Transformers: Learning to Fly

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    *How many of you would like to see this story turned into an audio fic? I think it would rock to hear it! Anyone else who thinks so really needs to go here and vote for it! The more votes it gets, the better the chances are that it WILL! Please!*

    The thrill of flying was never lost on the Seeker. No matter how many times he lifted from any ground, there was that exhilarating thrill that overtook him. The thrill only known to his kind - the Seekers.

    This thrill was only magnified in battle when he attacked from the skies. He ordered his system to remix his energon to a higher potency, giving him the added boost he would need to escape Earth’s gravitational field.

    A soft voice deep in his mind spoke, relaying to him what came across his HUD:

    Energon mixture 100 percent complete - Standing by.

    Starscream thought he was clear of the dangers of Earth as he took off to the skies for Cybertron to tell the other Decepticons the news about the Allspark and Megatron. He was excited as he started off for space, his thrusters on full as he engaged his Energon-rich fueled boosters.

    Boy was he wrong.

    The last thing he expected - let alone knew about, was the United States’ ugly little secret about their well hidden defense systems, and rather big ones at that. He wasn’t even sure why in Primus they had them. Perhaps they were more advanced than he thought. It wouldn’t explain how they all managed to arrive safely however.

    He hadn’t even seen it coming. There was a small blip on his sensors before he felt the searing pain drive through wing, causing searing pain through his body, causing him to shudder violently as his systems suddenly blinked out and reset.

    Instantly, his repair systems had alerted him to a nuclear cannon wound as he started to spin with no control, his body starting to flip and roll from the sheer force of the blast. His engines sputtered and died due to the sustained injuries, leaving him what the humans called ‘a dead stick’ in space, and he was still too close to Earth to escape it. His HUD told him that he was being sucked back into the planet’s protective atmosphere as he felt himself getting hotter and hotter.

    Deep in his core, he knew this feeling, and he wasn’t protected in his proto-form shell when he started back towards Earth at an increasing amount of velocity. He could always defy gravity with flight, but not this time, now it was his worst enemy.

    His processors came up with only one solution after working the problem as he was pulled into Earth’s gravity – Hope to Primus you don’t survive the really nasty fall back to the rock.

    ‘Frag you damnable fleshwads! And they said Decepticons were treacherous! Slargs!‘ Starscream mentally cursed before he went abruptly into Stasis Lock.

    He hit the ground with a massive explosion. Dirt and whatnot flew up from his impact. The Earth was not kind to him as he slid across it’s surface, mangling his limbs. His wings were sheared yet not completely torn, mangled beyond recognizable panels and armor.

    Survive he did, but he was lucky enough to have been knocked out for the crash that he sustained when he hit the ground not far from where he originally left – northern Nevada, somewhere near Lake Tahoe.

    The damage he sustained made him nearly unrecognizable, and the recognizable parts of him that were had been covered or masked by burnt metal and scorching, or were covered by trees and grass and upturned dirt and clay. The metal of his body twisted in such horrific ways, that one would have thought there was nothing but a pile of scrap lying where he had landed.

    In other words, Starscream was now officially slagged.

    He could hardly see as he started to online his optics to the bright daylight as instantly his right optic fluttered shut from the assaulting rays of the bright sun, however his left optic didn’t need to. He found his left optic had nearly been shattered and only saw shadows while his right optic seemed to work better, however he couldn’t move it.

    He tried to move his body, finding nearly all of it unresponsive. He found his neck and a few parts in his face and upper arm were responsive, so he chanced a look at his surroundings and himself. When he went to look to his left, his neck creaked and ground on itself as gears and servos met each other in a twisted grotesque fashion. He cringed internally at the sound.

    What he could see made him gasp slightly. He found himself in the middle of a dense pine forest. There was no outer contact, his communication systems offline, since his repair system hadn’t even attempted to check it as it had the rest of his body, which it considered higher priority.

    He knew he had been in Stasis Lock, but for how long? When he got a good glimpse of his own wreck, he barely even recognized himself and to his relief, found he was very much alone, apparently having never been found, so that was good, although how, eluded him as he was still in the crater and split earth that he had landed. He wondered how his own spark chamber has survived when the rest of him looked as if Primus himself ate him and spat him back out.

    His chronological systems came online and tried to right themselves. It took a moment of calibration before they finally fixed in his sensory. He was stunned a moment to find them saying 2 megacycles had passed since his last online. That long? He’d been in Stasis Lock for 2 megacycles?

    Why had he even been spared? He couldn’t move hardly, still. Grass and trees were around him but did not do much to cover him all the way, so he was susceptible to any curious onlooker with a good eye. What of what he last knew? If other Decepticons were around, they would come for him, but they hadn’t. Why hadn’t they come?

    His optics’ HUD seemed out of focus as his repair system told him more really bad news. One he, since he had been onlined, never thought he would ever see, or even thought it was possible. His flight system had been damaged heavily, beyond even the best repair his system could do. By the way it was reading, it was possible, ‘Me? Flightless? Hah!’

    It had to be malfunctioning. It had also reported it’s other findings. His Energon leakage and how much he was producing was keeping his repair systems only partly working, which meant they would take even longer than normal. After many calculations, he was alarmed to find he would be lying here for at least another 3 megacycles before he could even attempt to move.

    This was now far worse than anything Megatron had ever subjected him to, worse than his own demise and humiliation.

    Starscream thought about his predicament. What if his system was not malfunctioning? He dwelled on that a long moment, contemplating the severity of his situation. What if he was never able to fly again?

    For the first time in his existence wanted to allow his spark to give up before he was even repaired. He wanted to stop functioning completely. There was no point as his HUD continued to give him the grave news.

    That wasn’t the only issue he was faced with. He also knew he was bound to be found sometime, and he figured that the Autobots would be merciless on him, and if any humans found him, he would probably be a subject much like Megatron had been, which disgusted him - and to him - was worse than death.

    Most of all, he didn’t want to face the possibility of never being able to fly again. He really hoped his HUD was wrong or something was wrong.

    There was no equivalent to taking a seeker’s wings. Having them ripped off was sacrilege to a Seeker in itself, but to completely take their flying ability?

    There was no Seeker that was ever heard of to not have their ability of flight, and it was their love of flying that they could even perform their tasks. Through years of evolution, their regular mech bodies had gone under extreme changes. More power was rerouted to their thrusters, their bodies becoming more aerodynamic, until finally, a true Seeker was born. There weren’t many of them, because they were an uncommon race themselves. He felt privileged to have been sparked as such a wonderful creature.


    Starscream stared at the sky for hours as he lie unmoving, debating the Pit he had been thrown into. How long until he was found? How long until he was exposed? How long before he’d eventually go crazy from being grounded until he could fly again - if he could fly again?

    He thought he was stronger than insanity. His worst case of insanity had been following that idiot Megatron to this simple planet in the first place, and then it proved even more stupid when that little fleshling killed Megatron and destroyed the reason of their war, and effectively, their very existence.

    Before, he would have gone back to Cybertron, gathered forces and brought them down upon the Earth to destroy all they could and claim it as their own. Even if their race was doomed, it wouldn’t stop him.

    But now… now he had no reason, no meaning as the gravity of his situation wormed it’s way into his processors, depressing him. The evidence was showing itself plainly in his core processor as his body went back to repairing itself as if it was a completely different sentience, and only reported itself and it’s fixes/problems to him when his core processor deemed it necessary, but never once had it told him that he was going to die, or that his survival was in the least bit threatened.

    ‘Damn you and all that is!’ Starscream cursed as he thought, ‘Why me?’

    Starscream now started to understand what it meant to ‘crash and burn’. He had heard the phrase, or similar to it back on Cybertron, and it usually referred to Seekers that for some reason gave up their will to live or became such a danger to themselves and society that they were terminated.

    Was this his crash and burn? He wouldn’t accept that fate as he started a shut down sequence into stasis lock that he set to wake him when he was fully repaired. Again his processor’s spoke to him, confirming with words over his HUD.

    Stasis Lock initiated… countdown to temporary shutdown in T-minus 30 seconds

    He wouldn’t believe that he, the Leader of the Seekers, the self-proclaimed Leader of the mighty Decepticons, had come to this downfall. His processor had to have been malfunctioning, he would accept nothing else.

    Stasis Lock commencing.

    Repair systems at 45 percent.

    Estimated time for repairs… 3 megacycles.

    The repair systems went to work, shutting him down slowly until his optics finally offlined. He was the definition of ’sleeping giant’ and no one knew he was even here, because there was no actual proof or sighting or anything of the like about some silly plasma cannon that the government had secretly installed, or that it was the reasons that the Decepticons never made it to Earth.

    The Autobots hadn’t known anything either. They had assumed Starscream was on his way back to Cybertron since nothing ever showed up on their radars, however they were slightly curious when they were told that there was ‘incoming Cybertronians’ and was asked if they were the good guys or not, and when they had told the humans that they were Decepticons, the proto-forms mysteriously never made it to Earth.

    Optimus, however, after about the 6th call, was starting to get curious as to what exactly was going on.

    The Earthbound misfit that lay in the middle of the forest would never be found by anyone, as after another megacycle he had been completely covered by plants and he looked like a normal part of the scenery when someone happened to fly overhead, which wasn’t often.

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    Chapter 2

    Can’t keep my eyes from the circling sky…

    Stasis Lock Recovery Sequences Initiated - Complete.

    Systems Online.

    Starscream’s core programming started to wake him from his stasis lock, and he realized it when he started to gain rational thought that he wasn’t either in the Pit or in recharge. As his optics onlined, he was greeted to fully functional optics and a full, dark night, the stars over his head twinkled as he focused in his vision, adjusting for night and low vision until he peered at perfect little white dots all over the sky. He stared at them - watching them.

    He’d never looked at them quite like this before. As if he had never taken the time and now that he seemed to have all the time on this world, he could steal a peek. The stars at Cybertron were so much more easily seen and glowed like the suns they were, since there wasn’t much of an atmosphere to drown them, but his awe was suddenly cut off as his repair systems reported to him in voice and over his HUD.

    Energon line Repair – Complete.

    Processor Repair – Complete.

    Outer Armor Repair – Complete.

    Internal Systems Repair - Complete.

    Spark Power – 100 Percent Functional, Stable.

    Spark Chamber Repair – Complete.

    Communications Systems – Online.

    Navigations Systems – Offline, 20 Percent Functional, Unstable.

    So he was fixed. At least up to his navigations, this wasn’t too much of an alarm to him right now. However he still wasn’t any more pleased than the day he went into stasis lock. He snorted distastefully when he came to the fact that he was still on this Pit-spawned, backwater planet.

    Wait, how long had it been? He checked his chronometer and found it had been 4 megacycles since his last online. 4 megacycles? Why had it taken an extra megacycle to complete repairing him? He went to move his arm and found it functioning, but it was pained as if he had kinks in places as the gears and motors started up. He squinted and let out a grunt when he formed a fist and then relaxed his claw-tipped hand.

    So this is how it was going to be. To his amusement, the kinks to be nothing more than just sore hydraulics and a little rust here and there.

    As he started to move, his communications went straight for Decepticon lines, but he found all he got was static and nothingness.

    ‘Well, what in the name of Primus?’

    What happened to the Decepticons? Surely they’d had made it here by now, for Pit’s sake, it had been 4 megacycles! There was nothing but emptiness. His spark twanged when he thought of the possibility of being the only Decepticon left on Earth, the rest had probably been eradicated by Prime and his follies.

    Since he couldn’t be ther to lead the Decepticons, they would have no leader and if one tried to take over, the rest would fight, so they would fight more amongst themselves, their bickering making them easy targets anyways.

    An annoyed expression took his faceplate and he went to move again, this time finding he was pulling free from bushes and plants as he realized they had found a home in his body and had started to grow. What was up with this twisted planet? Even the plants were sentient? And why above all, were they growing in his structure like he was nothing? Groaning, he balled his hand into a fist and yanked his arm hard from the vine that had twisted around it and Primus it hurt, but the plant completely fell off his arm as he flexed his claws, gyros and hydraulics cleaning the greenery from his arm in one move.

    He moved his legs again, kicking them a few seconds before he started to roll. Such a bulky body made this a little difficult plus given all the plants that were still all over him, he had to pull harder from them, but he made it to a kneeling position, his legs hurt from just his sheer weight on them.

    Immediately he went to turn on his thrusters and they sputtered erratically and died. His spark suddenly sank. Again he tried, but nothing. Immediately a warning came over his HUD and he stopped dead in his movement to stare and he felt dread like he never had before. The alarm of what part of his Navigations Systems weren’t working came across his vision.

    Warning! Flight Control System Malfunctioning – Not Responding.

    Warning! Flight Control Pattern – Offline.

    Warning! Irreparable Damage to Core Flight Processor – Malfunctioning, Unable to Repair.

    No, impossible! Seekers could always fly; it’s what they were created for! He forced a recheck only to receive the same blinking glyphs and he stared in horror.

    What in the name of everything Holy was this Scrap? Flying was their core processing and their mind.

    Starscream for the first time couldn’t believe what he was seeing and his stance changed as he sulked, and he dropped to his knees as something hit his Spark. He wasn’t sure what it was that washed over him, but it was painful, literally. It was as if someone ripped him apart piece by piece from the inside out, starting with his Spark.

    What was it he had done so bad to receive this kind of torture?

    Megatron was a cruel tyrant, far worse than Starscream had ever been, so why had he been cursed this badly by Primus? He knew no other form of Pit than he was feeling now, how could it possibly get any worse?

    The urge to fly was an annoyance at best at first. Quickly, however, when he could not supress the urge, it started to drive him mad and right then and there he wanted to tear out his spark and watch it disappear just to get rid of the urge and the pain that accompanied it.

    To be free from the powerful urge that he wanted – no needed to fly and being completely grounded.

    ‘What a thought‘, He mused. The Great Starscream reduced to this. He had never thought about mutilating himself like that. But the thought remained. It was a rather easy feat to accomplish, or so it seemed, but his repair system had other ideas. When it felt he was actually going to try the stupid idea, it suddenly jolted his thoughts and he froze.

    Automatic System Override Engaging – Processor Unstable! – Stasis Lock Imminent

    And with that message, flat on his face he went.

    Instantly his repair system checked his core programming and processor, searching for a virus or something that it could repair to make sure it wasn’t malfunctioning. You can’t repair what isn’t malfunctioning. It was a confusion his own processor core could barely handle, if it did at all.

    Finding nothing really wrong, Starscream was awoken again, finding dirt in his faceplates and he growled, pushing himself up with a disgusted grunt.

    What the slag had just happened? He went back into a kneeling position before looking around, a lot more annoyed than he had first been. Well Self Preservation was a part of sentience, so it was no surprise that his own processor actually failed and rebooted. This was something he would have to rewrite the programming to, but not right now.

    A fatal attraction holding me fast…

    Before he could even begin to stand up again, that feeling rushed him again. Like rapture he couldn’t explain, although all Seekers knew it. The rush was overwhelming to him. Immediately he wanted to fulfill it – to burst into the air and be who he was.

    The urge he needed to be free from but it flooded him again. He wasn’t sure why he couldn’t just shut it off, and there it remained threateningly as he forced it to the back of his mind, the pain in his Spark dwindling slightly, yet still there, bearable.

    How can I escape this irresistible grasp? …

    The 31 foot tall Seeker stood, shaking his head as his upper shoulders emerged where his delicate wings were placed. He could feel all of the branches and leaves as he brushed through the trees and he looked out over a very big forest. A part of his HUD, the one that told him everything the rest of his body could not, started up and screened on, telling him of what his wings were sending to him about temperature, wind, and velocity. His HUD blinked at him and his repair systems spoke again.

    Navigations Systems – Online, 20 Percent Functional, Unstable.

    There was a reason that Seekers were in so much pain when a wing was taken or blown off, it was one of, if not, the most sensitive parts of their bodies. It was like their vision beyond their optics that they could never explain, yet all Seekers knew of it.

    A flight of fancy on a windswept field…

    Again that dangerous feeling threatened to take him over as his sensors came online. It was like a small prick in the back of his mind every time he tried to not think of it, it only got worse, driving him to his knees again, he yelped as the tree scraped him, weakened by just the sheer processing it took to try to eradicate the feeling from his systems, but it just wouldn’t go. He reached to his head and put his fists to his helm, knowing nothing else to do while the urge started to subside, slightly.

    Standing alone my senses reeled…

    This was impossible. Making his way to his feet again, his body shook as he looked up at the stars. He watched them as they sparkled and twinkled, they were never so beautiful before.

    The rush came to him again, it exploded into a pain when the wind innocently stroked over his wings and he could not respond by only what came naturally and he shuddered hard, feeling as though his legs were going to collapse on him right then and there again. He forced himself to bear it.

    Immediately he came to a conclusion - He couldn’t keep going like this. How he longed to fly, to feel the wind over his body, to feel the gentle temperature cool him as he flew harder, faster, but the thought was whisked away when he sensed something coming from the south and he spun around, his bright red optics piercing the silhouette of the forest and him. He found it was a plane headed right in his direction.


    Starscream suddenly went down; ducking under the cover of trees as he crawled under the canopy that had sheltered him for 6 megacycles before. The trees weren’t so kind to him as he brushed hard over them in his hurry to get hidden, in fact, he felt every scrape they had to offer, but he was hidden, no matter how much the branches protested to him being there, curling up until the plane was well out of his vision and scanners.

    When the plane was gone he moved back out to the open and decided it was time to move.

    He had never been forced to walk like this. He’d never been grounded before ever in his existence, for he had been able to fly since he was sparked, which was quite remarkable for the first time. Something he never forgot, and that very same thing that made him love the openness and the vastness of what flight had to offer. It was freedom. Even while under Megatron’s command, he was still free as long as he could fly, but now he wasn’t sure what he was.

    He was deep in thought of how to get out of his predicament. Already he had decided couldn’t keep going like this. He knew he would go insane. He would crash and burn. He couldn’t let that happen to him, pride overwhelming him a moment. He needed to rectify it – and fast. Perhaps it was as easy as some reformatting and rewriting?

    Condition grounded but determined to try…

    He stepped quickly, heading north, with what functional Navigations he had to map the area finding he was closer to a clearing headed that way, and where there’s a clearing, there is surely to be people. Not like he wanted to actually see them all, but because he couldn’t remain in his true form. He was sure the Autobots were still here, and with a small bit of hope, Decepticons. Realizing he needed a new Alt form, because a jet going down a road was just… wrong on this backwater planet, he decided to look for something to scan. He didn’t like this idea at all. He wasn’t designed to be grounded like this. Primus must really, really hate him. For the first time in his existence he sulked at his demise as he hunted for a new form.

    His pride was compensating for the constant feeling that threatened to make him offline himself again for the time being. He thought about it while he hunted the new form he would use. He was the Decepticon Air Commander. The Leader of the Seekers of Cybertron. The fastest known Seeker alive. He was the most powerful of all other Seekers. He was second in Command to the Decepticons. He was so many things, but now… now he wasn’t so sure.

    There was a reason others of both factions admired, hated and respected him, and it was because he was so powerful and unique. To a point, that is. He belonged to the vastness of space and planet skies until now.

    Now, he wasn’t sure of a purpose.
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    Allotment of the Free(ish)
    Pretty good so far. A few phrases are repetitious ('searing pain drive through wing, causing searing pain through his body'). Some grammar problems ('It took a moment of calibration before they finally fixed in his sensory.'). I am old enough to spot the Pink Floyd 'Learning to Fly' references. Later chapters need more characters and significant events, to hold the readers' interest.
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    +4 is hard to imagine a Seeker having anything but hate and destruction in his spark. You have shown another side, which all creatures in one form or another, have and feel. Being unble to fly would indeed seem like the end all for any flight-enabled being. I almost feel sorry for Screamer...almost.
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    Condition Grounded

    Into the distance, a ribbon of black…

    Stretched to the point of no turning back…

    Starscream had been wandering for quite a while now in the darkness of night, and had yet to have found something that could not only accommodate for his size, but that suited him.

    It must have been a fleshling recharge cycle time because not many of them were around, and if they were, he would duck and hide. And even if he had been spotted, no one would believe that there was giant robot walking through town that night. He continued, still having not found a suitable alt form, he was in the bare open. What he didn’t expect is for an Autobot to be parked at a gas station not far from him. He picked it up on scanners, and knew damned well that if he had picked it up, then he, himself had been detected.

    ‘Primus, of all things,’ Starscream growled to himself, ‘Just what I need.’

    The Autobot announced he knew he was there when Starscream walked near the station and it flashed its headlights at him. He didn’t recognize the car or the signature from the previous battle that he last knew, so he knew this was a new one… One that apparently dodged the cannon that shot his sorry aft out of the sky.

    The Autobot knew exactly who the Seeker was. The engine started on the car and Starscream stopped to look for a split second before he used his legs for another reason he’d been born with them like that, to book ass. Now he didn’t care who saw him, he only wanted to escape the wrath of what he knew was coming.

    Why was Starscream running? Why wasn’t the Seeker flying? The Autobot followed him. This was interesting. He’d never seen the Seeker run away, only fly, so of course his interest was piqued.

    Starscream knew he was being followed and his legs moved faster. By the time he had reached full speed of about 50 mph, he was running with leaps, wishing his thrusters could move him faster as he tried to get away from his pursuer. The Decepticon didn’t want to fight; he wanted to be left alone.

    As running would have it, however, that overwhelming feeling busted it’s way into his processor again. He nearly tripped when it caught in his spark and pained him. Why was he hurting like this just cause he couldn’t fly? The wind over his wings had become his worst enemy, because it engaged his need to fly and he stopped dead in his tracks, sliding until he turned to see his pursuer. The pursuer slowed down, also, stopping a little ways from the Decepticon and watched him, he knew he had fire power and also knew he was no match for him, so he stayed back and radioed for help.

    The Autobot watched in morbid curiosity when Starscream twitched strangely. He watched him reach for his helm with a the Seeker gave out his namesake, he screamed like a Pit spawned Banshee, the sound busted car windows, house windows and scared the hell out of everyone as he gave into the overwhelming urge and again he wanted to rip his spark right out of his chest just to get rid of the excruciating pain he was in. His legs buckled under him and the last thing he knew was what his HUD displayed as he reached for his chest with his claws intent to rip it wide open. Self Preservation opted to interrupt his scheme yet again.

    Automatic System Override – Processor Unstable! – Stasis Lock Imminent

    Again, Starscream went face first into the concrete; the Seeker’s repair systems went to work looking for a cause in the malfunction of the seeker, as to why it just wanted to kill itself again. Again, nothing was malfunctioning, and it woke Starscream finding apparently nothing wrong. Starscream woke to find the Autobot who had been chasing him now hovering and looking down on him and moved quickly to a kneeling position, still trying to push that feeling away so he could concentrate.

    “Don’t make any sudden moves, Decepticreep, you’re surrounded.” The Autobot spoke to him.

    ‘Well slag, that didn’t take long.’

    Starscream didn’t reply. He only stared at the Autobot before deciding this might be blessing in disguise. The thought of the fact that Optimus had his medic with him, before, and a medic could repair his processor hadn’t ever crossed his mind.

    He gave them an agitated glare but wasn’t about to open fire on the Autobots he scanned, so he just dipped his head. It was like waving a little white flag as his shoulders sunk. It was the one thing that he never in his lifetime would have done, but he was as desperate as a drone searching a new host before it died.

    “Starscream!” came a voice. He knew it immediately. It was Optimus Prime. Why was he here? He gave the Autobot leader a glance then looked back down. No one in their existence had seen him give up so easily like this, and Optimus knew something was wrong with him. He didn’t answer the leader.

    “Starscream, we thought you left for Cybertron years ago,” it was Ironhide. Of all the pit-spawned Autobots to come, it had to be the trigger happy mech, in which he did note the cannons on his arms arming.

    If he could fly, he could get away. If he could fly, he wouldn’t have to deal with these retched Autobots. He only wanted to be left alone. His gaze went across the Autobots again, and he finally spoke, cramming the urge deep in his systems, “Leave me alone,”

    “Sorry, Screamer, but you’re coming with us now,” It was Ironhide again.

    “Transform and fly to the coordinates I give you, you will also have an escort.” Just then two jets seared overhead. Jealousy spiked in the Decepticon as he watched. Jealousy turned to anger, then it turned to physical pain.

    He didn’t transform, however as he chose to continue walking. Ironhide was about to fire at him for not listening, and suddenly Optimus stopped him, hearing an internal comm. from the Autobot who had spotted him and told him of what had occurred before they had arrived, “Stand down, Ironhide,” The leader chided, “he’s not looking for a fight,”

    “You heard Optimus, transform and fly!” Came another voice, another one he didn’t recognize. None of them knew that they were provoking him. Telling him to fly was like telling his spark to cease to exist, which in some melancholic way comforted him.

    The words grated the Seeker, and he suddenly straightened, his optic ridges furrowing and his optics dark with anger and he suddenly moved his right arm, at the shoulder and down, it transformed into his Null Ray, fully ready to fire as he took aim at the voice. All of the Autobots flinched at his sudden outburst. They knew the damage that particular weapon could wreak. He didn’t fire, however, only pointed it.

    Optimus could almost tell he wasn’t going to fire. Deep down, he knew something was very off beam with the Air Commander.

    ‘Oh, only if you brainless scraps knew.’ The very thought of flying started to bring back those feelings and he used it as a form of fury, something he could deal with, and he growled, fighting the urges to fly back as he gave a firm look to Optimus, “Leave me be,” he wasn’t about to tell those jokers what was wrong with him.

    Starscream lowered his arm, his arm and shoulder reforming from the weapon as it tucked itself away in defeat and started to walk again. What was the use of getting a new form anyways? He was found, his only option now was to follow the Autobots. Not something he particularly wanted to do, but it was something that needed to be done if he was going to save himself from the agony he was in.

    The new agony was an enemy he couldn’t get rid of, second nature to him, so it was no wonder that he started to feel it creep up in him. He flinched a few more times as he walked, and Ironhide swore he was going to fall a time or two.

    A Seeker’s powerful legs were made for marring, standing, walking, leaping. They were made to get him off the ground and away from gravity and danger. Now, they were his only source for mobility, and the Autobots that had been there followed him, pointing him in the right direction until he walked into the base, which, frankly, wasn’t far at all.

    ‘Just my luck,’

    He didn’t speak to anyone at the base as he entered, either. A lot of them were whispering about his presence, but Optimus must have felt pity on him, because he told no one to bother him. They hadn’t pinned him to anything, hadn’t tortured him, they allowed him to wander freely, knowing he really had no escape, and he didn’t once put up a fight.

    Curiosity got the better of him as he wandered the base, looking around, but felt every time he rounded a corner that optics were on him, scrutinizing him. They were probably laughing at him and he swore he heard one of the younger punks ask him if he forgot how to fly, in which case, it took all he could not to knock the brat into the next century, but he knew he would suffer from that, and he felt he was suffering well enough without the intervention of the Autobots.

    He found a dark place behind one of the buildings that he could hide away from the incriminating glare of the others in the base. It was near a large mound of earth, not too dissimilar to a cliff, and he moved to it, kneeling. He was alone, no one bothered him, and here he remained as he let his legs move out from under him and he sat.

    “Starscream, I want to talk to you,” Optimus approached him.

    He really didn’t want to be bothered by the leader. Pit, he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone, yet here he was, and he knew he was going to get some questions. Starscream looked at him thoughtfully before his eyes went into a scowl, “Leave me be, Prime,” he demanded and started to stand to move away.

    Just because he was here didn’t mean he had to talk to anyone. He owed no one explanations, especially the Autobots. Optimus furrowed his brows at the seeker, but didn’t provoke him. The seeker was unpredictable, and he knew Starscream would devastate his base before someone finally managed to disarm him. He shook his head.

    “There you are, Starscream, I need to do a systems check on you,” came a voice, instantly noting the voice, he placed it, “to make sure there are no viruses or such before you are allowed to continue to run amok over our base,” It was Ratchet. How deep down he felt the relief come to him to see this Autobot. He didn’t speak, only followed Ratchet, trudging heavily.

    Optimus watched curiously. Obviously something was really bothering Starscream. He wouldn’t walk off like that. He certainly wouldn’t follow the feared medic without asking why or getting into a vocal death match with him. Odd.

    Ratchet waved him into the med bay and Starscream followed, finding a berth, he sat down, looking at Ratchet curiously, who was looking him up and down with a glare he could not figure out.

    Could he be fixed? Could Ratchet repair his broken Flight Processor? A rush came over him again. This wasn’t the time or place, but again, he couldn’t stop the flood as it pounded on his mind. This time not only did his chest hurt, but his head.

    Starscream growled deeply as it threatened to surpass him and Ratchet suddenly started scanning him, finding anomalies as he went, realizing what was going on, his face contorted into horror. He saw nothing completely wrong with an outside scan, but the jet was heating up, he was reaching for his chest and then suddenly let out a screech that reverberated the walls and forced humans around the entire base to cover their ears as he dropped off the berth, splaying out on the floor, his optics dimmed to darkness.

    Automatic System Override – Processor Unstable! – Stasis Lock Imminent

    Ratchet scanned him again, hoping to find out what had caused him to crash like that, but to his surprise, he found nothing actually wrong with the seeker, except for the fact his processor had crashed. Well that was an immediate cause for concern. Normal or healthy mechs didn’t just drop to the ground for any unknown cause. He scanned him again and received deeper scan reports on Starscream’s Core Processor.

    Starscream woke again, realizing that this was posing an issue with his circuits and felt rather sheepish as he made his way to the berth again, pulling as if he had no strength left in his body, “I did an internal scan on you while you had crashed,”

    A loud snort then silence.

    -Ratchet, what was that awful noise?- Came a voice suddenly through open communication lines.

    -Ratchet, who did you kill this time?- Another voice came through.

    -Ratchet, don’t do that again, you scared the hell out of all the humans on the base including me!- William called through a communicator that was given to them as a way to contact immediately.

    -All of you, SILENCE!- Ratchet replied over an open line when more and more people started asking about the noise, -and the first one who makes another peep to me about it will get their weapons shoved in places they never knew existed. That means you humans too!- He couldn’t properly do any of this with all of them babbling. He needed to concentrate.

    William gaped at Sam, who gaped back. Did Ratchet just say what they thought he said?

    Needless to say, Ratchet got to work in silence and went back to addressing Starscream, who was giving him a dirty look, “It seems your Flight Control Systems are malfunctioning, your flight patterns are malfunctioning and your navigations are only at 20 percent,” Ratchet paused, “yet, you seem to be functioning normal,”

    ‘No really? Ya think? And what in your brain of brains thought my own system didn’t already tell me that?’

    “And?” Starscream spoke, which the medic looked into his optics and sighed, “I don’t think there is anything I can do.” You can’t repair what isn’t broken, and Starscream technically wasn’t malfunctioning, yet he was. There was no pure explanation as to what was really wrong with him. He only knew of a Seeker comparison in words called ‘Crash and Burn’, as there was no other possible answer.

    Ratchet saw Starscream flinch. Even a medic couldn’t help him?

    “I think I know why you crashed, however,” Ratchet started, wary of the Seeker. Starscream gave him a glare as if to say, ‘Don’t even mention it.’ But Ratchet still spoke, reading Starscream’s silent plea perfectly, “Your inability to fly is crashing your systems,” Did these Autobots get joy in provoking him like this?

    ‘Come on, tell me something I don’t know. It’s not like I don’t see that imminent shutdown sequence in my very own HUD every fragging time.’

    Ratchet sighed heavily. He knew this would be difficult to word, “I have seen Seekers ‘Crash and Burn’, Starscream,” The words were heavily used, and the medic felt horrible even having to bring it up. The words got the Air Commander’s attention immediately.

    How did he know of such an expression that was shared only with other Seekers?

    “It is a very rare occurrence. It is not a pleasant experience, as far as I have found, and I also found it usually leads to self termination or insanity, as I have witnessed myself on a few occasions, unfortunately,” Ratchet’s voice trailed. He was not happy in the slightest with himself to have to tell another living being that their sparkright how now becoming their undoing.

    ‘Well how much more blunt can ya get, there, old fragger?’ Starscream sneered in thought as he listened to the medic telling him things he already knew, yet hearing them seemed to solidify the finality that he wasn’t getting the wrong readings from his own repair systems.

    The medic seemed solemn in telling him, “There is no repairing this fit,” the medic growled to himself, upset that he couldn’t repair him, “And above all, the fits will start to deteriorate your processor.”

    What? “So… what becomes of me?” Starscream finally spoke. Ratchet could hear the edge in the Air Commander’s voice.

    The CMO only looked at him and sighed. He wasn’t going to answer that. He knew there was no help for a grounded Seeker, and he shook his head, looking away. He knew what was happening to Starscream, and how he hated to admit to him that he could never fly again. He didn’t want to have to tell the seeker that, but he needed to know.

    Situation terminal. The medic moved away and over to where he started sorting out various items that were strewn across his desk, trying to get his mind off of the fact he’d just more or less sentenced Starscream to death.

    Starscream instantly felt anger and dread. His optics brightened and he glared at the CMO, very upset that there was nothing that could be done. He assumed Ratchet may have been lying to him. Perhaps this was a ruse from the old scrap heap to scare him.

    But Ratchet was wouldn’t lie about something like this, right?


    Ratchet listened as the Seeker started storming out of the med bay, peeking slightly over his shoulder as he watched the Decepticon walk out of the room. He sighed, preparing to make his report to Optimus and let him know of what was going on.

    -Ratchet to Prime,- He opened a comm. line for only him and his Leader.

    -Prime here, is Starscream alright?-

    -No, Optimus, Starscream is not alright. Unfortunately, he is grounded, it’s best if we leave him completely alone, I suggest you make this certain to everyone on the base by orders of my authority. From my analysis, he will become increasingly unpredictable, easily angered and may crash… a lot.-

    -Why?- Optimus wasn’t sure, but he knew there was a secret Seekers shared, yet he never knew totally.

    - Because he’s severely malfunctioning,- Ratchet let a Cybertronian sigh fill the shared line before he continued, -Yet there is nothing actually wrong with him,-

    How can a mech be malfunctioning yet nothing be wrong with them? -I don’t understand?-

    Ratchet paused to look at the door where Starscream disappeared out of, -Have you ever heard the term ‘Crash and Burn’, sir?-

    Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies…

    Tongue-tied and twisted just an Earth-bound misfit, I…
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    The Irresistible Grasp

    Starscream sat back in that cliff he had found when he had first arrived at the Autobot base. He decided to hide here from scrutinizing gazes or pretend to ignore them as he came to terms with his fate.

    He had been there for days and started to crash quite frequently, and that wasn’t sitting well in his systems as more errors presented themselves. It was pure anguish for that feeling to rush to him and force him to crash. Then going into Stasis Lock immediately was taking a toll on his systems.

    He knew why he was crashing. If there was some way around that, then he would be free. He was in a prison he wouldn’t wish on his own worst enemy, as it was far more horrible than anything he could ever do to someone.

    He knew he was going downhill when he developed a twitch. It was hardly notciable, but the tick was there. His optics became compromised, flittering and then going fine. As if he’d had a human stroke, he couldn’t hardly speak for a few seconds sometimes, slurring his words like he was the most Drunken Cybertronian any of the ‘Bots had ever seen.

    All of the Autobots and humans now knew about Starscream’s predicament, much to his bemusement. They didn’t know the term, but they were told that he was malfunctioning.

    Some of the humans wondered why no one put him out of his misery. He appeared like a deer hit by a car that hadn’t been killed. Was there no such thing as a mercy killing for these highly advanced beings?

    Oh, how Starscream hated being seen like this. He was deteriorating right in front of them.His dignity shattered.

    They watched as his pride went downhill.

    They watched as his processors became strained.

    They watched as he started to not recharge or if he did, it was few and far between.

    They watched when he couldn’t walk, or when he tried, he fell over his own feet from lack of coordination.

    None of them made fun of him. None of them stared, none of them tried to harm him or even cracked jokes at him. They didn’t bother him at all in fact, and even felt bad for him. They weren’t exactly sure what he was going through, nor did they pretend to know, but they couldn’t imagine going through it themselves.

    Starscream was fuming in his mind. He could NOT do this any longer! He could not stand being degraded like this. He couldn’t stand the fact that his processor was glitching from something so… so stupid! He couldn’t stand that agony that started to tear him apart in his mind and spark. He started finding an alternative. Some way out of this worse than this Pit of a predicament.

    A fatal attraction holding me fast…

    How can I escape this irresistible grasp?…

    He began thinking to himself while no one was around.

    What if he didn’t try to rip his own spark open, but let someone else do it for him? That would work, he wouldn’t have to worry about his repair systems kicking him into a crash, which he had noticed was taking longer and longer for him to boot back up.

    He had seen the twins walk by occasionally when he thought of that. Those two hated him, and he could feel it when they looked at him. They wouldn’t think twice about ripping into him. He knew they were easily provoked too. Especially the yellow one.

    The next time one of them walked by, he held out his arm, his null ray coming to view and he fired right at Sideswipe’s feet, which made the ‘Bot leap in surprise, then turn and aim his own weapon on the Seeker, “What the frag is wrong with you, Screamer?”

    “Destroy me,” Starscream hissed, pointing the ray at a human. He didn’t even look away from Sideswipe, “destroy me or I will level this place!”

    “I would love to, Decepticon, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my existence in the brig, thank you,”

    Starscream struggled to his feet, his body shaking violently as he tried to keep himself up. He was about 16 foot taller than Sideswipe; he aimed his weapon at the red twin, but then aimed at his feet, firing his weapon again. Sideswipe leaped from the shot, “You find it so easily to destroy Decepticons before, Autotwerp, what is another?” the jet sneered.

    The scuffle had gotten the attention of others on the base, and others started to gather around, “I don’t want to bother with you, Screamer,”

    Starscream snarled, “Stop calling me that,” his voice was a low hiss and unnervingly calm as his body changed its position as he poised to strike at the youngling, crouched like a cougar about to strike its prey. The fury in the Seeker’s optics was nothing like Sideswipe had ever seen, and for the first time, he actually was frightened of what he might do.

    Starscream had considered if the Autobot wouldn’t do it willingly, then he would tear into him until he did.

    Sideswipe was confused at the Seeker’s actions at first, then realized what was going on and he snorted as Starscream’s stance changed.

    Starscream had been quiet for days, not talking to anyone, and then suddenly, he was watching in suspended curiosity as the Seeker prepared to attack him, albeit struggling to do so. He knew that the entire base would shoot him, dead. It didn’t hit the younger bot until Ratchet was suddenly in his side view. Sideswipe chanced a small glance the Medic’s way, -Don’t say a word, I will get him.-

    Ratchet approached the seeker while he verbally insulted the red twin, getting the attention of Sunstreaker who stood by his brother and aimed his own weapon, preparing to fire on the Decepticon.

    Sideswipe called over the comm. that Starscream was going to attack as Starscream leapt at him, and he moved to dodge, but the attack was quickly cut off by Ratchet in mid leap, who had made a running lunge at the Seeker, his finger transforming into a needle as he pounced on him, knocking him over sideways as he administered some nano bots that knocked him into stasis before he could even think about what happened.

    -He’s gone haywire, Ratchet!- Sideswipe said as he started to get up, as he had tumbled in his efforts to dodge the menace that was about to rip him to shreds, or at least try.

    Both twins stood over Ratchet and the recharging seeker, being accompanied by about 10 others including Optimus and Ironhide, who had his arms folded heavily over his chest with a risen optic ridge. They all knew a bot had gone down, but were surprised to find Ratchet on the Seeker, “What you get yourself into now, you two?” Ironhide pointed the question at the twins.

    “Nothing, ‘Hide, he just started shooting at me feet for no reason.”

    “I figured this would happen eventually,” Ratchet moved to get off of the Seeker, “He’s not a stupid Decepticon by any means, he is seeking a way to destroy himself without crashing in the process,”

    “I will surely help him rid his misery,” Sunstreaker glared at the downed Seeker with a deadly stare.

    “You will do no such thing,” Ratchet growled, “He is my patient, and I will not allow any of you to take his life,”

    “But he’s in misery, can’t you see that?” Of course he could see it. It stared at him right in the face every time he looked at the seeker.

    “It’s not my call to take a life like that, I can’t just order him to die,” The CMO brushed himself off and started away from the body that lay recharging.

    “You gonna just leave him like that?”

    “He’s only in recharge, nothing to worry about,” Ratchet disappeared behind the building. He was feeling so guilty about Starscream. He wasn’t sure why he was feeling guilt over a Decepticon, but his own pity about what was happening. He hoped in all his existence he didn’t have to see this again. It was the worst case he had ever come across in his whole existence. He hoped somewhere deep down someone did disobey Optimus’ orders and bring the Seeker down. So it was not only one tortured soul on the base, but two, and Ratchet had ordered that Starscream be looked at every few days as he read his processor and what was happening to it from that moment on.

    Starscream woke slowly. His processors and sensors came online alerting him that something had happened. He remembered attacking Sideswipe, and now no one was there. How hadn’t he fired back? Why hadn’t he done what he had been sparked to do, destroy Decepticons? He moved to sit but couldn’t find the strength to get upright, feeling groggy, as if he had just had a hangover of sorts. His optics were blurry for a moment before they finally cleared and showed him lying on his side on the ground.

    It irked the Seeker that the twins hadn’t attacked him like he tried to provoke. He knew it was hard wired into their afts to kill Decepticons, but they refused. Even he knew he was hated, especially by the twins who constantly tried to bring him and his wing mates down countless times before using their stupid, yet effective ‘Jet Judo’.

    He moved to sit, but there was a click in his mind and he twitched, stopping. His optics blurred out and then back in, focusing on his surroundings, his repair system blinded him with its reports.

    Processor damage – 42 Percent Functional – Stable.

    Navigations Systems – Offline.

    He felt the overwhelming urge in him, and how it pained him now. Even more so when he lost his second set of senses, which also made him dizzy. He let out a screechy whine as it started to become more and more powerful. His head feeling like it was going to explode with his spark.

    That need he could not fulfill started to scare him, and now he knew there was no escape from the madness.

    The last report he received shot over his HUD, telling him of his evident damage and he sighed with dread he started to feel before his Self preservation started to take over him.

    WARNING: Automatic System Override – Processor Unstable! – Stasis Lock Imminent

    Again, Starscream went down.

    The repairs started again, staying on his processor to assess the damage from the last crash, finding nothing malfunctioning, it woke him up.

    Well that was something new. He also wasn’t going to tell Ratchet or anyone else for that matter. Inwardly he smirked. Maybe he didn’t have to suffer like this much longer. Maybe the crashes would finally take him and never wake him up again.

    WARNING: Processor damage – 58 Percent Functional – Stability Check Failed – Recheck?

    He went for the recheck with just a mere thought.

    WARNING: Processor damage – 58 Percent Functional – Stable.

    This time the stability flickered between ‘Stable’ and ‘Unstable’ for a second or two then back and repeated this strange behavior, showing him that he was, in fact, going insane.

    Starscream stared into nothingness as he collected his thoughts and try to understand what was going on, the sheer hope that his processor would take too much damage and shut him down for good.

    He knew he was dying. Lying there, he could only find one other possible answer to this madness that blinked at him constantly now. He needed out of this place. He wanted to die and if no one here would do it…

    He knew that beyond the gates of the base, where mercy was not at hand, he could perhaps get out of this.

    His mind went back and forth as he considered his options. Continue to die slowly, or let someone else do it for you? Then his thoughts veered to wanting to just lie back and let the crashes to their thing. His processor was whirling with different ideas, and he couldn’t seem to keep them on one track and it was pissing him off.

    Finally, wanting away from the constant him mind was putting him through, he struggled to his feet.

    “There has got to be something we can do for him,” Mikaela was sitting in the rec room with a few other Autobots and Will and Sam. They were all concerned for the Seeker who hid from them.

    “There is nothing, I’m sorry,” Optimus spoke, knowing the subject was a little touchy.

    “But why? At least humans can lobotomize or do something to help with suffering like that,”

    “Do what?” Came a medic’s snarling question.

    “You know, look it up, he won’t have a problem will he?”

    Ratchet did just that. What he saw was horrific. How could humans actually do something so barbaric like that to their own kind and be proud of it?

    “Sam,” Optimus sighed. The idea of lobotomizing a Cybertronian was like killing them with torture, “We don’t do that kind of… operation, sorry,” his made it clear only in his voice to not bring that up again.

    Sam looked at Optimus a few seconds and then he nodded. He looked back to Mikaela, who happened to have an opened door behind her and suddenly he almost fell backwards as he saw a streak of something tanned run by, “Shit, shit, shit!” he yelled and went to move quickly. Something big and black ran by after the tanned bird-like leg, “There goes Starscream!”

    Sam, Mikaela and the other humans around had to clamp his hands over his ears at the sound of so many chairs and things screeching and falling from the calamity in the rec room when all of the Autobots jumped to their feet and ran for the exit.

    Starscream moved as fast as he could, finding his body sluggish, but he forced himself to correct himself, even tripping and catching himself with his hands before bursting into a run again. Being a little off balance until his wings balanced him again, he found running nearly impossible, but there was no choice anymore.

    He looked around, hoping to have lost his pursuer as he forced his processor to fix his legs and he wobbled more as Ironhide came up on his tail, almost being followed by another bigger bot.

    ‘Slag,’ he thought to himself, looking around. Something caught his eye as his optics flashed bright and he made his move, he ran as fast as he could towards a fence that he could easily leap over. Using what strength he could, he bent at a crouch and pushed himself off of the ground. The feeling was exhilarating for the few seconds he was in the air and over the fence. He landed hard, catching himself before he fell forward as he looked back, ‘Persistent, aren’t you,’

    “Starscream is on the move!” Ironhide called a few steps behind Starscream, followed by Bumblebee.

    Starscream saw the other bots heading up Ironhide and decided to make a run for it, headed for civilization. Ironhide hadn’t even worried about jumping, he just lowered his shoulder and barreled through the fence, followed by Bee and now by about all of the Autobots.

    Starscream kept some of his vision behind him when he knew for a fact they were after him, the more the better. He continued his run until he found himself far enough away to turn and fire directly at Ironhide, clipping his shoulder, but not dropping him. He hadn’t used the full force of his cannon, dangerously low on energy since he wasn’t recharging like he should. He turned to run again, finding ones on his tail closer, he turned, leapt into the air and fired again, what seemed to be a machine gun on them, yet not aiming directly at them.

    “Optimus take him down!” Ironhide roared and aimed with his arm that was turning into weapon.

    “We can’t!” Optimus called back, “Stand down, Ironhide!”

    “Yes we can! He’s gone, sir, there’s no helping him now!” Ironhide ignored the command, deep down in his spark he felt he was doing Starscream justice, something he was not sure he deserved, yet felt proud at the same time.

    The black Autobot lifted his arm as he ran and fired, the recoil in his arm forcing his arm back from the blow and he was pleased to find it hit the Seeker on the back but the Seeker did not falter nor fire back. Starscream stumbled as he ran faster, firing at anything and anyone that got too near to him. He tried not to hit the humans or Autobots as he ran and shot mostly at dirt, and was even more satisfied when he saw four F-22 Raptors fly over his head.

    The ‘adrenalin’ rush that got him moving was now fizzing out and that feeling encroached on him again, realizing his fate was here and now, he watched the jets as he stopped. They turned abruptly and gave no warning before they started to fire on him, and they didn’t stop. As soon as they had hit him, they circled again to attack him again, Starscream felt the hits but he didn’t move.

    He got his wish.

    The F-22s continued to circle as the Autobots stopped short of going any closer. Optimus watched, and it pained him to see this, but it pained him more to see the Seeker suffer like he was. He noticed how Starscream did not fight back; even going so much as to kneel so they had a better shot. The urge to fly creeping into Starscream stronger than he ever felt before, making the firing of the sabot rounds feel like nothing to him. He paid little attention to the frenzy in his HUD now barely able to keep up with all the reports.

    WARNING: Outer Armor – Damaged – Unstable.

    WARNING: Main Weapons – Damaged – Unstable.

    WARNING: Ocular senses – Critical – Failing.

    WARNING: Communications System – Failed to Initiate – Offline.

    WARNING: Energon lines ruptured! – Critical Levels – Stasis Lock Imminent.

    He knew right then, even though he could no longer see, that they had struck him lethally and he smiled as his HUD continued to show the damage he was taking on.

    WARNING: Energon Pump – Failing – Damage Critical.

    WARNING: Spark Chamber – Damage Critical.

    Against the command of his processor, he struggled to reach up to his chest and pulled his chest plates apart. The onlookers saw the bright glow coming from him and Ratchet’s jaw dropped, “What is he doing?”

    No one answered him.

    Another round of gunfire exploded towards the Mech in the distance.

    WARNING: Spark hit! – Unstable –Damage Critical – Termination Imminent!

    So this is what it felt like to die. He wasn’t afraid anymore.

    And that was the last thing that Starscream could remember seeing before he was sucked into nothingness for a long moment, as if time stood still.

    Somehow, he still felt alive even though his processor and spark had ceased to function.

    He felt for the first time since he had crashed; freedom.

    As his new vision cleared, he found himself over the clouds of the planet in daylight, floating freely, yet able to go where he wanted.

    He felt the wind over himself, and felt the freedom he longed for.

    The urge he could engage. The urge he needed to fulfill. The urge that was his sparkright.

    He was flying.

    There’s no sensation to compare with this…

    Suspended animation, a state of bliss…

    A dream unthreatened by the morning light…

    Could blow this soul right through the roof of the night…

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    In all his existence, he had never seen something like what scarred him that night the last Decepticon Seeker on Earth fell. Now, it had been 10 years after the last known Decepticon had walked on Earth, not counting Barricade and Frenzy, who had defected.

    They actually felt that he was killed for a better purpose and the incident didn’t go over quickly. It buried itself into the processors of those on the base and dug it’s way into the human minds, pricking at them all.

    He hadn’t just scarred Optimus and Ratchet, but scarred everyone who saw him on the base, even the humans. There were hopefully no more threats to be worried about, and the Autobots incorporated themselves easily with society. They no longer had to hide, and were accepted easily by everyone. Of course, there were those that wanted to do them harm. There always would be, but when they were found out, they… disappeared.

    But like those fusion cannons, no one actually knew.

    It had also been many years since the Allspark had been destroyed, and often at recharging times, Optimus would lay awake staring at the sliver he still had tucked safely away. He realized it didn’t seem powerful enough, but couldn’t deny the feeling in his spark and what the Matrix was saying to him.

    It was rare for a Prime to even think about it and even rarer for them to do it, but he could no longer wonder, he could no longer give no hope to the last of their kind.

    He, in fact, with the sliver might be their only hope of their dwindling species.

    He could no longer deal with what had happened to the deranged Decepticon, so he formulated a plan to bring something good out of the darkness that Starscream had left over his people and the humans.

    His plan wasn’t directed at one but to everyone, like a message.

    He was acting drastically different around everyone, suddenly. Ratchet couldn’t come up with anything wrong with him when he ran his scans over his leader, but to his surprise, there was a part of Optimus that was firewalled and no matter how much the medic would try to break it, there was no breaking into it.

    So he had something to hide, did he?

    Ratchet stopped attacking Optimus’ firewalls, especially when he would get a stern look from him as if he knew every time he was trying, Ratchet would only give him a stern look in reply.

    Optimus was recharging more often, seemed ‘out of it’ as the humans called it at times, and Ratchet started to really worry that something was terribly wrong with his leader and friend. It wasn’t in Ratchet to spy on other Autobots, especially Optimus, so when he decided he would, he had comes to terms that he was either going to get caught, or he would find out what was wrong with his leader.

    -Optimus, can you come to the Med bay?- Ratchet called.

    No response.

    Well that was odd. -Optimus? Are you receiving?-

    No response.

    Now he felt dread and dropped what he had in his hands as he hit the ground running, headed for his leader’s Room. Others had heard him running, and of course, when Ratchet runs, there’s a damned good reason for it. They followed.

    Ratchet got to his room, where he found it closed and locked, looking down at the keypad, he typed in what his access code. One that was above all others for reasons like this.


    What? Impossible! He punched the code again: ACCESS DENIED.

    He only thought of one thing that could break this code, although the method was less than he desired. Ironhide.

    -Ironhide I need you at Prime’s quarters STAT!-

    The others heard the open comm. call and they also heard the sliding and heavy footsteps of a running Ironhide, who slid past everyone, stopping at the door, “I need you to open this door!”

    Startup Sequence Initiated – Complete.

    Core Processor Fully Functional - Online.

    Darkness disappeared as it onlined its optics for the very first time. It was still in pod form, but didn’t move yet, still unsure of its surroundings and his frail body. It was amazed as it looked around with sensors that came online as they woke for the very first time telling him everything from the air pressure to the wind from the vents. Everything was gargantuan compared to it, and its first instinct was to search out its caretaker, who it found a few short seconds later under itself and it twittered, muttering garble.

    Why was it’s caretaker sleeping? Shouldn’t caretaker be awake?

    It started to take it’s form for the first time, it’s processor and programming coming to full as it unfolded into it’s proto-form, no bigger than Frenzy. It’s little optics taking scans of everything, it poked at Optimus’ chest plate, muttering something at him. When it realized it’s caretaker wasn’t waking up, it did the first thing it could think of.

    A sudden burst of something that resembled a really high pitched alarm followed by loud twitters and warbles came from behind the door, and everyone suddenly stopped as they listened, trying to figure out what it was.

    It had sounded a lot like a shriek. Everyone suddenly moved faster, Ironhide, not sure why Ratchet needed him, looked at Ratchet curiously, “Use your access code you old coot!”

    “I can’t, it-it won’t work!” Ratchet fumbled with the code again, showing the ACCESS DENIED when he used his number. It could only be overridden by the Prime himself, and even then, it was difficult to keep a Medic’s override sequence from allowing access.

    Ironhide grimaced. This couldn’t possibly be good. He backed away, pushing everyone else back as he lifted his right arm, the cannon emerging and he fired.

    There was a lot of smoke and one very big hole in the door he aimed at. Shrapnel landed and dust now filled the corridor.

    Lowering his cannon, he followed Ratchet in, about running into him when the CMO stopped suddenly and was staring at Optimus with the most shocked look the medic could muster. It was then that he noticed that there was something more than just Optimus there and his optic twitched, because it moved.

    Everyone else started peeking in the door and Ratchet’s optics were distracted from Optimus to look at the others before he moved in front of the scene before them, blocking their view of whatever was on Optimus.

    No one else needed to be in here, which he deemed to be too delicate a situation.

    “All of you leave, NOW!” he pointed and everyone scattered like rats let loose in a maze except Ironhide, who was now bent over, looking at Optimus’ chest plate curiously. He had a finger out ready to poke whatever it was sitting on Optimus.

    As he listened for the last footsteps, Ratchet turned back around and the thing that was on Optimus’ chest moved again, causing Ironhide to flinch away. The small thing on his leader bent down more, hunching down to become smaller, it’s little optics staring up curiously yet feeling vulnerable, since it’s caretaker was still asleep. And now this huge stranger was ready to poke it.

    Ironhide hadn’t so much as blinked as Ratchet then leaned down to get a better look at what exactly had just moved.

    At first he considered the idea of it being some animal that made it’s way into Optimus’ quarters, but as he scanned Optimus, his findings caught him off guard and he sputtered.

    Optimus’ power levels were low, his spark was stable but weak, other than that he was just… recharging, yet more similar to sleeping heavily. What was most bizzare is that his Leader seemed to be emitting a soft hum.

    The thing moved again, crouching and it caught his attention and he looked, focusing on a pair of red optics looking up at him, sending a few trills of sound and a few garbled Cybertronian words he did not understand.

    Ratchet’s optics widened instantly as he remembered that the sounds this creature were making were sounds only a sparkling could make. He instantly scanned the small moving little bugger and found a few *alarming things, making him gape.

    For one, it was a rare breed of Cybertronian. For two, it resembled someone he once knew in a lot of ways, for there was no Cybertronian that resembled another unless it was a twin, which was even more rare than the breed sitting before him now.

    “Is that what I think it is?” Ironhide saw it’s optics as it looked at him curiously, in the same fashion it had just fixed with Ratchet, but he just didn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. It was impossible!

    “It’s… a sparkling,” Ratchet said lowly with curiosity, himself, “A sparkling Seeker,” Ratchet’s words caught in his vocal processor, “And it has a designation already,” the last words were spoken as more of a question than an actual statement, which also caught Ironhide’s attention.

    “A Sparkling? But…”

    It had a designation? Already? “What? I mean, how?” Ironhide couldn’t ask fast enough, double checking his words.

    Ratchet scanned the small Seeker over and over again, proving to himself that this was in fact real.

    Just then, he realized, by his astonishment, why Optimus had been acting so strange and why he was emitting that soft hum.

    Optimus had created this little guy himself. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know how. He heard a grunt from Ironhide, who was impatiently waiting for an answer, looking up to the Weapon Specialist, he slope in calmed and quiet words, “How? Good question, let’s get it to my med bay for now,” He looked warily out the blown open door, “Hopefully unseen,”

    The sparkling watched in curiosity as to what the two strangers were doing, and it felt a sudden abrupt feeling as it’s air pressure and velocity told it that he was going up, but it wasn’t sure how until it realized that one of the strangers had picked it up.

    It’s senses telling him that it was now against metal, warm metal, and another spark, one which wasn’t it’s creator. Hmm.

    Ratchet put his arms over the sparkling, tucking it down in his arm as he hid it. There was no need for anyone to see this little one and him have less answers than questions, himself. So now they were going to sneak the sparkling to his med bay.

    Ironhide went in front of him and checked for onlookers and found none, he waved Ratchet on, watching as he huddled down to hide the sparkling better and they darted out of Optimus’ quarters, hell bent for the Med Bay.

    When he arrived in his med bay, he sent First Aid to see to Optimus, still holding the sparkling down so the other medic couldn’t see it. He knew Optimus wasn’t in any real danger, but it served a purpose to get him out of his way and away from the sparkling. He knew the sparkling was probably already scared and knew more strangers would only frighten it more.

    When it was clear, he brought the little one out from hiding. It was clinging to him with tiny claws as if it didn’t want to move. Ratchet didn’t doubt it was because it was scared from the sudden differences in sparks and its caretaker’s spark pulse diminished. Ratchet held it out as soon as he pried it off and set it on the berth so he could get a better look at what was going on.

    “What is it’s designation?” Ironhide asked as he watched the sparkling with a curiosity and awe he could not comprehend just from the sheer shock of a sparkling being born.

    There was no response as the medic scanned everything possible on it, clearing it, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,”

    Navigations Systems – Online – Ready for Flight – Standing By.

    Flight Control System – 100 Percent Functional – Ready for Flight – Standing By.

    Ratchet smirked as he watched the young one then glanced up to Ironhide, the grin still plastered to his face.

    Diverted Spark power to thrusters – 100 Percent Complete – Ready for Flight – Standing By.

    Diverted Energon to new flight mixtures – Completed – standing By.

    Flight Control Pattern – Online – Ready for Flight – Standing By.

    Flight Core Processor – Ready for Flight – Standing By.

    Just then, the little Seeker stood, wobbling a bit, but then looked up towards the ceiling, and Ratchet was wondering what it was doing until it suddenly jumped into the air with a strong leap and transformed into it’s flight mode as it felt it’s flight systems online and ready for the first time.

    Easy on the brakes. take it easy. its gonna roll this time…

    Just hand the power gradually, and it…

    Flight Sequence Initiated.

    “Try me,” He wasn’t sure why he said it, because deep down, he already felt it, but for some reason, he wanted to hear it. He watched as the sparkling started for the ground, but his little body hovered for a few seconds before it started buzzing all over the med bay.

    A fatal attraction holding me fast…

    The wind over its sensitive wings brought more of its sensors online. The feeling the sparkling felt was as close as it could to compare the feelings it felt for his creator. It was the best feeling it would ever experience, and it knew right then that it would never get tired of it.

    It felt the freedom of flying.

    There’s no sensation to compare with this…

    Ratchet and Ironhide both watched it circle silently, playing in the air as it did, transforming in midair, it’s boosters on it’s back holding it suspended in the air as it slowed to a stop, then going backwards, just generally enjoying the open air. As Ratchet watched it, he couldn’t help but feel a small pang in the back of his processor about how much this youngster even reminded him of that someone even in movements.

    His designation is (garbled Cybertronian).”

    They already knew the trouble this little guy was going to be as soon as Ratchet smirked, and to see him raised in a world without war would be priceless, “Did Optimus know what he was doing?” Ironhide asked with a little smirk.

    Ratchet glanced at his friend, “No, Ironhide, I think Primus cared more about the Seekers than he thought he did,” he smiled as they went back to watching the sparkling frolic through the air.

    Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies…

    Outside of the med bay, everyone was stunned at what they were now seeing. Some of them were curious as to what it was, having never seen a sparkling before, but then someone who’d seen one before walked up behind them.

    “Yes,” he answered, knowing that they wanted to know, “it is.” Prowl smiled as he peered in on the three.

    “Let’s get away before-” Sunstreaker was cut off suddenly by what he feared would happen.

    Ratchet turned and saw all the faces that were now looking into the med bay. It was more comical watching them all try to fit at least one optic through the window. His optic ridges furrowed immediately at them and he glared. The same intimidating gaze was also coming from Ironhide as soon as he had seen what Ratchet was glaring at.

    “Too late,”

    The End
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    Starscream always has to die one way or another.

    G1 86 movie:Turned to dust by Galvatron

    Armada:Random Unexpected Suicide

    Animated:Gets Shot(then gets reactivated But that's not the point)

    Learning to fly(movie adaption): provoked Suicide.

    But as always the legacy of the Seeker will live on
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    Actually there are 2 sequels to this, which are rather good. :D 
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    I have started to post the sequel to Learning to Fly here. Afer that is done I will start posting The Allspark Chronicles, which is the threquel

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