Transformers Movie Interactive Library Children's 3 Book Set

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    Found this at Costco--although all of these books are currently available at retail, this is the first I've seen of a set like this, leading me to think it's a Costco exclusive.

    It includes:
    • Interactive Play-a-Sound Book
    • Look and Find Book
    • Little Sound Book
    The look and find is like a 'Where's Waldo' style book, and the other two are the books where you're prompted by pictures in the text to press one of a series of buttons that makes a sound. My kid can't get enough of these things.

    It's very attractively packaged in a sturdy cardboard frame with a plastic insert to protect the front of the books. I've misplaced my receipt, but it was under $20. Legends Bumblebee is in the pic for size reference--it does not come with the set.


    Here's the back of the set.

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