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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Strikimusprimus, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Hi! Just wanted to list several Tfs from my collection that I'm selling. Prices are listed (not including shipping and handling). Also, I only accept payment through PayPal. Anyhow, here is the list:

    Brand New Energon Starscream $18
    Jap re-issue G1 Megatron (opened but re-packaged and complete)$48
    Brand New Armada Hot Shot $20
    Hasbro re-issue G1 Thundercracker (opened but re-packaged and complete)$26
    Brand New Titanium series Die-cast tank Megatron $20
    Jap re-issue G1 Prowl (opened but re-packaged and complete) $26
    Jap re-issue Ultra Magnus (opened but complete and loosely re-packaged) $30
    Brand new Titanium series Die-cast Optimus Prime mini-figure $4
    Brand new Titanium series Die-cast Autobot Starship Ark mini-figure $4
    Loose G1 Red Alert (major wear and no accessories) $3
    Loose G1 Perceptor (fair amount of wear and appears to be complete)(no manual) $4
    Loose G2 Dinobot Slag (no accessories but in good condition) $3
    Loose G2 Dinobot Snarl (no accessories, in descent condition, but has leg
    which pops off in robot mode) $3
    Loose original Beast Wars Waspinator (loose but complete and in good
    condition)(no manual) $17
    Loose Armada Starscream (complete with Mini-con, manual, and accessories) $22

    Please contact me if any of these figures interest you...

    Strikimus Prime
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    Sent a PM.

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