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    Today I've stumbled upon a very old fanfiction that I wrote around a year ago, and never continued. So I figured I will.

    This fanfiction takes elements from nearly every single Transformers series, comic and movie, and it's quite easy to notice, actually.

    It picks up from the last weeks of the War for Cybertron, and the Cybertronians' journey to our planet.

    Posts will vary between 500 to 1,000 words.

    All I have so far is the Prologue and a small part of the first part of the story, so it's not 100% clear when the next post will be. Soon though.

    You'll probably see some Alligned Continuity, along with some Movieverse in this entry:

    Poor Photoshop skills, engage!


    Generation X​


    Cybertron. A planet ravaged by war and death. For eons, the Cybertronians have been divided.

    The Autobots, whom fight for peace, rivaled by the tyrant Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, who wish to control everything.

    Orion Pax, a simple archivist from Iacon, had stepped out of the Autobot council a new Autobot. Optimus Prime. His good friend, Megatronus, however, had stepped out as Megatron. But he did not change into a figure of majesty. He became an evil emperor, who seeks the death of all who oppose him.

    Now, hundreds of millennia later, the war is still being waged upon planet Cybertron. The Autobots have no choice but to fight back with all their strength. Or Cybertron, and the entire galaxy with it, is doomed.


    "The Autobot high council will now come to order!" The Autobot leader, Zeta Sentinel Prime slammed his fist against the massive round table, around which sat the most dignified Autobots on Cybertron. One of these Autobots was Optimus Prime.

    Being a relatively 'new' Prime led Optimus, in many previous meetings, to simply sit quietly, and only to speak when spoken to.

    The murmurs of the important Autobots bickering and discussing events did not cease. Zeta slammed his fist against the table once more.

    "We have gathered here to discuss a very important matter." Zeta chose to ignore the mindless chatter in the background. At least Optimus and Ultra Magnus were listening. "The Decepticons have recently sent us a message. We have only just encrypted it."
    The noises were completely silenced. Not a single voice was heard that second. Nothing could be more serious than the Decepticons acting through words rather than fighting.

    "Megatron stated that he will destroy the city and all that surrounds it," A sound of gasping was heard in unison by all members present. Some more chatter and arguments resumed for a few seconds, and were silenced by themselves. "If, we don't deliver the Allspark to him."

    Loud sounds of "What!?" And "This can't be!" Could be heard. It's obvious that no one could believe Megatron's arrogance.

    The Allspark is one of the most important artifacts in the universe; responsible for creating Cybertron and all life on it.
    Not long before the Cybertronians discovered it, did they realize how it operates.

    The Allspark's main function is to provide Energon, a material that allows the Cybertronians to live. To do so, the Allspark sends massive beams into space; then fills itself with Energon. At first, the Cybertronians believed it was simply releasing one energy source to gain another. But soon, they came to a realization that the beams fired to space are not harmless like they previously thought. The Allspark releases a type of teleportation beam. By the Allspark's power, the planets the beam impacts are always a sun, and always destroyed. Suns are rich with Energon, as it lies within their core.

    The Autobot could not allow for such destruction to be brought to innocent life forms. They captured the Allspark, and held on to it for thousands of years, within a protected structure to prevent it from harming any other planet.

    "What do you think of this matter at hand, Optimus?" Zeta asked, upon realization that Optimus was the only one with no reaction whatsoever.

    "A troubling subject." Optimus answered, and stood up on his feet. "And, what do you reckon Megatron is planning to do with the Allspark?" He pointed upwards, "He is going to destroy more suns, more solar systems!"

    Zeta was shocked by how vocal Optimus was that moment.

    "Isn't this the sole reason we denied the Decepticons of it in the first place!?" All eyes were on Optimus that moment. No one could believe that the new Prime who was supposedly daydreaming throughout the meeting was suddenly speaking such logic.

    "Know this, Sentinel," Optimus sat back down, and lowered his voice doing so, "Giving the Allspark to the Decepticons will not only result in the death of countless life forms, but it will also result in our self-destruction."

    Pure silence was spread through the room for several moments. No one could perform the awkward, yet necessary action of breaking that silence.

    Zeta and Ultra Magnus simply stared at each other for a while. "Council dismissed." Zeta called.

    Everyone headed their part ways, but Optimus remained seated. So did Zeta and Magnus. For them, the discussion has just begun.
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    Good job, though I spotted a few grammar errors. Nothing too major though. :) 
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    That was quite a long time ago. I may go through it again before I post the next chapter and fix any potential errors.

    And thanks. I appreciate it.
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    Another chapter! This time, some interesting discoveries are made, and the war is about to take into the next level.


    "Any reply from the Autobots?" Megatron sat on his throne. Kaon was never this grey.

    "Not yet, Lord Megatron." Soundwave replied. "The Autobots do not have long until we begin the attack."

    "Yes, I know." Megatron rolled his eyes sarcastically.

    All of a sudden, the sound of a jet engine was heard. Megatron sighed as Starscream rushed into the room. Starscream did not hesitate before dropping to his knees before Megatron.

    "Lord Megatron!" Starscream begged, "Our troops are running low on Energon! I fear they won't be at their best when the time to strike arrives!"

    "Oh, but they will." Megatron smiled. "They must. Otherwise their leader will not be happy. And when I'm not happy, I become trigger-happy!" He raised his voice.

    Starscream shuddered. "Very well, Lord Megatron; I shall return to my post and prepare our men."

    Before Starscream could transform, he felt the most crushing hold on his shoulder.

    "Our Men?" Megatron squeezed harder and harder. Starscream gulped. "Your men."


    "So what is this all about? Really?" Ultra Magnus asked.

    The three Autobots sat uncomfortably, each cannot wait to end the meeting and leave.

    "You heard what I said." Zeta shrugged, "Megatron demands the Allspark, and he set a deadline; one that is approaching very quickly.

    "Yes, I see that, but, what are we going to do?"

    Optimus, slightly embarrassed by his hostile behavior earlier, began to speak, this time, monitoring his every word.

    "Sentinel, Please. This is a violent planet we live in. From every corner comes an enemy. We need to hold on to the anything that can give us an edge. Besides, if the Decepticons claim the Allspark, we will lose all of our Energon. It'll end up exactly like it would even will we keep the Allspark."

    Zeta nodded. "Magnus, anything to add or say about this?"

    Magnus shook his head.

    The three finally left. Ultra Magnus frowned to himself. Why would the Optimus Prime, who is known for his shyness, suddenly act out like that? Does he know something the rest don't? No time to think of that. The Autobot soldiers must be prepared when Megatron's Decepticons attack.

    "May the Matrix be kind with us." He shut his eyes.


    Meanwhile, on an entirely different part of Iacon, two Autobots stood by a deserted weapon store. Bumblebee and Jazz were Cybertron's best known thieves. At least until a certain Ultra Magnus hired their services as recon operatives.

    However, some habits never change, and the two Autobots, despite working for Magnus, still go on their own treasure hunts.

    The weapon workshop they were planning to break into was rumored to hold inside secrets of both factions, something too tempting for the two Autobots to pass on.

    "Alright, the plan's easy." Bumblebee explained, "We go in, search the place, take anything interesting we find, and go-"

    "I know what the plan is, Bumblebee, we've been doing this for a long time." Jazz interrupted.

    "Right. Let's just get this over with. If we can find something interesting, we can earn a whole lot of money by selling it to Swindle."

    Jazz planted an explosive on the door. The conditions were surprisingly convenient. No life in a wide radius.

    10 seconds passed, and the door blew. The two entered, awfully confident, and started scavenging for anything they could use.

    "Hey, Jazz," Bumblebee whispered, "Come here. I think I found something good."

    Jazz walked up to Bumblebee. "Yeah? What is it?"

    Bumblebee handed him a blueprint. Upon first inspection, it seemed like a very obscure transport design. "What's so special about this?" Jazz crossed his arms.

    Bumblebee handed him yet another Blueprint. "Place this one on top of the other."

    Once Jazz did, his optics widened. The blueprint was a decrypted design of a space bridge; a means of transportation that could deliver a solid material from one point to the other, no matter how far, instantly. The technology was told to be lost, or never created in the first place.

    "How much do you think someone would pay for that?" Jazz smiled.

    Bumblebee tilted his head in confusion. Obviously, the two thieves were on to something big. And the structure they were inside was obviously not a weapons shop.
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    Ohhh, I like this very much ! Bumblebee and Jazz being thieves-hired-for-recon is a good change, either they're officers or just grunts in most stories.
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    Yes, I figured those two would do well in stealth. Initially it was going to be Bee and Cliffjumper, but I couldn't shake that feeling that it would look pretty wierd having 2 near-identical Autobots near each other.

    But yes, Jazz and Bumblebee are simply given tasks in the style of: "Sneak in there, take that, kill that..." etc.

    EDIT: Oh, and I almost forget, thanks :) 
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    New chapter!

    Some deep secrets about our heroes and villains begin to be revealed. Where will the events lead us? Stay tuned!


    "Attention all troops." Ultra Magnus ordered. The time before the attack continued to shrink. "Your full support is needed. The Decepticons are preparing to attack and destroy Iacon and its surrounding cities in no more than five solar cycles!"

    Sounds of shock and fear were heard. It brought him back to the meeting just a small while ago. Perhaps even the common people are no less brave than Primes.

    Before he could proceed, he received a transmission from Jazz. "What does he want?" He asked. He did not hire the two in a long time.

    "Yes, Jazz?" Magnus asked with an irritated tone, "I don't have much time for this, Megatron and his Decepticons are-"

    "Magnus, listen, we found something big." Bumblebee interrupted.

    Magnus then established a holographic connection between him and the two. If they found something they don't intend to sell, it has to be important. "Yes, what did you find?"

    Jazz and Bumblebee both placed the blueprints on top of each other. Magnus' optics widened.

    "Where… HOW did you find this!?" He asked.

    "Well, we broke into a deserted weapons shop, which turned out to be this massive workshop. Among other things, they designed a working Space Bridge!"

    Ultra Magnus turned his head to face the troops standing in fear. He stared at them for a few seconds. "You need to bring this to one of the Primes."

    "We're not very experienced with this kind of thing. What do we need to do?"

    Magnus suddenly whispered, "Look, there's a High Council meeting in several megacycles. If you can get here by then, just give me the blueprints, and I'll take care of the rest."

    Jazz nodded. "Will do. We'll get here as fast as we can to give you the blueprints and collect our reward."

    Magnus chuckled, "Who said anything about a reward?" No response from Jazz led him to a sigh, "Fine, you'll get your reward."

    "Yes!" Jazz jumped.

    "Oh, and just so you know, you deserve a big thank you. You may have just saved a lot of lives today."

    "Yeah, yeah, save it for our reward."


    Optimus Prime, meanwhile, was having trouble adjusting to his new title; so much responsibility. The role also granted incredible honor to Optimus. Honor he never wished for. The recent death of Prima, the first bearer of the Matrix, who passed it to him, haunts him every moment since.

    It was his fault after all. He was the one who wanted to give Liege Maximo a chance for redemption; only to be tricked and backstabbed. When Prima came to rescue him, she died as well, sacrificing herself to trap Liege Maximo in a parallel dimension.

    Her last words would never leave his mind. "May the Matrix guide you, Orion Pax, now Optimus Prime; 'Till all are one."

    He shook his head in despair. How could he fight such great evil should it strike again? Little did he know, his kindness and caring nature; his will to give evil a second chance and to lead it towards change, was that gave him the title in the first place.

    He prepared for the worst. It sure as hell was coming.


    "All hail Lord Megatron!" Starscream flew into the Decepticon base. "The fleets are mobilized. The attack is fully prepared."

    Megatron did not even smile with satisfaction as he would normally do. His face remained stone-cold.

    Suddenly, from behind him, walked Shockwave.

    "Shockwave!" Starscream shouted.

    "The bringer of Autobot death and destruction has arrived." Megatron gloated. "You've earned your time off, Starscream. Do as you wish. Shockwave and I will lead the assault."

    "Lord Megatron! This is important!" A hysteric Sideways rushed into the hall. "Hello Shockwave; how nice to see you again." He bowed towards him, and turned back towards Megatron.

    "What is it, Sideways? We're in the middle of something important!" Starscream pushed Sideways away, before Megatron glared at him, causing him to transform and leave.

    "Now, what is it?" Megatron asked.

    Sideways began explaining, "So I was snooping around a little while ago, and without noticing, I got pretty close to Iacon. While I was there, I decided to look around, see if there's anything I can find out about our Autobots."

    Megatron nodded, smiling, "So, what did you manage to find out?"

    "I overheard a call between two Autobots and Ultra Magnus!"

    Megatron slammed his fist against his seat, "Do not mention that name within these halls!" He looked at his arm, which was severed by Ultra Magnus several thousand years beforehand. The very thought of him brings Megatron to an unstable level of anger, which could result in a lot of the people around him, be it Autobot, Decepticon, or anyone else, dying.

    "Right." Sideways said awkwardly, "Anyway, so the Autobots said they found blueprints for building a Space Bridge!"

    Megatron let out an evil laugh. "Shockwave, did you get all that?" He asked humorously. "Yes, Sir." Shockwave replied with no sign of emotion, as usual.

    "Why are you laughing, Lord Megatron? The Autobots could be preparing to escape!"

    "Precisely, Sideways." Megatron got up, stood tall next to Sideways, and laid his hand on his shoulder.

    "Whatever they decide to do, and whenever they do so, we are going to be prepared. And we are going to finish them off. Once and for all…"
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    nicely done !
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    The time approaches for the ultimate battle.

    Also, a new "Bios" section is added at the end of each chapter.


    "It is time." Zeta Prime nodded.

    He, Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, and Vector Prime were all present in the great hall. A temple located deep under Iacon; the hall in which the Allspark was held.

    The four walked slowly past the wall-writings and statues of primitive Cybertronians. The temple is so ancient; there was no record of it in the Cybertronian history records. It was simply found, and the Allspark was put there so the Decepticons would not find it.

    "The Allspark." Optimus whispered. It was the first time he has ever seen it, and it was a magnificent sight to see. The massive cube, covered in ancient Cybertronian markings. "What does it all mean, Vector?" Optimus asked.

    Vector is the oldest of the Primes. He is approximately one billion years older than Prima. However, they all received the title of Prime at the same time. He knows nearly everything there is to know about anything, including other planets and civilizations. But even he was not old enough to decipher what those symbols meant.

    "Nobody knows." He answered with a shake of his head. The Allspark was a machine nobody could understand without examining. But the Primes would never allow the cube to be at risk.

    They stood under the Allspark. It was somewhat comforting for them. Like a symbol of hope and peace. But it didn't leave their thoughts that soon; it could be taken from them, and used as a weapon of mass destruction.

    "Magnus!" Ultra Magnus heard sounds of younger Autobots from behind him. He calmly turned around with a smile. Bumblebee and Jazz made it on time to explain their Space Bridge idea to Zeta.

    Jazz threw the blueprints to Magnus, and turned to Zeta.

    "Zeta Sentinel Prime." Jazz began, only to be interrupted by Zeta's "Please. I go by Sentinel only."

    "Right, I'm sorry, Sentinel." Jazz bowed. "We have discovered these blueprints when we ransacked an abandoned weapons workshop in old Praxus. It seems like a regular communication tower and starship design, but when impaled on top of each other…" He signaled Bumblebee, who aided Magnus in doing so, "It forms this."

    Zeta marveled at the sight of the Space Bridge model. He nodded in respect. "Autobots Jazz and Bumblebee," He began, "You have shown great honor and field skill. Excellent work."

    "Thank you sir."

    Magnus, Zeta and Vector Prime looked at each other, and nodded in agreement. Optimus, meanwhile, was slowly sneak-walking closer to the cube.

    "We will begin building the Space Bridge right now." Zeta announced.

    "But we will need a starship to travel through it." Said Magnus.

    "I will take care of that." Vector Prime walked towards the exit, "I have a very old design of a prototype star cruiser in my quarters. I will have Superion work on it. We should be ready before the Decepticons attack.

    "Yes!" Magnus gloated. "Did you hear that, Optimus Prime?"

    With no reply, Magnus looked around him to see where Optimus wondered off to.

    Optimus stood directly under the Allspark, reaching his hand towards it. "No!" Magnus shouted, running towards Optimus from preventing him from whatever he was doing. He tackled Optimus, sending him to the ground.

    "What are you doing?" Magnus stood in a battle position.

    "The Allspark…" Optimus mumbled, as if hypnotized. "…It spoke to me. It told me that Megatron is going to destroy the Space Bridge before we can enter it."

    "How would it know that?" Magnus eased himself, and stood more comfortably.

    Suddenly, the cube began shifting. Many parts slid and folded until the cube shrunk to the size where a Cybertronian is able to hold it within its hand.

    "Primus…" Magnus whispered.


    "Soundwave, report!" Megatron ordered. He seemed especially out of patience.

    "Lord Megatron, our engineers are currently finishing the final details for the Nemesis. It will be ready to fly very soon." His monotone voice came through the communicator.

    "Excellent. Everything is working faster than expected. Our advantage over the Autobots grows ever stronger." He then looked towards Shockwave, has been staring at him for a while.

    "Is there something you’d like to say, Shockwave?" He asked.

    "Yes, Lord Megatron, if I may. Your behavior seems to have become slightly more aggressive than usual." Shockwave explained, his eye glowing slightly upon every syllable. "I suggest you concentrate on our upcoming victory. It should keep your thoughts away from the inevitable battle with Ultra Magnus."

    Megatron shook of anger. He clutched his hand into a fist, and his eyes burned. Had he heard that name one more time, heads would be collected.

    He calmed down after several seconds. "Shockwave, if I hadn’t known your lack of emotion by now, I would have considered that making fun of me."

    Shockwave did not respond.


    The Teletraan Files:

    With both the greatest wits any Cybertronian has ever had, and enough strength to conquer a city by himself, Shockwave is easily considered Megatron's highest ranking operative, alongside Soundwave.

    Autobots tremble at the sound of his name, and die by the hand of the logic he holds so dearly. However, despite being affiliated with Megatron's forces, Shockwave is not loyal to the Decepticon cause. He only aids Megatron in Cybertron's conquer, so that the war will end, and the planet is still standing afterwards. Shockwave is only loyal to his home planet, and will fight whatever threatens it.
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    New, extra long chapter coming later today. The tides are turning, and the Exodus is approaching.

    Which side are you on?
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    New Chapter. This one strikes over 1,000 words. Consider it a special of sorts.

    In this episode, we meet a different kind of hero.

    The Exodus grows ever closer. Tension is in the air.


    "How's construction going?" Optimus asked Magnus, who was in charge of the Space Bridge's construction team. The tower seemed very impressive; around the same height of the Iacon Central building, but much wider.

    "It's going excellently." Magnus nodded with a smile, "Looks like there's really not much to fear; only several more Megacycles until we're up and running. Now, if we can only get the Ark ready by the time it's complete…"

    "The… Ark?" Optimus wondered. He had never heard that name before.

    "That is the name of the ship. It will help us escape a superior threat."


    "No, no! This one goes HERE, that one goes THERE!" Vector said, frustrated. Assigning only a single Autobot, although 5 combined into a massive one, was a strange decision.

    "We're doing the best we can, boss!" Superion replied while still encountering difficulties on where to put an engine.


    "I'm sure he'll be fine." Optimus shrugged.

    He thought about everything after the incident with the Allspark.

    Why could only he hear it? What is it, anyway? But more than anything, he pondered, was the warning's outcome inevitable? Even if the Ark and Space Bridge's construction is going according to plan, is there any chance for the Decepticons to be one step ahead? Optimus was never so bothered by his thoughts. And where does he fit into in all that?

    Obviously piecing everything together was too much for Optimus.

    "And… Done!" One of the engineers came to Magnus.

    "Already?" Magnus asked

    "We do our best." The engineer winked, before leaving.

    "Extraordinary." Optimus gazed at the massive tower.

    Vector Prime then came running to them. He stopped near Optimus and Magnus, and proclaimed, "The Ark is complete! Ready for takeoff!"

    Voices of cheering and happiness spread across Iacon. However, those voices were overshadowed by the anxiety and fear of the upcoming voyage. Will they even survive going through the massive portal? What will they encounter on the other side?


    Optimus heard his name being called; he shook his head, snapping out of the thoughts infecting his head.

    "Optimus, focus. We're boarding the Ark. We only have room for several dozen Autobots."

    "What?" Optimus jumped. The thought of leaving other Autobots behind, when the Decepticons are at their doorstep startled him. "We can't leave without everyone!"

    "Optimus, the ship was built in solar cycles. We can't put everyone on board."

    Optimus nodded in acceptance.

    "Anyway, Magnus, let's start going through the personnel list." Vector Prime suggested. "The sooner we know who goes where, the sooner we're ready to leave."


    Tarn; A city conquered by the Decepticons and left for scrap. Abandoned of all life.

    Springer led his team of Wreckers through the storm of rust. He hasn't seen a storm that serious since the last mission at the Sea of Rust.

    "How far away are we from the objective?" Roadbuster shouted. The storm interrupted not only their vision, but their audio receptors as well.

    "Not far!" Springer answered.

    They climbed to the top of a tall hill. The advantage of height was paramount.

    Looking down, Springer could spot a cloaked object; no doubt Barricade's doing.

    "Whirl, with me." Springer ordered, "Roadbuster, Perceptor, Impactor; stay here and cover us in case we go hot."

    "Got it boss!" Roadbuster saluted. Whirl and Springer transformed into their propelled jet modes, and descended, while the other three prepared their weapons.

    "So, what're we looking for here?" Whirl asked naively.

    "Really, Whirl?" Springer rolled his optics sarcastically.

    The two made it down. "I'll tell you later," Springer gestured Whirl to watch his six as he approaches the cloaked object, "For now, we need to secure this." He lifted the heavy chest, and walked towards Whirl, who helped him carry it. They began escalating the hill.

    "Guys, I've got something on my sensor." Perceptor indicated.

    "Energon? Hostiles?" Roadbuster said, keen for a battle, "Neither." Perceptor replied.

    "Springer?" Whirl whispered, "What is that noise?"

    Springer's optics widened at the sound of beeping. It could only mean one thing. "Trap!" He shouted as loud as he could, and laid down on top of the chest to protect it.

    The three Wreckers on top of the hill slid down it as quickly as they could; however, the entire parameter was destroyed in a massive explosion that led smoke flying everywhere.

    Springer's consciousness quickly returned. "Roadbuster! Impactor!" He yelled, "Perceptor!"

    He shot his blaster at the ground, trying to clear the smoke and illuminate the environment. He saw a faded orange and blue color scheme below him. "Whirl." He whispered. He crouched to check his vitals. Nothing came up.

    Springer clutched his hand into a fist. "I will gain revenge over whoever did this to you." He promised himself.

    He transformed and used his propellers to clear the smoke even further.

    "Springer?" He heard the choked sound of Roadbuster near him.

    "Roadbuster! Where are you?" He asked. He thanked Primus for another living team member. And if Roadbuster survived, it's possible the others did as well.

    The two finally saw each other, and met. "Have you seen anyone else?" Springer begged for a yes.

    "Yes. They're all KIA, Springer. They're all gone."

    Springer lowered his head in despair. "We need to find Barricade." He mumbled, his voice stone-cold. The need for revenge slightly outweighed the need to bring the objective back to Ultra Magnus.

    "Forget it, Springer. It's not worth it. Killing Barricade won't bring any of them back."

    Springer sighed. Was Roadbuster actually being responsible? That's a first.

    Roadbuster walked to the chest and lifted it single-handedly. Being the biggest of the Wreckers is sometimes an advantage.

    They began making their way towards Iacon. "Hopefully whatever's in that chest is worth having my entire team killed." Springer scowled. Barricade will go down by the hands of Springer, even if it's the last thing he'll do.


    "Alright, we finished going over the boarding list." Magnus told Optimus, "We'll publish it to all personnel's communicators."

    Optimus nodded. "Very well."

    "I am however, slightly concerned about my special ops team." Magnus checked his communicator for any messages he might have missed.

    "The Wreckers?" Optimus wondered, "What's wrong?"

    "Well, I sent them on a mission several megacycles ago. They were supposed to report back by now. Actually, I hate to say it," Magnus pointed at the Ark in the distance, "But if they don't make it by the time we launch, I'm going to have to assign them to guard Iacon."

    "And what's wrong with that?" Optimus asked, "It's a noble cause, no doubt."

    "Yes." Magnus looked into the sky, "But one that can only lead to one possible fate."

    "Indeed." Vector Prime reported, seemingly interested in Magnus' thoughts, "The last several Orns have not been kind. It seems as though this war begins to move in one direction only." He turned his head to the Space Bridge, followed by the Ark, then returned to Optimus and Magnus.

    "Towards Chaos."


    The Teletraan Files:


    Leader of the Wrecker special operations squad, and serving under the command of Ultra Magnus, Springer is the most combat-ready Autobot in existence.

    Able to survive under nearly every condition, his ability to adapt to any combat scenario has made him easily recognizable within the Autobot ranks.

    He is caring towards his friends and comrades, yet cruel and limitless against his enemies.

    Springer was once asked to serve as Prima's successor, in case death strikes her, and to receive the Matrix of Leadership. That only shows what a great leader Springer is. However, he declined, stating that his duty is all that matters to him, and, while it is an honor, he would prefer to risk his life everyday without the risk of the Matrix falling into enemy hands.
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    Another thrilling chapter. The final hours on Cybertron have arrived, and danger is rising to its peak. The next chapter will be the part 1 conclusion; I'll try and post it soon.


    "All Autobots whom have been scheduled for launch, report at the Ark this instant!" Zeta Prime announced. The time has nearly come. Engines were being activated on the Ark, and the Space Bridge was being prepared for use.

    "Sentinel!" Magnus came up to him, running.

    "What's your status?" Zeta asked, before even allowing Magnus to say what he wanted. "Is everyone prepared for launch?"

    "Everyone…" Magnus shook his head, "Except the Wreckers."

    Zeta crossed his arms in understanding. "'Till all are one, brother."

    Magnus sighed. "Don't declare that yet." He begged, "We still have several dozen cycles until launch."


    Springer and Roadbuster saw the massive, round-topped, glowing tower. It obviously wasn't there when they left for their mission.

    "Roadbuster, what IS that?" Springer gasped as the tower caused a burst of energy, blasting to orbit.

    "No idea." Roadbuster nudged the chest to hint Springer to keep moving.


    "Come on, Jazz, we need to board the ship!" Bumblebee transformed into his Cybertronian car mode, "You don't wanna stay here when the 'Cons ransack the place, right?"

    Jazz slammed his fist on a wall, "Nuh-Uh, 'Bee." He shouted, "Did you see what's happening out there? We're going to set to space in a glorified cargo hauler!"

    Bumblebee didn't argue. Sure, the Ark wasn't the most durable looking spacecraft out there. He still did have faith. Bumblebee always had faith, even during the most desperate occasions. He turned to Jazz one last time. "If you lose hope, you'll have nothing left. Please, come with me. This could be a new start."

    Jazz walked to Bumblebee, "Lead the way, believer." He transformed into vehicle mode. Bumblebee smiled. Despite doing the less ethic deeds in his life, he could never give up what mattered to him.


    The Energon axe hanging on the wall, the Nucleon assault rifle in the armory, and the Matrix of Leadership were the only things Optimus wished to take with him. Although he prayed to Primus he would not have to use any of them during the voyage. He left his quarters for the last time, and started driving towards the Ark.

    Further calls were heard for every Autobot scheduled to launch to enter the Ark. Optimus wasn't sure if anyone noticed it yet, but there was no sign of the Decepticons anywhere near. It was silent. Too silent; as if the calm before the storm. No doubt the storm was coming. But what Optimus was wondering was… When.


    "Soundwave!" Megatron called. Soundwave reported immediately. "Prepare the Nemesis for deployment!"

    "But, Lord Megatron!" Starscream intervened, "The Nemesis is still missing its Energon supply to fuel it!"

    "Megatron got up. He does not do that unless he's leaving, or exceptionally angry. "Very well." He chuckled, "We'll just have to create an Energon source."

    He grabbed Starscream by the head, "Shockwave, prepare Starscream for Energon extraction."

    He slammed the screaming Starscream into the ground. "Megatron! You can't do this! I am your loyal servant!"

    Megatron ignored him.

    Shockwave came up to them, with a tube. He looked at Megatron in question, to which Megatron responded by, "Do not doubt my motives."

    Shockwave stuck the pipe into Starscream's spark chamber. His body sparked and glowed, before shutting down into a dark, empty shell.

    "Megatron, the amount of Energon extracted from Starscream is hardly enough to fly for several megacycles." Soundwave calculated. He and Shockwave were nearly as one when it comes to logic.

    "Do not worry. We won't need this much." Megatron dictated while throwing Starscream's body away.

    "Don't we? And… How is that, Megatron?" Soundwave approached his leader.

    "That is because we are not going to be taking the Nemesis into space. The kind Autobots have prepared us a much more useful ship."


    No Teletraan files until Part 2.
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    Talk about a long chapter. This chapter marks the conclusion to Part 1 of the story. Might be about 2 weeks- 1 month hiatus before the first chapter of Part 2.

    The Ark takes off, and so does the final battle for Cybertron.


    "Ultra Magnus!"

    Magnus jumped at the voice of Springer coming behind him. Yet he took solace in the fact that they're finally here.

    "What is with the ship? And that tower?" He asked. They have only been out for several solar cycles. To create such constructions, the entire engineering crew would have to work.

    "I was very worried about you guys." Magnus looked around him. "Where's the rest? Are they bringing something?"

    Springer closed his optics and looked at the ground. Magnus sighed in understanding, "They were great warriors."

    Springer handed Magnus the chest. "What's this for?" He asked, only for Magnus to toss it aside like nothing. "What're you doing? You said it's highly fragile! We carried it so slowly on the way here!"

    Magnus looked up at the Space Bridge, still pumping energy, causing powerful wind.

    "You were sent on the mission before we agreed to escape." He dictated.

    "Wait, escape?" Springer raised his tone, "We lost our entire team, and brought you some useless artifact, just so you could throw it in our faces?" He shouted.

    Magnus shook his head. It's not like it wasn't true. He felt a tormenting feeling of responsibility for his squad's death. After all, the Wreckers' stigma was 'Unbeatable'.

    Springer and Roadbuster walked away without further dialogue. Magnus had at least hoped they'd come on board the Ark; a thing which reminded him that he needed to board it immediately.


    "Is the Space Bridge active and stable?" Vector Prime asked the Autobot scientist Ratchet. "Operational, Vector Prime." He replied.

    Optimus had just entered the Ark. The massive chambers and control rooms were tiny compared to the stasis chambers and disposal shaft. It was a sad sight to see, that the need to dispose of dead bodies, and put the mortally wounded ones in stasis, was the top priority.

    "Vector Prime." Optimus reported. "I just checked with the pilots. They're ready."

    Vector Prime nodded. "Thank you, Optimus. Please, sit." He offered Optimus a seat in the cockpit.

    Optimus was flattered. It seems like since the second he acted up in the conference, he has been treated with much more respect. However, he wasn't quite sure if he liked it. Too much attention could get everyone to remember that he's the Matrix bearer, and he should be responsible for everyone.

    "Thank you, Vector Prime, but I think I'll spend the first cycles strolling the ship."

    "I'll take the seat." Magnus entered, seemingly desperate for a bit of rest. "I had one living scrap of a megacycle."

    Vector Prime cleared the seat for Magnus and gestured for him to sit. Optimus disappeared.


    Zeta stood in the core of the Ark, where the Allspark was placed. They have designed an entire section of the ship to ensure that the Allspark doesn't fall into enemy hands. First, it is a sealed chamber that only the hand of a Prime can unlock. Secondly, it is attached to four different cannons, all of which activated if a Decepticon manages to infiltrate the chamber. As safe as physically possible. Then again, the Decepticons have proven to be somewhat over-capable.

    "Sentinel." Optimus walked into the chamber and stood alongside Zeta, who was staring at the Allspark.

    "Hello, Optimus. How are you?" He asked caringly. Zeta liked Optimus all the way back when he approached the High Council as Orion Pax, carrying the dead Prima. He knew that if she chose him to be the leader, he must be something. And so he is.

    Optimus shrugged. He couldn't say he was feeling horrible, but he almost was. He almost felt as though he knew the Decepticons are coming before they even did. Like he was being warned by someone, or something.

    "Incoming!" The two heard one of the pilots announce. They ran outside of the chamber, making sure to lock the gate. Their sparks stopped as they saw the massive Decepticon aircraft speeding towards the Ark. "It's coming for a crash!"


    Megatron smiled. His plan was going perfectly. "Release the boarding pipes!" He shouted. The Nemesis' sides opened, sending round bridges flying towards the Ark, hitting it.

    "Decepticons, today we conquer everything!" Megatron pointed to the boarding docks. The Decepticons charges to board the Ark, while Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave and Starscream stayed behind.

    "Do you have everything we need to trash this ship?" Starscream asked Shockwave. "Affirmative." Shockwave replied.

    "Here's the plan, Decepticons." Megatron explained, "Shockwave, I want you to head for the cockpit and overthrow anyone who stands in your way. Gain control of this ship!"

    Shockwave nodded, and left.

    "Starscream, you are paired with Soundwave. You will patrol the ship and annihilate all attempts to revive or heal Autobots. We need everyone to remain dead."

    Soundwave turned to leave, only to be stopped by Starscream's "But, Lord Megatron, what will you be doing?"

    Megatron frowned at Starscream's nosiness. "I will be doing the most important thing, of course. What we came here for. I will find the Allspark, and kill every single Prime protecting it. If we can find the Matrix in addition to the Allspark, victory will be even sweeter."

    Starscream allowed himself to leave with Soundwave. Megatron transformed into jet mode and burst into the Ark.


    "Scrap!" Springer had just entered the when he saw the chaos being wrecked on it. "Roadbuster." He called out, "Looks like we're gonna get that fight after all." They saw the treacherous Barricade standing in front of them, arms crossed, with a maniacal smile on his face.

    "Get this ship into the air NOW!" Vector Prime panicked. Perhaps setting into the air will rip the boarding cables off, and prevent reinforcements. "Launch immediately! Do you hear me!?" He shouted into the communicator. "Loud and clear." Answered the merciless, emotionless, pure cold voice of Shockwave. All hope was tossed away. The Ark no longer belongs to the Autobots.

    "I need all Autobots to the cockpit! Don't let the Decepticons launch the fragged ship!" He started walking there himself, only to be stopped by Jazz and Bumblebee. "Sir, stop. You can't go there. Shockwave is going to rip everything apart. We don't stand a chance. We need to leave this ship now, before takeoff!"

    Vector took a step back in repulsion. Leave the ship in Decepticon hands and let them get their hands on the Allspark, AND the Matrix? Not a chance in scrap. "No. Now's the time to fight, thieves! Give it all you've got, and make sure to loot all Decepticons of their weapons. Understood?" He asked.

    Bumblebee smiled, "Not like we haven't done that before." He said as he high-fived Jazz. "Excellent, Autobots. Roll out." He saluted to them. Almost as though hinting they won't see him again. He started running towards the Cockpit, the one in which Shockwave was slaughtering Autobots all by himself.

    "Optimus!" Zeta grabbed Optimus by the shoulder, preventing him from leaving the chamber, "You're just as valuable to us as the Allspark. You stay here."

    Optimus sighed, before coming to a frown, "No." He said sternly, "Not this time."

    Zeta knew what Optimus meant. He wasn't going to let everyone die. Not like he did when Prima was in danger. At last, Optimus realized what it meant to be a Prime. It meant to help save everything at the moment when all seemed lost. To destroy the Decepticons. "Let's go, Zeta. We need to help Vector and Magnus fight Shockwave."

    "How do you know they're fighting Shockwave?" Vector asked doubtfully.

    "Call it a hunch." He knocked on his chest, where the Matrix was held. They transformed and set out to the battle.

    "Starscream. I require assistance." Soundwave informed. The two were fighting for the stasis room. If they could conquer that, the Decepticons are even closer to victory.

    "Not now, Soundwave! I am a little busy here myself!" He fired at the Autobot troops who are almost overcoming them. "Wait! Autobots, I offer a truce! I will help you!" He said out of dread.

    Soundwave approached him, "Starscream, what are you doing?" He asked, yet not surprised in the least. Starscream was never one to be trusted. Not by Lord Megatron, and not by the mere scout.

    "Can't you see it, Soundwave? The end is nigh! We are approaching Decepticon destruction! We must repent! Join the good fight!"

    Soundwave let out a chuckle. Something that no Autobot or Decepticon had ever heard. At least no one lived to hear. "Starscream, you incompetent fool. We ARE the good fight." He grabbed Starscream's arm and twisted it, sending him to the ground, then shot his back. Starscream moaned in pain, and blacked out. Dead? Possibly, but unlikely, only one figure has the right to execute traitors. And that figure was busy searching for the Matrix.

    Megatron walked down the hallways so slowly, so cool and relaxed it seems as though he had made the Ark his own home. Shooting Autobots is something he did not do often since the war became so calm. He felt it was nice to restore old habits. His cannon were so upgraded, it didn't take much ammo to blow up a reactor and destroy every Autobot in a room. He was pleasantly surprised by how much Autobot soldiers were still alive from the time the war was actually kill or be killed.
    "Lord Megatron," He received a message from Soundwave, "Starscream has betrayed us. I managed to silence him, but I need you to confine and execute him."

    "You do it."

    Soundwave sounded surprised. Megatron, the fearsome leader, who makes traitors into an example by publicly shutting them down, is letting Soundwave do the work? And in the heat of battle? "This is an honor indeed, Lord Megatron." Soundwave said, Megatron cut the line without reply.

    "At long last." He smiled, "The Matrix chamber; just as we have been informed by our cooperator."

    He shot the gate, but it did not open. "Ah. The old 'Opened by a Prime' trick." He turned around, "How predictable." He transformed and took off towards the cockpit. Maybe he will be able to get the Matrix before expected.

    "Frag it, Autobots!" Vector Prime shouted as he saw how low the Autobot resistance is to the cockpit. They were barely trying anymore. Shockwave is just too much.

    Optimus and Zeta arrived just with Vector and the two thieves. "Optimus, aren't you supposed to be protected?"

    "I am protected." He smiled. He walked up the stairs that led to the cockpit, the one no Autobot dared scale, separating the little number of Autobots left, and the single, unharmed Shockwave.

    "Shockwave!" Optimus walked up to him. Shockwave didn't even raise his arm-cannon. He knew Megatron should swoop in any second and take final care of this weak, inexperienced 'warrior'.

    Yet Megatron was no where to be seen. What might have happened? "Optimus Prime." Shockwave addressed. Almost as if he had just noticed him.

    "Shockwave. Give me control over the cockpit!" He pointed towards him.

    "It appears Megatron is taking a while." He said. Optimus wasn't sure what to make of it. "I suppose I'll have to take you myself." He charged his cannon, replacing his left arm, and fired. Optimus side-rolled out of the way, following with an attack from his own Neutron Assault Rifle, which Shockwave took right to the head. However, he did not express any form of pain. He usually never does. It is discussed frequently in the Decepticon ranks weather he can even feel pain, and if he is actually a Cybertronian, and not some form of alien life.

    "Smart move, Optimus Prime." Shockwave said. Optimus did not know it, but based on the enemy's moves and attacks, Shockwave could easily predict his next ones.

    Optimus charged towards Shockwave and jabbed with his Energon sword. Shockwave hopped to the side, strangely light on his feet for such a massive piece of bulk. He slapped Optimus across the room.

    "You have led me to question what I should call you now." Shockwave announced, "You are far too weak to be called a Prime, yet you present remarkable strength for an archivist."

    Optimus swiped towards Shockwave's head with his sword, only to come to a complete miss as Shockwave ducked, and punched him in the stomach. Optimus let out a pained shriek.

    Shockwave grabbed Optimus be the head and prepared to throw him back down the stairs, to teach the Autobots that no one attempts to defeat him, but instead got shoved away by Megatron. "I told you to keep them busy until I arrive. I never told you to fight." Megatron stared at Shockwave, who turned around and left.

    "Optimus Prime. Is that what they call you now?" Megatron taunted. "I can still call you Orion, right? Just like when we were brothers so very long ago."

    "Megatron and Optimus are Spark-Brothers?" Bumblebee asked from down the staircase. Spark-Brothers are two or three Cybertronians created with the same Spark. They share pain, and emotions.

    "No." Ultra Magnus came up to the bunch, "Not Spark-Brothers. But those two do share a bond." He began to tell the story.

    "Long before the war began, at the dawn of our civilization, 13 Primes were created by Primus to destroy a legendary evil. Unicron.

    The 13 Primes each had their own gifts and methods to fight. Instead, they rushed into battle, primitive and defenseless. 8 of them have been obliterated. The remaining 5 took to hiding, to train, prepare, and assemble a plan."

    "Who were the 5?" Bumblebee interrupted.

    "Prima, Vector Prime, Sentinel Prime, Megatronus Prime, and Solus Prime.

    Quickly, Solus Prime discovered that her gift was the solution to Unicron all along. Her ability to craft weapons and tools was unparalleled. She crafted weapons for each of the Primes to use against Unicron.

    She used the Hammer of Solus Prime. Ironically, it was the same hammer that was used to create the other relics. But as it can create, it can destroy. Oh, can it destroy." He emphasized.

    "Sentinel Prime used the Star Saber. A sword that can bring down countless armies with a single strike.

    But the other 3, they were different."

    "Different… How?" Bumblebee asked. Jazz didn't seem any more interested in the story than he was in the battle going on above them. Optimus and Megatron were fighting, after all. The others already knew. Vector Prime and Zeta were there personally.

    "Well, Prima did not require a relic. She had the Matrix all along. The entity able to destroy Unicron simply with the power of will. But she did not know about it yet. All she knew was that the Matrix could not fall into Unicron's hands.

    "Vector and Megatronus, however, were the most powerful Primes. And the wisest. And respectively, they both got the most powerful relics. Vector received the Temporal Map, able to take him across different time periods. Megatronus received the Mass Conductor. A relic that can create mass out of nothing. It can be used to construct anything. However, it cannot enchant it with Prime power like the Hammer of Solus Prime."

    "Wait," Jazz said cynically, "If the Temporal Map was able to take Vector Prime across time, why couldn't he use it to prevent the war?"

    Vector sighed, as if no one could understand the responsibility it takes to be a Prime, "No. I could prevent the war, yet I chose not to. I chose to never interfere with time itself. It is not for anyone, not even a Prime, to mess with."

    Magnus waited for a few, seconds, then continued, "The five Primes marched against Unicron, and battle was waged. The battle was incredibly easy. No more than several megacycles passed, and Unicron fell. But he did not die. He went into eternal Stasis. At least until interrupted back into awakening. The Primes used their power to send him adrift into space."

    Jazz facepalmed. "Wait, how does this have ANYTHING to do with the connection between Optimus and Megatron?"

    "I was just getting to that. See, long after Unicron's defeat, when the golden age began, the Megatronus Prime-"

    Magnus was interrupted by Optimus flying down the staircase, scarred with wounds.

    "Optimus!" Vector Prime pulled Optimus aside. "I'll take care of him! Go!"

    The group of four: Zeta, Jazz, Bumblebee, and Magnus, ran up the stairs and faced Megatron.

    "Oh, the honor to destroy two Primes in one battle. Where is Vector Prime? Or did Shockwave already take care of him?" Megatron taunted.

    "Surrender, Megatron." Bumblebee aimed his blasters at Megatron, "Or we'll take you down."

    "Will you?" Megatron chucked sadistically, "Because it's three against two."

    "You mean four against one, Megatron. Learn to count."

    "Megatronus can count perfectly fine." The team heard the desperate, sorrow-filled voice of Zeta. Looking back, they realized he was pointing his cannons at them.

    "Do what he says." Zeta ordered the three Autobots.

    "Yes." Megatron smiled. "Please do. Now, Ultra Magnus, YOU I haven't seen in a while. How have you been? I see the cycles are certainly not doing you well."

    "Look who's talking, Megatron. Look at you. You treacherous, limitless leader. At least you call yourself a leader, although you are the exact opposite of one. You'll have to kill us if you want us to launch the ship for you."

    "Launch?" Megatron laughed maniacally. He pressed a button to open the goldish-yellow windows and reveal what lies outside the Ark. It was already flying. And mere minutes away from entering the Space Bridge.

    "No!" Vector Prime cried, but it was too late. Megatron flinched as if Vector's voice irritated him, and did not hesitate to put a fusion round into his chest, blowing his chassis into pieces.

    "VECTOR!" Magnus shouted. Megatron walked out of the cockpit, from a gate, not by the stairs, "Zeta, make the prisoners feel comfortable, please." He said as he left their view.

    "What is this, Zeta? What have you done!?" Magnus cried as he launched himself to Vector Prime's body, lying in ash. "Look at what you caused."

    "I couldn't resist." Zeta shook his head, "Megatron had threatened me. And you are weaker than him."

    Magnus shook his head in disapproval. Zeta disgusted him that moment.

    Soundwave, meanwhile, was still fighting the final Autobot forces left protecting the Stasis room. Starscream was made KIA by him.

    "Still busy, Soundwave?" Barricade went into the room, "Because I've got into a bit of trouble."

    Springer and Roadbuster sped into the room, guns drawn, "Barricade, just come here and die!" Roadbuster shouted.

    "You brought them HERE?" Soundwave complained. Springer smiled, and pulled out his blade from his back, "Let's do this, 'Cons!"

    Megatron walked with the arm of Vector Prime in his hand. He planned to open the Allspark chamber using it. Instead, he once again found himself head-to-head with Optimus.

    "You again?" Megatron teased. He was obviously not weary of battle. In fact, he hasn't seen real battle since he got on the ship. How disappointing.

    "Megatron," Optimus ordered, "Do not attempt to enter the chamber."

    "Oh, and what is to stop me, Orion Pax?" He asked, much to Optimus' dismay.

    "I will." He pulled out his Energon sword.

    He swiped towards Megatron, who jumped back and attempted to punch Optimus, but instead was hit by his own weight, as Optimus got out of his punch's way, and shoved him forward, into a wall. Optimus kicked Megatron in the head, blasting it into the wall. Megatron grunted in pain.

    "Are you finished?" Optimus asked, quite confidently. Megatron turned around, using the momentum for another punch, which once again failed to hit Optimus. Instead, Optimus threw Vector Prime's arm into his punch, shattering it into bits. "No!" Megatron shouted. "Very well, Optimus. Looks like I'll have to take your arm instead."

    Megatron jumped at Optimus, and held his head in his hands, ready to squash it. Optimus gasped in pain as Megatron's grip became stronger and stronger, in a final act of defense, Optimus blurted out, "Allspark chamber, activate security measure 1."

    Megatron could hear the sound of a cannon being loaded. It was the cannon that will launch the Allspark into deep space. Instead, Megatron could see through the windows as the Allspark was launched into the Space Bridge. Wherever it will end up, so will he.

    "Looks like I no longer need you whole." Said Megatron. He charged his fusion cannon, ready to fire, when he heard, "Hey ugly!" It was Springer's voice.

    "I hope you don't mind we scooped up a few of Barricade's bombs." He smiled, and threw a bomb at Megatron. Roadbuster, in the mean time, leaned Optimus on his shoulder and carried him away.

    The bomb blew, causing a dent in the hull. Everything inside the Ark was sucked out, all the dead Autobots and Decepticons, but none of the living. That was what artificial gravity was for. Megatron shouted in rage.


    The Ark began spinning and smashing apart. The engines shut down, and the only thing that left the Ark from crashing back onto Cybertron was the Space Bridge. The Ark went through it.

    "What is that?" Springer's optics widened as he saw a planet with substance he never knew existed. It was blue, but it wasn't Energon. The Ark approached it quickly, before crashing onto the non-metal surface.

    Everyone on board was harmed mortally, and deep-stasis was triggered, putting everyone into it. It would not be eons before the damage is repaired.

    End of Part 1 ​

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