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    Since there are a good amount of people tied up in other Mosaic pieces/projects, we've still got a good deal of slots available for the TFA project. So we're going to extend the submission dates and allow participants to be involved with three (3) separate pieces if they want. Participants are also welcome to write AND draw their own piece.

    The deadline for scripts to be submited has been pushed back to the 30th of June, with art being completed by 31st of August.

    The following characters are still available;


    1. Megatron
    2. Lugnut
    3. Blitzwing (Claimed)
    4. Starscream (Claimed)
    5. Blackarachnia
    6. Mixmaster/Scrapper

    1. Optimus Prime
    2. Prowl
    3. Bulkhead
    4. Ratchet (Claimed)
    5. Ultra Magnus
    6. Sentinel Prime
    7. Jazz (Claimed)
    8. Bumblebee (Claimed)
    9. Wreck-Gar


    1. Grimlock


    1. Sari Sumdac (Claimed)
    2. Professor Sumdac

    Scripts with full creative teams must be emailed to transformers.mosaic@gmail.com


    Regular mosaics will still be produced / released. Scripts with full creative teams can still be submitted to the same email address. These event projects are done along side regular TF Mosaic productions, not instead of them. Everyone is still welcome to submit regular scripts at any time.

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