Transformers (Movie-verse): War for Earth

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    What if there was no All Spark? What if Megatron and his remaining Decepticons were simply out to conquer Earth because Cybertron had became a barren wasteland? What if the Autobots were simply there to stop them? This fan-fic will take you back to 2007 when the Transformers first arrived on Earth openly, before the humans established an alliance with them. This is my attempt to portray the Autobots and Decepticons much like the movie, but with more characterisation and more about them, their problems and troubles, rather than the humans.

    Chapter I: Arrival

    Megatron clenched his claw-like fist.

    "So many of them..." said Starscream, notifying the vague shapes of hundreds of the insects called, "humans" as they scurried through their military camp.

    "A chance to see what they're capable of", said Megatron, snarling. He brought himself up to his full height, over thirty feet, and turned to the small group of Decepticons which had followed him. Starscream, whom he had reluctantly appointed as his second-in-command, stood at his side, just under twenty feet tall, his new alternate mode had given him a comical appearance. Bonecrusher stood silently, away from the rest of the Decepticons, he would've been rather tall as well but the fighting on Cybertron had left him with a hunched-back which made him look ten feet smaller. Blackout stood at his master's other side, silently surveying the military camp with cold, unforgiving optics. Barricade and Brawl had remained in their new alternate modes, a "tank" and a "car".

    "I will do as you command, master", offered Blackout.

    "You shall. Starscream, destroy his puny human base, do not fail me. Blackout, see to it that he doesn't try anything stupid", commanded Megatron.

    "I live to serve", said Starscream. Megatron boomed with laughter.

    "You amuse me, Starscream, now go, I have important matters to attend to".

    The Decepticon leader transformed into his Cybertronian Tank mode and blasted off into the night. Sounds of alarm were raised within the military camp and soon the entire area was alight as Megatron's departure had been notified.

    "That was unwise..." said Barricade as he transformed, which caused Blackout to give him a tough glare.

    "Decepticons, begin our assault", chuckled Starscream and the he transformed into his F22 Jet mode and blasted into the sky. The other Decepticons obeyed and moved out towards the base.

    Bonecrusher moved through the camp in his alternate mode, the humans completely oblivious to his presence. He already hated them as they followed out orders, trying to find out what the source of the light in the sky was. He hated Megatron for sounding the alarm, but he also hated these humans for reacting to it so alarmingly.

    A tank rolled into view, Brawl. He hated him for being so stupid, yet he didn't hate him as much for his fighting prowess. He hated this mission, he hated this base, but he loved the idea of destroying it.

    Suddenly Brawl transformed and Bonecrusher could hear the humans shout in terror as their "tank" literally became something far more powerful in a matter of seconds. The large, twenty-five foot tall Decepticon fired the rocket-pods from his shoulders causing explosions to erupt throughout the camps. Human soldiers began firing at him with their automatic weapons which just bounced off his armour. Some of their better weapons dented the Decepticon's armour causing Brawl minor annoyances until one hit him in the face, causing him to stumble backwards. Several human tanks rolled forward, firing at Brawl, causing him to unleash his armada of weapons. Bonecrusher sped up and transformed as he rushed the human tanks. They did not have time to aim for their new target and the hateful Decepticon quickly began to put them out of action, one-by-one. But more tanks arrived and began to fire out Bonecrusher as well, who evaded most of their attacks but was still hit several times.

    Suddenly explosions began to erupt along the column of the new tanks and Bonecrusher looked into the fiery sky to notice Starscream unleashing hell in his alternate form. The Decepticon Lieutenant then transformed, landing on one of the tanks, crushing it and its crew. Several stunned human soldier began to fire at him but Starscream quickly dispatched them with several swipes of his long arms. The human soldiers began to retreat.

    Barricade sped through the large group of human soldiers, causing several of them to jump out of the way, even crushing a few of them as his alternate mode swerved along the concrete. His transformation didn't seem as a shock to the retreating humans. After killing several of them, Barricade turned around and noticed the hulking figures of his Starscream, Brawl and Bonecrusher unleashing ranged projectiles at the humans as they retreated.

    "Prepare for extermination!" he bellowed. He quickly unleashed Frenzy from his chest, who was slightly shorter than a human but far more deadly. The metallic humanoid tackled a terrified human soldier, slicing him to death before firing sharp, metallic stars after several of the other fleeing men. Barricade charged forward and rolled over the mass of retreating humans, crushing a few and then dealing more death with the mass of blades which extended from his hands.

    "Decepticons, kill them all!" shouted Starscream. Brawl began mowing down the humans with his own automatic weapons and Bonecrusher began to fire large explosives from his over-sized hands. Starscream then transformed back into a jet and blasted off into the sky.

    Barricade began to pursue the humans through their camp, destroying everything he could alongside Brawl and Bonecrusher. The humans appeared to be retreating towards a large building by human standards, but not nearly large enough to keep the Decepticons out.

    A human "helicopter" hovered above the building, Blackout. Megatron's hound transformed in mid air and his massive feet smashed through the ceiling of the building. He then began to tear the roof off, dealing with the humans inside. The remaining human tanks fired at the mammoth Decepticon, but their shells simply bounced off his armour and turning, he released a deadly shockwave which obliterated everything in its path.

    Dozens of humans began to flee in all directions, only to be killed off as the Decepticons continued their extermination. Finally, the camp was silent other than the sounds of crackling fire and the occasional explosion with ripped through parts of the ruined camp.

    Starscream reappeared.

    "Hmm", said the Decepticon Lieutenant, he spat. "Decepticons".

    Barricade and Blackout arrived undamaged, but Brawl and Bonecrusher had no been so lucky and the human firepower had dealt them a bit of damage. Frenzy arrived and collapsed at Barricade's feet, multiple gun-shot and explosion wounds in his thin frame.

    "Your pet is brittle", noted Starscream. "Don't be so quick to release him next time, Barricade". The smaller Decepticon reluctantly nodded.

    "Scorponok will hunt down survivors, Starscream", informed Blackout, he nearly spat the word, 'Starscream'.

    "What now?" asked Brawl, his voice thick and slow. "More humans to kill?"

    "We wait for Megatron's orders", said Blackout.

    "No", said Starscream simply.

    "What?" said Blackout, taken aback.

    "Your master is a maniac. He'll be gone for days, weeks, months for all we know", predicted Starscream. "I am your leader now".

    "Megatron will not stand for this", said Blackout, coldly.

    "Starscream is right", said Barricade. "Megatron will return when he returns".

    Blackout looked from side to side, and suddenly his bladed-hands began to spin. "He will hunt you down as traitors", warned Megatron's hound.

    "He cannot afford to", said Barricade. "We are few now, he cannot waste us".

    "His power is limitless, he can sacrifice whoever he needs for his ultimate victory...including you Starscream", said Blackout, praising Megatron's prowess.

    Starscream's frowned and suddenly he turned and struck Blackout across the face with his fist. The larger Decepticon stumbled back and tried to raise his bladed-hand to defend himself but Starscream continued and threw himself into Blackout, knocking him to the ground. The other Decepticons backed away as Starscream revealed his buzzsaw and placed it against Blackout's head.

    "If you run to Megatron, I will hunt you down. You serve me for the time being, Megatron made that clear. I am not a traitor, but you will be if you dare leave us. And you know what happens to traitors". He pushed further with his buzzsaw.

    Starscream rose as Blackout came back to his senses.

    "Decepticons, we have work to do".
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    Chapter II: Prime

    Optimus Prime watched as Ratchet, the twenty-foot tall Autobot Medic, returned to his scout team.

    "A human military base was destroyed last night", he said. "Decepticons".

    "So the trash have decided to show their sorry-ass faces?" laughed Jazz, the Autobot second-in-command, the smallest of the Autobots.

    "We should do something about it", urged Ironhide, five feet taller than Ratchet, he was the Autobot's Weapons Specialist and the largest of the Autobots apart from Prime himself.

    "Not yet", said Prime. "We need to know more. Ratchet, is that all?"

    "At the moment", said Ratchet, "no other activity".

    "Where is this base?" asked Ironhide.

    "Not far from here", replied Ratchet. He looked at Prime, expectingly.

    "Ratchet, transfer the coordinates to Bumblebee. Him and Jazz will go ahead", informed Optimus.

    The Autobot Scout whistled approvingly. "Time to kick some punk-ass Decepticons then?" commented Jazz.

    "Hopefully not. If the two of you run into trouble, try to hold out for as long as possible, we won't be far behind. Autobots, roll out!"

    Jazz and Bumblebee traversed through the wreckage of the human camp. A day had passed and the two of them had arrived at dawn.

    Jazz transformed and leapt atop a destroyed tank. "These are Brawl's alright", he stated, examining a scorch mark. "He's always liked picking on poor bitches that are smaller than him". He frowned.

    Bumblebee transformed, letting his right arm morph into his Ion Cannon. The Autobot Scout began to pick aside the wreckage, disgusted at the human remains, charred, decapitated or totally unrecognisable. Jazz spat on the ground.

    "Are the humans so lazy as to leave their dead?" asked Jazz, a rhetorical question. "They need to show some respect!"

    Bumblebee stopped and surveyed the area. A line of tanks remained amongst the wreckage. All of them had scorch-marks, were torn open or had giant holes blasted through them. All except one.

    "Jazz!" Bumblebee managed, although his damage voice processor caused it to come out as hardly more than a grunt.

    The tank transformed.

    "Decepticon punk!" Jazz shouted and charged the tank mid transformation.

    "The small one wishes to die?" said Brawl. He fired his rocket pods at Jazz who evaded them and leapt at the far larger Decepticon. Bee aimed his Ion Cannon at Brawl but something suddenly penetrated his back, causing him to fall to his knees.

    Brawl caught Jazz mid-air and slammed him into the ground, causing the Autobot to shout out in pain. The Autobot Lieutenant tried to roll and stand again but suddenly an even larger Decepticon appeared, pinning Jazz to the ground with his feet.

    "Coward!" spat Jazz, he tried to raise his Fusion Blaster but the Decepticon pinned his arms.

    Bee tried to stand but suddenly a huge weight on his back caused him to crumble to the ground again. He managed to roll away and found himself face to face with a Decepticon about his own height. The Decepticon charged him again but this time Bee kicked him away in mid-air. Suddenly a huge hand gripped around the chest and he found himself being lifted from the ground, and then he was slammed down violently causing a rift in the concrete.

    "Your judgement was right, Barricade, I'm impressed", appraised Starscream.

    "The yellow one is subdued", rumbled a deeper voice, that of the Decepticon that had thrown Bee.

    "Excellent work, Blackout", said Starscream. Two more Decepticons came into view. An ugly one with a giant pincer and the smaller one Bee had kicked away before.

    "C'mon, Starscream, why don't you show me what you're made of? So I can send you crying back to Megatron!" insulted Jazz.

    "Brawl..." said Starscream and the war-like Decepticon kicked Jazz in the face so hard that his faceplate shattered.

    "We have need of these two", continued Starscream.

    "Why not just kill them?" asked Brawl, shaking his massive foot.

    "Do I look like Megatron?!?" started Starscream. "I value information. Not everything is kill, kill, kill. Get that through your heads before I knock it in".

    Brawl grunted and stepped away. The Decepticon with the pincer simply growled while the smaller one nodded.

    "Why?" asked Blackout.

    "Obviously, the Autobots are here!" raged Starscream. "Bonecrusher, Blackout, take these two and do not let them escape".

    "The yellow one is mute", informed Blackout. "Megatron tore out his voice processor".

    "Then kill him", ordered Starscream.

    "You will get nothing from me", shouted Jazz.

    "I will", simply said Starscream. He turned around and transformed back into a jet.

    Bumblebee looked up and saw the huge Decepticon standing above him, Shock Cannon ready for a point-blank shot the head.

    "Last words?" he chuckled menacingly.

    Bee rolled his head and saw Bonecrusher lift Jazz with his huge hands and hold him at his side as he began to skate away.

    Suddenly the ground shook and Blackout was thrown to the side.

    "Autobots attack!" shouted a voice, Prime's. Bee rolled backwards and got to his feet as Ironhide and Ratchet rushed past him with Prime slowly stepping forward not far behind them.

    A single shot from Ironhide's Fusion Cannon threw Barricade into the ground. He crawled away and transformed back into a car as Ratchet fired at Brawl several times with his Ion Blaster. The Decepticon tried to fire back until a shot from Ratchet caused his rocket pods to explode on his shoulders. The Decepticon roared in pain, spat and then ran in the other direction.

    "Bumblebee, where is Jazz?" asked Prime, his face grimacing as he noticed Blackout escaping.

    Bee could do little more than point in the direction Bonecrusher had headed.

    "The scum have taken him prisoner", said Ironhide as his dual cannons disappeared.

    "Megatron would not take prisoners", commented Ratchet.

    "Someone else is leading these Decepticons..." Prime looked from side to side. "Autobots, pursue them!"
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    Things just got extremley bad-ass in here FUCK YEA MAN!!!
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    Chapter III: Shockwave

    The Cybertronian Jet streamed above the forests of Siberia.

    "Lord Megatron has arrived", said Shockwave, his voice deep and menacing. "Soundwave, assemble our men".

    The Jet made another swoop over before diving towards the ground at insane speeds. It transformed, flipping and landed before Shockwave as the rest of the Decepticons gathered behind him.

    Megatron snarled as he surveyed the group of Decepticons which had rallied in front of him. Shockwave, the most powerful, was their leader, followed by the Communications Officer, Soundwave. Long Haul, Mixmaster, Ravage, Rampage, Scrapper, Overhaul, Blademaster, Ruination, Astrotrain, Incinerator, Skywarp and Scrapmetal stood behind them.

    "You promised me an army, Soundwave", growled the leader of the Decepticons.

    "There are more that will come", replied Soundwave, who barely stood at Megatron's waist. "This is enough, I deem".

    "I assumed Starscream would be with you", observed Shockwave.

    "I left him with the others that accompanied me", explained Megatron.

    "Leaving him alone is not the smartest thing you could've done", noted Soundwave earning a knee to the face from Megatron.

    "Do not question me, Soundwave, I am already disappointed". Soundwave looked at Shockwave who observed silently, his single eye unblinking.

    "Soundwave poses a good question", said Shockwave. Megatron turned to face him, but failed to do anything under Shockwave's gaze.

    "I know the Autobots are here. I know Prime is here. Starscream will do something, and the Autobots will reveal themselves. We shall be ready to pounce upon that opportunity". Megatron looked past Shockwave at the group of Decepticons.

    "We are far from Starscream", said Soundwave. "Many of our men do not have the means to get to him quickly".

    "Shockwave, do you still have your pet?" asked Megatron, ignoring Soundwave.

    "Yes, Lord Megatron", replied Shockwave.

    "Take it. I shall lead the flight capable Decepticons, Soundwave you shall lead the rest". Soundwave nodded and Shockwave simply stalked off into the forest alone, summoning the Driller.

    "Decepticons, mobilise!" ordered Megatron. He transformed back into his jet mode. Skywarp, Ruination, Blademaster and Astrotrain transformed into their flight-capable human alt modes and followed their master while the rest followed Soundwave in their land vehicle modes as they headed towards Starscream's direction.

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