Transformers Legends: Heroes (Prologue)

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    In the dark emptiness of space, millions of years before Humans even existed, their was war. Deep in the corner of space dwells the planet Cybertron a planet which was created by the greatest war the universe has ever seen, The Unicorn War.

    Millions of years before the Unicron war itself two entities where formed, two brothers Primus and Unicron. they were created to learn and study the universe, they both took a physical form both being metallic. but after many years of traveling and studying Unicron, became bored and greedy and took another form, a planet. With Primus on the other side of the universe he could do what ever he wanted without anyone to stop him, so he started devouring other planets to obtain their energy and gain strength enough to destroy his brother.

    Meanwhile Primus was studying the life that surrounded the universe and took a planet form for himself and created life to live on it. He created thirteen metallic men each given the ability to change into another form like Primus. All of the Thirteen were great full of their Creator except one, he could scene Unicron's destruction from the other side of the universe and wanted to be apart of it, he named himself Renegade.

    Renegade tried to convince Primus to destroy Unicron knowing that Unicron was much stronger, but one of Renegade's brothers Safeguard stopped his plan before Primus faced his brother, but with his last words he stated that one of his brother would take his place as Unicron's servant. he was right, Primus most loyal friend betrayed them and took the name the fallen. and he was the one who brought both Unicron and Primus together for their ultimate fight.

    The battle didn't end well, Primus was seriously damaged, but still had enough power in his Planet modes core to form a black hole which sucked, both Unicron and The Fallen into it. Primus locked the black hole with the remaining energy of his core, but that caused him to go into stasis in his planet mode, the core which the remaining eleven called the allspark started to create other metallic creatures. the aliens called the Planet mode of Primus Cybertron.

    After many years the story of the Unicron War became lost and forgotten about except for the remaining survivors of the battle who stood guard over the all spark, for if anyone was to reactivate Primus, unicron would be released on the universe again.

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