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    HEROES Book 1-Teamwork
    Chapter 1-Unification part 1
    ==Cybertron Air Port==
    Many ships take off at the same time, all of these ship's voyagers embarking on a great adventure, risking their own lives to complete their mission. I dream of our mission, and if we will succeed, he thinks, or if we will die. Well, no sense in being a loner.
    "So, what do you think our mission will be?", he asked his two other teammates.
    His green teammate said "I hear most ships are going on scouting missions."
    Immediately, his other red teammate blurted out "No way! We're going to Kintora to fight!"
    He sighed, while the red one notices and looked at him. "What's your problem?"
    "Well," he exclaimed, "if we are going to be somewhere together for a long period of time, we shouldn't be enemies. We should be friends."
    "Heh!", the short, red one exclaims. "Listen up. In war, there are no friends. There are only enemies."
    The blue one analyzes his teammates. He believes the red one is very aggressive, while the green one looks like a good friend.
    “How are you?”, he questions. No reply. “Well, what is your name?”, he implies. He sighs; “my name is Do...”
    The loudspeakers blare, “Flight Omega now boarding.” The blue one sighs. Well, time to board. I booked the last flight to talk, but that wasn’t a good idea. Now, my other teammates hate each other. They prepared to board the ship. While getting on the ship, the blue one asked again what the green one’s name was, but was cut off by the sound of the ship taking off.
    During flight, there was a long wait until they got to the atmosphere of the planet.
    Well, finally time to fight, the red one thinks.
    The floor then shook violently, knocking everyone over.
    “What’s that?” the green one screams.
    They look out the window to find the left wing of the ship melting.
    Only the blue one noticed the being with a sword teleporting away.
    They all panic, while the blue one, rising up, shouts to follow him. He leads the crew to a padded room with 3 glowing cylinders.
    “What’s this?” the red one asks.
    “Our only hope,” their blue crewmate answers. ”Stasis pods.”
    “This will never work.” the red one says.
    “Well, any more ideas? My sensei told me, “If you have a chance, take it”. So, if you want to burn up, then feel free.”
    The aggressive one said nothing as he hooked his spark into the panel. The red one being the first to download his spark, the blue one asks his other friend, “Friend, what is your name?”
    “” he whispers his name as his spark was downloaded into the protoform. The blue one looked out the window and sighed, while uploading his spark to the blank. As the ship spiraled, he questioned himself if they would ever be reawakened. Finally, the ship’s power cut off, and his body became limp. Little did the three crewmates know, they would be there for a long time...

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