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    All items are original parts and are in great condition unless otherwise stated. I am not looking to trade. I accept paypal and money orders and will ship internationally. Shipping for accessories is domestically is 2.50 total no matter how many you buy. International shipping is on accessories is 4.25. For figures I ship priority mail which varies by weight either domestic or international. If you purchase 30.00(on accessories only) or more in an order I will give you a 10% discount. Will gladly send pics on request. My prices on the figures are pretty much set unless decent amount of purchases are made.

    Transformers figures:

    2012 Botcon Treadshot sealed in baggie w/paperwork 65.00
    2012 Botcon SG Tracks sealed in baggie w/paperwork 65.00
    2012 Botcon SG Ultra Magnus in baggie w/paperwork 120.00
    2012 Botcon SG Soundwave loose complete (no headband) 65.00
    2012 Botcon Spraxus MISB 80.00
    2012 Botcon SG Junkions MISB 165.00

    G.I.Joe figures:

    2012 club exclusive Footloose loose bagged 70.00


    Prime Left fist 6.50
    Prime right fist 6.50
    Prime gas nozzle 10.00(SOLD)
    Prime missile(black) x4 2.00 each
    Sunstreaker missile x2 4.50 each
    Sunstreaker pom poms x4 6.00 each
    Sunstreaker left fist 6.00
    Sunstreaker right fist 6.00
    Megatron stock 5.00(minor to moderate sticker wear)
    Starscream long missile 10.00
    Skywarp long missile 9.00
    Wheeljack missile x3 5.00 each
    Sideswipe launcher 4.00
    Soundwave missile x2 3.00 each
    Soundwave extendable launcher 6.00
    Jazz rifle 3.00
    Ironhide/Ratchet peg 15.00
    Ironhide/Ratchet rifle 3.00

    Hoist left fist 3.00
    Hoist right fist 3.00
    Jetfire rifle 10.00(no stickers)(SOLD)
    Jetfire r leg clip (very slight stress) 7.00
    Omega Supreme medium clip x2 7.00 each(SOLD)
    Omega Supreme small clip x2 8.00 each(SOLD)
    Ransack shield 12.00(SOLD)
    Ransack rifle 5.00
    Slag launcher 5.00
    Barrage sword 14.00(SOLD)
    Thrust bomb x2 8.00 each
    Thrust launcher x2 2.00 each
    Grimlock rifle 4.00 each
    Grimlock missile x4 4.00 each
    Grimlock launcher 3.50
    Blitzwing sword 3.00(SOLD)
    Blitzwing tank turret x2 10.00 each
    Blitzwing missile x2 4.00 each
    Blitzwing rifle 3.00
    Inferno left fist 2.00
    Inferno right fist 2.00(SOLD)
    Devastator head x2 4.00 each
    Devastator rifle 4.00
    Devastator right fist 4.00
    Devastator super wing 3.00
    Sludge sword 9.00(SOLD)

    Metroplex left fist x2 5.00 each
    Metro. shoulder post x3 7.00 each(SOLD)
    Metro. Slammer complete 6.00
    Wreck Gar rifle 5.00(SOLD)
    Galvatron orange cannon 18.00(SOLD)
    Gal. cannon mount 5.00(SOLD)
    Menasor right fist 5.00
    Trypticon thick radar 6.00(SOLD)
    Trypticon light tower 12.00
    Blades pistol 6.00
    Predaking right fist 16.00(SOLD)
    Broadside axe 14.00(SOLD)
    Broadside rifle 10.00(SOLD)
    Ultra Magnus launcher 5.00
    Ultra Magnus small left fist 4.50
    Ultra Magnus small right fist 4.50
    Ultra Magnus large right fist 4.00
    Ultra Magnus large left fist 4.00
    Ultra Magnus missile 4.00
    Superion left fist 4.00
    Eject/Rewind silver weapon x2 4.00 each(SOLD)

    Computron chestplate 6.50(SOLD)
    Hardhead HM Duros 27.00(SOLD)
    Scorponok fastrack body 6.00
    Highbrow rifle 10.00(SOLD)
    Chromedome rifle x2 12.00 each(SOLD)
    Battle Trap rifle 3.00(SOLD)

    Horribull tail/rifle 10.00(SOLD)
    Horribull HM Kreb 35.00(SOLD)
    Bombburst belt 6.00
    Snarler rifle 6.00

    Monstructor rifle 10.00(SOLD)
    Monstructor right fist (slight discolored) 10.00
    Pretender Starscream rifle 6.00(SOLD)
    Pretender Starscream helmet 7.00
    Octopunch helmet 7.00(SOLD)
    Doubleheader wings 14.00(SOLD)
    Doubleheader rifle 7.00(SOLD)
    Anti Aircraft base right cannon(heavy stress on barrel) 2.50
    Roadgrabber right cannon 5.00(SOLD)
    Thunderwing rifle 20.00(SOLD)
    Pretender Bumblebee helmet (no sticker) 7.00
    Stranglehold helmet 8.00

    AM Megatron tank barrel 10.00(SOLD)
    Autobot Headquarters A2A missile x2 5.00 each
    AM Shockwave rifle 5.00

    Overlord rifle 40.00(SOLD)
    Overlord Giga PM 55.00(SOLD)
    Overlord double laser 35.00(SOLD)
    Overlord leg ramp L side 30.00(SOLD)
    Overlord leg ramp R side 30.00(SOLD)
    Overlord shoulder cone 20.00(SOLD)
    Black Zarak shoulder cannon x4 25.00 each(SOLD)
    Black Zarak missile launcher covers x2 10.00 each(SOLD)
    Killbison turret system 14.00(SOLD)
    AM Slicer blades x2 7.00 each(one female, one male peg)
    Gaihawk tailfins x2 8.00 each

    I have a good amount more mostly of 84-86. If you have a list feel free to message it to me or any questions you may have. Thanks for looking.
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