Transformers Millenium: Arrival

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    Hey there! This here is my first Fan-fic for over a year, and the first transformers one also. Based upon mostly G1, its kind of original also.

    The Autobots

    Optimus Prime: A mighty Leader, and a veteran of thousands of Battles, Prime in this incarnation is very stern and the oldest version too. He transforms into a Truck. He wields a pair of swords in Robot Mode.

    Jetfire: A young and cocky 'bot, Jetfire transforms into the experimental F-35 Lightning II. A true Autobot, his flying skills make him a powerful addition to the Autobot Team. He likes a challenge, and enjoys the competitive charm of fighting Decepticons, fairly or otherwise.

    Sideswipe: A brave Warrior and smooth-talker, Sideswipe is never without a witty remark. He transforms into a Renault Twingo. He carries a Shield in Robot Mode, created From pure Energon.

    Ratchet: A bit of a busy-body medic, Ratchet transforms into an Ambulance. On arrival, he helped a few people in the desert. He has a pair of medical claws made of Protosteel.

    The Decepticons

    Megatron: The youngest Version, Megatron owes his success to his 'father', Galvatron. He transforms into a Cybertronian War Machine. Although he is cold-hearted at times, he can be very nice and warm to the Decepticons and sometimes even Humans.

    Soundwave: The loyal Sub-commander, he is also in charge of the Spy Missions, employing his two Sub-woofers as his eyes and ears. Transforming into a Size-Changing Speaker Set, Soundwave can cause disruptions and the like.

    Starscream: A drifter, Starscream transforms into an F-15E Strike Eagle. He is sarcastic and crude, but unlike others, is loyal to his Commander. He has a feud against Tarantalus.

    Tarantalus: A Scientist with a twisted mind, he transforms into a giant Spider. He isn't above using Decepticon Drones to turn into mutated monsters. Although he is a Decepticon, he has affiliations with an unknown group, who are more powerful than ever!

    Devastator: A War Machine, Devastator transforms into a mobile defence platform. A devastating opponent, he loves nothing better than killing off Autobots.

    Both sides have drones which transform into various machines.


    In 2005, a group of Transformers on both sides arrived on Earth, creating War all around the planet. As two waking giants go to battle, a third group begins to form. The balance of power is split three ways, and as more and more risks are taken, its clear that the Transformers are at war with themselves inside.

    Chapter Prologue up soon, currently busy again.
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