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    Transformers: Starscream's Terror

    Hi, If you read this story please keep in mind that I'm from Belgium and that I only speak English wen it's nescesary (and that's not to often). And because of that there can be some bad grammar. please keep this in mind and enjoy Transformers: Starscream's Terror


    Autobots and Decepticon. Everybody knows that they aren’t to friendly against each other. Planet earth had been more than once their battle ground. And it shall be once more the victim of their war.

    In one of the so many dimension’s, a solar-system is been chosen to hold a big amount of energon. Most of this energon is hidden on a blue planet. On this planet live species beyond imagination. Humans. Were talking about planet earth. The dustbin of the galaxy.

    On planet earth it is the year 2025. A few years earlier they’ve encountered an alien race. The transformers. It are giant robots who could transform into vehicles or animals. Energon is their fuel. So the Autobots once again came to this with energon filled planet to collect it. But their not alone. Their tivals, the Decepticon’s, have come to earth to.

    Their plan: Destroy the Autobots once and for ever!

    A pitty human was walking home, not aware of the danger that was hedding earth. He took his key from the front door and putted him in the keyhole. Click and the big green massive door went open. Daniel, the human, went to his mailbox.

    Daniel: “hmmm. No mail, strange. My ex didn’t send a check. Another day at court”

    Daniel and his wife Cloe divorsted seveal months ago. A few time’s she didn’t paid her depts.
    For speeding with his car.

    Emma: “Still having problems with your wife?”
    Daniel: “Yes, she didn’t pay. Again”

    Emma, a nice old ladie. She’s the neighbour of our human friend. Doctor’s told her that she wouldn’t survive for long.

    Emma: “are you going to court again?”
    Daniel: “No. I’m going to her place. Now.”
    Emma: “May I come?”
    Daniel: “Why?”
    Emma: “I want to pis her off, so she will hit me or you and we can fight back then. It’s been a long time since I had a good fight”

    Daniel started to laugh. A deep, warm sound.

    Daniel: “I didn”t expect that from you. Ok, you may come. Would you do something for me?”
    Emma: “What?”
    Daniel: “pis her off real bad, it’s been a long time I had a good fight to”
    Emma: “Sur, I wanted to do that after al. Come on, let’s go. The sooner we fight, the better.”

    So the two humans went to the house of Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, wel dressed against the cold of winter. Along their path they discussed a strategy to make her angry. The trip to her appartment ussually takes an hour. But through the snow and the manny trafficlights, the trip took 2 hours. Finally Daniel and Emma arrived. The appartement looked like the other appartements in the street: big, grey and wet trhough the melting snow.

    Daniel: “here it is, are you ready to fight?”
    Emma: “bring it.”

    The facial expression told our friend that Cloe wouldn’t forget his neighbour. The big smile bared all of her teeth. Her eyes were a burning flame of excitement. She pulled her gloves from her hand and grabed her walkin-stick so hard that her knockels turned white.

    Daniel: “If you roared, then I would be persuade that your’re a savage beast”
    Emma: “Oh, I am a beast, a wild beast. I can feel the adrenaline flow trough my veine’s.”

    At the same moment Daniel and the fierce Emma go inside the building a giant commet enters orbit. Several smaller others follow the big one. The comet’s are heading for the city were our friend lives. Our human friend and his neighbour notice this phenomenon. One of the smaller one’s crash in front of the building were Daniels now is.

    What Daniel and Emma just saw shall change their live for ever. Not only their lives but also the lives of million of others.
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    Chapter one: Punishment

    Somewhere in the galaxy, where? I don’t know. But somewhere there’s a planet. A planet that’s made from a sort of metal. You may search, but you’ll never find organic subtans.
    On this planet lays a base. Filled with hatred. The base belongs to the Decepticons. A race of Transformers.

    Megatron: “WHAT!!! You can’t find them, that’s bull%*$#”
    Starscream: “they just… dissepeared from the radar sire”

    Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, a giant robot. His favourite colors are green, white and purple. I know this becose he’s painted like that. On his back he wears some kind of shells. On the right shell hangs a big black barrel.

    Megatron: “Bonechrusher!!! Come her!”

    On the oposide of the room a door slides open., a giant figure steps trough. The Decepticon didn’t left the shadow.

    Bonechrusher: “What can I do for you boss?”
    Megatron: “Starscream here is a weakling and diserves a punishment. What should I do to him?”
    Bonechrusher: “hhmmmmm, shoot him?”
    Megatron: “What nice, I should give you a raise”
    Bonechrusher: “Really?”
    Megatron “No, now go. TRANSFORM”

    Megatron started to change, his body turned into his alt-mode. He altered in a giant gun.

    Decepticon in room: “Everybody run for your unimportant lives!!!”

    Every Decepticon runned towards the door. Megatron started to laugh. He aimed himself at Starscream. Starscream slowly stood up. One feet after an other he walked backwards.

    Megatron: “3…2…”

    Starscream started to run towards the exit, transforming on his way. He hoped to be faster this way.

    Megatron: “…1 Kaboom”

    A big purple ray left the barrel. The ray was faster and hit Starscream’s engine. The left rear engine exploded by the shot. Starscream chrashed against the wall. A dust cloud spread itself trough the room.

    Megatron: “Scorponok. Come here. I have an assignment for you!!!”

    Starscream was carried away by some constructicons. He opened his optics and ajusted his sound receiver.
    Constructicon1: “Have you heared, they have found remains of a virus that destroys the ability to transform”
    Constructicon2: “What?!? That’s not posible”
    Constructicon3: “yes it is, I heard it happend in the Beast Wars. The virus lived in an… apple”
    Constructicon2: “An apple?”
    Constructicon3: “yeah, everyone who putted it in his mouth, transformed in beast-mode and couldn’t transform any more. They started to act like their alt-mode”
    Constructicon2: “It can be a strong weapon if you can manipulate it”
    Yes indeed, a very strong weapon Starscream thougt.
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    Chapter two: New ones on earth

    Earth, the blue planet like the humans call it. It excist especially out of water.
    Several comets have chrashed into the surface of earth. Our friend Daniel saw this happning. The strangest thing is that they didn’t made a crater.

    The traffic stopped, some cars chrashed into each other.Daniel and Emma where shocked to see the comets just inches away from them. Daniel stepped closer to one of the comets.
    He never saw such a thing. It was bigger than a van but smaller than a building. It had a strange color, it kept white in stood of cooling down and turning brown.
    He tried to touch the white comet. When it’s finger just was a feet away something happend.
    The comet shined brighter and turned bigger. A part of it slided open and Daniel saw something grey. The thing stood up. it seemed to be a robot. The robot’s legs were taller than Daniel so he didn’t questioned himself how tal it would be. The eyes were blue and turned around. The thing’s fingers bend and stretched. Severeal wheels turned when one of the legs moved. The robot walked around the corner. Danil and Emma needed to run to follow the robot. Around the corner stood another robot. This one was a bit taller than the first one. The tallest was also grey.

    Small robot: “So Jetfire, are these humans? They are so small”
    Big robot: “Yes Arcee, they are, I think. Now scan a vehicle for you’re alt-mode, we may not be seen by Decepticon radars”
    Arcee: “Ok Jetfire, let’s see”

    Jetfire, the big grey robot, bend to a human. It seemed to be a trucker.

    Jetfire: “Excuse me human, where can I find some phlanes?”
    Trucker: “at the… airph… airphield, two.. kilometres no… north”

    Daniel and Emma were surprised. They already heared something about giant robots on the news a few years ago but they didn’t believed it. They couldn’t bring out a word, the robots could talk.

    Jetfire: “Come on Arcee, I can see the Autobot signal a few kilometres, and one the way I can scan for my alt-mode”
    Arcee: “wait a click”

    Arcee walked towards a purple motorcycle, kneeled down. A green light came out of her optics. Several parts on her body changed. She started to transform. A wheel combined her arms, her head turned into a saddle. She was transformed into a pink bike.
    The bike drove to Jetfire.

    Arcee: “Let’s go, I’m ready”
    Jetfire: “Send a message to the other ones that they have to come to the signal”
    Arcee: “already done”

    Jetfire transformed into a cybertronian jet and flew awy, Arcee followed him.

    Emma: “It starts again”
    Daniel: “what?”

    A few streets further away from Jetfire and Arcee another comet opened and aa robot stepped out. It started to run towards the mountains were the Autobot sign hang in the air.

    New robot: “Let Jetfire know I’m comming Arcee.”
    Arcee: “Ok, Magnus”

    The new transformer stopped near a trailer. He scanned it and transformed into it. he drove further.

    Jetfire: “Smokescreen, Inferno. Do you read? Answer me”

    Still two Autobots didn’t respond to Jetfire or Arcee, what happend to them? Did one of the still remaining Decpticons on earth grabed them? You shall only know if you read the next chapter!
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    (WARNING: spoilers for this story, if you didn't read all the chapters don't read the bio) to inform you, this story happens after the movie, but it isn't really the sequel, cause Megatron didn't died, they threw the allspark into the sea where in the movie the deecepticons where throwed.

    here's the bio:
    Barricade: police car
    Starscream: F-22(movie)
    Black Death/ Shadowpath Crago'Da:scorpion(drawing coming soon)
    Dew-Bot: Dewmachine
    Blackout: helicopter
    Shockwave:?(drawing coming soon)
    Tidal Wave: Aircraft-carrier

    on cybertron:
    Megatron: Gun

    remaining autobots on earth:
    Optimus Prime: semi-truck(movie)
    Ratchet: Hummer (new form)
    Ironhide: pick-up truck(movie)
    Bumblebee: Camaro(movie)

    new ones till now:
    Jetfire: NASA space jet
    Arcee: Pink bike (see Skowl's sig's)
    Magnus: car trailer with cars (drawing coming soon)
    Prowl: Police combi(check fan art)
    Smokescreen:Subaru(rally WRC)
    Inferno:Ferrari (drawing coming soon)

    after each chapter the bio will be edited

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    Chapter three: Reunion

    Somewhere in the dessert a group of transformers were playing poker. A bit strange for giant robots who saved a planet from massive destruction.

    Ratchet: “Yeah, another game won. I actually like this primitive earth game.”
    Ironhide: “You only like it because you’re winning. I rather like shooting with my guns”
    Optimus Prime: “Stop whinning and get up. whe have company”
    Ratchet: “what company, do we need Bumblebee?”
    Ironhide: “give me one click, and they’re fried bacon”
    Ratchet: “you need to stop watching that earth cooking program”
    Optimus: “I don’t know, I don’t get a clear reading. Ironhide, give them a warning shot. Don’t hit them!”
    Ironhide: “Ok”

    Ironhide’s left arm transformed into a big cannon. He aimed it at the sky.

    Ironhide: “Permission to shoot sir?”
    Optims: “Permission granted”

    The cannon lighted up, sparks came out. It started to shock. A light boll came out of the holl.
    The light boll flew high into the sky. It hang still and exploded. Several smaller bolls fell down. They were heading at the two nearing vehicles. They shatterd around and the vehicles slipped. Suddenly they transformed. A small pink bot and a larger grey bot.

    Jetfire: “stop shooting, it’s us Optimus Prime, Jetfire and Arcee”
    Optimus: “Calme down Ironhide, and next time. Follow my orders”

    The sound of an engine came closer. Everyone turned around towards the approaching sound.
    A yellow Camaro with black racing stripes drove up the mountain. It stopped in front of the group Autobots. The two front doors opened and two humans stepped out. A girl and a boy.

    Sam: “Is there something wrong Optimus? Bumblebee here said that he got readings from other autobots”
    Mikaela: “Yeah, is there something wrong?”
    Optimus: “There are some survivors from the war at Cybertron. Sam and Mikaela I introduce you: Jetfire and Arcee”
    Bumblebee: “Arcee? Really? Where is she?”
    Arcee: “here I am pickle”

    Ratchet bend over to the two humans. And wincked them to hem. Mikaela and Sam came closer to Ratchet.

    Ratchet: “On Cybertron Bumblebee was in love with Arcee, but she didn’t loved him back”
    Mikaela: “could you guys experience love? That’s stange”
    Ironhide: “I don’t get it eather”
    Ratchet: “That isen’t a surprise Ironhide, your’re a baby. Baby’s don’t get that stuff”
    Ironhide: “wanna a piece off my guns?”
    Optimus: “Stop it you two!!! You’re both baby’s acting like that!”

    Another engine sound interruptd the conversation. It didn’t slow done.

    Bumblebee: “watch out Optimus Prime!!!”

    Bumblebee tackeled Optimus Prime out of the way. The trailer just stopped in front of Ironhide who pointed his gun at the truck.
    The trailer clicked of the truck and the truck transformed.

    Ultra Magnus: “How how Ironhide, It’s me Ultra Magnus”

    Optimus Prime pushed Bumblebee from his boddy. Stood up and rubed of the durt .
    He went to Ultra Magnus. He gave him a hand.

    Optimus Prime: “My old friend, how are you doing? Never mind, we have a lot to disguse”
    Ultra magnus: “Like what my friend?”

    The two friends left the reunion place. Arcee and Bumblebee went to a rock for some ‘quality time’. Ratchet and Ironhide went back playing virtul poker and Sam and Mikaela didn’t had a ride home.

    Mikaela: “hey, and us, now we don’t have a ride home”
    Jetfire: “I’m can take you home, but there’s a problem. My alt-mode is Cybertronians. I need to find another one”

    At the same moment a rocket ship blasts off at the horizon.

    Sam: “I think you found your answer; But I stiil have one more question: were there any other survivors that came to the planet?”

    Jetfire’s optics went down and he turned himself at the descending sun.

    Jetfire: “I fear the worst for Smokescreen and Inferno…”
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    Chapter four: Starscream’s lab

    Back on Cybertron, on the Decepticon base lies a big room filled with technollogy. Several bottles with deadly bacterials Starscream had collected on earth. In other clossets lied guns and other deadly assault weapons. In a seperate room from the laboratory the light was one.
    A few noises came out. A bottle fell.

    Starscream: “AAAHHH, why doesn’t it work?!?”

    A figure entered Starscream’s laboratory and went to the entering door from the near room..

    Figure: “What are you doing?”

    Starscream jumped up and turned around aiming his blasters at the intruder.
    Quickly he aimed his guns to another object in the room when he noticed that the figure was Megatron.

    Megatron: “so, you do have brains”
    Starscream: “excuse me sir, normally nobody enters my lab”
    Megatron: “I shall ask it again, what are you doing?”
    Starscream: “eeeuuhhh… just cleaning up”

    Meagtron’s optics narrowed. He sensed lies.

    Megatron: “are you hidding something for me Starscream?”
    Starscream: “no… no sir”

    Without saying a word Megatron left the room, whitout throwing a gaze back he left.
    Starscream turned around and calmed down. He continued his work.
    He grabed a bottle of nitron 79-x and xitan 389-alfa and mixed it with the ancient virus where the constructicons where talking about.

    Starscream: “I’m so happy that I have unlimited acces to al chemical labs”

    He smiled. He shaked the mix. A green smoke came out. The mix started to effervesce.

    Starscream: “Now I need a test subject”

    He heared some sounds near his lab. He went to the door. A few Omnicons pasted by.

    Starscream: “hey, one of you. Come her. I need you to help me with something”
    Omnicon: “ok, for what do you need me?”
    Starscream: “just follow me”

    Together they went to his experiment room. In the middle of the room Starscream ordered him to stand stil. Starscream went to his TOP SECRET closset. He picked up a gun from the bottom and filled it with his experiment.

    Omnicon: “What are yo…”

    The omnicon couldn’t finish his sentence. He transformed into a dog. Starscream blowed the smoke from the barrel away.

    Starscream: “Not fully optimum, but effective. I think that I have to eliminate you”

    The dog/omnicon runned away. He was too late, Starscream blasted him too another dimension.

    Starscream: “A few more adjustments and it’s perfect. Now, the next step of my master plan. Nothing can go wrong now”

    Megatron sat on it’s trone in an empty room. In the big trone room stood nothing except Megatron’s chair and some pillars. A great red carpet decorated the room. Megatron was leaning on his arm. The door went open and Starscream ran in, a few Decepticons were following him.

    Decepticon: “excuse me sir, but he entered without permission”
    Megatron: “what do you want Starscream, can’t you see that I’m bussy”
    Starscream: “I’m here to defeat you Megatron”

    Starscream runned towards Megatron and layed a punch on his face, knocking him off the chair.

    Starscream: “stand up Megafreak I’m not done with you, stand up and fight!”
    Megatron: “aarrrggh, you’re going to pay for that”

    Megatron stood up and aimed his gun at Starscream.
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    Chapter five: The fight

    When we last left Starscream and Megatron they started a fight and Megatron aimed his barrel at Starscream. What will happen to him? If you want to know then stop reading this paragraph and read the next one!!!

    Megatron aimed his gun at Starscream, the gun lighted purple up. Before Megatron could fire, Starscream already jumped away. While Starscream jumped away, his arm’s transformed into grenade launchers. Megatron saw this happening and ran away. Starscream fired. Several explosions made holes in the ground. Megatron kneeled and fired at Starscream. The betrayer jumped over the ray and transformed into an F-22 jet and flew towards The Decepticon leader. Starscream launched a few rockets and used them as diversion to shoot with his canon.
    The bullets hit Megatron and drove him to the wall. The leader putted his gun back in the shell and his arms transformed into swords. He started to run and dodged Starscream’s attacks. He jumped towards the betrayer and tried to stab him but he missed, the jet was too fast. Starscream transformed back and his arms changed into machine guns. The started to turn and they fired. A rain of bullets attacked Megatron. Megatron vanished.

    Starscream: “What the hell was that? He just vanished into thin air!!!”
    Megatron: “that my friend… was a hologram”

    Megatron’s voice came from after Starscream. He turned himself and Megatron punched him to the ground. Megatron stepped closer. He kicked the traitor on its stomach and put his feet on Starscream’s back.

    Megatron: “So, Decepticons. If there are any others who want to try to defeat. Come and try, I dear you”
    Decepticons all at once: “No sir, no, we won’t dear”
    Megatron: “I thought so”

    With a loud, rough yell Starscream flipped himself up and kicked Megatron away.

    Starscream: “That’s for planting your feet on my back”
    Megatron: “So, you still have some moves left”

    The traitor started to run at Megatron and his arms transformed in rocket launchers. He fired like a wild beast. A huge cloud of dust spread itself. He calmed down and waited until the cloud disappeared. A huge hole in the wall appeared but no body.

    Starscream: “where are you!?!”


    Megatron: “Right here”

    Starscream turned his head a little to see what was behind him. It was a giant gun, it hovered in the air. Megatron shooted and Starscream let him fall on his back. He grabbed a gun from a compartment in his leg and shot Megatron. The fierce leader fell down and (kreunde).
    Starscream planted his feet on Megatron’s back.


    Every Decepticon looked at each other and started to discuss.

    All Decepticons at once: “hail Starscream”
    Starscream: “that sounds like music in my ears”

    Megatron transformed again to it’s robot mode and started to shiver and roll. Everywhere sparkles appeared.

    Starscream: “aah, the first symptoms are coming through”
    Decepticon1: “What symptoms sir?”
    Starscream: “that’s something that you may not know, just bring him out of here. Bring him to a cell”
    Decepticons: “all right sir”

    Starscream went to the chair and let him fall in it. He over watched the room and laughed.

    Starscream: “and the next step of my unstoppable plan. Bonechrusher, Come here!!!”

    Bonechrusher entered the room; as soon as he stepped in he stopped running and opened his mouth.

    Starscream: “Yes Bonechrusher, I’m your new leader and I order you to make an army. Where heading earth”
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    cool story keep it up
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    Glad you like my story, so here's chpter six

    Chapter six: Botnapped

    In the Grand Canyon, a cave is made.. it’s the hidding place of two Decepticon’s: Barricade and Frenzi. Frenzi, a little humansized robot, was complaining in pure cybertronian. Barricade sat on top of a rock.

    Barricade: “No Frenzi, this won’t kill us. As soon as Username Ladiesman217 hears that we’ve got a few autobots he’ll come to us”
    Frenzi(cybertronian): “You didn’t lose your head twice!!! I’m still saying this is bad”
    Barricade: “quiet, I’m bigger than you. That won’t happen to me”

    A noise came from the back of the cave. Barricade turned himself around. Stood up and went to the sound.

    Barricade: “why do you still try Autobot, you can’t break free, that’s unbreakable steel from cybertron where your wrapped in”

    He said against the two Autobots.

    Barricade: “The only thing you can do is send out is a distress signal. But it will only lure your friends in a trap”
    Autobot: “what trap? A egocentric Decepticon and a dwarf”
    Barricade: “You’re trying to piss me off. Here some news for you, that’s not going to work”

    Frenzi was schocked, nobody ever called him a dwarf. He runned towards the Autobot and raised his arms. The blade launceher appeared and he aimed at the Autobot’s head. But the Autobot just kicked Frenzi out of the way. Frenzi flew trough the air towards the other side of the cavern. He smacked against the wall and his head fell off.

    Frenzi(English): “Oh, shit”
    Autobot(sarcasm): “did you lost your head again, to bad”
    Barricade: “thanks for remenbering me that I have to tie up you legs and those off your friend to”

    Barricade went to his rock again and sat down.

    Barricade: “but that’s something for later”

    Frenzi’s body tried to fiend the head. Meanwhile the other Autobot attemped to break free but Barricade noticed it and putted on the defense system.

    Barricade: “I told you, you couldn’t escape. Now, send out that distress signal”

    Sam walked towards the garden and opened the door. He saw Bumblebee in his alt-mode.

    Sam: “What the hell are you doing! Get off the grass!”
    Bumblebee: “that isen’t important, we need to speak Optimus and that’s important”
    Sam: “Why?”
    Bumblbee: “I’ll explain it on the way there”

    Bumblebee’s door flew open and sam stepped in. For Sam could close the door Bumblebee already drove away. Bumblebee went as fast as he could and he drove through several red lights.

    Sam: “So, why do we need to speak Optimus?”
    BB: “I received a distress signal from Inferno”
    Sam: “Who’s Inferno?”
    Bumblebee: “One of the missing Autobots here on earth”

    A police car came out of a street and started to follow Bumblebee with his Lights on.
    On the door stood ‘I live to serve, I live toprotect, I am the guardian’.

    Sam: “Oh no, It’s that Decepticon! Faster Bumblebee, faster”
    Bumblebee: “No it isen’t him, he’s sending out other signals, do as I say. When I stop you go to the police car and you’re going to sit on the passenger seat, ok?
    Sam: “Are you sure?”
    BB “just do it”

    Bumblebee and the police car stopped over and Sam got out, the door of the passenger seat of the police car went open and Sam got in.

    Police car: “Hi Sam, I’m Prowl. Don’t worry, I’m an Autobot”
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    Chapter Seven: It begins

    In an appartement, two friends are drinking coffee. In front of them lies a map of the country. The two friends are Emma and Daniel. Daniel, a tale man with brown hair and brown eyes, had a worried gaze on his face. There were several needles pinned on the chart.

    Daniel: “Where are they, such big robots can’t disseappear into thin air. Someone must have seen them”
    Emma: “remeber, the first one… transformed into a bike”
    Daniel: “A pink bike doesn’t escapes the eye”

    Daniel switched on the TV, zapped over to the news. The anchor man was telling the leading articles. There were some new reports of comets. One in california and another one in the rainforest of Brazil.

    Daniel: “quick Emma, put some red needles on top of California and the rainforest in Brazil”
    Emma: “you’re taking this way to serious”
    Daniel: “I served the army for 10 years, the safety of our country was my life. I need to know this”
    Emma: “If you say so. But I still have one question, when are whe going to kick Cloe’s butt?”
    Daniel: “That isn’t important now, maybe we can do it if this is over”

    Emma grabed her cup off coffee, nipped it and putted it back. She went to the window.

    Emma: “it has been two weeks now, and you still don’t know more than some places where comets landed”
    Daniel: “that day, you said something like: It starts again. What did you meaned with that?”
    Emma: “look, I’m 88 years old. I saw some things that I want to forget, but they’re hunting me”
    Daniel: “What do you mean?”
    Emma: “18 years ago several comets chrashed here, like now. A few days later giant robots appeared and started to fight each other in the city. It happend in front of my noise, I was lucky that I could escape”
    Daniel: “Why didn’t I know that?”
    Emma: “It became a goverment secret. Everywone who saw it suddenly forgot it. But they forgot to brainwash me”

    She walked over to a chair, and sat down, sighed and closed her eyes.

    Emma: “It’s all happening again”

    Further away on a mointain a few robots where holding a meeting. Almost every Autobot on earth was there. Everyone except Bumblebee, he was with Sam and Mikaela.
    Arcee was cleaning her crossbow, and Jetfire was checking out his new body after he scanned his alt-mode, a space ship. Optimus Prime was thinking what they should do with the two new meteors and the missing Autobots. Ultra Magnus was sitting next to Ratchet who also was cleaning his weapon. Ironhide was again checking out his oh so beautiful cannons.

    Optimus Prime: “Now we are with seven we have to be very careful wit our HQ here. Anyone a proposal?”
    Ratchet: “Let’s use Ironhide’s weapons to make an underground cavern”
    Ultra Magnus: “No, it will make to much noise, if we all work together we can dig a hole that’s big enough for us all in 2 weeks”
    Arcee: “Where are you going to put the sand?”

    Everyone went discussing. It started to work on Prime’s nerves. He started to shake when the Autobots began to yell.

    Prime: “QUIET. We need to ask Sam or Mikaela were there’s a good hiding place”
    Ironhide: “fine or me”
    Ratchet: “then there’s still the question about the meteors, are they Autobot or Decepticons?”
    Prime: “Jetfire and Ultra Magnus, you two are going to investigate the meteors”
    Jetfire and Ultra Magnus: “Yes sire”

    They left immediately. Both of them transforming into their alt-mode.

    Arcee: “Optimus Prime, I think that Jetfire’s alt-mode is going to be to notable sir”
    Optimus Prime: “your wright, Arcee your going. Jetfire you are staying here”
    Jetfire and Arcee: “Yes sir”

    Jetfire transformed in his robot-mode and went back to the meeting. Arcee transformed in a bike and left together with Ultra Magnus. A yelow Camaro came driving up on the hill.
    It was Bumblebee. Whitout Sam and Mikaela.

    Optimus Prime: “Where is Sam, Bumblebee?”

    Bumblebee transformed and ran towards Prime.

    Bumblebee: “He’s coming sir, with Prowl”
    Jetfire: “Prowl? What’s he doing here?”
    Bumblebee: “That isen’t important now, I received a distress signal from Inferno. It’s coming from The Great Canyon”

    Prowl arrived and Sam got out.

    Optimus Prime: “You two arrived just in time, Autobots!!! Roll Out!!!”
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    Chapter eight: Personal matters

    A group of cars was traveling towards the Grand Canyon. A big blue with red flames semi-truck was part of it. A police combi drove in front followed trough a yellow Camaro. A silver jeep and a yellow Hummer drove behind the big truck. A space craft flew above him. Sam sat in the police combi, pointing Autobots the way.

    Optimus Prime: “Sam, step in by Jetfire and go ahead. Observe it there and report to me every 5 minutes”
    Sam: “Alright Optimus”

    Prowl and Jetfire stopped and Sam switched from vehicle. Jetfire’s engine’s ignited and he took af. Prowl followed the group. After a few minutes Sam and Jetfire arrived at the Grand Canyon. From their point of view the Canyon looked like a great crack in the grond. It was that giant that they could look for ages before finding the Decepticon hideout.

    Sam: “Now, tell me Jetfire. From where did that signal came from?”
    Jetfire: “Only Bumblebee knows, he revceived the alarm. Ididn’t”
    Sam: “Then how do we find them?”
    Jetfire: “We have to look and observe. I know that it’s going to be boring”

    Jetfire landed and scanned the area for Decepticon readings. He received a weak signal a few mile’s away. Some lights flickerd on Jetfire’s dashboard. On a screen appeared a figure in
    3-D. it turned around a few times and dissappeared.

    Sam: “What happend? It just vanished”
    Jetfire: “they must sensed me and cloacked there signals”
    Sam: “What now?”
    Jetfire: “I can make some calculations to find the location where I readed their signal”
    Sam: “Will it take long?”
    Jetfire: “It depends, but I have to transform”

    Sam got out and Jetfire transformed. The spacecreft’s noise splitted open and a head appeared. The wings turned upside down and the engines became feet. Underneath the wings arms turned visible. The belly slipped open and the plates became sholderplates. Out of his arm clicked a sort of computer. Jetfire inserted some Data and it started to calculate.
    Sam went to a cliff and looked over the Grand Canyon. A copal of birds flew over.
    A pieping sound let Sam turn around his head. Jetfire opened his communicator.

    Jetfire: “Jetfire here”
    Optimus Prime: “Already found something? Over”
    Jetfire: “Yes sir, but the signal just dessepeared. I’m making some calculations to find out were the signal came from. Over”
    Optimus Prime: “Keep up Jetfire. There lives are in danger. Optimus Prime over and out”

    Jetfire clossed his comunicator and overlooked the canyon. He stepped over to Sam and went down trough his robotic knees.

    Jetfire: “I’m going to try over there, remain here and stay out of trouble”
    Sam: “Like I can do something here”
    Jetfire jumped of the cliff and scanned again. Sam searched a rock to sit on and stayed out of trouble.

    Sam: “I’m bored, where does the action keep”
    Voice: “Wright here, human”

    Sam turned around and his eyes went big and his mouth fell open.

    Sam: “Not you!”

    Optimus Prime stood up and looked at his team. He crossed his arms behind his back and spread his legs. The other Autobots stood in a perfect line in front of him. Everybody looked at Optimus with a respectful gaze. Three of them were his personal team. He had a special connection with these men. But there weren’t always three, the fourth one died by the hands of the evil tyrant. Megatron. Optimus Prime and his team still hate that day. Every earth year they bring an ode to him. Jazz was a respected member of the Autobot team and if there’s a day that Prime can avenge him, He will. The other one in the line was Prowl, an thrustfull fighter and lieutenant. His alt-mode looked almost the same as Barricade’s, a treateruss Decepticon. The other three Autobots were on a mission. Jetfire, a commander, was observing the aria with a human friend that helped the Autobots to defeat the Decepticons in their last Battle. Ultra Magnus, olmost a brother to Prime, and Arcee, a female warrior, were on a scouting mission.

    Optimus: “Men, it all comes to this: If we lose, we’ll not only lose two friends but also this planet and the war. As far as I know, we are the only survivors of the struggle that destroyed our planet. If we don’t fight back we’ll lose everything for what we stand for: Pride, honor and far but not least, Justice. So we’re going to save our comarads because freedom is the right off all sentient beings”
    Ratchet: “Excuse me sir, why do you think it are the Decepticons who did this?”
    Optimus Prime: “Because the only other one who could do it are taken care off. Autobots, Roll Out”

    They all transformed. The police combi drove in front with the police lights on. Behind him Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Ratchet and Ironhide closed the line. Every car that they encountered moved out of the way for this unusual group. After an hour they approached the Grand Canyon. On top of a near mountain they say Explosions. The size of the explosians told the Autobots that it was a big fight. They all transformed and they runned towards the mountain. On Prowl shoulders two cannons appeared, Bumblebee’s arm changed into a gun and on Prime’s back a gun appeared. Ironhide’s arm’s transformed into big canons. Ratchet grabed the weapon on it’s back. They all jumped on top of the mountain and there stood Jetfire aiming at Barricade. They all aimed at the Decepticon. Ironhide shooted a warning shot.

    Barricade: “No, no, no Autobots. You don’t want to harm this”

    His arm appeared from behind his back. In his hand he was holding a human. It was Sam. His other arm turned into a saw.

    Barricade: “One move and he’s gone”
    Bumblebee: “NO!!!”

    Suddenly Jetfire shooted Barricade in the leg and ran towards him. Wile he fell Barricade shot Bumblebee in the chest and Smoke came from his feat. When it was gone the Decepticon wasen’t there anymore.

    Optimus Prime: “Jetfire, in Prime’s name HOW OULD THIS HAPPEN. I THRUSTE YOU”
    Jetfire: “I was too slow sir, I’m.. I… I’m sorry Bumblebee. I know you’ve build up a friendship with him”
    Bumblebee: “Appoligy accepted Jetfire. Barricade!!! If you hear me, ITS PERSONAL NOW!!!”
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    keep it up i love it
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    I'm glad you posted, everyone seems to be forgotten how to comment sombody:( 
    but I'm very glad you like it Ironkaty. the next chapter is coming tomorrow (I hope, if I'm not too busy)
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    ace i can't wait keep it coming
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    here it is, as promist

    Chapter nine: Following a new leader

    A giant spaceship hovers near by Saturn. One of the planets of the solar system. Saturn, a big orange/brown planet wit a ring around it, is several times bigger then the ship. On it’s side it wears the Decepticon symbol. A great purple face liking sign. In front of the backtail a commandpost was build. Surrounded by windows Starscream was punching a Decepticon. His face was filled with bruises. An optic was broken. Starscream let him fall.

    Starscream: “If you ever threat me unrespectfull again, I’m going to kill you by myself Bonechrusher. You should be thanking me to repair your face after what Optimus did to it, and I’m your new leader! Don’t forget that”
    Bonechruser: “Ye… Yes sir. Thank you for repairing my face”

    Bonechrusher crowled away. The guards picked him up and carried him out of the room. Starscream sietted again. He sighed. He winked one of his minions. A big green robot with four arms came closer. His four optics turned into a scaired look. Starscream brought his face towards that from the bot.

    Starscream: “so… Dew-Bot?”
    Dew-Bot: “Yes sir, but I prefer an other name”
    Starscream: “HHmmm… And that is?”
    Dew-Bot: “Cancrasher sir”
    Starstream: “Stupid name, now my question: are you glad that I saved you from the Autobots?”
    Dew-Bot: “I don’t know sir”
    Starscream: “WHAT!!!”
    Dew-Bot: “Sorry sir, I meant Yes sir, I’m glad”

    Starscream smiled and send him away. He went to the control pannels were other Decepticons were stearing the ship. There were five of them. They all turned their head in fear. The main door slided open. A dockworker came in, probably a messenger.

    Messenger: “Mister Starscream, were at launching distance”

    Starscreamen growled in his throat. His eyes lighted dark up.

    Messenger: “euh… sorry… Great and fierce Decepticon
    leader Starscream, were at launching distance”
    Starscream: “Warn my team, I’m going to earth. Wait here in case I need back-up. Dew-Bot you’re going to come wit me. Now you can proove yourself”
    Messenger: “Yes, almighty leader”
    Dew-Bot: “It’s an honor sir”

    Starscream left the room. he stepped trouh the illuminated hall. The green shine from the lamps gave Starscream an angry look. He pasted several rooms. All of them were resting chambers. He came by an elevator and stepped in.
    De computer said. Without emotion it looked like an order. Starscream didn’t liked that. He almost shot the elevator to pieces.

    Starscream: “Docking bay, sector 5/kldn-43”

    The elavtor shocked when it began to move. It moved with tremendous speed towards the level that the leader asked. He overweighed the punishments for the ones who arrived the deck after him. The elevator stopped with a great shock. He left it and moved on. He saw a group of Transformers. He all knowed them. From the left it was Blackout, Scoponok, a scared Bonechrusher, Dew-Bot and Shockwave.

    Guard: “Captain on deck!”

    Everyone saluted except Shockwave. Starscream noticed this. He stepped over to the disrespectfull Descepticon. He kicked Shockwaves leg’s underneath him.

    Starscream: “next time, show some respect. Now, team enter your space pod and launch yourself to earth. You to Shockwave”

    Shockwave pushed himself up and gave Stascream a headbutt. Starscream grabed him by the troath and pushed him in his comet. Starscream pressed the launch button and turned his head away for the igniting fire.

    Starscream: “I don’t care where you land in this universe”

    He went to his personal space pod. It wasen’t a comet but a small space ship. The ship flew awy towards earth, following the comets. His ship was a replica off the giant ship but it was made with mirrors, so nobody or nothing could see it. They entered the asteroid belt and were attacked by asteroids. Starscream didn’t noticed the attack. They all didn’t. After a few minutes they entered earth’s atmosphere. Starscream’s shuttle gained fire. It started to shock. He picked a place to land and putted the shutle down. He stepped out and already killed some humans that looked at him. He followed the energoncharges in the air that the comets use to ignite.

    Shokwave’s pod landed on the moon. He got out and growled. If somebody saw this it would be very strange, Shokwave didn’t had a mouth. He started to shoot around.

    Shockwave: “Mark my words Starscream, You’ll pay for that. Even if it’s the last thing I do”

    Back on earth Starscream founed one of the comets. A scorpion came out.

    Starscream: “If you want a robot mode you need to do the following thing Scorponok”

    The scorpion came closer and listened carefully to Starscream’s orders. He wanted a robot-mode ever since he came to earth. Now he could get one. Finally.
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    so cool yuor the best wtirier ever i am hooked oh i am bad speller sorry
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    Thanks, what a great compliment, and about the spelling, my previeus chapter(9) is bad grammar too, I'm going to correct them as soon as possible. the next chapter is coming soon
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    bring it on i love your story and i don't mind about grammer or spelling
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    You said that I'm the best writer ever and I'm just 15, what is it going to be if I'm older
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    chapter ten is coming tomorow.

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