to an old Decepticon sympathizer, Jetfire. After speaking with Optimus, Jetfire was reminded of his old friend A3’s last wishes. He then revealed the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus and as he did so the voice of A3 and the ancients filled the room saying, “Arise Optimus Prime.” Jetfire immediately changed his allegiance and Optimus soaked in the wisdom from the Matrix (which he hid within his chest). He learned of The Fallen’s treachery and of the Cube and decided to send scout team of three to search for the relic so they could restore Cybertron and hopefully end the war. The team consisted of Jazz, Prime’s 1st lieutenant, Bumblebee, a skilled fighter, and Jetfire, whom the Decepticons now considered a traitor. Megatron placed a bounty on the head of Jetfire promising to promote the Decepticon that had information that could lead to the capture of Jetfire to Meg’s 2nd in command. A Decepticon known as Starscream hired a famed bounty hunting unit known as The Death Head Duo consisting of the hunters, Death Metal and Death Wreck to pursue Jetfire after acquiring information that Prime had sent the trio on a mission. So Death’s Head followed the Autobot crew to a distant solar system. As they passed through an asteroid belt, Death’s Head launched an attack on the Autobot crew destroying their ship. The three Autobots managed to escape the doomed ship but were separated from one another in the midst of the panic that ensued. Jazz and Bumblebee managed to find each other and realized that their Decepticon attackers were only after Jetfire, but by this time it was too late for both Jetfire as well as the Decepticons that had attacked them had vanished beyond the asteroid belt. The two Autobots, without a ship and low on energon made a refuge on the nearest planet (which was the 4th from the solar system’s sun) and sent word back to Cybertron that they had been attacked and Jetfire had disappeared and with him, the directions to the coordinates they sought.
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    Haven't read it all trough, just half of chap 1, but it looks good so far. It's sounds a lot deeper than the original Bay-movie. I'll try to catch up one of these days(bussy with school and things) but please keep writing it:)  The Fan-Fiction board needs more of these good written stories(like yours, Peteynorth's and a few others)
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    I like it too. It sounds a lot more entertaining than Bay's version. Not as corny.Don't feel bad that not many people are commenting, people sometimes read and don't talk.
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    im enjoying it. keep it up i wanna see where you go with this.
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    In my ass
    And people say fans can't write a good fiction story based on our beloved franchise. Bah!

    Excellent story! I love it!

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