Transformers Legends: Heroes (Chapter 4)

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    Grimlock manned a turret and loaded it with ammunition, her rotated it around and aimed at the nemesis cockpit "Lookout and shout!" he yelled and started shooting. The nemesis was taking critical hits, Megatron had had enough of Prime and the other Autobots now, he had toyed with them long enough. "Thrust!, activate the auto-cannons and man a turret, show them how a Decepticon fights." he ordered. "yes Lord Megatron" Thrust obliged.

    Grimlock was enjoying shooting at Decepticons, he loved it even more when Skywarp flew in his line of fire. "oh ye who's the king? who's the king? that's right Grimlock's the king, don't mess with me cause I'm the..." his turret was hit, he turned it around to see were it was and was hit again directly. It was Thrust "No way two can play" said Grimlock, with a smile on his face. Grimlock then started firing back at Trust.

    Skywarp quickly recovered from the blast and returned to the other Seekers who were also shooting at the Ark.

    Optimus received another message through his com-link from agent X "I'm sorry Prime, i couldn't stop megatron from sending out the Seekers without blowing my cover, luckily though The Decepticons have been suffering from a Energon shortage thanks to yous truly so their ship is only running at a 1/3 of its power so what I need you to do is..." the transmition was cut out. the seekers had destroyed the communications array. Jetfire got out of his seat "ok Ive had it, I'm taking the fight to them." he opened the hatch door and transformed into his Jet mode and flew into battle.

    Wheeljack and Preceptor were having a hard time too, trying to fix a battle damaged ship from the inside which keeps taking damage isn't as easy as it seems. As they entered a long corridor they both heard a beeping noise coming from one of the rooms, it was coming from the air lock, The bomb had been activated!

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