Transformers: Lost Cause

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    welcome to transformers but this isn't the transformers you know and love no this is a twisted universe the likes of which no one has ever seen its neither G1 nor shattered glass. Optimus prime has been twisted and corrupted by years of war joining the ranks of megatrons army as his partner and equal,this new force is called the Ultracons. But a small resistance still lives on, fueled by the people who are truly righteous or just believe it is the "logical" thing to do, this force is called the Underbots and they are lead by Shockwave...


    chapter one part one: The lost cause

    Iacon Underground

    Windcharger lands hard, racing through the pipes and turns like his life depended on it, because it did. following him was a large truck, a truck which could have once been a vibrant red and blue, but those once shining colors of hope were now faded and chipping showing a dark gray metal underneath.

    Optimus Prime followed windcharger through the sewers. The little car was fast,he had learned well during his run as an autobot... autobot the word tasted like poison after all this time. but prime knew these pipelines like the back of his servos. The poor bot never held a chance.

    Prime was suddenly on top of Windcharger, the bot transforms and slides to a stop at Primes feet, staring down the barrel of his gun.

    "Op-Optimus please I know your still in there, please if you can here me you don't have to do this!" pleaded Windcharger.

    Prime stared silently, stolidly assessing his small hopeless adversary, Windcharger's optics widen in terror as he heard prime mutter.

    "Give me your face."


    well this is basically a preview of my new series of course critique is welcome. there is more to come very soon.

    next time: a liar, a leader, and a cassette tape...

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