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    This is really more so in a loose script form and rather different with the addition of a few created characters and so on. But I plan on posting it in parts if it turns out anyone wants to read more of it. Remember it is a RETELLING. So don't get mad. Just try and take it as my own little spin on the story itself. As I said this is just a little teaser intro. If folks like it I will post more.

    Soundwave moved through the rocketing ship which seemed to be on a direct collision course with a nearby primitive planet. One look at the Cyertonian readouts on the computer screens showed the immediate danger they were in as they pursued the Autobots. The Ark seemed far worse for ware. His mechanically pitched voice would speak out. "Nearing the Autobot's ship now Lord Megatron. The integrity of our ship is compromised. We will have to board the Autobot’s ship or our survival is unlikely." Soundwave continued to touch commands on the screen and access further info. Starscream rattled off nearby. 'I told you Megatron! Now you've doomed us all! Prime and the others will be ready for us. Just how do you think you're get us out of THIS ONE oh mighty leader?'

    Meanwhile aboard the Ark…

    The Pretender sits locked down in a seat. It's a mechanical enigma of sorts currently taking the form of fallen Autobot. The others are none the wiser. She unstraps herself as the Autobots converse and on que from Soundwave her eyes flicker red and she moves down a Corridor of the Ark to unlock the hatch port that will allow the Decepticon's to attach and board the Ark. She goes un-noticed it seems. Once at the hatch port she begins to enter an Autobot code and unlock the grids holding the hatch in place. All the Decepticons would need do now is 'attach' and board.

    Back on the Decepticon ship frustrations and tension are high.

    Megatron growled as he braced with the ship shaking around. Starscream would be ignored for the moment as he listened to Soundwave. "Get within range and activate the tractor beams, prepare to board!" His eyes flared brilliantly red for a moment, as a surge of power ran through his circuits almost like an adrenaline rush. Pushing up he would rise to his feet, the flashing of lights and sensors around him would illuminate off the pale almost silver and white hue of his Metal form. "Decepticons prepare! There will be no room for error. Our survival depends on the taking of Prime’s ship." He was deeply annoyed Prime had found something, an he wanted to know what. "Starscream, You will take point." A slight smirk was kept from showing upon his features as he gave the order. His resolve became all the more steady. Yes he would know what they were after even if he had to pry their sparks from their bodies. Moving from the bridge of the Nemesis he would head toward the bay, his footsteps would ring loudly across the metallic alloy of the ship itself.

    Aboard the Ark…

    Ironhide meanwhile was growing uneasy. "Optimus” he drawled out an turned his head "were takin heavy damage from those low down Deceptibums..." he didn't get to finish as he was jolted forward to smack his forehead against the consol an growled out a few none to friendly words.

    Optimus glanced to Ironhide and then over his shoulder where the Pretender had gone. Prime was not naive to her. He'd had his suspicions. At the moment he had bigger dealings. They were right in the middle of an intense asteroid field and about to enter Earth's atmosphere. 'Taking heavy damage to the Ark Optimus.' Ratchet chimed in. "Affirmitive Ratchet. Just hold the course." “It’s worse then that Optimus, sensors are showing a hull breech.” Prime would lift a hand to his lower face plating as if to rub his chin. "Our Decepticon friend. She’s been with us a while now. I believe she's the culprit… Irrelevant. know what's coming. Prepare yourselves for battle. We'll fight until our sparks are extinguished, though I hope deeply it does not come to that. Keep the Decepticons off Ratchet. He's our only hope at a safe landing." Loud screeching metals grinding against one another could now be heard through the ship. The Decepticon's were preparing to board. "Perhaps we can give them a little surprise of our own...Ironhide, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, follow me. The rest of you pair off. Sunstreaker, Hoist, Skids, It is your duty to guard Ratchet." Prime turned and equipped his Ion /c/
    Blaster and began moving down a long tall corridor of the Ark. He'd be waiting right at the door with his gathered assault team laying in ambush for the Decepticons.

    Aboard the Nemesis…

    "Attached Lord Megatron. Prepared to board. The ship is now on Autopilot. We should hold course attached to the Autobots ship until we've successfully boarded." Soundwave mentioned and then turned and glanced to Starscream who seemed none too happy. The ship took a hard impact and Starscream swayed on his legs. So did Soundwave, though he paid it no mind. "Ravage...eject. Operation Bang, Breech and Clear." Soundwave's chest opened and out flew a cassette shaped Decepticon which quickly transformed into a Jaguar like mechanical animal. Ravage snarled and obeyed. Starscream did as Megatron requested. Though he hated to admit it or do it, now was the time to fight. If they did not, they were surely doomed and he would never get the chance to take his place as rightful ruler of the Decepticons. Ravage followed behind Starscream as he entered the corridor equipping his Null Ray. The sounds of crunching metal got louder. Starscream stood now at the hatch door which began to slide open. “Decepticons, prepare to follow your true leader into WAR!” He loved barking orders anytime he could.

    Megatron would shift his weight as he watched the others gather and prepare. His annoyance with Starscream’s currently displayed attitude would have to wait. Perhaps he’d get lucky and Prime would destroy him and save him the effort. His eyes followed Thundercracker and Skywarp who would back up Screamer and Ravage on point. Megatron’s hand tightened on his fusion ion canon and as it charged a slight low hum was audible. Megatron and the others would have to take heed as they did not wish to put a hole threw the Ark’s hull. "I want Prime functional. Take care with your fire Decepticons." The moment the hatches opened he of course would allow Starscream and his Seekers to move forward backed by himself and the others.

    Aboard the Ark…

    Ironhide would rise an follow Primes orders following close at Primes side, he didn't like this not one bit and the shaking of the ship would slightly jar him off step and he would growl in anger. Pushing off the wall to regain his balance he’d bark. "I’m gonna send that Megajerk to the scrap heap once an for all Optimus!" Once at the Hull’s soon to be breech Ironhide readied himself and focused. Prime glanced down the corridor and then to Ironhide and the others. For the moment he was silent as he mulled things over.
    The Pretender was nowhere to be seen. Prime felt uneasy about it. She was up to something, what he wasn't so sure of. He'd only just recently discovered her, and was waiting for the right time to deal with her menace. That time had come and gone for now though. The damage was done. The loud sounds of grinding and sparks grew all the more steady. The Decepticons were about to board. "Autobots...prepare. It begins ...NOW!" Prime shouted as the hatch door opened. There was no time or warning for poor Starscream. Prime grabbed him in a harsh side control headlock and slammed him through the corridor into the wall upon the Ark. He stayed on top of him slamming his large fist into his face as he maintained the lock around his neck as a volley of transluscent blasts were exchanged between the battling Autobots and Decepticons.

    Starscream bellowed and hissed in the sudden lock up with Prime of all Autobots. Damn his luck. Megatron was to blame for this…for all of this. “Megatroooon you FOOL! I told you this was an idiot’s errand! Your leadship is -SLAM-“ "You'd do no better Decepticon." Prime's large fist would cut Starscream's rant short. However to Starscream's advantage Ravage lept through the hatch and grappled Prime's head giving Starscream a chance for a last ditch uppercut which sent Prime backward a few steps. Starscream chased it with a sudden combination of heavy strikes and the two began to exchange blows down the corridor. Ravage almost on que shot down the Corridor heading for the control room dodging fire all the way… Ironhide shook Skywarp from his frame and cussed as he caught a glance of Ravage disappearing to the control bridge. “Damn! That little metal menace got through the line!” “No time for that Autobot. You’re all doomed from here out.” Skywarp laughed and elbowed Ironhide on the chin from the guard position on the corridor flooring. Ironhide was only further angered and began once more pounding the unruly combatant’s face in. “I’ll turn you’re circuits to mush you metal mishap!”

    Anyone want more?​

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