Transformers Large G1 Weapons & Accessories Trade List

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    Hi all,

    In light of a recent spark of interest in Transformers I have decided to start collecting and trading again.

    To cut a long story short I amassed a fairly large amount of spare G1 accessories and weapons between 2000 - 2005. I'm now looking to trade for items on my wants list.

    Since I don't have any feedback on the forums, I'm willing to send my items first to users who have good feedback.

    Right, enough rambling from me, here is the list (all originals):

    1984 Autobots

    Optimus Prime Missile x4
    Optimus Prime Roller x3
    Optimus Prime Roller – Wheel x2
    Prowl Launcher Left x1
    Prowl Launcher Right x2
    Bluestreak Launcher Left x2
    Bluestreak Launcher Right x1
    Sunstreaker Missile x3
    Jazz Missile x2
    Sideswipe Missile x2
    Sideswipe Rifle x1
    Trailbreaker Missile x1

    1984 Decepticon

    Starscream Long Missile x1
    Starscream Launcher x1
    Megatron Stock – Start x2
    Megatron Stock – Middle x1
    Skywarp Right First x2 (Double tab)
    Thundercracker Left Rudder x1
    Thundercracker Right Rudder x1
    Thundercracker Launcher x1
    Thundercracker Landing Gear x1

    1985 Autobots

    Omega Supreme Yellow Leg Connector Small x1
    Omega Supreme Yellow Leg Connector Medium x1
    Omega Supreme Yellow Leg Connector Large x1
    Tracks Rifle x2
    Tracks Missile x6
    Tracks Left Launcher x2
    Tracks Right Launcher x2
    Smokescreen Left Launcher x2
    Smokescreen Right Launcher 2
    Skids Rifle x1
    Skids Missile x1
    Twin Twist Rifle x1
    Grapple/Inferno Rifle x2
    Grapple/Inferno Fist x2
    Grapple/Inferno Missile x3
    Red Alert Missile x1
    Snarl Rifle x1
    Slag Launcher x1
    Sludge Missile x2 (Gold)
    Grimlock Rifle x1
    Grimlock Missile 3 (Chrome)
    Inferno Hose x1
    Jetfire Gun Clip x1
    Jetfire Left Leg Side Armour x1
    Jetfire Right Leg Armour Clip x1
    Jetfire Right Leg Calf Armour x2

    1985 Decepticons

    Blitzwing Rifle x1
    Dirge/Ramjet/Thrust Right Fist x2
    Dirge/Ramjet/Thrust Left Fist x2
    Ramjet Left Rudder x1
    Hook Black Pistol x1
    Scavenger Black Pistol x1

    1986 Autobots

    Hotspot Rifle x3
    Hotspot Hose x1 (both section)
    Groove Left Sidegun x1
    Groove Right Sidegun x1
    Firstaid Pistol x1
    Streetwise Cannon x2
    Blades Left Cannon x1
    Blades Right Cannon x1
    Broadside Axe x1
    Hotrod Long Rifle x1
    Ultra Magnus Launcher x4
    Ultra Magnus Gun x2
    Ultra Magnus Head x3
    Ultra Magnus Chest Shield x5
    Ultra Magnus Small Left Fist x2
    Ultra Magnus Large Right Fist x2
    Ultra Magnus Waist Plate x1
    Ultra Magnus Missile x1
    Metroplex Missile x2
    Metroplex Red Dual Gun x1
    Metroplex Red Rifle x1
    Metroplex Right Fist x1
    Metroplex Knee Guard x1
    Metroplex Six-Gun Red Body x1
    Metroplex Six-Gun White Waist x1
    Metroplex Six-Gun Rifle x1
    Metroplex Slammer & Turret x1
    Metroplex Scamper Left Arm x1
    Metroplex Scamper Right Arm x1
    Silerbolt Head x2
    Silerbolt Red Waist Piece x1
    Silerbolt White Chest Shield x4
    Slingshot Gun x1
    Air Raid Gun x1
    Fireflight Gun x1

    1986 Decepticons

    Octane Rifle x1
    Runabout Gun x1
    Dragstrip Double Cannon x1
    Breakdown Double Cannon x1
    Deadend Double Cannon x1
    Onslaught Head x2
    Tantrum Foot x1
    Tantrum Rifle x1
    Headstrong Sword x1
    Galvatron Rifle x1

    1987 Autobots

    Scatershot Small Gun x2
    Lightspeed Side Gun x1

    1987 Decepticons

    Scorponok Elevator A - Bars x1
    Scorponok Elevator B - No Bars x1
    Scorponok Grey Gun Shield x1
    Scorponok Antenna Cactus x2
    Scorponok Antenna Radar x1
    Blot Laser Mount x1
    Rippersnapper Double Gun x1
    Sixshot Rifle x1

    1988 Autobots

    Powemaster Prime Grey Gun x1
    Powemaster Prime Rifle x1
    Powemaster Prime Head x2

    1988 Decepticons

    Snaptrap Rifle x1
    Doubledealer Knock x1
    Doubledealer Skar x1
    Overlord Powermaster Buggy x1

    Wants List (will expand!)

    1985 - Decepticons

    Venom - Gun
    Chopshop - Gun

    1986 - Autobots

    Rewind - Left and Right Gun
    Silverbolt - Superion Right Fist
    Springer - Blades
    Steeljaw - Left and Right Gun

    1986 - Decepticons

    Scourge - Missile
    Gnaw - Tail

    1987 - Autobots

    Brainstorm - Right gun.
    Highbrow - Gun.
    Hardhead - Duros & gun.

    1987 - Decepticons

    Cyclonus - Nightstick.
    Slugslinger - Caliburst & blaster.
    Wierdwolf - Tail

    1988 - Autobots

    Quickmix - Richochet
    Landfill - Silencer & Flintlock
    Siren - All accessories
    Hosehead - left & Right Pistol
    Joyride - Rifle
    Landmine - Belt, Gun & Sword
    Cloudburst - Belt & Helmet
    Quickswitch - Right Blaster With Stickers
    Waverider - Belt, Helmet, Gun and Axe
    Chainclaw - Helmet & Gun
    Catilla -Helmet, Gun & Tail

    That took a while to type! If there is anything of interest send me a PM.
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    Columbus, Ohio
    PM Sent
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    List updated and PMs sent :) 
  4. MickDundee

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    Last update before some items go on ebay (need to have a clear out!).

    Thanks M

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