Transformers movie storyboards and Deleted scenes

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    Hey fellow tfw2005ers

    I am currently selling my copy of the original Transformers Movie storyboards.

    This copy is an enormous 500 pages long, each page is two-sided with 4 panels per side (ie: 4000 animation panels)

    It is full of deleted scenes never shown in the final film, full of alternate character designs, voice actor quotes and so much more.

    It has various scenes missing from the original production including what prime did to ramjet, What devestator continued to do in Autobot city and how the autobots stopped him, How unicron continued to destroy the planet cybertron and heaps of other deleted scenes.

    There is also alot of highly interesting animation, pan shots, voice scripting, music queues and directors notes

    Parts of this complete storyboard were shown during BotCon 2005 to attendee's as part of a "Making of Transformers the Movie" presentation.

    Don't miss your chance to own this significant part of Transformers history

    My price is $135 which is certainly very fair. Email me at if you wish to purchase the storyboards. I can accept paypal.

    you may view sample pictures here:


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