Transformers G1 GREY Megatron with extensions. giftset goodbye Japanese

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    Transformers G1 GREY Megatron!

    Up for sale is a vintage G1 Grey Megatron from the 'Goodbye Megatron' giftset. On his legs he DOES have the leg-connector for the extensions which a regular giftset version has not!!! He's in exellent condition with very minor play- and stickerwear but misses the stickers on the inside of the arms. Firing mechanism is in working order and he has tight joints.

    He comes with Japanese re-issue extensions which are in good condition with a working mechanism and bullets on sprue. The sword and the gun are like new without chromewear. I also included a U.S. Megatron Techspec. wich is in reasonable condition.

    The reason I'm parting with this item is because I simply have no more room to display it as it should be displayed.

    Payments by Paypal only. No returns.
    Shipping is provided with a trackingnumber.

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