Transformers Legends: Heroes (Chapter 1)

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    2.4 million years after the Unicron War Cybertron has once again entered an age of darkness, the planets leader Megatron turned on his people and rose up and army of evil known as the Decepticons. the resistance to Megatron's tyranny named them selves Autobots.

    Our story begins in a secret underground cavern that the Cybertron Defense Force were using as a headquarters. the Cybertron Defense Force was the Autobots last remaining army, the Decepticons had almost extinguished their enemies once and for all, but the Autobots had one more trick up their sleeves, their plan was to send a small task force to go on an energon run which would lead Megatron right to them, while the rest of the army on Cybertron took down Megatron's forces without him to stop them.

    The team was to be lead by the CDF's most trusted soldier Optimus Prime. Prime was once Megatron's most trusted friend and adviser before the war, but now they were sworn enemies. the rest of the group consisted of Jetfire (Prime's most trusted ally), the two brothers Inferno and Pyro, Ironhide, Red alert (the teams medic), Sparkplug, Cliffjumper, Smokescreen, Wheeljack and Preceptor (the teams engineers), Grimlock (the teams weapons specialist) and the Autobots secret agent who went by the code name Agent X.

    Agent X was to alert Megatron of the energon run and lure him out into the trap. The CDF's commander Rodimus re-briefed the team and saw them of to the ship, he saluted Optimus and said "Till all are one", "till all are one" repeated Optimus.

    As their ship left Cybertron Rodimus turned to his partner Ultra Magnus. "Magnus i want you to go to my office and bring back a large black box with lights on it", "sir?" questioned Ultra Magnus. "It is a detonator, it has the power strong enough to destroy Cybertron so it will easily take care of Megatron's ship." Rodimus answered", "But sir that would destroy our ship also", "exactly, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the future of Cybertron.", "Rodimus sir did they know about this>" "of course not, do you think most of them would have signed up for it if i had told the they wouldn't be coming back, after this is all over we will honor those who gave their lives so we could live ours". Ultra Magnus looked at his commander in shock, The Autobots must have been in serious trouble for Rodimus to resort to killing his own men, but he did as he was ordered and went to Rodimus' office.

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