Transformers Legends: Heroes (Chapter 2)

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    At the Decepticon Headquarters Megatron was devising a plan of his own to take down the Autobots, he turned to his right hand man Shockwave "Shockwave, here are the plans to project Trypticon." he handed him a data disc "make sure it does not land in autobot hands." "Yes lord Megatron" replied shockwave. As Shockwave entered the room another one of Megatron's men entered, it was Soundwave. "Lord Megatron, I have urgent news!" he shouted. "What is it Soundwave?" asked Megatron. "my soldier Laserbeak has hacked into the Autobots main headquarters and has found a discussion between Rodimus and Optimus talking about an energon run operation.", as he finished Megaton's air commander Starscream entered the room "Megatron my liege I have received infor..." "not now Starscream, It seams that the Autobots are planning an Energon run mission, lets go give them a little visit shall we?" interrupted Megatron. "Starscream, go find Shockwave and tell him to start up the Nemesis, were going' hunting" ordered Megatron. Starscream looked at Soundwave with a surprised look on his face; he left the room and went to find Shockwave.

    Meanwhile on the Autobots ship (the Ark) Optimus was being unusually quiet, but the silence was soon interrupted by Sparkplug "You know what, we should just actually go on an energon run, I mean after we destroyed Megatron's ship we should juts go out and look for energon, I mean were going to need to more energon for HQ aren't we. What do you think Prime? Prime?" the crew all turned to their silent leader. "We’re not going back to HQ." he said. "There’s no way we could survive the battle, Megatron's ship is huge, its 13x the size of the Ark." Jetfire was confused "what are you talking about, no Autobot has ever seen what the Nemesis looks like so how would you know how big it is?" he asked. Optimus sighed "theirs something I've never told you Jetfire or any of you for that matter, the only one who knew was Rodimus." "What are you talking about prime?" questioned Jetfire. "For the first few years of the war, I was a Decepticon, ok?" the whole crew took a step back, they couldn't believe what they were hearing. "And when were you planning on telling us this?" asked Jetfire. "Never, I never wanted you to find out about my shameful past" he replied. I'm not talking about you past I'm talking about this suicide mission." "I'm sorry" said Optimus. "No you not, not yet anyway." snarled Jetfire. Jetfire stormed out of the room, their was an awkward silence throughout the rest of the ship.

    Jetfire entered a dark corridor and slammed his fist against the wall, how could prime lie to him, they had been like brothers only closer. he switched the lights on, but the power had drained from them, as they flicked Jetfire noticed something odd, something was linked up to the lights all the way down the corridor, it didn't take him long to realize what it was.

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