Transformers: Lunar (Chapter 1)

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    Just a Fanfic my sister and I created based on the Roleplay we do ^^"

    So it's a fanfic of an RP of a cartoon of a toyline....oh the humanity OTL

    All comments and criticisms are appreciated, so we can better improve future chapters.

    Anyway, it's set in the TF: Prime Universe. ENJOY!

    Humanity, a species much like our own, able to have many shapes and forms. In my experience with the humans I have learned much, their capacity for compassion and love, as well as their greed and violence. But like all things, there is much more to the single human, then meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and this, is the story of Luna.

    Jasper, NV. Midnight.

    Luna walks up to her house late at night, hoping to not find her parents waiting for her when she gets indoors. She takes a deep breath and goes to put her bicycle in the garage. She starts to hear a strange noise from outside, like men talking but not so loudly. Luna gets curious and walks out to find a huge shadowy figure looming over her house and points a bright light at it; suddenly her house is aflame.

    Luna screamed and ran from the open door and into the road. She heard something follow her and didn't dare to look back. She knew it would only make her run slower, and she didn't want to glance at her house, knowing her family was asleep in there. Luna started to go through her options she made up in her head, then; she spotted a random semi truck in the end of the cul-de-sac. She didn't have enough stamina to keep herself running and she could hear someone gaining on her. She quickly picked at the lock and opened the door and shut out the figure.

    "I-I need to find somewhere better to hide… hope this person didn't need their truck for a while." Luna whispered to herself as she broke open the bottom of the steering compartment and started to hotwire the truck.
    A minute passed, and it appeared like the engine was ignited when a huge, bright blue spark jumped at Luna. She yelped in pain and pulled away her left arm faster than her right. The spark of energy grew bigger and started to eat away at her skin and muscles of her right arm. Luna felt a jolt as the truck started to move and steer on its own. She tried to breath and stay calm but under the pain she was going through she held her hand over her mouth to keep her from crying or screaming.

    A while later, Luna feels slightly dizzy due to her ongoing blood-loss. Her arm stopped "dissolving" once it reached right under her elbow, though it continues to slowly go away. The truck soon stops inside what looks like a secret hideout built at a huge scale.

    "I need you to get out now." She heard a deep voice come from inside the truck.

    Luna didn't want to question anything at the moment and did as she was told. She looked at the truck in awe, for as soon as she got out the vehicle started to move and transform into a massive robot. Luna was speechless for a few seconds then made a loud scream.

    'This can't be happening! There's a huge ass robot right there and it was from the truck! HOLEY SHI—' She stopped mid-thought and fainted.
    Her blood seemed to still seep through her fingers as she tried to cover what was left of her arm. The huge robot knelt down and picked her up gently; taking her to another room. The robotic organism put Luna down on a large, inhumanly sized examination table.

    "Ratchet, have a look." It spoke.

    "Prime, when will you stop bringing MORE humans into our base? We aren't running a daycare here." Ratchet walked over to the table Luna was laying on. He narrowed his optics and zoomed into her arm. "Hmmm, interesting."
    "What is your diagnosis?" Optimus Prime asked, looking a bit nervous.
    "Well, aside from the typical human problems, her entire right arm has dissolved after making contact with the energon that flows through you, it's burned right through the bone, and she seems to be losing blood at a rapid rate and will soon go..."offline".

    "Ratchet, her injury is a result of my own actions, if there is any way to help her, please do so." Optimus looked slightly scared, but soon shook his head and kept his face neutral.

    " far as I can tell there's no way to seal the wound, nor is there a way to replace the arm, the energon remaining there will surely burn any material it touches."

    "What about Cybertronian metal? Surely it cou—"

    "Prime, you know as well as I do, internal Energon is specified to a single unit, the Energon buried in her would only be compatible with your body that is why it reacts so violently with other foreign bodies." Ratchet shook his head, watching the Energon slowly eat away at the rest of Luna's arm.

    "Ratchet, there is only one option then." Optimus walks over to a parallel table and sits down. "You must fashion a makeshift arm for her using portions of my armor." Prime points at a section of his armor while talking.

    "Optimus, surely you cannot be serious," Ratchet groaned, rubbing his forehead "why would you cause yourself damage just to…. Save ONE human. You said yourself she was only inside of your vehicle mode so she could try to steal you."

    "One's right to live can't be judged based on their actions. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings Ratchet, and she deserves the freedom to live. Perform the surgery old friend. That is an order." Optimus sat more upright and gets ready.

    Ratchet let out a sigh, "There are days I wonder if that compassion of yours is strength or a weakness Optimus…" Ratchet pulls out a laser saw, "I'll see you after this is over, sir."

    Hours later, Ratchet performed the delicate act of building a new arm for Luna out of the section of armor Prime chose. It was successful. Luna starts to shift and wake from the anesthesia. She groaned and rubbed her eye. A sharp pain went through her head and arm.

    "Ugh… My head and arm hurts." She whined, blinking as she tried to lift herself up; falling back down onto the table. "What the--!?" Her eyes widened and she started to look around. "Where the hell am I?" She tries to sit up again and falls once more. "Why the-" Luna gasps when she catches sight of her right arm. She stares at the robotic arm that now occupies half of it. "That's….creepy." She uses her other arm to sit herself up, taking another look at her new arm.

    She strokes the metal and the fire design, stopping at the mysterious symbol, "what the heck is that made up of?" She examines her hand closer and is very intrigued by it. She tries to remember what happened recently, only to have blurred thoughts. Then she remembered a truck in the end of her path when she was running away last night.

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