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    It seems everyones doing a sequel to the movie, and doing great jobs I might add. But me, I figured I do something different like go back to Cybertron during the end of the golden age and write what might become a prequel (maybe). So here goes. I call it Genesis, please enjoy.
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    Evil, is it born, or is it raised? That’s the question being asked by the denizens of Tarn after the latest in a seemingly endless barrage of terror that has enveloped a large portion of Cybertron’s eastern plain. The great city of Tarn has found out much like Voss that the peace and tranquility once assured to every Cybertronian is a distant memory that has become no more than a thing of the past. Here’s a sample of what the survivors in Tarn are saying:

    Unidentified mech:
    This was a city of science, now my home is a city of ruin. The eastern plain of Cybertron is no longer a safe place for a mech to call home. Is saddens me greatly, but it’s apparent that the only place left that’s safe from this kind of carnage is Iacon.

    Mech 2:
    I had friends murdered in Voss so I came to Tarn in hopes of starting a new life; but no matter where I go it all seems hopeless. I just don’t know what to do.

    “These sentiments are becoming far too familiar in this part of Cybertron. And unfortunately denizens like these are left with pain, fear, and many unanswered questions. This has been a Teletrans News update, and I am B.....” he stated before being shoved to the ground by a damaged mech.

    Damaged Mech:
    Hey newsbot. How can you say there are unanswered questions. You and I both know, we all know who’s behind this. Overlord!” he exclaimed as members of the news crew apprehended him and assisted the roboporter.

    Thank you, this has been a Teletran News Exclusive. May Primus be with us all.

    From a workshop in Iacon a young mech with a plate-covered mouth and semicircular protrusions on each side of his face looked on.

    “Did you hear that sir, it looks like another city’s taken a major hit.”

    “Unfortunately I did Wheeljack.” a stately mech that had a more ancient design than his comrade said as he walked towards the one he called Wheeljack. “I also heard what the mech said that interupted.”

    “About Overlord?” Wheeljack inquired. “He had his bolts rattled AlphaTrion, there’s no way Overlord could be behind this. He’s been dead for breams.”

    “Overlord may indeed be dead,” AlphaTrion responded as he stroked what appeared to be a metal goatee. “But his ideals may yet live. I fear the poor mech who spoke may be on the right path, and if this is so we must prepare.”

    “I don’t understand sir, what can we do?”

    “We can get to work.” AlphaTrion responded. “Your learning curve is about to be vastly accelerated and you will so see something most other transformers only witness, if you want to call it witnessing at all, when they are born.”

    “Vector Sigma?!” Wheeljack responded in awe.

    “Yes my young apprentice.” AlphaTrion replied. “If things are a bad as I fear they are, Cybertron will need some reinforcements. And you and I will make sure those reinforcements are on line sooner than latter.”

    “How can we do this alone, won’t we need some major help?” Wheeljack rebutted.

    “We shall have that help lad.” AlphaTrion declared. “I do not trust anymech in the media, and I barely trust the authorities; so I must find someone to stand along side of the force we are creating. That is my duty now. Yours is to build. You are to construct ten frames. Five of them will be the largest and most powerfully built transformers since the guardians. This team will be a dynamic fighting force. The other five are to be strong as well, but not nearly as bulky. They are to be sleek flying machines much like the seekers of Voss. In these five, I want you to utilize the prototype technology we’ve been working on.”

    “You mean the combiner spark prototype!” Wheeljack replied. “Sir, I hate to disagree with you, but that technology hasn’t been fully tested, and I don’t know if it is safe.”

    “That is a chance we must take Wheeljack!” AlphaTrion stated. “This current threat may be greater than we imagine. It is very well possible that Cybertron is at the dawn of its darkest hour. We must do whatever we can to combat that possibility. The time for doubting is not now Wheeljack, this is a time for action so get started. I should return by the next cycle. If I am delayed leave here no later than two cycles from now and make your way to Sub Level 4. There you will find an old friend, he will take you and your creations to Vector Sigma in my stead.”

    “I understand sir. It will happen as you have instructed.” Wheeljack replied. “I bid you Primus-speed. Be careful.”

    “I will.” The elder said as he prepared to depart. “Remember to download the AutoB.O.T. programing into the mainframes before Vector Sigma is activated because not doing so may lead to trouble.”

    “Yes sir.” Wheeljack said as AlphaTrion left and he made his way towards the supply room.

    Inside one of the few undamaged buildings in Tarn a group of mechs convene.

    “Where is the governor? And what is this meeting about anyway?” the group of mechs questioned as they awaited the arrival of the leader of Tarn.

    As the door opened a practical yet stern voice came into their hearing. “I am here, your concern over when and whether I would show was illogical. I trust you are ready to begin.”

    “Yes. Lord Shockwave?” they said in unison as the powerfully built purple cyclopic governor took his seat at the head of the table amid stares of both confusion and awe.

    “Well,” Shockwave began as his center eye flashed a bright red. “How do you explain the devastation that has befallen our fair city.”

    “Sir,” one of the mechs attempted to answer, we cannot. It all happened so fast.”

    “And sir,” another of the mechs began, “if you don’t mind me asking; what happened to you?”

    “While you all were letting our great city go up in ruins I began the first stage of the process that is most logical for us all.” Shockwave answered. “I took up arms.”

    “That is an understatement sir.” one mech declared. “You have been reformatted into a walking war machine.”

    “Precisely!” Shockwave all but snapped. “Throughout my term I have been preaching preparation, yet none have seen the need until now. Once Voss fell victim to the attacks I realized the time for action was at hand. So I did the logical thing. I prepared for war.”

    “But Lord Shockwave, Tarn’s history of violence is long behind us. We are a race of mechs that prides ourselves on peace and prosperity. Must we resort to this?” The mech said moving his left hand in the direction of Shockwave’s frame.

    “We must do what makes sense. And the only sensible decision is for us to take up arms.” Shockwave replied.

    “Lord Shockwave, your point is well taken. In the wake of recent events how could we deny any further the need to defend ourselves?” another mech interjected. “Despite the need, the mechs of Voss will not be quick to take up arms whether we order it or not. It goes against their base programming.”

    “I am aware of that programming,” Shockwave replied. “We have all been victimized by it. The need, however, still remains; so I propose that we find those denizens who would be willing to fight and bestow up them the type of armor that has been bestowed upon me.”

    “Just who is capable of giving mechs such an upgrade?” a mech inquired.

    “I knew that was your next question.” Shockwave replied. “Allow me to introduce you to the new administrator of what remains of Tarn. He was one of its best scientists before the city’s demolition. He developed the newest seeker technology and he and I are at the forefront of this new Decepticon technology.” Shockwave concluded as the door opened and the newcomer began speaking.

    “Hello, I am Starscream, and it is a pleasure to stand before your legion Shockwave.”

    The Iacon Ledger

    “I’d like to see Shorthand at once.” a dignified white mech declared as he stood at the reception desk of Iacon’s news, a.k.a. the Iacon Ledger.

    “The editor is in a meeting,” the femme at the reception desk replied. “You’ll have to wait.”

    “I’m sorry, you must not have heard me clearly. Tell Shorthand that Mirage requests his presence immediately.” the white mech said in a haughty manner.

    “Sir,” the femme began, “I am sorry but as I just said the editor is busy. Take a number.”

    “Just who do you think you are femme!” the white mech ranted. “My name means something. I am not some prissy femme who dream is to make it I Iacon. Mechs like me, we make Iacon.”

    “Well Mirage, please forgive me for not bowing down and kissing your mighty fender, but as I just said, he’s busy. And this prissy femme has a name. I’d appreciate if you’d use it.”

    “Arcee is it,” Mirage replied. “I will have your job for this and you’ll have to go back to wherever it is you femmes come from. I mean it!”

    “What’s all the commotion about?” a boxy orange mech questioned as the door behind Arcee opened.

    “Your new femme here seems to think that mechs like me have time to waste Shorthand. You may need to teach her that my time wasted is her money.” Mirage said.

    “It’s fine Arcee, Mirage has unquestioned clearance.” Shorthand stated.

    “Sorry sir, I didn’t know. My mistake.” She said with embarrassment all over her face.

    “All is forgiven” Shorthand replied. “And you are relieved of your duties for the cycle. Get going.”

    “Yes sir.” she answered while grabbing her things and departing as Mirage and Shorthand entered the office.

    “What can I do for you today Mirage? Shorthand said as he closed the door.

    “Your question would be better phrased as what it is we can do for each other.” Mirage answered.

    “I’m listening.”

    “I have some information on the terrorists that have been attacking the Eastern Plain. Interested?”

    “Go on.”

    “I will if you give me what I desire.”

    “And just what is that Mirage? Shorthand questioned. “You have all the money a mech could hope for. What can I possibly do for you?”

    “You can introduce me to the recluse, you know the Lythomech they call AlphaTrion.”

    “AlphaTrion, what could you possibly need him for?”

    “You know very well what his area of expertise is. I may actually need his help.” Mirage stated.

    “How do you know that I can locate him?” Shorthand replied. “You said yourself he’s a recluse.”

    “We both know you can so let’s cut to the chase. You tell me how to get to that secret warehouse of his and I will tell you all you will ever want to know about the rebellion.”

    “Rebellion? How am I supposed to believe that you know anything about a rebellion?”

    “Because I have connections.” Mirage answered. “And an old acquaintance of mine from my days in Tarn is deeply involved.”

    “Does this acquaintance have a name?” Shorthand asked.

    “Of course, but that information is strictly confidential. I do, however, know information about a name that will definitely interest you.”

    “And what might that name be Mirage?” Shorthand asked anxiously.

    “Not so fast.” Mirage replied. “I need the directions to AlphaTrion.”

    “They’re yours, you have my word. Now tell me what you’re talking about.”

    “Does the name Decepticon mean anything to you?”

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