Transformers: Generation One "The Burden Hardest to Bear."

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    Presenting Transformers: Generation One
    "The Burden Hardest to Bear"
    Prologue: "Before Devastator"

    He stood motionless in front of the statue of Optimus Prime. How many times had he been here, he thought to himself. How many times had he looked up for inspiration and hope? Many people mistook Rodimus Prime as someone who doubted himself, but the truth of the matter was far much deeper.

    Imagine being a hot-headed youth (for as much a thing can be said of a Transformer). Imagine being the reason your hero, your leader, died. Imagine fate handing you an instrument of power that transforms your body into an unstoppable juggernaut. And while you have access to the wisdom of the ages, your own experience is so vastly limited.

    How many Autobots hated him for the death of Optimus Prime? How many Autobots doubted his ability to lead? How many Deccepticons almost smiled at him during the heat of battle? Thanking him for being the instrument of the death of their most hated enemy?

    Did Rodimus Prime doubt himself? The answer was a resounding no. Yet his was the hardest burden to bear.

    Perhaps in the deepest, most armor shattering winds of Devastator, he would find a way to lift up his burden. For the Ancients tell of a place hidden deep within Devastator that opens a door to Vector Sigma, and resolutions.

    To be continued.

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