Transformers Heroes: Awakening (Season 1)

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    Transformers Heroes is a new continuity; an homage to the Unicron Trilogy. It does its best to take the Unicron Trilogy's concepts and do them even better!

    My first series as a Transformer fan was Armada, and my favorite is/was Cybertron. While I have many projects (TF-related), all different and unique in their own ways, instead of following my brain like I do with those, this series will follow my heart.

    It'll be a celebration of all things Transformers; from Generation 1 to now (with a focus on the Unicron Trilogy era).

    Season 1 is entitled Awakening. I'm not yet sure yet what exactly my plan for the season is in regards to "Episodes", but we'll see.

    At the end of each chapter, a new character bio will be posted, which I hope you all will enjoy.

    Hmm...what's missing...oh yeah, a pitch!

    "Transformers Heroes follows the adventures of Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots as they battle Megatron and his Decepticons across the galaxy. (Sounds generic, I know, but there's more) In a battle in a secret room of the Iacon Archives, Optimus and Megatron caused a signal to be sent into the galaxy. This signal activated the locator beacons on countless stores of energon and Cybertron relics, as well as reactivated one of the original 13 Primes: Vector Prime!

    With the planet shutdown already in effect, Optimus uses this opportunity to evacuate the planet while Megatron gets ready to launch for the relics. The race for the relics begins, starting with a planet called Earth."

    I know, I know, I'm sure you're saying, "Eh, I've seen this"

    WAIT! Give it a chance, at the very least. Like at least the 1st Episode. And because you were so patient with me, here is the Prologue of
    Episode 1: "Arrival":

    Fire blazed around the Autobot Starship Zeta as it entered Earth's atmosphere. Autobots Treadbolt and Hot Shot piloted the ship...or were until their engines blew up.

    "We're gonna die!" Treadbolt, a gold and bronze Autobot warrior, screamed, as the controls appeared to become nonresponsive. Alarms blared throughout the large cockpit, as steam erupted from various vents. The air became thick and visibility was reduced as smoke and steam flooded in.

    "Ah, come on, Tread! This is the fun part!" Hot Shot, a light blue Autobot racecar and pilot, laughed as he tightly gripped the controls in a futile attempt to slow their descent in any manner.

    The starship was a small command ship, barely accommodating for ten Autobots; but for a squad of five, it was comfortable. Orangeish-gold; the metal, though scarred and scorched now, normally gleamed with a shiny finish. Various Autobot markings and symbols adorned the ship, and it was clear that it was a peacetime vehicle, not one built for war.

    It was made blazingly obvious to the crew of the ship as they held on for their lives as the ship literally tore apart around them.

    There were grunts behind the Treadbolt and Hot Shot as the other three Autobots on the ship braced themselves. Optimus Prime, the large red-and-blue leader of the Autobots; Vector Prime, a white-and-brown Autobot Ancient, and Red Alert, the white-and-red Autobot medic.

    Feeling less than comfortable, and wishing he hadn't joined Optimus' crew...Red Alert pulled himself up by a railing running around the command section of the cockpit and shouted, "You have a warped perception of fun, Hot Shot!"

    Hot Shot laughed nervously in reply, but didn't say anything as he and Treadbolt inputted every command they could think of into the control panel. Treadbolt looked at Hot Shot, "Our engines are locked; but if we can get the wings online we might be able to glide!"

    "Got it!"

    Leaning forward, holding on to the command controls with his left hand, Optimus looked at Vector, "Take my hand, Vector Prime!"

    "I'll be fine, Optimus!" Vector replied, bracing himself between two large metal supports in the corner of the cockpit.

    Through the viewport in front, all five Autobots had a sharp view of the planet as the ground came ever closer. The green and blue...many colors and looks that the Autobots hadn't seen before. Including large brown and white mountain-shaped things. Wait...mountain-shaped...

    "Hot that a mountain?" Treadbolt asked urgently as he inputted another command in the panel to no avail. Hot Shot's optics widened, "That'd be a yes, pull up! Pull up!"

    "If I could do that we wouldn't be crashing!"
    "Try harder!"

    Hot Shot inputted one final command, that the nav computer accepted. The two pulled the controls back as hard as they could. Slowly the nose of the ship began to tip up again as they headed for two mountains.

    "Given our current trajectory; our chance of survival is very abysmal!" Red Alert yelled, his visor-style optics allowing him to see through the smoke and steam better than Optimus and Vector could.

    "I lived through centuries of war while in stasis, and this is how I finally fall...Primus, my creator, I have failed you!" Vector Prime said as the ship creaked and groaned.

    "Don't lose hope yet, Vector Prime. Hot Shot! Treadbolt! Can you get us out of this? How close are we to the surface of the planet?!"

    "Depends on the surface!" Treadbolt replied, nearly breaking his controls with the force of pulling them back.

    "Yeah, if you want hard, rocky, and near-certain death, we'll be landing in about, oh...forty seconds!" Hot Shot added to his partner's cry, trying to lift the mood.

    Red Alert shook his head, before struggling again to see through the smoke, "Hot Shot! Can you pivot on the z-axis?"


    "Tilt on our side, Hot Shot!" Red Alert explained, no longer able to keep his famous composure.

    "Hold on to something!" Hot Shot exclaimed as he jerked the controls to the right, twisting the ship onto its side as they got close to the mountains. Vector Prime yelled as he fell from his secure place, no longer able to hold on. Optimus reached out and grabbed his arm, holding tightly to both Vector and the railing as the two hung in the air.

    Red Alert was not quite as lucky as he lost his grip and fell to the "new" floor, landing hard. With a loud groan and crack, a support from above fell straight down at Red Alert. Trying to get a grip on the surface, Red Alert attempted to move out of the way of the support.

    Seconds later the other Autobots heard a cry of pain as the support nailed Red Alert's arm, trapping and crushing it.

    "Red Alert!" Hot Shot cried. Treadbolt shouted, "Stay focused, Hot Shot, we're almost through!"

    The walls of rock on either side of the ship began closing in around them, scrapping against the damaged and burning ship.

    "Come on, hold together!" Hot Shot yelled defiantly at the ship. Treadbolt added, for the benefit of the others, as well as himself, "I can see the edge of the opening! We're just about there!"

    Rocks above and below the ship began clipping the wings.

    "Sweet Primus!" Treadbolt exclaimed, tearing his harness off and kicking hard away from the chair, just as a large rock tore apart the left (now top) side of the ship. If Treadbolt had stayed, there would only be half of him there now.

    He fell toward the back, but was able to grab onto the railing near Optimus, who quickly shifted his body to slow Treadbolt's momentum, allowing him to hold on.

    The ship flew out of the mountain barely making it a hundred meters before the Autobots heard something they really didn't want to. The sound of the engines exploding. A massive fireball exploded around the now-exposed ship, mostly in the back areas of the ship. Just a few flames were seen by the Autobots. Very briefly however. Without engines...and only one wing (torn to shreds of metal at that) remaining, the ship began an instant nosedive and spin to the surface a short distance below.

    "Hold on!" Hot Shot screamed to the others as the ground came up very fast. Hot Shot pulled his arms to his chest and covered his head as the ship impacted with the hard forest below.
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    Chapter 1:

    The large forest of Oak Hills, Colorado was peaceful. A few birds flew from tree to tree in rushed conversation while a squirrel ran up a tree. The trees were full of green leaves; blowing casually in a light wind. And a group of five young teens and an adult walked along well-trodden paths. Well, the forest was almost peaceful.

    "Can we go home now?" Ami Kysanji, a short thirteen year-old Japanese-American, moaned to the others.

    Benjamin "Ben" Everett, a fourteen year-old brown-haired Caucasian, smiled and turned around, "Ah, come on, Ami. This is fun!"

    "Besides," Jessica Everett, Ben's twin sister, added, "Fresh air is good for the spirit and mind!"

    "My mind is fine with a computer and a notepad; thank you," Ami replied hurriedly, "And I'm just fine with some online games to raise my spirit."

    Forty year-old William Cassel, the adult and a multi-millionaire ex-athlete, brought up the rear. The other two teens were fifteen year-old Vince Drexel, a tall and strong African-American with extremely short (almost not visible) black hair; and fourteen year-old Skylar Cassel; daughter of William, a very agile and fit girl with fiery orange hair.

    "It's been weeks since I ran through here!" Skylar exclaimed as she ran ahead of the group, turned around and ran backward, "It just got to be too long of a distance away to run after school."

    "Funny, I come here a lot with the football team. We do drills in a clearing...that way," Vince points off to the right of where they were walking. "The coach is paranoid; so he has us practice secretly."

    Vince shrugged, "If they really wanted to know, they'd just follow us."

    Ben walked close to Vince, who was essentially his best friend, "How goes the football tryouts, anyway?"

    William spoke up, "Yeah, it must be difficult since you are a freshman."

    At that, Skylar laughed, "Oh, Dad, Vince is bigger than half the football team."

    Vince put his hand behind his head and humbly replied, "I think it's going well. After all, what's important is that the best people are picked."

    Skylar clapped, "Then you're going to be the starting running back for sure!"

    William came closer to Vince, "Running back? I could give you some pointers on running later if you'd like. Just little things that my coaches taught me when I was your age that might help you out."

    "That'd be sweet, Mr. Cassel!" Vince replied.
    "No problem, kid."

    Ben ran ahead of the group and put his hands up, "Do you hear something guys?"

    The group stopped. A very low rumbling sound slowly got louder. Jessica wondered out loud, "I didn't think there was supposed to be a thunderstorm today..."

    "There isn't," William confirmed, looking up above them. The sound slowly got louder...and louder until they had to cover their ears. All looking above, they watched as large object went spinning by at a fast pace. Multiple pieces of metal fell down toward them.

    The group ran out of the way of the parts and took cover under a large tree. Through the trees they could see it fly for just a short distance farther on its trip to the ground.

    "What was that?!" Jessica exclaimed. Ami, hiding behind Vince, whimpered, "I really want to go home now."

    Ben looked up at William, before turning his gaze to the others, "We need to check it out; what if people were in that thing!"

    "They might need our help," Skylar added. William nodded, "You're right, Ben. Let's go."

    The group quickly ran through the forest in the direction of where they saw the large vehicle fly.

    "Hey, this looks like the clearing where the team plays," Vince said as they got closer to where they saw smoke going into the sky.

    Barely moments after they had reached the grass of the clearing, they stopped.

    "Hey, bro...I don't think people are on that," Vince said.

    In front of them was an orange wreck, but even in its remains, the kids and William could tell: It wasn't human.

    "If they are, they're certainly not alive," Skylar said, with a look of sympathy. The whole group jumped back when they heard what sounded like a shout of pain from the wreckage.

    "Someone is there!" Ben shouted, running off in the direction of the ship.

    "Ben, wait for me!" Skylar ran off behind him. William sighed loudly, before turning to Vince, "Stay here with Jessica and Ami."

    "Come back here, kids!" William yelled, running after them. He couldn't help but be worried that whatever was in the ship wouldn't take kindly to being disturbed.
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    Bio Card #1:

    Name: Hot Shot
    Series Based On: Cybertron
    Alt Mode: Futuristic Race Car
    Weapons/Abilities: Laser Cannon; Super Thrusters
    Personality: A natural leader with a lot yet to learn, Hot Shot often races straight into danger at top speed. He takes great pride in the fact that he's the fastest Autobot there is; though that can get him into trouble. Never a loss for having fun, he makes the best out of any situation, good or bad.
    Best Friend: Treadbolt
    Closest Rival: Starscream
    Mentor/Hero: Optimus Prime
    Strength: 7
    Intelligence: 7
    Speed: 9
    Endurance: 8
    Rank: 7
    Courage: 10
    Firepower: 7
    Skill: 9

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