Transformers: Head on Collision.

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    TRANS+CRAZY posted a thread about an idea for a fan fic about if Transformers were real. When he said he wouldn't/couldn't pursue the idea I decided to take a swing.

    Here's what I came up with.

    Transformers: Head on Collision.

    By Lindsay N. Smith

    All rights reserved.

    Chapter one

    To be normal is a perception. No one is normal, because it’s impossible to be so. But you can be average. I always assumed I was average. In fact I’m pretty sure of it. So then how or why are we chosen for specific tasks that seem to crash into us at unexpected moments? How do you find yourself in certain circumstances? I’m not much of a philosopher, but I truly believe it to be fate that we found ourselves on that bridge that night. That night that changed our lives, our perceptions on everything that was, and the very course of mankind.

    And it all started in 1980. But we wouldn’t know that story till some time later. For my friends and I it started four years later in 1984 when most of us were just starting kindergarten and I was still in pampers. It all started with a TV show if you can believe it. A show about robots; transforming robots. For most of our childhood we were loyal watchers of the show Transformers. A classic story of Good V. Evil! Even when we reached the age where we should have shed our silly childhood obsessions, we didn’t. Instead we embraced them.

    There were five of us. We all grew up in different parts of the country but by the time we were all in high school we all lived in Winston Springs, Washington. Of The five of us two of us were girls; Jacki and I. My name is Nattily. I was the youngest by a year (22). Next were Logan (23), Jacki (23), Steve (24), and Kevin (26). Jacki and I knew each other since we were in middle school and Kevin was my next door neighbor. Steve was in the same year as me. He had been held back a year due to too many absences. His mom had breast Cancer at the time and his family always went to the hospital to accompany her for her Chemo. I’m pleased to say she’s cancer free now. Anyway, Logan was the one with the car. Being the Transfan he was, he got a giant Autobot logo put on the hood of his van. Steve argued he should have gotten a Decepticon symbol instead.

    When I graduated High school Kevin and Logan took us to an anime convention in Portland, Oregon as my graduation present. That’s where everything turned upside down.

    The convention had ended only a few hours ago and we had just left out hotel and were on the freeway, heading home. It was well into the night and there was no traffic to speak of except for the occasional delivery truck. Jacki and I were sitting in the very back, snuggled together sorting through our loot from the convention. Logan was driving and Kevin was in the passenger seat snoozing. Steve however was issuing directions to Logan from the middle.

    “Are you sure you know which exit to take? I think we just passed it.” Steve said, trying to juggle the map and the flashlight and his pop-tart. “I’m pretty sure we just passed it…”

    “Steve, shut up!” Logan snapped. “I know which exit I need to take and no we didn’t miss it! We’ve only been on the road for an hour!”

    “Yo!” Kevin barked from under his baseball cap. “Trying to sleep here.”

    “Tell Steve-O back there to shut it so I can drive!” Logan retorted, gripping the steering wheel in annoyance.

    “Shut up Steve-O,” Kevin replied as he adjusted his hat and went back to sleep.

    Flustered, Steve snapped off the flashlight, tossed away the map, and stuffed the rest of the pop-tart into his mouth.

    “Hey! Fold the map,” Jacki called up to him. There was some rustling around and then the map flew over the seat and landed in my lap.

    “You do it,” Steve growled.

    “Jerk,” Jacki said as she picked up the map and neatly folded it. “Here you ingrate!”

    Jacki thusly tossed the map back at Steve who began to thrash around in his seat, curising.

    “Enough!” Kevin snapped. “Everyone shut the hell up! I paid for this trip so the least you can do is let me get some sleep OK? I have to go to work when we get back remember?”

    The back seat consequently hushed up.

    I began reading through a manga I had bought at the convention and Jacki began fiddling with the various plushy dolls she’d purchased as well as the one Steve bought. For the next half hour no one talked. Jacki and I turned off our flash lights and pulled out a sleeping bag and spread it over us. Jacki stayed awake while I turned off like a light. I don’t know exactly how long I was asleep, but a strange noise woke me up.

    It was like a strong humming. Everyone seemed to have noticed it and was looking out the windows looking for a cause. As the humming got louder, we could feel the vibrations through the car. Then suddenly from above us there was a huge whooshing noise and the car swerved. There was a lot of screaming and cursing as we spun across the road. We must have hit a guardrail because the car jerked and I was throw forward (I didn’t have my seatbelt on). When we came to a stop, Logan began cursing very loudly, more out of anger for his van then fear. Steve was chalk white and Jacki helped me up back onto the seat and checked me for any injuries.

    Kevin whirled around.

    “Is everyone OK?” He asked hurriedly. “Is anyone hurt?”

    “No,” I called back. I felt fine, just a little shaken and sore. Steve began yanking at the door, but it wouldn’t open. It had been crushed in from the guardrail. The van began to fill up with white smoke from the airbags going off. An acrid smell filled my nose and made me cough.

    “Jacki, Nattily, climb over the seats and get out through the passenger doors.” Logan ordered as he helped Steve out the driver’s door. We climbed over the seats and I was helping Jacki out Kevin’s side when I heard Steve curse.

    “Holy Fuck!”

    “What the hell’s is that?!” Kevin added.

    I followed Jacki out the door and turned to see what the boys were staring at. My heart gave a weak beat and my mouth went dry. If only I could adequately express exactly what it feels like when you see something like what I did when I first saw him. Of course, it doesn’t really quite register in your mind exactly what it is you’re looking at. But it was terrifying and curious. Mostly terrifying though. He was easily 20 feet tall or more. His body was sleek, shiny, and metallic. I saw red, white, and blue and vague hints of a jet; a wing here, a cockpit window there. When I looked at his body my mind said “No way….” I started at the feet and began to slowly work my way up. I stopped at the chest with a horrifying realization. He was pointing gun at us! I jerked my head up to look at his face. sure enough, despite my mind trying to tell me it couldn’t be…it was…

    “Starscream?” I chocked on my own words.

    “Holy Fuck!” Steve said again.

    Jacki grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

    “How do you know my name worm?” He said, pointing the barrel of the gun at me. I held my breath. I couldn’t look away from his eyes…or Optics or whatever. The red lights of his optics dimmed slightly as he sneered. It was uncanny…

    Kevin stepped in front of me and pushed Jacki behind him. I grabbed onto her arm and she mine.

    “I’ve no interest in you bugs. Step aside from the Autobot or accept the consequences.”

    Logan seemed to have snapped out of his trance then.

    “You twit! That’s my car! Not an Autobot!”

    Without a word and in one fluid motion the Decepticon turned his gun towards Logan and fired.

    There was a horrible flash of bright purple light.

    Jacki scream.

    I screamed.

    Steve screamed.

    I looked over at Logan, afraid of what I would see. My heart gave a leap when I saw Logan sitting on the ground a terror filled look on his face. A small smoking crater at his feet where the laser had hit.

    “S…shit…” Logan managed to say. Kevin kneeled over.

    “You’re OK,” Kevin said relieved. “You’re not dead!”

    “Hm...” Starscream mused. “I missed…Must be getting rusty. Nevertheless…”

    We turned our attention to the Decepticon above us as he spoke. His face showed utter annoyance and contempt.

    “Step aside!” He commanded again.

    No one argued this time. We all ran away from the van, stumbling and tripping the whole way. We made it to the opposite guardrail when there was a loud explosion. The shockwave smashed into me like someone had punched me. I could feel the searing heat on my back as we fell in a huddled heap on the ground. Logan’s van was in flames when I turned around. The flames were as high as Starscream. His sillouette shadowed us from the flames. With a cackling laugh he jumped.

    In what I can only describe as an incomprehensible movement of parts and gears, he had transformed and with a burst of flames from his jets, was gone.

    We all sat there on the ground for what seemed like forever, just staring at the blaze before us.

    Steve was the first to regain his senses.

    “That…that couldn’t have just happened…” He mumbled. “There’s just no way…”

    “Did you see Starscream blow up my van?” Logan asked.


    “Then you’re Ok,” He said. “Either that or we all smoked some really bad pot…”

    “Logan…” Kevin said. “Not the time dude…”
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    Chapter 2

    “The firemen have put out the fire, but they couldn’t salvage much.”

    I don’t know if Logan was listening to what the policeman was saying. I heard him talking, but the words didn’t seem to sink in. As soon as he’d left I couldn’t recall a word that he’d said. We went straight to the police station after the incident, but we reported it as an accident and the van exploded.

    Each of us had already called out parents saying we’d been in an accident and we were all OK. Logan’s Dad wasn’t glad to hear that the van had been torched. It seemed mutual that we’d left out the part about a supposed cartoon character mistaking our ride for his enemy. None us of had said anything to each other sense coming to the police station and were quietly sitting on a bench outside the sheriff’s office.

    I sat with my elbows on my knees, staring down at the tiled floor. The events of that night repeating over and over in my mind. A pair of hands holding a cup of coffee entered my line of vision, startling me out of my daze.

    I looked up and saw a policeman standing there smiling sympathetically at me.

    “You look like you need something hot,” he said kindly offering me the cup. I looked around and saw everyone was sipping mildly at similar cups. I took it gratefully and took a big swig. I hate straight coffee with a passion, but at that moment feeling as I did it was the best coffee I ever tasted. “You all get in touch with your folks?”

    He was a young man in his earlier thirties and had light brown hair neatly combed back.

    “Yeah,” I said, though no one else answered.

    “Has a paramedic taken a look at you guys yet?”

    “Yeah,” Kevin said. “We’re all A-OK, save for Nattily’s bruised shin.”

    It didn’t hurt. I had a bump on my left leg. The paramedics said to keep off it as much as I could and it should clear up in a week or so. The policeman left after assuring us that we would be released just as soon as the paper work was filled out. For that we had to wait for the Sheriff who had to be called from home, had arrived a few minutes ago, disappeared into his office, and hadn’t been out to see us yet. We all sat in our plastic seats aligned against the wall, numb and quiet. I drained the rest of my coffee and tossed the foam cup into a nearby trash bin.

    As we sat there quietly I heard the sheriff’s voice from his office. I was the closet to the door so I leaned over and put my ear to the wood and listened.

    “What’re you doing Nattily?” Steve asked.

    “Shh!” I hushed.

    “Sorry,” he said.

    “SHHHH!” I repeated.

    Steve said nothing and I turned my attention back to the door. The sheriff’s voice was soft, but steady.

    “….just a bunch of kids, sir,” He said. ”They’re all fine: Bumped, bruised, and shaken, but all right.”

    Here he paused for a long while.

    “Washington state sir,” He said. “They say they were in Portland for a convention or something and were heading home when it happened…………….. Yes we’re sure it was him. The kids didn’t say anything (said it was a car accident where they’re car just happened to burst into flames), but we had a report from our sky spy that happened to sweep the area at the time and we have several surveillance photos the sky spy took. The Air team was notified and they’re tracking him now. I’ve not received any report from them and I’m not sure of they’ve made contact with the enemy yet………………………..”

    I pulled my ear away from the door, my heart in my throat. I looked over at the others who were in turn looking at me, perhaps hoping for some clue as to when we would get out of there. When he saw my face Kevin got up from his chair and kneeled down next to me.

    “What is it Nat’?” he asked.

    “The Sheriff…he’s….”I took three larger breathes to regain my composure. “He knows it wasn’t an accident! He knows about the Transformer! He said something about surveillance photos and a sky spy and….and…and an air team…It’s like sort of conspiracy!”

    Kevin stared at my face for a long moment before standing up and looking at the others.

    “I think we should go,” He said quietly. Jacki looked at me and Kevin.

    “We can’t just leave,” She said. “They have our ID’s, they’ll find us!”

    “And besides, t...they have to be the g…good guys right?” Steve stammered.

    I shook my head.

    “I don’t care,” I said. “I want to go home; I don’t want any part of this.”

    “Are we in agreement?” Kevin said as he scanned each of our faces. “Logan?”

    “It would look bad if we just split…” He said. “If you guys don’t wanna be here go, but I’m not. It was my car…”

    “Logan,” I pleaded. “Please, let’s go…”

    Logan didn’t say anything, but kept his head down and was silent. Kevin grabbed my arm and helped me up. Jacki came up beside me and held my hand. Steve pushed himself up with some effort and ambled over to us. Together we sat there looking down at Logan, faintly hoping he’d change his mind. When it became evident that he wasn’t coming, we turned and starter walking.
    We made it to the front door when a noise made us freeze. The door to the bathroom had opened and a policeman walked out. He looked up and waved at us cheerfully. We returned the gesture and quickly walked out the station and out onto the dark streets.

    Kevin and Steve walked beside Jacki and I as we made our way farther and farther down the street. I felt bad about Logan. Who knows what was going through his head. He’d always been a fragile minded boy as long as I’d known him. He must think he’s going mad. I may very well be going mad and imagine the Sheriff saying all those things, but nevertheless. I didn’t feel safe there at all and simply wanted to start walking until I arrived tired, happy, and safe at my front porch.

    We must have walked a good three blocks before I noticed it. The Humming…it was back. I squeezed Jacki’s hand.

    “What is it Nattily?” She asked.

    “That Humming,” I said.

    “I hear it too,” Kevin said not looking around, but keeping his head straight ahead.

    “Yeah,” Steve added.

    “Oh god,” Jacki breathed. “I hear it too…where’s it coming from?”

    We walked stiffly onward, keeping our ears peeled trying to pin point exactly where the humming was coming from. I felt ill with anxiety. My legs felt like Jello and my arms felt weak. As I listened the humming changed slightly.

    “There’s two now,” Kevin announced. “One above and one behind us...maybe a car. No one look around. Just follow me.”

    “Oh god,” Jacki panted gripping my arm harder. “Mary full of grace…”

    “This is fucked up,” Steve sneered.

    When we neared a convenience store Kevin steered us inside. The man at the counter gave a smile and went back to his newspaper and we all dispersed and walked through the various aisles. Kevin went to the back and got a beer. Jacki went straight to the bathroom and Steve sorted through the magazines. I walked down the candy aisles watching through the window as a red sports car pulled into a parking spot facing the store. In the front seat was a young white man about Kevin’s age. Just as I was thinking he might be a hologram or something he moved. He bent over the seat and retrieved a magazine and began to read. My heart calmed and I rejoined the others as they accumulated near the counter. Steve was eating a hot dog and Kevin had a large can of beer in one hand and a pack of Tylenol in the other.

    “So?” He asked me.

    “A red sports car pulled into the parking lot but there’s a guy inside,” I said.

    “Doesn’t matter,” Kevin said. “It could still be them.”

    “Why are they following us?” Jacki asked. “What do you think they want?”

    “I dunno,” Steve said through a mouthful of hot dog. “But we should get moving.”

    I turned to the cashier.

    “Do you have a back entrance?” I asked.

    The cashier looked at me, surprised at my request. Then he looked at us with a suspicious glance.

    “What for?” He asked. “What’s wrong with the front?”

    Kevin pushed me aside, and took over, much to my annoyance.

    “I had an argument with my Dad earlier today and I ran off,” He lied. “I think he might be following me.”

    “Why don’t you go to the police?” He asked.

    “We did, but they just said they’d look into it and shooed us away,” Kevin was a very convincing liar.

    After eyeing us a few more moments the cashier nodded. He walked from behind the counter and motioned us to follow. He led us into the back, past boxes and boxes of snacks and cases of beer. I caught sight of the door and felt a wave of relief sweep through me.

    “Here you go man,” The cashier said and opened it up. As we all filed past he gave us all encouraging smiles. “Good luck guys.”

    “Thank you,” I said.

    The back door led us to an ally way. One way led to the street we had come from while the other led to a Mall.

    “C’mon,” Kevin issues us down towards the mall. There were no cars out as the Mall’s parking complex came into view. As we walked through the orange light of the street lamps I felt a lump in my throat. This was crazy. In a matter of hours my entire reality had taken a sharp 180 turn and now I found myself in some Oregon town, without my purse, phone, and the like. My Parents must be rigid with worry. As I began to feel panic settle in and tears start to form in my eyes I noticed Jacki go stiff.

    “That car from the parking lot,” She said so quietly that I almost didn’t hear her. “I think it’s following us!”

    “There’s no humming though,” Steve said. He was right. The humming was gone. In fact it had been gone since we entered the convenience store.

    We were nearing the entrance to the parking complex when I saw the faint glow of head lights approaching. Sure enough the red sports car from earlier drove passed us and started to turn into the parking complex.

    “Scatter on three,” Kevin said in a low, warning voice.

    “Huh?” Steve, Jacki and I all said at once. There wasn’t time for an answer though. As the sports car stopped in the entrance, blocking the sidewalk, Kevin pushed away and ran.


    Without question we all scattered. I saw Steve run across the street but not where the others went. I jumped the hedges lining the complex perimeter and ran into the parking complex. Heart pounding into my ears and my leg aching, I bounded down the rows of empty parking spaces. When I heard the rev of an engine I felt like my heart might just stop there and then. I urged my legs faster and made it to the elevator and pressed the button furiously. When the doors didn’t open immediately, I abandoned that idea and bounded up the stairs the sound of a car engine fresh in my ears. As I made my way up the stairs I felt my energy draining fast. My shin was sore and with every step of my left leg it gave a strong pulse of pain that shot up my whole leg. While turning to start on the next flight of stairs I saw the red sports car coming up the slope from the lower levels.

    ‘He’s following me!’ I screamed in my mind. ‘Why? Why? Why? Go after Steve he’s slow!’

    Thinking back on it now I felt kind of guilty for wishing that on Steve, but at the time with the terror I felt I would have thought any number of things. After two more flights an idea came to me. I slowed my ascent and made sure that the sports car got ahead of me. As it came up the slope and zoomed to the other end of the level to the slope that lead to the next level, I doubled back to the last level and ran to the elevator. I pressed the button again and again and finally the doors parted just in tome for me to see the red sports car coming back down. I rushed inside and I saw the Car stop at the elevator as the doors closed. When the elevator began descending I pushed the emergency stop button. Immediately everything stilled.

    Out of breath and sore, I leaned against the wall and slid to the floor.

    “Shit…” I cried running the lump on my leg. Suddenly all the past anxiety, fear, and worry caught up and I began to sob. I didn’t even try and collect myself at all; just let everything out. By the time my tears ran dry, my shirt was speckled with tears and my eyes were red and puffy. I started to worry about Jacki and Kevin and Steve. They must have gotten away since the sports car came after me; which made sense seeing as he…it…whatever…was already poise to enter the parking complex. I felt stupid, I felt scared, but mostly I felt tired. Incredibly drained of every kind of energy your body could possible have. And I had to go to the bathroom. I began to wish I’d gone while in the Convenience store.

    Suddenly the elevator gave a jerk and began to ascend. I got up and began to push the emergency stop button, but to no avail.

    “Oh no,” I panicked. “Oh no, oh no, oh no! Shit!”

    I hit the control panel in frustration and pain shot up my arm. I leaned against the control panel and made myself as small as possible in an effort to hide where there really wasn’t any such place. The elevator slowed and stopped. My heart started to pound. The doors opened…

    I didn’t move. I clenched my eyes tight and held my breath.

    “C’mon out sweetie,” A voice called. “We know you’re in there. We can see you in the surveillance camera.”

    I didn’t move. I tightened up.

    “We just want to talk, I promise,” Another voice called.

    I heard a strange noise and suddenly a giant head popped through the open elevator doors and looked right at me.

    “ We’re not going to hurt you,” It said.

    I screamed at the top of my lungs and pushed myself as far from the doors as possible.

    I must have startled him because he jumped, hitting his head on the ceiling.


    “You slag head!” The first voice said. The giant head disappeared back through the doors. “You’re not helping!”

    There was a sharp noise of jets and another voice spoke.

    “Cool it!” The new voice said sounding rather cranky. ”Both of you are useless. Simple assignment and you manage to screw it up!”

    “How do you purpose to get her out then,” The first voice asked, sounding put off. “Mr. Great human catcher?”

    “Shut up,” The cranky voice said. “Watch.

    “Look kid, we haven’t got all night. All your buddies are all in custody and are being taken to HQ. You can be little miss drama queen and force us to get you out by force, or you can do us a favor, make our job slightly easier, and just walk your little chassis out here. What’s it gonna be?”

    “Ooooh,” Said the second voice. “A vendetta!”

    “Quite you.” Cranky snapped. “What’s it gonna be girly?”

    Shaking like a leaf I stood, using the wall as a support. Slowly I turned and looked out. I saw three faces staring at me. I retreated back into the elevator, trying to calm my nerves.

    “This is stupid!” Cranky voice said. “That’s it-“

    “Wait,” The first voice said. “Let me try.

    “What’s you’re name sweetie?”

    Should I answer? They were trying to get me to come out. I certainly didn’t want to stay in the elevator all night. So I complied.

    “Nattily,” I said.

    “Ok Nattily,” The voice said sweetly. “My names Bluestreak. The one with the big head is Sideswipe and grumpy here is Jetfire.”

    “You’re Autobots?” I said.

    There was a long silence.

    “I wasn’t expecting that…”I heard Sideswipe say.

    “Yes, we are,” Bluestreak replied. “How did you know?”

    “Anyone who was a kid in the 80’s knows who you are,” I said. I was beginning to calm down and started to have a little fun.

    “Oh Primus not another one!” Jetfire droned. “Whatever possessed Prime to agree to let the humans do that god awful cartoon? It’s kicking us in the shaft now.”

    “Are you ready to come out now?” Bluestreak asked. “Nattily?”

    I breathed deeply.

    “Ok,” I said so quietly that I heard Sideswipe say ‘What’d she say?’. I just turned around and with a good burst of will power, and walked out. I almost fainted when I saw how big they were. When I saw Starscream I was in shock, but I was well over shock now. Bluestreak was indeed blue. He had a kind sort of face. Sideswipe was standing behind him leaning on one leg looking down at me. He’d been the red sports car following us all along. Jetfire was standing aloft looking rather annoyed: Maybe because his tactic didn’t work.

    “That a girl!” Bluestreak said. “You can go now Jetfire, we can take it from here.”

    “Good!” He said. With a swift turn, much like how Starscream did, he jumped and transformed and hovered a moment.

    “Remember to file your report to me when this is all sorted through.” He said and with then was gone in a burst of his jets.

    Sideswipe sighed and stood at his full height.

    “What a grouch,” He said. “You’d think he’d enjoy the time outside.”

    Bluestreak shook his head and returned his gaze to me.

    “Ok,” He said. “Now we can get going.”

    “Can I ask where exactly?” I asked nervously.

    “You may ask,” Sideswipe replied playfully. “But we reserve the right to not answer.”

    He must have found this joke amusing, but Bluestreak didn’t seem to and I wasn’t quite in the mood for humor.

    “We have strict orders to bring you and your companions to our base,” He said simply. “Where the base is, we’re not at liberty to disclose that information.”

    “Oh,” I said. “This all has to do with Starscream attacking us right?”

    Bluestreak smiled.

    “I could tell you were a sharp one,” He commented. “And yes, it does.”
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    Interesting. Definitely keeping my attention. Can't wait to read more. :) 
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    Thanks. I'll try to update tomorrow or maybe later tonight.
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    Yeah, it's a good start to the fic, will be good to see how it progresses :D 
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    That was pretty good man! I want to read some more now.
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    Chapter three

    It was like a dream that follows a nightmare. If you ever have a chance to ride inside an Autobot, do so. It’s quite the experience. Bluestreak’s interior was black with light colored leather seats that I found to be quite relaxing after all that running. I sat in the passenger seat (I felt it would be rude to be in the driver’s seat seeing I wasn’t the one driving) and laid back thinking. Of what exactly, I can’t really recall: The latest developments probably. As the lights from the city past over the horizon behind us, the windows suddenly went black. I sat up quickly, feeling panicky again.

    “Relax Nattily,” Bluestreak’s voice calmly said through the radio speakers. “From this point on I’ll have to tint my windows as to keep the Head Quarter’s location secret.”

    “Oh,” I said sinking back into the seat. “OK…Hey Bluestreak?”


    “Why do you guys hum?” I asked the question that’d been nagging me.

    “Huh?” Bluestreak said sounding confused. “We don’t hum…”

    “Isn’t Humming a sign of a blocked fuel gage?” Sideswipe asked. “I think Ratchet told me that once…”

    “No,” I said. “Like right before Starscream attacked we all heard this loud humming. It shook the entire van! And when Sideswipe was following us down the street too. That’s how we knew he was there.”

    Neither of them spoke at first.

    “Oh!” Bluestreak said finally. “I know what it is! It’s our tracking system. It sends out thousands of small radio waves. That’s probably what it was.”

    “I never knew anyone could hear them,” Sideswipe commented. “What’s the point of a tracking system that gives you away to the target?”

    Bluestreak laughed.

    “We’ll have to bring it up with the other when we get back.”

    Then we traveled on in silence for what seemed like hours. Of course I still needed to use the bathroom. You know when you have to go pee really bad and you get to the point where your abdomen starts to hurt and you start feeling those sharp pains? I was waaaaaay past that and in real pain. I suppose I must have been wiggling around a lot or something because Bluestreak seemed to notice my discomfort.

    “Is everything OK?” He asked.

    “Uh…” I said. I really didn’t want to tell him what was wrong. I mean, I’d get embarrassed having to ask the teacher to go to the restroom. Asking an Autobot was like Taboo. “Yes…….and no…”

    “Uh….I don’t think I follow you,” he said.

    My face must have been bright red.

    “I…have to go to the bathroom…” I whispered.

    “What was that?” He asked. “I didn’t hear you.”

    I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and hoped my face wouldn’t be turned red permanently from being this embarrassed.

    “I have to…” I said finally. “…go to the restroom…”


    ‘Oh god,’ I thought. ‘What else could possibly make this night worse!’

    “Alright,” He said. “Wait a couple more minutes and we’ll stop, OK?”

    “uh-huh,” I said, burying my face in my hands.

    “What happened to our orders?” Sideswipe reminded his partner. “It was ‘grab the kids and straight back to base’. I don’t recall any ‘pit-stops’ in the schedule.”

    “Sideswipe?” Bluestreak said.


    “Shut it.”

    Sure enough a few minutes later, when I felt like I wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer, we stopped.

    “Ok Nattily,” Bluestreak said. I could tell by his voice he felt apprehensions about letting me out, but even an Autobot can’t deny the call of nature I guess.

    The door swung open and I hoped out into the dark night air. The wind blew softly and felt rather nice. I looked around, we were in the desert. A flat landscape stretched out before me in all directions and the only light was from the moon and the Autobot’s headlights. In a strange moment of randomness I thought of my mom. I imagined her standing there with me saying how beautiful it was.

    “Hurry up kid,” Sideswipe called. “We’re not really supposed to be doing this. Detours were not part of our orders.”

    “You’re rather fidgety,” Bluestreak commented. “Jetfire must finally rubbing off on you.”

    “Dear Primus no!”

    “Sorry to incontinence you,” I called back at Sideswipe sarcastically as I walked off the road and found a pathetic looking bush. I’d never been camping before and I’ve no experience in using nature as my toilet. I won’t disclose the details, but you guys have it easy let me tell you. I’m sure men would appreciate women a lot more if they ever had to squat in the desert with two Autobots not twenty feet from you.

    As I reemerged from the dark I saw that Sideswipe had transformed and was looking up at the sky.

    “Is something the matter?” I asked.

    “Oh,” He seemed slightly embarrassed that I’d caught him gazing at the sky. “I was just trying to….…oh never mind. Let’s keep going.”

    “Indeed,” Bluestreak added. I climbed back into Bluestreak and off we went. Time passed slowly and without realizing it, I fell asleep. Some time latter a noise startled me out of my slumber. A quick look at the radio told me it was morning.

    “How long have I been asleep?” I asked as I straightened myself and tried to fix my hair.

    “A couple hours,” Bluestreak replied. “We’re almost there. We just have to get by clearance first.”

    Before I could so much as open my mouth to reply, a red beam suddenly passed through me. Startled, I screamed and jumped back into the seat.

    I heard Sideswipe laugh.

    “Jumpy isn’t she?” He laughed.

    “It’s just a scanner sweetie,” Bluestreak chuckled.

    “It surprised me,” I replied tartly. “That’s all.”

    “All clear guys,” A voice said. It sounded like it was outside coming from a speaker or something. “Go on through.”

    “Thanks Jack,” Bluestreak said and we started moving. A few meters forward we stopped and with a slight jerk began to descend.

    “Hey Bluestreak,” Sideswipe laughed. “Ever had that sinking feeling?”

    The blue Autobot groaned.

    “Every time,” he said. “Every time he says that joke. It’s maddening. See what kind of stuff I have to put up with Amanda?”

    ‘Amanda?’ I asked myself. Then a female voice (sounding like It was coming from an outside speaker just like Jack from before) replied.

    “I know Blue, I know,” Amanda laughed. “I know your pain. Belieeeeeeeve me.”

    Bluestreak laughed hard at that. “I can imagine. Oh!”

    Suddenly the windows went clear and I could see outside.

    “We won’t need those anymore.”

    Where I found myself was nothing like I’d ever seen. It looked like a giant hanger resembling the ones I’d seen on TV at NASA with ceilings easily 200 feet high. Five large bridge cat walks hung from the ceiling going from one end of the room to the other. I could make out a few people walking across. Behind us was a lift and a high toll booth looking deal. I saw a woman step off the last rung of the latter to the booth and approach us. She had long blond hair with a slight curl and an almond shaped face. She was dressed in a navy blue suit and carried a smart looking clip board.

    ‘She’s beautiful,’ I thought.

    Bluestreak’s door popped opened and I stepped out into the base. The entire place smelled like Lysol and everything was white too. Oh my how white everything was. It was slightly blinding actually.

    “Hello,” Amanda said offering me her hand. I shook it, trying to smile. “I know how tired you must be with all that’s happened in the last 18 hours, but please bear with us s bit longer.”

    “Can I see my friends?” I asked.

    “Oh sure,” She replied. “I think the three boys are in the cafeteria and Jacki’s in the hospital wing.”

    “Oh my god is she OK?” I asked worried.

    Amanda smiled encouragingly at me.

    “She’s fine,” She replied. “Just fatigue. In fact I think that’s where we should take you too. You’re looking a bit pale.”

    The sound of moving parts caught our attention and we turned to see that both Autobots had transformed and were looking down at us.

    “We’ll leave her in your hands then,” Bluestreak said. “We have other things that require our presence and attention.”

    “See ya kido,” Sideswipe added as the two walked off.

    “Thank you boys,” Amanda replied.

    “It was great meeting you guys,” I called back. ”Thanks.”

    They gave a little wave and moved on. Standing there I felt rather lost. It was saddening to see them go. My inner geek didn’t want them to go. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend more time with them? They were Autobots!

    “Shall we be off then?” Amanda said, ushering me towards an official looking double door entrance. “So what’s your name?”

    “Nattily,” I answered feeling a bit awkward. “Nattily Howard.”

    “Alright then Nattily Howard,” she said cheerfully. “Welcome to CEBER; Center for Earth Based Extraterrestrial Relations. And before you ask, no we aren’t the government. Took me forever to convince one of your friends of that.”

    “That would be Steve,” I replied.

    “Hm,” She said. “He looks more like a Bob to me.”

    I couldn’t help but laughed.

    “So why are you telling me this?” I asked. “From Bluestreak’s attitude I assumed this was all hush hush.”

    Amanda issued me through another set of door that opened into a large corridor.

    “Well,” She began. “We’ll give you the details later, but pretty much we’ve searched your records thoroughly and judged you to be an honest person and someone who was trust worthy. And the one who decides that is a very good judge of character so you should feel proud. No one gets to step foot inside here without his approval.”

    “Who’s that?” I asked.

    Amanda looked at me dead in the eye and raised an eyebrow.

    “You can’t guess?” She asked. “Your friends told me you were all Transfans.”

    Then it clicked.

    “Really?” I asked.

    “That depends,” She replied. “Who do you think?”

    “Optimus Prime?”

    “’And Bingo was his Name-o’!” Amanda sang.

    I confess that I felt humbled by this. How many people could say that their childhood hero had judged them to be a good person? Not many! And what more, when Amanda said this everything suddenly became real; really fast. I could feel myself start to have an anxiety attack. I felt claustrophobic even though we were in a spacious corridor with barely anyone around us. A thought entered my mind that terrified me:

    ‘Does all this mean we’re in some sort of war?’

    “You OK?” Amanda asked, placing her hand on my shoulder, looking concerned. “Do you need to sit down?”

    “No, I just have a question,” I said. “Well actually I have lots, but mainly: How is this possible? It was all just a cartoon…it wasn’t supposed to be real…”

    Amanda laughed lightly.

    “That’s the genius of it,” She said. “In so many words, and without saying anything I shouldn’t, the cartoon was made as a kind of safety precaution; a buffer if you will. The higher up thought it was a good idea. That way if any of the Transformers were spotted, people would dismiss the claim of seeing a giant robot. We didn’t expect it to become as big as it did. Jazz got a real kick out of it.”

    “Jazz?” I asked. “Are all the Autobots from the show here?”

    “Not all,” Amanda replied. “Most of them are part of Optimus’s group…except Bluestreak, Jetfire, the twins, and a few others of course. They’re stationed here year round. But the rest go wherever Prime goes and Prime’s coming here because of you guys.”

    “Why?” I asked. “If you made the cartoon as a buffer why didn’t you just let this whole thing pass like as if it were just a car accident like we reported it?”

    Amanda’s smile faded and her voice lowered and became very serious.

    “That I’ll leave up to the higher ups to explain to you guys,” She said. We walked on in silence and before I knew it we were standing at a door. On the door was a piece of paper tapped on with a message written in sharpie:

    Enter at your own risk!

    Amanda smiled at the paper like it was an inside joke and opened the door.

    “This is kind of the road less traveled,” She said, smiling again. “I really shouldn’t be taking you in here but we won’t tell anyone. But don’t talk to him. He’s been cranky all week and he’ll bite your head off if you disturb him at all! In fact I advise to hold your breath just in case. ”

    I decided to not ask any questions and simply followed my guide through the door. The door, I found out, led onto a catwalk suspended over a large workshop. Tools and pieces of scrap metal were scattered everywhere in the dimly lit room and there was a strong smell of motor oil throughout. Sitting on a stool at a work table in the center of the room, face staring into the heart of a welder’s flame as he assembled some sort of gadget was a Transformer I immediately recognized and felt a sudden giddiness about seeing him in real life.

    ‘It’s Wheeljack!’ I squealed in my mind. ‘This is so awesome!’

    As Amanda walked straight on through the catwalk, I stalled and stared at him as he worked. He looked like he did in the cartoon only he obviously had a different vehicle mode. His body was an off white with black striped here and there like racing stripes.

    “Don’t look into the flame you stupid girl!” He suddenly whirled around at me staring at me annoyed. “If you go blind I won’t be held responsible.”

    I jumped, startled.

    “I..I’m sorry,” I began, but suddenly Amanda came around me and started pushing me towards the door.

    “Don’t make eye contact!” She yelled obviously so Wheeljack could hear. “He’ll hypnotize you and make you a grouch too!”

    “I’m only grouchy because of all this dam interruptions!” He yelled after us. “How can you call this a secret base when people are barging in every five minutes!”

    Amanda didn’t let up until we were well away from Wheeljack’s office. And even then she was still laughing.

    “I’m sorry,” She said, breathing hard. “He’s fun to tease. But he’s right, never look directly into a welder’s flame; you could go blind.”

    “Oh…OK.” I said slightly confused, but still feeling slightly giddy. That made five; I’d seen five transformers within the last day and from what I could gather, I was bound to see more the longer I stayed.
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    This is awesome. I love the way you use humans in your fics. Most of the times humans are annoying, but you make them necessary. Write more.
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    Yakata! I'm glad because that's exactly what I try to aim for with my fics. I'll post the new chap tomarrow before or after school.
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    Very good, Hakudoushi... it's a lot different from what I was planning to do, but hey... I just realized now that I could never be a fanfic writer. I have a hard time writing about characters that are already established... so I'll stick to writing purely original fiction. Anyways, keep up the good work.

    Oh, and by the way... I'm actually a she... but hey, that's alright... I often sound like a guy with the way that I talk in my posts.
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    YARRRHARRHARRR! Wonderful, I couldn't stop laughing. Keep it going.

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    Really? Same with me. When I first started on MBs everyone thought I was a guy until I set them straight....It's a running joke over at
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    Chapter four


    I was engulfed by Jacki as Amanda and I entered the hospital wing. The wing itself was more like a large hall lined with beds (the halls were tall enough so an average sized Autobot could stand comfortably. I began to notice the entire base seemed to be Transformer accessible.). There were a few doors down the way leading into other more private rooms and a few offices as well.

    “Oh god,” Jacki droned. “I was so worried about you! Are you alright?”

    I couldn’t help but laugh, mostly from relief, as I pulled Jacki off of me.

    “I’m OK,” I assured her. “I’m just tired.”

    Jacki smiled.

    “Where did you go? I didn’t see where you went when we split up.”

    “Into the parking building,” I replied. “I hid in the elevator.”

    Jacki made a face.

    “Lazy,” She scoffed. “Kevin and I ran five blocks before we were caught. Oh! Have you seen any of the Autobots? Which ones have you met?”

    “Yeah,” I laughed. “Bluestreak and Sideswipe were the ones who found me. Jetfire too but he kinda left in a hurry.”

    Jacki’s mouth fell open. Bluestreak was her favorite Autobot from the show.

    “Lucky!” She cried. “Kevin and I got stuck with Sunstreaker! He’s such an ass!”

    I laughed.

    Someone coughed.

    “Sorry to interrupt this adorable reunion, but Miss Jacquelyn needs to rest,” A middle aged man appeared at our side. “And if your one of the Fugitives brought in go sit with Miss Jacquelyn and I’ll see to you in a moment.”

    As the man left, I turned to Jacki.

    “Fugitives?” I asked. Jacki smiled.

    “Yeah,” She said. “That’s what the guys here have dubbed us.”

    “Sounds like a bad name for a heavy metal rock band,” I commented as Jacki led to her bed where we sat down.

    “I’ll check up on you girls later,” Amanda said. “Get plenty of rest.”

    “Thank you Amanda!” I called after her as she left the hospital wing.

    “She seems nice,” Jacki said.

    “Yeah,” I replied and then told her about Amanda taking me into Wheeljack’s workshop and all the previous night’s drama.

    “So what happened to you guys?” I asked after I’d finished my tale.

    “Well,” She began. “When Kevin said three I panicked. I mean, I had no idea where to go. So I followed Kevin. We ran around the car and headed down the street. I could barely keep up with him. And we’d gone like five blocks when we heard that humming noise again. And I looked up and saw this jet following us. I freaked, because I thought it was Starscream again and we started hauling ass. It chased us down an alley and a yellow car (Sunstreaker) was blocking the way out. He told us to get in. We didn’t of course. Kevin asked him if he thought we were stupid and you know what Sunstreaker said?”


    “’I’ve never thought much of your species capacity for intellectual thought or complex reasoning so I guess the answer is yes.’”

    We both laughed loudly, rolling on her bed.

    “So eventually we got in (can’t make much of an argument when you have a grouchy jet aiming missiles at your ass),” Jack continued. “He blacked out his windows, told us to keep quiet and not to touch anything, and not to talk to him. Couple hours later we arrived and I was taken here to get some sleep.”

    “What an ass,” I said. “How can they be twins and be nothing alike?”

    “They aren’t twins in the same sense as Human twins,” A voice above us explained. “More like they’re the different products of the same manufacturer; it’s just easier to call them Twins.”

    We both looked up into the face of a white armored robot with an unmistakable red cross on his chest and a crest of the same color adorning his brow.

    ‘These guys are everywhere!’ I thought.

    Jacki and I stared up into Ratchet’s face, rather at a loss for words.

    “Hi,” I managed to say, which in turn issued a polite smile from the Autobot medic.

    “Hello,” He said. “I gather you two are part of the group brought in from Oregon?”

    “Yes, sir,” Jacki said.

    “No need for the ‘sir’ treatment miss,” Ratchet said, raising a hand. “I don’t need another reminder of my age.”

    “You don’t look old,” I added.

    “I’m 500 million years older then you,” Ratchet retorted with a smirk.

    I heard Jacki snort.

    “Wow,” She snicked. “That’s…that’s pretty old.”

    “That’s mean,” I told her. “If he was human he’d probably be 40-ish.”

    Ratchet laughed.

    “If I was human I’d probably feel even older,” He replied. “So has everyone been treating you alright? We really didn’t want to have to come down on you guys so hard, but we didn’t expect you to run off either. We had to send in Jetfire to help search for you all. Why did you run off?”

    My face fell and I turned to Jacki. Up until this point not one had actually asked us why we ran off.

    “I overheard the Sheriff talking,” I explained. “I told everyone else and we decided to just go, except Logan. He wanted to stay. We were kinda freaking out at the time.”

    “Yes, we thought that might have been it,” Ratchet mused. “Well, we won’t be needing you guys in the meeting for another couple hours so I suggest you rest up now and maybe get something to eat. Once things start to move around here they tend to keep rolling.”

    I nodded.

    “Thanks,” Jacki and I said.

    “You’re very welcome girls,” Ratchet said as he made his way down to the other side of the wing. “And I’ll see what I can do to teach Sunstreaker some humility for you.”

    “Can you video tape it for me?” Jacki called after the Autobot. We could hear the Medic laughing as he disappeared through a door and was gone.

    “This place rocks,” Jack said excitedly. “Do you think we’ll be able to meet Optimus?”

    I shrugged.

    “I dunno,” I said. “But if we do, I just hope Steve doesn’t start geeking out and ask for his autograph.”

    “For your information we already met him,” A voice said, startling us. “And he said ‘maybe later’…”

    “Steve!” I said, turning around and hugging the lug. “You scared us.”

    “We were standing here the whole time,” Logan said as he and Kevin appeared at Steve’s side. “We came in with Ratchet.”

    “Nattily,” Kevin said, walking around the bed to give me a huge hug. “I’m sorry.”

    I pulled away and looked into his face. He looked tired and in need of a hot drink.

    “Sorry for what?” I asked as I moved over to let him sit beside me.

    “We shouldn’t have split up,” He said. “It was a stupid idea and it was dangerous.”

    I wrinkled my nose at him.

    “I was the one who said w should leave the police station,” I shot back. “Besides, we’re all here now. And in one piece.”

    “Bonus,” Steve added. Everyone chuckled lightly, except Kevin. He wore a stern face and didn’t look amused.

    “You don’t understand do you?” He asked raising his voice. “What this means? I mean…god…Nattily! Don’t you get it? Autobots, Decepticons…they’re all real!”

    “We got that dude,” Jacki sighed.

    “And that means the war is real,” Kevin snapped. “Aren’t any of worried at all?”

    The entire place seemed to suddenly quite down. I looked over everyone’s faces, lowered in shame, and saw an underlying worry that was beginning to surface. Truth be told, I had thought about it. For what need was all of this, the base, the secrecy, if there wasn’t something huge to hide from the world? And what’s more, why were they so openly sharing it with us? I recalled what Amanda said earlier: ‘And before you ask, no we aren’t the Government’. So who were they? How could the government not know about this place or the Transformers? Things just didn’t fit right. Hopefully our hosts would continue being so open and we’d get an answer before we left, if we ever left.

    “There’s not much that can be done,” Logan said finally after a long silence. “Right now all we can really do is sit and wait till they tell us or send us home.”

    “Personally I don’t really want to leave,” Steve added.

    “Me neither,” Jacki complied. “I want to see more Autobots.”

    “You mean you want to meet Bluestreak,” I teased.

    Jacki opened her mouth to say something, but Kevin interrupted.

    “I don’t think you’re taking this seriously enough,” He said. “We’re getting into some deep shit here.”

    “Stop trying to act all superior and all knowing,” Logan barked. “You’re not in charge.”

    “I’m the oldest!” Kevin said.

    “And that means what?” Logan sneered. “You’re not the boss of us and certainly not the boss of me. You’re older, so? We’re adults if you’ve forgotten.”

    “Shut up, Logan,” Kevin snapped back as he stared down at the younger man. Logan was a good head shorter then Kevin. The two stood facing each other, barely three inches from one another, daring the other to make a move first.

    “Stop it!” I cried. “Both of you! This isn’t helping…”

    “Don’t tell me to shut up you bastard!” Logan yelled at Kevin. “Ever since we left for the fucking convention you’ve been hard ass and I put up with it all that time, but not anymore. If you want to us to do something…”

    Logan didn’t get the chance to finish what he was saying. I watched, frozen, as Kevin slammed his fist into Logan’s stomach sending him to the floor. Logan got up and charged head first at Kevin in a rage. The next thing I knew both boys were grabbing handfuls of the other’s shirt and trying vigorously to tear the other apart.

    “Stop it!” Jacki screamed when we heard a sickening cracking noise and blood dripping onto the floor. Logan’s face was covered in blood pouring from his nose.

    “You fuck heads!” Steve yelled, descending upon them trying to pull them apart only to be thrown back onto the tiles floor clutching his face where Kevin’s elbow had hit him in the eye.

    “What’s going on here?!” I turned to see the middle aged doctor from before and Ratchet come storming down the hall. “Stop it now!”

    Ratchet got to the boys first and pulled them apart; literally. He reached down, grabbed a boy in each hand and pulled them apart. Kevin’s face was contorted with anger. He pulled furiously trying to break Ratchet’s grip, but it held. Logan looked as though he was done fighting. His face and the front of his shirt was covered in blood. His breath was raspy and he clenched his nose with his shirt covered hand.

    “Jesus Fucking Christ!” The doctor said when he saw Logan. “What the hell were you two doing?”

    “Fighting,” Kevin replied.

    The doctor groaned impatinatly and rolled his eyes.

    “I can see that,” He snapped. “Why?”

    “Because he’s a jerk!” Logan yelled. Kevin tried to rush him, but Ratchet kept him back.

    “Enough!” Ratchet barked and everyone fell silent. “Dr. Carson, take this one to the back to get cleaned up. And give that boy an ice pack while you’re at it. I’ll take this one downstairs to cool off. You three stay here. I want an explanation when I get back.”

    With that Ratchet steered Kevin out of the Hospital wing and down the hall. Dr. Carson walked Logan to one of the back rooms and closed the door behind him. A few minutes later he came back out and handed Steve an ice pack before returning to see to Logan.

    We all sat in silence as Steve iced down his eye which was starting to swell up. He seemed to be having difficulty so I helped him.

    “Here,” I said taking the pack from him. I motioned for him to follow me and I had him lie down on the bed next to Jacki’s. “Lay down.”

    Without question he laid down and I put the pack onto his black eye.

    “Just sit there until the swelling goes down,” I advised. I’m no doctor but first aid really isn’t anything but common sense.

    We sat there in silence for a while and soon Ratchet was back looking more then annoyed. He stood in front of Jacki’s and Steve’s beds looking down at us sternly with arms crossed expectantly.

    “One thing I do not tolerate is fighting in a hospital,” He said. “So what happened?”

    Steve, Jacki, and I all started telling our versions of what happened at once and Ratchet raised his hand to silence us.

    “One at a time please,” He asked.

    “Kevin was freaking out,” Steve said.

    “Logan didn’t like him bossing us around,” Jacki said. “Then they started going all Alpha-male on us.”

    “Kevin Punched Logan and Logan charged Kevin,” I added.

    “Kevin elbowed me in the eye,” Steve complained.

    “That’s because you got in the way,” Jacki rolled her eyes.

    “Enough bickering,” Ratchet snapped. With a sigh he pressed the bridge of his nose with his fingers. “Alright, when your friend’s cooled off some and we get the other kid some new clothes someone will come down to collect you five.”

    “Collect us?” Jacki asked. “What for?”

    “The higher ups want a word,” He replied. With a dismissing sort of wave he walked back to his office. “Stay put………………..and no more fighting.”

    “Well,” Steve said from his bed, clutching the ice pack to his eye. “Wasn’t that an exciting adventure?”

    “Really?” Jacki said. “Because I thought it was stupid.”
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    lol....double post. Thanks Alphie.
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    Excellent chapter as always. Some words missing here and there, but that's just a small thing I've noticed. Curious as to where you are leading this story.

    Also, might want to edit out the duplicate chapter. ;) 
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    Chapter 5

    Our steps echoed through the dimly lit hall as we were led to what we assumed was an executive’s office to be asked or told not to divulge any of what we’d seen and maybe get a few threats. Of course that could have just been the fear talking. Yeah, it was probably the fear. But I seemed to be as anxious as the others save for Kevin and Logan (dressed in a new white t-shirt) who looked positively disgusted to be in the presence of the other. Jacki, Steve, and I walked between them just in case one might knock into the other and therefore ensuing another volley of useless bickering or fighting.

    A little more then ten minutes after Ratchet had left us in the infirmary, a man who introduced himself as Mr. Hernandez, with Kevin trailing behind, came to take us to wherever it was he was instructed to take us. Mr. Hernandez had a square face with a strong set jaw. He wore sunglasses and a jet black suit. I suppose that was why we, or just me, were so scared of him. For the briefest of moments I thought I had been transported in to Men in Black. He led us through a confusing set of halls and deserted corridors until at last we arrived at a very large door. When I mean large I mean it was a Transformer sized door. For a second I wonder how we were suppose to get inside when I didn’t see any handle or human sized entrance. Then Mr. Hernandez led us to a stair case just to the side of the door and instructed us to go up the stairs and wait in the room there. We did as instructed and when we reached the landing on top of the stairs we found the door open into a lavishly decorated room. There was even a fireplace, though it wasn’t lit. There was a long leather couch to one side of the room and a high backed chair facing us. In this chair sat a man neither of us would ever forget. He was around late sixties to early seventies. His face was wrinkled but had a youthful glint in his grey eyes as he studied us from his chair. He was dressed in a handsome Italian suit, hands firmly placed atop a smart looking black cane.

    “Good evening,” He said as we stood at the threshold of the door looking in. “Please come in.”

    We filed into the room one after another and took seats on the couch. Kevin however stood next to the side, refusing to sit.

    “Very well,” The old man said as a sign that we were all ready. “I’m sure you’ve lots of questions and such, but first let’s have introductions. My name is Francis Leery and this entire place is the result of my life’s work and ambition. My late life’s ambition anyhow. And you are…?”

    He looked at Kevin expectantly.

    “I’m Kevin Franklin.”

    "Logan Turner."

    “Jacquelyn Scott. Jacki for short.”

    “Nattily Howard.”

    “Steve Young.”

    As we introduced ourselves once after the other, Francis Leery’s gazed passed to each of us and a smile grew on his thin mouth.

    “You certainly are younger then I expected,” He mused. “But all the better I suppose.”

    Mr. Leery took a firm grip of his cane and with a small grunt lifted himself out of his high backed chair.

    “Well, I suppose you’ll want some sort of explanation for your mandatory visit, hm?” He asked as he made his way over to a wooden liquor cabinet. But instead of brandy or scotch, he pulled out a thick photo album. “Turn to the first page young lady and tell me what you see.”

    He handed Jacki the album and with a curious look she opened to the first page.

    “I see a newspaper clipping,” She said. Mr. Leery smiled.

    “And what does the first paragraph of the article in question say?” He asked. Jacki squinted at the faded text and began to read.

    “’October 19, 1880 – Star gazers of Forest Dale, California were given a unique glance at the mysteries of space when two Meteors entered Pacific air space and crashed harmlessly into international waters. Witnesses described the meteorites as ‘bright white lights’ and some said ‘They looked so close I thought I could feel the heat off of them’. Astrological representatives from the California Center of Space and technology reported that they had been following the two football stadium sized meteors for a year or more prior to their landing. One twelve year old boy in Huntington Beach was injured when a rouge wave caused by the Meteors landing capsized their boat…”

    “That’ll do,” Mr. Leery said with a nod. “Contradictory to what that article says, those were no Meteors. They were in fact two halves of a space ship.”

    “The Ark?” Steve asked and issued a hearty laugh from the old man.

    “No my boy,” He chuckled. “I see my sources were correct in that you are indeed well knowledgeable in the Transformer cartoon mythology.”

    “Yes sir,” Steve replied proudly.

    “The idea to name the ship in the cartoon the Ark was my Daughter’s idea,” Mr. Leery explained. For a split moment his face saddened, but quickly picked up again and resumed his story.

    “The craft was called, in a rough translation, Forager 27. The Forager was an exploration vehicle, just like in the show. However it was also acting as a transportation vehicle for several prisoners scheduled for execution at an Autobot Galaxy Outpost somewhere outside our solar system. From what the survivors have told me, apparently several of the prisoners escaped and took over the ship, but in their haste to turn around, they flew head first into an asteroid belt. The ship broke apart and drifted in space for roughly fifty years before being caught in Earth’s orbit and falling from the sky and landing in Southern California.”

    With this he paused to look us over. Of course we were all edged over in our seats, keen on hearing everything. Even Kevin seemed to forget his anger and was hanging on Mr. Leery’s every word. Satisfied we were still paying attention Mr. Leery continued.

    “At the time I was the vice president of an oil company based in California,” He said. “On October 26, a week after Forager 27 crashed, I was attending the opening of a new oil rig just a little ways off the coast of Long Beach. My Daughter Leslie, who was about your age at the time, was with me…”

    Even though he hadn’t said it, I could tell what he was going to say next.

    “And then they attacked,” He said gravely. “People were screaming and running everywhere. Leslie and I hid inside the command tower along with several others. We watched as Starscream, Blitzwing, and a Decepticon named Maul raided the rig, tearing everything apart. They were damaged heavily and were desperately trying to refuel. Before I knew what was happening more of the emerged from the waters. I was so sure we were all doomed, but then something particular started happening. They started fighting. It didn’t last too long mind you, but it was long enough to allow me to figure out who were the good guys. As the Decepticons retreated back into the waters the rig began to collapse. During the collapse I was knocked unconscious and when I awoke, I was lying on the beach with my Daughter Leslie staring down at me. “They saved us Daddy! They saved us!” She kept telling me. I had the damaged Autobots moved to my estate and hide them in my personal hanger. Only three of the Autobot’s crew of six survived while only one of the Decepticon prisoners died. And the rest they say is History. I lost many friends and colleagues that day…”

    Francis Leery’s voice seemed to ring through the ghostly silent room. Each of us sitting there were simply in awe.

    “Why tell us this?” Kevin asked.

    Mr. Leery’s sad eyes tore through Kevin.

    “Because,” He said. “Many, myself included, have decided to offer you five a proposal; one not often given if ever again. I would like you five to come and work for me as scouts.”

    I sat still for a very long moment as I ran his words through my head over and over. Work for him? Why? What could he possibly gain by employing five kids from Washington as Scouts? And what would that imply? What was a Scout? What do they do?

    “Why us?” I asked.

    Mr. Leery smiled at me.

    “Because my dear people get old,” He said as he took his seat in the high backed chair across from us. “And when people get old enough they retire. Many of my Scouts have retired the past few years and we’ve lost some good agents to disease and accidents as well. Unlike the Autobots, we do not live that long and when we retire that space we leave behind need to be filled in. I am offering you those positions. As Scouts you will live your normal lives in your home town and you will keep careful watch on any strange activity that may or may not lead us to Decepticon activities. Most often they simply lead to arrests of drug dealers and a terrorist here and there.”

    “Whoa,” Steve droned. “……I’m in!”

    “Now,” He said sternly looking at each of us. “This proposal is only valid if each of you accept. Otherwise I can simply pick up a few desperate people trying to find a way into special operations or the CIA.”

    “Why not then?” I asked. “What’s so special about us? Is it because we’re alive after Starscream blew up the van? How does that warrant this?”

    Mr. Leery twisted his cane between his palms thoughtfully, trying to carefully piece together his answer.

    “Miss Howard,” He said finally. “First impressions are very important. That may seem cliché to you, but believe me it’s true. When I first heard of you five, I had every intention of having your minds wiped and sending you off home with a six hour time gap in your night.”

    “What changed your mind?” Jacki asked.

    “Jetfire’s report,” He said. I wasn’t expecting to hear that. I would have to remember to thank Jetfire if I ever saw him. “He said that none of you flinched away from any of the Autobots when they showed themselves. Not an every day occurrence. There are some people who’ve worked here for ten years and still flinch around them. He did say Miss Howard was ‘shy’ and ‘difficult’ but also that after you emerged from that Elevator, you spoke confidently to them. For Jetfire, that is high of a compliment as you are ever likely to get. And apparently you got high compliments from Bluestreak and Sideswipe as well. With that in mind I began discussing this with Optimus Prime. We searched through all your backgrounds and except for Mr. Franklin’s three day suspension from school in the fifth grade for starting a food fight, you were all clean. Optimus was actually the one who suggested offering you position as Scouts. It was all the reason I needed.”

    “You started a food fight in the fifth grade?” I turned to Kevin.

    Trying not to smile, and failing, Kevin shifted from foot to foot in an embarrassed way.

    “I just threw a pudding cup,” Kevin admitted. “The rest was pure reaction.”

    I smiled; relieved to see Kevin was in a joking mood again.

    “What do you say to my proposal,” Mr. Leery asked, leaning back in his chair.

    “I’m in,” Steve repeated.

    “Me too,” Logan. “I need a job. Vans don’t replace themselves.”

    Mr. Leery smiled at this.

    “And what of you girls?” He asked.

    “I’d like to accept,” I said. “But…I’m not sure.”

    “Yeah,” Jacki said. “This is pretty big. I mean as cool as this is, there’s a risk too right?”

    Mr. Leery nodded.

    “Yes Ma’am,” He said completely serious. “That’s why all of you need to accept. Having others to watch your back does wonders.”

    “I’ll go with the Majority,” I said. I know it was cowardly of me to do so, but I didn’t know what to say.

    “I’m with Nattily,” Jacki said squeezing my hand. “I’m a gutless fence sitter…”

    It was all up to Kevin now. He was gonna say no, I knew it. There was no way he was going to say yes.

    Kevin took a deep breath and started wandering around the room. He stared at the carpet and ran his hands along the walls and the shelves. The room grew stiff and stale with anxiety. I felt Logan and Steve pull away. They knew what Kevin was gonna say too.

    “When I turned 18,” Kevin said breaking the silence. “I volunteered for the army. I was turned away though…because my physical had revealed that my left ventricle was smaller then normal. I had surgery done the following spring to correct it, but still they wouldn’t take me. It was devastating. All the men in my family had been in the army or marines or something like that. Hell even my grandma was a nurse during Vietnam. Since I was a kid I dreamed of wearing that uniform. Now I had nothing. I fell back into the groove of going from fast food joints to department stores for my pay checks trying to pay off my student loans… and when my Dad died, I felt like somehow I disappointed him by breaking the family tradition. If I agree…will I be serving my country? Can I carry on my family’s tradition buy accepting?”

    Kevin turned towards Mr. Leery. When I saw him, the Kevin I was familiar with had vanished and was replaced by someone who was scared; scared of the same things we all fear; disappointing our parents.

    “I can assure you,” Mr. Leery said. “That by accepting my offer, you will be serving your country in ways most of those backwater farm boys would never imagine.”

    Kevin stared at the old man for a long while before looking down. Then with a half laugh/sob, Kevin looked up.

    “Where do I sign?” He asked.

    “YES!” Logan and Steve cheered.

    “Congratulations,” Mr. Leery said as he once again raised himself from his seat. “From now on, you five will be Scout Team 15 of the Washington State division. Kevin, Nattily, Jacki, Logan, Steve: Welcome to CEBER.”
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    Pretty good... it's interesting that you have a secret organization involved with the Transformers. Like I said earlier, what you did here was a lot different from what I had planned. Keep up the good work.
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    Great chapter once again. Keep it up!
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    I'll be starting on ch. 7 tomarrow (Just finished 6) and when I've finished that I'll update. I like to keep a one chapter buffer zone.

    Also, if anyone would like to contribute plot ideas and such please PM me. I've been playing with a few ideas of where to ultimatly take this, but I'd like some colabortaion if possible. Thanks again guys.
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    If ever you need any ideas... please feel free to send me a private message or you can email me at Even though I gave up trying to write fanfics, I still get ideas in my head for them.

    Personally, I would like to see... not right away, but maybe more towards the middle of the story... that they all go to Cybertron. It would be interesting to see how Nattily and her friends would respond to seeing what the TFs' home planet truly looks like.

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