Transformers Generation 3 Chapters 1 &2

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    This is my second take on a fanfic, the last one I made was, well, bad. Please comment on it so I know to make more or to stop all together.

    Just for a little background, this takes place 50 years after season 3.

    Transformers Generation 3
    Chapter 1: The Battle Begins Again Part 1

    “For many eons on a distant planet known as Cybertron, a great war has waged. This war, between the valiant Autobots and the ruthless Decepticons, has consumed the planets once rich source of energy. They are called the Transformers, because of their unique ability to change appearance in order to combat each other. In the past Century the Transformers have come and gone to other planets in search of new fuel known as energon. Throughout the millions of years of war there came a point where the Autobots and Decepticons landed on a planet known as Earth, where the Decepticons attempted to plunder it’s natural resources. But now after 50 years of exile, the Decepticons, under the control of Megatron, have returned to take over Cybertron, and soon, the universe.”

    Through the darkness of space a large ship slowly cruises the outskirts of the cosmos. The ship is a large vast vessal, colored dark purple, with 4 energon fuel rocket boosters. It looks as to be once a massive fighting unit, but war has taken its toll. Through the ship’s many bridges and halls lies great darkness. An almost evil aura spreads around the energy-depleted ship.

    In the cockpit lurks a figure of unspeakable evil. A Transformer known as Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. He stans in the shadows with glowing red eyes. He is the strongest amongst the others. Next to him at the control panel sits a Transformer known as Starscream, mostly white with a mega cannon on each arm and a set of wings on his back. He is second in command of the Decepticons and is also the only Transformers ever to deceive Megatron on almost every opportunity. Megatron ponders to himself of the history that has led his ruthless team to this famine state.

    Megatron ‘I can’t believe it has come to this. I was once the most feared of all Transformers. I was the one who would rule Cybertron. Now…. over 9 million years later I stand in a ship with a crew not worthy enough to be my pets. It’s all because of Prime; he who believes in truth and legacy dares to stand in my way. No more, no, I shall have Cybertron in my grasp soon enough. All I need is for my master plan to work. Yes, then it will all be too easy.’

    Megatron takes two steps towards Starscream into the light. He is all black with also two energy cannons on both arms and wings on his back. He has the look of a military leader. With a grin on his face he is ready to claim back what he believes to be rightfully his.

    Megatron “Now Decepticons, it is time to reclaim what is owed to us, first we will attack Cybertron as a diversion so I can pick up… a little present. Then we will regroup and destroy every Autobot in sight.”

    Starscream, shaken by Megatron’s remarks quickly sees a flaw in his plan. He has always wanted Megatron’s seat at the head of all Decepticons. As soon as Megatron turns his back he will be their waiting to strike. However, though Starscream has never successfully taken the leader position, he is no fool. He actually used to be a top Cybertronian scientist before joining the Decepticons.

    Starscream “But Megatron! If we attack the Autobot base now we will surly be obliterated. We are too outmatched with our current forces.”

    Megatron “You fool, in the chamber on sector 4B of Cybertron lays a weapon that can destroy an Autobot in a single blast, and with them any other life forms that stand in my way. You will fallow my plan, won’t you? Or are you tying to betray me yet again.”

    Starscream sits down quietly and goes back to his button pushing. He knows that at this point he is no match for Megatron.

    Megatron “That’s what I thought. Full throttle ahead!”

    Just a few miles away from the Decepticon fleet is planet Cybertron. It is a completely metal planet, dark and mysterious. It was once a very golden planet, but the wars that it's had to face have made it cold and warn out. It is inhabited with the Transformers known as Autobots, who out number the Decepticons 100 to 1.

    On the surface the Autobots are doing their remedial tasks. The Autobots are a peaceful race of Transformers, all driven to better further Cybertron’s existence. Most of the Autobots have fought bravely under the leadership of Optimus Prime for many years. Some even used to be Decepticons who, after the Great War 50 years ago, joined the Autobot side.

    Optimus Prime was the first Autobot, and since then has made sure to lead his team with the best decisions. Megatrom and he never stopped their fued over the rightful path Cybertron should take. While Optimus promotes a peaceful coexistence, Megatron wants to further the military even if it means killing his own men. The only thing he wants is to rule the universe.

    The sounds of alarms shuttered through Cybertron as if it were about to combust. A voice came on the intercom warning about an enemy approaching.

    Autobot Solider “Alert all personnel, there is a Decepticon shuttle headed directly for Cybertron, they’re going to attack! Everyone to there battle stations now!”

    The Autobots immediately begin to prepare for battle. Using the art of Transformation these robot forms turn into an arsenal of tanks and weapons. Then out of nowhere The Decepticon ship sneaks into Cybertron air space. Out from the ship leaps the Decepticons. The hundreds of Autobot soldiers vastly outmatch the Decepticon forces of only twelve. Fortunately for them, the Autobots that were fighting were mostly workers and did not have the training to go up against the main Decepticon fleet.

    While his minions attacked, Megatron started running to a rather average looking building with a dome top. It was small, considering that an average Transformer is 2 stories in height. Inside the building Megatron was quickly seen by two Autobot guards on duty. One Transformer was Rollbar who had an eager war grin on his face and the other is younger looking blue Autobot with a blaster on his arm already aimed for Megatron’s head.

    Megatron “err. I don’t have time for this nonsense. Die Autobots!”

    Rollbar “We will never let you pass Megatron. The Plasma Energon shall never be touched by the likes of an evil Decepticon!”

    The three begin shooting at each other with extreme force. Megatron makes his way through the blasts and uses his max power to shoot the blue Autobot in the chest for an instant kill. He fell to the ground and lied there motionless, now reduced to a mere smoking piece of debris. After that Megatron smashed Rollbar out of the way and into the corner.

    Megatron “Pitiful, and to think that you would actually surpass me. Ha Ha Ha. It always amazes me that you Autobots never stop believing that somehow each one of you could ever make a difference.”

    Megatron, being the leader and top efficient Decepticon, was all but three times more powerful and could instantly vanquished any average Autobot if he wanted too. Megatron made his way passed the armored doors and into a chamber of blue and silver. It was a glowing fortress of extreme magnitude. In the middle lied a huge cylinder with a glass casing. In it laid a piece of green gem looking crystal, a gem whose aurora spreads through anything it touches.

    Megatron “Yes, the power is finally mine. With this Optimus will fall!”

    Megatron slowly creeps towards the gem. He brakes open the glass with his fist and pulls out what he believes to be the ultimate weapon. As soon as Megatron touches the gem it erupts in a power surge. Shorting out every circuit in his body. He makes haste to detain it.

    Megatron “It won’t short circuit in my lower containment unit.”

    Megatron lowered the gem into his leg and put it into the secret chamber that opened on the side of his leg. After rebooting himself because of the surge, he arose with great pride.

    Megatron “Plasma Energon, a source of power that has only been matched by the Matrix of Leadership. The Autobots were fools not to destroy this earlier.” He put his arm to his mouth to sound the communicator. “Decepticons, I have what I come for, quickly get aboard the ship and move out. Set Space Bridge coordinates for Alpha 601.”

    Back on the surface of Cybertron, the heated battle continues, but as more Autobots approach, the Decepticons are getting taken out one by one. Starscream then receives the transmission from Megatron. He than sent a transmission back.

    Starscream “Alright Megatron, you better have a good plan this time.”

    Megatron “ Just do it!”

    Megatron gathered himself and left the chamber running past the two damaged Autobots. As he ran out of the building a great load of fire barreled upon him and all of the Decepticons hitting all around them. Just then, up on a tall building in the shadows came a voice. It was the words of none other than the valiant leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. He is a strong, gallant, figure who wears the colors red, white, and blue. Over the past battles he has led the Autobots to many victories against Megatron.

    Optimus Prime ”Not so fast Megatron. I will never let you have that piece of plasma energy. It has been a guarded Cybertronean secret for centuries. Autobots! Transform and attack!”

    From behind Optimus came many other Autobots, his elite crew, able to battle off the Decepticons with no problem. Autobots that have battled the galaxy’s to save Cybertron from evil forces. Optimus jumps down form his pedestal landing almost ten feet from Megatron, pointing his gun right at Megatron’s head.

    Optimus Prime “Megatron, if you don’t unhand the plasma energy, I will take extreme measures.”

    Megatron “You fool Prime, is it not your Autobot way to provide peace within the galaxy. Such measures would go against your code of honor.”

    Optimus Prime “ Protocol before honor is also the Autobot way Megatron, and that’s just what I intend to do.”

    Megatron “ Then allow me to start things off Prime.”

    Megatron then took a quick but powerful blast directly at Optimus’ chest plate. It was at that moment that the two of them began their heated battle. Optimus returned fire but Megatron jumped to dodge it. Before Megatron could get up Optimus tackled him back onto the ground throwing his gun in the process. With the two sliding on the metallic surface with sparks flying everywhere, Megatron took the opportunity to point his arm-mounted gun at Optimus’ torso and shot a blast going through his stomach and out the other side, penetrating the dicast metal. Optimus fell with silence looking up at Megatron and his menacing eyes.

    Megatron “So sorry I have to leave in the middle of our battle, but I must get this energy back to Char where I can research it. However I promise you I’ll return, with enough power to destroy you and any other pitiful Autobot in sight. Farewell Prime.”

    Optimus Prime “No, Megatron!!”

    As the Decepticons started to retreat, the Autobots jumped into any of the nearest energon gun panels to shoot at the Decepticon ship. It was dire that they do as much damage as possible to disable the Decepticon ship, still floating in the sky. As the energon cannons fired, one of the Autobots named Afterburrner had another idea.

    Afterburrner “ If I can aim this just right, the Decepticons aren’t going anywhere.”

    It was then that he leapt in the cockpit of the only remaining cannon and aimed not for the ship, but for a probe located strait in front of the ship’s cockpit about one hundred feet out. He put the cannon to full power and fired directly at the probe, which then redirected the blast directly through the front of the ship. A massive explosion engulfed the whole front of the ship. It was during this explosion that the Decepticons had entered the ship. As the doors closed the they started to shake form the massive blast.

    Skywarp “What could that be, I think it’s coming from the hull. I don’t think this ship will take off.”

    Megatron “No, we must leave. I will not have this mission be jeopardized.”

    Starscream “Oh no. The screen says that the boosters are still set to blast off, but with no coordinate we could end up anywhere. There’s no way to stop it.

    At that point a gate of light opened in front of the ship. The booster jet engines began to activate and within seconds the ship was gone. The gate of light was the Space Bridge, in intergalactic link that can teleport a massive vessel through light speed. The Autobots had failed to stop Megatron’s plot. Optimus, being supreme commander, felt that in his duty he was the only one to blame. Many Autobots ran to aid their fallen comrade.

    Optimus Prime “There is no consequence to harsh for what I have just let be unleashed. Megatron’s power is now almost limitless, but there is no time for any further delay. Now we must find out where the Decepticons have gone, and stop them at all costs.”

    Meanwhile, far away on a distant planet, there is a hot and vast desert surrounded by mountains of red rock. It’s Peaceful in nature. However, up in the sky comes a great beam of light like a shooting star. It’s non other than the Decepticon ship, it burns through the atmosphere at an unimaginable speed.

    Megatron “All Decepticons prepare for impact!”

    The ship keeps hurtling towards the ground and eventually lands in a canyon. Even after hitting the ground it still travels for many thousands of feet until finally crashing into the wall of the canyon. After a few moments of silence one of the doors towards the back of the ship opens, reveling Megatron. He uses the jets on his back to fly up and away from the wreckage to take a look for him self.

    Megatron “No, it’s ruined. This ship will never fly again and we’re stranded on this dirt ball.”

    The ship was in a horrid condition. The whole front of the ship was completely destroyed, not to mention berried under rock. The ship layed lop-sided at a 45-degree angle. Spare parts flood the canyon, mostly from the back of the ship where all but one of the boosters had exploded. Starscream flies up to join Megatron.

    Starscream “Well Megatron, what’s your plan now. You’ve gotten us lost on an unknown planet with no energon previsions and this plan of yours has failed.

    Megatron “You fool Starscream.” Megatron punches Starscream right in the chest plate. “ Doesn’t this planet look familiar to you, it’s that flesh inhabited planet Earth.

    Starscream “ No, not this again. I’m already sick of it, let’s just see if the escape pod is running and get out of here.”

    Just then a sensor on Megatron's left arm picked up an unusual trace.

    Megatron “What? Could it be? Yes, thanks to the Plasma Energon in my bottom compartment, it has malfunctioned my systems, causing it to pick up high-energy readings. I new this planet had any natural resources to plunder, but I never thought it would have anything like this. There is thousands of it all across this planet. We must collect every last bit and piece.

    Starscream “You’re just leading us on another idiotic tactic. We need to get to Char and refuel.

    Megatron “ No, it has been decided, we will stay. I will have my moment, just you wait Optimus Prime. Now, have Skywarp set up a hologram barrier, we don’t want any unnecessary attention. Then have Thundercracker and Barricade search for survivors and useable parts scattered about. Time is of the essence.

    Meanwhile in the capital of Cybertron, Iacon, Optimus has called an emergency meeting after being fully repaired. He has gathered an exceptional amount of troops for this conference.

    Optimus Prime “Autobots, we are in grave danger. Megatron has stolen what is known as Plasma Energon. It has been passed down from our ancestors since before the Great War started. It is much more complex and powerful than normal energon, and also holds many secrets. I am now constructing a team of my finest allies, you all have been chosen for this mission. Afterburner, Towline, Quick-Jump, Prowl, Motor Master, Four Wheeler, Ratchet, Rollbar, and Wide Load, together we must defend both Cybertron and the planet that the Decepticons are after now.”

    The door to the conference room opened, in came an Autobot similar looking to Optimus, the only obvious difference would be the lack of a mouth shield. He is second-in-command of the Autobots and a noble one at that.

    Ultra Magnus “Optimus! There was a probe that was sucked into the Space Bridge along with the Decepticon fleet, and we now know where they are. It’s Earth.”

    Optimus Prime “ Hm, this may be more difficult than I thought, now we have two problems. ”


    Transformers Generation 3
    Chapter 2: The Battle Begins Again Part 2

    Narrator “Last time on Transformers Generation 3: After Megatron came up with a scheme to steel the Plasma energon from Cybertron, Optimus and The Autobots quickly make a defense effort. The Decepticons get away to Earth where Megatron has discovered that more Plasma energy is yet to be found. Now it’s up to Optimus and his team to make sure the Decepticons can’t collect this energy, or it will cost them everything.”

    On the ominous surface of Cybertron lies great worry; now that the Decepticons have landed on Earth it is dire that the Autobots stop him from once again plundering the defenseless planet. In a command room a top Cybertron’s most famous landmark, the Iacon Tower, Optimus and his team strategizes on how to handle the delicate situation. Iacon is the Autobot capital where, before the war that started 9 million years ago, was home to the Cybertron Council of Elders.

    At the highest point of the tower is the Military control room, built shortly after Megatron’s last falling out 50 years ago. Inside sits Optimus and seven other of his loyal troops. Ultra Magnus is in the main doorway, and has just alerted the Autobots that the Decepticons have landed on Earth. In the circle of chairs are Towline, Motor Master, Dragstrip, Ratchet, Quick-Jump, Prowl, Afterburner, and fresh out of the infirmary sits Rollbar. Each Autobot has his own special, unique status. All are more than ready to follow Optimus to where ever he needs to go. Optimus stands up with his hands still on the table, quite eagerly as if hesitant.

    Optimus Prime “Alright team, here’s what we have so far. The Decepticons have stolen a very valuable item called plasma energon. It’s one hundred times greater than ten of our energon cubes. Now that it’s in his hands his power could be limitless. He may just leave Earth and return to planet Char to research it, or take Earth for his own by terrorizing the humans who reside there. Either way we have to stop him at all costs.”

    Rollbar “I’m sorry Optimus, this is all my fault. If I had been more alert maybe Megatron wouldn’t have stolen it. I failed at my only mission.”

    Optimus Prime “ Don’t blame yourself Rollbar, you should know by now that as long as you try your hardest, you were doing your job fine. Just thank the Matrix you weren’t scrap, unlike Screecher, who wasn’t so lucky. It’s my fault for not guarding the secret better.”

    Towline “So what’s our plan now Optimus, you know he’ll be expecting us.”

    Motor Master “Good, then he better know that where gonna kick there hides clear across the galaxy, I’ll make sure of it.”

    Optimus Prime
    “Easy there Motor Master, we need to first pack supplies on a spare ship, then go to Earth and find an appropriate location for base. After that we need to be stealthy in order to find out what they are planning without letting any humans get wind of all of this.”

    Quick-Jump “Wait a minute Optimus, can’t the humans help us at all. I mean if we explain the situation maybe they can cooperate with us.”

    Optimus Prime “The last time that happened it brought nothing but problems, so now we need to keep our distance as much as possible.”

    Quick-Jump “Yeah but we could…”

    Prowl “Hey kid, what ever Optimus says, goes. You have to understand the chain of command or this will be your first and last mission.

    Quick-Jump, being the younger and more eager of the Autobots did not quite understand the chain of command as much as the others. The ultimate Autobot code always states that the soldiers follow the commander at all times. He was quickly interrupted by one of the senior Autobots.

    Afterburner “ Wait a minute, aren’t we forgetting something. Think about it, if we leave Cybertron we could be putting the planet in harms way for a Decepticon attack from Char. “

    Ultra Magnus
    “I don’t think that will be an issue with me and the other, oh I’d say a million Autobots here to guard every inch of Cybertron. “

    Optimus Prime
    “Ultra Magnus is second in command for a reason Afterburner, I would trust Cybertron in his hands at any time, just as I would have trusted the first. All right Autobots, we leave in 4 mega-cycles. Dismissed.”

    As Optimus left the room, Prowl Ratchet and Motor Master followed. However the rest didn’t, instead they went over to Ultra Magnus with confused looks on their faces.

    “Ultra Magnus, what exactly did Prime mean when he said ‘just as much as I would trust the first’”

    Ultra Magnus “Well, my name was passed down form a true Autobot hero from about 51 years ago. The original Ultra Magnus was in charge of Earth command until a battle with a Decepticon named Sixshot ended his life. His spark is remembered in the Autobot Mausoleum in the depths of Cybertron. I could show had we not been at red alert right now. “

    Quick-Jump “Wow really, could you tell us anymore about the history of our wars.”

    Ultra Magnus “Right now your concern should be preparing for this mission, try asking Optimus that when we don’t have Decepticons to worry about. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go alternate the West Cybertron command post.”

    As Ultra Magnus walked away there was a solemn look on Quick-Jump’s face, he is still now realizing that he has much to learn before becoming a true Autobot legend. Like Ultra Magnus, most of the Autobots have names passed down form previous models. Most of the history is only known by Transformers that were involved in the war itself, like Optimus or Megatron.

    Over the next several hours the Autobots made haste to get everything ready in such a small time slot. Optimus went over an ammunition list in the cargo bay; while Prowl, Quick-Jump, and Afterburner made calculations inside the ship that they will use to head for Earth. The ship isn’t a big ship compared to their normal attack vessels but it was still top-of-the-line manufactured. It was all orange and gold, with two wings all the way in the back of the ship, each holding three energon fuel rockets. At the top of the middle of the ship laid the control room. Prowl and Quick-Jump were making necessary repairs while Afterburner, being the coordinator and strategist, altered the controls and flight path.

    Under the ship on the surface, where the metallic ground was cold due to the lack of sun on the hemisphere at the time, Motor Master and Towline loaded up the supplies necessary for the trip. The sun moves 3 times slower than the sun on Earth so there is only sunlight every three days, due to Cybertron’s rotation around it’s sun.

    Motor Master “Aw why are we stuck here doin all of the heavy liftin while everyone else is on the ship discussing our strategy. I just can’t wait to start bustin some Decepticons right in their rear plates. ”

    Towline “ Will you shut up and keep loading, the quicker we get this shipment in the cargo chamber, the quicker we can get to Earth. I just hope this goes smoothly”

    Motor Master “Are you kiddin, knowing Megatron this could turn out to be Great War II. This is going to be one of them long battles, just how I like em”

    Towline “Well, Optimus and Megatron have been feuding for 9 million years, or so I’ve heard. I know we have our duties, but like Quick-Jump I was actually interested in knowing our backgrounds.”

    From the intercom comes Optimus’ voice, alerting everyone that it’s just a few cycles until they disembark. As the team finishes up there jobs the rest of the Autobots prepare the hanger for blast-off. Optimus has one final check at Cybertron’s defense grid and makes his final decent to the ships outer door. Many cheers come from all other Autobots around, sending off Optimus and the rest on a certainly dangerous and time-consuming mission. In the command room on the ship Optimus walks in to see all of his troops in top form at their seats. The restraints are let go as the ship prepares for launch.

    Optimus Prime “All right Afterburner, commence countdown sequence. This is it men, we now begin our mission. I hope for the best from all of you, and may the Matrix guide the spark inside each of you.”

    Afterburner “ Well, with that said here we go, five… four… three… two… one… Blast Off!

    Each engine on the ship begins to erupt in an enormous blaze. The ship quickly takes off going strait and up into space. Once out of Cybertron air space the Spacebridge kicks in and the Autobots are on their way to Earth.

    Ultra Magnus “Good luck Optimus, I’ll make sure that nothing happens to Cybertron, I promise. “

    Meanwhile on Earth, the Decepticons have fortified their base to the best of their abilities and parts. It still looks like the back end of a ship popping out of a mountain but it now has defenses, and a hologram grid makes it look like a canyon from above. The holograms used by the Transformers have advanced much in recent years. The holograms are able to generate ICMs, or Interface Control Modules. Meaning if a non-transformer runs into one, they’ll pop out on the other side of it.

    Skywarp and Thundercracker stood at attention in front of the main door. Starscream was up at the top trying to create a new command room. Barricade, Bullet-Brake, and Air-Crusher are all at the other end of the canyon setting up a communications disrupter. Megatron watches everyone from a perch on the wall of the canyon, pondering to himself once again.

    Megatron “Everything is going according to my agenda, now that we have our base we need to contact Char to let them know where we are. Of course we need to also find new forms to blend in and not let those biological creatures know of our existence. One thing at a time I suppose. “ Megatron accesses his arm communicator. ‘Attention all Decepticons, make your way to the main gate immediately!”

    Starscream “Megatron, if you want this accomplished I can’t be interrupted by your silly games.”

    Megatron “ Starscream, don’t temp me, or I might just accidentally aim my laser strait for that little thing on top of your body that keeps you functional. Get down there now.”

    Starscream closes his communicator and kicks a metal box off the side of the ship in an angry display.

    Starscream “One day Megatron, just you wait. I’m sure once I can get my lab operational I can start planning for my inevitable victory, as leader of the Decepticons, Heh heh heh.

    However, Starscream isn’t the only one who wants Megatron’s seat at the throne. There is one more Decepticon who, unknowingly to everyone else, has been planning a take over for as long as he’s been a Decepticon. Every time Starscream tries to oust Megatron, Air-Crusher is always watching, waiting to see where he messes up. His actual plan is to get rid of Starscream first, as he is his only competition.

    All of the Decepticons arrive down at the main gate in a semi-circle in front of Megatron.

    Megatron “ Decepticons, we must now use our art of Transformation, in order to make ourselves look like the Earth vehicles. We must pick a powerful arsenal of fighting machines, so that when the Autobots do get here, we will vanquish them.

    Air-Crusher “And how exactly do you know they’re coming?”

    Megatron “I know Optimus, he’ll do anything to keep me out of power. His peaceful beliefs will eventually be his downfall. One day I will by the ruler of Cybertron and then he shall obey me and my armada, assuming I haven’t used his decayed body as a monument for all to see. “

    Air-Crusher “Of course mighty Megatron.”

    As soon as Megatron hit the square red button on his arm, a small satellite shot up from the ship and into space. Encoded with all of the Decepticon personalities, it shot a wave of electricity in all directions. The beam scanned any inanimate vehicles that suited the Decepticon capabilities. After the satellite was done scanning it sent a beam of light strait down at the Decepticons’ coordinates, turning them into their new alternate forms.

    Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, turned into a black Stealth Fighter Jet. As he transformed back into robot mode his wings swooped back, his arms came from the top and out to the front. He then rotated up so that the nose of the jet was facing the sky, then it came down to make his chest plate. The back of the jet tuned around and formed his legs. The tail of the plain came upon top of the wings and the transformation was complete.

    Megatron “Now everyone else, Transform!”

    Starscream, second in command and lab technician, turned into a gray, blue, and red, F18 fighter jet. Sky Warp, third in command, tuned into a black and white F18 jet. Thundercracker, coordinator and strategist, turned into a blue and white F18 jet. Air-Crusher, a top military commander of air tactics, turned into a white and red long carrier ship, with his wings all the way in the back. Barricade, ground tactics commander, turned into a green and black arsenal tank. Bullet-Break, expert in espionage, turned into a black Lamborghini. Wild-Rider, lieutenant and energon consultant, turned into an air defense truck with two large cannons on top. Thus the transformations were complete, and Megatron had his new arsenal. All of them now transformed back to robot mode for further analysis.

    Sky Warp “I can feel a whole new strength inside of me now. Now, no one can stand in my way.

    Wild Rider “Why are you always so serious all the time Skywarp, I’m just glad that I can destroy even more things now.”

    Bullet-Break “I look so slick, it’ll be even easier to spy on those idiotic Autobots now.”

    Megatron “Now that we have new weapons at our disposal, it’s time to begin the first faze of the plasma energon retrieval plan. This sensor indicates that a piece of plasma energon is just three miles due north of here. Starscream, take Thundercracker and Skywarp to this location, I’m sure that you’ve come up with something to contain the energy by now. Haven’t You?”

    Starscream “Taking care of that amount of energy takes time, I only have a prototype. It’s especially hard considering you haven’t told us where it came from or how it was created, care to come up with a little information mighty Megatron, or are you just as clueless as us.”

    Megatron “All you need to know, Starscream, is that as powerful as I was before, I'm now at 10 time my usual power. So I suggest you use whatever prototype you have, or face the consequences of failure.

    With that said, the three Decepticons jump up while transforming, and zip up into the sky leaving a smoke trail behind. As soon as they are out of sight, Megatron and the rest continue their evaluation of the new command base.

    In the vast, cold atmosphere of Earth, a huge, white, whole opens and out comes the Autobot ship. The ship slows down before it commences to the planet below.

    Optimus Prime “Alright Autobots, it’s time to begin our landing procedures. From here on out we are at a major conflict with the Decepticons until they have left the planet…. or have all been destroyed. And if this does drag out too long, I’m afraid it might turn into another war between our two sides. Anytime you’re ready Afterburrner.”

    Afterburrner “Where am I landing this thing Optimus?”

    Optimus Prime “Ah yes, I forgot to mention earlier. Many years ago, after the last war, some other top Autobot lieutenants and I decided it would be best to create a new base on Earth in secret. It was built in case of an emergency and I think this mission over-qualifies. The coordinates are L62, grid Omega.

    Quick Jump “It says here that it’s in the area of the Nevada desert, seems logical seeing as how the scanners aren’t picking up much human activity. Here we go, we’re now entering the Stratosphere.”

    As the ship slowly drifts into the dense atmosphere, it starts to catch on fire due to the high speeds. Inside the Autobots are kept alert from the shattering of turbulence. The ship’s computer alerts turn too critical as the ship enters the final sphere and drifts into the clouds. Once past the clouds and into eyesight from the ground, the ship slows down to 150mph and straightens out for a landing.

    Back on the ground, the three Decepticon jets have just landed to start their search. All of them, who look almost identical besides color scheme, use their arm lasers to start digging a giant whole in the ground.

    Starscream “Humph, Plasma Energon, it’s just an other one of our brilliant leader’s meaningless plans. If I were the Leader things would run differently.”

    Sky Warp “Yeah, we’d all be dead.”

    Starscream “Once I’m the Commander that attitude will not be tolerated Sky Warp. I shall vanquish Optimus Prime with my bare hands.”

    “Well how do you know the energon is underground anyways?”

    Starscream “Do you see anything else you buffoon, maybe that cactus knows where it is. This is the reason why I am most suitable for the leader, I’m the only one competent.”

    Skywarp “Want to make that a challenge, oh yeah I forgot, you’d just have Megatron fight your battles for you.”

    Thundercracker “I’d actually prefer him here right about now, look!”

    Thundercracker points to the sky revealing the large Autobot craft making it’s decent right towards them.

    Starscream “What, that’s impossible. Make no haste, open fire!”

    The three Decepticons start firing at the Autobot ship just as it starts to set on the ground. The ship’s automated defense systems go online and start to fire a barrage of shots at the three lone fighters. As the ship lands the side door opens with Optimus standing next to it.

    Optimus Prime “Ratchet, put up the cloaking device for about 300 yards. We don’t want any humans to see.”

    Ratchet hits a yellow button on the console that sends a beam, similar to the Decepticons’, up and out making everything seem invisible. Optimus then jumps from the ship followed by the other Autobots as they all begin to fire on their outnumbered opponents. Starscream noticed the odvious advantage that the Autobots had and used his communicator to contact Megatron.

    Starscream “Megatron, the Autobots are already here, we need back up immediately.”

    “Er, you can’t even handle a small group of weak Autobots, what good are you too me?”

    Starscream “It’s not those pathetic followers, its Optimus that I’m uh………”

    Megatron “That what, scares you, heh heh heh. Seeing as how you’re too useless to battle, I’ll have to come to you and do it myself. Just make shirr you don’t accidentally chip some paint before I get their.”

    Megatron and the remaining Decepticons then Transform and leave their base to go to Starscream’s aid.

    Sky Warp “Some fearless leader you are, always behind Megatron right? Why don’t you demonstrate this bare hand killing of Optimus you projected earlier.”

    Starscream “Just shut up and fire you dope.”

    A few moments later the rest of Megatron’s crew arrived at the scene, only to see that all three of the fighters had sustained major damage in such a short amount of time.

    Optimus Prime “Sees fire everyone, let’s go interrogate the wounded enemy.”

    Megatron “I think not Optimus.”

    Optimus looked up to see his greatest foe hovering in the air casting down his shadow over Optimus’ troops. He didn’t take two steps before aiming his gun again. The two armies stood still for several moments.

    Megatron “So I see you were able to fallow me, but your journey ends here.”

    Optimus Prime “I don’t think so Megatron, with the Matrix as my whiteness I will never surrender to a Decepticon. Now hand over that fragment of Plasma Energon or I’ll have to use force”

    Megatron “Never! Not until I have all of it, then you’ll be nothing but a scrap heap”

    Optimus Prime
    “There’s more! But that’s impossible. If there’s more then that means one could have enough to destroy planets, or even this very universe, and I will stay to make shirr you don’t have a single piece in your cold heartless fingers.”

    Megatron “Then it seems that we are at war now Optimus Prime, allow me to make the first strike, in my new, more powerful form.”

    Megatron then transformed into a stealth jet. He took off in an enormous amount of speed. Optimus tried to fire at him, but nothing prevailed.

    Megatron “You can’t hit what you can’t see with you’re visual receptors Prime.”

    Megatron appeared behind Optimus and began to fire his lasers at full power. Before Optimus could even turn around he was bombarded by Megatron’s onslaught. Optimus fell to the ground and looked up, only to see Megatron standing above him with a devilish grin on his face,

    Megatron “It’s over Optimus Prime. I’ll make shirr that you’re remains are dealt with properly. Now I shall show you the true power of the Decepticons.”

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    New chaps.

    Chapters 3 and 4 coming soon.
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    nice dude I like it
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    Sorry sbout the delay in chapters for those of you who have happend to like my fanfic, I've been very busy with school. I'll try to finish chapters 3 and 4 as soon as possible.
  5. fiire_dragon_88

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    Sorry about the delay in new chapters for those of you who have happend to like my fanfic. I've been busy with school, I'll try to complete chapters 3 and 4 as soon as possible.

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