Transformers Inserts Starscream, Thundercracker, Dirge, He Man, GI Joe Bubbles

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    I haven't posted in a long time, but I now have a little extra time. I am looking to sell the inserts / bubbles or trade for figures. I am interested in anything from the 80's or earlier. Just shoot me pm. These are some of the things I have available right now.

    Transformers Inserts for Starscream, Dirge and Thundercracker. The look just like the originals.

    Transformers Starscream

    TRANSFORMERS G1 STARSCREAM INSERT BUBBLE REPRODUCTION - eBay (item 260680959346 end time Nov-19-10 16:06:32 PST)

    Transformers Thundercracker

    TRANSFORMERS G1 THUNDERCRACKER INSERT BUBBLE MIB BOX - eBay (item 260680960657 end time Nov-19-10 16:11:46 PST)

    Transformers Dirge

    TRANSFORMERS G1 DIRGE INSERT BUBBLE MIB BOX - eBay (item 260680960848 end time Nov-19-10 16:12:37 PST)

    MOTU He Man Bubbles

    Reproduction Bubbles for Vintage MOTU style MOC HE MAN - eBay (item 260651367626 end time Nov-13-10 16:48:49 PST)

    GI Joe

    Star Wars

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