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    Hi there everyone. This is probably an issue I should have looked into over a decade ago being a long time TF fan but I just learned that the Masterforce and Victory series had recap episodes. Most fans know MF to have 42 eps and Victory to have 38 eps (or 32 if all you have is the English dubs). What's even sadder is that I have both the Masterforce and Victory DVD box sets released by Pioneer which contained most of the recaps that I never knew about being blind.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, there are 47 MF episodes plus a special and 44 Victory episodes and I managed to locate MF episodes 43, 44, and 47 along with Victory episodes 40-44 but can't even get a sniff of MF episodes 45, 46, the special or Victory episode 39. I read that the master copies either got lost or ruined over time and that's why they were never put to DVD so I'm guessing that my only hope may be old VHS tapes that were released awhile back. If anyone has any leads to those, I would be eternally grateful......I would be willing to pay if necessary. Here's the info of those episodes straight from the TF wiki site.


    45 "The Secret of Godbomber!" ゴッドボンバーの秘密! Masumi Kaneda Masumi Kaneda Video release

    46 "Great Turn-Around! Autobot Warriors!" 大逆転! サイバトロン戦士! Masumi Kaneda Masumi Kaneda Video release

    Special "Shūta and Grand's Masterforce Super-Secrets!" 秀太・グランドのマスターフォース超ひみつ! Masumi Kaneda Masumi Kaneda Video release


    39 "Radiant! Victorious Planet" 輝け! 勝利の星 Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Masumi Kaneda Home video

    Here are the source listings on TF Wiki
    List of Super-God Masterforce episodes - Transformers Wiki
    List of Victory episodes - Transformers Wiki

    Thanks everyone for reading.

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