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    A note from the author: 'Ello, everybody! This shall be the first Transformers fanfic I've written in ages. This takes place twenty five years after Transformers: Cybertron. Why Cybertron? Well, I felt it would be the easiest to write about... for me, anyway, since I have seen most of the episodes. I have lots of things in store for this one, so please enjoy it!

    WARNING: This fic contains spoilers and OCs (original characters; also called fan characters). If you do not like any of these, please kindly hit the back button. Otherwise, please enjoy!


    Chapter 1

    A bright light enveloped his vision. He squinted for a moment, his eyes unable to handle the light. But when he opened his eyes again, he found that he was in a bright room. He assumed it was some sort of medical bay, since he was lying on a bed and heard technology beside him buzzing about. But how did he get here? Was he not... suddenly a pair of sliding doors opened revealing a sinister-looking, dark armored figure. As the newcomer entered the room, he sat up. He wanted some answers and whether this person liked it or not, he was going to get them.

    "It is good to see that you are finally awake," said the newcomer. "Galvatron."

    "What sort of trickery is this?" asked Galvatron. "How am I alive?"

    "My master's power, along with my own, allowed you to escape the afterlife and walk amongst the living again. However, we have not summoned you just out of amusement."

    Galvatron furrowed his brow. He still wasn't satisfied. He had so many more questions. Granted, he was pleased that he was no longer offline. In fact, he saw this as an opportunity to exact revenge against the Autobots for interrupting his plans at universal domination. But there had to be a reason someone would bring him back; and most of the time, it would be to do them a favor.

    "No one summons Galvatron." said Galvatron coldly.

    If the stranger didn't have a face plate covering his mouth, then it would be more obvious that he was giving the former Decepticon leader a smirk.

    "Then it pleases me to be the first."

    "What is it that you want?" snapped Galvatron.

    "Why, your assistance, of course," replied the stranger. "You see, my master is having a bit of an... issue. During your absence, the Autobots have roamed freely around the galaxy protecting the lives of worthless creatures as they rebuild their space bridge. They are what stands in the way of his plans."

    His explanation slightly piqued Galvatron's interest.

    "Go on." he said.

    "Simply put, they must be destroyed. I need your knowledge of them and prowess in combat to make this design a reality."

    The stranger pressed a few buttons on his wrist which summoned a hologram of several figures that looked very familiar to the Decepticon leader. One of them was a small bot, another a large one, a female and a mech who could transform into a jet. It took him a moment to remember their names, but Galvatron remembered them being Ransack, Crumplezone, Thunderblast and Thundercracker respectively. He remembered not being particularly fond of any of them.

    "I suppose you remember these four. They once served you during your final days," continued the stranger. "They will accompany you, as well as a few others that you have yet to meet."

    "What, those useless piles of scrap?!" asked an offended Galvatron. "I think not! Before I fell, they were hardly worth my time. So why should I lead them into battle?"

    "Don't worry," chuckled the stranger. "I'll see to it that they are worthy for your cause. And who knows? Maybe there will be more you can recruit. I, of course, will be going with you as well. Oh! Where are my manners? I got so carried away, that I almost forgot to introduce myself."

    A pause lingered into the room.

    "My name... is--"


    Sirens blared throughout the Atlantis, prompting Leobreaker to awaken from his slumber.

    "All Autobots, report to the bridge, immediately." announced Optimus Prime over the speakers.

    Leobreaker groaned a bit, rubbing his red optics. It didn't take a genius to realize that something was wrong; otherwise, the alarms wouldn't have been raised. He stood up from his bed and immediately ran down to the bridge. Leobreaker was hoping that this was a real emergency and not some drill. He was getting tired of all the drills everyone had been practicing. They always made him jumpy, since he was usually not informed that it was one until the last minute. So he always assumes that they were in danger. He arrived on the bridge with Landmine and the Minicon Safeguard while everyone else had already arrived.

    "Prime, what's going on?" asked Landmine, who was a little groggy.

    Optimus Prime turned to face the newcomers.

    "Our scanners have just picked up an unidentified object heading towards us," he answered. "However, we are hoping that it's a glitch and not an actual threat."

    "Decepticons?" asked Leobreaker.

    "It seems very unlikely," said Red Alert as he worked on the main computer. "Seeing as they haven't taken action in some time, I doubt it would be them."

    The ship began to shake violently.

    "But, I have been wrong before." Red Alert quickly added.

    "Sir!" Scattershot spoke. "I've just figured out what hit us."

    "What is it, Scattershot?" asked Optimus.

    "It looks like we're taking cannon fire from a flagship."

    "What?!" asked Prime in shock.

    "Yeah, and it ain't one of ours, either."

    "Then who...?" wondered Landmine.

    "Incoming transmission!" announced Red Alert.

    "Patch it through." ordered Optimus.

    The main screen of the bridge flickered on. Everyone was stricken with horror to see a grainy image of someone they never thought they would see again: Galvatron.

    "It can't be...!" muttered an almost quiet Optimus.

    "But... you... how?" asked Leobreaker, who was in such a shock that he could hardly speak.

    Galvatron chuckled darkly.

    "Oh, if only you could all see your faces now." he said.

    "What do you want, Galvatron?" demanded Optimus.

    "I want lots of things," replied Galvatron. "I want a fusion cannon, a few planets named after me, maybe some Minicon slaves. But most of all, I want your head on a silver platter, Optimus Prime!!"

    "Sorry, but I like my head where it is!" retorted Prime.

    Galvatron laughed.

    "Ever the bold one, aren't we? Let's see how long that will last until I crush you and your Autobots."

    The screen faded to black and an eerie silence filled the room. Leobreaker was hoping - praying - that this was either a prank or a really bad dream. He clenched his fists. He really wanted to punch a wall, but doing so would not make the situation any better. Leobreaker looked to his friends; each of them had a solemn look on their faces.

    "What now?" asked Menasor.

    "What are your orders, Optimus?" asked Mudflap.

    "...Prepare for battle," said Optimus. "If it's a fight Galvatron wants, it's a fight he'll get. Warn those on board the Lemuria and the Hyperborea that they may get some unexpected company."

    "I'm on it, sir." nodded Red Alert.

    "Everyone, man a turret and wait for my orders." continued Prime.

    "That might not be necessary, Prime." muttered Scattershot with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

    "Why's that?" asked Prime.

    "'Cause Galvatron's sending out pods! They're going to try to board us!"


    End of Chapter 1


    Trivia: The reason this fanfic is named Ignition, is because one of the Japanese opening theme songs of Cybertron/Galaxy Force was called Ignition (performed by CHINO). I liked the song so much, that I decided to name it after said song.

    If you are planning to criticize, please do so in a constructive manner.

    Thank you! Hope you enjoyed! Please expect more to come.
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    Cool sounding "FF". I kind of like the opening. The "Master" sound's like it could possiblybe "The Chaos Bringer" Uicron. I really am curios as to w3hom the mystery character could be.

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