Transformers Legends: Heroes (Chapter 3)

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Should Rodimus activate the Bomb?

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    "Decepticons! We've got a Decepticon breach!" screamed Jetfire, every one turned to look at him. "Decepticons have planted us with a bomb, it must have been Rumble or Frenzy, no other Decepticon could have got passed our censors unnoticed." Prime stood up "show me were this bomb is Jetfire", Jetfire took him to the corridor, they both gathered the chain of explosives and brought them back to the main deck. "Grimlock take a look at this." said prime. Grimlock got out of his seat and examined the bomb "Wow, this baby's got enough power to overload three Allsparks, how no-one picked up on it ill never know, the Decepticons must have been really... wait a minute" Grimlock looked closer at the shell of the bomb. "this is Plantenium." Optimus raised his head " which is only found under Autobot City" Optimus looked at his men "Autobots" he said "we have been betrayed by our own leader." "Hmmm seams like that's happening a lot lately" said Sparkplug sarcastically. Optimus snarled at him and picked up the bomb. he took it to the airlock and threw it in, as he was about to activate the airlock, his com-link was activated and a deep distorted voice one the other end said "Take evasive action NOW!". As the transmition ended, the ship was hit by something, Prime left the bomb in the air-lock and headed to the cockpit. They were being shot at by the nemesis, a transmition came through on the ships com-link, it was Megatron.

    "Now you Autobot traitors will know what the penalty is for defying my law, INSTANT DEATH!" Megatron Yelled down the com-link "the only traitor here is you Megatron!" replied Optimus. "ah Prime, you don't know how good it is to here your voice again and to also know that you about to be destroyed by the one you once called Master" said Megatron smugly. "How dare you, you sorry excuse for a machine, you never had the right to be called that by anyone, even when you were king" shouted Optimus. "when i was, if you haven't noticed prime, i still am, your sorry excuse for an army is just a lousy rebellion which will soon no longer be a problem for me." Optimus flicked a switch on the ships control panel and shouted for Grimlock "Grimlock, man the cannons, were taking Megatron down once and for all." "I thought we weren't strong enough to beat Megatron" said Cliffjumper. "were Autobots remember." replied Optimus "and Autobots always Prevail when their is hope" "no offense Prime, but I'm not really feeling that hopeful at this moment in time" said Sparkplug. "Just Man your stations men, we've got a war to win" ordered Prime.

    Back on Cybertron Ultra Magnus gave Rodimus the Detonator for the bomb. "please sir isn't their any other way, cant we give them more time?" pleaded Magnus. "ill give them ten extra minuets, but we cant waste time, we must end Megatron's reign once and for all." said Rodimus.

    In space both ships were taking critical damage "Starscream i want you to lead the seekers into battle and destroy that ship." ordered Megatron. "yes my might leader." starscream obliged, he and the Decepticons Thundercracker, Skywarp and Sunstorm headed to the docking bay. Starscream opened the hatch doors and all four of them Transformed into similar looking jet fighters and one after another flew out into the vacuum of space.

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