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    Based on the G1 tfs and movieverse tfs. here ya' go...

    Chapter 1

    In the small town of Tranquility in Nevada, the hot, baking sun took its toll on the bustling streets beneath it. People ran around and drove around, and the once peaceful town was turning into an industrial hotspot.
    Bustling folks were busy with business, and children ran around, carrying toys or balloons in their hands. A brother and sister pranced down the sidewalk to an ice-cream truck that was playing an oddly familiar melody, and then skipping away with popsicles in their hands. A park was located around the corner, and mums with kids and dogs with their owners walked around, enjoying the lively day. The noise of chiming and hammering could be heard from a construction site nearby, polluting the noise in some areas.

    Spike Witwicky watched the children buying the popsicles and smiled. At least some things wouldn’t change. Children would always like candy. His working construction site was well ahead of production time. They were almost done with the frameworks of the building. He spied at a florist shop down the road.
    I wish I had a reason to buy some flowers, he thought as he spied a few bright yellow sunflowers.
    Concentrating back onto his work, Spike welded two metal poles together and set them up against a wall. “I think I’m done with the welding, dad!” shouted Spike to his father, Sparkplug, another construction worker. “That was tiring.” Wearing a safety helmet and a brownish worn down vest, Spike put the blowtorch aside and sat down on a wooden stool.
    “You were the one who wanted to help me in this job as a part time worker, son!” Sparkplug laughed as he came over, treading carefully over the construction equipments laying on the ground. Lifting up his safety helmet, Spike wiped the sweat off his brown, fuzzy hair, leaving the bright yellow helmet on the bench. Then he glanced at his watch.
    1:00 p.m.
    “Sorry dad, I gotta’ go, I’m late!” Spike jumped up and grabbed his bicycle. Cycling along the side of the road, trees were already shedding their leaves. He could feel the wind blowing against his face. Dry leaves and fresh leaves were flung across the road by the velocity of Spike’s bicycle as he rode as fast as he could.
    His secondary school was actually quite near. He turned around the corner and kept riding. Soon, he reached his school. The bell rang, and Spike quickly parked his bike at the side of the road and ran across the lawn to the main entrance.

    Reaching his class, everyone stared at him. He was late. “Take a seat,” said Miss Brown. He walked over to his seat and sat down. He wasn’t the most popular in school, and definitely not one of the brightest. Embarrassing himself was actually part of everyday life with him. Nobody knew he had a part time job at the construction site with his dad. All they every cared about was how late Spike Witwicky was. Heck, they probably don’t even know how to spell or say Witwicky right. His last name was quite unique, and probably to most people was quite odd and funny. But he didn’t care. Everywhere he went people greeted him while pronouncing his name wrong. Mostly on purpose.
    At least he had one friend. Chip Chase wasn’t much of a popular kid himself. Instead, he was actually quite the nerd. Having no friends, Chip was an outcast, just like Spike. The two got along together, most of the time with Chip having to help Spike with his homework. Spike glanced at Chip’s freckled face, with his round glasses looking straight at Spike. Chip smiled.

    During maths class, Spike looked across the room. A young woman, Carly Banes, sat by the window. Wearing a black leather jacket, her long and curly brown hair strapped over her back as she glanced at him, smiling. Now that’s a reason to buy some flowers, sighing as he thought of that. His eyes gazed onto her like his mom would gaze on parsley. She probably didn’t even know Spike existed, until the time when they were having more classes together. It’s not like Spike was popular or anything. Whereas Carly was the most popular girl in class. A direct opposite.
    Spike wished he was one of the populars. He thought it would definitely be a good thing to not have everyone laugh at him, or pronounce his name wrong, or for the most part, ignore him.
    As he was just starting to daydream, Spike was surprised to find his teacher, Mister Bradley, staring at him eye to eye. Spike jerked back, surprised.
    “Pay attention,” Mister Bradley snarled, banging his fist onto Spike’s desk.
    The whole class laughed, including Carly, and Spike glanced at her one more time before the bell rang. Chip was actually the only one who didn’t laugh. That was a true friend.
    Spike gazed at Carly’s bright face who was laughing quite a lot. Carly’s laugh. Everything. It was sooooo beautiful. Then he eventually snapped back into the real world. He grabbed his books and walked out of the class. Spike glanced across the walkway, and Carly just came out of class. He looked away just as soon as Carly glanced at him, and he continued glaring at the floor, embarrassed.
    “Hey dude!” said Chip as he went to greet Spike. “What was up with you today?”
    “Nothing,” Spike sighed.
    Chip knew that face. He knew Spike had a crush on Carly ever since he ever laid eyes on her. Chip basically was the only and best friend Spike could’ve ever had. “Yeah right,” he said. “I know what’s going on.” Chip laughed.
    “Stop it,” Spike glared back up with a little bit of chuckling in his voice.
    “Fine, fine,” Chip said. He backed up. “So what do you say of homework this evening?”
    “Maybe next time,” Spike answered. “I got some work to finish up at my dad’s construction site.”
    “Oh, yeah, right.” Chip was also the only one who knew Spike’s part time job. Spike needed all the money he could earn for his father, who had a low salary each month.
    Chip walked off, waving good bye.

    Spike walked across the lawn, and Carly came by, curious. “What’s up with you today?” she asked, smiling. Spike lowered his head. He couldn’t believe Carly knew of his existence.
    “Spike Wit-wicky, right?” Carly stuttered with his name.
    “Witwicky’s one word,” Spike reminded her. He stared onto the pavement, embarrassed as his cheeks clearly glared into a bright red. Carly held back, trying not to laugh at the sight of it. “Okay, yeah. Witwicky. Right,” she looked away. Spike walked off to fetch his bike.
    Riding by, he noticed Carly walking home along the road. As he rode by, he strengthened up. It took all his strength to ask …
    …“Sooo, walking home?”
    “Yeah,” Carly sighed. “My motorcycle broke down today morning, so I walked here. And now I’m walking back, obviously.”
    Spike was like WHY!? He had to start a conversation, didn’t he? Maybe it was good luck, but he still had to think of something to say.
    “So is your house far?” he asked.
    “Quite. But I can walk,” Carly answered.
    “So you wanna’ have a ride home?”
    “Nope.” She kept walking. “I’ll be okay.”
    “Really?” Spike kept asking. “You sure about that?”
    “Yeah.” Carly looked away.
    “Okay,” Spike started riding away.
    “On a second thought…” Carly stopped him. “My legs are kinda’ tired.”
    “Okay,” Spike stopped for a moment, and Carly jumped on. “Just hold on.” Spike reassured. “It’s not a motorcycle, but it’s okay,” Carly commented.
    “Sure,” Spike so needed a car. If he had a car, it would be quite as good as the motorcycle that Carly had. He already talked to his parents about it, and he hoped that the day would come when he got a car so amazing that it would make everyone in school, including Carly, jealous.

    Chapter 2

    Meanwhile, at a military command site at the border of Mexico, the soldiers were ready to call it a night. Bright stars blinked in the dark night sky. V-22 Ospreys zoomed in, carrying men that came back from camps around the area.
    Astoria Ishihara loved her work as the lead in the intelligence division. Her curvaceous yet well-toned form was covered up nicely with her green khakis. She was sent to the military base to help with the planning of preventing the terrorist attacks that were happening around the area.
    “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” her grandmother had always told her, “so you can tell those guys on the train what you think even as you kick their butts.”
    She walked with the confidence of a person who knows where she belongs, and she belonged right here, right now. Over years of study, both scholarly and martial, she had turned her mind and body not only into a machine but into a weapon as well.
    An expert in robotics specializing in cybernetic motivation, Astoria was well aware of the role for which she had been chosen.
    She went into one of the tents, striding slowly and met up with Captain Archivil. The young man was an expert at his job as a tactical expert. He looked on at the intelligence officer, trying to keep his mouth closed and his eyes front. “The fifth team just arrived, captain,” she said. “Three injured, and no one lost in battle.”
    “So you’re Astoria?” The young American managed to find his conscious back. Ishihara nodded. “Good,” Archivil said. “Welcome to the force.” He walked out of the tent, and Ishihara followed behind him. “Lieutenant George, I’m calling it a night for them,” Archivil called out to one of the top Lieutenants of the force.
    “Go ahead,” the Lieutenant passed by and walked away.
    “Alright! Let’s wrap it up guys!” the captain shouted out as he clapped his hands to get the men’s attention. Suddenly, the Lieutenant called Archivil. “I think you might want to see this.” He brought Archivil into the main control building. Soldiers were staring into the radar screen, and a large aircraft was entering their airspace.
    Outside, Astoria saw the blinding lights of an incoming V-22 Osprey. The storming sound of the rotors and the engine roared over the area. Then she started to run towards the control building.
    “What’s the problem!?” Ishihara stormed in.
    “There’s an aircraft signaling us to let them in. We don’t have any more men coming in tonight.” Lieutenant George walked out of the building. As the soldiers outside prepped themselves for an enemy assault, it turned out that there were soldiers in the aircraft.
    “Sergeant Gordon!?” George’s voice was barely able to penetrate the loud and forceful wind the Osprey was emitting from its propellers. He recognized the face of the man appearing behind the door. He grabbed his hand and the Serge jumped down. “I thought you would be coming in tomorrow!?”
    “No time to explain,” said Gordon. He sounded extremely out of breath. “We have three injured severely. Something attacked us. Something big attacked us.”
    “Okay haul them in!” cried one of the soldiers in the background, signaling for men to take the injured men. Medics rushed in as the Osprey landed. They grabbed the injured soldiers, and others inspected the damage. The canopy had a big hole in it.
    “Terrorists?” Astoria asked anxiously. “What happened?” She ran to Gordon.
    “No, not terrorists. Something worst. One of our aircrafts, the MH-53 Warship, it didn’t make the journey,” Gordon explained. “It was blown up, and the men didn’t make it.” He grabbed a bottle of water and drank it all. “That thing just stared at us. We turned around, but the thing shot something at us. It busted through the canopy, and it was horrifying. It was all black and metal, had four legs, just large claws and sharp teeth. It was about the size of a jaguar.”
    “It just slashed into a lot of our soldiers. Some of them are badly hurt, and we kicked the creature out of the window. You were the nearest base, so we rushed over.”
    “We need you to clarify the incident and what you saw a little bit better,” George said, realizing the panic and shock in Gordon’s voice. “You can tell us all about it when we get you to the Pentagon.”

    Suddenly, a huge MH-53 Helicopter came about. Gordon grabbed his binoculars. It’s tail fin had the numbers 50UN1). He handed the binoculars to the Lieutenant. “That’s the aircraft that got shot down,” he muttered.
    “But I thought you said it didn’t make it!?” cried Archivil.
    Gordon’s eyes widened as he suddenly remembered all that he remembered about his encounter.
    “It didn’t,” he muttered solemnly, realizing what was unfolding in front of his eyes. His voice went louder and louder as he shouted. “That’s the thing that attacked us, LET’S MOVE!” Gordon started running, and the Lieutenant, Archivil and Astoria started running away as fast as they could.
    The warship zoomed into view, its propellers slicing through the air. Gordon and his crew were witnesses of the attack. It wanted to eliminate him. The warship’s propellers roared loudly as it hovered way below normal safe flying level and chased the four of them. Its undercarriage almost touched the ground. A Gatling gun rolled out from its undercarriage, and it started firing. “Run behind the tanks!” cried Astoria, guided by her instinct to survive, and they rolled in quickly. The whole fleet of tanks started blowing up one by one as the helicopter turned and followed, firing a huge barrage of anti-tank slugs.

    As other men shot slugs at the helicopter, it realized that others needed to be destroyed. Homing in on the injured crew members, the helicopter shot out a creature about the size of a lion from its fuselage towards the tanks to eliminate the four of them while the helicopter itself attacked the entire base. The lion sized creature jumped from tank after tank, seeking to destroy them. Soldiers fled for their lives, shouting and screaming in fear as tents and building blew up in flames. The helicopter continued its assault. Missiles fired from its sides, and the missiles destroyed an entire building. Bursting into flames, the building collapsed as men jumped out through the windows for their lives, realizing that even though it was too high for them to survive, they didn’t want to cook and burn.

    Chapter 3

    Years of study and experience did not prepare Astoria and the other soldiers with her and around her what occurred before their very eyes. Astoria felt her heart stopping as suddenly the warship started to move. Not forward or reverse, but every aspect of it started to move. Gears and parts turned and folded into themselves, and the helicopter had altered into a huge metal beast.

    Below its chest were three sonic orbs, and the robot shot out blasts of sound all around the battlefield. Aircrafts and tanks were disintegrated as they flew off. Its giant feet pounded against the road as it smashed through fences and everything else towards its goal, the military power source. As it walked, telephone wires broke and hooked into its body, channeling energy into the mighty creature. It stormed towards the main power source, an building that supplied electricity to the whole base. The robot instinctively smashed right in, its whole body crashing into it. Sparks flew all over as the electric current pondered beyond control. The wires immediately hooked up into its body, and more sparks just went all over the place. A loud, ear splitting shriek emitted from the huge hulking metal warrior as it gathered more and more energy.

    Around the corner, the black creature prowled, searching for Astoria and the others. They hid behind some of the tanks that were left unscathed when the robot shot out the wave of sonic power. The dark and scary night just added to the feel of a horror movie. Except this time they were witnessing one unfolding in front of their eyes, and the outcome was also uncertain.
    Explosions and more explosions were heard behind them, but their hearts pounded rapidly as the creature crept in slowly. They could hear its deep, menacing growls as it treaded and jumped from tank to tank, even through the loud screeching and exploding of behind them. Freaking out, Astoria needed to know what was happening. She peered on top of the tank, slowly letting her head go up.
    The creature nimbly climbed between tanks, not even checking as it went by crevices, as if it knew where they were already. The others hid behind the tank, sweating with fear. Gordon was holding onto his rifle tightly between his arms. Astoria grabbed a rock and threw it next to the creature.
    Distracted, it looked back.
    “Let’s go!” Ishihara shouted, and all of them got up and started running as fast as they could. The creature turned back, its eyes locking into its prey as it pounced down from the tanks and started chasing them. It ravaged on, its teeth in full view. Letting out two rockets from its thighs, it let them zoom towards them.
    “Duck!” Archivil pulled the others down into the dirt, rolling on the ground as the missiles blasted into a tank, destroying it. A whole pound of dirt and gravel rocketed into the air with the impact. They got back up, and the creature continued its chase, shrieking as it ran. They ran, filled with adrenaline, each person thinking of their own safety. Gordon looked back. He dropped his rifle. What if they didn’t make it? More explosions gone off in the background.
    “Jump across the border!” cried Lieutenant George.
    “It’s too high!” shouted Archivil. The creature came from behind and shot two more missiles. Jumping away, the few of them survived, and the missiles blasted a hole through the fence. “Not anymore!” said George. They jumped through the hole, and the creature screeched loudly, pouncing through the hole and landing in the dirt. It snarled, teeth agape.

    The huge robot sucked up all the power from the building, and the area started blacking out. The robot’s goal was fulfilled. Now to destroy every witness. The creature ran back to the robot, and the robot shrieked out a loud shriek as the creature disappeared into the inner workings of the huge robot. The robot then sent out a condor-like creature. It flew out, spreading its metal wings in search of the survivors. At the same time, the robot emitted a huge sonic boom, destroying the base, and leaving no survivors. It’s work was done, and it transformed into an MH-53 Silkorsky Warship helicopter, flying off and leaving the battlefield.

    Chapter 4

    Spike drove Carly up to her house. “Thanks for the ride,” Carly smiled at him and got down. “You’re welcome,” said Spike. “Sorry it took me so long to ride here. After all, it’s just a bicycle.”
    “Yeah,” Carly smiled understandingly. “Oh, well. See you at school tomorrow.” She walked off. As soon as she closed her door, Spike smiled. His surge of adrenaline kicked off.
    “Finally! Ha!” he muttered. Spike turned his bike around and started cycling back, happier than ever.

    The next day, Spike went to the construction site with his father again. Slowly muttering away, Spike tried to start the conversation about him having his car. He did great with his driving test, and he did have a license, but they were too poor to afford any types of cars for him.
    “What is it, son?”
    “I have a driving license, so…”
    “You want a car, right?”
    Spike jerked back. How in the world did his dad knew about that? Of course, there was the rather obvious reveal when he said ‘driving license’, so I guess a three year old could have found that one out.
    If it knew what a ‘driving license’ was, of course.
    “How’d you know?”
    “When I was your age, I wanted the same thing. A nice and sleek VW Beetle.” He smirked and stopped what he was doing. “So far I still ain’t got one. Ha, ha!” He started hammering away again at the thought of the ironic idea back in the days.
    “So can I get one?” Spike asked, slowly.
    Sparkplug’s expression changed. “You know our family’s not that rich. Be thankful that you get to go to school cuz your good ol’ mate Chip’s paying for your school fees. But back to the subject, um, maybe if you could get all A’s I might consider it.”
    “What!?” Spike sighed. “Fine.” The expression on his face changed immediately as his mood kicked in. He took off his hat and threw it off to a side before sitting to the side.
    Suddenly, a wheel loader, a dump truck, a cement mixer, a crane, a bulldozer and an excavator appeared for no apparent reason. Their engines were left idling as they stopped driving. But there were no drivers in their seats. Nobody.
    Spike suspected something weird was going on, but his father was just too hot tempered to care about the vehicles having drivers or no drivers. Surely someone left their construction vehicles with their engines idling for a break. But that didn’t explain their sudden appearance, or them having no drivers coming out of them when they stopped.

    “Hey! Who sent for those vehicles!? We’re working here!” Sparkplug got up and shouted, enraged.
    Suddenly, all six vehicles started shifting. Six huge, bipedal metallic metal forms stood in the wake of where once where the six vehicles. The robots towered above the citizens and construction workers that were running away on sight of the beasts that were Scrapper, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Hook, Rampage and Scavenger respectively.
    “RUN!!!” cried one of the construction workers instinctively even though he realized that most had already fled the vicinity.
    “Go now, son!” Sparkplug pulled Spike off the bench and they started running away. Everyone screamed and ran in panic as the huge robots started storming and destroying their hard work.
    “This is a good time to get a car, huh?” cried Spike, puffing along as he ran. They ran as fast as they could, whilst the robots demolished the half-built building. They took the poles and disassembled them. Then they loaded them onto Long Haul’s vehicle mode, the dump truck.

    Sparkplug turned around and stopped. “NO!!! Not the building! Anything but the building!” He started running towards the huge monsters.
    Spike stopped and looked behind. “DAD! STOP!” He started running after his dad, who pushed his son away. “All our hard work! Destroyed!” he cried.
    Driving by, Carly rode her fixed motorcycle around the corner to see what was going on. She put her palms around her mouth in astonishment as she witnessed the machines tearing down the place.
    Grabbing his father and Carly, Spike ran away as fast as they could. “We have to go now!” he cried. “Grab your motorcycle and get out of here!”
    “Okay!” Carly ran to her motorcycle, when suddenly a huge explosion took place. Pieces flew everywhere as the building exploded and collapsed. A shard flew into Carly’s motorcycle, and it smashed into the gas tank.
    “Run, now!” Sparkplug pushed Spike and Carly out of the way, and the three of them ran as Carly’s motorcycle exploded, pushing them through the air. Passer-bys fled and shielded away as pieces of glass and metal blew all over the place. With the place cleared, the three of them were the only ones there.
    One of the robots, Mixmaster, glared around, snarling and threw a chunk of metal towards them. It smashed into the ground behind them, blocking the three of them.
    Mixmaster’s gorilla-like structure gave it a huge and menacing silhouette as he charged towards them at full speed. With the shard of metal blocking their way, they ran into an alley, where Mixmaster slammed in. He reached out, and they backed up as the huge robot’s hand came in. Mixmaster then started slamming through the wall, squeezing in. Bricks fell down from the walls, and Mixmaster roared.

    Suddenly, a yellow VW Beetle drove by the alley, and it transformed into a huge robot. “Now that’s a VW Bug!” said Sparkplug in astonishment.
    “It’s probably one of them, dad!” Spike warned. The yellow robot grabbed a gun from his back and shot a missile into Mixmaster’s body. Mixmaster growled and roared, struggling harder to squeeze in.
    “Maybe not,” said Carly.
    The robot charged and kicked Mixmaster, who was five times bigger than him, down. Mixmaster roared, and stopped when he realized the other robot was pointing his gun barrel at him.
    Mixmaster growled and stepped back. Then suddenly he pounced, slamming in between the two walls, breaking into the small alley. The other robot stepped back as Sparkplug, Spike and Carly ran further and further back. The small robot jumped onto Mixmaster, and the two started tumbling down. The other five robots were busy demolishing the construction site to notice.
    The two alien robots tumbled down the street, pounding each other down the pavement. Finally the yellow robot got a grip and stood up, kicking Mixmaster down the road even more. Mixmaster collided with a truck and the truck bent over, crashing into the ground.
    As the fight ensued, Sparkplug, Spike and Carly ran down the road, watching the action. The other five robots demolishing the area looked back. Long Haul drove off with his cargo, whilst the others transformed and followed.
    Meanwhile, the yellow VW Beetle robot walked out of the debris that was the fight, victorious. In through the debris, the injured Mixmaster got up and transformed, escaping. “What on earth are you!?” Spike cried up to the robot’s head way up on his huge body.
    “I don’t think he’s from earth, Spike,” Carly managed a feeble joke. She stepped up. “Can you talk?”
    “Of course I can talk!” the robot’s voice echoed from his metal alloy mouth.
    “What are you?” asked Sparkplug.
    The robot lowered himself down to his knees and stared into Sparkplug’s eyes. “What are you, blind!?” His voice was loud and it pierced Sparkplug’s ears, and he stood back.
    “I’m Bumblebee,” The robot’s loud, looming yet calm voice echoed around the alley. “And I’ve come to earth to scout for those robots you saw, the Decepticons. Those were just a few. My leader and the other Autobots are coming soon, so for now, it’s up to me to track them down. The Decepticons searched the galaxies for power, and they were led by their leader, Megatron. Finally they found Earth, and came to suck your planet dry. Currently the Decepticons are sucking the Earth’s energy. I don’t know what else their doing in this area, so we have to keep a lookout. I don’t know why they attacked that area just now. I didn’t sense much power in this area.” The huge metal robot explained.
    “I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this.” Bumblebee sighed, his weight shaking the earth as he moved. “But you found me. So I guess you humans are able to keep secrets?”
    “Can I help?” asked Spike.
    “Spike! It’s too dangerous!” Sparkplug warned.
    “I don’t know what you could do, so maybe you can help,” said Bumblebee.
    “I’ll go with you,” said Carly.
    “Well count me in!” Sparkplug added.
    Bumblebee transformed into a sleek VW Beetle. “Any more questions you wanna’ ask?” He opened his door. “So, am I going to school today?” Spike nervously walked in, followed by Carly and then Sparkplug.
    “Nope son. Maybe next time,” Sparkplug laughed. Bumblebee rolled out, driving away.

    Chapter 5

    Across the Mexican border, Lieutenant George, Gordon, Archivil and Astoria walked on across the deserted area. The baking heat of the sun was taking its toll on them as they treaded across the sand. “So where are we supposed to be headed again?” asked Archivil, squinting his eyes from the glaring sun. He grabbed a bottle of water and squeezed what was left of it into his mouth. It wasn’t satisfying, but it was all that he had left. He certainly did not sign up for this kind of survival out in the unforgiving desert.

    “How long till we reach like a security post or something?” asked Gordon.
    “About two hours or so,” said George. “We’d better go faster if you want to reach there earlier.”

    Suddenly something flew across the air. Something big flew across the air.

    “What was that?” Astoria narrowed her eyes as she looked up, raising her hands to try to shield her eyes from the sun.
    “I didn’t see anything,” said Archivil. “The heat must be getting to you.”
    As a matter of fact, the heat was getting to all of them. They were losing energy every second.
    Astoria felt something strange going on. There was definitely something happening. “You know the thing that attacked us?” she said. “Did it follow us?”
    “I hope not,” said Lieutenant George. “Don’t wanna’ see that thing again.”
    High above in the sky, something watched them. It swooped high in the sky, circling the air like a huge, metal condor, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

    A few miles away from the Giza Necropolis in Egypt, the land was barren and harsh. There was hardly any life, and the unforgiving sun cooked any that revealed itself in the open. Insects, tiny insects, ran around. Some burrowed into the sand and others ran across the dunes, its tiny feet barely touching the hot, burning sand. A sandstorm blew through the area, the wind blowing shrubs out of the way, and shaping the dunes from time to time. Animals scurried away, sheltering in burrows and shades. The sheer force of the wind was strong enough, and it was hot wind. Not the cooling type, but hot wind. Burning hot.

    A tiny black dung beetle flew across the dunes, struggling to go against the wind. Soon it dropped to the ground, body upside down. It dropped in front of a burrow. And a small juvenile monitor lizard poked its head out, sniffing the air. It targeted the beetle, when suddenly a lump of sand buried the unfortunate lizard into the ground.

    As the sandstorm ended, it revealed giant metal monsters clanging away at a machine they were building. The rugged, war torn Decepticons had been building a huge machine there.

    Sand cleared from the ground, blown away by the force of the propellers of the MH-53 Helicopter as it arrived above the dunes. Partially landing, it changed into a huge dark robot. It harnessed the energy it collected into cube-like structures, then stacked the cubes up together with hundreds of other energy cubes that were collected.
    A giant carrier jet flew across the sky, and six Decepticons jumped out and landed, making a big mark on the dune. The sun shone onto them, and Mixmaster and his crew were ready to build. As the carrier jet itself transformed, Long Haul handed him the materials collected from the construction site. The Decepticon leader, Megatron, patrolled the work, observing his glorious plan unfolding before his optics. Megatron’s whole body was covered in a battle torn, rusty color that barely revealed the true color hidden underneath it: silver. His eyes glowed a bright red, and he curled his metal alloy lips, revealing sharp, metal teeth.
    The MH-53 robot stepped up to his leader. “Lord Megatron, Mixmaster has informed us that an Autobot was spotted scouting for them,” said the robot. Loud, deep words resonated from the monotone voice that they came out of.
    Megatron growled, his muscular metal armor shifting and interlocking. His feet holding his overall massive weight from sinking into the sand. His razor sharp serrated teeth piercing out of his mouth. “Soundwave, dispatch Starscream and Octane. See to it that the Autobots are slowed down, if the least.” Megatron looked at Soundwave, his red, menacing eyes fixed to Soundwave’s red visor.
    “Yes, lord Megatron,” Soundwave walked off.
    Octane transformed into the transport carrier jet, and Starscream transformed into an F-22 Fighter jet. They flew off, jettisoning from the dunes and disappearing into the bright and blazing sky.

    Chapter 6

    Back at Tranquility, Nevada, the sky was darkening. The sun was setting fast, and birds flew across the sky. The buzzing metropolis was slowing down, and shops started closing down one by one. The ringing of the ice cream truck was gone, and so was the construction site. People gathered to inspect the damage, news reporters rushed in with their crew.
    Meanwhile, Spike, Carly and Sparkplug rode in the VW bug as Bumblebee drove them across the country. They drove across a rugged road, and Bumblebee was starting to get fed up with the traffic. People were yelling, stressed out after a day at work. Horns blowing off, screams and shouts, Bumblebee couldn’t take it. Yet it was his mission to continue and do what he must. Soon they reached a dump area, and Bumblebee slowly drove in to the smelly, stinky and foggy place.
    “This place reeks!” cried Carly, putting her hands over her nose as the pungent smell of garbage filled the atmosphere.
    “You’re lucky the windows aren’t down!” said Bumblebee through the speakers in the car. The full moon shone across the night sky. As the three of them got down the car, they witnessed a chain of events as fireballs started streaking down from the sky.

    High above the atmosphere, four meteors streaked down. They plummeted down in full force, bursting into flames as they entered the earth’s atmosphere. Space debris slowly broke off from the meteors, chunks of them flying off into space. As the debris cleared, what appeared to be a metal shell slowly shown itself.
    The meteors spread out, crashing into the ground. Dirt flew up from the ground as one of them crashed into a field.
    Another smashed into a lakebed.
    Yet another one streaked across the sky and smashed into a car showroom. It blasted in, and people fled as the place burnt up in flames.
    And the last one crashed into a few bushes and trees.
    Up a trail of brown and burnt grass, laid a robotic shell in the middle of the field. Smoke cleared slowly, and the burnt metal shell slowly shifted as it started transforming.

    Meanwhile, steam rose from the lake a few hundred meters away. Ripples rose and then ultimately a huge black figure rose from the lake. It made its way off, bright fluorescent lights shimmering from its eyes. Scanning a nearby black GMC Topkick, it transformed into an exact copy.

    At the same time, a figure appeared from the field as it walked up, nearing the road. As a red and blue Peterbuilt 18 wheeler truck zoomed by, another exact same truck was laying on the field, disguised.

    At the car showroom, police vehicles arrived, thinking it was a car robbery. The dark, black figure hid away, and then a police vehicle jumped out and drove away.

    The bushes stirred in yet another location, and the creature peered over the bushes. On the roads were many vehicles, and it scanned the biggest one it could find – a red and white Hummer H2 Ambulance.

    Bumblebee drove Spike, Carly and Sparkplug into a nearby alley as a GMC Topkick, a police vehicle and an Ambulance arrived. The police vehicle and the Ambulance’s sirens stirred as red and blue lights encircled the area.

    Bumblebee stopped and let his passengers out.
    From another direction, fog cleared as a huge 18 Wheeler drove forward. On its front grill was an Autobot insignia. Spike and Carly held their breath as the majestic truck came forward and stopped right in front of them. Then its hood started splitting, and every part of it came loose as it transformed. Sparkplug went behind Bumblebee as he watched every part of the huge robot come together. Lights shifted and wheels folded, and the huge robot looked down, its mouth plate sliding away, and panels shifted. Gears interlocked, arms raised into position, and joints slid and turned on against themselves.

    Joining them, the GMC Topkick, Ambulance and police vehicle started transforming before their very eyes. Bumblebee joined in as well. Soon all of them were in their robot modes, and Spike and Carly turned to the big giant robot right in front of them. It stared down, and kneeled onto the ground. Its giant face loomed over them. Carly took a deep breath, unimaginably in awe of what was in front of her.
    “My name is Optimus Prime,” said the robot, emitting a deep, loud voice that echoed through the dark valley. Carly took a deep breath as she tried to absorb everything that was in front of her at the moment.
    Optimus Prime loomed over and stood up. He stared at Bumblebee. “You just had to involve the humans on this planet, didn’t you?” he said strictly.
    “The Decepticons were attacking them and I had to save them!”
    “Fine,” Prime treaded back. “As long as we’re here, you’re in charge of guarding them from the Decepticons.”
    “Sure Prime,” Bumblebee folded his arms with confidence.
    Prime looked down to Spike, Carly and Sparkplug. “Our first Lieutenant, designation Prowl,” he said as Prowl flipped down his shoulder cannons into his back. His white and black shell and insignias made him a police officer to be reckoned with.
    “Our medical officer, Ratchet.” The medic’s shoulders flared it’s ambulance’s vehicle mode insignias nicely, two red crosses that showed off his ability to heal.
    “And our Weapon’s Specialist, Ironhide.” The deep and dark figure’s silhouette shone through the street lights going on in the back as he stepped up, spinning his huge barrels of a wide array of weapons on his arms and then folded them into his arms.

    Optimus glared back down onto the humans below him. Thinking not of them as being insignificant and small, but rather a new sight of life to be known to their kind. “I believe Bumblebee has told you much of our cause, as he is rather the talkative one.” Prime’s voice was lowered down to a whisper, but to the humans he was interacting to, his voice was like someone talking beside their ears. “Scouring the world wide web, we have come across many of your cultures and likelihoods. Your race is a primitive yet interesting one.”

    “Autobots, lets roll.”
    The Autobots transformed individually and sped off. Prime transformed himself, and Spike, Carly and Sparkplug looked to each other nervously. “Where are we going?” asked Carly.
    “Let’s take a drive,” Prime intercepted their conversation. His door opened, and they entered the cab.

    Chapter 7

    “This is a long two hours,” Archivil said, panting. All of them were exhausted. He stopped for a while to catch his breath, even though he knew that the hot sun would cook anyone who stayed there for too long.
    “You had the last drop of water,” Ishihara said with a smile. Not surprisingly, she was not the least bit exhausted. They could see a security post already, but it was quite far. They trekked longer and longer through the seemingly endless desert. Astoria looked up. The security post was as far as the last time. The sun was really getting to her. It could be a mirage.
    Suddenly, something shrieked in the air. Astoria stopped. She was sure she heard something. “Anybody heard that?” She raised up her hand to shield her eyes from the bright sun as she looked up in the open sky.
    “I heard something,” George stepped up and looked up into the sky, eyes squinted. Gordon followed. They all heard something. Archivil dropped onto the ground, attempting to rest, then he jumped back up. The sand was hotter than he imagined. Guess he would just go with it then.
    Nothing could be seen in the sky, and the only loud noise was that of the hot wind encircling them.
    “Oh well,” Astoria started walking towards the security post. “Guess it would be…”

    Her speech was cut short as a sudden thick slug crashed into the sand. Dirt and sand shot up into the air as Gordon lost his grip and slid through the sand. Ishihara covered her mouth with her hands as she let out a sudden squeal. They looked up.

    A bird like creature flew towards them. It looked almost like a condor, but was bigger and was definitely not friendly. The metal bird brain slashed through the air, letting out a screech as it attacked.
    Two Gatling guns rolled out from its belly, and a barrage of slugs struck into the sand as the four of them started running.
    Though exhausted, their lives were definitely at stake here. Archivil was running up front for an apparent reason, even though he was the one that was most tired, or at least could make up the most excuses that he was tired. Ishihara sped up in a definite second. Adrenaline suddenly rose up as the condor homed in onto them.
    It extended its claws that were tipped with razor sharp blades.

    Another screech could be heard from behind them, and Lieutenant George looked back. Ducking just in time, he managed to escape the bird’s grasp as it swooped down, claws agape.

    Their hearts pounded faster than ever before, and they could clearly see the security post getting closer and closer. The bird started firing slugs out at them again, and it zoomed in, slicing through the air.

    Finally reaching the security post, they ran up and entered the guard house. A few men were interrupted in their game of cards, as Astoria charged in and grabbed a rifle. The men wanted to stop her, then started running as they saw the huge bird looming in the sky. The men shouted a few words in Spanish words before they fled.

    Ishihara inclined the rifle and started shooting at the creature. The bird was starting to land as the others grabbed rifles as well. The creature shrieked, panning its wings to make itself appear larger than it was already.
    As the bird was on the ground, they hit thick metal slugs onto the bird’s metal hide. Though, the bullets barely penetrated the surface of its armor. They bounced off easily, and then the bird felt a slight itch on its neck. Looking back, it saw Gordon throwing grenades onto it. The bird shrieked and scratched itself on the neck, taking away the slight itch that the explosions caused it.
    “These things just don’t die!” cried Archivil, shooting at it wildly.
    The bird responded to the hostile yet undamaging attacks on it by pulling out two huge cannons on its back. Spotting a big energy source appearing from the barrels, Ishihara cried out
    “RUN NOW!!!!!”
    She charged away together with the others as a huge blast of energy smashed into a pile of sand. The ground exploded, shooting gravel and dirt high up into the air.

    Ishihara ran to the back of the security post and started reloading. Then she ran out to fight. Meanwhile, Gordon rushed into the security post and grabbed a phone one of the guards left there. He immediately called the nearest military base for backup.
    The base responded by issuing three F-22s to the attack.
    “Raptors, scramble, scramble, scramble!” cried the military general as the pilots jumped into their aircrafts and shot off.

    The raptors cruised into battle range.

    “What is that!?” cried one of the pilots as he zoomed in at the target. He could clearly see the creature that was attacking. The pilot pressed onto one of the control buttons, and two anti-tank sidewinder missiles shot out from its undercarriage.

    Penetrating and busting the creatures skull, metal wires burst out of its skull, and a strange blue liquid spat out. The creature looked back and spotted the aircrafts with what was left of its head and eye. It spread out its huge metal wingspan, and it started flapping. The bird immediately thrusted itself from the ground and swooped towards one of the F-22s. Razor sharp blades flipped out from its wings, and it proceeded to slice the aircraft in half.

    The pilot’s instincts led him to push the emergency release button, and he flew out, parachuting away just in time as his jet was annihilated. The other two F-22s cruised in, sending sidewinders out and smashing into the bird. It let out a loud shriek as half of its right wing and its right tail was busted. Realizing that this was a battle it could not win, the creature made its best choice in a long time – fleeing.
    The smoke cleared, and the battle was won. George waved at a few Apache gunships that just hovered by to pick them up. The heat of the battle was over, for now.

    Chapter 8

    The next morning, Spike scampered down the stairs in his house, barely awake. He opened up the blinds in his kitchen window, and spotted the Autobots parked outside his house in disguise. A good sign that they were still there. Yawning, he gulped down some Mountain dew he had left in the refrigerator. He didn’t need to work for the time being, as the construction site was demolished really bad. Entering his living room, he stopped to watch the news on the television as his parents watched it together.
    “Yesterday, the newest construction site at the town Tranquility was wrecked,” said the news reporter on the television. “Witnesses described six metal beings demolishing the area for a reason that is yet uncovered…”
    Spike wondered why nobody caught the things on tape. Anyways, Prime did inform him that their war must be done without wreaking panic, and clearly everyone was fleeing for their lives, having no time to grab their phones or cameras.
    Spike walked out of the house. He didn’t need to tell his parents. His father, Sparkplug, already knew about the Autobots, so they knew that he was going to talk with them in the spare time that he had without work.
    “Ready for a ride, Spike?” Bumblebee’s speaker’s boomed out an enthusiastic voice as he opened his door readily.
    “Sure thing,” Spike strapped himself into the driver’s seat, trusting that Bumblebee knows how to drive. The VW Beetle’s engine roared as it started.
    “Keep an eye out for Decepticon activity,” Prime said wearily. “You never know when they might strike.”
    “Okay Prime!” Bumblebee sped off.

    They drove down the bustling streets, negotiating with the traffic as they sped down the road. Spike wound down his windows and enjoyed the wind blowing against his face.
    Bumblebee was starting to enjoy Tranquility. The people, the town, everything. He drove around the park, and immediately realized the ice-cream truck parked outside. Children buying balloons from one of the people there. Their laughter filled the air. A huge fountain was located in the middle of the park. Dogs with their owners jogged down the lanes, and stray cats chose to stay permanently in the park. “It’s a wonderful day, Spike!” Bumblebee exclaimed. “you sure you don’t want to go out?”
    Just as Spike wanted to respond, a loud roar streaked through the air. “What was that!??” Spike’s answer turned into worry.
    Bumblebee spied two aircrafts in the air, a transport jet and an F-22 Raptor. “They’re flying too low for normal aircrafts!” Spike exclaimed, suspecting something.
    “Decepticon!” Bumblebee realized. He immediately tuned in into his audio receptors. “Prime, Prime! Do you copy!? We have spotted Decepticons in the vicinity! We need backup!”

    The call rang through the Autobots’ heads.
    “Autobots, roll out!”
    The engines started, and they roared across the road.

    The F-22 started closing in on them. Firing two anti-tank missiles, it blasted the VW Bug straight across the road. People panicked and started running for their lives as the attack ensued. The VW Beetle tumbled, rolling down, and finally stopping. But it was upside down. Spike found himself in an unpleasant situation as he struggled to pull out his safety belt while hung upside down. Finally letting go, he slumped to the roof of the car, opened the car door, and slowly crawled out. Steam rose from the VW’s engine as it slowly but surely started changing. Soon all that was left in its wake was a 16 foot tall giant hulking robot. The blast marks could easily be seen on Bumblebee’s shoulder and legs as he limped across the road. Smoke rose from his shoulder, and he quickly scanned the area. He needed Ratchet’s help.

    The F-22 slowly lowered down and finally, it spun in mid air. A few seconds later, the huge and massive robot form of Starscream crashed into the road. Starscream looked up and roared.

    “Insignificant Autobot!” Starscream cried with a shriek in his voice. “You shall die today!” His left arm transformed into a huge six-barreled missile launcher. Bumblebee jumped out of the way as Starscream blasted at him. The wall behind Bumblebee crumbled, and gravel and bricks shot into the air. Spike struggled to get out of the way of the battle as best as he could as the huge Starscream started flailing Bumblebee around.

    The transport jet flew into view again and transformed. The huge Octane landed onto the ground, and started charging at Spike, whom he noticed the Autobot was very fond of.

    Spike was cornered. There was nothing much he could do. Octane closed in. Each step he took was a big and earth trembling one. “Insect!” the robot exclaimed.

    “I’ll show you insect!” came a loud voice from behind. Prime grabbed Octane and strangled him with one arm. Since the mighty robots didn’t breath, crushing the neck was no different from stepping on their feet. But Prime was persistent. Raising up another arm, a myriad of pieces unfolded upon themselves, and his arm had become a sword. The glistening blade shone as Prime held it under the sun.
    Getting poised to slice, Prime got quite a surprise as Octane frantically thrashed him through the air. Optimus was flung away, and landed in the middle of the park, trashing the fountain. Dirt and grass were sliced out of the way as his sharp heels plummeted into the earth, stopping him from diving any further through the earth.

    Starscream was battling with his wits as he faced Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl and Bumblebee. Ironhide had basically pinned the huge jet transformer down. Starscream shrieked, his fists tightly clenched as he tried to get away from Ironhide’s grip.
    Prowl took the time to strike. He jumped up, arms poised for destruction. Just as he was ready to pound down, Starscream kicked the small Autobot away. He regained his strength and flung Ironhide away as well. The big Autobot crashed into a nearby parked bus. The bus exploded, sparks flying everywhere.

    Starscream got up. Ratchet was busy repairing Bumblebee. Knowing this was a battle not to be underestimated, Starscream walked away.
    Prime was just getting the hang of beating up Octane. After knocking the Decepticon unconscious, he held the him in his arms, lifting him into the air, and flung him towards a building. Octane was too weak to do anything for the time being, and he helplessly flung across the air, not knowing what to expect if he crashed and died. As he was swung across the air, a sudden burst of speed zoomed across him, and he found himself in Starscream’s grip. The Decepticon air warrior’s jet thrusters on his back allowed him to fly in robot mode. Allowing Octane to regain his energy, Starscream flung Octane into the air, and Octane transformed just in time. Starscream changed into his F-22 jet mode, and he shot off, supersonic, whilst leaving Octane to slowly follow him.

    Ironhide got up, badly injured, and helped Prowl up. Prime looked across the battlefield. The place was ruined. “We’ll have to continue our repairing in someplace secluded.” He altered his form into the large red and blue semi.
    “Autobots recon.”
    The other Autobots transformed as well. Spike hopped into Prime, for he knew how injured Bumblebee was. They started their engines and revved off.

    At a military base 50 miles away from the border of Mexico, Lieutenant George, Captain Archivil, Astoria Ishihara, and Gordon rested there after tirelessly taking down a huge metal bird the day before.
    It was dawn, and Astoria woke up early, as usual. She walked down the camp, totally ready and refreshed. It was a great day. The whole night she was shivering under her blanket. The very different weather was very, very disturbing. At night it would be icy cold, but in the day, it would be burning hot. Astoria looked around. The weather was perfect, but she knew that a few moments later it would be unbelievably scorching.
    They stayed there for the main reason that a large scale transport aircraft had not arrived at the base to pick them up yet. Ishihara was dying to head back to civilization, but for now, this would do.

    Chapter 9

    “My sensors seem to be picking up weird signals in the northern regions of Africa.”
    Prime tapped into his processing servos. Him and the other Autobots were all patched up thanks to Ratchet.
    “Decepticons?” Spike walked across the road, making sure that no one was driving by to witness the empty parked truck talking.
    “I presume,” Prime’s voice boomed out of his rear speakers in his cab section. “But what I don’t get is that they are gathering at one area where human interference or energy sources are limited.”
    “They must be plotting something,” Bumblebee responded with a jerk in his rear bumper. “I noticed that the Decepticons can’t actually transfer the energy back to Cybertron, and recently they’ve been hunting for materials to build a little project. Whatever it is.”
    “Good find, Bumblebee,” Prime stated. “I’ve noticed that too. Whatever they’re building, let’s hope it’s not a spacebridge.”
    “Most likely, Prime,” Bumblebee stated.
    “Then I fear the most,” Prime insisted. “The Decepticons must know we are here and sent the attack on us. We have to check out the location that I specified.”
    Spike looked onto the big red and blue semi. The spacebridge thing he understood. Bumblebee briefed him about it the night before. It was a dimensional portal where they would construct the spacebridge, set it to transport to Cybertron, then shove in energy cubes to Cybertron, where other Decepticons are waiting to pick up the energy from earth. But how in the world would they be able to get to Egypt? It’s not like the Autobots were attached to some high tech military tech pilot or something.

    “I shall contact Springer,” Prime said. “He is scouting at a military base not far from here. He is the only Autobot on earth other than us.” He tapped into his communication servos. “Springer, we need you to arrive at our location and pick us up immediately. There is somewhere on this planet that we need to go.”

    “Roger that Prime,” A V-22 Osprey hovered above the clouds. It was clearly high above a military base near the border of Mexico. Spying down, his instincts told him something was going on. Flying down, he shifted gear as his propellers shifted upwards and he started to land.
    “This is unexpected,” said Astoria Ishihara as she walked out of her tent after reading a book about robotics. She shielded her eyes immediately from the glare of the sun as she walked out. Inside the tent she was protected from the heat and the sun’s rays, but outside, her tanned skin darkened even more. Other members of the army came out, including Archivil, George and Gordon.
    The helicopter’s blades spun slower and slower as its engine went off. The V-22 was on the ground. “Hold up!” Astoria cried out loud. This could have been one of the creatures that attacked the other military base earlier. She definitely did not want to take any chances.
    George, holding up a machine gun, walked up to the helicopter. As he walked up to the cockpit, he stopped halfway. There was no pilot. Immediately he knew something was up. “FIRE!” he cried as he ran back to his posts to attack. The men fired their machine guns, and thousands of slugs rammed onto Springer’s thick, metal hide. Springer didn’t know what was going on. He couldn’t feel anything. Maybe these humans’ attempts at weapons and technology were as primitive as Prime said.
    But he was an Autobot, and he did not want to harm the humans. Not wanting to give away his true form either, even if he thought that the men already knew and saw the Decepticons, he spoke into his speakers that were embedded to the front of the cockpit.
    “Stop shooting!”
    The men stopped firing and stepped back, astonished by the sudden voice from within the empty chopper.
    “I am not here to harm you.” Springer’s voice continued in a very odd manner, proving clearly that he wasn’t good at speaking earthly languages. “We are in the middle of a war, and like it or not, you’re in it. You have to help us. Right now we need recruits. Human recruits. Your knowledge of this planet and its elements would be excruciatingly helpful.”
    Ishihara tried not to laugh at the pure language, yet she felt humbled by the very voice that sounded something like the thing that attacked her and her crew. The speech sounded like it came out of a alien invasion movie. But ‘excruciating’? Was that even usable in the sentence? ‘Excruciatingly helpful’. WOW. Never heard of that one.
    The vehicle’s voice unsettlingly dropped. All of them watched nervously as the helicopter waited for an answer.
    Summoning up all her bravery, Ishihara stood up. “I volunteer to help you out in this war.” It took a lot of guts to do that. Especially when what she was talking to was the same sub species as the thing that destroyed the whole military base. This thing wasn’t even to be trusted. “I guess the whole military should be involved in all of this?”
    Springer scanned the area. So far there was one answer. Then the rest started to reluctantly follow and volunteer themselves.
    This species, Springer thought, is far more primitive than anything I had seen, yet their courage surpasses even the thickness of Autobot armory. This is something that is worthy of Autobot alliances.

    Astoria, Archivil, Gordon and George stepped into the helicopter together with a few other recruits.
    “Oh, and we need some of your transport vehicles as well,” Springer said, knowing that he would not be able to carry all the Autobots at once.
    “At once!” cried one of the men as a large scale transport aircraft zoomed in from the North. Their flight was supposedly today, but with this emergency, Astoria and the others might as well use the aircraft for their advantage other than flying themselves home.
    After all, they were soldiers that were supposed to protect citizens. The man hopped into the transport that already had two pilots. The transport craft’s engine fired up and they were ready to go. The jet’s turbines spun rapidly, and it started rolling across the runway. Slowly but surely, it went faster, and faster, and finally lifted itself up the ground. At that time, the V-22 Osprey was already hovering in the air. Springer started, leading the aircraft as they flew north across the open skies.

    Back at Tranquility, Prime received a comm. Link. “Prime, head to the airport tomorrow afternoon at 1500 hours. We’re heading there as fast as we can.”
    “We?” Prime was puzzled as there was obviously only one of Springer.
    “I’ve gathered a few recruits. Military people. They’ve gathered a huge plane with enough cargo space to fill you and the other Autobots. Also, they have a lot of handful weaponry and vehicles in the jet.”
    “Good job, Springer. Prime out.” He hung up deep in his head. Not able to turn around in vehicle mode, Prime was more than frustrated. Yet, the sudden good news of back ups was good. “Autobots. Seems like we’re in better shape than I expected. Prepare yourselves for a field trip.”
    The other four cheered, honking and lighting up their sirens happily.

    “So let me get this straight. You and your team of Autobots need to defeat the Decepticons that want to suck our planet dry?” Astoria flinched after hearing the facts that Springer briefed them about as they rode in the V-22 Osprey. They were high up in the air, hovering over what seemed like Mexico. Yet it was too hard to tell from their standpoint.
    “Yeah,” Springer responded. “And from this point, it’s pretty clear that they are building a spacebridge. Something that can transport the energy back to Cybertron. Then, they will enslave both your planet and mine.”
    Ishihara shrugged. Even after all they’ve been through, she still wasn’t used to a talking helicopter. It was like it came out of a kindergarten’s kid show or something. But this time the talking helicopter could transform into a big bad robot that could give a little kid a lot of nightmares.
    “Well that explains why the Decepticon that attacked us went after our power source, but why did it send another to hunt the survivors down?”
    Springer thought for a moment at the question he was asked. “They don’t want any witnesses I guess. They like wreaking havoc, so most likely their commander, Megatron, ordered them to eliminate the survivors.”
    “I guess,” Ishihara looked out the window. They soared through the air, the loud and noisy propellers of the V-22 spinning on both sides of the aircraft.

    Chapter 10

    The sun’s glare shone into the Peterbuilt semi’s windows. The truck shone as it drove along the highway, with a pickup, an ambulance, a police vehicle and a Volkswagen. They burned rubber, racing down the road, with Spike and Carly sitting in the front seats of the VW Bug. Many vehicles drove by, staring into what vaguely seemed like four unoccupied vehicles with one occupied one tailing them. Prime wound up his windows, just in case people started to become suspicious.
    Behind them, a suspiciously fast pickup truck picked up the pace. Then, high up in the air, a low flying F-22 sped past them. “Optimus!” cried Spike out of the window.
    The Autobot leader responded. He recognized the fast pickup truck as a Decepticon.
    He pulled his brakes hard, and turned. Smoke and sparks flew out of his chassis as he drifted around. Light bars folded in on themselves, and smokestacks turned down. The grill folded into a million pieces and folded out of the way. Arms formed, windows crashed, and finally a huge robot stood in place of what was once a red and blue semi.
    Optimus Prime was ready for battle. The other Autobots drove past and drifted, finally crashing and stopping at the side of the elevated highway. Spike looked down. It was a long, long way down. Pillars were all that stood in the way of the road and the forest below.

    The pickup truck started braking. Its truck bed folded vertically, and then every part of it started moving. The advancing robot lifted itself off the ground and held his legs up high. Holding a defensive position, Prime waited for the incoming attack. Dropkick smashed into Prime with his legs, and Prime grabbed his legs as the two tumbled down. Dropkick fell down to the forests below, whilst tugging onto Prime’s leg. The Autobot leader slipped, and eventually fell as the two collided into the trees. Timber, grass and dirt shot up into the sky as they rumbled in the leaf litter.

    Meanwhile, back on the highway, two race cars sped forward. They were customized, fast moving vehicles, one blue the other red. Ironhide transformed immediately, after recognizing them both as the Decepticon speedsters Swindle and Dead End. He rolled out his weapons, and the two race cars transformed, sliding across the road and letting sparks fly everywhere. Ironhide smashed the ground with his right cannon, which had a built in shock producer. Ironhide made it himself, of course.
    Cars sped away as the two Decepticons were shot back. They tumbled into an incoming bus, destroying it. The bus blew up in flames, and the Decepticons emerged, barely scarred.

    Optimus flipped out a sword on each of his arms, and he started flailing around, smashing and slicing, advancing towards Dropkick. The Decepticon was flung back as the two swords smashed into his chest, and he fell onto the ground. Dirt was spat up, and grass stained all over the Decepticon’s injured body. “I thought you died on Cybertron, Dropkick!” Prime lashed out at him.
    “Me!? Dead!?” Dropkick managed a smirk as he dodged Prime’s blows. “If I do not succeed in sending you offline, any other Decepticon might!”
    “You know the odds are against you, young warrior,” Prime coaxed. “Why do you still fight valiantly for something that is not worth the risk?”
    “You talk to much,” Dropkick stopped and braked. He snarled as twin arm cannons popped out from his arms and he started firing.
    Prime shielded himself, crossing his two swords in front of him to deflect the slugs.

    Ironhide jumped up, flipping as he blasted Swindle offline. The dead Decepticon corpse dropped down into the leaf litter below. “That outta’ show em’!” Ironhide crossed his arms, completely disregarding the other Decepticon, Dead End.
    Spotting an incoming attack, Carly shouted out with her worrying voice, “Ironhide! Watch out!”
    Ironhide looked back, but it was too late. Dead End smashed his foot into Ironhide’s face, and pieces of metal scrapped off Ironhide’s helmet. The old Autobot Weapon’s Specialist tumbled down into the forest. Feeling a slight pain in his back, he groaned as he helped himself up.
    Dead End was already on the ground, sizing his opponent up. Beaten, Prime landed face first next to Ironhide. Getting up, he got back to back with his fellow warrior as the two Decepticons rounded them up.
    For no apparent reason, they moved to one side together, and charged towards Prime and Ironhide. Spike spotted the incoming danger, but they were two far down to hear him. “They’re rounding Optimus and Ironhide into the trees, where they’ll be easily distracted,” Spike muttered. Him and Carly looked up. The F-22 was poised for attack as it circled noisily in the air.

    Ironhide realized what was going on at the time they were forced into the trees. He couldn’t see through the scrubs and bushes. Prime tried to slice off the trees, but some were just too thick. Meanwhile, Starscream sent down two anti-tank missiles speeding towards them. “It’s Starscream!” shouted Ironhide, realizing the obvious as they jumped up to try to evade the incoming missiles. The trees exploded as bark and leaves shot up into the air. Smoke rose from the battle, as Ironhide dropped to one side, weakened, and Prime limped over to him.
    The Decepticons were gone. All of them. Dead End and Dropkick must’ve escaped with Starscream.

    “Did Megatron order that?” asked Ironhide weakly as the other Autobots, together with Spike and Carly, came down to find them.
    Ratchet transformed and slid down his battle mask as he started repairing Ironhide, who was brutally hurt by the missile.
    “Not necessarily,” Prime responded. “Megatron gives out direct orders. He doesn’t normally take time to review each of his thoughts. Starscream is smart and cunning. He must’ve planned the attack. We must watch our backs, Autobots.” Megatron sent the attack, but Starscream planned it. Whatever the case, this meant that the Decepticons knew that the Autobots were heading to their location, and set out to either slow them down or stop them once and for all. They certainly barely succeeded in slowing them down, though.

    Hiding in the leaf litter, a little bug-like creature scurried around. It’s shell was actually gleaming metal, and it’s abdomen carried a miniature satellite transmitter. The Decepticon spy flew off after gathering the information of whether the Autobots have been terminated for good.

    “Now we need to get to the airport fast. Springer could be already there,” Prime stated worryingly. “Autobots recon.”
    Ratchet was done repairing, and him, Ironhide and Optimus transformed to join Prowl, Bumblebee, Spike and Carly as they drove off.

    At the airport runway, the guards were stoked as they spotted a military transport aircraft and a V-22 Helicopter entering their runway. San José Las dropped his magazine harmlessly onto the ground as he spotted the aircrafts. He tilted his sunglasses as he looked into the bright sky. There was no description of military aircrafts to land at their airspace. Shouting out a few commands in Spanish, a few buggies and police vehicles entered the scene.
    The transport aircraft skidded along the runway as it slowly came to a stop. Three military soldiers hopped out after realizing the police vehicles that were surrounding them. The V-22 Osprey landed beside it, and all the men jumped down. Astoria looked around. She didn’t see any red and blue semi like Springer described.
    “If we’re lucky, they would be here early and we would be able to leave early as well,” Springer whispered to her, as to not raise any suspicion.
    “They’re over there!” said Gordon as he pointed to his right. The red and blue semi entered the area, followed by a pickup, an ambulance, a police vehicle and a VW Beetle. The three pilots ran to their positions and opened up the transport aircraft’s holding dock. The four Autobots drove in, and the other soldiers quickly jumped into the V-22. Springer turned his engine up, and his propellers started spinning rapidly. Soon, he was hovering in the air. The transport craft turned around and started speeding across the runway. As soon as the time it took for them to land, the aircraft took to the skies, and they flew off, leaving a puzzled San José Las standing at his posts and in the dust. The police vehicle and buggy drivers drove their vehicles back to the parking area.

    High in the skies above, the little insect-like spy flew through the air, relentlessly forcing against the wind. Soon, it found its way to a F-22 that was flying a higher altitude than any normal F-22 could ever wish to reach. The insect crawled into the hull, and scurried into its cockpit, sending out the information about the Autobots. Starscream sent out a few Cybertronian curses as he realized the Autobots have not been destroyed. He turned around and flew off to try to finish them off.

    Chapter 11

    Soundwave hovered up into the air. The Autobots have detected the Decepticons’ presence and locked on to their location. But that wasn’t enough. After locking their location, the Autobots have pinpointed them with a human satellite service GPS. That homing beacon would be able to track them down and watch every little move of them. Even though the Autobots know where they are, they don’t know exactly where the Decepticons would be able to strike without the satellite signals that were definitely cooperating with them and sending them signals where troops were.

    His helicopter parts started to disintegrate as he hovered higher and higher up into space. His exoskeleton was of no use now. It was slow, and Soundwave needed to get to the satellites fast. His exoskeleton flashed into flames as he penetrated the atmosphere, going against the G forces.

    A mass of alien technology uncurled as the Decepticon ‘shed his skin’, if you will. His blades started popping out, and a large empty hole cracked open from its undercarriage. A bluish hint of metal glistened from a hydraulic metal arm as an alien, Cybertronian arm pulled out. Another arm soon cracked up, and Soundwave started pulling itself out of its earthly guise.

    His head and torso popping out, his feet gave off enough energy that he blasted out of the helicopter shell in full force. The empty helicopter shell floated away in the vacuum of space as Soundwave headed for a satellite.

    A mirage of glistening blue metal unfurled as he transformed into his Cybertronian alternate mode, a Cybertronian Jet, and he blasted across space. Soon, he reached high altitude and headed for the nearby satellite that he was aiming for. Scanning it, he transformed into the satellite, giving him a new exoskeleton, that was crucial if he was to be well armored for a fight. He modified his parts a little and thrusters from his old Cybertronian mode popped and unfurled out into his satellite mode.
    Soundwave transformed into a large robot once again and heaved one fist into space in the name of his leader Megatron. Pushing down, he punched a hole into the satellite that he had scanned. Sparks flew around the vacuum of space as the satellite whirled out of its orbit, and Soundwave disintegrated it with one sonic wave. The particles wavered around, and the bits of metal from the satellite floated off into space.
    His mission done, Soundwave transformed into his Satellite mode and blasted down towards earth at full speed with his Cybertronian thrusters.

    Worldwide, Soundwave had caused confusion among traffic and coordination, which was exactly what his leader Megatron wanted. It wasn’t just the GPS systems, but everything else like radars and communications as well. People in planes started wobbling as the plane itself lost its overall flight pattern. Jets lost their flight paths, radar was no use. Ships were floating randomly, and airplanes crashed in upon each other. The entire earth was under chaos.

    The V-22 and the transport aircraft flew across the sky in record speed. Springer’s blades sliced through the clouds as he led the aircraft behind him across the sky to their destination – Egypt.
    “I can’t get my coordination systems to work!” cried one of the three pilots of the transport aircraft. They looked out of the canopy bubble. Springer didn’t need a GPS guiding system to know what the direction of their destination was.
    “Just follow the V-22!” ordered Prime. Optimus transformed into a full sized metal robot. “That’s odd. The worldwide Global Positioning System just shut down. I can’t pinpoint where the troops of Decepticons are.”
    “Decepticon interference,” Ironhide growled in vehicle mode.
    “Now what’s your plan, Prime?” Prowl revved his engine.
    Spike and Carly looked at Prime. Spike turned on his GPS system. It didn’t work. Yep. It was a worldwide failure.
    “We know that they’re building a spacebridge, and that spacebridge can’t be moved,” Prime muttered. “It’s their attack on us that can’t be tracked.”
    “We’ll just have to face fact,” Ratchet said, knowingly.

    Suddenly, a huge aircraft streaked past them in supersonic speed. The F-22 slowed down and turned, racing towards them. The Autobots recognized Starscream, and the transport aircraft’s cargo bay opened. The Autobots held on to the inner walls with one arm as the other shot slugs out at the intruder. The mist in the air led them to be barely able to see Starscream.
    “Be careful Autobots!” Prime shouted out through the loud and forceful wind that was blowing past them. Spike and Carly hid helplessly inside the aircraft, hoping that they won’t be pushed out of the air.
    Starscream sent two missiles flying towards them, and Prime pulled out his energy rifle, blasting accurately at the missiles, detonating them before they could even reach the aircraft they were in. Starscream soared out of sight, and Prime narrowed his eyes as he scanned the misty and dangerous sky. One minor slip and they would fall down. Down into the ground below, where his fate was sealed.
    Springer turned around and started firing missiles of his own as he spotted Starscream flying through the mist, evading their optical sensors. His heat-seeking Sidewinders smashed Starscream, damaging the Decepticon’s outer armor. Starscream let out a shriek and disappeared into the clouds again.
    The odds were against the Autobots. Starscream was the best aerial warrior that ever existed. They were in his turf. Starscream appeared suddenly and spun rapidly, confusing the Autobots. “I can’t get a clear shot!” shouted Ironhide through the wind that immediately engulfed his loud voice.
    The Decepticon made coils in the air, advancing ahead and flying round and round, circling the transport aircraft the Autobots were in. The V-22 flew overhead, and locked his optics at the Decepticon. Firing out two heat-seeking Sidewinders, he charged towards Starscream. The Decepticon swirled, dodging the missiles easily. As the missiles entered his view from the other side, Starscream dodged yet again.
    Realizing the missiles were headed for the aircraft he was in, Prime pulled out his long ranged weaponry and annihilated the missiles into pieces. Starscream flew into view, and Ratchet flung a rotary saw from his right arm as he held on tightly to the hull of the aircraft. The saw spun towards the Decepticon, and finally sliced into his wing.

    The pilot of the aircraft spotted something through his window. There was a huge cliff up ahead. Usually their radar would warn them of such things, but the Decepticon interference caused lots and lots of confusion. Starscream had shifted their attention so they were heading towards the wrong direction, in par with Soundwave’s hacking abilities. Starscream’s plan seemed to be working. “Get this thing moving!” commanded Prime desperately.
    “I can’t!” said the main pilot. He started yanking his breaks, but the aircraft was moving too fast.
    Springer couldn’t see what was going on. The mist in the air broke up his sense of vision, and he could faintly tell where the aircraft was heading. “Oh no!” cried Ishihara in the V-22 as she pulled up her binoculars, spotting the Autobots through the clouds.

    Starscream flew overhead. A few wounds wouldn’t matter, as long as the reward was the destruction of the Autobots.

    Spike and Carly held on for their lives. Nothing seemed to be going right for them. The cargo bay wouldn’t shut, and the aircraft wouldn’t brake. Wind rushed in noisily and violently, throwing the Autobots off.
    Frantically searching a way out, Prowl pushed himself further out into the open sky as wind smashed into his face. With one hand grabbing the inner walls of the cargo bay to make sure he doesn’t fly out accidentally, he shot out a metal alloy winch from his other arm.
    As the plane started getting closer to the cliff, Prowl’s winch latched onto it. Lengthening and shortening the rope, Prowl managed to control the giant transport aircraft’s movements, and the aircraft spun around the peak of the hill and flew back.

    Prowl pulled his winch back. They were saved at the very last moment. Exhausted, Prowl laid back onto the wall of the cargo bay. “Thank you. Soldier,” Prime went to him. Finally, the three men piloting the ship managed to close the cargo bay, and they headed back to their course, with the V-22 leading the transport aircraft to the Sahara.

    Out of anymore bright ideas for the moment, Starscream flew away, his plan failed, and shouting many Cybertronian curses on the way.

    In the harsh landscape of the African Sahara, the Decepticons continued with their construction. Megatron walked across the dunes, his large, flat feet stepping lightly on the sand. “Status report,” he loomed over to one of the Decepticons, Rampage.
    “The spacebridge is almost complete, Lord Megatron,” Rampage bowed with his four legs and two arms.
    A loud roar was heard from the sky. An F-22 soared by. “Starscream has arrived,” said Rampage. Starscream transformed into a menacing robot and bowed to his leader, Megatron. “I failed to stop the Autobots.”
    Megatron growled and slapped Starscream in the face with his claws. “You what!?” he roared. Starscream humbly glanced up. Megatron’s teeth shone in front of his eyes. But Starscream was Megatron’s best warrior next to Soundwave, who was skilled mainly for his leader’s cause. But Starscream, he was skilled for his own cause. But Megatron put him in a high rank just for those skills. Second in command, to be exact. If it wasn’t for that, Megatron would have disposed of him like he normally does with any of his troops that fail their mission. Megatron spat at his disappointing second in command. Seems like the Autobots were stronger than he thought, and Optimus Prime was to be disposed of immediately.
    Megatron walked away, his eyes glowing a bright and evil blood red. Another loud roar came from above. The Satellite spun as its thrusters flashed from behind it. Uncurling, Soundwave dropped straight out from the sky as a whole different robot. “Lord Megatron,” he bowed. “I have destroyed the satellite that helps with the Global Positioning System, together with other coordination systems.”
    “Good job, Soundwave,” said Megatron. He glanced at Starscream. “At least one of us can carry out direct orders.”

    At a military base not far from the site the Decepticons were building, a huge transport carrier landed onto the runway. Men clambered out from it, and the Autobots drove out of the cargo bay. A large V-22, hosting more military men, hovered down onto the ground. The men in the Osprey rushed into the transport aircraft and came out driving jeeps with Gatling guns mounted on them.
    Military men rushed out from the base. They didn’t expect them to be coming so soon, as their radar, communications and GPS systems were screwed.
    The military base itself provided backup. A whole fleet of F-22 Raptors were ready to roll. Apache gunships were on the ready, and A-10 Warthogs that held high-heat sabot rounds got ready for battle.
    “Autobots, roll out!”
    They drove away as fast as possible, followed by the jeeps. The V-22 led the whole fleet of backup aircrafts behind them as they hit the road. Spike and Carly looked out of the window of the red and blue semi they were in, their hair blowing behind them as the hot wind rushed into their faces. Sand and dirt was the only thing on the ground. No roads, no pavements, just rugged land.

    Ishihara drove a jeep with Archivil, who was holding a bag full of grenades. “Let’s strike them hard and fast,” Astoria said. Archivil pulled out a rifle he had in the bag with the grenades and cocked it. “Waste of ammunition,” said Astoria. She wrenched the rifle right out of Archivil’s hands and stuffed it back into the bag.
    “What!?” he cried in dismay.
    “Haven’t you learnt anything last time?” Ishihara answered. The bird-like Decepticon they fought didn’t even felt the slugs hitting it. Who knows how big and bad the Decepticons they were going to face now? After all, that bird was just part of a robot. Bigger and badder baddies were awaiting them at the far side of the scrubs.
    Without any tracking systems, the Autobots and the humans didn’t know when or where the Decepticons would strike. They were probably waiting in ambush.
    “I see em’!” cried a sudden voice from above, and a loud roar came from the propellers of Springer, the V-22, as he rushed off, his propellers thrusting him forward. He spotted something with a Decepticon energy signature in the far scrublands.
    A sandstorm rushed through the area, whiting out their sights fast.
    “What is that!?” cried one of the men in the jeeps. Optimus burnt rubber as he skidded to a stop. The sand storm was blocking their vision. “Anybody get a visual!?” cried Prowl as he transformed into a huge robot. The others transformed. “No,” answered Ratchet.
    Springer was always enthusiastic. He never actually thought about the dangers before he attacked. “I hope he’s okay,” said Spike as Prime returned Spike and Carly onto the ground. The men clambered out of their jeeps, holding rifles and grenades.
    A large explosion was heard in the far end of the dunes, but the sandstorm was so harsh they couldn’t make out any shape in the desert. None of them could see each other. “Prime!?” cried Spike as the huge and massive Autobot just disappeared from sight.
    “I’m still here,” the Autobot leader replied. Spike could hear him, and knew he was beside him somewhere.
    “Gordon!? George!? Archivil!?” cried Astoria as she frantically searched through the storm. Suddenly she bumped into someone right in front of her. “What?” asked Archivil. He was always right beside her, but she couldn’t see him.

    “Springer!” cried Bumblebee through the loud, hot winds. Suddenly, a huge shape of a robot was exposed, as Springer was flung back. The Autobot had been damaged severely, and he screeched to a halt in the sand. His injury seemed like it wasn’t all that explosive, but was more of a wave of energy. A sonic wave.
    Panic ensued, and soldiers started running around in the storm, shooting everywhere in desperation. Archivil and Astoria sat behind their jeep. They couldn’t see anything, but the sound of gunfire was going everywhere.

    Another large sonic wave burst through the area. The Autobots knew what was coming to them.

    Archivil reached for a grenade, but Ishihara stopped him.
    “You don’t know what’s out there,” she said. “you could hit one of us.”
    “Of course,” Archivil left his grenade bag. “So what do we do now!?”
    The loud roar of the storm commenced behind, and they were raising their voices quite a lot.
    “Let’s wait till the Autobots make a move!” Astoria shouted back. She narrowed her eyes, covering from the sand in the air.

    Spike and Carly ran across the battlefield with their lives, eyes narrowed down to shield them from the dirt. They spotted a silhouette up front that looked almost like a van, and jumped to it. The roars and howls of the wind crashed into their ears as they crawled behind what seemed to be a military jeep. Soon they found themselves with Astoria and Archivil. Astoria gave them a thumbs up sign and smiled, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to hear through the howling. Spike and Carly nodded back, smiling.

    The chaos ensued as Optimus Prime rushed across the scene, forcing himself against the wind that was pushing him back. They knew there was something up front, because Springer obviously was hurt bad by something. Decepticon, most likely. The F-22 Raptors and Gunships rushed in to gain a bird’s eye view of the incoming attack through the storm.

    He spotted a large bulls eye in the middle of the battlefield. “I have a visual!” he cried into his microphone.
    “Copy that!” answered Optimus Prime. “Let’s ground this sucker, Autobots!” He charged forward, followed by the other four Autobots, and the military men with Spike and Carly in the jeep with Astoria and Archivil.

    Prime caved in. It was Soundwave alright. The Decepticon was blasting everything, wrecking havoc everywhere. Blasting another sonic wave throughout the area, jeeps were flung across the sky. Bumblebee struggled hard as Soundwave grabbed him by his neck. Bumblebee kicked Soundwave in the visor, and the Decepticon let go. Prime slashed about, slicing into one of the three of Soundwave’s sonic orbs that were on his chest. A sonic wave burst out with the blow, and sent Prime flying through the air.

    Other Decepticons drove in. They were all heavily armored. Dozens of Decepticons were up front. A particularly big one rolled into view. Demolishor. The huge excavating vehicle transformed, revealing a huge creature. Demolishor roared in rage, having no legs, it rolled around on a huge giant wheel. Flailing its huge and long arms about, it started towards Prime and the others.
    The sandstorm started to clear, but the battle has just barely begun. George pulled down his binoculars. The thing was huge. Prime grabbed onto it as it rolled along the dunes, skidding and braking as the huge beast started shouting curses in Cybertronian. Attempting to shake the Autobot leader off, Demolishor started transforming. The huge robot transformed into a large, large red excavator.
    Prime was forced to back off or be squashed under the hundreds of moving parts on his enemy.

    Astoria looked at Archivil. “We need backup.”
    Archivil could read her expression. He knew exactly what she meant. “No we don’t,” he answered, shaking his head.
    “Yes we do!” Ishihara insisted. “We have to do this!”
    Archivil realized instantly that she was talking about a big EMP generator that they had been working on for months, but were never allowed to test it.
    “What are we talking about here?” Spike squeezed into the conversation, and Carly looked at them.
    Astoria ran over to the trunk of the car and pulled out a big and awesome machine. It was a large barreled EMP generator that could short circuit even the most powerful of Decepticons. Carly stared at the sight of the gun. The chrome on the thing reflected into her eyes. It was a thing of absolute beauty.
    “So how does this work?” asked Spike.
    “I’ll show you,” Ishihara grabbed the weapon and stood it up onto the ground. She peeked into her scope and stared into the lens. By that time, Demolishor had transformed back into a huge robot and was wrecking havoc against the Autobots as he moved quickly and fast. Astoria could not get a visual.
    Other Decepticons probed in, attacking the Autobots instantly. Astoria locked onto a target, and fired, whilst Spike and Carly stared in awe at how it worked. Spike had the instructions to use the weapon in the back of his minds. He simply had to pull a few levels, set a few readings, aim, cock the thing, and then pull the trigger to fire.

    An EMP blast shot out as Astoria pulled the trigger. Three Decepticons got hit. It was the equivalent of getting an arm fracture. They were down and out for the count. One of the Decepticons looked around. It spied the human maggots meddling with the fight.

    “Oh no,” Ishihara said. “Oh well,” she sighed as she processed the EMP generator. The metal beast started charging over, and soon enough, she pulled the trigger and…


    The Decepticon’s ribs were fractured and he stopped from running and collapsed, shrieking in pain.

    “Yes!!” Ishihara cried out loud, victorious. “Now that’s a field test!”
    “We got other things to do,” Archivil noted, pointing to another side of the dunes where his men were fighting off seven Decepticons with grenades.
    “Don’t worry.” Ishihara set up her EMP generator and blasted away. One of the Decepticons was hit so forcefully that his entire arm fell right off its joint and socket. The others collapsed with it.

    The F-22s and gunships flew across the sky, bombarding the Decepticons. Other Decepticons fled the battlefield, but most struggled on.

    Demolishor continued rampaging around, and Prime and Ironhide went on to stop him. Bumblebee jumped onto the Decepticon Rampage, and pulled out his sword. Attempting to slice the spider-like robot’s head, Bumblebee jumped in. Rampage suddenly thrusted him around, thrashing the Autobot into the air.
    Prowl and Ratchet faced the deadly Dreadwing. He was already attacking Prowl, who was trying to defend himself. Ratchet entered the game, pulling out his rotary saw, and the Decepticon turned his attention to the medical Autobot.
    Mistake number one.
    Prowl flipped up and anchored Dreadwing with his elbow. His gauntlets slashed deep into the Decepticon’s back, and he pushed the Decepticon away. The Decepticon hauled up an empty jeep, and Ratchet sliced into his back with his rotary saw.
    Dreadwing screamed in pain, letting go of the jeep. Prowl grabbed the vehicle before it could hit the ground, and started slamming Dreadwing in the face with the jeep.
    Up next, he shot out energy blasts from his shoulder cannons straight into Dreadwing’s chest, and the Decepticon immediately went offline, his spark immediately extinguished.

    Suddenly, Demolishor let out a quick squeal. Prime didn’t know what it meant, but then five robots entered the battlefield. They surrounded their Decepticon ally’s vehicle mode, and Prime backed off. There was something fishy going on.
    The robots suddenly jumped onto Demolishor, hauling themselves straight onto him. Demolishor transformed, but in such a weird manner that it did not look like a robot at all. Instead, the other robots started changing shape, light panels shifting, treads tucking and folding, wheels sliding, windows collapsing, shovels interlocking, crane separating, an entire mass of alien technology unfolded before everyone’s very eyes.

    Spike and Carly’s jaws dropped, hanging below their head.

    Even after what she’d been through, this was totally new, and Astoria dropped her EMP weapon gently down onto the ground. The thing that was unfolding before her eyes was something completely new.

    Chapter 12

    Demolishor’s parts intertwined and interlocked with every of the other robots’ parts. Treads and wheels folded in on themselves, shovels and cement mixers unwrapped and unveiled, and finally, a huge, huge robot was revealed before their eyes.


    Prime’s optical sensors widened. He himself was amazed and frightened at the same time at the looming Decepticon that was fifteen times bigger than him. It had gorilla sized proportions, and strode on all fours. Its fingers were huge, each of them were the size of Prime’s entire body. The Autobots were definitely gone for good.
    The ground shook as the beastly Devastator’s mouth that was filled with jagged metal teeth opened and uncurled, revealing a huge incinerating barrel that spun rapidly in its jaws. Prime stared down the creature’s throat, and inside was nothing more than molten hot lava ready to spew and melt anything that got caught up inside. The creature roared, and started thundering across the battlefield, lumbering slowly.
    “That is massive,” Carly exclaimed, not knowing why she was whispering and squealing at the same time. Spike’s first instinct was to run, but he held back. Maybe Astoria’s EMP could be useful.
    The Apache helicopters hovered into plane sight, holding metal tight nets in their undercarriage. They strapped the nets over and around Devastator’s feet and torso, but the beast easily stripped all off. F-22s zoomed into view, shooting anti-tank missiles at their target. Devastator groaned as the missiles penetrated his right shoulder. Looking back, his mouth opened up, and suddenly, he started sucking the F-22 up. The pilot struggled to gain control as the forceful pull of Devastator’s jaws started reeling him into his doom.
    Sand and dirt shot up as Devastator’s huge metal fist hit into the sand, causing a tremor. Prime immediately came to view. If the pilot jumped out of the jet, he himself would be sucked down. Prime struck his fists into the Decepticon’s body.

    From a safe distance, Ishihara locked the Decepticon in her sights, and fired an EMP blast. One of the Decepticon’s fingers broke off, but it was too far to do any major damage. Devastator bellowed in pain as shards of metal crumbled out of his joints and sockets.
    Ishihara looked back. Other Decepticons were attacking their troops. “We have to handle those,” she told Archivil. Archivil grabbed some grenades and ran towards the attackers.
    Astoria turned around to face Spike and Carly. “Look, I need you to take this EMP, and…”
    Spike’s head shook wildly. He was obviously scared of what was to happen next. He couldn’t do whatever she was going to tell her to do. “No, I can’t,” he murmured.
    “Yes you can,” Astoria tried it slowly. “Just take the gun and…”
    “I can’t! Please no!” Spike was afraid. Afraid of death. Afraid of the giant beast that was Devastator.
    “YES YOU CAN!!!!” Astoria urged impatiently. “Look, I can’t leave my troops, so you have to help me with this, okay? You’re a soldier now. Take the EMP and go close enough to that thing, and shoot it at the chest. Listen to me. You have to do this. Or we’re all doomed!”
    Spike calmed down, trying to suck in everything that was going on. Than he was ready. He grabbed the EMP, nodded to Astoria, and then started running towards Devastator.
    Carly grabbed his sleeve. “Whatever happens, I’ll never forget you,” she said, sighing. Spike nodded understandingly, then turned and ran.

    At that moment, what looked like an oversized crossover of a dual bladed V-22 helicopter and a heavily armed Apache Gunship rushed over the dunes, its dual bladed propellers spinning rapidly. “It’s Megatron! Fall back! Take cover!” cried the Autobots as they shove everyone away. The Decepticon leader transformed, revealing a menacing huge robot. His mouth bristled with his razor sharp teeth, and Megatron charged across the battlefield. He reached out to his back and grabbed his two dual bladed propellers and they transformed into hollow but glistening blades.
    His muscular, sleek body design was prominent as he rushed under the bright sun. Starscream followed, together with a few other Decepticons.
    The Autobots were definitely outnumbered. Megatron charged towards Prime, his blades ready for action. Prime turned around, swinging his two swords into view. They took action, clashing together in a ritual of mortal combat.
    “The spacebridge is to be operational soon Prime, and soon we shall need a volunteer to test the spacebridge out,” Megatron smiled, slashing and flailing his swords at his nemesis. “You.”
    Prime shoved Megatron out of the way and punched into Megatron’s skull. “Why throw away your life so recklessly Prime!?” Megatron cried, wiping the blue liquid that was oozing out of his mouth with his injury.
    “That’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself, Megatron!” Prime pulled out his energy Ion Cannon, and blasted Megatron away. The Decepticon flung through the air, absorbing the energy, and then dropping, feet first, into the sands below.

    Megatron took initiative. If his arch rival wanted to play guns, then it would be fine with him. His right arm transformed into a formidable cannon. A fusion cannon. Megatron fired, blasting Prime high up into the sky.

    “Optimus!” cried Spike as he watched from afar. Soundwave was after him, but Spike kept running, knowing what he needed to do. He rushed faster and faster across the dunes, but the Decepticon unleashed the feline like creature that moved quickly, as fast as a leopard. “Ravage, destroy,” Soundwave ordered.

    Ravage ravaged across the battlefield, roaring and shrieking loudly as he chased after his quarry as Spike ran as fast as he could. The EMP blaster was heavy, but using it on Ravage would have been a waste of EMP pulses.

    Devastator spotted the incoming human with his all but powerful EMP generator. He roared. The insignificant human could not do much damage, but after scanning the weapon the human was holding, he realized a well aimed hit to a vital point would send him impaling on the ground. Devastator wasn’t going to take any chances. He was going to squish the bug, but not at the moment. He charged towards the mastaba plateau that the spacebridge was built on. It would not only give him more height, but protect him from the weapon.

    Ravage latched onto Spike’s shirt. “Spike!” cried Carly worryingly. She started running. Running a long distance towards Spike. Ravage pulled the human back, and Spike dropped the gun onto the ground.

    Chapter 13

    Far, far away, in space, the planet Cybertron was broken down. The civil war between the forces of Autobots and Decepticons drove most inhabitants away from the planet. They were forced to hide between stars, waiting for the opportunity that their kind would seize control of Cybertron. A few convoys of Autobots and Decepticons remained, and the war still ravaged on. In a high, metal building in a city in Cybertron called Tyger Pax, a large control center existed. A large Decepticon, Shockwave, had built a spacebridge on the top of the building, to receive the energy that was to be given to Cybertron from Shockwave’s own leader, the mighty Megatron.
    Shockwave was running Cybertron as the leader of the Decepticons as long as Megatron was absent, and he was running mad, with his stupid job of guard duty. Of an entire planet, of course. Before the spacebridge was to be used to transport energy, they needed a test. One small enough to not cause destruction to both spacebridges at the far sides of the galaxy.
    “Lord Megatron,” beeped Shockwave’s one, monocle red eye as he spoke. His Cybertronian body glistened with a purple accent. “The spacebridge is operational,” He spoke into his comm.. sender, and he tapped into the spacebridge as he did. “We are ready to receive test flights immediately.”

    “Copy that!” Megatron grinned as he battled Prime on earth. “Megatron out.” He hung up, and Prime slashed into Megatron’s torso with his blades. “Curse you Autobot! Your demise shall be swift!” Megatron then muttered a few foreign alien words and transformed. His Gunship mode rose up as he headed for the top of the plateau. “Devastator! Get down!” he cried. “This is not the time!”
    F-22s bombed the area, sending Megatron twirling towards the ground. He transformed just in time, hitting face first into the sand. A piece of Devastator’s arm armor blasted off as he growled and reached out. The pilot of one F-22 ejected himself instantly as the humungous Decepticon reached out and grabbed the aircraft. The raptor was crushed, and a huge explosion took place in Devastator’s palm. Chunks of metal flew everywhere, and Devastator groaned in pain, throwing the huge chunk of what used to be the F-22 down the plateau.

    “Incoming!” shouted Astoria. The military men backed up as the crushed chunk of a jet flew into the sand. Dirt and debris rocketed up into the sky and the jet crashed into three jeeps.

    Bumblebee, Prowl, Ratchet and Ironhide were too busy fending off Starscream to notice what was going on. “Take this scrap heap out!” growled Ironhide as he blasted a couple of missiles into Starscream’s leg. “I think you mean yourself!” Starscream growled. The Decepticon groaned, and shot anti-tank missiles of its own. Ratchet and Ironhide flew off from the blow, and Bumblebee noticed Megatron reaching for the spacebridge. Transforming into his VW bug mode, Bumblebee sped across the dunes as fast as he could, hoping to race up that plateau and stop Megatron.

    Ravage latched its sharp edged teeth onto its victim’s jeans and jerked, pulling back. Carly came up and grabbed the EMP generator. It would be a waste of time to try and set the thing up, so she took it and smashed it into the back of the miniature Decepticon’s skull. Ravage squinted and fell onto the dirt, out but not dead.
    Who cared. Spike had a mission at hand. He grabbed the EMP generator, nodded thanks to Carly, and sped off. Soundwave’s vehicle mode, the flying satellite, zoomed into view. It released sonic waves everywhere, and Carly was flung back. Soundwave transformed, his visor glowing a bright red. The Decepticon stepped forward. Carly stepped back. The huge robot cast out a large shadow over her.
    Ironhide pushed the Decepticon away. Soundwave punched Ironhide’s skull straight forward, and pounded the Autobot into the ground. Attempting an ambush, Ratchet jumped from behind with his rotating saw. Soundwave emitted a loud sonic wave towards his back, and Ratchet flew off. Prowl then came about. Soundwave immediately grabbed Prowl and flung him into Ironhide, who had got up and was attempting to attack the Decepticon.
    “Run, Carly!” Ratchet cried out. Carly ran away as fast as her small legs could get her, and the Autobots continued trying to hold the mighty Decepticon down. Starscream came back for more. The Autobots now faced both Soundwave and Starscream, the two best warriors the Decepticons had to offer.

    Devastator began his sucking spree. Sand, tones of sand, just sipped right into the huge jaws of the beast, and came out as scorched and burnt stones on the other side, behind his neck. Devastator just sucked. Rocks came loose from the ground and entered his mouth. “What are you doing you imbecile!?” cried Megatron. “You’ll suck up the plateau rock by rock!”
    Devastator initiated, crawling down the mastaba as his leader told him to like a big humungous ape as his mouth was kept agape, sucking up everything on the ground. Chunks of metal and even military jeeps were sucked in, and all that came out were shreds of alloy that were bite sized chunks and melted.
    Springer raced across the dunes, transforming suddenly as he took flight. The V-22 bombarded a few minor Decepticons below him, and then came up to Soundwave and Starscream to help Ironhide and Ratchet. Springer transformed and sliced chunks out of Soundwave’s armor with his blades, and Soundwave grabbed onto Springer’s neck furiously and tossed the Autobot down into the dirt.
    Springer’s skull smashed against what seemed to be rock solid stone for what little sand was worth, and metal pieces started peeling. Blue liquid and sparks spew out from his wounds as half of his face was almost destroyed. Both of his eyes still worked, and he punched Soundwave in the face. Starscream flew up and flew off from the battlefield, having better things to do.

    F-22s raced across the sky towards Devastator. Suddenly, one of them started transforming. What laid in front of the pilots’ eyes was a huge metal robot with thrusters on his back flying rapidly. “What is that thing!?” cried one of them. He pushed off a couple of missiles, and turned out not hitting the beast. Instead, Starscream fired slugs out of his Gatling gun and after twelve rounds, the pilot ejected as his aircraft blew up. Starscream transformed back into jet mode and flew off with a loud and evil cackle.
    “He’s in supersonic! On that guy!” cried one of the pilots, and the other F-22s followed Starscream.

    Megatron activated the spacebridge. A huge glow emitted from the giant machine, and a dimensional vortex spun out before everyone’s very eyes. It was somewhat sucking things in. Not nearly the force of Devastator’s sucking power. Megatron backed up and dodged, as Bumblebee’s attempt to stop him failed. Bumblebee revved into full gear, and disappeared into the vortex.
    Megatron groaned and transformed, getting back down to the even ground. He was hoping Optimus would be sucked in, but it was just a test, and that outta’ do it.
    “Bumblebee!” cried Prime as he reached out with his right arm. Megatron transformed and dropped right on top of the Autobot leader. They started fighting, their swords clanging against each other like medieval knights.
    Bumblebee flew across space a hundred times faster than the speed of light. He could see a trail that led to Cybertron, and if he was to escape from the trail that he was in, there was a chance that he would be trapped in space with nowhere to go. He zoomed past planets, stars and even galaxies, screaming as his mind couldn’t take so much information. Slowly, he found himself closing the gap between him and his home planet.
    As he spun across space, he was in shock of the current state of his very own planet. Looked like a lot of war had destroyed his home planet while they were gone at earth. Soon, he landed into another spacebridge in Tyger Pax, where Shockwave awaited.
    A few blinks from what seemed to be a huge elevator led Shockwave to believe Megatron sent a test. “I’ve received your package, Megatron.” He said into his communicator.
    Turned out, that package was bigger than his liking. A door opened up and Bumblebee tumbled out, dizzy. The tiny Autobot looked up, finding himself staring into a long, thin barrel that was smoking as energy was starting to charge inside it.

    “I think it is time for you to, how should I put this, walk the plank.” Shockwave’s voice was cold. Bumblebee complied, raising his arms in submission as he got up from the metal ground.
    Bumblebee resumed his attack, suddenly he drifted and smashed into Shockwave’s legs. The Decepticon dropped onto the ground, and then Bumblebee lifted his gun at his opponent. “That speech was lame,” he exclaimed with a smile.
    Shockwave found himself staring into a rifle that seemed tiny, but could’ve packed a lot of punch. If this Autobot was so persistent, let it be then. The fight was on. He smashed his fist into the side of Bumblebee’s skull, and kicked the tiny and feeble Autobot warrior around like a toy. Bumblebee tried absorbing each and every one of his blows, but it was too much.

    Back on earth, Prime fought valiantly against his arch nemesis, Megatron. The two exchanged blows, with the latter beating up the other, and the other way around.

    Archivil, Astoria, George, Gordon and the other members of the army were trying to destroy a remaining Decepticon attacker.
    Blademaster’s armory was good. There were barely kinks on his armor after thousands and thousands of slugs and missiles bombarded him.
    As his name suggests, Blademaster pulled out two swords from his back and started swinging, flailing around rapidly.
    Jeeps were sliced perfectly in half as men tried dodging the blows.

    Soundwave was attacking swiftly. Even Ironhide, Ratchet, Springer and Prowl couldn’t defeat the Decepticon sonic warrior. Soundwave blasted a huge sonic wave across the battlefield, tumbling the Autobots away.

    Spike ran closer and closer towards Devastator, who was charging furiously towards him. He realized the sudden pull of force as Spike was pulled towards Devastator, but he tried to resist. Grabbing onto a pole stuck in the ground with one arm, he held onto his weapon with another. Screaming, the loud pull of Devastator’s mouth was enough to drown his voice. Devastator was coming closer. Cars and weapons all got sucked into the huge beast’s throat.

    Spike was soon gazing into the biggest hot tub he had seen in years.

    Bubbling red hot lava laid on the other side of the Decepticon’s throat, but large spinning knives, spikes and blades would incinerate anything and everything before they reached the lava.

    Spike did not want to get into that hot tub, that was for sure.

    Carly arrived, and Spike tossed the EMP generator to her. Carly grabbed it from 50 feet away, safe from the attack of Devastator, and started setting up her weapon.
    Suddenly, the spacebridge let out a sudden discharge of energy as it started pulling everything towards it. Vehicles and rocks, cactuses and scrubs, everything started to fly into the spacebridge.
    A small scream became louder and louder as Bumblebee finally drove out, revealing himself to be okay. Transforming into robot mode, the injured Bumblebee faced the pull of the spacebridge and risked being pulled in there for a second time. Everyone held on tightly onto the ground, and Spike started coming apart. With the pull of Devastator and the spacebridge, Spike found himself flying straight into the jaws of his worst nightmare.

    Chapter 14

    Spike screamed, and Carly watched, unable to let her grip away from the ground and her EMP generator. Thinking instinctively, Spike grabbed a hold of Devastator’s lower jaw, trying carefully to not pierce his fingers in between the jagged edges of the Decepticon’s razor sharp teeth.

    Devastator himself was trying to hold on to the ground and stop himself from being sucked into the spacebridge. Because of the fact that he was too large, he would get stuck and ultimately destroy the spacebridge and himself.

    Ravage’s injured body was easily swept into the spacebridge, but his master, Soundwave, didn’t give up that easily. The Decepticon sonic warrior held on tight, and the Autobots had stopped their attack to hold their own against the sucking power. Blademaster flew into the spacebridge into his doom.
    Prime held on to most of the humans, who were to be easily swept into the spacebridge into Cybertron if he hadn’t held them down. Megatron held on next to Prime. Seeing Prime holding on to the humans, he was disgusted.

    Sparks and electric discharges came from the vortex, and on the far side of galaxies on Cybertron, Shockwave was witnessing a mechanical failure he never witnessed before in his life.
    Why, how could Shockwave’s inventions go wrong?
    He was the ultimate in intelligence, but yet something screwed up in the spacebridge, that could spell his doom. He rushed to get out of there, but no bloody door could open. He was sealed by his own fate.

    All the machinery and control buttons went out of control, discharging electrical pulses. Formats, super computers, everything was going haywire. His days of inventing while bored of guarding Cybertron was over. He had to map out the blueprints and sketches again, if he was able to live through the awful accident that was unreeling in front of him.

    Back on earth, the sky started shifting as clouds turned gray and started swirling around the spacebridge. A thunderstorm was on its way, and lightning stroke the frame of the spacebridge. The sky grew dark, and thunders roared across the battlefield. The desert had never witnessed such a storm in years, centuries even. The scrubs of the area lit into flames as electric discharges and sparks burnt them.

    Half charged, the EMP was definitely not something Carly would want to lose. Then thinking, the EMP was half charged. If she threw it into something flammable, it might send a certain something flying. Making up her mind, she used up all her strength and tossed the EMP generator across the field. “DUCK AND JUMP!” she cried to Spike, who dodged the incoming EMP. As it got sucked into the flaming molten hot lava, it released a huge energy wave that blasted Devastator off the ground. Spike jumped out of the way. Landing onto the ground, he grabbed onto a pole that was stuck into the ground and hung on for his life.

    Devastator was flung back, and he flew, tossing around in the air. He immediately crushed Soundwave and Megatron, and all three of them flew towards the spacebridge.
    As soon as the massive Devastator touched the spacebridge, all hell broke lose. The Decepticon was stuck. Its massive arms and head stuck out, and huge streaks of lightning broke out of the spacebridge. The storm became even stronger as Megatron and Soundwave got electrocuted really bad as well. All three of them slowly suffered the consequences of what they built.
    As soon as the last of Devastator was sucked in, the vortex disappeared, and the spacebridge exploded. The loud boom caused Megatron and Soundwave’s dead bodies fly all over the battlefield. The Autobots and humans ducked for cover, and smoke soon filled the area, the storm dying down.

    On Cybertron, Shockwave suddenly witnessed a huge electrical failure as the vortex that was swirling in the skies above expanded. Ravage’s dead body flung out into view, and Blademaster collapsed as he fell out, dead. The vortex on the skies above expanded even more and more, and all Shockwave could say as he stared out of the window was – “Oh no.”

    The elevator type thing’s lights started blinking, and instead of the door opening, the whole thing exploded, and out came Devastator’s dead body. The last thing the Decepticon intelligence officer saw was Devastator’s massive body falling onto him and crushing him.
    The building they were in exploded and crumbled, and Devastator and Shockwave’s bodies burst out, flying down onto the metal war torn grounds that was Tyger Pax below.

    Back on earth, the Autobots and humans clambered up. Ashes and smoke rose from the debris. The spacebridge had collapsed into a few piles of metal and a partially destroyed metal frame. Everything was over. The threat of the Decepticons was finally extinguished, the Autobots relaxed, calming down. The war was finally over.

    Starscream stood on the remains of the spacebridge, high up in the air, witnessing the Autobots and their human recruits heading away. He escaped the chase with the other F-22s earlier easily, and now looked over at the remains of the dead Decepticons.

    He glanced up into the sky. Soundwave’s loyal minion, Lazerbeak, appeared, circling Soundwave’s offline body. Starscream reached his arm out, and the condor like creature flew over and strapped its claws on his arms. He let Lazerbeak free, then transformed and flew away.

    Lazerbeak looked back at his master’s dead body. Ashes rose from its torso. Then, a sudden twitch by Soundwave’s fingers caught Lazerbeak’s eyes. The bird like beast flew down onto the ground to accompany its master.

    Chapter 15

    The next week, Lieutenant George and Gordon stood upon a large aircraft carrier. They were floating upon the waters of the Laurentian Abyss. A cold, deep and dark abyss that had enough water pressure to entomb Megatron and his warriors forever.

    A crane was lifting up all the dead Decepticon bodies that they recovered from Egypt. They didn’t want any evidence of alien activity, so they planned to drop them all into the abyss. Out of sight, out of sound.
    A soldier walked up to George, who was inspecting the haul.
    “What is it?” asked George.
    The soldier saluted him. “The Decepticon Soundwave’s body was never found, sir,” said the soldier.
    George sighed. Somehow the Decepticon survived. Starscream was already reported missing quite a long time ago. They were alive, but the threat to the planet Earth was considered fully exterminated with the death of Megatron. For now.

    “Our planet has been ravaged by war. So much so that nothing we do is good enough to revive the bustling robotic cities that Cybertron once was.”

    Archivil and Astoria got married to each other, and at the end of their marriage ceremony, Astoria tossed her bouquet of flowers high up into the air. Friends, family and relatives cheered as they struggled to grab the flowers. The happy couple walked across the aisle with a very familiar tune going over in the back ground, striding over to a large V-22 helicopter, known to them as the Autobot Springer. On the helicopter was a banner with the words
    ‘NEWLY WED’ strapped on it. They jumped in, and rode off happily as husband and wife. They would begin their careers together as soldiers, fighting for justice, with the Autobot Springer by their side.

    “But fate has yielded its own reward. A new planet that we can call home.”

    Prime glanced down at Spike and Carly, who were already dating. After all that they’ve been through, they did not want to separate at all. They laid down on the VW Beetle’s hood, watching the sunset.

    “With the death of Megatron, we saw the Decepticons flee from Cybertron. Now, we hide among the humans in plain sight. Waiting. Protecting. We have seen courage in them, and although we are worlds apart, like us, there is more to them than meets the eye.”

    Prime looked up into the sky and a beam of light was shining from his chest into the sky. Into space. Into light-years away.

    “I am Optimus Prime. And I send this message to any surviving Autobots, hiding between the stars. We are here, we are waiting.”

    The light buzzed off. His message sent, Prime transformed, disguising himself into his red and blue semi- truck. His head lights flickered off, and he laid down beside all of the other Autobots that were disguised, parked in a row.

    Spike and Carly jumped into the VW Beetle. “Wanna’ go for a ride?” asked Bumblebee.
    “You bet!” Spike and Carly said at the same time.
    “Then buckle up, cuz I go fast!” Bumblebee burned rubber, racing off.
    “That’s speeding!” said Prowl jokingly as he raced behind them in police car mode, his sirens going wildly.
    “Catch me if you can, cop bot!” Bumblebee cried out happily.
    “You’re getting a ticket, dude!” Prowl could be heard as they turned into a corner.
    Sparkplug came by to check on the other Autobots. “Now that’s my son,” he said, resting his elbow on Prime’s sleek hood.

    The End
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