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    Ok, guys, I am selling all my Transformers from my childhood to fund other projects...Prices do not include shipping and I will only ship in the US and Canada for now. I prefer to ship USPS. Please be patient as this is my first time selling a lot of stuff. I only accept Paypal and I do except trades. I would REALLY prefer to (more or less) sell the stuff the way it is in the pics! What you see in the pics is what you get. All are in very good to good condition. If there are any problems, I will indicate them. I will be putting 10 or so up at a time so I don't go crazy trying to keep up with all this. PM me if you have any questions--


    Lot of small Autobots--$100

    Rodimus Prime--$40


    Combaticons--$80 --One foot peg is broken off of foot, but I have it, and the big brown gun barrel has been broken, but glued back.

    Constructicons--$110--One foot on the crane guy was broken, but glued by dad years ago--delicate, but functional.

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