Transformers in WoW comedy series.

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    Heyah, people! Undoubtedly there are those of us here who play World of Warcraft. Aside from just playing the game I also enjoy 'watching' it. Below is a link to a youtube video featuring Olibith's renowned series Never Stay Tuned. While the entire 20min episode is hysterical, I'm just here to point out what happens at 6:55 seconds in.

    We get to see Michael Bay's Optimus Prime within the halls of Ulduar; and it turns out Prime transforms into a siege tank. I almost expect one of those tanks to go robot mode on me next time I'm in Wintergrasp.

    Grab a snack and get ready to laugh. :popcorn :thumbs2: :drunk 


    Olibith's home website can be found at:
    PINKHAIR* home website:

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