Transformers, Joes, and other toys for sale

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    I have a few items for sale. Shipping is not included in the price.
    All prices are obo, so send your offers. Thanks for looking.

    Universe Dropshot MIP 12.00
    Universe Treadbolt MIP 12.00
    Universe Heavy Duty MIP 12.00
    Universe Powerglide MIP 15.00
    Universe Galvatron mint 6.00
    Universe Cyclonus mint 6.00
    Universe Beachcomber mint 3.00
    Animated Cybertron Megatron 12.00
    Animated Leader Bulkhead MIB 22.00
    Animated Lugnut MIP 12.00
    Animated Soundwave mint 6.00
    Animated Blitzwing mint 12.00
    Movie Leader Desert Brawl MIP 20.00
    Movie Thundercracker MIP 12.00
    Movie Rescue Ratchet MIP 12.00
    Movie Camshaft MIP 6.00
    Movie Cliffjumper mint 4.00
    Pepsi Prime MIP 23.00

    GI Joe All MIP
    25th Comic Pack Black Head Destro 10.00
    25th Comic Pack Gold Head Destro 7.00
    25th Comic Pack Nemesis Enforcer/Falcon Comic Pack 7.00
    25th SDCC Blue Suit and Black Suit Cobra Commander set 50.00
    25th Black Suit Cobra Commander 20.00
    25th SDCC Snake Eyes Combat Heroes 10.00
    All below have 25th cards 7.00 each MOC
    Buzzer, Helmet Cobra Commander, Major Bludd, Zartan, Firefly, Cobra Trooper, Serpentor, Beachhead, Snake Eyes w/ grey Timber, Battle Armot Cobra Commander
    All below have TV or Comic Cards 6.00 MOC
    Artic Snake Eyes, Ninja Ku, Snow Serpent, Python Patrol Officer, Mutt and Junkyard, Resolute Cobra Trooper(7.00)
    Loose 5.00 each, all near mint
    Copperhead, PP Officer, Cobra Trooper, Cobra Officer, Buzzer, Ripper, Torch, and Snow Serpent.
    MIB Vehicles
    Firebat 14.00

    He Man 2002 series All MOC
    He-Man 4.00
    Smash Blade He-Man 3.00
    Snake Hunter He-Man 3.00
    Snake Crush Skeletor 3.00

    Nintendo 64 w/expansion pack, 2 controllers, 2 memory cards, 2 tremor plus packs, all cords, orange
    With games Shadows of the Empire, Bond 007-Goldeneye All for 40.00 shipped with insurance and dc

    I ship only in the US. I accept paypal, cashier's checks and money orders. If paying with a credit card through paypal add 4% to cover their fees. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can also take pics for those interested. Thanks for looking.
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    You have a PM.
  3. zgraham

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Removed sold items and lowered prices. Thanks to all who have bought.

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