Transformers IV: The Search For Vector Sigma-My TF4 Script

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    Hello Guys,

    Recently I have been hard at work writing a Transformers 4 Script. I did not copy Kingstarscream, i did not know he was making one by the time I started Writing. Anyways, I have produce about 20 Pages and I believe by the end of the month, I will get a good amount of pages and should finish this by end of september or end of October, If I stay Dedicated.

    The new characters are Warpath, Powerglide and Sunstreaker. There are a new batch of Decepticions, no Megatron, I want to establish a new faction of Decepticions that were menacing as Megatron's unit. I also plan to include more Robot to Robot interaction and Human to Robot Interaction. Sam is not featured in my TF4, but his Cousins and their friend are.

    When I write up to about 25 Pages, I will make a Mediafire Upload and give a public link. For Now, to those you want to read it, Send me a PM. This thread will be updated when I have made progress.

    Thanks to deltaprime for giving me feedback.

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