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    (Just to avoid any accusations of plagiarism, I am Toph Bei Fong on the Allspark. Just want to get that out there :p  )

    In Autobot City, a red-and blue robot faced down a cruel grey robot. "One shall stand; one shall fall." "No! I'll crush you with my bare hands!" The grey robot lunged at the red robot, which dodged and flicked out a blade from his arm! "You picked the wrong planet!" The red robot grabbed the gray robot... "GIVE ME YOUR FACE." The gray robot wouldn't see much more, as his face was torn off. "FATALITY!" The announcer said, as the red robot brandished his foe's face for all to see.

    "Oh, for SPARK’S SAKE." As the holoprojector faded, "Megaplex" got up, and morphed into a short lavender Fembot. "Why do I ALWAYS hafta be the bad guy, Drift?!" "Optronix" then dissipated, revealing a sleek white-and-red robot. "Well, you ARE just a femme, Quickslinger.” Drift then walked out of the battle simulation chamber and back to the bridge of the ship.

    "Hey, Primal; anything actually EXCITING happen, or are we still just going from Planet to Planet searching for that lost Glorificence?" The tall black-and red robot in the command seat slapped a servo to his forehead. "It’s called the Magnificence, Drift. And this is a very important mission Ultra Magnus assigned us t-" A hulking green robot pounded his fists on the control panel in front of him! "Slag. All of it." Primal then turned to the not-so-jolly green giant. "And just WHY did you interrupt me, Roadbuster?" "What yer sayin' is slag, Prime. Ultra Magnus didn't assign us here fer that, he just wanted us outta the way. Cybertron command knows it's a lost cause searchin' fer that hunk o' slag, and the 'Cons probably found the blasted thing by now after a few billion stellar cycles." Meanwhile, an orange-and-blue robot was surveying the planets around them. "Fascinating."

    Primal turned to the orange robot. "Lifeline; what did you find so interesting?" Lifeline turned to his commander. "I believe I've located the location of the Magnificence, sir. It's on this beautiful blue-and-green planet. Atmosphere contains high levels of oxygen, and the planet is about three quarters covered in water. There also seem to be high concentrations of organic life... As well as signals indicating that a Cybertronian ship has gone down near a small peninsula. I’m receiving a large energy reading… It could be the Magnificence, Primal.” Primal smiled. “Well, that’s just Prime. Call Quickslinger and Drift to the bridge. We’re landing here, Lifeline.” Lifeline saluted his commander. “Yes sir!” Roadbuster reluctantly pressed the button to summon the two young ‘Bots to the bridge. “Great, another false signal from another organic mudball…” Primal swiftly turned to Roadbuster and got out of his seat. “What did you say, Roadbuster?” Roadbuster stood up, towering above Primal! “I said: I’m sick of all these organic planets we end up on. And for all we know, it’s just a false signal given off by large deposits of Energon!” Primal drew his energy shuriken. “Organics may not be equal to us Autobots in physical stature, but they are just as sentient as we are. Don’t forget that, Roadbuster.” Quickslinger and Drift took their seats, as the Axalon began its descent. However, none of the Autobots knew that a crew of Decepticons was watching and waiting…

    "It's another warm summer day in Miami! So why not hit the beach and catch a few rays?" Stella Holley turned off her scooter radio, grabbed her purse, and stepped off of her scooter. "Just another boring day at the Blackrock Industries offices..." She thought to herself, as she showed her card key to the Sumdac Systems secretary droid. "Welcome back, Ms. Halley." "It's Holley!" She stepped into the elevator, pressed the button for the 48th floor, and listened to her favorite singer, Brick Springstern, on her O-Pod. As the elevator doors opened, she walked to her office. It wasn't easy an intern at an energy company as big as Blackrock. She gazed at the window, taking a few moments to look at the cruise liners and sparkling blue water of the Port of Miami. However, this peace wouldn't last very long...

    "What hit us?!" "I don't know, sir!" Lifeline started typing frantically, trying to activate the emergency systems. "We just entered the atmosphere, and BOOM!" As Quickslinger added this comment, a red VTOL jet flew in front of the windows. Primal knew this could only be an old enemy of the Autobots. "Skybolt." Primal then got up out of his commander's chair. "The ship is falling apart! All Autobots to the stasis pods! On the double!" The five Autobots scrambled to get in their stasis pods. "We might not be awoken for stellar cycles, Boss-bot!" Primal nodded to Quickslinger. I know. Primal then set the eject buttons and climbed into his own pod. He felt a sense of calm overwhelm him, and then unconsciousness. None of the Autobots would see their ship exploding, but they wouldn't have to wait long to wake up...

    "What in the world..." Stella couldn't believe her eyes. There was a big meteor about to crash into the Port of Miami a few seconds ago... Then a flash of light, and then... Five smaller meteors, and one was headed right towards the Blackrock Tower Parking Lot. Right for her scooter. The scooter she had spent 700 dollars on. "OhGodohGodohGodohGodohGOD." She dashed for the stairs, throwing her high heels off so she could move faster. "I hope insurance can cover this..." After a few minutes of frantic running, she saw a trashed mess of a scooter in the middle of a crater... And some sort of metal pod a few feet away among the rubble. "What in the world...?" The pod sent out a beam of light, scanning the area for any vehicles. Well, in this case, it was vehicle remains... After a few moments, an eight-foot-tall fembot stepped out of the pod. "Okay, Quickslinger, try not to look conspicuous..." As Stella watched, her horror turned to wonder as the robot converted into an exact replica of her scooter, with the same exact license plate! She let out a small gasp, which startled the robo-scooter. As Quickslinger turned back into robot mode, a sniper rifle appeared on her arm. She aimed the sniper rifle, and was ready to fire... "An organic!" The rifle vanished, and she looked down at the human. "Where are the others?" Stella looked around. "WHAT others?"

    Later that night at the Homestead Joint Air Rescue Base, Roadbuster landed near a large, heavily armed security vehicle. After the stasis pod scanned it for him, he woke up, and checked out his new artillery. "Eh, it'll do fer now." In the downtown region, a race track had been cleared for the Drift Racing National Cup from Japan. Drift's stasis pod landed near the car of Junko Shirigami, the Japanese racer ranked number one in the world. After the scanning, Drift checked out his new alt-mode and gave it a spin. "Niiiiice." Over by the Bay of Biscayne, a stasis pod was half buried in the sand. It scanned a rescue vehicle, and out came Lifeline. "Fascinating." He then motored around, scanning the area for life. Finally, a big monster truck tournament was taking place in the new Blackrock Stadium. It was here that Primal Prime landed. After his pod scanned a monster truck called "Kongo," he transformed into robot mode, and immediately noticed that beneath his feet was dust. If Lifeline was here, he could tell him it had various organic life forms living in it, and Primal would have loved to hear that. "Well, this is just Prime." Primal then sent up a signal into the sky so the other Autobots could find him.

    Meanwhile, Stella had been at the Cameo nightclub, dancing her troubles away. Unfortunately, right when she got back in her "scooter," Quickslinger noticed the Autobrand shining in the sky. "This might be a teensy bit inconvenient for ya, but I've gotta go." She then started to motor along without Stella's help, as the poor woman started screaming and trying to get control! "Quickslinger, stop! You don't know these streets like I do!" "But you don't know where the Autobrand is coming from!" "Yes I do! It's coming from the Blackrock Stadium in Downtown Miami! Now give me back control!" Stella took hold of the handlebars and swerved to avoid passing traffic, and the two worked together to get to the stadium.

    "Alright... We're here." Stella took off her helmet and fell back over the handlebars... Only to be thrown off when Quickslinger transformed. "Sorry." Stella dusted herself off, and saw that the gates were closed. "Well, how do you suppose we're going to get in the-" BOOM! Quickslinger had shot the gates off with a blast from her sniper rifle! "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY THAT COST BLACKROCK INDUSTRIES TO FUND THIS THING?!" "Sorry." The two then walked into the stadium. It was there that Stella saw four other, taller robots of varying colors, sizes and shapes. "Th-th-these are your friends?" The other four robots had varying reactions to the fleshling. The white-and-red robot draw two of his swords and the large green robot aimed a truckload of guns, while the tall black-and-red robot put his servos on his chin as the orange-and-blue robot excitedly grinned and scanned Stella with an optical beam. "H-hey! Keep your eyes to yourself!" Stella was covering herself with her arms as the beam retracted. "Astonishing! This organic creature is nearly identical to a female Nebulan in body structure, but her DNA is radically different! Her neural activity places her on the high-end of the scale! A stunning example of convergent evolution if I ever saw-" The samurai-like robot clamped a servo over the orange robot's synthesizer. "Yeah, yeah, blah blah. Hey, Slinger, could you translate for Lifeline here? You're the only one on the team who understands that science garble." "Yeah, yeah, whatever. What Lifeline's saying is that Stella here-" "Stella? That's a weird name!" Stella stamped her foot on the ground. "I was named after my grandmother, you giant hunk of tin!" Quickslinger placed her servo on Stella's back. "Calm down! Anyway, to continue, Stella's species look a lot like Nebulans, but their DNA is nothing like theirs. Her species is also almost as intelligent as a Cybertronian, and it's odd to see a life form like this."

    The black robot then smiled. "Organic life on a planet as beautiful as this... This entire world is a gem, Autobots. Introduce yourselves to Estrella." "IT'S STELLA!" "I apologize for some of my crew's behaviors." The black robot went on. "My name is Primal Prime. I'm the leader of this crew of Autobots. That," he gestured over to the orange robot, "Is our medic and resident expert on organics, Lifeline." "Sorry about scanning you, miss. I was excited to be on an organic world." After Lifeline was through apologizing, Primal gestured to the green robot. "Roadbuster, our weapons specialist and second-in-command of the crew." Roadbuster still looked at Stella with suspicion. "I still say we should just blast the meatbags and find the Energon, Prime." Primal gave Roadbuster a look, then gestured to the sleekest robot. "That... Is one of our two cadets, Drift." Drift was leaning against a wall. "I gotta say, this planet is kind of cool." Primal then pointed to Quickslinger. "And you already know our other cadet and technician, Quickslinger." Quickslinger gave a thumbs-up to Stella. "You're okay, I guess." Stella smiled at her giant metal friend, and then turned to Prime.

    "Why are you all here?" After Stella asked this, Primal then activated the holoprojector in his chest. "Once, our planet Cybertron knew peace. Then, our world was invaded by a species called the Quintessons. Although we eventually drove them back, the war drained the natural resource our species needed to survive: Energon. At first, both races of Cybertron worked together to find resources on uninhabited worlds. However, our methods for taking these resources were destructive. When we found an inhabited world, there was an argument between the leaders of the two races. One race wanted to continue the destructive method, while another wanted to work with the native species to find a more efficient and non-destructive way. This argument turned into a war that devastated that planet, and spread across the various Cybertronian colonies. The race that favored the quicker, destructive method would become known as Decepticons, while the race that wanted to work with native species retained the name all Cybertronians once held: Autobots." Primal deactivated his holoprojector. "We found this planet, and were about to make contact with any possible native species and summon our Autobot brethren to work together with you..." "Humans." Stella chimed in. "Ah. Humans. However, our ship was shot down by a Decepticon named Skybolt. We need to find enough resources to build something we can use to contact the Autobot command before this planet is destroyed by the Decepticons."

    Not far away from Miami, a red VTOL jet soared away from the city. “Oh, yes, the Autobots landing here makes this MUCH more exciting…” Skybolt thought to himself as he bolted into the Everglades, towards a gigantic metal mass of parts. It was a crashed ship, belonging to one of the most feared Cybertronian warlords… Gigatron. “Enter.” Skybolt transformed into his robot form, and walked in. “Well, well, well, look what the Hypercat dragged in.” A small white-and-purple Decepticon walked up to Skybolt. “Out of my way, Bugbyte. I found something I don’t want you OR Gigatron getting your filthy servos on. “ “And what, might I ask, IS this interesting information, hmmm?” A purple robot floated in on a hoverchair, flanked by a hulking green robot and a smaller black and crimson robot. Both Skybolt and Bugbyte turned in shock towards their leader and his two minions. “Ah! Mighty Gigatron, I just found out the Autobots have landed. As a matter of fact I shot them down, but Bugbyte wanted to claim the credit for himself!”

    “SILENCE!” Gigatron raised his cannon arm, and blasted Skybolt into the wall! “I know your treacherous ways, Skybolt. Try to keep valuable information away from me again, and you will be punished FAR more severely, yessss. Now, as you were saying?” Skybolt glared at Gigatron. “An Autobot ship belonging to Primal Prime is searching for the Magnificence.” Gigatron smirked. “Ah, so it IS here. Perhaps one of you should give the Autobots a warm welcome, hmm?” The gigantic robot roared and beat his chest. “SPARKCRUNCHER WANT FIGHT PUNY AUTOBOTS! LET SPARKCRUNCHER CRUUUSH AUTOBOTS!” Gigatron turned to the giant. “Ah, yessss, my strongest and most loyal minion… But you’re far, far too, how should I put this – simple-minded.” “SPARKCRUNCHER SIMPLE-MINDED!” “Yes, I believe you’ll need assistance from someone a bit smaller… Bugbyte, step forward. Perhaps someone with your duplicitous nature would be PERFECT for this mission, yeesss.” Bugbyte raised his upper right arm in salute. “Whatever ya say, boss. I got it covered. Heh heh heh!” “Hmmm, but perhaps sending my weakest soldier and my least intelligent soldier alone won’t be such a good idea. Skybolt; you shall accompany them. And if you do ANYTHING treacherous... I’m sure Sparkcruncher knows what to do, yesss.” Skybolt glared at the larger Decepticon, who menacingly aimed his chest cannon… “Yes, master Gigatron.”

    Gigatron then gestured to Flatline. “As for you, Flatline, you and I shall remain here. You will perform more experiments on those Autobots you captured.” The medic Decepticon bowed to his master. “As you wish, my lord…” He then transformed into a hearse and zoomed back to his lab, as Gigatron turned to his other three soldiers. “What are you three imbeciles standing around for? Transform and rise up!” Skybolt flew off in his jet form, Bugbyte zoomed away in his baja buggy form, and Sparkcruncher rumbled away as a powerful tank. “Ah, yes. Now… To business. Computer; take me to the CR chamber!” “AS YOU WISH, SIR.” He brandished a metallic duck in his left hand, and was teleported to his CR chamber.
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