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    Universe Title: Nova
    Universe Backstory: Transformers. They are large sentient robots that can shift their bodies into various forms, ranging from cars to jets, and even into weapons for others to hold. Their home planet, Cybertron, had known peace for many millennia.

    Then Megatron rose to power. He declared himself a Decepticon, saying that the way the Autobots and the Ruling Council of Cybertron were controlling the planet was unjust, and he was determined to make the planet what he thought it should be. A race that conquered other planets. Megatron wanted to make an empire, and rule it as he saw fit. He gathered an army, and followers loyal to him, and he hit Cybertron like a firestorm.

    The Autobots slowly reacted, raising their own army, led by the new Autobot Commander, Optimus Prime. He rallied forces with the words, ’Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.’ Many agreed.

    Several centuries later, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons still rages on throughout the universe. Not a single Cybertronian has been left unaffected. Most civilians have either fled Cybertron in search of a peaceful planet they can call home, or have picked up weapons and joined one faction or another on the various fronts of the war. Cybertron, Velocitron, even the planet Earth, the list of planets feeling the effects of the Cybertronian war goes on and on.


    Season 1:
    Episode One: “Echoes”
    Written By: Galvanitro

    October 9th, 2010
    6:30 A.M.

    Birds chirped loudly, as the sun began to rise. A robot stood at the edge of a forest, looking down into a city. He was nearly twenty feet tall, colored predominantly in silver, with blue and some orange, and carried two laser guns. His name was Blurr, and he was commander of one of the many teams of Autobots. His team was the EDT or Earth Defense Team. They were the only major team stationed on Earth at the moment, while Optimus Prime drew the Decepticons out into space. At least they were the only team Blurr knew of, if there were any others, it was a secret or they were loners.

    The war had been going on for quite some time now, and stretched across the universe. Many planets were caught up in the war, and several alien races had grown resentful to the Autobots and Decepticons. Luckily on Earth, very few, if any, humans knew about them. Blurr sighed. His team was out patrolling for Decepticons. They were currently in Alpine Hills, New York, United States. Very pretty place in Blurr’s opinion. He smiled, and walked down the side of the hill. It was still moderately dark, so no one saw him as he walked onto a road, and transformed into his car mode.

    He called into his communicator, “Meet me at Ridgeview Park, except you, Cheetor. But you knew that. Here are the coordinates.”

    There were some laughs. His team consisted of: Cheetor, a rookie who turned into a cheetah, Mirage, a veteran who turned into a car, and lastly, Hot Shot, a brand-new rookie fresh from training, who also turned into a car. There were other team members, but they were in other areas of the US and the Earth in general, with a couple on leave as well. Blurr activated his human facsimile hologram, and started his engines, bursting down the road, barely staying within the speed limit. No Decepticons, just plenty of training, racing, and generally having fun…this was the life. Nothing could possibly change that, could it?
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    Chapter 1:
    9:00 A.M.

    “Wow, these are nice cars,” said seventeen year-old Sara Garner, standing in the middle of the Ridgeview Park parking lot. She leaned over a silver car. It was sitting next to a yellow hot rod and a black sports car. Her long blond hair fell in front of her eyes, and she quickly tucked it behind her ear. “This one is so cool looking.”

    “You don’t know the half of it.” A young robotic voice suddenly broke up the near silence. Sara looked around, and said, “What? Who’s there?”

    “Uh, nothing. I mean…uh…” The voice continued, stammering out it’s response. She looked at the yellow car and walked over to it.

    “Is somebody in there?” She asked. She then heard a loud groan, again with a metal tinge to it. She suddenly yelped in surprise as she saw a person appear in the silver car. Backing away, a little freaked out, yet another voice said, “Autobots, we need a new spot.”

    Drivers suddenly appeared in the other two cars, and the three cars drove off. Sara watched them as they drove away, slightly scared, but mostly in awe.

    He was in big trouble. BIG trouble. “I’m sorry, Blurr, really, it’s just…I’m tired of being silent when humans are around. Which is most of the time.” Hot Shot tried to explain.

    Mirage replied, annoyance dripping from each word, “We have a mission. I didn‘t give up the high life on Cybertron to risk getting discovered by a bunch of crazy life forms.”

    Blurr remained silent, before saying, rather curtly, “Hot Shot, another slip up and you’ll be staying with Cheetor.”

    Hot Shot defended his statement, as they turned toward the forest, “But sir, the humans could help us. They know more about this planet, then we ever will. Like that girl there. I bet she could help us navigate. The only reason we know this town so well is that we’ve been staying here for nearly a month.”

    Blurr sighed, “Hot Shot, I don’t want to endanger human lives by working with them. The Decepticons are brutal, merciless. They won’t care. Human blood is not going to be on our hands. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, sir.” Hot Shot responded with a tinge of sadness.

    They began driving on a dirt path going into the forest. When they got to a large clearing deep into the heart of the forest, they stopped, and each transformed into robot mode. Blurr called out, “Cheetor! You there?”

    “Yeahahah!” A large male cheetah burst out of the brush, and ran up to the Autobots.

    “Cheetor, maximize!” He groaned a little and jumped into a the air, his body transforming from beast to robot. After transforming, he became a decent size, measuring up well next to the others. He saluted Blurr and said, “No Decepticons, sir. Area clear.”

    Blurr gave Cheetor a faint smile, and replied, “Well, then, I guess this is another training day, everyone. Mirage, come with me. Hot Shot, you and Cheetor practice hand-to-hand.”

    Cheetor groaned, and glanced at Hot Shot. Hot Shot smiled widely back at him. “But he’s got huge arms…and chest…and legs, Blurr!” Cheetor yelled.

    Blurr laughed, “A warrior has to be fast, and agile, not just strong.”
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    Chapter 2:

    11:22 A.M.

    Cheetor groaned, and sat down. He gave Hot Shot a weak thumbs up, and collapsed onto his back. Hot Shot laughed, and sat down next to him. Cheetor said, “My whole body hurts.”

    Hot Shot replied, “Eh, my shoulders hurt, that’s it.”

    Cheetor looked at him hard, “Why do your shoulders hurt?”

    “Why my shoulders hurt…no idea. Must’ve been one of those behind moves you did.”

    “Ah, yeah, didn’t think of that.”

    Blurr jumped in the air and fired both of his guns at Mirage, who quickly slid out of the way, and turned invisible. Blurr landed, and looked around. “Yaaaaah!”

    Blur slid to the side just avoiding a volley of laser blasts. He made a sharp turn, and fired both of his rifles fast, the power of the blasts knocking Mirage down. He walked slowly to Mirage, and put his hand down to help him up. Mirage gratefully took it, and Blurr pulled him up with a laugh. Mirage stretched a bit, and Blurr said, “Never give your opponent warning, or you could end up dead.”

    Mirage nodded, “Good thing we’re practicing on stun.”

    Blurr chuckled, “Yeah, wouldn’t want to ruin your hunting arm.”

    Mirage’s optics narrowed, and he almost glared at Blurr, before giving him a small laugh. They turned and saw Hot Shot and Cheetor on the ground.

    The two bots got up, and ran over to Blurr and Mirage, “How’d it go?” Blurr asked.

    Cheetor groaned, “Guess.”

    Mirage laughed, “Why didn’t you listen to Blurr?”

    “I tried! But I couldn’t be fast enough to avoid Hot Shot, no one can!” Mirage’s optics widened, and he looked at Blurr, who got a stern face, pushing Cheetor out of the way. Hot Shot backed up, while Blurr said to Cheetor, “Let’s test that thought.”

    Hot Shot’s optics grew as large as they could, and he started backpedaling as fast as he could. Blurr shouted, “Come on, give me a fight!”

    Blurr placed his guns on his back, and ran at Hot Shot. Hot Shot rolled out of the way, and put his fist up, knocking Blurr down. Hot Shot was about to slam his other fist down, when Blurr rolled, and Hot Shot’s fist hit the ground. Blurr got up, and jumped, planting his hands in the ground, and powering his legs hard into Hot Shot’s chest and shoulder. Hot Shot fell backward, sliding several yards, with Blurr on top.

    Blurr jumped off, and said to Cheetor, “Ya willing to change your statement.”

    Cheetor stammered, “But, uh, you…”

    Mirage couldn’t help but laugh, and pat Cheetor on the back, “Sorry, rookie. But that‘s why he‘s the boss, to show us what is possible, even if it is impossible.”

    Blurr helped Hot Shot up.

    11:39 A.M.

    Sara walked into her room, and booted up her laptop. She had been surprised by those cars, and wanted to check online. She was excited, the thought of AI Cars was one of every computer geek’s dreams. She booted up mIRC, an old-fashioned online chat system, as well as her Firefox browser program. She also started her hacker program that she invented. She tied her hair back into a ponytail, and put her glasses on, while everything started. She then began inputting various search criteria into the hacking program. She was very adept at using computers, which was funny, considering her family wasn’t know for that sort of thing.

    She hit enter, and the program started searching. She had built it herself the year before, and it was still working great, though she should probably update it soon. She logged into her mIRC account, with the username HackerGirl95, and opened up all of the chat servers, and asked, “Anyone see A.I. cars, or anything like that? I’m not talking about ones that can steer themselves into a parking space, I’m talking about ones that talk back in intelligent conversation, and completely drive themselves, complete with fake drivers.”

    The various responses ran along the lines of “Stop pulling our leg, Sara.”

    Then the window started flashing, and she right-clicked and it opened a private chat window. The person, username LS100, said, “Hey, Hack, I saw what you mentioned here in Florida. It was a silver car and a black car. There were holograms where drivers should be. But they are not just cars. I was following them, and they went around a corner, and turned into robots!!!”

    Sara leaned back, surprised. “That would explain their voices.” She typed. “They sounded more robotic then normal car voices do.”

    She sat there and waited for LS to respond, when she heard a loud ding. She switched to her hack program, and sitting there were very few results, but one stood out. Classified: Alien Robots, World in Danger, her jaw dropped, when she saw the location of the file. The CIA, FBI, NSA and the Pentagon.
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    Chapter 3:

    11:51 A.M.

    Cheetor waved to the other Autobots as he walked back into the forest, “Bye, guys, see ya soon.”

    The others nodded, and waved, before changing to vehicle mode. They revved their engines and drove out of the clearing. Mirage sighed, “I wish Cheetor had picked a vehicle mode, I don’t like us split up like this.”

    Blurr replied calmly, “He’s a good soldier, and can take care of himself.”

    “I suppose, but still.”

    Hot Shot laughed, “You won’t feel as lonely once some of the others get back, Mirage.”

    Mirage groaned, “Oh, yeah. I forgot how much I liked being alone, or at least with bots who were respectable and respectful, as well as knowing when to keep their speakers off.”


    Blurr let out a small laugh before saying, “I’m glad the others are traveling and enjoying themselves. If Earth continues to stay calm then most of us will probably be leaving.”

    Hot Shot drove next to Blurr and quickly said, “I volunteer to stay on Earth, sir.”

    “I know you would.” Blurr replied. This time Mirage laughed.

    12:42 P.M., New York City

    A purple jet unlike anything that exists on Earth, flew down towards one of the taller buildings. It was a deep purple with gold accents, and Cybertronian in design. It transformed, and grabbed onto the top tower of the building. It had a gun attached to the arm holding onto the building, and held a dual-bladed sword in his hand. His featureless face glowed for a few moments, and he used one of the blades to cut into the tower. He then placed a blade on each side of his back, each forming a wing. He then stuck his now free-hand into the wiring. “I wonder what I can find…” He laughed quietly.

    Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound, and he looked down towards the bottom. Some of the humans had had a car accident, however, most of the humans were looking up at him as opposed to the accident. He laughed again. He had found some of the information he needed, and where to look to find the rest. He looked back to the humans. “Maybe I’ll give them a show. After all, they seem to want one.”

    He let go of the building, pushed off with his legs, and glided down towards the humans. Energy build around the end of his gun, and he began firing it. “Human germs, soon you will witness your apocalypse, and at the end, I will rule. I, Ratbat, will be your master!”

    1:31 P.M, Washington D.C.

    “Mr. President, we have a situation.” The head of the NSA, Marcus Wheeler, puts several folders on the table.

    President Steven Turner stood at the window, and stated, “Let me guess, more of the robots.”

    “Yes, sir. We have one in New York City. So far at least ten people are dead, more than a hundred injured. We need to send in the military.”

    The President nodded. “Fire away. When I was elected I promised to protect the people of the United States, and I shall do so.”

    Marcus replied, “I will get forces mobilized.”

    The President turned to face Marcus, “Make sure civilian casualties from our weapons are at an absolute minimum.”

    Marcus’ face did not show any expressions, and he said bluntly, “I will do what needs to be done. There is no way we can cover this one up.”

    1:35 P.M., Alpine Hills

    Sara typed furiously at her keyboard. She had read every single file she could find, only finishing a few minutes before. Then she had gotten a message from LS saying to check the news. One of the alien robots, who Sara was able to identify as one of the bad guys from a symbol shown on the news, had taken New York City by force, and no one was opposing him.

    At this specific moment, Sara was trying to hijack one of the government’s satellites to use to find the robots she had seen earlier. She ran a hand through her hair, groaning, “This is impossible. Even if I hack in, the chances of the robots having a low-level encryption signal is slim to none.”

    She was pretty sure, based off of images from the reports, that the cars from earlier were the alien type classified as good guys. She was sure she was right, from the way they acted, as opposed to the loose cannon in NYC.

    “Yes, I got it!” She said with a smile as she pumped her fist in the air.

    “Okay, now to lock it off from the government, and get it turned toward this area.”

    A few keystrokes later and she had locked it from all other sources while it was in the middle of moving towards New York. She had to find high concentration of electricity, with high-quality communications devices. Hopefully they are still together, she thought. Putting those parameters into her interface, the satellite would begin scanning as soon as it finished getting into position. “This is so illegal. Damn, I’m so grounded if I’m spotted…no, more like jail.”

    She grabbed what she called a super-battery, and replaced her current laptop battery with that, and switched from the house router to her mobile one, plugging it in. As soon as the scan came in, she was going to go after the good bots. She seemed to be the only one who thought they were good at least. The reports had depicted both kinds as bad, just one was worse than the other. But the humanity and feelings shown by the ones earlier made them not seem bad. She just had this feeling.

    Getting up, she moved to get her laptop bag, before quickly sitting back down. The scan had begun, and she immediately noticed a cluster of signals in an area where there shouldn’t be. She isolated and targeted those, and was about to close the laptop when she noticed a nearly identical single signal in the forest area. Her brow furrowed, trying to figure out why one was there…she shrugged, and isolated that signal as well. She closed the laptop, unplugged it, and put it in her bag, going into the bathroom for contact lenses. She just hoped she could find the good guys, and tell them about the bad guy, as well as the military en route there.

    2:19 P.M., Washington D.C.

    “Mr. Wheeler, sir...uhm...well...roughly fifteen minutes ago, one of our satellites was hijacked.”

    “By the aliens?” Marcus asked as he walked quickly into their main command center.

    “No, sir. It was in a different area of New York, and was using a home computer, possibly a laptop.”

    “But that’s impossible. No one is that smart or has that kind of tech.”

    “I know sir, but it was only one computer, there was no way it was a team.”

    Marcus looked at the wall, where live video from the lead helicopter of a strike force was being shown. He frowned and said, “Get a team to that area, a large one. It may still be an alien. If any humans are actually involved, capture, only kill if necessary.”
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    (Double chapter awesomeness!)

    Chapter 4:

    2:40 P.M., Alpine Hills

    Sara leaned her bicycle against the barrier of a bridge hanging over one of the many lakes running through Alpine Hills. She wiped her face, and opened up her laptop, not needing glasses this time. She updated the location, and smiled. It wasn’t much farther, which was nice. She hated having to carry such a heavy load. She checked what directions she’d need to go, and closed the laptop, placing it back into the bag. She got on the bicycle and pedaled hard, racing off the bridge, and around the corner, going down a tall, but not steep, hill. She stopped pedaling and allowed gravity to move her forward, while she contemplated what to say to the aliens when she found them.

    “Hey, Earth is like, totally in trouble, can you please help out of the kindness of whatever your heart is?” She laughed at her own suggestion.

    What was even worse, she thought, was that she’d probably have to say that. She turned her bike off the road, and down a dirt path towards a densely covered area next to the river. A mixture of trees and rocks made it impossible to see, and thus a perfect hiding spot for robots hiding in disguise. She stopped her bike once she got to a good spot, jumped off, and proceeded to place it under some leaves. She ran to some rocks and peeked around the edge.

    2:54 P.M.

    Blurr looked at Mirage and Hot Shot who were playing a Cybertronian game in the dirt near the river. Mirage laughed, “Ha! Beat you again.”

    Hot Shot groan with a small laugh, “Man, at least you don’t win every time, it’d make you impossible to live with.”

    Blurr nodded, “It’s hard enough as it is.”

    Mirage looked up at Blurr, “I can’t help it if I can come from a higher-class of bot than most.”

    Hot Shot shook his head. “You’re right, Blurr.”

    Hot Shot stood up and walked to the river, looking at it, “I wish we had places like this on Cybertron.”

    Hot Shot activated his scanner bar, and it slid down over his optics. He looked around the area, seeing some fish in the water, and as he turned towards the rocks his optics widened, “Blurr, there’s a human here!”

    Blurr turned, and saw Sara near the rocks. Blurr sighed, “Wonderful, you again. Autobots transform.”

    He was about to change, when Sara spoke up. “Wait! Don’t go. There’s something important I have to tell you. Please, stop!” She yelled.

    Hot Shot came closer to her and got on his knees, “What? What’s wrong?”

    Sara reached into her bag, and pulled out her laptop, setting it on a rock and opening it as much as she could. She open up a news website, and started the live feed. “Can you see this?”

    Hot Shot looked closely, and shouted, “Guys, get over here.”

    Blurr and Mirage ran over, and leaned down as well, doing there best to look at the small screen. Mirage said, “It’s a Decepticon, Blurr. But I don’t recognize him.”

    Blurr pushed Hot Shot out of the way, and gently nudged Sara to the side, and looked at it. He whispered, “Ratbat…”

    He stood up and said to Sara, “Where is he and how far away?”

    Sara replied a little shaky, and a bit scared of the forms standing around her, “New-….New York City. About forty miles away.”

    Blurr started walking towards the dirt road out, “Autobots, move out.”

    Sara shouted, “Wait! Can I come with you?”

    Hot Shot transformed into car mode, and shouted urgently, “Get in!”

    Blurr spun around, “No. Hot Shot, go. She is not coming with us. I’m not risking her life.”

    Hot Shot shouted, “We need her! Do you even know which direction New York City is?”

    Blurr closed his vocal processor, than opened it again, “We’ll figure it out.”

    “Yeah, and more people will be hurt and killed by that other guy.” Sara said as loudly as she could.

    Blurr looked at Mirage, and Mirage said, “We need her. She could actually help us.”

    Hot Shot added, “Please, Blurr. Things would be so much easier, and we could help the humans better.”

    Blurr looked from Sara to Hot Shot, his eyes finally resting on the laptop moniter. “Fine. She can come. But, Hot Shot, you have to make sure no harm comes to her.”
    Hot Shot laughed, “Yes, sir! Hey, human, get in now!”

    Sara smiled nervously and grabbed the laptop, closing it and putting it into her bag. She quickly got into Hot Shot, “My name is Sara.”

    “I’m Hot Shot. The boss man is Blurr, and the quiet dude in black is Mirage.”

    Sara leaned her head out of Hot Shot’s window, “Nice to meet you!” Mirage waved, and Blurr grunted.
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    Chapter 5:

    3:09 P.M., New York

    “So do all…” Sara began, searching for the word.

    “Autobots.” Hot Shot supplied. Sara repeated and continued, “Autobots…turn into cars?”

    “No…a lot do, but we have various forms just like the Decepticons do.”

    “Cool. How long have you been fighting on Earth?” Blurr cut in, “About five years, off and on. But Hot Shot just got here a few months ago.”

    “Yeaaaah.” Hot Shot added. Sara nodded, “Okay, that sort of makes sense with the reports.”

    “What reports?” Hot Shot asked.

    “The United States military thinks you’re a threat. Just like the Decepticons.”

    Mirage laughed sarcastically, “Well, they’re just a bunch of geniuses, that’s what they are.”

    Blurr snapped, “Quiet, Mirage. What kind of threat, Sara?”

    “Like, a big one.”

    “Oh, slag.” Blurr hit the gas and sped ahead.

    Sara looked out the window and saw four hummers going down the road, each with a gun turret on them. One soldier stuck his head out and talked into a megaphone. “Get off the road now, or we will be forced to fire.”

    Mirage and Hot Shot sped up as well, “How’d they find us?”

    Hot Shot asked. Sara looked at Hot Shot’s passenger seat with the laptop on and open. “Uh, oh…They‘re tracking my signal.”

    Blurr and Mirage yelled in unison, “Cut it!” Sara grabbed the laptop and was about to pull out her mobile internet device when she had a thought. She quickly started typing, pulling up new windows. Hot Shot asked, “What’re you doing?”

    Sara replied, “Fixing my mistakes. They should be using targeting systems, and some sort of radio.”

    A loud sound distracted her. She looked out the window again and much to her dismay, saw a squadron of three helicopters flying above them. She heard the same soldier again, “This is the last time. Stop or get off the road, or we shall be forced to fire.”

    Sara smiled, and leaned back in. “Go ahead and try.”

    The soldier banged the side of the hummer and the man in the turret activated it, beginning to lock on the cars. The targeting system suddenly became fuzzy, and disrupted, no longer able to show a proper target reticle. He slammed his fist down, and shouted, “They are jamming our systems!”

    He looked up, and saw the helicopters pulling back away from the cars. The soldier with the megaphone said into the radio, “What the hell, pilots?! You‘re supposed to be attacking them.”

    A voice responded,. “We don’t have control, I repeat, no control! We ne-”

    The radio cut off, and the soldier nodded to the driver, “Pull off, we can’t attack like this.”

    The driver nodded and slowed down.

    3:24 P.M., New York City

    “Okay boys, whatever it takes, make sure this thing burns in hell!” Jenna Wilson yelled into her communicator. She was piloting the lead helicopter against the purple alien robot. She got various responses of agreement, and smiled. This was going to be an interesting fight.

    “Commander Ishiyano, just say when.” Commander Tai Ishiyano, head of the jet fleet, flew with a team of four other jets, about to attack. “Five…four…three…two…one…zero. Full throttle, max power.”

    Ratbat saw the humans coming before they saw him. He reacted before they could blink. He shot before they shot, and only one shot connected. His. The laser blast burst through the second copter and caused it to spin and crash into the third, taking it out. They both went spinning towards the ground and the chaos below.

    Ratbat noticed the jets, and glided up towards them. He landed on top of one, and pulled one of the blades off his back. He then thrashed down with it, tearing into the jet. He back flipped off, and watched it careen into the ground.

    He suddenly felt machine gun fire in his side as the gatling guns from the Tai's jet fired on him. He fired back but the pilot was able to dodge. The jet barrel rolled and cut a sharp turn away from Ratbat. The other human aerial vehicles pulled off as well. Ratbat’s face glowed and he said, with a sinister tone, “Atlantis shall be mine. There will be no stopping me.”

    3:59 P.M

    Blurr, Mirage, and Hot Shot raced into New York City.

    “Hot Shot, you keep Sara safe and try and keep the military from hitting us. Mirage, you’re with me.” Blurr ordered. The team split, and Sara watched as the two Autobots drove off. Her eyes then took in there surroundings. Dark smoke billowed in the air as the road, and the cars on it, lay in ruins. Fire spewed everywhere, and people were running, or helping wounded.

    She grimaced and said, “That Decepticon is destructive.”

    Hot Shot solemnly replied, “They all are.” Sara bit her lip and leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes.

    Blurr and Mirage drove as fast as they possibly could, drifting around turns until they spotted Ratbat. Blurr growled, and activated his jet boosters, and quickly transforming with a jump, sailing into the air.

    He shouted, “Ratbat!” as he crashed into the purple form. They sailed down and crashed into the pavement. Ratbat yelled in anger, and pushed Blurr off of him. “Blurr, my old partner. Nice seeing you again.”

    Blurr activated his two guns and pointed them both at Ratbat. He stared at Ratbat and moved closer to him, “Surrender, or perish.”

    “Only a fool would give his opponent the choice!” He ran forward and jumped into the air, coming down hard on Blurr with the sword blade. The blade made a deep cut in Blurr’s armor, and Blurr fell backwards, firing both guns in a flurry of shots. Several hit Ratbat, who turned and flew in the air to get away.

    Blurr yelled, “Coward!”

    Ratbat replied, “I retreat to fight another day when the odds are in my favor. That is not cowardice. That is intelligence.”

    A large missile comes from the direction of a building, nailing Ratbat in the back. He quickly fell to the ground, landing on a car with a resounding crash. Blurr looks to the building and sees Mirage in the shadows, holding onto the wall. “Need a hand?”
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    Chapter 6:

    4:10 P.M.

    Mirage jumped off the side of the building, and landed gracefully on the pavement. Ratbat groaned and began to get up, when Blurr pointed his gun barrel right in Ratbat’s face, “Is a choice still for fools?”

    Ratbat snarled at him, but said nothing, and didn’t move. “Mirage, get Hot Shot. I’ll watch him.”

    Mirage looked around at the streets. Several humans were watching. “What about them?”

    Blurr looked, “The sooner you get Hot Shot, the sooner we can get out of here, and the less of them that have to see us.”

    Mirage nodded, and ran off.

    Blurr looked down at Ratbat, pressing his gun barrel as close to him as possible. “Why are you here? Where is your commander?”

    Ratbat shook his head, “Why should I tell you? And…who says I need a leader?!”

    Ratbat’s leg kicked up hard and fast, knocking Blurr backward, before he could fire a shot off. Ratbat fired his laser gun over and over until Blurr fell to the ground. He then stood up and said, “Well, Blurr, you are an old friend, so I’ll tell you.”

    Blurr coughed and turned over onto his side, “How thoughtful…”

    Ratbat lifted his gun, “Uh, uh. No getting up.”

    He walked to a car that had been flipped over. He made a cut in it with his sword. He then reached out with his free hand, and oil and gasoline seeped out and floated into the air, changing into energy once it got within a few inches of his hand. “Aahhh. How refreshing. Mmm, so good.”

    He turned and made his way back to Blurr. “So, I am here for one reason, and one reason alone. The Atlantis.”

    Blurr laughed, “Ha! The Atlantis is a myth.”

    “Not true, my soon-to-be dead friend,” Ratbat said with an evil tone, “for I, have learned that it in fact landed on Earth. The pilots made friends with these pitiful life forms called humans, and they turned it into a city of the sea.”

    Blurr coughed again, “Then where is it?”

    “Ahh, yes. The humans, just like the Cybertronians, wanted to escape war and strife. So they used the ship’s ancient cloaking and movement technology, as well as the hover repulsors. They would constantly be moving, on, above, or below the surface of the sea. Now all that remains is to find them.”

    Blurr got on his knees, and used one hand to steady his upper body while he used the other to show Ratbat the universal sign of disrespect. Ratbat chuckled, “Always quick in the head. It’s too bad we went our separate ways in the war, now isn’t it?”

    Blurr crawled towards him, “I chose honor, courage, justice, and freedom!”

    Ratbat hissed, “No, you chose to tattle. We could’ve been rich on Verasin II. But you had to tell the people of my plan.”

    “It was wrong, those crystals didn’t belong to us.”

    “And I went to prison. It was torture! Luckily the Decepticons were gearing up and needed all the help they could get. I got retrofitted, and worked for them as a spy. And I was perfect. Once I rose to a high enough rank, through deceit, treachery, and murder, I knew I could strike out on my own.”

    Blurr groaned, “You make me sick.”

    Ratbat shrugged, “To each his own. Now, time to pay you back for your ‘honorable’ betrayal!”

    A car engine revved loudly, and Hot Shot races up transforming, quickly and jumping into the air tackling Ratbat. Mirage raced up next to Blurr, with Sara in his seat. Mirage asked quickly, “Can you fight, Blurr?”

    Blurr shook his head. Sara asked, “Can you transform at all?”

    Blurr shook his head again, and said, “I can, but I can‘t drive.”

    “Why not?” She questioned with a grimace.

    He replied, “One of my engine receivers are damaged, and I can’t connect to it.”

    “Can you steer?”

    “No, I’d be like a normal car.” Sara unbuckled her seatbelt, and grabbed her bag, hopping out of Mirage.

    “Transform. I’ll drive you. I‘ve got a license.”

    Blurr immediately said, “No Sara, if Ratbat att-”

    Mirage cuts him off, “Oh, just transform. You need to start accepting help every once in awhile. Hot Shot and I’ll be there to cover you.”

    Sara bit her lip as Blurr transformed. She did have a license…sort of. It was more of a learner’s permit. And she had been driving her mom’s SUV, not a robot transformed into as-close-as-you-can-get-to-a-race-car car. She got in, and set the bag in the passenger seat. She pulled her seatbelt on, and put her foot down on the gas.

    Blurr jolted forward and they started driving, more or less. She nervously turned the wheel at a turn, and over did it, barely missing a bus, as she flew into the wrong side of the road, “Sara…Sara…Sara, turn!!”

    She turned again as soon as she was able to and got back on the correct side. “I thought you had a license?”

    Mirage said as he came up next to them. Sara laughed nervously, “Yeah, well, that might’ve been stretching it a bit.”

    “Oh, wonderful,” Blurr said, “I’m gonna be wrecked more than I already am, aren’t I?”

    Sara winced, looking up, “Hey, I’m trying!”

    Mirage suddenly shouted, “Road!”

    “Aiiyi!” Sara yelped, moving behind Mirage as they went from two lanes to one. “This is the last time you’re driving. Ever.”

    Hot Shot groaned as he got hit by another swipe of Ratbat’s sword. Hot Shot pulled his double-barreled pistol off his back and shot a few times at Ratbat. Ratbat laughed, “Blurr left a rookie for me to kill, how unlike him.”

    Hot Shot dodged a laser blast from Ratbat and replied, “I may be a rookie, but you won’t kill me.”

    Hot Shot’s scanner bar went over his eyes, and a targeting system appears. His back then transforms, with a large cannon transforming onto his shoulders, locking into place over his head. Ratbat makes a noise, and says, “What is that supposed to be?”

    “Meet the axel-zooka!” Energy gathered in it, and fired out in a major burst, launching Ratbat many meters backwards. Ratbat impacts hard into a building. Dust clears, and Ratbat jumps out, transforming into jet mode, “We’ll meet again!”

    Hot Shot grinned, and considered chasing him, but decided against it. He changed to car mode, and drove off towards Alpine Hills.

    4:41 P.M., Washington D.C.

    Marcus’ fist slammed down on the desk. “Both the New York hostile, and the ones in Northern New York got away?!”

    The agent stammered, replying, “Ye-ye-yes, sir.”

    “Get out of here…”

    “B-but, sir..”


    “Th-there’s more. They had a person with them.” The agent set a picture down, showing a young-looking girl with long blond hair, poking her head out of a yellow car.

    “Run her through facial rec, I want to know where her parents are. She may have been abducted. Why, god knows, but if she‘s innocent and in danger we need to save her.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Now go, or you’re fired!”
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    Very interesting fanfic you got here. I like it. :) 
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    (Thanks, T+C!)

    Chapter 7:

    6:11 P.M., Alpine Hills

    “Ow, ah, watch it!” Blurr snapped at Cheetor.

    “Look, I’m no medic.”

    Mirage nodded to himself and chuckled. He looked around their starship. It was small, able to comfortably hold six Autobots. He glanced over at Hot Shot, who was busy talking to Sara. He shouted, “Sara, isn’t it getting late for you, humans?”

    Sara looked up, and turned to Mirage, “Uhh, I…maybe?”

    Hot Shot said, “I’ll take her home, Mirage.”

    They looked to Blurr, who nodded, before there was a loud clang, “Cheetor, you slaggin’ idiot!”

    Hot Shot looked to Sara and whispered, “We should go.”

    Hot Shot transformed into car mode, and opened the driver door. Sara grabbed her bag, and jumped in. The door closed, and he raced off.

    6:36 P.M.

    Hot Shot stopped four houses away from Sara‘s. Sara looked up ahead, “What the heck?”

    She grabbed her bag, and got out of the car. There were multiple cars, vans, and hummers near her house. She ran over to her lawn, where at least five men in suits were walking around. The men looked at her, and one, who seemed to be in charge, asked, “Who are you?”


    The men looked at each other, and she took the opportunity to ran. She ran up to the door, and opened it, sliding into the hall.

    “Mom, Dad, Bobby, Cora?” She yelled. She came to the living room, and stopped. On the couch was her mom, crying, and her dad comforting her. Her older brother, Robert was standing to the side, and her younger sister, Cora was next to the fireplace.

    Around the room were a couple more of those men, and in the center, was a tall, bulky man with graying black hair, and a moustache. They all turned, and were surprised to see her.

    “What’s going on?” Sara asked warily. They all stared at her for a minute, occasionally glancing at each other. The man with the moustache slowly asked, “Sara, I presume?”

    Sara nodded. Her mother asked, wiping a tear from her face, “Where’ve you been?”

    Sara bit her lip, “Uhm, well…you see…”

    Her brother asked, “Were you with those robots attacking the city?”

    “No! I mean, yes, but they weren’t attacking.” She shouted.

    The man with the moustache came closer to her and asked, “Not attacking? Do you know how much damage they have done over the past three years?”

    Sara laughed a second, “You’ve only know about them for three…ha…can’t wait to tell them.”

    Her dad sternly said, “Sara!” as he stood up.

    Cora looked at her with her mouth open, “I knew you were weird sometimes, but hanging with war machines is a little more than I imagined.”

    Sara started backing up a few steps. She said, “They aren’t all bad.”

    “They must’ve tricked you, or used some sort of mind control, “said the man with the moustache.

    Sara looked at her mom, who started crying again, “No way! They took me to their base, and I talked to them for a while. Hell, I saved them. From you! You really need to upgrade your defense mainframe security. And don‘t get me started on the helicopters,” She said, pointing at the man.

    Her father’s nostrils flared, “That’s enough. Do you know who’re you speaking to?” “I’m afraid she may not, Mr. Garner. Sara, my name is Marcus Wheeler. I am head of the National Sec-”

    “Security Agency,” Sara interrupted, “So you’re the idiot who’s been chasing after the Autobots!”

    Marcus turned to her parents, “Mr. and Mrs. Garner, I apologize, but I must ask if we can take Sara in for questioning, she has stated that she knows where their base is, and the sooner we end the threat, the better.”

    Before Sara or her parents could talk, Bobby spoke up, “Whoa, wait a minute, Mr. NSA. Sara said that the robots she was with weren’t bad. She may be a bit silly at times, but she is not a liar.” He smiled at Sara.

    She smiled back, and looked at Marcus, “You’ll never find them. They’ve already got too much to worry about with Ratbat and Atlantis…oh…I mean…At…”

    Marcus turned sharply to her, “What’d you say? Atlantis?”

    Everyone looked at them, before Cora said, “No, she said Atlanta. Right, Sara?”

    Sara’s father shook his head, “No, she said Atlantis, nice try, Cora.” Marcus turned, “Please, Mr. Garner, or I will have to arrest her.”

    Her mother stood up, “You will not arrest my child. She isn’t going anywhere. Not until this sorted out.”

    Marcus motioned to the two men in the room who started moving towards Sara.

    Bobby suddenly moved and grabbed one of the men. The man grabbed him, and flipped him over his shoulder, kicking him in the stomach. Sara’s father said, “Get off my son!”

    The other man came up behind Sara, and put one cuff on her arm, and a needle into her upper arm. She immediately began not feeling well. She tried to move away, but the other cuff went on. She saw her father move towards her, but Sara said, “Dad, no…I’ll go…”

    She almost fell to her knees if the agent hadn’t been holding onto her the way he was. He half-dragged, half-pushed her towards the door.

    “You aren’t taking her!” She heard her mother yell.

    She saw the door open and the other agents walking in, one taking her bag off her shoulder, as the first one pushed her out the door. She faintly heard her father say, “Mr. Wheeler, I’m calling the police. You can’t just arrest her for no reason.”

    She then saw Marcus enter the hallway, shouting, “Terrorism, Mr. Garner, terrorism.”

    By this point, Sara’s vision was starting to blur, and she stumbled as they moved. Her head felt like it weighed a hundred pounds, but she looked up. Hot Shot was still sitting a few houses away. She tried to yell, which came out a a broken sentence that was nowhere near loud enough. “Hot…Shot, help!”

    The man lead her to one of the hummers. He opened the back passenger seat, and pushed her up into it. She fell onto the seat. Her vision was near gone, and her hearing bad, but she still slid back trying to get back out. The door closed on her back, and pushed her back forward. The hand cuffs were really starting to hurt, she thought. Her consciousness fading, Sara tried to move at all, but failed. The other back passenger door opened and the man got in.

    He pulled her up, and put a seat belt on her. She looked forward, and saw Marcus getting in the passenger seat in front of her, and watched to the left as another man got behind the driver seat. He pointed forward, and she heard the hummer roar to life. She said, “You’re making a mistake.”

    Marcus turned his head, “No, Miss Garner, you chose this way. I’m surprised you’re holding on as long as you are.”

    The man next to her spoke, “I didn’t put it all in. She’s only a child.”

    Marcus’ eyes narrowed, “Agent Walker, that was not your call. She is nearly an adult, and obviously an adept hacker.”

    Sara mumbled, “Adept, my a…”

    Agent Walker leaned over, “You’re walking inside a volcano. Try to avoid the lava.”

    “Sure…lava, got it.” She replied falling against the door.

    She wondered if Hot Shot was following her, or had at least let the others know. Marcus’ voice broke her thoughts, “Now tell me, Miss Garner, where are the aliens?”

    She smiled weakly, closing her eyes, “Aliens, what aliens?”

    Agent Walker laughed, “Yep, almost an adult.”

    “Shut it, Walker.” Marcus said, annoyed. “I repeat, Miss Garner, where are they?”

    “Shut it, Marcus,” She replied. The driver snickered a little. Marcus stated, with a touch of venom to his voice, “Miss Garner, you will not speak to me in that way. You will answer my questions.”

    Sara acted like she was concentrating, then spoke in a fake-sounding pretend-young girl voice, “Yes, Mr. Moustache. Umm, what was the qwestion?”

    “Aargh!” He yelled. Back in her normal voice, she said, “They’ll come for me, and when they do, finding them will be the least of your worries.”
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    Chapter 8:

    7:34 P.M.

    Hot Shot asked, “What’re we going to do? Because of us, she’s been captured!”

    Blurr shook his head, “No, because of herself.”

    “She saved us from the humans, and allowed up to stop Ratbat quicker. We owe her.” Hot Shot sat on the table next to where Cheetor was working on Blurr.

    “This is why I didn’t want to get humans involved!” Blurr said in anger. Hot Shot sighed, “Well, she is now! Please, let me and Mirage get her.”

    Blurr shook his head, “No,” before suddenly crying out in pain. He glared at Cheetor, who said with an innocent look, “Woops, I forgot, you’re in charge, you like never throw your weight around.”

    Mirage came closer and stated, “Ratbat can wait. And you’re not in fit condition anyway, Blurr. Hot Shot’s right, we owe her. You owe her most of all, she got you out of the city, albeit a bit rough. I don’t know about you, but I pay my debts. Come on, Hot Shot.”

    The two run out of the room. Cheetor laughed, “See, democracy! That’s what makes this planet great!”

    Blurr put his fist up near Cheetor’s head, “Watch it, furball.”

    8:49 P.M., New Jersey

    Hot Shot slowed down and parked at a gas station. Mirage parked next to him.

    “Tracking a laptop signal is harder than I thought.” Hot Shot said. Mirage laughed, “At least she left it on.”

    “That is a plus. It seems like they are heading for Washington D.C…I think.”

    “Yeah, it seems so. We’re pulling a better pace than they are, but they are much closer. I don’t think we can catch them.”

    “That’s our best chance!”

    “We tried, Hot Shot, but face it. We can’t take on all the humans.”

    Hot Shot spun his wheels pulling out of the parking spot, “What happened to paying your debts? I’m sorry this ain’t cyber fox hunting. But she’s in trouble, and I’m saving her. You can come, or you not. Mr. Stuck-up higher-class bot.”

    He raced out of the gas station. Mirage sat there, wondering what he should do. He was already disobeying Blurr’s orders, but he was also here, in this gas station. He knew he was faster than Hot Shot, and he might be able to catch the men. But, he wouldn’t have backup, he’d have to hold them, without causing much damage, for nearly an hour, maybe a bit less. Honor or orders…or cowardice.

    Mirage pulled out of the gas station, and drove down the road. He opened his communication link, as he gathered speed, “Hot Shot, I’m sorry. But you’re right, I said I owed her, and I intend to help. Here’s the plan.”

    After explaining it to Hot Shot, he replied, “Can you do it, Mirage?”

    “With any luck at all, yes.”

    “Thank you.”

    “No, thank you. You’re right, I am sometimes a bit too arrogant for my own good.” Mirage quickly caught up to Hot Shot. “This is it. If we fail, she’s too far gone.”

    Another voice came over the communicator, “Hey, guys.”

    “What do you want, Blurr?”

    They heard Cheetor in the background, “Well, go on.”

    Grumbling, Blurr added, “I apologize. Your mission to get Sara has my approval. In fact, I have some great news. Drench is right in D.C. He’ll be on the communicator soon.”

    Hot Shot laughed, “Hey, that’s great! Go, Mirage, go! The plan is perfect now!”

    Mirage laughed quietly, and raced forward, carefully avoiding cars.

    9:22 P.M. Alpine Hills

    Blurr turned his chair to face Cheetor. “Cheetor, I want you to scout, and try to locate Ratbat.”

    “What about you?”

    “My self-repair systems’ will have to do for now.”

    Cheetor saluted, “Yes, sir.”

    He ran out of the starship. Blurr patched into his communicator, “Stay in contact at all times. Do not engage, just stay hidden.”

    Cheetor ran as fast as he could, “Got any ideas where he could be hiding himself?”

    Blurr laughed, and spun back to face the computers, and screens. “I’ve got some ideas. Just let me do a Cybertronian scan, and see if I pick up anything.”

    He pressed a few buttons, and typed in the keyboard. “Cross map it with energy sources. I find that helps, and your description of Ratbat makes it seem like that’s where he’d hang.”

    Blurr nodded, “Good idea, Cheetor. You‘ve sure learned a lot.”

    Cheetor laughed, “Hey, after working out here, you learn some shortcuts.”
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    9:30 P.M., Rothsville, Maine

    Ratbat landed in front of a huge open area surrounded by fences. He looked at the sign next to the gate. It had, ‘Stark Industries Arc Reactor’ in big letters, and ‘The nations first, fully operational, high-powered clean-energy reactor” in smaller letters. Ratbat shot the sign, then the gate. He walked in, and was surprised. The reactor was huge. His face glowing for a moment, Ratbat said, “This’ll do nicely.”

    He pressed a button on his arm, and looked to the sky. Out of the clouds burst a small Decepticon warship. He watched as it carefully and slowly came down toward the ground. It finally landed in front of him, its landing gear extending, and a small ramp near the front, coming down. He walked to the ship, and up the ramp. The ship had been auto piloted down.

    Ratbat walked past the front two seats, and pressed a button on the wall. The side of the ship opened to the outside, and a wide ramp went down. Ratbat got into a cargo transport speeder, and started it, driving out of the ship, and to the reactor. He looked at the cargo for a moment, before jumping out, and beginning a climb up the side of the reactor.

    Once he got to where most of the energy was going around, he pulled one of the blades off his back, and slammed it into the glass. It cracked, but didn’t break. Ratbat grunted, and kept smashing at it with his sword. The crack got wider, and wider, until it broke. A siren began, but Ratbat ignored it, sticking his hand through the hole in the glass.

    Energy started flowing towards his hand, a little at first. Then more, and more, until huge amounts of energy was flowing into him. He laughed loudly, “The power!”

    He then held onto the building with his feet, and aimed his now free hand at the cargo section of the speeder. There were fifteen drones, complete with weapons, standing lifeless.

    Ratbat shouted, “Aaargh!!!” as large waves of energy came flying out of his free hand, bathing the drones in it.

    The lights on the drones began flickering, more and more, until they started glowing consistently. The eyes on the drones came to life, and they began moving their bodies slightly. Their heads turn up, and their arms go out, “All hail, Ratbat! All hail the Decepticons!”

    Ratbat continued to absorb energy from the reactor, floating out away from the building itself. Ratbat aimed his gun, and shot a huge blast from it, utterly destroying most of the glass on that side. He then stretched out both hands, and massive amounts of energy flowed into them. Ratbat shouted and laughed, “Earth, your apocalypse has come! Your apocalypse has…come!”
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    (Sorry for the delay! New chapters should come about twice a week for at least a month.)

    Episode Two: “Power Surge”
    Written By: Galvanitro

    October 9th, 2010
    9:45 P.M.

    Clang! Clang! Clang! A hammer beat down hard on a piece of round armor. Tony Stark wiped his brow with a gloved hand. “Oh, Jarvis, that’s enough for tonight. I’ve got a pretty-”

    Tony was cut off by Jarvis’ voice. “Sir, the Public Arc Reactor in Maine is being attacked. All attempts by security to stop him have failed. I’ll bring up the camera on the monitor.”

    “What?!” Tony said in surprise as the video came up, showing a twenty-foot tall purple robot pulling energy out of the reactor, into his hands,and then shooting the energy into a small army of ten-to-twenty foot tall drones.

    “When did this happen?” Tony asked urgently, as he stood up and moved towards his armor platform. “Less than fifteen minutes ago, sir. Shall I activate the Mark III armor?”

    Tony stepped onto the platform and stretched out his arms. “Well, I’m not going out in Mark II, now am I?”

    “Of course not, sir. The attack in question appears to be related to a national security matter. The U.S. military is on their way, proceed with caution.”

    Tony laughed as the armor was being placed around him, “You know me, caution‘s my middle name. Please inform my date that I‘m a little tied up tonight.”

    “What reason should I give her, sir?”

    “Um…tell her my reactor is low on power tonight, can’t take the strain.”

    “Yes, sir.” The armor finished attaching, and the helmet visor flipped down. Tony ran off the platform, activated his repulsors, and flew out of his mansion garage.

    “Jarvis, you said that the military is involved, how so?”

    “The robots in question are aliens from another planet.”

    “You kidding, Jarvis? You are kidding, right?”

    “You never programmed me to ‘kid’, sir. These beings are classified as Transformers, more specifically Autobots and Decepticons. The two factions fight each other, similar to rival gangs. At least that is what the military believes.”

    “And we know how brilliant they are,” Tony said with sarcasm.

    “Both Autobots and Decepticons have been deemed destructive and evil. The one attacking your reactor is a Decepticon, based off of scans I ran on him. Each kind gives off their own energy signatures.”

    “Does that really matter, Jarvis. They are both bad, right?”

    “Well, sir, some reports state that, while they were destructive, the Autobots were only protecting humans from the Decepticons. They did substantially less damage to their surroundings.”

    “So are they good or bad?”

    “That is unknown, sir.”

    Tony sighed, loudly. “Is there anything else that is known, that I should know?”

    “The only other major piece of information is that, a few hours ago, a seventeen year-old girl was taken into protective custody by the NSA. Supposedly, she met up with a team of the Autobots, and was able to hack into a military team’s network and shut down their targeting systems.”

    “Heh, like her already. Sounds like she has some skills.” “The team carrying her is currently en route to Virginia.”

    Jarvis paused for a moment, then continued, “She is stating that the Autobots are good, but the man in charge, General Marcus Wheeler, continues to say that her mind has been warped by them, and they were forcing her to do these things.”

    “What do you think, Jarvis?”

    “I think there may be merit in speaking to her.” Tony smiles as the picture of her pops up in his helmet.

    “Sounds great, but I have more pressing things at the moment.” He turned his body towards Rothsville, Maine, and increased speed.
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    Thanks! And to anyone who might care, a new logo has been made. Check the first post!
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    Chapter 1:

    10:10 P.M., Rothsville, Maine

    Ratbat stood in front of his newly-energized force. He walked to the front one and said, “You are platoon leader.”

    The drone saluted, “Yes, Commander.”

    Ratbat swelled pride at being called ‘Commander‘. Those words pleased him to no end. He would show the Decepticons what a true leader is capable of. And once he had the Heart of Atlantis, there would be no stopping him. As it was, he was filled with power now.

    “Commander Ratbat!” He heard from a forward scout, “Incoming!”

    Ratbat turned his head in the direction the scout was pointing, and saw what looked to be a human-sized red and gold robot flying in their direction.

    “Whatever it is, it shall be gone soon. Jet drones, take care of that.” Five jets jumped into the air, and flew towards the red and gold robot.

    “Jarvis, we’ve got five bogies incoming.” “May I suggest your Excelsior super-missiles, sir?”

    “Sounds good.” Tony said, smiling, “Eat this, freaks.”

    Slots opened up on both arms, and a missile shot out of each. The missiles split apart, and impacted into the five guys. They then exploded, blowing apart pieces of armor, weapons, and even a couple parts of their arms and legs. They fell back a short distance to recover. Iron-Man stopped in mid-air. “Uh, Jarvis, they are coming back…activate the uni-beam. Full-power.”

    “Don’t forget that it uses a lot of power.”

    “I won’t forget, Jarvis.” He flies backward as the jet drones come closer. Iron-Man yelled urgently, “Jarvis!”

    “Rerouting power, it’ll take a few moments.”

    “Jarvis!! Activate it now!!”

    The arc reactor on his chest glowed for a few seconds, before a huge blast of power exploded from his chest. It tore through the drones. Three fell from the sky, while the other two were knocked back, but still floated in the air.

    “Reactor energy at 80%.” Iron-Man flew forward at high speed, slamming into one drone’s stomach so hard that he tore through. The drone fell from the sky. He turned towards the last one, just in time to get punched by it. He flew back several feet, and shook his head.

    “Damn. Jarvis, these guys are strong. Increase shields to full.”

    “That will impact your repulsor power-”

    “I know.” He said with some annoyance, as he dodged another attack by the drone. He was about to fire a repulsor blast from his hand, when he heard a loud noise. He turned his head towards the other drones, and sees an advanced missile heading for him.

    He tried to move out of the way, but it hits him dead on in the chest. Red lights start flashing in his helmet, and he begins falling. Tony coughs, “Ugh, ow. Jarvis…Jarvis?”

    A warped voice attempted to say, “Miiister Staaaaaaark, Ennnnerrrggyyy aaaatt 55% annnnnnd falllling.”

    Iron-Man attempted to reactivate his repulsors, but failed. He started breathing heavily. Tony closed his eyes, and tried not to think about what was happening. He opened his eyes, and saw the air drone flying back towards the rest of the soldiers. For the first time, Tony was actually worried. Then he heard a shout, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!”

    His falling body suddenly stopped.

    He looked up, and saw a yellow and silver face, with green eyes. He attempted to say something, but the being cut him off again, “You were sure taking on a lot.”

    Tony managed to nod his head, and felt the yellow being setting him down. Lights flashed in his helmet for a few more seconds, then turned off. Tony reached his hands up, and pressed the release switches on his neck. He pulled it off his head, and smiled at the yellow robot.

    “Hey, you’re a human.” He said.

    Tony sat up and laughed. “Yeah, and you must be an Autobot.”

    “Cheetor, at your service,” said the yellow bot, who kneeled down, “And you are?”

    Tony laughed again, replying, “Who? Who am I? I am Tony Stark! Ya know, Iron-Man?”

    Cheetor shook his head, “I’m sorry, I’m not an expert in Earth culture, are you important?”

    Tony put his armored hand to his face, “Yes, I would say so.”

    He looked down at his chest. The armor was coming apart, and the reactor protector glass was broken. The reactor glass itself wasn’t broken, only the glass on the armor. That ain’t good, Tony thought.
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    (Wave of chapters incoming)

    Chapter 2:

    10:34 P.M.

    Tony pressed the various release various button along the sides of his chest and waist, and leaned forward, releasing his lower legs and feet. He slid out of the armor, and crawled from it. “Ugh.”

    Looking up at Cheetor, he asked, “So, you’re an Autobot?”

    Cheetor nodded, “One of the first with the techno-organic Maximal technology, but, yes.”

    Tony rolled his eyes, “Techno-organic? Ha, yeah, right.”

    Cheetor shook his head, “Cheetor, maximize!”

    His body shifted and contorted, and he jumped forward, landing in cheetah mode. Tony jumped back, “Holy sh-”

    “Surprised you, didn’t I?” Cheetor smiled, and came closer. Tony nodded, “Yeah, a bit. You’re amazing. The technology is incredible.”

    Tony sat next to his armor. “So what’s going on between you and the Decepticons?”

    “Oh, well…” Tony listened as Cheetor recounted parts of the Cybertronian history, and what was going on currently on Earth. Tony nodded intently, and paid attention, occasionally picking at his suit. He asked several questions, mostly about their life and obvious sentience. At the end he stood up and said, “Well that certainly makes sense. Now, I need to make a phone call.”

    He pulled a cell phone from his shirt pocket, and punched a few buttons, “Hey, Nicky, ya miss me?”

    He smiled as he placed a hand on his side, and held the phone with his shoulder.

    “Look, look, Fury, I wanted to ask a favor. It’s a small one……if you help, I’ll build you an arc reactor.”

    He raised his eyebrows, “Look, I’m sorry, Fury, I’m less than half a mile from my reactor right now. No, I’m not in my suit. I got shot down. Yes, shot down! Hey…hey…hey! Can I ask my favor? Okay, I want you to stop the NSA Protective Custody group carrying a girl named Sara Garner. Yes, the hacker girl. Yes, I have a reason. No, I’m not crazy. Look, Fury, this ain’t much. I just want to talk to her. Thank you, Fury. I‘ll have my engineers come by later this week. You‘re wonderful. Yeah, I‘ll be careful. I‘m sure they‘ll love me.”

    Tony smiled, and thought to himself, as he closed his phone. If he could get to Sara, he might be able to stall until the Autobots were in position to get her out of there. Turning to Cheetor he said, “Hey, buddy, can you hide my armor? I need to go see if I can catch a ride.”

    Cheetor tilted his head, “Out here? With that,” he motioned in the direction of the reactor, “going on? I’ll give you a ride to an airport, if you can hold on.”

    Tony casually nodded, “Yeah, okay, I guess.”

    12:40 A.M., Maryland

    Sara groaned, and opened her eyes. She had been asleep for almost three and a half hours.

    “Hey…” She mumbled roughly. She moved back and forth a little. “When are you going to take me home?”

    General Marcus Wheeler turned his head, and spoke calmly, “You know why you are here. You are not going home, until you tell us where the aliens are.”

    Sara grimaced, “Ugh…go to hell.”

    General Wheeler’s eyes narrowed, and he looked ahead. Sara looked out the window, and tears started to roll down her eyes. She tried to stay calm like she had earlier, but couldn’t anymore.

    Sara thought about her family, hoping they were okay, and hadn’t been taken in as well. Her father was a retired army captain, and had always taught his family to be calm, and to look out for one another. He was also well-educated, and had taken it upon himself to teach them at home, instead of sending them to school.

    He didn’t believe in homework, so he let them have plenty of free time, as long as they would spend some of it learning. They’d also have plenty of athletic training to keep fit and healthy. Bobby would spend most of his time outside, and when she had been younger, Sara spent a lot of time with him. They were very close, much closer then either were to Cora.

    Cora had been unexpected by their parents, being born when Sara was six and Bobby was nine.

    Bobby and Sara continued to play and learn things together, while Cora ended up spending most of her time with their Dad or Mom. When they got into their teens, Bobby decided nature would be his free-time learning activity, with his athletic time being spent with running and fighting, with boxing, wrestling, and martial arts.

    Sara still spent a lot of time with Bobby, but not as much as she had, and picked tennis and basketball for sports, with swimming during the summer, and computer for learning. That’s where it all really had begun.

    She had started learning everything she could about computers. Her room is like a computer store. Her shelves and her large closet are filled with various different kinds of computers, and components, and she had a whole area in their basement to hold many more components.

    By the age of fourteen, she could build her own desktop computer. By her sixteenth birthday, Sara had hacked the United States military network twice, a feat almost impossible to hackers currently, and unheard of with the resources she had.

    She quickly became known world-wide as SC, standing for Super Computer.

    But she was good. She did things as a challenge and to have fun, not to do bad things to systems or data, or to make money. She had made herself nearly untraceable, and had designed every program she used herself. She updated every program monthly, and updated her important desktop and laptop components every few months. Of course, her parents didn’t know about the hacking, but their was plenty for them to know about.

    Starting at fifteen, she also quickly became known as Sara Garner, teenage computer genius. It started with her father boasting about her skills to a friend. That friend had a major problem with his computer, and he brought it to Sara and asked if she could work on it. She got it, fixed all of the problems, and while she was doing that, she also ran system cleaners and performance enhancers, all in four hours.

    The man was so happy, that he suggested she start a business. She did, and over the next two years, she had custom-built nearly three hundred computers, fixed many more, and sold and installed components for others.

    All her customers were satisfied and paid her well. She saved most of the profit for college, only spending it on the occasional new video game for her gaming desktop computer or PlayStation 3.

    It all seemed so far away now, Sara thought, as they drove on. She would give anything to spend another one of those days with Bobby, hiking through a forest near the park, having lunch at the river. She had sunk down into the seat, with her head between her legs.

    Suddenly, she heard an engine roar outside their vehicle. She pulled her head back up to the window and saw a black car with yellow striping. She smiled widely and whispered only one word. “Mirage.”
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    Chapter 3:

    Mirage moved up next to the convoy of military vehicles, resisting the urge to laugh. He honked his horn as loudly as he could. Then, in a strong voice, he spoke, “Hello, United States military, in one form, or another…could you pull over, and release Sara Garner. This is Mirage, of the Autobots. Or as you like to call us, non-biological extraterrestrials.”

    The convoy arrangement suddenly changed. The vehicles with weapons started moving, and boxing him in. Mirage couldn’t hold it in anymore, let out a small laugh, “Oh, really. This’ll be fun.”

    He then muttered, “Idiots.” He noticed the vehicles slowing down, so he did as well. That’s odd, he thought to himself. Why slow down? And why hadn’t they fired. Then he saw. Ahead of them was a human and vehicular roadblock. The humans were wearing body armor with insignias of eagles.

    He saw on a vehicle, the words…Strategic Homeland Intervention, Espionage, and Logistics Division.

    Mirage stopped along with the other vehicles, as one of the armored men, walked to the lead car. Mirage waited for the humans to shoot him, but nothing happened. He then saw the armored man open the back door, and help out a groggy-looking Sara from the back seat. He watched her look at him for a moment before looking back to the armored man.

    The front door then opened and the man that had taken Sara got out, very angry, and shouting, pointing in Mirage’s direction.

    “That’d be my cue.” He said, and transformed into robot mode. The SHIELD agents seemed surprised and immediately pointed weapons at him. Suddenly, they all looked up, and Mirage followed their gaze, and he watched a helicopter come flying in. It landed behind the SHIELD vehicles.

    Tony jumped out of the helicopter, and quickly ran past the SHIELD agents. He stopped when he had passed the barricade. He saw several military vehicles around a black robot. He shouted, “Stop, he’s a good one!”

    He was hoping it was, at least. Then he turned towards the lead vehicle. Three men were standing around a young woman and a SHIELD officer. He quickly walked over there, and said, “Gentlemen! And lady.”

    He added with a warm smile and nod at Sara, “I am Tony Stark. Fury sends his warmest regards, and a request. I’d like to speak with the little prisoner alone, for a few moments.”

    Marcus shouted, “No! She belongs to the NSA on terrorism charges. I’m not handing her over to SHIELD, and certainly not a civilian.”

    Tony smiled, and said, “Ah, my dear Marcus. You don’t seem to understand. Not only am I a civilian, I’m a civilian that’s on good speaking terms with Director Nicholas Fury. You might even call us friends, my dad knew him and all that. Now, I think, in the eyes of the military, a SHIELD Director beats an NSA Director.”

    Marcus steps closer to Tony, “I raise you, one captured hostile alien robot.”

    Tony laughed, “Ha, I’ve seen hostile, he ain’t one of them.”

    Marcus shook his head, “How could you’ve seen one of these things before?”

    Tony rolled his eyes, “Oh, I don’t know, they seemed pretty real and hostile as they were shooting me!!”

    He let the shout sink in, before continuing. “So, Mr. Wheeler, we have two options, you let me take the girl, and the big black robot…or things get messy.”

    Marcus stepped all the way up to Tony, towering over him. “Are you threatening me, Mr. Stark?” Marcus asked, treating the name Stark like a bad taste in his mouth.

    Tony leaned back slightly, looking to Mirage, then to the SHIELD officer. Turning his head back to Marcus, he shrugged and nodded, “Yeah.”

    Marcus’ brow furrowed, and he walked to his aide. As they talked Tony took a second to look at Sara.

    A second that was quickly interrupted by the SHIELD officer. “Mr. Stark, We have no authority to make them do anything other then allow you to speak with Miss Garner.”

    Tony’s lower jaw dropped half an inch, “Really? Oh.”
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    Chapter 4:

    Mirage barely moved his leg, and he heard one of the soldiers yell.

    “Really, you boys need to loosen up,” Mirage said to them. He shook his head, and hoped that this new man could get these soldiers away from him. It looked like it was going okay, though Mirage had never really understood humans.

    Sara was relieved when Agent Walker removed her handcuffs. She quickly walked over to Mr. Stark. He motioned for her to follow him, and they moved a few meters away from them. The first thing she said was, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

    Tony nodded, and put his arm around her shoulders, turning her and walking towards the opposite end of the highway.

    He whispered, “It’s okay, just act natural. I read about you, you’re quite the kid. A real computer genius. The only thing I missed was your age.”

    Sara smiled up at him, and shook her head a little, “Seventeen. I know a lot about you as well, Mr. Stark. Thirty, teenage genius, more mechanically as opposed to me being computers, but you are still very good there as well. You fly around as the superhero Iron-Man, mostly abroad destroying your weapons. You’re rich, and well-known for a variety of things. And as long as you keep your arm on my shoulder, I won’t say anything to my brother.”

    Tony feigned shock, “Miss Garner, how dare you accuse me of such a thing…”

    Sara gave him a smile. “I know, I was making a joke. I‘ve been cooped up there for several hours now. I‘m actually starting to feel scared.”

    Tony raised an eyebrow, “Really, you don’t show it.”

    Sara turned her head, “Yeah, well, I don’t show emotions well. So…what is the plan…and why are we at the edge of the highway?”

    Tony glanced at her, then across the gap between the southbound lanes where they were, and the northbound that wasn’t blocked.

    “Too far to jump, damn.” Tony said to himself. Sara exclaims with a half-angry, half-fearful look, “Are you crazy?!”

    Tony glanced at her for a moment, “You actually display emotion quite well, you know.”

    He put his hands on the barrier.

    “How much faith do you have in the Autobots?” he asked.

    Sara nodded quickly, “A lot, they are the good gu-”

    “Hey! You don’t have to tell me, okay. Why do you think I’m sticking out my neck to save you.” He glanced at his watch. She threw her arms out. “What the hell is going on?”

    Tony glanced at her then back out at the northbound section. “Me and Mirage are the stall, okay. We need the others to get here, then we’re clear.”

    Sara put her hands to her face and started crying, sitting down with her back to the road barrier.

    “Oh, I can’t take this.” Tony crouched next to her, not wanting to get his suit dirty, “It’s okay, Sara. Look at us, a couple of dysfunctional people.”

    Sara pulled her head up, “You’ve got good looks, and charisma.” Tony laughed, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’ve got better looks. And to most, money equals charisma.”

    She smiled weakly, and whispered, “So, how much longer?”

    Tony shook his head, “It shouldn’t be long.”

    Sara nodded and looked down, “How did you get involved?”

    Tony opened his mouth, but no words came out. He quickly closed it. He couldn’t decide how he wanted to tell her. “Well, the Decepticon…um, Ratbat, attacked my arc reactor in Maine. I went to fight him, only to find that he had somehow absorbed energy from it, and had empowered a squad of drones. I fought some of the drones, but got shot down rather quickly. Cheetor found me.”

    Sara smiled again, a little wider this time, “Yeah, he’s cool. Hot Shot’s my favorite, though.”

    “Well, I haven’t met him yet. I’ve only met Cheetor, and…Drench.” Sara thought hard and shook her head, “I don’t remember there being a Drench.”

    “Cheetor said he was the Autobot currently assigned to D.C.” Sara was about to say something, when the roar of two engines surprised her. She stood up, and saw a green and blue car drive up along with a yellow muscle car. She leaned over to Tony, who was standing up now too, “They do realize they were going the wrong direction, right?”

    “I wouldn’t be complaining, kid.” He said, jogging backward. She quickly ran to join him.

    Drench and Hot Shot transformed to their robot modes. She whispered, “Wow, Drench is cool…”

    Hot Shot and Drench ran forward and jumped across the gap. They landed with a loud thud. The SHIELD and NSA agents all pointed their weapons at them. Drench laughed, “Haha, oh, my, humans with guns! Get a load of mine, ya crazies!”

    His arm transformed into a gun, and fired a grenade. Tony’s eyes widen and he jumps on Sara to protect her from what he assumed would be an explosion.

    The result was actually an explosion of black, gray, and white gases. Marcus could be heard over the commotion and gun fire, “Get the aliens!”

    Sara breathed hard, slamming her eyes closed. This was really getting to her. Earlier, she had been well-protected by the Autobots, and it was just a few military vehicles. This was different, much different. She felt a heavy weight surround her and Tony. She opened one eye, then both and saw Hot Shot’s face. He smiled at her, “Don’t worry, we’ve got this under control.”

    She heard Drench shout, “Come on, Mirage!”

    Drench and Hot Shot jumped back across the gap in the highway, and Hot Shot quickly set the two of them down, and transformed, “Get in!”

    Tony and Sara did so, and watched as Mirage burst from the smoke, landing in front of them and transforming. Drench transformed and raced forward, shouting, “Yahoo!”
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    Chapter 5:

    7:41 A.M., Alpine Hills, New York

    Hot Shot paced back and forth in the Autobot shuttle. The Autobots were gearing up to confront Ratbat in Maine. Drench had helped Tony retrieve his armor, and then had taken him to his mansion. He mentioned something about needing to finish a ‘Mark IV’ armor, though Hot Shot didn’t know what this meant. He hadn’t been paying attention.

    All he had cared about was Sara. She had fallen asleep on the way back to the shuttle. Tony had carefully lifted her out and put her into Drench. Hot Shot was very anxious to see her again, but he figured that would have to wait until after they had dealt with Ratbat. He doubted Tony would let her leave the mansion and join them.

    Blurr’s words cut through his thoughts like a knife. “Cut that out, Hot Shot.”

    He stopped and looked to Blurr, who was finally back into near-perfect condition. Hot Shot opened his mouth to respond, but could only manage a yes, sir. Blurr nodded to him, with a hint of compassion, “She’ll be okay. Drench and Mr. Stark will take care of her.”

    Hot Shot nodded, looking away, “I know.”

    Blurr half-smiled, and nodded again, before walking over to the weapon rack. Mirage walked in with a newly-cleaned body. Blurr turned his head to him, “We’ll be leaving at 1200 hours.”

    Mirage’s shoulders sagged, “But I just got cleaned!”

    Hot Shot cracked a laugh, “Eh, that’s no excuse!”

    Mirage made his way to the computer console, and sat down in the seat. It was times like these that he missed the simple time before the war. He was high-class, and rich. He went cyber-fox hunting with his friends. Those were the days, Mirage thought. He shook his head, and turned on the computer systems, connecting to the communications.

    “I can’t wait until the rest of the team comes back. I really can’t.”

    He heard Hot Shot mumble, but Blurr’s voice was clear, “Yeah, but their scouting trips are necessary for the safety of this planet.”

    Mirage nodded calmly, “I know, sir.”

    9:32 A.M., New York City

    Tony laughed with Drench at a joke Drench had just made. It was amazing to Tony that he was having a casual conversation with a twenty-foot tall alien robot who also happened to be a scientist. Not too indepth of one, but he knew a few things. That and having him in his garage/workshop/armory area was nice too. Luckily the ceilings were high enough for Drench.

    Tony was finishing the designs for his Mark IV armor. Unfortunately, the armor wouldn’t be ready for at least twenty-four hours, possibly longer, after he completed the designs. Jarvis was repairing the Mark III armor as quickly as he could, but it was okay if he wasn’t ready, because Tony had a spare.

    Tony looked to his armor wall. He had reconstructed Mark I from the wreckage of Iron-Monger. Next to it was Mark II, and the spare Mark III. There was one more empty slot next to it, soon to be filled.

    Drench said, “So, Tony, how do you manage this…lifestyle, as it were?”

    Tony moved his head back and forth as he worked, “Well…with much difficulty.”

    He said with a chuckle. “Nah, it actually isn’t too bad, except when things like this happen, and my plans get shot to hell.”

    Drench nodded, “I am sorry. You really don’t have to help us.”

    Tony nodded in return, “Oh, I know, I want to. Ratbat has nearly destroyed my reactor, and turned that place into a Decepticon attack station. I’m going to nail the so-”

    Jarvis interrupted, “Mr. Stark, sir, Miss Potts has delivered the new clothes for Miss Garner.”

    Tony smiled, “Great, have Pepper set them in Sara’s room.”

    “Right away, sir.” Tony had asked Pepper to pick out a guest room she felt best for Sara, and had set her in there. She had been sleeping since. She did have a tiring day and night, he thought. Plus, she didn’t seem like a coffee drinker to him. He completed the Mark IV designs, and put them in.

    Yawning, he stretched his arms, and looked at the time, “Hey, Drench, I’m going to get some rest before we leave, will you be fine here by yourself?”

    Drench nodded, “Yeah, sure.”

    Tony smiled and opened the door, ready to leave, “Oh, and Drench?”


    “Don’t touch anything.”
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    Chapter 6:

    11:57 A.M., Alpine Hills

    Blurr, Mirage, and Hot Shot drove out of the base. Blurr quickly moved forward and passed the other two. He must be anxious to fight Ratbat, Mirage thought. Mirage drove up close to Blurr.

    He felt nervous about asking this question, after all, this wasn’t the best time. But he spoke anyway.

    “Blurr, sir. I have been serving on Earth for awhile.”

    Blurr replied, “Yes, yes you have.”

    Mirage drove a little quicker until he was right next to Blurr. “Sir, after we defeat Ratbat and his new army, I want a transfer to Cybertron, or at least some leave there.”

    Mirage wanted to see the planet, maybe even see some of his old friends. Who knows when he might fall in battle. He wanted to see his home again before that happened.

    Blurr began slowly, “Mirage…I know you are attached to the pla-”

    “Please, sir.” Mirage interrupted, anxiously. Blurr sighed, “Yes, I will approve it. You will be missed.”

    Mirage replied, “Look, the only ones I shall miss are you and Jetfire. The rest I could care less. They’re rookies, or they are insane.”

    Blurr laughed, “What about Inferno?”

    Mirage waited a moment, “Okay, maybe I’ll miss him a little too. But I have friends on Cybertron, like Cliffjumper, and Beachcomber.”

    “That you do.” Though he couldn’t smile in vehicle mode, Mirage felt joy at the thought of going home. He couldn’t wait.

    Blurr was happy to transfer Mirage. He was a good friend, but wanting to visit home was understandable. Blurr himself would rather spend eons exploring Earth and other parts of the galaxy, but not all were inclined to explore. Others just loved home too much.

    2:19 P.M., New York City

    Sara finished brushing her hair. It was kind of Mr. Stark to get her fresh clothes, and let her take a shower. She left the room, and wandered the hall for a few moments. Suddenly a voice came from the wall. A little control panel was against it, and it was from there that the voice came, “Hello, Miss Garner. I am Jarvis, Mr. Stark’s artificial intelligence butler. Is there anything I can help you with?”

    Sara nodded as she came near to the control panel, “Yes, where is Mr. Stark?”

    “He has left, along with the one called Drench. They are attempting to reclaim Mr. Stark’s reactor, and rid it of the Decepticon aliens.”

    Sara asked quickly, “Do you have a communications area, with…um…like a headset, and a computer?”

    Jarvis didn’t respond for so long that Sara was worried she said something wrong. “Miss Garner, in Mr. Stark’s garage is where the Iron-Man armors were built and are stored, repaired, and upgraded. I believe the computer there is sufficient for what I believe you are about to do.”

    Sara’s jaw dropped about an inch, “Jarvis, you are creepy.”

    “This is just the way I am, Miss.”

    4:59 P.M, Rothsville, Maine

    Hot Shot, along with the other Autobots, now including Drench as well, stopped. They were less than a mile away from the reactor. Iron-Man stopped and floated above them.

    “Now, listen up,” Hot Shot heard Blurr say. “Stark is going to go in and destroy the reactor. I want you three to keep the drones busy while I go after Ratbat. Drench, if Stark or I call for help, I need you to be the one who does, got it? Then, let‘s go.”

    Tony nodded and flew ahead. He hated having to destroy it, but it was necessary.

    “I tried to stop her, sir.” Jarvis told him.

    “Jarvis, hu-?”

    “Hello…Iron-Man, is this working?”

    Tony’s eyes widened, “Sara! What are you doing?”

    “I’m patching into the frequency you and the Autobots are using…”

    “Jarvis! Get her out of the system!”

    “I would, sir, but-”

    “As I was saying, I patched into the frequencies. Your reactor compound has a ton of cameras, I can be a lookout.”

    “Sounds good to me.” Hot Shot’s voice came through.

    Drench, with a laugh, added, “Smart girl, great idea!”

    Tony mimicked the words, “Sara, when I get back, you are leaving.”

    “What? You worried I’ll do something?”

    “Uh, well…I work alone.”

    “Wow, you almost said it with conviction.”

    Blurr’s voice cut through, “Cut the chatter, we’re going in.”

    Drench raced into the compound, as they all split up. He turned around the corner of a building and screeched to a stop. In front of him were two heavy tank drones.

    “Scrap!” Drench shouted as he drove quickly in reverse. The drones opened fire with their heavy gatling guns. Drench changed to robot mode and hid behind a tower.

    “I’m pinned down!”

    Sara’s voice came through the communicator. “Hot Shot, Drench is at eight o’clock, help him.”

    “On it!” Drench looked to see the yellow and blue rookie run toward the two drones, and slam into one.

    Drench took the moment to check the grenades in his launcher. “Perfect.”

    He switched to the one he found, and moved out from behind the tower. “Hot Shot, move!”

    Hot Shot fell back as Drench fires the launcher. The drones only got off a short burst each before the grenade impacted with one. An EMP burst from it, and the two drones froze, electricity crackling and exploding all over them. They fell over with a loud thud. Hot Shot pumped his fist before running off to tackle a car drone.

    Drench walked up to the two stunned drones, and pulled the gatling gun out of one’s hands. Transforming the grenade launcher back into his arm he held the gatling gun with both hands. It was so large and heavy, he could barely hold it but he did. Stepping back, he said, “Eat laser, scrap heaps.”

    He activated the gun and nearly fell over from the recoil. He did not let go of the trigger, however, as laser pounded and tore apart the two drones. Pieces of metal broke off, others were melted from the amount of heat.

    Moving his aim up, the laser continued to tear them up until he got to the heads. In seconds, their heads were unrecognizable. The face plates blew apart, liquids and spark energon burst from them. He continued firing until there was almost nothing left. He tossed the gatling gun on top of the drones, smashing what was left of one’s chest.

    “Oh, that felt good.” He said as he walked away.

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